Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Katie Holmes walks the streets of NYC after learning that her fashion line is probably kaput forever.
Kate Mara always looks completely different from her sister Rooney. Kate was at the premiere of the new Netflix show starring
Kevin Spacey.
Prince Charles rides the Tube. Forgot to mind the gap.
Peter Dinklage and his wife have started dressing alike.
Rumer Willis on her way to see Rachel Zoe because it is Rumer's goal in life to look like Nicole Richie's twin with an eating disorder.
Reese Witherspoon drags her husband out of work.
A whole lot of former Disney. Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale.
Tara Reid is now a tour guide for Jedward. Shows them The Ivy. Did such a good job, TMZ wants to hire her for their tour bus. No drug testing required!!


  1. Tyrion! I love Peter, his dog is cute too.

    Reese's hubby looks pissed. And kind of like a thin Jon Favreau

  2. No drug test required.

    See what happens when you skim? I thought "Is that a reveal?" and then realized it was Tara Reid and really, who doesn't already know that?

    What happened to Katie Holmes fashion line? Other than the way she dress in daily life?

  3. Katie Holmes was doing a fashion line??

    Rumer has got to be paying the paps, I mean who has so much interest in her daily pap shots?

    If I didn't know any better, I would think that man was Reese's bodyguard.

  4. at least Tara is doing a little better than Lindsey.

    Poor Katie. She needs to go back to tv or something.


  5. I used to see Peter and his dog often...wonder if they moved ?
    Katie's clothing line going out is no loss...

    As for Rooney Mara, I find her bizarre looking and wonder if any of these films she got since Girl With....will do anything for her or if she'll just go back to C lister...

  6. Team Jedward to save the day!!!


  7. I may be in the minority, but I love Ashley Tisdale's dress. And I suddenly feel bonded to her because she accidentally overdid the cheek highlighter too (it is a fine line, ladies)

    Tara! Just because you guys are besties doesn't mean you have to share shoes

  8. The friendship between Tara Reid & Jedward is my favorite Hollywood (or "hollywood") friendship ever.

  9. Yay! Thanks for the Peter picture - I've been waiting for one. What a sweet dog.

  10. Why does Katie Holmes have a fashion line? She's not exactly a great dresser.

    Is it just me, or has Enty been posting the same people in random photos this week? I love you Enty, but Reese and Nicole Kidman just aren't that interesting.

  11. I agree there are more people in Daily mail.

  12. Her fashion line was with a friend, I think, called Holmes & Yang if I remember, correctly. And yeah, if how she dresses was any indication, I never had any interest.

  13. It's Game of Thrones day in the Random Pictures, huzzah!

    Rooney and Kate do look so different, I really want to like them but I think Kate's turn as Hayden in AHS scared me away for a while. I can't look at her without picturing her rising from the dead and stabbing everyone.

    1. Anonymous1:49 PM

      @jsierra every single time i imdb rooney, i expect kate's picture to pop up. my brain doesn't work -_-

  14. DINKLAGE! Love him. Game of Thrones will be back in March and I simple cannot wait.

  15. Love the Game of Thrones theme!

  16. LOL, at Charles and Camilla slumming (although I do think Charles has made a large effort, since Diana's death, to be somewhat more accessible to commoners).

    At least Tara's only hurting herself (and I'm kinda rooting for her to straighten out).

    Jedward amuses me :hangs head in shame:

  17. I remember being so blown away when I found out Rooney and Kate are sisters. I don't know what it is about Kate but I've always found her to be absolutely stunning. Like one of the prettiest actresses I've ever seen.
    Yea what does he mean Reese "dragged her husband outta work"?? How does he know this?? Was he standing with the paps when this happened? Lol is Enty really a pap himself and not a lawyer!? Dun Dun Dun!!!!

  18. Love Peter Dinklage! Can't wait for Season 3 of GoT!

    I have no idea what Jedward is and I'm completely okay with that. :)

  19. Reese's expression cracks me up. Her husband looks like he's trying to pull a Bourne.


  20. Nessa the way I remember who is who is because IMO Kate looks like a skeleton, eat some food girl!

  21. Selena Gomez is totally gorgeous, but MAN has she got a big ass head!

  22. Peter Dinklage can do no wrong! Tyrion Lannister FTW!!!!

  23. Today I was reading "Glamour," and they had some blurb about Katie Holmes and why her style is so great. I was like, "really?" Her outfit was so awful! Tapered red pants with horrible booties (though not the booties she always wears).

  24. Don't you guys remember the big fuss last year when Katie's fashion show was scheduled for the same date as Victoria Beckham's? They were playing a game of chicken and IIRC, Katie changed her date.

    I once read somewhere that Prince Charles has NEVER put toothpaste on his own toothbrush; he's always had a servant do that for him. That seems insane. Maybe at boarding school he had to exert himself, poor guy.

    @ Lotta - Rumer might be the answer to the blind about the "celeb" who pays the paps to photograph her because really, WTF cares?

    WOW at the size of Selena's head! And she is tiny but the Tis looks even tinier!

  25. @jsierra,AHS did it for ms too concerning Kate, I hatedher character before she was killed and even more so after she came back

  26. Enty either you are being very generous or very mean "a whole lot of former Disney"? Those two ladies put together dont make a "whole lot" of anything (size wise)..

    I think that ashley tisdale has a bit of the bobble head going on

  27. Kate is at the House of Cards premiere because she's also in it.