Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adrianna Costa Oscar Countdown And Picks


Hey Guys!!! Hope you're all having an awesome day. While most of you (I'm sure) are out and about getting tipsy or on your way there, I've been in the middle of madness also known as Hollywood!! I've spent all afternoon at the Kodak Theater getting high off Oscar fumes in preparation for tomorrow's big show!!!
Let me say this- The Security on the Red-Carpet is probably tighter than it is at The White House--- Nobody is slipping through!! That's why I was as covert as possible in taking a couple quick pics of the Carpet and how it looks without all the smoke and mirrors.
(note from Enty: Adrianna almost got kicked out for taking photos. That's how much she wanted to do this for everyone)

Fortunately for my co-host, Mark Istook and me, our position is perched high above the mayhem on a platform. It's designed for interviews and demos throughout the show. You guys, there is going to be some SERIOUSLY HOT eye candy during our 3 hour broadcast-- guys and girls, alike!!! Stay tuned!!! The show is on TV Guide Channel and runs from 3p-6p Eastern time. Keisha Whittaker will be discussing the good and bad fashion wise for not only my portion of the broadcast, but also when Joey and Lisa do their thing later.

1- By now you've probably heard that Presenters were asked NOT to walk the Red-Carpet in an attempt to draw more attention to the actual show. I've heard from different sources that many Presenters will in fact show up and walk the Carpet because they want to be seen looking all dolled up, and have been asked to by the designers.

2- We've heard that some of the people presenting this year (though it hasn't officially been announced) are Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Aniston (in tow with BF John Mayer) Also, word on the street is that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will show up and be part of one big musical performance in the show.

3- Despite Robert Downey Jr.'s nomination for Best Supporting Actor, he will not be attending the show--reason unknown.

4- Now on to Winners...Let's see how many of these I nail:

BEST ACTOR: Sean Penn in "Milk"
Should be and potentially could be Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"

BEST ACTRESS: Kate Winslet in "The Reader" (Deservedly so)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight"

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Penelope Cruz in "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" (Such a sexy flick)

BEST DIRECTOR: Danny Boyle for "Slumdog Millionaire"

BEST MOVIE: "Slumdog Millionaire"

Check back in Monday Morning!! I'll write a Post- Oscar blog with all the juice from the weekend!!!! Thank you Enty!!!! Lot's of love- Adrianna :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Four For Friday - Fashion Week

As always, all of these items happened this week at Fashion Week.

#1 - Kindness - This celebrity wife of a famous radio personality gave up her front row seat this week to an elderly couple who were the grandparents of one of the models in the show. The elderly couple were having a very difficult time navigating between the folding chairs and throngs of people and our celebrity gave up her chair and made the person sitting next to her give up theirs as well. Our celebrity then went and sat with the "everyday people."

#2 - This current reality star and former B list television actress has a new diet. Coke and more coke as she gladly shared when she was discovered at one show indulging in her "lunch."

#3 - It's too bad #2 from above doesn't share the same dealer as this current C list television actress on a hit television drama who has B+ name recognition because they could maybe get a discount. People couldn't stop commenting on the track marks on her arms when one of her long sleeve tops rolled up her arm. When she discovered it was up she quickly put the sleeve back down and whispered something about medication. Uh huh.

#4 - While many celebrities and guests were appalled at Paris & Nicky constantly texting throughout the shows they attended, guests were just as appalled at this B list television star from a hit network ensemble drama who made loud comments about every model and what they were wearing. Loud enough that people across the room could hear her. All of the people sitting with her kept looking away and trying to distance themselves from her remarks which were for the most part really nasty. Oh, and she was smacking on Nicorette while commenting.


