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Bad Lip Reading - Walking Dead

Blind Items Revealed

September 18, 2012

What A list tweener singer told his on again and off again B list tweener girlfriend they would be off again unless she lost some weight. He said he doesn't like to see any fat and that she was getting "too curvy" for his own liking and embarrassing him in front of his friends by getting big. When she started crying, he said it was her problem, not his.

Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed

September 14, 2012

#1 - Although there were at least four cast members who slept with this multi-soap loving actor, it was this person he slept with that caused the most jaws to drop. She is now a B list reality star, but she was something much more different at the time.

#2 -This actress who is still on television and is probably a B- was not an original member of the cast. She was brought in later and quickly became someone this foreign born actor tried to stay away from. They had sex one time and she thought it meant they should get married. Would not leave him alone. Ever.

#1 - Jack Wagner/Tori Spelling
#2 - Kelly Rutherford/David Charvet

Blind Items Revealed

September 14, 2012

The issues that this former A list tweener thinks she is having with her B- list movie actor boyfriend probably have to do with a certain person he met on the set of his last movie and also the fact that the former A list tweener keeps questioning him about it non-stop to the point where he is ready to split. He has already checked out emotionally and says he is only in it for the sex and that he gets a threesome for his birthday.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and still has A list name recognition, despite not working very much the past few years has been trying to get her life together. One of the things she has really worked on is trying to stay sober. She went to rehab so many times early in her career that Lindsay has nothing on her. She has slipped over the years and slipped again, but always managed to pull it together enough so she did not have to go to rehab. When I say always, I am excluding of course the six month period where she did drugs with her daughter, but that is another story. Anyway, she is doing better and one of the things that has gone on with her getting better is that she no longer needs her A list actor husband. If you had asked her a year ago, she would have said she needed him which is why she stayed. She says she is more healthy and is finally ready to move on from him.

Blind Items Revealed

September 10, 2012

This A+ list female singer was snubbed by her fellow A list friends at a recent party because she had said she was far too busy to perform at a charity event that the rest of the group had performed at, but still found the time to come party with them. She has said before that charity is fine as long as there is a paycheck in it for her at the end of the night.

Lady GaGa

Maxim Has Gone Insane

I have always thought that Maxim was safe from the publicity game that People aka Kneepads plays with it's most beautiful or most sexy issues. Generally maxim picks women who are incredibly sexy and worthy to be at the top of their list. Esquire, who also does a list is more susceptible to the pr game, so I look at theirs with  a little side eye action. Anyway, last night, Miley Cyrus says she has been named #1 on maxim's annual Hot 100 list. That means of course she would be replacing Bar Refaeli, who won last year. Bar vs Miley. It is not even close, and I'm pretty sure the guy at Maxim just wanted to have sex with Miley. May have for all I know. Anyway, the announcement has not even been made, but Miley kind of put them in a corner. What if she is not #1. What if they told her they were still deciding? How are there not many women more sexy than Miley? Have they heard her talk? Have you ever seen the woman on that jtv channel who looks just like Miley 20 years from now, right down to the accent?

Blind Item #1

They have spent about 24 hours together total, and most of those were spent doing a photoshoot together. This celebrity couple wants the world to think they are together. I'm not really sure why though considering the more celebrity of the couple has been seeing multiple women and if he gets caught with them it will be the end of the road. She is doing it for the paycheck and to try and repair her image which is also tarnished. She had really really wanted to be the woman to marry this religious icon/athlete, but came on too strong in her quest to be his "first." Well, public first anyway.

Brooke Mueller Almost Died

Apparently, beginning last weekend, Brooke Mueller got rid of her sober companion and started really using like crazy. By Tuesday it was out of control and on Wednesday morning she was found unresponsive and near death, at least according to someone who was there when she was discovered. Her parents were brought into the situation and they agreed to put her in the hospital where she was put on a 5150 hold for her own well being Wednesday night and she is still there now. This was not just a little partying, this was doing drugs on a massive scale that should have killed her and people close to her are surprised it didn't and that Brooke was probably trying to kill herself but passed out before she could quite do it. Maybe this is the wake up call she needed, but I think that unless she does 90 days of rehab or longer then she will never get healthy and that one day very soon she will end up killing herself.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Kevin Spacey wins the best photobomb of the day.

