Friday, November 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month - A Himmmm Blind Item

I have put the answers next to the descriptions rather than trying to put it all at the bottom.

January 31, 2018

This is a tough one to write, simply for the challenge of not giving it away and damaging anything before it happens.  It's amazing it has been kept this quiet for so long, but I'm sure it'll leak out after the Oscars.  Anything this big is bound to. Like the old saying goes: "If you want to keep a secret between three people in Hollywood – two of them better be dead".  No, there's no murders or deaths surrounding this film, yet.  But the story it is based on sure had plenty.

What I'm talking about is a movie.  A big movie that will be one of those rarities that is both Oscar lure and box office success.  A+ list all the way, big budgets, big talent, and every A+ list actress/actor in the industry wanting to be a part of it.  The secrecy around it is unlike anything in history.  They're not even using a fake name as cover, it's totally off-book.  Right now, they have more attorneys involved in this project than filmmakers, crew, or elements.  Maybe the first time in history a Hollywood studio has employed publicists to PREVENT people from knowing about it.  They even hired social media ninjas to comb the internet to shoot down and remove mentions of it.  I even wonder if it'll stay long on CDAN.  I've not seen this much secrecy on a film since Jurassic Park.  Even Avengers, or Star Wars Force Awakens wasn't this paranoid.  So why all the fuss?

It's a porno.

Yep.  Uh-huh.  A porno.  Okay, to be fair – it's about a porno star, not an actual porno.  So if you're thinking Boogie Nights or those Deep Throat – Linda Lovelace films, you're asking: So what? What's the big deal? They even have The Deuce on HBO.  Why so secretive?

Because comparing this film project to those is like comparing Plan 9 From Outer Space or Lost In Space to the entire Star Wars saga or Avatar.  Point is that this project is so huge and prestigious that it makes the others look like a "Skin-emax" soft core indie film.  Mostly though, it is because in the current social/scandal climate surrounding Hollywood these days they put the lock-down on this project for good reason.  They don't want leaks leading to people accusing the filmmakers of being tone-deaf insensitive; and they also absolutely do not want to get flooded by every perv in Hollywood trying to get a part or be part of it.  A single casting couch rumor on this project would torpedo it.  So they've gone to insane lengths to protect it.  Not long ago, this (disgraced A list director/Brett Ratner) was set to do a big-budget adult-themed project (about a permanent A list celebrity/Hefner Film) that got torpedoed over his abuse accusations.  When a studio already has tens of millions sunk in a project, they cannot let that happen. Especially in high-dollar ironclad play-or-pay deals (not to be confused with pay-for-play, tit-for-tat, barter, couching, or land yachting).

It's like this:

This movie is about one very specific female actress who was known mainly in the 1980s era of porn.  It is a biopic in that sense.  But her fame was such in her time that she crossed over to more mainstream top-shelf publications, and even television interviews. Possibly the most beautiful all-American girl next door to ever have a hardcore career.  If you're thinking it is (former underage porn star/Traci Lords) you would be wrong.  But she's a featured character in it too.  Thing is, the star of the story disappeared. Vanished into thin air after her last film.  Not vanished dead, because she went on to have a different life.  She went to law school, became an attorney, changed her name and had a nice family.  Typical soccer mom, Sunday-school teacher, holly homemaker type.  Until a few years ago when she was contacted by people who represented the last big mafia family.

They were looking to sell their holdings in porn to a legit media company for big bucks.  Problem is, she was one of their most popular stars and she had a unique contract in her day (which allegedly she co-wrote herself back then with her law professor).  She quit and vanished from porn due to the mob taking over her porn studio, and killing many of the owners of it.  Years later, turns out she was owed millions in back royalties – and her contract was still legally enforceable.  The legit media buyers wouldn't proceed without her signature on a new contract; or her accepting a settlement; or…her death certificate.  Yep.  The mob had to either pay her or kill her.  Which was tricky to do, because even if they found her – the FBI still wanted to bring her in as a witness against the mob hits of her bosses.  Then it got ugly for her, and turned into quite a ride.  Turns out, she lived and prevailed.  Using her brilliance instead of her body.  But it was one hell of a bumpy ride.

Best of all? It was ALL TRUE.  It resulted in the FBI actually getting plea deals with mobsters; clearing 30 year-old mob hit murders; and solving money laundering cases worth tons of money globally.  The legit media company got the old porn library titles and reaped a billion from it.  And it all really happened.  She also got her money, and peace.

