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Blind Items Revealed #16 - Anniversary Month

November 28, 2006

October 22, 2007

June 20, 2014

This item is extremely juicy, but also very long. I was going to make it two separate small, blind items, but decided to combine them and just make one big one. Also, I think someone needs to come up with some definitions for A List – D List celebrities.

To set the stage here, this all takes place in Malibu so look up which celebs live there and that will give you a head start. We have a vixen who is mid to late 30’s who might have been A list for about five minutes.Faded teen starlet who hit it big on tv, but now is strictly movies (when she can get them) who tries to stay in the mix but really lives well beyond her means, especially considering her lack of work and lack of marriages. As far as I know she has not been married.

Along comes her neighbor, a nice 16 year old boy with a typical surfer look (my client), but a dad who made it very big in the music business as a producer and has been married and lived with multiple women many of whom are very well known actresses.

16 year old boy gets arrested for possession of cocaine and dad wonders where kid got it as dad has been clean for a very long time. It turns out it was given to him by Vixen the neighbor lady who has introduced Surfer Boy to the wonders of the white powder and has also introduced him to other intimate activities. Surfer Boy thinks he is in love of course and dad is pissed to say the least. Surfer Boy starts discussing things he has seen at the house which explain how Vixen has managed such a nice place to live on a little amount of film and tv work and no live in or former husbands around. It seems that everyone in this little neighborhood knew to come to Vixen for all their pharmaceutical needs and Surfer Boy has not only seen who was coming in and out each day, but also how often and how much they were buying.

Surfer Boy originally told the police he got the coke from a friend and would not give up the name. It was not until he and dad came to my office that the whole story comes out. This is a no brainer and we call the DA and Vixen is arrested. If you look hard enough you will find the arrest in the newspaper. Surfer Boy makes a deal and is shipped off to New York to be with his mom and away from Vixen. Meanwhile Vixen is so far up the pipeline that she cuts her own deal of which I am not familiar with the details. I do know that within 48 hours of her deal the Mexican police acting with DEA officers made a sweep in the LA area and on the California/Mexico border.

The VERY interesting thing about this is that Vixen kept very good records and also paid taxes on her earnings. The records have some very interesting names and it is those names that helped her stay out of the public eye during this, EXCEPT for the actual arrest. The people Vixen was supplying were not only celebrities who often paid with funds from their employers, but also maids, drivers, bodyguards, etc. and Vixen knew who each was buying for.

Surfer Boy escaped from New York (wasn’t that a movie?) and actually was found the next day at Vixen’s house (next door to dad–well I never said he was smart) Vixen’s corruption sexually of the boy was never made an issue, but dad made it an issue at that time so Vixen found a new toy and Surfer Boy went back to NY with a broken heart where he has subsequently (within the past couple of months) been photographed with a VERY A list female but with no idea of how it came to be. They should have read it here first.

Yasmine Bleeth


  1. Derek Harvey4:46 AM

    Nailed it

  2. sandybrook4:53 AM

    she's been married since 2002. She looked pretty rough in that mugshot and now she looks pretty pudgy.

  3. sandybrook4:54 AM

    Enty I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and had many bacon-wrapped treats to go along with your tequila shots.

  4. DoctorMaybe4:55 AM

    Huh. I was thinking Bleeth, but, as sandy points out, she's pretty obviously married. Oh, well. Nicely done, Derek.

  5. WaIt. So who was the kid/surferboy and the A+ lister he was seen/photographed w/ recently?

  6. I'm guessing surfer is Cisco Adler and VERY A is Misha Barton.

    I don't know how to check to see if he lived next door to Yasmine Bleeth in 2006 though. Maybe someone with better sleuthing skills?

  7. Or . . . could be surfer Cisco Adler and Minnie Driver, who were photographed together in Malibu at a Sustainable Surf event

  8. Caitlyn5:30 AM

    Yeah VIP Blonde guessed this originally- I checked the original threads. Why does Enty run blinds that are already solved? Plus it's kinda not a reveal without all the other parts *silly*

  9. Caitlyn5:33 AM

    I love the Cisco Adler guess !

  10. FFS Enty, if you're going to do a reveal, REVEAL! You left a whole lot of blanks in this one.

  11. Auntie6:04 AM

    She dated Richard Grieco also. I remember how popular they were as a couple. Too bad. Excessive drug use ruins your looks and mind. Very sad

  12. Derek Harvey6:05 AM

    They weren't revealed yet, though. Just because someone guesses something and the majority agree -does not make it correct. : )

    Have a lovely holiday...

  13. KellyLynn6:59 AM

    It's not just drugs that wreak havoc on a person's looks. Being 47 can do a number on anyone, no matter how well you take care of yourself.

  14. Strathmore7:30 AM

    The years here are kinda confusing, but if the net is correct, he is one year younger than me putting him in his late twenties around 2006-07 if I'm reading this correctly.

