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History Of TV Theme Songs

I would like to be rich enough to have Jimmy Fallon do his show from my basement. (Thanks Meg)

Dating Letters

It is that time again, where readers share with all of us, their latest treasures from various dating websites. This letter comes from a doctor, who explained to our reader all about his open marriage. Could someone explain to me what a MOT is? I'm assuming it is not some apple juice religion because that would be Motts.

Hi there, Hope this finds you well - I'll admit I was a little nervous emailing you but taking the plunge her I guess. My name is David, I'm 34 years old (I hope the age difference isn't too much) - I'm professionally educated and gainfully employed - I'm actually a doc - but not an ego centric kind - (I majored in sociology in college and therefore was able to retain an inner core of decency and humanity within me that they weren't able to strip away in medical school). I was out on the east coast for 8 years for college/med school and came home to Detroit for training and now work. As you will no doubt read my profile - let me take a moment update/explain. My wife and I are in an open marriage. We're good friends - roommates more or less. Our marriage was great on paper - in reality there we just weren't compatible for various reasons. 2 years ago we decided on this route knowing it would be a slippery slope which we have slid down to the point that we are getting divorced. We remain good friends and I'm confidant it will be amicable. She has had a serious boyfriend for the last 8 months - and while my work schedule is a bit more demanding, I have had the opportunity to date here and there - but it is a little harder to be a married guy trying to meet girls than a married gal trying to do the same - just the way it is I guess. Anyways - I love to travel - in an ideal world I'd love to find a fun travel companion. I get 9 weeks of vacation a year - my wife hates to travel - one of the reasons of many we just didn't gel. I like to think I'm fun, easy going and laid back - but we all have our idiosyncrasies right? I promise I"m 'normal' - my wife is on sites and i've seen some of the messages she receives and it's insane! I apologize that my face photo is not on my profile, but I promise to send you one should your interest be there. It's just that very few of our friends and family are aware of our situation and for discretion I don't have my face pic on my profile. I'm also an MOT (thought not super observant) - hence the small nervousness given the small community etc.. If you give me an email address I'll happily oblige with a photo. In any event, hope you're fall is off to a good start. This is my favorite time of the year! Warm Regards David

Blind Items Revealed

July 24, 2007

 #1 This married NBA player who has been mentioned previously in this space was seen having drinks alone with this famous for being famous "movie star." I'm sure the reason they left together was so she could give him some tips on his game.

 #2 What B- actor but with A name recognition is trying to get back together with his ex who is an A list actress, not because he really cares for her, but because he needs her help to land a new film role. If he brings her along then it could be his ticket to A list money and fame for his work, and not just for being with his ex. So far, she has turned him down cold and his career is stuck.

 #3 This degenerate record producer who gets lucky way more than he should walks out on dates if they don't think they are going to put out. He usually does this maneuver AFTER eating and drinking, leaving them with the tab. One recent tab was almost $1000. The girl had to call her parents who gave the restaurant a credit card over the phone.

 #1 - Kobe Bryant/Kim Kardashian

 #2 - Ryan Phillippe/ Reese Witherspoon

 #3 - Scott Storch

Blind Items Revealed

July 12, 2007 

 #1 Academy Award winner. 3some. Jail.

Sean Penn, Eve & a third.

Blind Item #3

What former B+ list celebrity and now a fading C with big hair issues had his son go up to women and hit on them for the fading C lister. If they were interested in the C lister, the son would get their name and number. The pickings were slim, but the C lister says his wife won't sleep with him and is thinking of leaving him. Shocker. But, if he were to pick up women on his own it would look bad. Plus, he is old and creepy. That last part is mine, not his. But he is old and creepy.

Clueless Reunion

I had so many people send me e-mails yesterday asking me to post about the Clueless reunion so here you go. I have no problem with a Clueless reunion. I liked the movie a lot. I thought it was really cute and stars so many people who are still in the business that it is an exception for a teen movie. Have you noticed that the teen movies that you still talk about a decade or two after their release are the ones that generally starred people who are still working and are still popular. Ferris Bueller. Clueless. Pretty In Pink. Can't Hardly Wait. There are lots more, but take a look at some teen movie that did horribly and see how many of the teen actors are still around. Not the adult actors, but the teens. What was your favorite teen movie?

