Saturday, September 06, 2014

Blind Item #10

Apparently this A list singer with A++ list name recognition has nothing to do with any social media being released in her name. Photos are being taken and then her team is putting captions on photos. When she performs, the random things not a song or put on teleprompter for her to read. She is just a puppet at this point.

Blind Item #9

This former A+list singer who now relies mostly on television to make money is trying every trick she can to get her ex to help her out with her career. With him around she was at the top and now she is not. Apparently he wants to hook up with her and I think she might do it even though she is with someone else.

Blind Item #8

This B+ list mostly television actress on a very hit pay cable show made a very good point, but just went about it the wrong way. She used some time with this A list model/reality host/mogul to pitch herself as the host of a regular spin off show instead of the former B list actress used now. The problem is our B+ lister brought it up every five seconds to the point where the A lister told her to shut up.

Blind Items Revealed

February 10, 2014

This D list celebrity has a B list mostly television actor as her boyfriend. He is on a fairly hit cable show but nothing spectacular. He had his days of fame. She has been a terror at Fashion Week begging designers for free stuff and dropping her boyfriend's name and had a tantrum when she was given a second row seat to a show.

Cara Santana/Jesse Metcalfe

Blind Items Revealed

February 10, 2014

This former A list tweener "forgot" nipple tape at a show. After her breasts spilled from her outfit twice a designer offered some to the trying her hand at reality host but she said no. The designer isn't inviting her back. You aren't supposed to steal the attention from the show. This designer carries grudges but is actually really nice if you don't screw her or her family over.

Adrienne Bailon/Charlotte Ronson

Blind Item #7-Fashion Week

This Disney star who is second billed on her show could spend more time in the blinds than Rita Ora. She is a total diva and is still in her teens. The actress got a second row seat at a show and lost her mind. After she lost her mind she walked out and said the designer would regret it. I think this designer doesn't care what anyone thinks. It is a side gig.

Blind Item #6

This has got to hurt. This A list reality star from an A list reality show has the name of her still husband tattooed below her bikini line and apparently that has not gone over well with some of her lovers so she is getting it lasered off.

Blind Items Revealed

February 10, 2014

This sometime reality star from a very hit network reality show was backstage at a show and told his friend that was with him that it was his favorite time of year. He did say that he avoided the women from his country because he hates them all and prefers women that are needier and willing to work to get famous. By working he meant having sex with him as much as he wants. Five or six models were begging to go out with the guy. He looked so a-holey picking one out.


Blind Items Revealed

February 9, 2014

This off spring of a permanent A list rocker was at a charity event this week when she decided to take a little break from the activities with a heavily tattooed guy she met thirty minutes earlier. Apparently there was some kind of spark because they went off to a room that was not being used and had ten minutes of fun before she came back and told the people at her table that she "now felt centered."

Mia Tyler

Blind Item #5

A couple of reporters from a tabloid have settled in front of the house of this A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show, not to catch her cheating (although they would love that), but to see if her husband ever comes home or even lives there or if the marriage is a sham.

Blind Item #4

This offspring of an A list designer is probably a C+ list celebrity dating a B+ list celebrity. He also managed to become only the second person banned from the biggest celebrity haunt on the planet right now. Apparently smoking crack is prohibited and he did it after being warned once.

Blind Items Revealed

February 9, 2014

This former US X Factor top five finisher says her career has gone nowhere because she refused to have sex for tracks. She is naming some names and they are big names with a whole lot of detail. She has a book proposal out to publishers.

Melanie Amaro

Blind Items Revealed

February 9, 2014

Up until about thirty minutes before she was scheduled to arrive, this A+ list diva/permanent A list singer/celebrity planned on wearing a dress that was see thru and would totally expose her breasts while she performed. She wanted to because she knew people would be talking about her all week. The only reason she decided against it is because it was so see thru that she was told no one would be able to use photos of her in the dress in the stories. So, she settled on a different dress.

Mariah Carey

Blind Item #3- Fashion Week

Apparently this former A list tweener who is now in trouble with the law again made a move on this A list model that was not appreciated and was sharing the story this week. The model told her B list celebrity/reality star/A+ list gorgeous boyfriend who promptly punched our former tweener in the stomach hard enough where the tweener was crumpled on a beach and didn't move for 20 minutes. 

