Friday, December 07, 2007

Cocaine Kills Irish Model

We always joke about celebrities and their drug use, but they always seem to go to rehab just in the nick of time, and get on with their lives. After ten years or so, we forget about what they did 95% of the time because we have moved on to the next coke head. There are of course exceptions like Robert Downey Jr. and Scott Weiland who just seem to have particularly troublesome addictions and so are remembered longer. Robert seems to be doing well. Scott...not so much.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Katy French who was an Irish model and known throughout the world died as a result of heart failure brought on by the excessive use of coke. On Sunday afternoon she had some type of heart attack and almost immediately slipped into a coma before dying yesterday.

The police are investigating her death, but have not said whether it was an overdose or just a result of years of heavy cocaine abuse. Katy had recently admitted to taking the drug to stay thin and claimed she rarely if ever had to buy it on her own. She said in the statement that it was an awful drug and warned children to not make the same mistake she had.

Katy French turned 24 last week.


Melissa said...

Awwww that's terrible. But very real. RDJ has nine lives, I swear. Most people aren't so lucky.

Rare Avis said...

It is a strange fact; the heart cannot regenerate itself. Repeated insults, with cocaine & speed, have a cumulative effect.
She literally died of a broken heart.

Uber*nought said...

And the lies her apparent "friends" in the media told "I didn't see drugs at that party, wah wah!" Pathetic.

It was bound to happen to someone because drug taking is off the scale. Sadly, only by learning the hardest way possible or through near death will people ever learn to stop relying on this crap.

simone said...

She said in the statement that it was an awful drug and warned children to not make the same mistake she had.

I hope kids do heed her warning, even though she still died from it. So unfortunate. :(

Trix said...


Still though "Do as I say, dont do as I did" isnt the best anti drug speech. said...

24 years old.

Has anybody faxed this story to Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse?

Marcella said...

Wow i'm surprised that you picked up on this story!I'm from Ireland and Katy provoked a love/hate reaction in people.It's such a waste of life but i'm not really surprised,coke is flooding Dublin and hopefully this will make people think twice before banging another line.

Bairbre said...

It was a medically-induced coma as opposed to her slipping into a was hoped that would revive her, but her brain had been deprived of so much oxygen that she had already suffered massive irreversible brain damage.
Traces of cocaine have been found but it hasn't been fully explained if it was cocaine alone that killed her.
In any case, R.I.P.