Random Photos Part One

Have to put this pair on the top. Charlize Theron just seems to get it all together in time for the Academy Awards. She looks incredible and Josh Brolin looks pretty damn good as well.
I have been laughing for the past 30 minutes looking at this photo of Marisa Tomei. Diane Lane looks great but I dare you to not even snicker when you look at Marisa.
Angelina Jolie does not look well here at all. The coat looks like it weighs more than she does.
She might be whacked out on something. I know she is behind sunglasses in the dead of night which should be one giveaway, but it feels as if she has a vacant stare and has no idea what is going on.
It was just going to be this one photo of Blake Lively at Fashion Week, but then
look at the man sitting there next to her. I think that is Morley Safer. Who knew he went to Fashion Week? I bet Blake has no idea who he is.
A Claire Danes smile gets her in the photos.
Long time no see to Dominic Monaghan.
Eva Mendes and the soon to be divorced and now turning into a mess, Kate Beckinsale.
So, if Freida Pinto has a secret husband does that mean I should not extend an invitation to my basement to her or are we just going to assume she isn't really married?
Gavin Rossdale & Sheryl Crow - Los Angeles
And Gavin before he performed with Sheryl.
From the new episode of Gavin & Stacey. This almost made it to the top.
I'm seriously just thinking of putting Halle Berry photos in here everyday.
Not so much for Heather Graham though.
So, after my earlier Project Runway Canada plug, Mexi was kind enough to find a link so all of you can watch it. Seriously, it is worth your time and they are only on the third episode I think so not much catching up to do. Here is the link.
This is from the US version's runway show.
As is this.
Who can forget Kara Janx and Jay McCarroll
Mr. Miley Cyrus.
Mr. Reese Witherspoon.
Kevin Bacon doing some press for his new movie.
I have seen Kate Bosworth looking better.
Katie Holmes on the way to the set of her new movie.
Random photo of the day. Kate Walsh and Balthazar Getty.
What could be better than a Kate Winslet photo?
How about Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard.
Lisa Ling looks really happy here.
Maria Bello looks gorgeous.
I don't know if it's the light but Mariah doesn't look plastered in makeup for the first time in forever.
This is the first time I have seen a photo of Marla Maples with her daughter Tiffany Trump.
Seriously. What has happened to Alicia Keys? She looks like she lost about 30 pounds.
Probably one of the best baby photos in a long time.
Nadya Suleman's dad on Oprah. The episode is scheduled to air next week.
Rachel Bilson at Fashion Week. Although you can't see her ring finger I assure you there was not one on her finger. Don't you think that if you got engaged you would be wearing your engagement ring? The story is so fake. You would think they would at least go buy a fake one or something.
Scouting For Girls - London
I actually want Steve O to win DWTS, and I vow to watch the show as long as he remains on. Suffering through Denise to show my support for Steve O is something I know I will regret.
The Zooey
And The Zachary. Doesn't really have the same ring to it does it?

Your Turn

Thinking about the economy today got me to thinking about jobs I have had in the past. There have been some really great ones and some that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So, with that being said, it is time to reveal the best job you have ever had or the worst job you have ever had.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which TV personality is “too white” for a Spanish-based program? He test-ed well, but execs were worried because he doesn’t really speak the language.

Don't You Know Who I Am? - Tori Spelling Rips Into A Security Guard

Why is it that a celebrity just assumes that everyone in the world knows who they are? Just because you think very highly of yourself does not mean that the rest of the world shares your opinion. I can recognize a lot of people just from looking at lots of photos each day and writing about the people, but honestly, I still probably couldn't recognize half of the actors on prime time television right now and that doesn't even include all the reality shows.

The latest person who actually did yell, "Don't you know who I am?" goes to Tori Spelling. Yes, as Tori was trying to make her way into a show at Fashion Week yesterday she was stopped by a security guard who asked for her invitation.

Ummm. Tor didn't have an invitation. So, the guy did the right thing and refused her entry. Tell me why a security guard should know who Tori Spelling is and recognize her on sight. Did he watch 90210 when he was younger? Does he make it a habit to watch Oxygen when he isn't working two jobs and probably trying to take care of a family? How in the f**k should he be required to know who Tori is?