Blind Item #2- Fashion Week

The wife of this New York basketball player who could have been A+ list but for injuries went off on two women who were convinced the wife was Laverne Cox. The reason she went off is two minutes earlier another person thought she was Laverne too. The wife yelled at the women by saying, "Does it look like I ever had a d**k?" 

Blind Item #1- Fashion Week

This C+ list mostly movie actress/part-time model could have moved up to B list if producers had invited her back for the huge sequel that just started filming. Instead, she was overheard talking about how she would try and get some of her old S&M clients back. Our actress offers a no sex, but lots of punishment service. 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Claire Danes in a very unflattering dress at the premiere of Homeland.
Diane Kruger gets a star in Berlin.
This man paid $80K to kiss Elizabeth Hurley. She will probably marry him now.
It was all for charity. Elton John had his AIDS benefit and it also helped James Blunt find his career.
The amazing Chrissie Hynde should have been the top spot.
Oh, or Ian McKellan would have been a good choice too. They were both at the benefit.
George Clooney's future wife couldn't decide on a dress so put two of them together.
Gwen Stefani looks like she had some work done.
Anne Hathaway still filming The Intern in NYC.

Random Photos Part Four - Fashion Week

Katie Holmes laughs as she gets a
temporary tattoo.
Helena Christensen
Lena Dunham paying tribute to Barbra Streisand.
Rosario Dawson and Poppy Delevingne.
Padma Lakshmi
Sarah Jessica Parker
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Zombies. They have to be zombies.

Random Photos Part Three

Hilary Duff on the set of her new music video.
Hugh Jackman and his wife take in the US Open.
Harry Styles wandering the streets of LA.
This is James Franco filming his new movie. That is Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the back of his head.
Joe Jonas and his new companion, Gigi Hadid.
Juliette Lewis looks great here.
Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z vacationing in the country formerly known as France, which is now Beyonce Land after Jay bought the country for Beyonce's birthday.
Kate Hudson shows off her love of a band that is not her boyfriend's band,
Kelly Rowland has a new watch line. Seriously?

Random Photos Part Two - Film Festivals

The Venice Film Festival continues. Forever.

Alexandra Daddario, Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene
Ethan Hawke
Willem Dafoe and his wife.
Toronto International Film Festival

Robert Downey Jr., and Susan Downey.
Kristen Bell
Robert Duvall and his wife.
Vera Farmiga
Will Ferrell
Juliette Binoche

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth hold hands at the premiere of their new movie. If they were single, the tabloids would call this dating.
Nicki Minaj leaves her boyfriend behind as they head into the airport.
Amber Rose and her mom out shopping.
Reese Witherspoon heading to lunch.
Sarah Jessica Parker on the 10 block school run in heels. Lots of moms do that right?
Sarah Silverman and
Michael Sheen did the dinner thing together, but the entrance thing separately.
Tina Fey does her beauty pageant pose before appearing on Letterman.
Zosia Mamet shows off her new hair color and style.

Blind Item #4

This former B list mostly movie actress from an iconic movie who doesn't really act any longer but still has a high profile entertainment gig was caught horizontal and half naked with this former A list mostly movie actor in his dressing room before he was set to go on air to talk about his new movie. Apparently they decided that once was not enough and got busted again after his interview and the producers asked the actor to leave, but no word on whether the former actress was disciplined.

Blind Item #3

The wife of this A list mostly movie actor who was something else to the actor before she became his girlfriend then wife was on a 36 hour drug bender and couldn't be found while with her husband who is out promoting his newest movie. The husband was getting ready to call the police when she finally showed up back at the hotel.

Winnie The Pooh As Darth Vader

Blind Item #2

Only this former A list television actress who is now lucky to be a B- lister could screw up a sex tape this badly. Desperate for money, our actress wanted a sex tape not only for publicity, but she knows it would be a big seller. The thing is though she wanted someone famous to be in the sex tape with her but no one who is famous wants to be or needs to be in a sex tape so she keeps making them with people and can't decide which one to leak. 

Off Topic

The first Halloween candy I bought certainly didn't make it to Halloween.

