Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blind Item #6

The foreign born husband of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and recent presenter spends most of his nights at West Hollywood watering holes looking for quick hookups before he goes home to his wife.

Blind Item #5

This actress turned director is cheating on her wife with a female production assistant she met on the set. Makes a nice change from the extras she usually sleeps with and then dumps after a day or two.

Blind Item #4

What was a relationship that was so close that this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wore her director fling's short to the airport the morning after a night of sex has turned to jealousy because she is sleeping with other people and she wants nothing to do with him sexually any longer.

Blind Items Revealed #6

August 7, 2014

I don't care if someone wants to get pregnant or doesn't want to get pregnant. I don't think anyone should shame you or force you into doing one or the other. What I don't like though is a former A list mostly movie actress hanging on to B by a thread after being the it actress for almost a decade who about once a year starts talking about how much she wants a baby and can't wait to get pregnant and uses almost the exact same quotes all of the time. She and her team decided that it makes her much more popular to tell the world how she loves kids and wants kids and sometimes she even talks about what she is going to name her kids and how she even goes crib shopping sometimes. The thing is the actress hates kids and tells her friends all the time that she has no desire to ever get pregnant and if she could she would take two pills a day to make sure she doesn't get pregnant. She has broken up with men in the past who wanted babies or wanted to get married. She is the most anti-baby person ever which is fine. Her choice. I just hate when she says the complete opposite in interviews just because she thinks it will make her more popular.

Kirsten Dunst

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 7, 2014

This barely hanging on to a B- list mostly movie actress who has been in the tabloids a lot the past few weeks almost got busted when the guy she is dating was going to post a photo of them eating steaks. She makes a lot of money pretending she is a vegan so freaked out.

Nikki Reed

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 6, 2014

According to a player on one of the two Northern California football teams, this B list actress wasn't acting married when they were in bed together. To be fair though, she might not even know her husband's name yet. It hasn't been that long.

Naya Rivera

Blind Item #3

This married actress is foreign born. She is currently starring in two huge television shows. Big ones. Oh, and she is an Emmy nominee/winner. Anyway, she is having a torrid affair with the A- lead actress on one of the shows in which she appears. Way fewer episodes in that show, but still just as popular. First time blind item appearance for her, but definitely not for the A- lister.

Blind Item #2

This married former A+ list celebrity who was one of the most famous faces on the planet now struggles to get work as an actress. Fewer roles each year. She is having an affair with the lawyer she once hired to divorce her husband who was cheating on her. She never filed for divorce, but kept the relationship with the lawyer.

Blind Item #1

The car that this A- list mostly television actor who is frequently drunk and stars in that very hit cable show bought for the editor of a magazine is paying big dividends for the actor. He gets models any time he wants them from the magazine. They already know he is going to want to have sloppy drunken sex with them.

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 3, 2014

There are several people who say that the girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor earned six figures this weekend on a yacht because the man wanted to say he shared something in common with the A+ lister.

Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 3, 2014

Whenever you see this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family on his bike, it means he has been out buying drugs. He is always scared to buy them and thinks he can get away faster if he is on a bike.

Owen Wilson

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr.X

August 2, 2014

What permanent A++ diva has a bizarre ritual involving her backup dancers? Once they get to a certain age, they get to live in her house for a few months and call her “mommy”. It's more like a help me-help you situation, but she has never bedded any of the guys surprisingly. Wonder what her ex hubby who she still keeps in touch with thinks?

Madonna/Sean Penn

Friday, February 27, 2015

Blind Item #10

This statutory rapist rapper picked up two strippers the other night and one said they had unprotected sex. I'm sure his underage girlfriend will be thrilled to hear it.

Blind Item #9- Kindness

So, there was this actress. B list. Hit almost television show. Used to be on a hit network show. Our actress has a new hair color. Makes her look much different. Two tables away at lunch from a group of four women in town for a convention. They are talking about celebrities they want to see and go through a list but all get excited when they mention the name of our actress. There is no way they can see her. Our actress arranges to have their bill paid and on the back of their bill signs her name and something about how they made her day better. The waiter couldn't see the whole thing.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 26, 2014

This foreign born A list model who is about to start acting was so hammered at church Christmas Eve that she puked all over the front lawn and used a nativity scene to hide.

Cara Delevingne

Four For Friday - The Celebrity Sex Broker Part Five

The last Friday in February. One more week until we turn the clocks forward and just a few more weeks until Spring. If you are looking for something to do tomorrow and Sunday I will be here blogging. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

The List And How Times Are Changing

Several times during our meetings I asked Bani why he wanted anyone to know about this. Sure, people have guessed and knew about some of these things, but this was a lot of detail. He was naming names. Why now? He said it in almost the same way you watch some NatGeo special. No, not the good ones where people end up in jail for drug crimes or that guy who lives alone in the forest. It has to do with how times are changing. Not even a decade ago, Bani’s services were essential. His team flew all over the world and made the books or compiled the photos for the websites. They met agents and managers and the women. They met new men who would be willing to pay a premium. So much of it was personal. Much like George Clooney’s character in Up In The Air though, technology has changed things. Now, men are just using Instagram or social media to contact the celebrities directly. They look at photos and decide if it someone they like. They can look at IMDb and see credits. The same payment arrangements can be made with the woman, but Bani and his staff don’t get a cut any longer. Bani was trying to show me he was useful and had a place.  For now, he is safe. There is still a great deal of demand for Bani;’s services because the elite of the elite don’t make these kinds of deals on the internet through their Twitter account.

Another group that is excluded from Bani’s services are men seeking other men.  Much like drugs, this kind of activity would be frowned on and Bani knows it exists of course and there is some buying going on, but he does not get involved and did not want to discuss it much either.

I wish I could have been allowed to take notes. I didn’t need to take photos, but there were just so many names. Many of the big names I knew and could remember. A lot of the D listers from the US I recognized and remembered many of them. The reality stars from the UK and Australia were much harder mainly because if I didn’t recognize a name or Bani didn’t name drop a television show, the name didn’t stick in my memory. These are the ones I remember. To keep things easy, I will just go in order with the same codes I have been using beginning with YG. I know I didn’t use codes in the previous part, and maybe I should have.

YG – Australian. Celebrity/former actress/current host. She has actually been arrested multiple times for working on her own in two of the countries. Her sponsors have made sure she only spends an hour or two in jail each time.

YH- Australian – Television host on a big worldwide singing franchise.

YI- American-  but lives in London. One name. Reality star. Celebrity.

YJ- British – Same show as YI, but while YI continues to participate, YJ stopped about a decade ago.

YK- American- same show as YI and YJ. Goes all the time. Moved up from circuit person to the big league with her show.

YL – American – Started on reality show. Likes to consider herself a singer. Member of a group that never is really together although they sometimes say it is. I want to say that Bani mentioned another member of the group, but I forgot to ask again.

YM – American – This one lives in England. Former member of all girl group that rotates members and has a franchise mentality.

YN- American – Boss of YM at one point.

YO- Korean  (one of the few Asians) Olympic ice skater

YP – American – Olympic ice skater from one of the past two Olympics.

YQ – American – Olympic gymnast/reality star

YR – American – Olympic gymnast/reality star

YS – Italian- Celebrity turned girlfriend turned reality star who is now married.

YT – American – Actress who is very young and recreated an iconic role in a show that didn’t last very long.

YU- Spanish – Celebrity – Jaw dropper. Occurred while she was still working a regular job.