Well, when he refused her entry, Tori literally screamed at the guy and said the words. Yep. She said them and I hope the guard said, "nope." It must be devastating for someone who thinks of herself as a huge star to totally be barred because they were not recognized. For the rest of us it provides a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Right before she started screaming at everyone, an organizer of the show did recognize her and let her in the show. My guess is that the security guard probably got yelled at by someone for just doing his job and if it were up to Tori she would have had him lashed and then forced to watch 20 hours of her shopping show. I don't understand the point of the screaming. All it does is make you seem like an even more pretentious snob than you already are. If Dean had been there I'm sure the security guard would have been punched while Dean defended his mama and money supply.

Notice the smirk in the bottom photo when she was finally allowed into the show. Can't stand her.

This Just Keeps Getting Better

So, you remember yesterday when I wrote about the couple with the four kids who got arrested trying to smuggle 52 pounds of coke out of Venezuela? Yeah, well wouldn't you know it, they have a history. Oh, it's not a good history either. The couple was on The Jeremy Kyle show which some people tell me is a cross between Maury and Jerry Springer.

The picture above is from the show they were on called "Husband, how can our family survive your extreme anger?"

Well considering they were on the show in November 2006, and they have twin two year old children that means she either got pregnant right after this show taped or she was pregnant and stayed with him despite his extreme anger.

The twins are the biological children of the couple while the two older children are his biological children.

Apparently family members have arrived in Venezuela and have seen the children but have not been allowed to take them or be with them all of the time. If anyone has a copy of this program or a link somewhere, I would love to see it.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

This Mirror blind item is from this past Saturday. I wouldn't have normally posted it but got a request from a reader who can't get it out of her head. (no pun intended) So, please help her out by giving it your best guess.

Which celeb is so terrified of losing his luscious locks he is secretly having treatment to restore his barnet to its former glory?

Project Runway Over And We Didn't Even See It

This season of Project Runway ended today as it does every year beneath the tents during Fashion Week in New York. It is kind of humorous to imagine this entire season going on and no one even notices or cares that it has been filming. For those of you truly miss the show you can watch Project Runway Canada which I have been watching every week, umm, possibly in an illegal way. I mean it is Iman for goodness sakes. The woman is amazingly gorgeous still and the drama is just as good in Canada.

It also seems as if the designers there are given less time to work on their clothes than they are on the US version. It is only week three there I think so if you have missed the episodes it's not too late to try and catch up. I will say that one of the best designers in either version of the show is on the Canada one right now.

The great thing about the Canadian version is the judges are much more brutal in their assessments. There is no sugar coating it at all. The Tim Gunn of Canada is a completely different kind of guy than Tim and seems to offer more suggestions on changes the designers can make.

There is no timetable as to when this latest season of the US version will be shown, but guest judges this year were Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria and Rebecca Romijn. Yes, much more Hollywood type judges, because, well, they filmed it all in LA. So, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were not judges in every episode so it probably makes for a nice change.

$1.2M Dollar Home For Octo Mom

Apparently octo mom is in the market for a new home. According to TMZ, Nadya Suleman is interested in purchasing the above property which is currently listed at $1.24M, but it's a steal because it was recently reduced from $1.5M. While the rest of the world is barely managing to keep their jobs and dreading the day that pink slip comes, here comes a woman with no job and who has been living off the tax payers for years and she suddenly has the coin to buy a $1.25M home.

Now, this may be judgmental of me, but I'm guessing that in order to qualify for a loan this large without a job, she is going to have to put down a significant down payment in order to buy this house. Now, the thing is it only has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Umm, she has 14 kids right? She will presumably keep one of the bedrooms solely for herself which means the 14 kids will be dividing the other 3 bedrooms. That is almost 5 kids per bedroom.

I don't mean to be rude but I'm guessing she could find something a little less expensive in a less pricey neighborhood and manage to make sure there are only 3 kids to a bedroom. Does she really need the pool overlooking the hills?

Where is she getting all of this money? All this is going to do is lead to a wave of people who are going to try and break her record of 8 and they will be expecting the same type of rewards to come their way.


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