A very somber looking Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan and Anna Wintour aka Somber Queen.
Carly Rae Jepsen in an elevator with her friends.
Elizabeth Banks with some light reading material.
Emma Stone laughs at whatever James Corden says and then
hides behind Andrew Garfield.
Gabriel Aubry has daddy duty.
Georgia Mae Jagger looks just like her parents.
The Goopster looks everywhere for
her butt but can't find it.

Random Photos Part Three

Gwen Stefani in the recording studio yesterday.

Angie Harmon makes a rare appearance in the photos.
Kelly Lynch changes everytime I see her.
Leslie Mann gets visited by her family on the set of her new movie.
Jennifer Garner takes two thirds of her kids out.
Julianne Moore in NYC.
Zosia Mamet never looks happy.
A very skinny Kate Bosworth with Michael Polish at LAX.

Random Photos Part Two

Kristen Bell continues her training for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Kirsten Dunst must have a million of these same type of dresses.
I hope to all that is holy that there are not a million of the dresses that Katy Perry is wearing. It looks like Hello Kitty exploded on the Gone With The Wind set.
Keanu Reeves shows off his love of magic.
Well, the Cancuks lost the game that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele showed up for. The Caps on the other hand...No Glee stars=win.
Mena Suvari hits a rare red carpet.
Also there was Lydia Hearst and
Jessica Stam.
Someone hired Nicole Kidman to be their spokesperson.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

I have determined through my own very unscientific judgment that Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber use their bikes more than any other celebrities.

You asked so you shall receive. More Alexander Skarsgard.
Sarah Jessica Parker is in Brazil. I'm guessing she will come back looking much younger.
Meanwhile, Matthew Broderick takes their kids to school in NYC.
Toni Collette looking good on vacation at the beach.
Usher out doing some press for The Voice.
Zoe Saldana at another Star Trek premiere, this time in London.
Chris Pine and
Benedict Cumberbatch were also there.

I Could Use An Alarm Clock Like This

Blind Item #6

It is like Remington Steele or Moonlighting, but in a sitcom. These two stars of a hit network comedy can't stand each other. They always are competing for more lines and the male half of the show is really upset at the special treatment his female co-star gets because of her burgeoning career. He would love to see the couple get divorced on the show so he could have it all to himself. He actually said he would love to see her character leave the show in other ways, but they are not very sitcom friendly so would settle for the divorce.

Finals Week At Navy

Despite the title, this is actually really funny.

Blind Item #5

This former A lister of you define A list as the number of times you get in a tabloid for bad behavior and arrests, but more known for her rapping and interesting name has a new profession. well, not so new. She used to hook before she got famous and her ex now has her on his string again. She is his biggest earner from a select clientele. She is open to anything as long as at the end of the day she gets her fix. I can't believe with her bad luck that she has not been arrested for it yet.

Antoine Dodson Says He Is No Longer Gay

I have not thought about Antoine Dodson in some time. The only time he ever pops in my head is if he shows up on some Tosh rerun. Well, apparently Antoine would like to procreate and he says the only way he can do that is if he is not gay any longer. Apparently he has not heard of surrogates. I'm not sure I want Antoine to have kids, but, he is really doing a disservice by saying he is no longer gay. On Facebook, Antoine says that he has found a new religion and that he is renouncing his homosexuality and that he wants a wife and to raise a family. And another 15 minutes please.

Four For Friday - She Might Be A Robot

Today is Friday. Just 9 days to find that perfect Mother's Day gift or you will be the worst person on earth at least according to the non-stop radio ads I hear telling me what I should order and if I have not ordered, then I must be the worst person to walk the earth. Did you know the number one day for telephone calls in the world is on Mother's Day. Did you know that for just $19 you can have a wide variety of products sent to your mom just in time for her special day. Yeah, like whatever you get for $19 including shipping is going to make her start crying in front of you. What else? Oh yeah, I will be blogging all weekend and will be revealing a few items from the archives over the weekend. Definitely tomorrow for reveals and hopefully Sunday too. Just two months until the July 4th reveals. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

