Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

So, I watched it last night. I like to watch at least the first episode of each season so I can discuss it with people when they ask. I can't believe how many people watch the show. Although I thought Jennifer Grey was very good, I think the whole using the Patrick Swayze thing was a bit overdone and this is coming from a guy who has always loved Jennifer Grey. I thought the best dancer of the night was Kyle Massey. Amazing. I think the only reason Kyle did not beat Jennifer was the judges were not expecting Kyle to do so well and also they wanted to give everyone their Patrick Swayze moment.

The worst of the night was The Situation. Yes, he only had a week to practice, BUT, and this is a big but, I heard he was being a tool to the rest of the cast and crew and over the weekend he had a lot of opportunity to practice and chose not to as much as he could have. I don't think he will be any better than last week. As much as I love her, I think Margaret Cho will probably be the first to say goodbye because she is not as well known as The Hoff who I thought would be much, much better.


  1. For a thick boy, he sho is light on his feet, I LOVE IT!

  2. I watch this show. A lot of the contestants were better than I expected.

    Enty, I'm trusting your word on Situation, and what you're telling me is so disappointing.

    Audrina Patridge was actually pretty good.

    I agree the Swayze stuff was unnecessary. It's so jarring to see Jennifer Gray now as opposed to her hey day. She looks so different.

  3. I thought the same thing about Jennifer Grey; It looked so completely contrived and then for that goofy judge to cry over it was lame. Is it part of Derek Hough's contract that he only be given mirror ball contenders? I thought Bristol Palin was adorable, love that she did well. Was sorry to see Margaret Cho act like it was a big joke, she's better than that. Hope the situation or Michael, "I am the most boring man on earth" Bolton get the boot tonite.

  4. I think Audrina will go tonight, she didn't show much potential or personality.

    Florence was adorable! I think I was jealous of her legs? And showing her 'abs'? BRAVE!

    Jennifer Grey looks different, but still, amazing for 50.

  5. I think Margaret Cho is going to get the boot. I don't understand why she and her partner went all "comedy" on the waltz. She did well without that. I wonder if she has the fan base. I feel like Michael Bolton actually has fans, especially among the DWTS viewership. I don't know how he's going to do this show while on a major tour. That's crazy talk.

  6. I liked Kyle too and was very surprised by his talent. I think Audrina may be in trouble because she went first and her dance was so forgettable that people will overlook her. I kept expecting the Hoff to pass out or barf all over the stage ... think he held off on the liquor until after the show was over? Bristol Palin wasn't terrible but her partner is one hell of a skeevy douchebag. I loved how the Situation was put in his place last night. He did seem actually humbled when they interviewed him after the dance. Let's knock him down a few more pegs before we let him go, okay?

  7. Meh. I cried at Jennifer Grey, but only because I can't keep from crying when watching other people cry.

    I do think it was tacky. COME ON, producers. Come on.

    I was a fan of Rick Fox (and have been since I borderline stalked him outside the locker room at a Celtics game back in the day) -- the man is SEXAY!

    And the Situation -- you all know I would hit it -- but I didn't expect to hate him this much. Damn.

    So, I guess Bristol's "I will be wearing modest costumes" press tour is now considered null and void?

    Michael Bolton will be first to go.

  8. I'm usually very cynical but I honestly believe Jennifer was not milking it. I could totally see how that would make her break down like that.
    I think this season is going to be great though, lots of interesting people.
    I'm thinking Audrina or Michael are leaving first.

  9. I voted for Kyle...my first time voting ever! I wasn't too surprised at how well he did because I always thought that the actors on That's So Raven were way more talented than your average Disney actor.

    Did anyone else notice how much Derek Hough kept touching Jennifer Gray? She didn't really look that pleased about it, or at least she was not responding to it at all. I am such a sap...I choked up about the contrived Dirty Dancing moment!

    My top choices are Jennifer Gray and Kyle Massey.

  10. @Ellen, I was noticing that too. It was SO GROSS AND CREEPY.

  11. Kyle was surprising very good!

    Brandy did well and has obviously worked hard because she's normally stiff as a board when dancing.

    Florence I love her, thought she was funny but she isn't a very good dancer. I hope she improves.

    Magaret Cho did not need the over the top comedy. It was annoying and distractive.

    Jennifer Grey was in excellent form, and as predicted was a great dancer. The Patrick Swayze tears were over the top because she didn't have to chose that song for her routine. Also glad Len called her out as having an unfair advantage because of her ballet training.

    Bristol did not deserve the credit that she was given. She was out of step with her partner and just seem to put dance movements in at random, whenever she could remember to do them.

    The Situation was not that bad, was entertaining but was obviously very immature.

    The Hoff and Michael Bolton are both very stiff. Michael Bolton was being dragged around on the stage by his tiny little partner (LOL!).

    Overall this was the best season in a very long time. I'm looking forward to next week.

  12. Kyle was fun to watch. Very good for his first dance.

  13. Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze did not get along at first in Dirty Dancing. The producers had to set them down and read the riot act to get them to work together.

  14. Thanks so much for posting the video of Kyle!!! He was absolutely awesome and so unexpected!!! I really expected him to be kind of a bull in a china shop. He was so fun to watch. I like Jennifer, but refuse to root for her-she has an unfair advantage over the others. My vote goes for Kyle. Oh...I also liked Bristol. I want Margaret Cho gone...rediculous and not funny...much like her stand up act.

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  16. I love Margaret Cho and only watched it because of her, I have never watched this show before. And I agree with what most of you are saying - the "funny" stuff was unnecessary and probably turned her chances of staying. They could have added that stuff later in the game after showing the judges that she really can dance.

    Too bad! I'm still a Cho-fan though!

  17. turned her chances = ruined her chances. Geez.

  18. I won't watch until the Palin clan are gone.

  19. Didn't know who Kyle was, hate Lacey, but loved the performance. Highlight of the evening! I'm split about Jennifer. Patrick even had in his book that when they filmed "Dirty Dancing" she got on his nerves because she would go into giggling fits & then break down crying for no reason, which caused take after take. Last night, that's what I saw from her. I'll give her the benefit this once & say that she was being truthful - heck, I even teared up. But if she pulls that week after week...no thanks.

    Love Maks but Brandy needs to tone it down a few notches. The Situation was dreadful, but I have a feeling he'll stick around. The Hoff or Margaret will be going tonight, I'm thinking. Maybe Mike. Bristol will be around a few weeks though she was awkward. I think Margaret had potential but that whole move they put in there was so horrible...it ruined everything she had done up until that point. If she stays another week they better avoid such moves in the near future! And the Hoff...what a mess. I couldn't tell if it was because he had been drinking or if he was going through withdrawal and desperately needed one. I don't think he'll be on the show for long.

  20. I didn't get to watch this last night & my stupid DVR forgot to record it. I caught the very tail end of The Hoff's dance.

    I was wondering how everyone did so it was good to read the post & see everyone's comments! :)