It's one of the best scripts to come through Hollywood in decades, and has an amazing role for the lead actress.  Best of all it includes life rights, and the lady ex-porn star's willingness to promote it.  It is a package that includes documentaries, media stories, and specials.  The studio that bought it agreed to use cross-promotion synergy from many of their media divisions to tell her story.  In any era of the entertainment industry it would be a welcome change for such great material and a big project.  But, as you all know – this isn't any era.  It is a very sensitive era, especially telling women's stories, porn stories, and having lots of sex and nudity on a project.

If the project isn't done right, in the right tone with the right people? It'll be destroyed before it ever opens purely by social media, rumors, and speculations from knee-jerkers who will attack it without any idea of it.  That has happened or nearly happened many times in the past.  So the conglomerate/studio who is producing it has set up a massive legal, security, and IT security team that would rival a government's.  Everything to do with the project is kept on off-line isolated secure computers.  Nothing is allowed to be taken in, or out.  They do not even let the team working on the movie bring in mobile phones or devices.  An entire 25% of the studio's legal staff are devoted to this one project.  Clearing rights, contracts, and mostly NDA's that would make an intelligence agency jealous.  The punishment for violation by actors? So severe and massive that it would basically blacklist and possibly bankrupt not just the actor, but their agents and managers.  It's that extreme.  But few would risk that anyway, since even (permanent A list mostly movie actress/Meryl Streep) has supposedly offered to do a small role in the project for scale just to be part of it. Somehow, I don't think they want her for the lead.

Of course, nothing is totally foolproof or totally private.  When the studio (they have wide ranging entertainment industries/Warner) first pre-emptively gobbled up the rights to it a year ago, they originally did it with this star (disgraced former A list mostly movie actor/Kevin Space) in mind for the older male lead.  Whoops. Then when this company (disgraced A list director's company/Ratpac Dune) got slammed in scandal, the studio had to find a quick co-financing partner.  Whoops again.  So they shared the project with a few select investors.  They too were subject to the legal lockdown but the studio needs them more than they need the studio, so not much threat there.  Interestingly, one investor stepped right up and wrote the studio a blank check because the project is so good.  Recently, the investor swallowed up the entire project, buying the rights from the studio, and has threatened to take it to (a studio that owns a theme park/Universal) is this studio doesn't shape up.

The producers got the best director (A lister who had a very good 2017/Christopher Nolan) for this project.  As picky as he is, he jumped at this project.  He's not known for his heartfelt movies, but with this script and his recent hit (Dunkirk) he's given wide berth.  He's one of the few that could be trusted with this material, and do it proper without risk of any problems derailing it. The studio used this project as bait to try and lure him to other projects (his old project/Batman), but he won't commit to those.  Meanwhile, the studio and director have held semi-formal casting sessions very, very, very secretly.

Every actress is told to bring an attorney or manager; a studio attorney is present; a female casting director; and every meeting is video recorded.  All because of the "casting couch" temptations – not by the director, but by eager actresses.  Also due to the adult nature of the story, and the fact that it will have reams of nudity and sex.  This will not be one of those PG-13 movies about sex, it'll be very true to the script.  This actress (A list mostly movie actress who worked with the director before/Ane Hathaway) already said she'd do anything for the lead; as did (foreign born A- list mostly movie actress/Marion Cotillard), and (foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who was barely old enough to drive when that gross French actor had sex with her before casting her/Melanie Laurent), and (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee/Jennifer Lawrence), and (A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee/Jessica Chastain).  It's crazy, but only one of those even has a shot at the lead.  Even (former A+ list mostly movie actress/America's sweetheart/Sandra Bullock) and (foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who had a franchise back in the day and could use a career boost/Emma Watson) have told their agents to get them auditions.  Actresses who "never read" or audition are jumping at it.