YV- American – Actress turned celebrity turned reality star who has been married to some very interesting people who ran the gamut from A to D list

YW- American – Used to work with YV- Blonde

YZ- American-Used to work with YV and YW and someone I have mentioned I worry about.

ZA- American- worked with the three women above and now makes her living doing it after she went bankrupt.

ZB – British- That B list singer/part-time actress

ZC – So many Playmates were on the list it was tough to keep track. This one stood out. Least well known of that famous Playmate reality show that launched some careers.

ZD – British – CBB contestant. Previously married. Nasty breakup not too long ago.

ZE – British – one word singer/reality show host

ZF – British – soap star sounds like a plant

ZG- American - That A list reality star we all dislike especially in February. I hope you didn’t guess her in Part Four because it is a different family in Part Four.

ZH – American - That actress turned reality star who has been arrested a million times finally landed a permanent one.

ZI – Swedish- Always in a bikini in Miami

ZJ- American – A list mostly movie actress who just got married

ZK- American – model married to A+ list mostly movie actor

ZL- Polish- Model/reality star

ZM- American – Real Housewife – Beverly Hills

ZN – American- Former Real Housewife – OC

ZO- American – A list model still in her teens

ZP- American – close relative of ZO

ZQ- Swedish- Former model turned reality star

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 26, 2014

This B list actor and singer and recent Academy Award nominee/winner had sex with two women this month who both told me that he wore a Santa Claus hat during sex and kept referring to himself as Santa. I wonder if any other women had the same experience with him this month.

Jared Leto

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Kindness

December 26, 2014

This A+ list singer had another great year and ended it on a kindness which is really nice. She gave each of her employees a Christmas bonus which matched their entire annual salary.

Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 26, 2014

The end of the year also means that this foreign born B list mostly movie actress who loves to cheat will be getting her annual payment from the actor who hates to use condoms. He pays her almost $250K a year as part of their deal for her to stay quiet about things she knows about him.

Sienna Miller/Jude Law

Blind Item #8

This A list actor is A list in movies and television and even commercials. Nasty temper. He has been away from his wife for about a week now and he couldn't be happier. It isn't about the cheating for him. I mean he probably would, but apparently it means he can eat whatever he wants without his wife yelling at him or having him go on another cleanse. He's probably packed on 15 pounds in the ten days he has been gone.

Blind Item #7

This B list mostly movie actress who only ever seems to star in that car franchise had been pretty good lately in being sober and nice. All of that changed this week. She was just angry rude to waiters and staff at a restaurant and being loud and drinking and swearing and people around her left their meals half eaten to escape. It was painful to watch and her dining companions never tried to get her to calm down. You can't. I have seen it. The management let her stay, but ended up having to pay for about ten meals of people who left.

Blind Item #6

There is no one more happy than this foreign born actor that his A+ list actress wife is back at work. She is an Academy Award winner and was home all the time which kept him from cheating as much.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blind Item #5

Apparently this former A+ list singer who has turned to Rod Stewart tricks despite being 40 years his junior is very worried about what is going to be released over the next few months by a very scorned woman. Apparently there are audio recordings of sex between the singer and her actor boyfriend while the boyfriend was living with someone else. The recordings have the singer trash talking the actor's girlfriend

Blind Item #4

This former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple hit network shows on multiple networks is probably B+ now but with permanent A+ list name recognition. Was A+ list in movies for awhile too. Married, but cheating and not too shy about showing her off either. Took her out to dinner. Quiet place, but still public.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who was in role after role is now mostly television. She alternates between good and bad shows although none of them ever last. She did one with that comic/part-time actor that is one of my all-time favorites. Anyway, our actress was incredibly drunk the other night after dinner but started slapping anyone who tried to take her keys away from her. The valet people tried to stop her but she got in her car and drove about 20 feet before passing out. They got her out of the drivers seat and put her in the passenger seat and one of her friends who had been in a different car drove her home.

Blind Item #2

Apparently massive amounts of coke made this foreign born close to one hit wonder with the crazy last name want to have sex with lots of different guys at a BRIT after party. The thing is she would start the process and then go find more coke and then pick up with another guy. Not to be outdone though, this multiple hit guy had his first man on man experience with the openly gay guy with the big 2014. It is good to see this kind of debauchery. The music world has got a little to saccharine the past few years.

Blind Item #1

The cast and crew are of this Disney mainstay all thrilled they are getting a new show and that the star of the original show won't be coming along. They hate her. Really hate her. One thing they might not know though is that the star's female lover is going to be a big player production wise in the spin-off so look for frequent guest spots.

Blind Item #10

This married, very tall, A list mostly movie comic actor might not be married much longer if he continues to sleep with as many women as possible on the press tour for his new movie.

Blind Item #9

Apparently there are some gentlemen in Las Vegas who are getting annoyed with this former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity. They are paying her large sums of money for what they think is going to be dinner and a few hours together after and she is giving them 30 minutes in a bar with drinks before saying she has to leave.

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 15, 2014

This former C list mostly movie actress turned reality star turned celebrity and now back to a reality star was one of the women that this still married, but separated celebrity was sleeping with while he was married to this former A list mostly television actress turned celebrity.

Denise Richards/Rick Salomon/Pamela Anderson

Today's Blind Items - The Celebrity Sex Broker - Part Four

From Cash To Furs To Blood Diamonds And Endorsements – How A Celebrity Gets Paid For Sex - Tax Evasion At Its Finest

During his time in LA, Bani would give me a call and tell me he needed to reschedule. It would be buyer or seller or some other kind of issue he would deal with but I never really understood until I asked. I guess I assumed that all of the celebrities were paid in cash or wire transfers. I was wrong. It is not the first time. Bani said that everyone was happy to pay in cash of course or do a wire transfer, but most celebrities wanted it to be untaxed income. To do this, they either had to get paid in cash and not declare the money to customs when entering the country or figure out a way to get several wire transfers beneath the mandatory $10,000 reporting requirement to the IRS. The problem with both of those is the former involved not just the failure to declare the money but how to smuggle in some cases $250,000 in cash without any security checkpoint person seeing it in your luggage. With the latter trick, banks notice repeated transfers of amounts under the limit and the IRS can seize your bank account and make you explain why you are not guilty while they hold the money.

Until 9/11 these types of rules either didn’t exist or were rarely enforced. The technology and the will to enforce them were lacking.  Another thing that changed was the prices being paid. You would think that with the proliferation of television, especially reality television and the sheer volume of people on television that prices would be lower. That is not the case.

Prices have gone through the roof. Although there is a glut of people on television, there has been a competition among the regulars to always have the newest or best or most well-known celebrity. So, yes someone from a season of The Real World might not be getting paid much although there are at least five names I recognized from various seasons of the show including one who finances her gambling career with regular cash infusions from sex. The bigger the name, the higher the price. On a side note, this is one of the reasons some female celebrities make sure they are in the tabloids or get their photos taken on a daily basis. They are trying to get noticed. They want to be seen. They want to be a big “get” for these men so they can charge premium rates. If you see a woman in the tabloids every single day, there is a very good chance she is paying a pap because it is a good investment for her. There are some other interesting behaviors or tells about the celebrities that participate.

If you see a woman flying alone in First Class on one of the UAE or Qatar airlines, she is most likely getting paid by a man to fly to see them. If a celebrity is frequently in Miami or goes to Miami for modeling shoots the chances are good she is selling herself. Several photographers in Miami make their living shooting photos for the private websites used by the men to select the celebrities.  If you see a female celebrity in Cannes or in the Mediterranean for most of the summer or for weeks at a time in the summer she is working the circuit.  There are several magazines that exist solely to advertise celebrities to these men. They have little to no advertising and generally waver between the line of art and porn.