I have said about ten words to this actress and all I can say is that she gave me a fake smile and quickly decided the wall over my head looked far more interesting. Normal reaction, but everyone else I know who has spent any time with her, finds her to be the most impersonal, cold and not too bright person they have met. People are astonished she is an actress. Foreign born. Probably a B- lister, but only because of an upcoming role, and not because of her past which would probably place her in the C list category. Mostly movies. There is no way she could do television because she really has the wrong expressions and timing for television. No one can understand how she got any of her roles. She has hit the casting couch before but apparently she was just as uninteresting in bed as she was in the role she won for her casting couch audition. Jessica Biel is a better actress, but people hear her name and for some reason I guess they think with that name and that body she is going to be great. SNL had thought about using her at the end of this season because she is promoting a movie but saw an audition tape of hers where she was supposed to be doing improv and couldn't do anything. The only thing she can do is memorize lines. I'm sure she is probably a lovely person inside, but it does not come across on the outside. She dates no one, male or female, although people say she prefers the company of women and that she is uncomfortable playing a sexualized female lead which is what she usually ends up playing. She gave a speech once at an event and was supposed to interact as part of it with other people. She couldn't. She had to keep looking at the teleprompter and it turned into the most awkward few minutes people had ever seen. She really does have a great name though.

Your Turn

Be honest. Are you going to watch the Kris Jenner talk show. I am not going to, but am open to receiving links of really awful things she says or does. If I was home during the day, I might watch an episode, but I feel like my DVR might die of disgust if I actually recorded an episode.

Blind Item #4

This former B-/C+ list mostly television actress is out of money and can't find a job because she is really hard to work with. So, how does she earn a few bucks? She has been calling and e-mailing her A+ list mostly movie ex and telling him he will release photos of herself bruised and bloody from one of their encounters if he does not give her some money on a monthly basis or get her a high paying gig. He has blown her off so far and says that the only bloody photos are when she got so drunk or was drugged out that she fell down and did the damage to herself.

Kris Jenner Is Getting Killed By Kanye West

I'm not even sure if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will get married. I do love the stories that they will, but only if Kanye has his own way. That way is probably giving Kris Jenner a heart attack. According to Radar, Kanye has agreed to marry Kim, but there can be no media present and no deals for wedding photos. Do you know how much money that would have brought to the Kardashians? A lot. Six figures for each and Kris must be dying and trying to figure out a way to make money. I'm guessing there will be some kind of sales of the events leading up to the wedding. Cover stories involving looking for a wedding dress. A new series about getting married, but not actually showing anything or the actual wedding. Maybe Kris could smuggle in pro photographers who would leak photos for money and give a kickback to Kris. A wedding without publicity or getting paid is just something the Kardashians don't do. Well, she has other kids to look forward to exploiting.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Dashboard Cam Videos

These really should start ranking up there with Kiefer Sutherland and the Christmas tree or Bret Michaels smacking his head and falling down. Yes, that is Jim Toth throwing his wife under the bus. I wonder if she knows he did. She does now.

Blind Item #3

It is not just former Tweeners who let their friends take photos of them smoking pot. A current Disney Tweener who is A list in that world and very pap friendly has been busted smoking pot and, unlike the other grown up Tweeners, this could ruin her career if the photos get out. Cell phone quality, but very very obvious. No deniable cigarettes. It is a bong.

Farrah Abraham Says She Made Sex Tape Because She Was Lonely

I'm pretty sure Farrah Abraham has a screw loose somewhere. She seems to think that everyone is going to believe every word she says without question because she is a D list celebrity who was willing to get naked for the world. Previously Farrah wanted the world to think that she and James Deen were dating. Wait, let me stop and go back some. Prior to faking the whole James Deen thing or attempting to, Farrah found a guy and wanted him to be her boyfriend so they could go on Couple's Therapy. he said no, and they never spoke again. Fast forward a few weeks and Farrah tries to get James Deen to pretend to be a couple so the making of a backdoor sex tape would look more innocent and not so commercial. James blew that out of the water so Farrah decided to say that she did it so she would have a record of how she looked when she was young. Well, that excuse has not worked so now she is saying she did it because she was lonely and guys only use her for fame. And her willingness to go backdoor? I don't know. She does not mention that part. She does say James was unprofessional. Umm he had sex with you for money, what else is he supposed to do?

Blind Item #2

This B list reality star spends hours everyday in the gym now, but in reality that is just for show. She has to make it look like she lost weight to make money from a new program she is going to be selling, but hates working out so she is taking a variety of Adderall like drugs to make the pounds drop away. Oh, and not eating for days at a time.