These actresses are offering to work for scale, do anything required onscreen, and sign unprecedented promotion agreements.  This actress (foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is a recent Oscar nominee/Margot Robbie) has already auditioned for a supporting role.  Funny enough, this actress (former A list singer/number one box office star in a different country/Jessica Simpson) auditioned for the same role.  I don't think it'll be a fair fight to see who wins that one although I can see the box-office appeal of the latter's scenes being a big draw.  I've heard (A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who was married to a celebrity offspring/Diane Lane) has given one of the best reads thus far.  For male leads, this actor (foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor/Christian Bale) has said he too would waive his fee, and possibly return to a franchise for the studio.  Guess he's getting pumped up for it.  Meanwhile, it's said (permanent A list mostly movie actor who started in television and had a nice run there/George Clooney), and (permanent A list mostly movie actor despite his relatively young age/Leonardo DiCaprio),  and this actor (permanent A list mostly movie actor who has made a ton of money in a superhero franchise/Robert Downey Jr.) have all agreed to audition and read.  I cannot tell you how unusual that is.  It is one of the rare times lately when the material really seems to be king (and not how many toys you can sell – although toys related to this movie sure wouldn't be sold in Wal-Mart).

During the hoopla around the Golden Globes, many A+ listers were fighting the urge to discuss the project though they knew the others knew.  Sort of like a secret club.  Many actresses used it as a cover story to happen to be in town at the same time auditions were ongoing.  Likewise, during the coming Oscars week, the director and studio will be wrapping up major casting under the same cover of people all being in town.  Yes, it is that big of a deal.  I personally cannot wait, and hope it comes off without a hitch.  We probably won't have to wait too long.  Any project with that much heat will get a quick greenlight.  That's the sexiest thing of all.  Especially if you're producing it.


  1. Eh, they'll still f*ck it up.

  2. S9 who is the actress Enty? WHO?!

  3. Love Himmmm blinds. Thanks for the reveal!

  4. Fascinating and actually sounds, if done correctly, would be an amazing movie. Unless JLaw is in it. Then it will suck regardless.

  5. Ann Hathaway, gross, who wants to see that.

  6. thaks Himmmm!

    so who IS the former porn star????

  7. The porn actress was answered in the original and I can confirm it now by looking at the attorneys picture Stacey Donovan.

  8. Biopic about the star of Debbie Does Dallas?

  9. Who got cast as the lead?

  10. Nice! So many people guessed a lot of these correctly

  11. Interesting blind, Himmmm. Thanks for sharing.

  12. At the end of the day,though, it's just an excuse for A listers to make a public porno. 🙄

  13. thanks @sandybrook

  14. Love Himmmm

    *fuck Meryl Streep

  15. Does the last sentence imply that Himmmm could be a producer on the movie?

  16. Nina Hartley? Also, I miss The Himmmmmms tweets. COME BACK!!

  17. Sooooooo what’s the movie though?.....

  18. I remember seeing this blind months ago. So what's the status of the film now?

  19. Nina Hartley did not disappear from porn and become a lawyer.

  20. Hmmm blinds are always so interesting and well written.

    Thank You, Hmmm!

  21. No way they can pull this off without Dancing Boy, LOL! They need his writing genius.

  22. This one should have been obvious wish fiction.

  23. Please do all reveals like this, Enty. So much easier to follow than when all the names are at the end!

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  25. I miss Himmmmmmmmmmmsssss.

  26. Brilliant. The supporting role Margot Robbie will probably win is Tracie Lords.

    Yes I could see Jessica Simpson for that but Margot is an excellent actress and why not give her a piece of this awesome pie.

  27. My choices would be Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey, Jr. Bullock isn't beautiful but she is pretty and a pretty good actress. Downey's acting in Chaplin was the best I've ever seen and, IMO, he has never received the kudos he deserves for that role. Downey surpassed Olivier in anything that Olivier ever did on the big screen.

  28. Porn actress= Bambi Woods? None of the actress options named seem quite fitting for the role. Nolan as the director sounds interesting though.

  29. I have been waiting for this blind, damn I miss the Himmmms!

    @greentea I was thinking the same thing; sounds like a Himmmm is producing.
    Damn, maybe I should audition too! ;)

  30. "I miss Himmmmmmmmmmmsssss."

    It's just that Himmmm produced so much bullshit that even a bull can't shit that much.

    Sure, he gave some of you the feeling that you were there with him, but his stories were urban legends he had heard before from some not that trustworthy source. He just inserted himself, or one of his various personas modeled on existing people, into the story and would reminisce about the good old days... he was never a part of. That's all.
    How much do you bet that he just overheard someone claiming that Nolan was making a big budget porn, and then he embroidered 90% of the details? If he's wrong (like he usually is), this will be forgotten within a few months anyway, if he's right about the main story, everybody will forgive about the made-up details and praise his insight.

