Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Mila Kunis didn't have to call the police yesterday when dealing with paps. It's interesting that she didn't get papped by her regular guy yesterday.
Mark Wahlberg picks up two of his kids from school.
Nicole Kidman actually looks good here.
Noel Gallagher in a very rare pap photo.
Aaron Paul on his way into Kimmel.
Russell Crowe after having a drink or seven last night.
Rihanna is still on a yacht and still alone.
Rose McGowan has a little Ed Grimley in her with this look.
Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle are on vacation.


  1. Why didn't you use one of the pics where Lara is topless Enty?? :(
    Rose has her bloat on.
    Why do you think Riri is alone on that yacht?
    If Gallagher knew he was papped there wouldn't be a camera left that's why this was rare.

  2. Russell Crowe really doesn't look well at all. His skin is grey.

  3. Milla has no feets.
    Rose has no clue.
    Rhianna has no friends.
    Kidman has no face showing, therefore she looks better.

  4. I didn't know Mila calls ahead for her paps. Disappointing.

    That guy looks a little too old to be Mark's son, haha.

    Didn't recognize Nicole or Rose.

    Noel Gallagher kind of looks like Josh Hutcherson there.

    We saw the film Noah. Russell Crowe looks SO MUCH like my husband in that movie!

  5. At first I thought Sam Worthington was Brian Austin Green.

  6. Enty really wants us to think there is a RiRidezvous with Jay going down, cuz she's on a BOAT!!!

    Ok. I'm finally going to say something about it: I HATE PINKBOO's stupid new greasy hipster HAIRDO almost as much as Lauren's cheesy OVERALLS. He looks too much like Michael Pitt in Boardwalk Empire, when we all know that Tommy Gnosis is waaaay HOTTER

    More like Rose McGARLAND


  7. Shakey, anyone that gets papped and shows up here often, you can bet money they call them. It is pretty sad. But what else does she have going on besides have a baby with asswipe.

    Nicole looks good because you can't see her messed up face. She was such a beauty. Just watched Cold Mountain recently and she is so gorgeous in that movie.

  8. My lucky day Noel and Russel!!!

  9. Mila and Asston have perfected the typical Hollywood stance of hating the paps yet having 1 or 2 on speed Dial. Shush..Don't tell

  10. Marky Mark has a Personal Bag Holder!

    I kinda sorta feel for Mila.

  11. Yeah SB, I really don't think RiRi is alone... On a yacht or ever

  12. On a boat , with a goat etc

  13. Rihanna is in Italy and she's not alone. She actually has a lot of her girlfriends with her. But of course enty couldn't be a snarky bitch it he said that.

  14. Rihanna is alone in the yatch and the pic was taken by some European ghost.

  15. Rose what happened.

    I usually find Russell very attractive but he looks gray and sweaty here. More than he typically does at least.

  16. Shag: I don't mind Sam Worthington when he's not "acting".

    Marry: La Kidman.

    Kill: Mark "I could have prevented 9/11" Wahlberg. Catholic guilt couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  17. I suspect the reason why @Count hasn't posted anything here is because he is too busy rubbing one out over the pregnant yoga pants wearing Mila.

  18. On a plane, in a train ....

  19. Green eggs & ham. Dr seuss.
    RiRi is never alone

  20. Mila looks like Vanessa Hudgens (weight gain in her face?)

    Nicole looks kinda good because you can't see her face.

    Russell Crowe looks like an ill John Goodman (seriously he looks like he's having a heart attack).

    Rose McGowan??? Whaaaat??? I can't figure out what look she's trying for or what's up with her appearance lately other than trippy.

    Sam Worthington looks like an open mouth nerd there. What gives Sam? He's usually pretty decent looking. I had to zoom in on his face because that doesn't even look like him.

  21. All I see when I look at Rose McGowan is Judy Garland.

    1. Yeah. Good call. I was going to say that crazy Anna Benson, but Garland wins.

  22. Aaron Paul has a five head. *ducks*

    Wahlberg's kids look like they just found out their racist, piece of shit father beat the ever loving f*ck out of an Asian man.

  23. Grandma Nicole poses like she's a shy teenager. Blech. Its not the botox or new tittie balls its the stupid waif poses on a woman of AARP eligible age.

  24. Lara needs to burn that dress immediately

  25. Russell Crowe is starting to look like John Goodman. Goodman himself can pull off his look with panache, but it sure doesn't work on anyone else.

    Holy smokes, Rihanna is hot. And it pains me to admit that because I think she's an eeeediot but she is gorgeous.

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  27. Lady H, thank you, I thought the same thing about Rose.