Blind Item #2 - Easy

This model is recently married. In the modeling world, I would say she is a B. People just know her because of her funny name, it is not like she stands out. Anyway, she is so over being married. Can't stand it. She told a friend the other day that she feels suffocated being married to her B list actor husband and that he won't even let her go to the bathroom alone because he can't bear to be without her. She keeps hoping he will loosen up the reins, but it is driving her insane. She wakes up to find him looking at her while she is sleeping. He plans their entire days every day so they can spend even more time together. She has snapped at him a couple of times but looks so wounded when she does that she backs down. She says she is starting to lose her hair and get an ulcer and would love to stand outside and scream but he would be holding her even then.

Tom Ford Announces Birth Of Baby Boy

Tom Ford has kept to his promise of not using his baby as a press tool, and he was also correct that no one found out about his baby until after the baby was born. Two weeks ago, Tom Ford and his long time partner had a baby boy via surrogate. Tom, being the proper person he is sent out baby announcements to a select few. One of those few leaked their announcement and the world now knows. I'm guessing this is probably Tom's biological child which means of course that it will be insanely perfect looking, never age and will produce impeccable clothing at astronomical prices. Tom's partner is in his mid 60's and a survivor of throat cancer who has never wanted children, so I'm wondering how Tom finally convinced him. Free cologne samples?

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

What happens when the C list actress when it comes to quality, but A+ list when it comes to name recognition tries to talk acting with two A+ listers who are two incredibly talented actresses. They smile pleasantly and then talk about her behind her back and laugh and laugh. "The only reason she is even here is because of her boyfriend who they hoped would come (A list celebrity/B list actor) and because so many others said they would be in Paris."

Linda Hogan Has Lots Of Excuses For Her DUI

I will give Linda Hogan's publicist an B-/C+ for her efforts in explaining why Linda Hogan got pulled over for DUI. First, she wants to make it clear that Linda was pulled over for speeding and not because she was swerving all over the road or doing laps around at it red lights. Point noted. Her second point is that Linda only had one glass of champagne but had it on an empty stomach and that is why he was drunk. This one is a little tougher to swallow. If Linda were Jennie Garth and on the one meal every three day plan I might agree to that. However, Linda got pulled over at 1:34a.m. So, that means presuming she got up at the typical Hollywood time of noon that she had not eaten all day or all night and was presumably not going to eat again until the next morning. I believe that if this is AnnaLynne McCord. I don't with Linda. I think she eats three meals a day. Also, the arrest record shows she weighs just about 160. One glass of champagne is not going to do that unless it is a Jay-Z sized glass which means an entire magnum. Then, I believe it. Finally, the publicist says that Linda was sick and on medication so that really made the effects of the alcohol worse. So, she is taking pills and drinking booze? I'm not sure she should have gone for the last one. Should just have said sick. Now she looks like a booze hound who pops pills when no booze is around and doesn't know better to than to combine them. That last one really cost her. She was doing ok before that and headed for a nice solid B+, but she threw her client under the bus and made her sound like she needs rehab.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Vacation reunion? Top spot. Guaranteed.

Bella Thorne does not look 12 or 14 or whatever she is. She looks like she is in her 20's and that scares me.
This is the hooker that had sex with Elliot Spitzer and ended his political career. She is pregnant with a guy who cheated on his wife and left his kids for the hooker.
Dakota Fanning in the rain in Brooklyn.
Gisele Bundchen finally has a very tiny bump. probably means she is having triplets.
And Hilary and Bill share one thing in common. They both would be looking down Christina Aguilera's dress.
Holly Madison at a James Bond exhibit in Vegas.
Alec Baldwin out with his wife Hilaria.
At the same event were Katie Couric and Tony Bennett.
Jon Bon Jovi and his wife don't age.