Blind Items Revealed

February 11, 2014

This recently married B list mostly movie actress who really should be a C lister with her talent gets by on name recognition. While in an airport lounge yesterday she tossed a drink on the floor and as the lounge employee was picking up the mess said, "Next time you will remember no ice." If you think this was just her having a bad day, then every day on this earth must be bad for her.

Kate Bosworth

Four For Friday- Traditional

It's Friday and I'm sure many of you are spending your day productively working on your Fantasy Football leagues. OK, maybe that is just me. I can usually mourn the passing of someone by watching their television shows or movies, but that is more difficult with Joan Rivers. I couldn't handle a Fashion Police marathon because it would inevitably include Giuliana and Kelly. It has been a tough month for comedy legends and really makes you think about mortality, especially when you know Joan went into that procedure, probably without a care in the world. Now that I have depressed myself, perhaps I will fill my coffee mug with some whiskey and watch one of her standup specials. I will be here all weekend, so if you can find the time between college and pro football and wondering when children's homework got so hard, stop on by and read the site. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer.

#1 - This B list jerk of an actor who stars on an ensemble network show which is on its very last legs spent time filming out of the country and hit on anything that moved, male or female, but his girlfriend is still planning on marrying him. Probably. She did walk out on him the other day when he was hitting on the waitress during dinner.

#2 - The girlfriend of this singer who alternates between A list and A+ list says they have had sex once in the past nine months. Someone should tell her to put on a wig and tell him to pretend she is a man. That is what his ex-wife did.

#3 - This former C list reality star with much higher name recognition who seems to move from one celebrity boyfriend to the next recently gave birth. She hired three nannies to cover the 24 hours in a day and even a weekend shift. One of her friends asked her about it and the answer was that the baby was her retirement fund and she has no interest in actually spending any time with the baby except for photos to show a judge in any custody hearing.

#4 - Kindness- This Teen Wolf actress was at the mall last week when a man had a heart attack. She performed CPR on him and brought him back and was there until the paramedics got there. No one knew who she was. One of the paramedics who came recognized her, but wasn't sure until she gave her name for the report.

Your Turn

Have you been to Las Vegas? Where is your favorite place to stay?

Blind Items Revealed

February 11, 2014

This B list mostly television actress who is in a very buzzy show right now and finally getting some fame posed happily for photos with designers but didn't get far enough away from them when she started trashing their collection and looking for a place she could change to get out of their design they dressed her in.

Taylor Schilling

Blind Items Revealed

February 11, 2014

This former RH-NY Housewife was warned three times about being obnoxious and loud and talking on her cell phone while seated in the front row of a show. When security came over to escort her out she finally promised to be have and was allowed to remain but the designer is never inviting her back.

Jill Zarin

Blind Items Revealed - Kindness

February 10, 2014

This B list mostly television actress who would just have a famous last name if not for her hit cable show spent a recent show watching the child of a designer when the nanny got sick. She gave up her seat and stayed backstage so the designer could focus.

Zosia Mamet

Mr. X Blind Items #8

What sometime actor and offspring of that A+ list mostly movie actor and that B-list mostly TV actress purposefully wandered into some staged paparazzi photos at that west coast music festival with that A/B-list former child actress and that athlete's son? They avoided him throughout the event because he was borderline stalking them.

Mr. X Blind Items #7

Which one-named R&B songstress and sometime actress who was the music world's it girl in the '90s recently screamed at a fan wanting an autograph to "leave me the f*ck alone"?

Blind Item #1

This Teen Mom is using her child support money to support the drug habit of herself and significant other. She has already run through her money from the show.

Mr. X Blind Items #6

What recently deceased actor-comic and Oscar winner/nominee once had sex with an actress/comic whom he considered one of his closet friends early on [think early '70s] in both their careers? They decided to remain just that after that one night stand gone wrong.

Mr. X Blind Items #5

What former boybander turned mega-successful solo artist isn't rebutting an article in a French tabloid about him cheating on his wife with a female "backup dancer"?

Mr. X Blind Items #4

Which A+ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee sent some of those risque photos to the man who is rumored to be responsible for her Oscar win?

