Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today's Blind Items - It's Even Worse

Just about five years ago I wrote about this actress and the strange cult in which she is involved. I even revealed it about six months later. I thought it was bad then because it involved group sex with underage people. How could it get worse? Our actress and her co-leader have started branding the pubic area of the teens and others to mark them as permanently owned by our actress and the freak co-leader. Videos are taken of the naked women to hold over them in case they try to leave the group. The women also have to provide further videos every month of themselves having sex. Crazy crazy stuff.


  1. MontanaMarriott3:12 AM

    I don't recall this BI or it's reveal, anyone?

  2. sandybrook3:13 AM

    Montana? You should know this it's before my time by a year.

  3. I think it was Megan Ketch

  4. Travoltalall3:22 AM

    Allison Mack

  5. Hollweird3:22 AM

    Im going to take a wild guess here - but I bet more of hollyweird is involved in horrible cult like depravity such as this blind suggests than people would like to believe. :(

  6. longtimereader3:26 AM

    Was this the reveal about the former smallville actresses?

  7. CrashDiego3:27 AM

    Wasn't this on Blind Gossip like two days ago?

    Alison Mack or Kristen Kreuk.

    John Raniere's Cult.

  8. hothotheat3:30 AM

    I remember the blind. Unless it's someone well known wouldn't remember the reveal.

  9. CrashDiego3:31 AM

    *Keith Raniere


  10. Gadfly3:32 AM


    this is the guy

  11. sandybrook3:34 AM

    Keith Raniere and the Bromfman sisters?

  12. Jessica3:36 AM

    This was a blind on Blind Gossip recently.

  13. JustReading3:38 AM

    Another site's denizens seem to think this is either Yeardley Smith, voice of Lisa Simpson OR Smallville's Kristin Kreuk and/or Allison Mack.
    Creepy company: NXIVM "Scio crossed w/Branch Davidians"

  14. Longtime Reader3:38 AM

    It's NXIVM cult... known members: Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk

  15. http://crazydaysandnights.net/2013/01/blind-items-revealed-2218.html

  16. http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2010/11/bronfman-201011

  17. Sunspirit3:44 AM

    Elizabeth Moss only because it doesn't say foreign born.

  18. Longtime Reader3:46 AM

    Yes - but most on BG assumed thought this was the church or scientology as they called her the female Tom Cruise! I remember this original blind though about the creepy NXIVM cult.

  19. MontanaMarriott3:57 AM

    Thank you so much

  20. MontanaMarriott4:00 AM

    LOL I have been privy to soooo many bi reveals from the beginning that after a while they all just mesh into one big blur lol #damnseniormoments

  21. But you named yourself Hollweird... so are we to assume...?

  22. police dog8:46 AM


    blind gossip had an item about this too.

  23. police dog8:49 AM



    his actress is probably best known for her role on a TV series that ran for many seasons starting in the early aughts.

    She has supposedly been spending a lot of her time working her way up to a leadership position in some organization that holds “self-improvement” workshops.

    She is like the female version of Tom Cruise at [the organization]. She is a celebrity who worked her way up the chain of command and now is one of the controlling members. She recruits new members who are almost all female. If she recruits them, she gets to brand them with her initials.

    Say what now?

    It turns out that there are some crazy rumors out there that the “self-improvement” workshops allegedly lead to sex slavery pyramid schemes and blackmail and branding women in their private parts. Allegedly!

    Some have called the organization “a cult.”

    Sounds like a case for Leah Remini!

  24. police dog8:51 AM

    whoops just kidding, this isnt kirstie alley. didnt see popular show IN THE EARLY AUGHTS

    definitely allison mack / kieth raniere and his creepy cult

  25. Cate Chandler8:59 AM


  26. This is awful I love Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk! NXIVM, Which I just found out about today, is most definitely a cult.

  27. I can't believe it, loved Allison and Kristen

  28. I have always thought that Allison Mack comes across as very elitist in interviews, so this doesn't surprise me.

  29. Anonymous4:23 PM

    So, if the victims are under-aged and these people are having sex with and filming them, then how could the videos be used to blackmail the under-aged victims? That is child pornography. If the blackmailers release these tapes they would be facing prison time. Is this two separate blinds? I don't think I get it.

  30. Yeah, that aspect of the story doesn't make any sense. We also live in a culture where being exposed nude or in sex acts has no moral weight but being caught as a pedophile or with child porn are still serious moral and legal offenses.

  31. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I personally feel anyone caught with child porn or who is a pedophile should be put in jail. Even if the child is an older teenager. But at that age, they (teenagers) should also be aware of their own personal responsibility and know that sending nude videos or pictures to someone, anyone, is a very dumb thing to do. Personal responsibility and common sense has to come into play at some point in their lives. But there are so many mixed messages for young people all over the media today. When they see girls like sofia ritchie, kylie k., and the rest of them ( too many to list) becoming rich and famous for showing their various body parts at such young ages, they want that too. So they do the same, just not on such a grand scale. They also tend to look up to these girls as heroes and want to emulate them. It's really just sad.