Random Photos Part Two

Is it just me or has Jennifer Garner been looking amazing lately? She was at the premiere of

Ben Affleck's new movie.
Also there were John Goodman and
Bryan Cranston.
The very skinny January Jones.
The last cast photo of Jersey Shore until some reunion down the road or an AA meeting.
Kirstie Alley after DWTS rehearsal.
This photo of Katie Holmes was snapped the other day, but she is so rarely photographed not wearing jeans that I thought I would post it.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today. Long time no see Lisa Rinna.

Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriend spent some time walking her dog yesterday. His name is A-Rod.
Apparently Matt LeBlanc is going camping or has an obsession with lanterns.
Robert Downey Jr. outside his hotel in Miami.
The staged fight between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.
Selena Gomez wears her heart on her sleeve. Too punny?
Sienna Miller has been so quiet since she had her baby.
First photos of the Stanley Tucci, and Felicity Blunt wedding.
Taylor Swift is now in London. She must be dying without Conor for so long.

Jimmy Fallon Tells Jim Lehrer To STFU

Skyfall Theme From Adele

It is Adele. It sounds like I would expect a Bond song sung by Adele to sound. I think it shot to number one on iTunes because people wanted new Adele and not the stuff they have heard on the radio non-stop for the past two years.

Amityville Horror House Is For Sale - Price Reduced

Just in time for Halloween, the house from Amityville Horror is back on the market. The owners have reduced the price by almost 40% in an effort to get someone to buy it. When you drop the price of a house by 40%, there is something wrong with it. Are you going to be the person to buy that house? Do you want to live in a house that had six people murdered in it and another family movie out after 28 days because of the ghosts and demons? The current owners have lived there for a little over a decade and are getting divorced. Husband fell in love with one of the demons. It was getting awkward.

Four For Friday - The Most Stubborn Wife In The World

It's Friday Friday. Not just regular Friday, but Friday Friday. Now I want Pizza Pizza. Three day weekend for those of you with government jobs or in the education industry or who work in a bank. Columbus Day is not the premiere holiday of the year. Hopefully you get it off. I will be here of course. For my Canadian friends it is your Thanksgiving Day weekend so I hope you and yours have a wonderful time and get stuffed on turkey and other goodies while spending some great time with your friends and family and watching replays of hockey from last year. Stay very safe and if you get bored at all, I will be here. Tomorrow will be some reveals as I do every Saturday and we are more than halfway to January 1st and what promises to be the most reveals ever. I am hoping for 100 which would be an all-time record. Anyway, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer

Full disclosure on this one. This former almost A list movie and television actress who is now a B who generally makes really bad movies that are almost unwatchable is a friend of sorts so this might be slightly biased in her direction. And when I say friend, I mean someone who I have got drunk with so once you get drunk with me you are a friend for life. Needless to say I have lots of friends. She can hold her liquor too. She is still tiny, but wow can she drink. She does not always look tiny in photos. She can look kind of average or even curvy, but she is still small. Used to be a chain smoker too. One night when we got drunk it had to be outside because she kept getting up every two minutes to smoke anyway so might as well just go outside. She was a big enough star at the time that the establishment set up a table and five chairs outside and made it part of the restaurant so everyone could drink out there. Anyway, I digress. She is married now. Kids, the whole nine yards. To put things bluntly, he cheats. A lot. Almost everyday. Different people all the time. He is probably a B list celebrity himself, but no one knows who he is. They know his name but not usually his face. His fans know him though and throw themselves at him on a regular basis. His wife knows they do it, but she is committed to being a wife and figures he is getting it out of his system. She thinks marriage is forever despite what the husband does. This does not mean she has sex with her husband, because she doesn't. She is scared of what she might catch. She does not even sleep in the same room with him. But no divorce. Not going to happen. He could leave her, but she is not going to make the first move. Unless he gets caught. He has got caught twice. Both times he was snapped while doing what he does and was busted. The people with the celebrity managed to get the photos both times. Now he does his cheating away from any possible cameras. Our actress ignores her husband and says he is good inside and that he will change, but all he does is make our actress look stupid and foolish. Everyone knows he is cheating and everyone wishes the actress would just wise up and leave him.