Enough of that for now, let’s talk about who and how these women are paid.

The easiest and most common way for the women to get paid is to make it look like a legitimate business deal. One of these businessmen opens a business in Los Angeles. It can be anything from an ice cream store that never really expands to an energy drink company that never seems to sell any drinks. Look who owns them. Generally it will be a man from the Middle East. Someone you would not expect to get an endorsement deal is suddenly being paid a ton of money to endorse the ice cream store or the energy drink and get their photo in the tabloids. The agents and managers love this because they take their cut. Yep, they are basically getting pimp money. The female gets paid and then goes to the Middle East where there is the only other location for the business. Huh. Imagine that. They go for a night or two and have sex for the stupid amount of money they were paid.

Another option that is catching on is the woman flies to the country and in the country is taken shopping. She picks out a gift from a certain store that is worth the equivalent of what she is getting paid. She then brings that gift back to LA, usually in her luggage or wearing it. If for some reason she is questioned about whether she bought it out of the country she can say no, she bought it at a store in LA which will vouch she bought it there and even produce a receipt if necessary.  The woman is welcome to keep the gift or she will go to the store that happens to buy gold and silver and other things and buys the item from the woman and gives her cash.

Another option that occurs is a woman is paid in diamonds. This happens a great deal with women in Europe much more than women from the US. The diamonds are blood diamonds which are exchanged back in their home country for a diamond that is not a blood diamond.  It is an easy way to smuggle in blood diamonds and often the women will keep them for themselves.

So, who are some of these women?  In tomorrow’s final installment I will have a list of about 30 women who are on this list. I won’t bother with the D listers or the countless Instagram models that do whatever they can to get attention in the Middle East and a weekend of work there. Nope. There is no need to focus on the lower listers when I can bring up people like the A list mostly movie actress who is married right now. Foreign born and with an Academy Award nomination/win to her credit. Gorgeous. She has moved from indie type movies to box office comedy popcorn flicks. There was a period of time where she was making trips every three months until she landed her rich husband who contacted her through one of the channels. You don’t have to be Middle eastern to participate, but you have to be rich and know someone very well there to be included. Oh, there are two sets of sisters that I saw on the list that everyone would know. One set of sisters is born in the US and you can choose one, two or all three of the sisters depending on what you want to happen and how much money you have. One of the sisters is more famous than the other two. There are the two sisters who are foreign born. One of them is an Academy Award winner/nominee and made ends meet for quite some time with sex for money with the men. Her sister still makes her living doing it.

Lots of Formula 1 executives met their wives or girlfriends this way. Oh, there is the foreign born A list super model who has not had to earn extra money that way for over a decade thanks to her television shows, but she used to. There were several Victoria’s Secret models on the list. Both past and current.

One foreign born celebrity from the UK who everyone knows or suspects makes her living that way was turned down for inclusion to the list this year because she had gained some weight. She called or texted Bani the entire time he was in LA, every day to tell him about her progress. He showed me the series of nude pictures. She would send two or three a day to show the progress and apparently when I last asked about her, she was going to be allowed to work the circuit. Working the circuit is not as prestigious as the flying over for a night or two. When you work the circuit you are paid a flat fee for expenses and given a place to stay and your airfare, but you have to hustle and find someone to pay you. It is not charging by the hour because you still have to make the cut and you do get paid the daily stipend but these women can often go through a dozen or more men over a two month period.

The List And How Times Are Changing

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 12, 2014

This married Food Network star and so many other things has not slept in the same bed with her husband in well over a year.

Giada (this one slipped through the cracks a few months ago when I was revealing all the other Giada ones)

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 5, 2014

This female former A list tweener who is now working on music and movies and is doing drugs almost daily bought a gun this week. This is not going to turn out well. Watch out Justin.

Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 19, 2013

This American League West player is on a new team this season. All-Star caliber for sure but he is going to need to reduce his partying. The first night in town he found a strip club and has been juggling two dancers who don't know about each other. Every night he goes out with one of them and brings them back to his hotel. Not sure what he will do if his wife decides to visit.

Josh Hamilton

Blind Item #8 - Kindness

After partying all night on Academy Award night, this actress who no one has heard of but starred in that long shooting film flew across the country without any sleep. On the plane she met a woman who was suffering from the flu and traveling with an infant. Our actress held the infant for much of the five hour flight just so the mom with the flu could try and get some rest. Small, but touching.

Blind Item #7

This actress is probably just B- list, but she has been on three network hits and the thing is, they have been on three different networks. Her latest effort is that big alphabet one. Anyway, she told a story the other night that she almost died on her first big network hit when this actor turned celebrity turned crazy celebrity locked her in a closet on a Friday night because he was angry she wouldn't sleep with him. She was there until Saturday afternoon when by chance, some work needed to be done on the set and one of the items needed was in that closet. If not for that she would have been in the closet for another 9 days because the show was off for the week after that Friday.

Blind Item #6

This foreign born B list mostly movie actor is making a living off franchises right now. The biggest one ever and another one that has an installment very soon. He says that while filming the biggest one ever he had to have sex with one of the older male leads who is openly gay. Our younger actor said it was expected of all the gay men on the set. A kind of ritual that kept the older actor supplied with young men for nearly a decade.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blind Item #5

This B+ list singer who seems more interested in reality television at the moment was all over this married A list rapper/reality star. He wasn't interested though because no one likes the kind of drama she brings. Instead he set his sights on this older actress turned celebrity turned reality star turned wannabe singer. They hooked up before he went home to his wife. She probably will get some producing time from him out of the deal.

Blind Item #4

This B- list multiple reality star from both network and cable might say the right things about his celebrity wife, but if they were to do what he is always asking her his life would be turned upside down. Those three women he constantly juggles while alone would be impossible with the wife there.

Blind Item #3

On the outside they might seem like a very happy go lucky, loving couple, but that illusion was shattered on a recent flight. The A- list mostly television actress from the long running hit network show argued with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend for the entirety of a three hour flight. The actor, kept balling his hands up into fists as the actress just kept whisper yelling at him. When he would try and say something she would keep on doing it. It was really bad. The flight attendants were scared to come near them.

Blind Item #2

The wife of this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee told one of her friends that our actor spends a great deal of time preparing for his next role and wears women's clothes everywhere. Of course what she left out is that he has been doing this for much longer than the past few months. It has been going on for years. She doesn't seem to mind, but at least this way she can talk about it a little.

Blind Item #1

This former A list athlete/celebrity who really did not live up to the A list athlete part as much if you look at his success rate uses a family member to pick up women for him so he can maintain his puritanical image. If the woman is capable of being quiet and good to go, she is introduced to the celebrity.

Blind Item #10

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who used to try and make serious movies before giving in to regular comedy films in the family tree of this comic actor was wasted the other day at a fashion show to the point she had to take off her heels because she was facing serious injury after the third fall.

Blind Item #9

She was doing so well, but the past few weeks, this A+ list singer was back doing drugs. She was gone from it so long that she overdosed earlier this week. It looks like some more rehab. She always does it in home and then has a sober coach who she calls her stylist.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 25, 2014

The girlfriend of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor thought he was being super sweet in paying for a private jet to fly her and her family on vacation for the holidays. He just wanted her gone because the really old actor found someone even younger than his current girlfriend and wanted to spend time alone with her.