    Just check the official Twitter of Himmmmm for a good laugh. This fall, he has toned down the postings, but a few months ago, he was telling a ton of stories where he was involved in various events in a major way. He was basically Forrest Gump if Forrest Gump had been a professional name dropper.


  31. Anne Hathaway has always turned my stomach but no matter cuz I would never spend a dime on such an obviously self-important Hollywood self-stroke with a bunch of self-impressed malignant narcisssts

  32. Wow, an actress who really was making porn movies to pay for college!

  33. I think it's harder to follow because the way the reveals work make it look like a mess.

  34. Is this movie being made yet?

  35. It's Terry Southern's "Blue Movie" come to life.

  36. Let's see how this goes. Bohemian Rhapsody was supposed to have been a gong show to film, but it's turned out to be a success. This could be just another preachy self indulgent insider movie. I hope not.
    When you work in the factory, it's hard to tell what the sausage you're making is going to taste! Bahaha

    Now an Anne Hathaway and James Franco porno! The history, the chemistry- lack of, Oscar night dialogue. Now that would be a scene!

  37. I’m assuming this project is dead, but it sounds great.

  38. Sooooo ... nearly a year later and no announcement on this movie? This is probably a full-on made up piece of garbage. Nice try.

  39. ok, look interesting but what would be so special with this movie - beside budget - over boogies night, the deuce etc ?? perhaps nudity for an A+ actress (she'd never done ) but that doesn't justify all the mystery. Does this imply explicit content ?? from those actress !? dream if you want but sorry, hard to believe (joke apart), I'm not buying it.

  40. Give Margot Robbie whatever she wants

  41. I read somewhere that Ginger Lynn Allen had one of the best contracts in the industry and got a cut of all her films. Could be about her.

  42. Nooooot Nolan. Too clinical.

  43. Please do NOT cast any of the Hollywood "sweethearts" in this film! Chastain, Hathaway or whoever else they are hinting at are so overplayed and not at all "edgy" enough for such a role. Cast an unknown and keep Bale as the lead. Sounds very interesting!

  44. It's either Asia Carrera (member of Mensa) or Kristi Lynn, who faked her death because I'm 99% certain I saw her about two years after her death, looking just like a Hausfrau who needed her space. (The death stare she gave me as I walked past her on the street said as much.). KL was the concubine of Stagliano, the Cato Institute guy. Whatever yarn they spin on screen, it will be, like this site, nothing but damage control, to make the satanic skin trade that is Hollywood/Porn show biz central seem flawed but actually "human"- As well as showing cold case justice being possible (not!)

  45. @Mango
    Yeah, such a novel concept, a coed selling her body to pay tuition! They even have webpages to link students to johns or sugar daddies. It's not like over 25 % of female students do that, but barely!

  46. You folks just don't know your eighties porn. This is about Ginger Lynn.

  47. Sounds like an OK plot for a movie but is it true? Highly unlikely. There were no "contract" actresses during that era, they all freelanced. Hence no actress cared what happened to her "studio" because she had no home "studio". Secondly contracts were standard and included buyouts of any residuals. No adult actress or actor received residuals and no accounting systems were in place to record residuals.Yes there were films that took in millions (i.e. Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas) but you know them because they were the exceptions. Adult movies were a jellybean product, lots of movies with low value added. So the idea that an adult actress had millions in unclaimed royalties is absurd.

  48. Ginger Lynn was my first bet. Hyapadia Lee is not a lawyer. Asia Carrera?
    I cannot think of any one who was given royalties. Usually they give you high pay for each scene. It would be hard to track.

  49. Ginger Lynn didn't become a lawyer and has been in and out of porn for years.

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  52. I don't think Traci became a lawyer either

    From what I took from the post whoever this is left the business, changed her name, practiced law and had a family. None of the names being thrown around seem to fit, with the exception of Stacey Donovan, and I'm not sure she fits either.

  53. Fast forward a year and there are murmurs about CN's untitled "secret film" slated for a 2020 release, but until then...... THIS IS BULLSHIT!!

