Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Len Lesser - RIP
The always amazing Anjelica Huston.
Aubrey O'Day rocking those curves on the runway at Fashion Week.
Angelica from Jersey Shore got proposed to. The first question is why.
Interesting pairing. Bette Midler and Angie Harmon.
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the premiere of her new movie, Unknown.
Also there was a very different looking January Jones.
I'm not sure why Kim Kardashian and her Michelin outfit were there.
The star of the movie, Liam Neeson was there with producer Joel Silver.
Chelsea Clinton still wants people to think they are happy.
The twins make their first gambling trip to Vegas with dad.
Does Denise Richards look super skinny? Here she is with Adrienne Bailon.
Duffy on a Spanish television show.
Elisabetta Canalis at an awards ceremony in Italy.


  1. Denise looks scary.

    Sad about Uncle Leo.

  2. Angelica looks like Roy Orbison there.

    As skankalicious as Aubrey O'Day is, kudos to her for looking healthy *and* sexy.

    Speaking of skank - he proposed on a red carpet? Guess he doesn't mind her twisting things around and leaving her dirty pads on the bathroom floor, LOL!

    I like the cut and colour of January's dress. Meh on the rest. Love Elisabetta's dress, though.

    Didn't Audrey Hepburn have a coat similar to Kim's?

    Yes, Denise does look very thin.

  3. Was that Chelsea Clinton comment a reveal??


  4. I remember when Nicholson and Huston were the IT couple of their time.

    Aubrey O' Day is looking like Jenna Jameson more and more every time I see her

    Angie Harmon is one tall girl, she is chanelling her inner Catwoman/Julie Newmar in this pic

    Thank Dieu Celine cut her Rene Charles hair, that little boy had so much hair he looked like a girl.

    Richards must be giving tips to Bailon on how to be the best h*e in town

  5. I don't want to believe Chelsea's marriage is on the rocks so soon! :-(

  6. Shakey, yes, her coat is very similar to stuff Givenchy designed for Hepburn. :( Way to take a classic and make it look ugly like you, Kim.

  7. i can see Denise's weight loss from stress
    yikes on the CLinton comment!

  8. Ladies - protruding collar bones NOT sexy. Eat a bagel.

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    The shadow o January Jones pics makes her look like she has a bulge...

  10. Cute, cuddly babies x 2 :)

  11. The Kardashians will show up at the opening of a beer can, much less a movie.

  12. Love Kim's outfit, including coat, and Elisabetta's dress. I want to know the real scoop about Chelsea's marriage! They've known each other for a long time, so why are they so unhappy? They didn't have to get married.

  13. Go away Adrienne Bailon and Elisabetta Canalis

  14. I want scoop on Chelsea's marriage as well! What the heck - they were together forever and haven't even been married a year! Were they forced into getting married or something?

  15. Celine's older son looks like he may have come from the same batch as a couple of Michael Jackson's kids. Just sayin'.

  16. I noticed reports started coming out around the new year that Chelsea's marriage is supposedly on the rocks. Finally decided to Google it. Sounds like Marc is going thru some shit--he quit his job at a big NY hedge fund and "moved to Wyoming to ski for 3 months." From this article, seems like there might be family pressure too:

    I wish them well.

  17. January is trying way to hard to be a fashion icon. You are not one Jan.

    I feel bad about the Chelsea marriage too. :(

    At Denise's age, starvation is the only way to keep from looking well... your real age. I know, I'm close in age to her!

    Duffy has nice dimps.

    I've always thought Angie Harmon was great looking.

  18. A list of what is right about January's outfit:

    Nope, I've got nothing. Anyone else?

  19. I LOVE that dress on January Jones, just love it. Dislike her hair and makeup. Also love Elisabetta's dress.

  20. I don't mind her dress, but January's

    I want scoop on Chelsea Clinton too! I was surprised Enty didn't report on it.

  21. "...Uncle Leo...?"

  22. RIP Uncle Leo. :(

    why WHY WHY is Kim Kardashian there? They obviously have never heard of the word "overexposed".

    Aubrey O'Day? Why was she called to do a Fashion show that was not some Heatherette crap?

  23. Aubrey O'Day put everyone to shame with her sexy strut. Wow, skinny minnies. Take notice1

  24. cute babies!

    denise looks average weight to me.

    i had a nightmare about the Kardashian clan. they were everywhere i went; rear view mirror, gas station, park, etc. they freak me out.

  25. RIP Uncle Leo! My favorite Uncle Leo ep was the one in which he had the penciled in eyebrows that made him look angry.

    Angelica Houston is an amazing actress and I don't understand why she stayed with Jack Nicholson for so many years. Yes, I get that he's as rich as Croesus but he's morally corrupt and just plain nasty.

    Someone please tell January Jones that being a guest judge on Project Runway does not make her a fashion icon. This dress proves it.

    Denise Richards and Adrienne Bailon: DING DING DING! The answer to today's blind about the stay at home mom hooking up C/D listers with paying customers.

  26. Elisabetta Canalis is not at an awards shows. She's "co-hosting" the Sanremo Music Festival.

  27. I thought Enty didn't like Angelica because she was in the house (and presumably knew all about) when that pedo-director assaulted that young girl.

    Does January have a jeanus?

    Duffy looks like a sister-wife.
    Hair don't.

  28. That is a terrible photo of Chelsea but I think it is a combination of stress and a bad makeup job. I feel sorry for her. She is smart and has worked hard and weathered the spotlight well.