Clint Eastwood

Today's Blind Items - The Celebrity Sex Broker - Part Three

Asians , Russians And The Murder That Shook Things Up

The first meeting with Bani was a blur. There were so many names and faces and books and records and stories and royal families and this and that it was hard to keep up. When I finally had enough and needed some booze in a very desperate way, we made plans to meet the next evening.  Late. He had some meetings and originally thought we would only be meeting an hour or two. Instead it was five and we had not even reached the tip of the iceberg. Well, maybe the tip.

I went home and tried to process it. Even though I have only given you five or six blinds to this point, I was probably given 100 names those first few hours. I’m trying to go chronologically for you, but he was tossing out names from different decades and then I would ask a question about a person and it would send him on a tangent.

One of those tangents started with me asking him why to that point at least I was not seeing or hearing any Asian women on the list. It was just a toss away question but it led to one of those most interesting stories he told me during any of our meetings. Apparently there is a certain cache in this world in acquiring English speaking women. Basically Australia, the UK, the US and some parts of Western Europe. They want to have seen the woman on television or the movies. They honestly don’t care if the woman is on some British reality program like Made in Chelsea or in Transformers. They want someone they know their friends know and can recognize. Yeah, who knew reality television was big over there. It actually isn’t. What is big though are tabloids and gossip websites. Most of those are in English and cover the shows and movies of the aforementioned countries.

Asians are not generally covered in the news and tabloids they read or discuss. Further, he said that most of the domestic workforce in the households  are from Asian countries or India so there is nothing special about being seen or having sex with an Asian.

This led me to ask a follow-up question. I know, I know, entertainment reporters asking a follow-up question would be a nice treat wouldn’t it? Asking any kind of real question would be good. I wasn’t going to get all Kneepaddy on them. I asked if there were any other groups of people they didn’t like dealing with and he said Russians. Was this a mafia thing? Some other reason?

Bani leaned back in the chair in which he was seated and took out a cigarette. Apparently the whole no smoking thing in the suite didn’t really bother him and I was pretty sure he could afford the extra cleaning fee. Even Ravi seemed to move a little from his position of attention. I’m pretty sure he was able to sleep standing up. I did see him sit a few times. Once when I was at a bar with Bani, we sat at a table and Ravi sat at a bar stool .

“It happened about fifteen years ago,” Bani began.  “There was a woman  (YD)that every person wanted and they all were trying their hardest and doing everything in their power to make it happen. People were literally throwing money to be the first to say they had been with her.”

Well, finally one of the guys manages a break through. He had followed her to a couple of events where she had been working and sent over some gifts. One, a bracelet she still wears sometimes that cost in excess of a million dollars. So, the two have some dinner and they make plans to meet in Paris in April which was a few weeks away.

They meet in Paris and have a great time. They spend two or three nights together and they are spotted in a couple of different places together and this guy is a hero back home. He would have lived off that praise for a long time. The only problem is, a few weeks after their nights together he is killed in a Berlin hotel room. The killers make it very clear why they killed him. It was because of this woman he had been with.

Apparently there were several men in Russia who wanted to be with her. The oligarchs had tried and failed, but there were two men who at one point in time were actually A listers  (YE, YF) in their own little niche here in the US. Both of them were fighting for her. When one would go out with her the other would go crazy and it was not uncommon for some collateral damage. A friend of one or the other would get beat up. No one had ever been killed. Apparently at the time YD hooked up with the man, she was in a relationship with YE. He actually has a significant other (YG) now who is arguably more famous than YD, at least here in the US.  As time goes by she is especially more likely to stay more famous just because she still has a career. Anyway, back to the story. YE goes nuts when he hears about this. Both YE and YF are paying protection money to the mafia which comes directly out of their pay.  The mafia members were listed as “Managers.” So, YE complains that he wants something done for all of this money he is paying and a couple of guys are sent to find the guy and they kill him. When he is out of the way, YE tells YD what he has done and proposes to her. She accepts.

At this point in the story, Bani does not really know what happened to YD and YE and YF. If you figure out who they are, you can fill in those blanks.

Meanwhile, back home in the UAE, something has to be done. There has to be some kind of payback. There was and there is. For the past fifteen years on average about once every two years a Russian “businessman” is killed who has ties back to the UAE and shortly after that someone with ties to the UAE is killed by the Russians. Those killings usually happen in London.  All of this over one woman.

How do these women get paid? Wire transfers? Cash? This is a lot of money we are talking about here.

From Cash To Furs To Blood Diamonds And Endorsement – How A Celebrity Gets Paid For Sex - Tax Evasion At Its Finest

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 25, 2014

This A+ list diva had a person on standby the other night just to hold her gloves and to hand her new ones for the walk to the car and the walk from dinner to the car. Even though they were mainly the same color there were about ten different pairs just in case our diva made other stops.

Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 25, 2014

Yes, that was the assistant of this B list singer who is almost as famous for the reality star turned singer he dated forever buying fake gaudy necklaces that our singer passes off as real. He loves to brag about how much money he has, but he really has next to nothing.

Jason Derulo/Jordin Sparks

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 25, 2014

In order to get her boyfriend to stop earning money in his usual way, this B+ list mostly television actress who is counting down the days to unemployment got him a job promoting clothes and brands. The only thing is she still has to go out with him to have his photo taken because no one wants him by himself. She is so proud that he is working. Umm, yeah.

Lea Michele

Blind Item #8

That NASCAR driver who is A list at least for this week was told by his wife that she was a virgin when they met. She told the same thing to other NASCAR drivers she hooked up with too but only this guy was willing to marry her.

Blind Item #7

This B list mostly at this point whatever anyone will give her actress with the A+ list name recognition delayed filming earlier this week on a show she was given a guest spot on as a favor. Reason? Her married boyfriend came for a visit and the trailer was rocking so no one wanted to go knocking. The good news is she stopped being so mean to everyone at least for the afternoon.

Blind Item #6

It must be true love. This B+ list mostly television actor who is on everyone's favorite network show and used to be married to the wife of a current A+ lister before she cheated on our B+ lister for some other guy she dumped and cheated on as soon as she met the A+ lister hates doing anything remotely celebrity like, but his publicist, who he is having sex with begged him to do some product placement pap photo type shots and he agreed. He hated every second of it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blind Item #5

This B+ list mostly television actress who is the star of a new network show makes it sound like her relationship with her actor ex is jovial and light. Hardly. She texts and calls the guy twenty times a day and if he does not reply fast enough she starts asking him who he is having sex with and goes through a list of women he cheated on her with.

Blind Item #4

I have lost track of how many marriages this former A+ list mostly movie actor with an Academy Award has broken up. While he was married he broke up plenty. He broke up a couple of his own along the way. He would much rather be with married women and he is in the process of destroying yet another.

Blind Item #3

This Academy Award winning actress mysteriously ditched her boyfriend that was only there for a quick minute of press for her latest movie that no one ever saw before. Then he was gone? Apparently she has now decided to become a sex symbol. She recently got breast implants which caused the director of her most recent film to go nuts because they still had re-shoots to film and she is a totally different person during interviews too. I feel like she comes up with a new persona every few months. It is kind of creepy.

Blind Item #2

All I can say is that the significant other of this B list mostly television actress turned hopeful talk show host should definitely ask for a DNA test. Considering how much she likes the spotlight he might be able to convince her to do Maury.

