Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sarah Hyland Attacker Groped Sandra Bullock Last Year

Earlier this week a man was charged with assault after posing with Sarah Hyland on a red carpet in Australia. He groped her breast. Apparently this was not the first time the man had done the same thing. There is video of the man groping Sandra Bullock last year. Sandra can be heard telling the man to not touch her breast but he was not arrested and Sandra didn't press charges. I'm guessing that the guy has been doing this for a long time and Sarah was the first person to ever do anything about it. Previously the women probably just warned him and then moved on which let him keep doing it.


  1. Reddit is full of these guys. I'd love to give him a tug and a twist, see how he likes it.

  2. No different than the large majority of sexual assault that goes unreported. I'm sure PR and the limitef amount of time that the actresses spend in country also contribute.

  3. Are we sure it isn't one of Sacha Baron Cohen's characters?

  4. I think the Sandy B grope was a pity grope. She could use some human contact.

  5. Someone just needs a straight up ass kicking. He obviously gets his kink out of doing this. Essentially a watered down rape. If he is doing this publicly, I really wonder what creepiness occurs in the shadows?

  6. he is a pervert, bet he started by peeping through windows, i hope they touch him all over in jail

  7. OneEyeCharlie--ever sneak into one of those "PUA" boards? OR wander around Reddit?
    Sadly, there are a lot of men who don't seem to understand that women are human beings. To these guys, women are just "things" to be manipulated and used for men's sexual urges--that is all.
    They look at women as "less than," so in their minds, there aren't any boundaries between what they want and how they get it.
    To these guys, their sexual gratification and the lengths they go to do it, is really all that counts.
    I do realize that I'm over simplifying things in this comment. This guy probably feels that he didn't do anything wrong. There was a breast and he wanted to touch it, ergo, he did. To him is was "no harm, now foul." Because to him, the breast is just there.
    The fact that it's attached to a sentient being doesn't mean anything to him.

  8. @Katie Reddit has a ton of subgroups where guys discuss everything from where the best places are to expose themselves in public, to how many times they've managed to grope wome in public to how to get a woman drunk and laid etc., etc.,
    the subgroups are for guys who slavishly follow the PUA gods and they don't get that a woman has the right to say no etc., etc.,

  9. I'm glad this girl turned him in. He probably counted on women being to embarrassed or not wanting to "make a big deal out of it". Nobody needs that kind of unwanted human contact.

  10. It's Australian men, happened to me a number of times. Not all Aussie blokes but generally they don't respect the Sheila's.

    1. Geez Gabi we get it. You don't like Aussie men. No need to generalise

  11. Reddit sound like some sick shite. No one shld be groping anyone uninvited. Thats just Acting like a Human 101.

  12. Good for Sarah Hyland standing up for herself. That animal belongs in jail.

  13. Here's something from the Reddit subgroup "seduction" I posted just a small bit so you can get the idea:

    I'm going to give you 5 actual bullet points
    Her head
    Get out of your head and inside hers. Put the social pressure on her. Fuck with her. Have fun with her!
    Her right hand
    Befriend the friends. If her friends already think you're cool, of course she is going to think so, too!
    Her heart
    If you're going to focus on one thing, focus on staying out of your head. That way you'll always work instinctively, instincts are masculine, masculine is ATTRACTIVE.
    Her legs
    Kino. Touching. It's important. Touch her a lot. Why? Because it's super fun, it's nothing to be afraid of and if you do it with confidence you can turn her on by touching her with your right hand in non-sexual spots.
    Her ass
    We already talked about instincts. What about sex? I hear so many guys asking me: "What do I do if I'm dancing with a girl and I get a boner?" - the answer is fucking obvious; you don't do anything. If she already likes you, you press it against her fucking ass or her fucking thigh and whisper in her ear: "I wanna fuck you so bad right now". Being a sexual being is nothing to be ashamed of and being attracted to girls is probably one of the most attractive things in guys from a girls point of view.

    URL for the subgroup

  14. If she had sued him then, Sarah would probably have avoided the pain. She must feel guilty if she is not a cold bastard.

  15. What the hell would she feel guilty about!! BLAME THE VICTIM OF COURSE. She called him out on that shit and the piece of shit pervert was so sly it could have looked accidental

  16. NO ONE IS BLAMING SARAH! I think we (collectively speaking) are blaming the asswad who did this to her.

  17. This site should get its facts right. Sarah was grabbed on the arse not the breast and the guy is developmentally challenged, so maybe his parents shouldn't be taking him out to meet celebrities

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    Blogger AppleThief4Elliot said...
    It's weird to me when people pick or Reddit, when a small fraction of their site is scummy (which it is) when there are entire sites all over the web that are as bad, and worse.

    IMHO, the best way to look at Reddit is it's a microcosm of the whole internet, complete with places you can find racism, sexism, violence, as well as.... say.... wine reviews, fitness tips, funny cartoons, stupid cartoons, technology advice and assistance. Reddit is the Internet. And just like on the Internet, it's easy to avoid the sections you dislike. Easier, really, since there are no pop-ups on Reddit.