  54. What happened Himmmm ?
    This blind is shit.

  55. There really hasn't been anything that has came out that would suggest this is not the project. The only thing that did was retracted. So far she would still make a great Bambi Woods

  56. A list of cum dumpsters with degrees:
    Sharon Mitchell- doctor of sexual quackery from a diploma mill
    Nina Hartley- RN
    Keisha Domiguez- State registered sexologist- (Gov. subsidized happy endings?)
    Annabelle Chong- I think she has a master's degree in oral sex from USC
    Tera Patrick- An RN and EMT. Bachelors degree in microbiology (???)
    Annie Sprinkle- PhD in general callousness from Sharon Mitchell's diploma mill
    -looking up this topic, there are quite a few sausage wallets with academic degrees. Didn't see any lawyers. Boogie Nights said it all in translated Hollywoodese about the real show biz cash cow. Plus, every A lister revealed is so frigid they couldn't get a 14 year old boner to spit. Jeezuz Crikey! The fag elite of Hollywood(not!) think emaciated women with a ten year old boy butt is the height of feminine pulchritude. But that's all in line with the soft holocaust andro/fag agenda this arm of military intel propaganda has been pushing for a generation.

  57. How about Jennifer 'Angel' Jones?

  58. A big movie

    one of those rarities that is both Oscar lure and box office success

    A+ list all the way, big budget, big talent

    The secrecy around it is unlike anything in history = Chris Nolan

    it's about a porn star

    actress 1980s porn

    the FBI clearing 30 year-old mob hit murders

    one of the best scripts to come through Hollywood in decades

    an amazing role for the lead actress

    very, very, very secretly = Chris Nolan projects are always under wraps

    Anne Hathaway said she'd do anything for the lead as did Marion Cotillard

    Hathaway Cotillard = both worked with Chris Nolan before

    that gross French actor = Gerard Depardieu

    Mélanie Laurent was "introduced to acting" at the age of sixteen by Gérard Depardieu

    These actresses are offering to do anything onscreen = omfg

    unprecedented promotion agreements = WTF

    Diane Lane has given one of the best reads thus far

    Christian Bale said he would return to a franchise for the studio = Warner Brothers

  59. I think I've got it.

    This project has never existed outside of the boiling imagination of Himmmm, who is, as you may have heard, actually a failed screenwriter.

    Himmmm reads about Stacey Donovan and her claims that she was actually a federal informant. Or, better, he has met her, got inspired by her stories and thinks he can develop a "based on a real story" script about her. In his mind, a project about her could be a massive hit. He may have not written a full script, but he has done research and put together at least some synopsis, that he tries to pitch to studios.

    To show that this is a viable project (and not just a Boogie Nights rip-off from his "friend" Paul Thomas Anderson, with a crime twist), he pictures Christopher Nolan as the director (even if Nolan only directs scripts that he's developed himself, or with his brother). He also lists all his picks for various parts, claiming that the major actors and actresses are already fighting for parts in such a great production.

    We should have noticed all the small clues in the blind that are actually self-praise for the script:
    - comparisons to Star Wars and Avatar
    - it's about the "most beautiful all-American girl next door to ever have a hardcore career", aka a porn actress to whom Himmm jerked off in the eighties given his actual age
    - "It's one of the best scripts to come through Hollywood in decades, and has an amazing role for the lead actress." Blatant self-promotion
    - " it includes life rights, and the lady ex-porn star's willingness to promote it. It is a package that includes documentaries, media stories, and specials". Sounds like a pitch, based on the fact that he has Donovan onboard, to get a studio to sign a deal rather than something you put in a piece for the hoi poloi. The film should be the focus of the blind, but he can't help himself mentioning the TV specials...
    - "I personally cannot wait, and hope it comes off without a hitch." Self-prophecy.
    - "We probably won't have to wait too long. Any project with that much heat will get a quick greenlight." Why the "probably"?

    Indeed, why the "probably"? The whole blind depicts the project as something that has been in secret development at Warner for months, first as a Kevin Spacey vehicle (which is also a huge red flag, as, given the material, he would have played at most a supporting character). In any case, it's nearly a done deal at Warner.
    The whole shtick of the blind is actually to put emphasis on the "nearly" rather than the amazing real story supposed to be the base for the script. It actually doesn't sound that amazing, as it has no real unity and takes place over two eras separated by three decades, something that also asks for two different cast with little continuity for other plots. And the contemporary plot doesn't look that riveting. Mob problems due to an old individual contract in the middle of a corporate buyout involving a former adult actress now in her fifties? Who would pay to watch that?