Your Turn

Have you ever flashed someone? On purpose? Accidentally? Collection of Mardis Gras beads? If you count splitting pants, I have done it a great deal. Never the front though, only the rear.

Jack Osbourne Wants You To Think He Is Important

You know who got married last weekend? Anne Hathaway. Did her guests have to sign anything? Nope. Just the guestbook. Jared Followill got married last weekend. Guests have to sign any legal forms? Nope, just have a good time and hang out. This weekend though Jack Osbourne is getting married. Hmm, now what has he done? Oh yeah, was in a reality show with his parents a decade ago. What has he done since? Had sex with a bunch of women by saying who he is. Somehow though, this entitlement he feels has turned into him requiring all wedding guests to sign non disclosure agreements. You know, because he important and crap and is going to be selling his wedding photos and the story of his wedding because, his mom talked someone into it. I don't care he is getting married. Do you care? Are you going to be watching E! this weekend hoping for a live shot from the wedding and just hoping you will get a glimpse of it? Holy f**k. Just get married. Have a good time and let your guests have a good time. When did getting married turn into how to make a buck? When did getting married require your friends to never talk about the wedding? Get a life.

Blind Item #3

What new celebrity mother was spotted holding her baby while doing a line of coke. Oh, and she says she breastfeeds. I don't believe that part though. I think she did once to say it without it being a lie.

What Would You Do For $1?

If you are this kid in New York apparently for $1 you would lick an entire hand rail in a subway station. And be happy about it too.

Blind Item #2

It has finally happened. What I predicted might happen someday looks like it might happen. This former reality star is pregnant and in discussions with a company to name her baby after a product in the company. The baby then would be the face of the company for a certain amount of time, and then the mother for a period beyond that.

Don't Call Christina Hendricks Full Figured - Or Rely On A Publicist

Christina Hendricks got ticked off during an Australian television interview when the reporter asked her if she has inspired other fuller figured women. Christina called the reporter rude and Christina's PR person asked the reporter to rephrase the question and the reporter heard wrong so asked the question again and this cycle went on for awhile. I understand why Christina was upset, but I also am kind of upset at her. You are a human being and have not lost the ability to think for yourself or act for yourself. Just tell the reporter you don't like being called full figured and that you think you have a normal figure, but that you like inspiring women for all sorts of things, but prefer they be inspired by actions that Christina takes in her real life or something inspiring from the show. Why do you need to turn to a publicist? This is not a slam on Christina because I love her, but at some point if you have been popular long enough then it seems as you lose the ability to do anything and when your show finally does run its course and you go back to almost obscurity you have a tough time adjusting to people not doing everything for you every few seconds.

Blind Item #1

C list celebrity with A list name recognition.

"Mom said she would never let me in the house again if I dated another black guy. I told her he wasn't really black. He didn't act black. She said it didn't matter."

Stacy Keibler & George Clooney Make An Appearance Together

The question right now is whether last night's reunion of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler after such a long absence was a one-time thing or a continuation of their time together. Was this a hey, I know you are going through a rough time in the tabloids right now so why don't you make a splash in a dress that is really revealing and I will cuddle close and everyone will think we are back together, or is this a last hurrah, like ex sex? I can't tell by looking at the photos. George Clooney is a good actor. Yes, he essentially plays the same role everytime now, but he is a good actor. Maybe he is telling Stacy what to do. I don't really see a lot of emotion in the touching. Does that make sense? He is barely touching her it seems. I don't know. Everyone I have talked to and everything I have read says they are finished. Maybe George needed a date.

National Enquirer Blind Item

THIS former teen poster boy, who starred in a smash-hit ’90s TV drama, is now awash in a sea of booze and drugs as he tries to cope with his fading looks and stalled career. Do you remember Mr. Washed Up?

Why Would This Woman Commit Suicide?