Blind Item #1

This married former B list mostly television actress from that hit almost network show who has turned into a singer and part-time actress is on the road and this not the life for her. She looks rough and she has terrible stage fright and the worst part is, she still has people come out to see her for who she is and she has the nasty habit of blowing off fans who have waited to see her after each of her shows. She never says hi, let alone taking photos or signing autographs. Not how you make it in the music industry.

Blind Item #10

This reality couple who keep trying to stay relevant and on the air were only posing with products at swag lounges that would give them money. It didn't matter if it was $200, they just wanted money unless it was something they could easily resell.

Blind Item #9

With her alleged former A+ list tweener turned B list singer boyfriend out of the country, this C+ list celebrity was doing her best to find a replacement. It was an arrangement anyway.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 24, 2014

Apparently the destruction of his house and the burning of a bed because of freebasing has still not been forgiven by this A+ list mostly movie actor because his name was being used and abused the other night by the A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who did all the damage when the A+ lister bought a movie the A lister was going to star in and now has no shot of getting.

Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill

Today's Blind Items - Celebrity Sex Broker - Part Two

Hello Cannes.

The early 70’s brought about huge changes at Cannes. Bani says that some money funneled over to some people at the Festival made things a little more accessible. Now, basically a couple of people chose the films and the countries other than France that they came from. Huh. So, instead of countries submitting films, it was the committee who chose the films. The films with the actresses that these guys wanted to meet.  Fast forward a little bit. Bani and his special friends had two tables at the Golden Globes this year. Why? To let the assistants to the big buyers and players get a look at many of the women in the flesh. They went to multiple after parties for the same purpose. They then pass certain information along to their bosses. Pictures are just pictures. They also invade the SAG Awards but don’t attend the Academy Awards or Emmy Awards. For the most part, they are not picking up A listers. Yes, they do get certain ones which I will mention later, but they are going for the B listers. Those are the people who tag along to the Golden Globes. The show gets invited and there are all the people from that show or movie. Same with the SAG Awards. They love the after parties because they are filled with their prime targets. The ones they all know and recognize, but who were not invited to the show. All they could do was muster an after party invite. They throw out lots of business cards during those parties. Anyway, we will get back to that. For now, let’s go back to Cannes.

Back before they had the internet, the brokers would head to Cannes and also Paris Fashion Week and take Polaroid photos of all the models and actresses that were looking for hostess work. That is what they called it then.  Now they call it promotional work. You would be a hostess at a hotel party or on a yacht, but there would be 20 hostesses and most of them would end up naked and having sex by the end of the night. All for money of course. The Polaroid photos would be taken and then copied into a black and white book. Beneath each photo it had her nationality, movies or television shows. Kind of like a mini version of IMDb. It would also list the cost for the woman. At the time it was per night and per week. Now, there is usually a minimum of a week unless it is a big star. They can get away with charging for one night. Most that do this kind of work though do it for a week or longer.

There would be a contact phone number for the celebrity or model and the person who “discovered” her. There was and is still a huge bonus to the people who work for Bani to get their name in the discovered box the most. Not only for sheer volume, but also for quality. Bonuses are awarded to the guys who find the most used women.  So, you want to make sure you are providing the best. The best, yesterday and today are the people they know. Models used to be a big deal, but now, they want people that are easily recognizable. They save models from various Fashion Weeks for yachts in the summertime for mass parties and keep them in Dubai hotels or condos for when businessmen come to town and need to be convinced to sign a contract. It is really low end work by their standards and they are not included in the book.

The early 70’s were before Bani’s time but he still has the records of some of the actresses that agreed to have some fun being a hostess. At the time they were not going back to the Middle East. The fun had to be either during Cannes or during the summer in France or every so often back in LA, but times were different then, and it rarely happened.

In the late 70’s this former A list (YA) mostly movie actress who got her start in television and has offspring galore in the business had her movie career crash. She was always a free spirit and judging by what I saw, she got paid almost as much for one night as she did on most of her movies in the 70’s.

If you were ever going to think of an actress (YB) back then who would be into this type of thing it would be this A lister at the time from a huge franchise who never had any other luck. For a few years she was someone everyone wanted and apparently many enjoyed.

One I was shocked to see was someone who has won an Academy Award (YC). Back in the 70’s everyone loved her acting and by the time the last year of the decade arrived she was one of the biggest stars on the planet. The year before that though she struggled to earn money and this actress who is now an A list mostly television actress was a favorite of a lot of people. Probably the most requested of the decade.

I asked Bani about Studio 54 and if that was a hunting ground for the assistant brokers and he said no. When I asked why he said that it was one thing for these guys to pay for sex and have some booze and be out partying, but that they drew the line at drugs and felt like everyone who was partying there did drugs and they didn’t want to be caught up in something like that because it could mean death. It is the same reason today that they will not touch singers. They believe that every singer is on drugs. There are a couple of exceptions I will get to when I reach that decade, but singers are a no no and there are some very strange other prohibitions and rules about other groups of people too.

Asians , Russians And The Murder That Shook Things Up

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Mr. X

December 23, 2014

What two younger divas were screaming at each other backstage at one of the east coast Jingle Ball concerts after diva #1, a current two-hit wonder, occupied the dressing room meant for diva #2, an almost A-list former tweener,, and dumping her personal belongings all over the dressing room? Any pics you see of these two posing together like friends are staged to the hilt.

Meghan Trainor/Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #2- Mr. X

December 23, 2014

What former A+ list singer/actress and EGOT winner is contemplating on announcing her retirement from live performing next year? This latest surgery has left her wheelchair bound for the time being and she’s been undergoing intensive physical therapy.

Liza Minelli

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 22, 2014

There was supposed to be a mini-reunion of this monster franchise that left Twilight in the dust. One big problem is that neither of the two male leads gets along with the female lead. One of the men is willing to suck it up, but the other says the female lead is someone he hopes to never speak to again and loves not having to see her all the time.

Johnny Depp (will suck it up) Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley

Blind Item #8

She went home with them. She woke up naked. She woke up in a bed alone. She was definitely hammered. She (former A list tweener turned really crap actress who thinks she can still sing) was willing to have sex with the model/celebrity/actress she went home with while the model's actor boyfriend watched, but our former tweener doesn't know because the couple was gone when she woke up and she actually doesn't have their phone number. This is the story she told her friend.

AP saw her at the party and says she was s**t faced and hanging out with the couple described but not in a sexual. or flirty kind of way. So, she was no help and JR, who was also there won't tell me anything unless I promise to not use a really good blind about her female companion for the event.

Blind Item #7

Well, it wouldn't be the first time. This horrible excuse for a father who happens to be a celebrity in his own right in a vomit inducing kind of way is cheating on his significant other with a tabloid writer. No domestic violence arrests yet.

Blind Item #6

This former A list singer who is struggling to stay relevant as a solo performer thinks she is getting away with using drugs while her husband is at work and that he somehow doesn't know what's going on. He knows. He just doesn't know what to do about it except not leave their child home alone with her during the day.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly television actor who has played the same role for quite some time on that long running network hospital show got busted by his wife with some college student which is why she finally left him. Apparently the student was a family friend. Anyway, the wife has pictures and video of the actor cheating multiple times and the college student left him when her parents found out and that she might have to testify if the case ever goes to trial. Meanwhile, the actor seems to be in a daze like his life has ended and wants people to feel sorry for him. Nope.

Blind Item #4

This married A list mostly television actor who started off as an A list mostly movie actor and then faded away into supporting roles before getting back his mojo on television is married to a much younger woman. We already know how proud he is of her but the person seated next to him and behind him and in front of him at the Academy Awards and whoever else asked got to see naked photos of his wife on the actor's phone. He loves showing her off.

