Friday, July 03, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Reader Blind Item

January 29, 2020

The diehard and fanatical fans of this foreign born singer who is A/A+ in his native country and who has a new album coming out soon would be surprised to know certain aspects of his real life that are seemingly in contradiction to the public persona he has built up over the years in lyrics, in interviews, and even in his own autobiography.

For one, he has at least two illegitimate children, the result of encounters while on the road. One was conceived during his time in a now defunct band that is still popular today.  He has always been coy about his sexuality, he is bisexual, but in fact, contrary to popular opinion, he has had more relationships with women than men.

Also not known is his violent temper.  He headbutted a promoter in the early days breaking the man’s eye socket.  He put a former bandmate in the hospital and has been known to get into fights in pubs.  He is bigger and stronger in real life than he appears on TV and in videos.

He has always downplayed the fact he was a very good athlete as a teenager but, despite his statements mocking this, has always been into working out especially in his glory days several decades ago and travels with a personal trainer.

Those who have met him during unguarded moments have also commented on the fact that his natural speaking style is much coarser and working class than the affected voice he puts on in interviews.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood and this reflects that.

The last couple years, this singer has been in trouble for comments he has made.  Those comments are in fact closer to who he actually is and what he actually believes which reflect a certain type of character named after a hairstyle he sang about in some of his earlier songs.

Morrissey (The Smiths, Suedehead)

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