  15. Strathmore7:31 AM

    Sorry, that is Cisco I'm referencing

  16. Derek Harvey7:38 AM

    Cisco NEVER looked like a "surfer boy". He has always looked like an ugly hipster.

    Brody and Brandon Jenner---now those are "surfer boys" but the timeline does not fit.
    and they are younger than Cisco.

  17. Just Saying8:00 AM

    Derek makes me not want to read this site.

  18. Derek Harvey8:21 AM

    No one cares what you do or not want to do. FOOL. Just SAYIN.

  19. Derek Harvey8:22 AM

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

  20. Derek Harvey8:31 AM

    Please stop using my username, whomever you are.

  21. French girl8:48 AM

    Bleeth is married since 2002 whereas in the blind,it said the woman is not married.

  22. After being on the site for the entire day and evening so far -I believe he terms is 24/7 when he accuses other people of it-? Derek Harvey is now asking himself to no longer post as himself- smdfh. I think anyone responding to his loser self at this point -as demented as he is.

  23. English please...

  24. Amused9:54 AM

    Scott Storch is the only producer with a former cocaine problem that was married before and has dated tons of celebrities that I can find, but his son, Steve never looked like a surfer...

  25. back again10:42 AM

    well I may be alot of things but I am NOT demented.

  26. back again10:51 AM

    ...and i believe Storch was still in a drug haze throughout this time period---definately not clean

  27. Derek Harvey11:02 AM

    Thanks lol. I think....Hope you had a nice holiday.

  28. oogabooga11:13 AM

    It said "no live in or former husbands around." Maybe she and her husband were estranged at the time, hence he wasn't a "live in"?

  29. Derek Harvey11:24 AM

    Exactly they seperated and got back together after she came back from rehab

    I will try to figure out who surfer boy and daddy is later...

  30. Cheryl K12:17 PM

    Please do, we are all on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting !
    Just make sure you swallow tonight, hopefully the needed protein will go to your brain.

  31. Derek Harvey12:23 PM

    I am sure you swallowed enough (burger king and liquor) for the rest of us

    White Trash

  32. PoniTayl12:32 PM

    I just have to state this: I am 52 now, I am 6' tall and model worthy all my life. I don't take drugs and I am a very fine looking woman of my age. HOWEVER, MENOPAUSE does play an issue in our circuitry, so go fuck yourself sandy. How do you look to the public? Do you want to be judged? It's a transition. I don't give a damn who this is, they didn't effect my life. Post your pic douche, she was brave. Regardless of the accusations.

  33. Derek Harvey12:37 PM

    Hey, Sandy is a nice guy. No model but he --well this is a "look-ist" site. And this Yasmine sounds like she got away with murder

  34. Snarknado12:39 PM

    Black Friday brings out the best in everyone.

  35. back again1:59 PM was great actually-thanks

  36. Amused5:09 PM

    I did a disgusting amount of research for this one, but he was the only music producer with a son that age, that I could find. This one seems very tricky, especially since Yasmine was married at this time, as well?! Sheesh! :P

  37. DEREK HARVEY11:08 PM


  38. So, it is going to be 9:00 again today again?

  39. AnnaKatherineNonymous11:59 PM

    Hi Everyone #!!! Im.still alive and doing great. Check my twitter for info about me and pics. Anna Nonymous is #KatherineofCarmel ! Hugs and kisses to all the awesome brilliant CDAN Peeps, HELLO ENTY! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?

  40. The Yasmine bleeth arrest mug shot is from 2001. So, the, now grown, surfer boy is early thirties?

  41. Havinaword12:56 AM

    This is most definitely Brody Jenner who's step father at the time was music producer David Foster.
    Living in Malibu, surfing, dumber than a box of frogs.

  42. Guesser1:28 AM

    The blind takes place before her arrest. Cisco is too old to be the answer. She married after her arrest. The arrest was 2001.

  43. No safe spaces2:06 AM

    Derek is the best thing that ever happened to this site

  44. Malibuborebee5:19 AM

    lol Christ, Derek, whose CDaN cereal did you piss in on Thanksgiving? The triciatrolls are out in full force, the little wankers. Fake Derek confused me for a while but I think I have her now.

    Silly but kind of funny too.

  45. back again8:53 AM

    @ Amuse,i know!!! -all the numbers are off- Yasmine's been married since 2002--she was arrested in 2001 & then went to Promises Rehab where she met her husband in 2001!
    --Enty doesn't even start his original BI til' 2006-so already,right there is a 5 year descrepancy re:the time of her arrest AND the fact that she was very married by '06.
    --again Brody Jenner's 32 now so he was 16ish in 2001 which theoretically can work IF Enty misled us with the producer father being his STEPFATHER not natural father & IF the mother Linda Thompson was living in NYC(which i don't think she was-can't find her staying in NYC ever but there are MUCH BETTER FACTFINDERS on here than me).
    --and as i wrote somewhere,Jimmy Iovine has 2 sons the same age too-- i didn't check out any others since all the facts were already so off....