    Anyway, the whole blind basically says, that if, by extraordinary, Warner was incompetent or insensitive enough to make the project collapse, somebody else should quickly buy the rights to the script (by Himmm with some Stacey Donovan contributions) before a bidding war starts.
    Of coure, there was never such a project at Warner, but Himmm wanted to make people believe the script was of such caliber that Christopher Nolan (who mostly works with Warner) was willing to direct it. And nobody would have believed it if he had implied it was Disney...

  60. Where is Count Jerkula when we need him?

  61. Some signs that the script would have never been considered by a major.

    - What is it about? There are two eras, two different plots. We have a first timeline, where the female lead who, in her twenties, is a porn actress, who stops doing porn because the mob is talking control of the studio she worked for (note to Himmmm: there were several studios in the eighties). Then, at least two decades later, we have a second timeline where she's a soccer mom and an attorney. She's owed millions and her past contract stands in the way of a major transaction and she has to double cross the mob and report mobsters to the FBI if she wants to live. These are basically two different lives with few connections between them (like other characters), and it's confusing for an audience.

    - This is about a porn actress who stops doing porn because of outside circumstances, but not because she has an epiphany or something like that. She didn't even reject this time of her life, and we're still supposed to side with her. That's a no-no for any prude. Sure, Pretty Woman shows prostitution in an idealized way and we're supposed to root for Julia Roberts, but we're talking about a woman who willingly sucked dicks on camera for a lot of money during years, informant or not, with zero remorse. Especially when you can find online evidence two clicks away from here. Also, the ending? "The legit media company got the old porn library titles and reaped a billion from it." Yeah, one billion dollars today from cheap porn films produced in the eighties is something that nobody would take as true. And nobody would root either for the legit media company that earns a ton of money from sex work that presumably involved a lot of exploitation, drugs and humiliation at the time it was shot.

    - Stacey Donovan is far from a household name, which is necessary in a big budget biopic. When people talk about 80s porn, they'll think of AIDS or people like Traci Lords or John Holmes. Also, its's an era marked by declining production values with the switch to video (as shown in Boogie Nights) and a lot of drugs. A forgotten actress who claimed she was an informant in that era isn't interesting by herself. Who would watch a film about a standard porn actress who had probably met Holmes or Lords in her heydays but then had something interesting finally happening to her decades later, and unconnected to Traci Lords or the corpse of John Holmes?

    Also, if Donovan got her millions and peace from sending the mobsters to jail, why would she be willing to earn a little more by revealing to America, and the community she lives in now, that her moisturizer of choice in the eighties was semen? If I were her, I may sell the rights to my life to a writer, but I would ask for the story to be told fictitiously, through different names, as I wouldn't want to jeopardize my current life by revealing my past in porn.

    Himmmm basically did a reverse BlacKKKlansman. Spike Lee took a real life story where little actually happened outside of some phone calls. There was zero bomb involved, there weren't any threats on the guy's life, he just reported a few names, he never met David Duke. And the script turned it into a thriller.
    Here, we supposedly have an incredible story, and it's about a soccer mom outsmarting the mob who wants to kill her due to some contracts she had signed in the eighties when she was doing porn. Can't see why RDJ would love to appear in it? Me neither...

  62. Bambi Woods for the porn star. Was originally from someplace like South Dakota or Iowa. Tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheer squad. Needed money so got talked into doing a porno in the late 1970's. It became an infamous success (Debbie Does). Disappeared at the height of the fame in the early to mid eighties. Possibly becoming an attorney and living a quiet life in Iowa the last 35 years until... like a John Grisham novel she ends up getting served by an old contract part from the old porn films she doesn't want any connection to but has got financial or contractual say, in rights to. Then like Grisham's characters has to walk a fine line between the mob and the feds and the media companies on the old porno rights. Thrilling!!! Sounds good Enty Himmmmm.

  63. Sounds like Bambi Woods aka Debbie of Debbie Does Dallas. Disappeared at the height of her fame. She has kind of a JD Salinger mystique of what happened to her.

    Also think Emma Watson would resemble her the most in a biopic pic if their actually was a biopic pic.

  64. Please dont let jennifer lawrence get this part... though if she cant blow her way to the part, shes got nothing on that list...