Blind Item #3

It is war behind the scenes at this cable network. Apparently the B- list former talk show host/reality star was working behind the scenes yesterday to try and get an A list current multiple talk show host/reality star fired for some comments she made. The B- lister might have a shot because of all the people she has slept with, but she has no talent so she won't be helping herself in all this.

Blind Item #2

The fake marriage crowd will probably be happy with this one, but another group won't be. Apparently that married A list mostly television actress from that hit network show you all love was kissing and hugging and being very intimate at a dinner with this B list comic actor who is height challenged and not all that great looking but has women lining up to go out with him. Oh, and he also sits on his legs while he eats.

Blind Item #1

This best selling author who has an ego that continues to grow daily by leaps and bounds is getting even worse than she used to be and people are starting to talk. There was already the secret payout a movie studio had to make to keep a writer from suing for assault. Something to do with a chair being tossed at the writer and cutting her face. During filming of a movie based on one of her books she demanded that roses be replaced in her trailer every four hours. She would go into hysterical screaming rages if food was not cooked right or if someone did not get out of her way fast enough. No one who has ever met her wants to be with her any longer than they have to.

Mr. X Blind Item #5 - Academy Awards

What C-list sibling of that A++ list singer bombarded her sister's husband with threatening text massages while at another after party? If the husband hasn't gotten a restraining order, he should seriously think about it.

Mr. X Blind Item #4 - Academy Awards

These two ladies, one a B-list mostly movie actress and Oscar winner/nominee who's been on TV a lot lately the other a former A-list rocker and all around trainwreck, went into one of the bathrooms and emerged a lot more energized. Gee, I wonder what caused that? *snorts* Strange thing is, they both say they're sober.

Mr. X Blind Item #3 - Academy Awards

What former A-list songstress who went solo to the ceremony and the after parties crashed, after one too many drinks, on the hotel room couch of that blogger who she's apparently mended ties with? She needs rehab soon.

Mr. X Blind Item #2 - Academy Awards

One of the major nominees last night decided to bring his girlfriend/beard after all, but after the ceremony they went to various after parties separately. She reportedly got her paycheck, $50,000.

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - Academy Awards

So she ended up not bringing her friend, but this A-list diva did have a run in with one of that couple her friend hates. Right before the ceremony started, the wife asked an usher if she could talk to the diva, presumably about the friend. The usher returned with a message: "Ms. *insert last name of diva here* cannot or will not speak with you right now." The wife ran over to the diva's seating area and flipped her the bird. The diva responded with a double barrel salute. Stay classy you two.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 5, 2014

Back in the day I was working backstage at a concert to earn a couple of bucks but I don’t even remember getting paid. I do remember having one hell of a weekend though. This was back when every weekend seemed to produce some type of charity concert. Get a whole bunch of people together and find some cause and then play a massive show in front of a hundred thousand screaming people who have been drinking and smoking all weekend in the hot sun. They have all this festival stuff down to a science now with first aid stations and tons of security but back then these things were thrown together pretty quickly and dehydration and overdoses were as common as women flashing for cameras.

I stumbled into the gig because I was a good gofer and this A list mostly television actress who they assigned me to was supposedly a huge pain to deal with and I was to follow her around for 48 hours. This was an eye opening 48 hours. It was the first time I saw someone actually shooting up and was also given a 30 minute lecture by this now deceased former A list guitarist who could rock anyone anytime before he tragically was killed about the proper mixture of cocaine and heroin in a speedball. I remember him also making me hold his drug stash while he and the actress I was following around had sex. Everyone wanted to have sex with her. She was A list at the time and super sexy and in between marriages. She was iconic at the time because of something that was named after her television character. One guy who relentlessly hit on her all weekend to the point where she threatened to walk out was the lead singer of this then A list rock group. They might have been A+ list then and just finally recently called it quits. Pretty much everyone in the band is a name you know. I’m not even sure why he was trying all that hard to have sex with the actress because I have never seen someone at the height of their popularity like he was be at a concert where it seemed like every woman there wanted to sleep with him. He was having sex with multiple women per hour and doing lines of coke in between to stay sharp. He played two songs the entire weekend but must have had sex with 50-60 women.

One singer that was there who is also dead now I watched light himself on fire while freebasing. He performed wearing a bandage over his arm where he had severely burned himself and had already fallen so fast in the few years since he had been on top. He pretty much stayed with his band and the only reason I saw him burn himself is because he wanted to meet the actress I was following and was like a kid in a candy store and kept taking photo after photo to make sure he got one that turned out.

The actress really turned out to not be a pain at all. Considering how much everyone wanted a photo or to be seen with her she just laughed at all the attention and din’t take any of it seriously and she even told me she knew she wasn’t a great actress and that she could relate to many of the groups performing because she considered herself a one hit wonder and knew her time would end as an A lister but she also knew she could make money based off what she did with that one hit and that was all that mattered to her. I remember at the end of the weekend she gave me a shirt (she had been throwing identical ones to the crowd all weekend) but this one she signed her name to and also she attached a note with a little gold safety pin and it was a nice card that said thanks for keeping her out of trouble and for a few other things. It was a nice touch and somewhere along the line I lost the shirt, but still have the card with the gold safety pin.

A list television actress: Catherine Bach
Show: "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Deceased former A list guitarist: Stevie Ray Vaughan (killed in helicopter crash)
Iconic television character item: Daisy Dukes
Lead singer of this then A list rock group: Vince Neil "Mötley Crüe"
Freebasing singer: Rick James

Today's Blind Items - The Celebrity Sex Broker - Part One

Sex trafficking, money laundering, fake passports and blood diamonds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this behind the scenes look into the celebrity sex trade. Backed financially by two Middle Eastern royal families the day to day logistics are run by a man I call Bani.  Four months before Cannes and the start of the summer yacht season, Bani is in Hollywood negotiating deals and living up to his reputation as a man who can always find a price where a woman says yes. He is the sex broker between the stars and the men who want to f**k them.


Instead of shaming celebrities as they left swag suites loaded down with goods which will end up under Christmas trees later this year, two days prior to the Golden Globes I found myself roaming the 14th floor of the Beverly Wilshire looking for the correct suite. It was an entire floor of very large, very expensive suites and a  staff member had to assist me with the elevator because it doesn't normally stop on the 14th floor. That always makes rich people feel special. I don't normally even stop at the Beverly Wilshire. I boycotted the place a couple of years back when I got the bill for an omelet and orange juice and it topped $50. They don't know I'm actually boycotting. More of a silent thing. Well, they probably do now. Do you think they read this? Probably not, but their buddies over on Doheny do.

I can't believe I am already digressing. Two weeks before I set off to look at carpet patterns on this hotel floor I received an e-mail. It was from a man who said that he saw me on Secret Societies Of Hollywood and had some information about one of the topics I discussed. I would like to think I was his first choice but apparently my buddy Mark Ebner was busy chain smoking or maybe the e-mail ended up in Mark's spam. Anyway, I ended up e-mailing the guy and we had a back and forth. He didn't want to go into much detail through e-mail and I didn't really want to expose myself to sunlight. He might have mentioned a meal in one of the conversations and as you know, I will pretty much do anything for a free meal. When he said he was the go to guy for transactions involving models, actresses and reality stars for some of the richest people in the world, of course I was going to say yes.