Martina Navratilova's Girlfriend Is A Gossip Goldmine

I have always said that it is people out of the spotlight who have the best gossip or stories in their past. A lot of the gossip I hear is about people you have never heard of and some of it is truly spectacular. I just file it away and pray sometimes that the people become famous enough to make it a blind that all of you can figure out. The National Enquirer dug up some dirt on the girlfriend of Martina Navratilova. Not so much digging but just bringing it to light. It is very juicy stuff and if you want to read the entire article, click here. But, for now a summary. So Martina has been dating her girlfriend for five years. her girlfriend, Julia Lemigova, is a former Miss USSR, so she must have been pretty young when she won it because she is only 42 now. Julia was involved in a long relationship with a French banker who was close friends with Nicolas Sarkozy. Let me stop right there. With all of the sex scandals that have come to light in the periphery of Sarkozy and the stories about his brother and all of the lovers the former President had while he was married, there must be some other crazy stories about him that should be told. OK, where was I?

Oh yeah, so Julia was involved with this banker. The banker enjoyed taking lovers of both sexes, but only if they were really into S&M. So, one can assume that since he had a long relationship with Julia, she must be really into it too. The couple had a baby who died because some nanny shook the baby and then fled to her home country of Bulgaria. Then in 2005, Julia's banker lover was found murdered in Switzerland. A woman named Cecile Brossard was convicted of the murder. She says she shot him four times because he didn't follow through on a promise to marry her and give her $1M. When the banker was found dead he was dressed in a full body latex suit tied to a chair with a sex toy in his butt. The French government impeded the investigation of the Swiss police by taking anything scandalous from the Paris apartment of the banker.

Now, Julia is with Martina. 

Mr. X Blind Items #3

Judging by the way he acted this past weekend, this late night host lived up to the rumors about him being an undercover racist.

Mr. X Blind Items #2

What almost A-list former tweener had some of her PR team pose as some of her rabid fans and tweet death threats to rival singers and their PR teams? She really is that vile.

Mr. X Blind Item #1

Which A++ list music power couple had the cash cow of that TV family who just won't go away frisked off by security when she tried to enter their private after party following the VMAs?

Ross Harris Indicted For Malice Murder And 7 Other Charges

Ross Harris was indicted yesterday for malice murder and seven other charges. This is the scumbag who let his 22 month old son die in a hot car while Harris was at work and sexting six different women. Harris says that he forgot his son was in the car even though the a-hole came out to the car at lunch. The indictments were for malice murder, two counts of felony murder, and counts of cruelty to children in the 1st degree; cruelty to children in the 2nd degree; criminal attempt to commit felony exploitation of children; and two counts of dissemination of harmful material to minors in connection with both the death, and sexually explicit images police said he sent to underage girls. If convicted of the murder he could face the death penalty. Do you remember at one point, before the investigation started that people were calling this an accident and that he should not be charged? Yeah, well no one feels like that any longer. The only positive thing that has come from Cooper's death and the attention that this case has received is that I see a lot more stories about people leaving their kids in cars and I see a lot more people doing something about it and calling someone and saving children who probably would have died otherwise.

I don't understand how a dad could kill their child. I also don't understand how someone can be so callous about death. The guy was sexting people while his son was dying. He was sending sexts to girls who were underage while his son was dying. Even after his son died, the guy showed no remorse. None. Georgia shouldn't show him any remorse either when he is sentenced. Yeah, I know there needs to be a trial, but I will wager he pleads guilty to avoid a death sentence or if it does go to trial that it takes a jury under an hour to come back with a guilty verdict and the only reason it will take that long is because they will probably have to all use the restroom before they vote.

Joan Rivers Being Joan Rivers

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Helen Mirren gets the top spot because she is just so damn classy.
Speaking of classy I like the car that Bethenny Frankel is sitting on and destroying.
Coco Rocha showed up to the perfume launch
that Christian Siriano had last night. Here he is with Alexa Chung.
Mena Suvari was there with
Jackie Cruz.
Even Marisa Tomei managed to show up.
Ellen and Bob Harper hug it out.
For the second time in a month, Katie Holmes shilled for a company. Hallmark must have written a really big check.


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