A 28 year old woman apparently jumped to her death in New York City off a 30 story building at around 8:15 in the morning yesterday. I don't get it. According to everything that I have read about Stephanie Becker she had her life made. She had a great job, traveled the world, had a ton of friends, volunteered to help youths in the community. It does not make any sense to me that she would jump and not leave a note. Nothing. It makes me wonder if she was perhaps pushed? The timing of that bothers me though. It was 8 in the morning. I don't think very many murders happen at that time of the day. Maybe she could not face another day at the office. Maybe she had broken up with someone at work and could not bear to see them any longer? It just seems an odd time of the day. Whatever the reason, it is very sad. This is why I wish people would call someone before they think about killing themselves. Just take a minute and talk to someone.

RH-Miami Alexia Echevarria's Son Wanted By Police

Peter Rosello, the son of Real Housewives Miami's Alexia Echevarria's is wanted by the police and they are actively searching for him after he posted a video to YouTube of him punching a homeless man in the groin. Right before he delivers the blow he tells the world what he is about to do and then does it. It is a felony charge because the person was homeless. I love that the city of Miami protects homeless people by enhancing the charges up in cases like this. What a tool that he has to get his rocks off by beating up defenseless homeless people. Later, Peter and his friends probably went and compared the seizes of their own peen to see if any of them were longer than an inch. The video is below, but I have to say, you really should not watch it.

Anderson Cooper Has Words For Star Jones

Andy Cohen set up his best friend perfectly yesterday on Anderson Cooper's show. Andy had asked Anderson about coming out and how the reaction had been and that allowed Anderson to take two minutes of shots against Star Jones. It was a glorious two minutes of it too. I do love how he invited Star to be on the show and she said no. Probably didn't want to be confronted in person about what she said. Even though you know the whole conversation was a setup, I'm glad Anderson called out Star. Now, I wish that she would answer back and then this could go back and forth until one side is living with Nicki Minaj and the other with Mariah Carey. If you want to watch the clip, you can click here.

Mariah Carey Has Hired Extra Security

Mariah Carey really thinks Nicki Minaj is going to shoot her? Mariah has hired extra security because she thinks Nicki is serious enough that it warrants the extra help. Fine, but those extra security guards are not allowed at the judges table for auditions, so having a bunch of extra people around the house makes no sense. Also, why does Mariah need extra security? If her current security team can't spot someone walking down the street that looks like Nicki, then they have issues that no amount of sheer volume of numbers is going to make up. It is not like Nicki is going to drop down the side of Mariah's house and then bust in through Adjective's room, sneak past the laundry room while saying hi to Nick folding laundry and then get to Mariah's room where they will have a sing off until one loses and the gun comes out. I think at this point what started as someone being ticked off is now turning into a way to get more publicity and stand out against The Voice and X Factor.

Hulk Hogan Suing Over Sex Tape Leak

Yesterday, Gawker released about a minute of the Hulk Hogan sex tape that was being shopped around earlier this year, but was never bought. If you watched the one minute of the sex tape you know why it was never bought. Who would pay to watch it? Apparently the woman Hulk is having sex with his the ex-wife of his best friend who was also there for part of it before leaving the couple to it. The woman who Hulk is having sex with had sex with her husband right before she had sex with Hulk. Yeah. So, Hulk is going to sue Gawker and they will probably ignore him and keep it up and if you would like to watch an old man have sex with someone on a canopy bed while wishing it was his daughter, then this is your lucky day. You can click here for the NSFW one minute.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

The cast of 30 Rock at one of the several goodbye parties they are having.

Chris Brown and Rihanna make it three straight nights of going out.
Eva Longoria now is going to be selling items on a shopping channel in New Zealand.
This is Gerard Butler in that Movie 43 I posted about earlier.
Anne Hathaway skips the honeymoon and stays in LA.
Heidi Klum and her boyfriend after the Justin Bieber concert last night.
Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie look-a-likes kiss and make up.
Jessica Alba in new York.
Jon Hamm and his peen.
Jenny McCarthy publishes her 32nd book.


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