I had no photo to go by. The night before my visit he confirmed our appointment and over the month he was in town we met several times, almost always in his hotel suite, and always always with a guy named Ravi by his side. Apparently Ravi used to be a Navy Seal. Ravi didn't say it. Ravi didn't say anything. He barely blinked. He was right at six feet tall with a buzz cut that hid his blonde hair. The guy is all muscle. As in bounce a quarter off the guy muscle.  My contact, the guy we will call Bani loved talking about Ravi and would not stop bragging about how he had a Navy Seal guarding him. At that point I wasn't sure why Bani needed security. All I knew was when he opened that door the first time we met, I couldn't help noticing the really nice view. It was just right there. I pointed it out to Bani who was dressed in a royal blue suit that must have cost more than I make in a month. His thick black hair was slicked back with some kind of product that made his hair look wet. It smelled a lot like olive oil. Probably something he found on the GOOP website. He is close to 60 but looked about ten years younger. Must be all the talking. The second I walked in the door Bani started talking about how his suite was the one Piers Morgan lived in while Piers worked at CNN. I think Piers had a different one, but Bani seemed pretty excited about it so I didn't want to make him feel bad. I would wait to see if he came through with a meal first.

I get a lot of e-mails. I get a lot of tips. I get a lot of tips through other people that give me tips. After the television show, the tips got out of control. After doing this for over eight years, you kind of get a sense what is real and when someone is not being completely honest or doesn’t know what they are talking about.  There was a lot of that after the show. A whole lot of Illuminati people and how Beyonce and Jay-Z are taking over the world. Then Solange beat the crap out of Jay-Z on an elevator and all that stopped. Anyway, some guy e-mailing me from the Middle East is usually about as reliable as the ones I get from Nigeria.

What made me want to visit the guy? He sent me his photo and name and said if it was not him when I got to the hotel room I could leave. Yes, it sounded like an escort ad, but then again, isn’t that what the guy does?

I put his name into the Google machine and there he was. Right there smack in one of the royal families. Upper smack, not lower.  Bani is what he agreed to be called. Kind of gives a clue, but also protects his identity.  So, from my Google search, Bani was definitely in a position to be in the know about the celebrity sex trade, but was he the real deal? At the time, I wasn’t sure. But, for a free meal, I have done more stupid things so off I went.

After Ravi thoroughly patted me down to the point I’m pretty sure he knows if I am circumcised or not, the ground rules were set. No recordings and no photographs. Oh, and no notes. That wasn’t going to be possible. I agreed to the conditions but the first time I went to the bathroom I saw a hotel pen and I remembered a scene from the book or movie from All The President’s Men and grabbed that pen and wrote notes on toilet paper. Over my interviews with Bani, I must have gone to the bathroom 15 times. I’m pretty sure he thinks I have prostate cancer.

I had so many questions, and unlike the finale of Lost, I actually got some answers. With the amount of information I got from him, I think this will be easier if we at least start from the origins of it all and then bounce back and forth. Bani gave me hundreds of names of celebrities, models, actresses who have all at one time or the other had sex for money. The thing is, he also had proof.  For every single person there was a receipt or photos or some other kind of written record that tied that celebrity to being paid for sex. I’m not sure how many names Bani went through in his books. At some points he would flip through pages like he was speed reading and other times he would slow down and even others completely stop what he was doing so he could elaborate on a person or a point I wanted him to clarify. Conservatively I say he gave me about 500 names. These names go back over four decades. From the last twenty years I probably knew eighty percent of the names. Prior to that, they had to be a big name for me to know. I was shocked by some and not by others. One of them married a friend of mine. Do I tell him?  Out of the 500, there were about a dozen that made my jaw drop. I actually knew about two of the dozen, but it was nice to actually know I had been right. To see that paper in front of you that shows you that the sister of a Duchess manages to finance her life by frequent weekend visits to the Middle East and that the permanent A++ list celebrity who might be the biggest A++ list celebrity of all-time was not above some one on one time. Bani says that the latter person was at one point the highest paid person ever but that she has since been eclipsed by several others who don’t hold a candle to the A++ lister.

How did all of this begin? Bani says it all started with Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier.  When the UAE was formed in the early 1970’s, apparently everyone in power wanted their own Grace Kelly.  They didn’t necessarily want to marry the woman but they wanted their friends and associates to know they had been with someone like Grace Kelly and that it would also be good business. At the time, the Emirates in particular were trying to draw companies to the region and employees for those companies. Even Qatar, who is way more conservative got into this little game, but is just much better at hiding it. At least at home. See, that was one of the original problems. As liberal as the UAE might seem in the Arab world, it is still the Arab world and certain things don’t need to happen at home. Where could they go that they could make things happen? Why not right by where Grace Kelly lived at the time.

Hello Cannes.

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 22, 2014

Apparently almost a decade is not long enough for this former A+ list Disney tweener who is now on a show that people may or may not watch to get over her feud with this celebrity offspring turned reality star who is with the ex of the former A lister. I have never heard such language from the former A lister who ran into the celebrity offspring in the parking garage at Barney’s and yelled at her and called her some choice words before deciding to bypass several elevators to make sure she did not run into the offspring again.

Hilary Duff/Nicole Richie/Joel Madden

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 15, 2014

This network reality star turned singer turned actress turned network reality star again had sex with this A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show and then confessed to his girlfriend. The couple broke up and the next thing you know the guy is dumped by the reality star and his former girlfriend was having sex with a network reality star of her own. Family makes things happen.

Actress: Julianne Hough
Actor: Ian Somerhalder
Show: "The Vampire Diaries"
Girlfriend: Nina Dobrev
Network reality star: Derek Hough

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 13, 2014

This A+ list mostly movie actor made some calls to a trade publication so they would drop one woman and add his wife to the their list of honorees. He said he would give them an exclusive interview if they did, so they did.

Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

Blind Item #11 - Academy Awards

Probably my favorite text of the night. It is a two parter and the second part came much later in the night.

"I don't look like her. What, do you think I am a w*ore like her?"

"You better stay away from me you w**ore. I know you f**ked my man."

"It isn't like you weren't f**king your boss."

The first quote and the final quote are from this foreign born B list model who did some acting this year in a big hit movie which she casting couched her way into. Oh, and she has an A+ list celebrity/athlete ex. She was being confused with Emily Ratahowever you spell her name by some guest.

The middle quote is from this former lead singer in a girl group turned reality judge when the two crossed paths during the night.

Blind Item #10 - Academy Awards

Last night Elton John asked this B+ list mostly television actress who would be in the A range if not for that garbage show she recently starred on how come she has not come out yet. Our actress stammered and paused and stammered some more and then said thanks for inviting her. She really should come out. That fake marriage thing she did was awful.

Blind Item #9 - Academy Awards

This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee and presenter yesterday is being accused of lightening her skin. She is. Apparently the company behind her biggest endorsement deal asked her if she would and she agreed.

Blind Item #8- Academy Awards

This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is known for one particularly iconic role from a long running hit network comedy show. He is also known for not being the most faithful guy to his wife but he was out of control with the hitting on this network reality star turned singer turned actress turned reality star. She is like Sienna Miller except Sienna can actually act and do other things besides be a home wrecker. Oh, and our actor was at the party with his wife.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blind Item #7 - Academy Awards

This former A list tweener singer/actress turned bad movie actress turned back to decent A- list singer shared some of her drug stash with this supposedly sober host who never really is. The pair also managed to make this other former tweener from her own tweener show that exists no longer cry. They would not stop talking trash to her and about her.

Blind Item #6 - Academy Awards

The much younger wife of this older Academy Award winner spent five hours getting ready in a hotel room. The first two hours were with her lover then the hair and makeup team came in. She is the queen of finding excuses to not be with her husband.

Blind Item #5 - Academy Awards

This A+ list mostly movie actor was a presenter last night and right before he went out on stage got into an argument with a woman who called the actor a cheater for what he was doing that night. My spy didn't know who the woman was. Maybe a production assistant on the show. My spy also didn't see what the actor was doing that was cheating but this woman was in his face and was ticked. Our actor did not say much because this was going on up until 20 seconds before he went on stage.

Blind Item #4 - Academy Awards

This A- list mostly movie actress who presented last night was drunk. Apparently she must get really crazy horny when drunk because she didn't have actual sex with her husband but apparently she used her hand in a corner by one of the bathrooms and my spy was one of five or six who were close enough to see. Hey, good for them because they have been having marriage issues.

Blind Item #3 - Academy Awards

She might still be well under age, but this B list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee was shaming those around her at a party last night when they stopped doing coke after one line. She kept going for line after line and said it was how she lost all her baby fat.

Blind Item #2

This child actor turned A list director who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is usually a really nice guy but he refuses to pay up on a promise he made to some of the most underprivileged people in the world just because a film he made didn't make any money. Apparently though, things are getting serious because he has hired bodyguards to keep him safe from some of their relatives.

Blind Item #1- Academy Awards

Despite spending four hours together in the same room last Friday and Saturday and Sunday and this Friday and Sunday, this former A+ list mostly movie actor never said a word and just ignored this B list mostly television actor /Golden Globe winner on a network show. Apparently the A+ lister thinks the B lister is beneath him and won't bother with him.

Twitter Blind Item #6 From Last Night - Academy Awards

This B list mostly movie actor who is really good looking was not nominated but his co-star was and that co-star won. Anyway, our B lister brought as his date someone who sometimes charges by the hour. He got ditched by her halfway through the show when she locked on to someone more famous.

Twitter Blind Item #5 From Last Night

Despite the new boob job this A- list celebrity wife got and her presence at an event Saturday night with her A- list singer husband he was all over and managed to get the phone number of this former Twilight actress/virginity taker.

Twitter Blind Item #4 From Last Night - Academy Awards

This A- list mostly television actress who I predicted in the Tweet would win gold last night was picked up by her driver an hour early with her guest. The two of them wanted to buy some pot. The driver ended up selling it to them and then smoked with them in an abandoned Chick Fil A parking lot before dropping them off at the show.

Twitter Blind Item #3 From Last Night

This openly gay/married A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show turned B+ list mostly movie actor was at a party Saturday night and was groping/making out with this closeted MTV actor from one of their hit shows.

Twitter Blind Item #2 From Last Night

This A- list mostly movie actress who will be A- list at least for a few more weeks is an offspring. She has a sobriety problem and on Saturday night was spotted making out with a big time coke dealer/fake movie producer guy.

Twitter Blind Item #1 From Last Night

C+ list mostly movie French actress. At the Chanel party Saturday night she kept talking about her new boyfriend who also happens to be a co-star. He is a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor known for portraying a vampire. Probably news to his stick girlfriend.

Blind Item #8

You have never seen a guy move so quickly. The head guy at that big search engine company who isn't married any longer was trying to make moves on a variety of early 20 something women last night but kept getting cornered by this former A list singer turned part-time actress and still possible murder suspect in my mind. She was talking ideas one second and promising to f**k him better than any other woman the next and was relentless.

Blind Item #7

What NBA coach not named Jason Kidd got busted cheating on his wife when his girlfriend sent naked photos to what was supposed to be a private e-mail but the coach had left the e-mail window open. A day later there was a divorce announcement.

Blind Item #6

This B- list mostly television actress from two shows that are no linger on the air and a regular in this space says that she was out babysitting her actor ex-boyfriend's kid and the kid got sick so they had to come home early and she found the ex in bed with a random woman.

Blind Item #5

This A list singer solo and as part of a group is taking a break from her husband. They have been fighting for much of the past year because he didn't want any more children and thinks she tricked him. He wants his career back and thinks she is holding him back. They have had some close calls to divorcing in the past including both seeing lawyers but this is worse than that.

Blind Items Revealed #7

December 21, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress is about to drop to C because no one wants to hire her. No matter how much publicity she tries to create for herself through relationships, she can’t get a job after that franchise. Now she is even making up parts of her biography just so she can get more print about herself. It goes against everything that she has said before but the tabloids just eat up whatever she spoons to them.

Nikki Reed

Blind Items Revealed #6

December 21, 2014

This B list actress who alternates between television and movies is recently married to a man with A+ list last name recognition. She knows about his one public affair and another that has not been in the media, but there are four or five others that he is desperately trying to make sure don’t come to light. The last thing he needs is another high profile divorce.

Cheryl Hines/RFK Jr.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 21, 2014

Nothing like being cheated on right before the holidays. This former A list tweener who loves that her show was canceled so she can be the solo star she has always wanted to be was cheated on by her B list celebrity/performer boyfriend who had sex with a woman he met at a party in the car he was provided. Driver waited outside. The celebrity/performer says he never lets hookups go back to his place or hotel until they get dirty for him. Apparently she was not dirty enough for him because after the deed she got out and he left.

Ariana Grande/Big Sean

Blind Item #4

When we last saw this B list mostly television actress from that hit network show that is ending this season in this space she was being paid as arm candy for a married executive. Apparently she likes this kind of work because this week she has been the paid arm candy for the in the closet B list mostly movie actor who is the least memorable from that franchise that is still continuing. He needed someone for parties. I bet she will want the premiere of the next installment of the franchise as part of the deal.

Blind Item #3

This B- list really attractive franchise actress from the franchise that is approaching ten parts was talking about a family member the other night. She says that the family member's celebrity husband has no idea that the family member used to sleep with this waste of space guy married to a B+ list mostly movie actress with no talent who has A+ list name recognition. The waste of space guy was the best friend of the celebrity husband.

Blind Item #2

When the A+ list singer can't get stories to stick about her dating guys, then it is time to let the bff throw out a few stories that she is having boyfriend issues. Someday they both will be honest and I think the bff will be the first to break.

Blind Item #1

This A list celebrity/athlete who has more gold around his neck than most rappers actually had sex with a woman, then went and proposed to his girlfriend. While she went out to celebrate with friends after she said yes, he hooked up with the other woman again.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 21, 2014

Why yes, that was this A list mostly movie actress with a tiny remote control in her hand she kept pressing the other night. Her B list celebrity/musician boyfriend was the recipient of the button pushing. Apparently he had a vibrator inserted in his body. He loves that kind of thing.

Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 21, 2014

This former A list mostly television actress who has made some fairly blah movies the past two decades is finally getting some critical praise and it has turned her into a huge pain. Always a diva who never let it show, our actress is letting out her diva everywhere and has been such a pain that even her boyfriend has stayed away.

Jennifer Aniston

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 19, 2014

The momager of this former A list mostly television actress turned B list movie actress turned back to television because no one will hire me stuck like glue to her daughter’s side at a party the other day swarming with managers. She wouldn’t let her talk to anyone and dragged her out after 20 minutes.

Katherine Heigl

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 19, 2014

“If you ever decide to get naked, let me know and I will give you a great role.” This A- list mostly television actress/writer/producer on a hit pay cable show talking to this former Tweener turned bad singer and mediocre actress with a drug and love life problem.

Lena Dunham/Selena Gomez


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