Kristin Cavallari Is Putting Her Acting Career On Hold

Did you know Kristin Cavallari had an acting career? Go over to your co-workers desk and ask them if they knew Kristin had an acting career? When they look at you and then ask who Kristin is, then just say never mind and grab a piece of candy from their jar. Oh, you know you have someone in your office who has a candy jar. The more annoying the person, the better the quality of candy. Yeah, that person who is stocking it filled with Snickers in hopes that someone will come over and say a few words to them. Not the person who has that bulk candy stuff they got 75% off the week after Halloween. They are just creepy.

Kristin told Coco Eco Magazine which is neither about Conan or about chocolate that she is turning down acting roles to focus more on family but still plans on destroying what is left of her shoe and jewelry line. Don't tell me you have something from one of her collections. Go ask your co-worker if they do. This time get a Milky Way. No nuts to clean from your teeth.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

This former A list celebrity/singer who probably would have faded away to much less than C list if not for a previous relationship and certain level of craziness has stopped having sex. It has been several months. She quit booze drugs and sex all at the same time. She has slipped once or twice on each, but for the most part has kept to it and as a result she says has gained 40 pounds and is heavier than she has ever been in her life. She looks healthy at last.

Katy Perry is The Devil's Child - According To Her Dad

If you call your daughter the devil's child, does that make you satan? Spell check says satan should be capitalized. So, is God. Are they equal? You would think someone a long time ago would have said that God gets to be capitalized but satan is not. To make them both capitalized kind of seems wrong and I don't even care that much. Anyway, this is not about satan, but about the child of satan, otherwise known as Katy Perry. In a recent sermon, that is what her dad called her. The same dad who enjoys a much better lifestyle thanks to his daughter. I just think he is still really upset about the whole Russell Brand thing. He confided in Russell some of his darker secrets and lives in fear that Russell will reveal them to the world one day when Russell is on some comedy riff on a radio show. The reveal would be a shocker, but after a day or so, I don't think anyone would really care except the churches where he speaks and makes his living. Much easier to get invited back when you call your pop princess daughter the devil's child.

Jeff Hanneman Has Died

Guitarist Jeff Hanneman, a co-founder of the heavy metal band Slayer, died in southern California on Thursday, the band said in a statement posted on their website. He was 49. Jeff died of liver failure after a spider bite which started eating his flesh from within.

Coke & Heroin Mixed With New Success Killed Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly has had a long struggle with drug abuse. For almost his entire career he has been in and out of rehab and tried to overcome his addictions. He had come a long way and was sober more often than he was using and had been clean for a fairly long stretch before there was a Kriss Kross reunion concert. With that concert came a lot of money being tossed around and a lot of free drugs and the next thing you know, Chris Kelly was back to his old ways. His mom said that she had been trying to help and trying to keep a close eye on Chris and that she saw him the night he overdosed and thought he would be ok judging from her past experience. He wasn't and he died. She is probably feeling overwhelming guilt. She shouldn't. She tried.

Shocker! Brooke Mueller Is On Drugs - Denise Richards Gets The Kids

Denise Richards watches Brooke Mueller's kids 95% of the time. If you were a parent would you want Brooke Mueller to watch your kids? Charlie Sheen knows he can't handle watching kids. he can have them and loves playing with them, but he is not watching them material. That really only leaves Denise Richards. Wait, did someone say what about Brooke's parents? The same parents that wanted their daughter to tend bar for them at a party the day Brooke got out of rehab? Child Protective Services has taken the children away from Brooke and given them to Denise. She is probably also getting a little something extra in her child support check this month from Charlie. I would guess six figures extra. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Lindsay May Or May Not Be In Betty Ford - Has Hired Shawn Holley

It looks like Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller will not collect the referral fee that Morningside had offered to pay and which, for a 90 day stay was going to be quite high. Hey, when you deal with Lindsay you have to figure out how to get paid, because it is probably not going to be in cash. Stolen goods maybe, visits from Dina possibly?, but not cash. Anyway, after blowing off rehab yesterday because she said she didn't need it, Lindsay turned to her old attorney, Shawn Holley, who agreed to take Lindsay on as a client and made a deal with the DA to get Lindsay into Betty Ford. Yes, the same place that Lindsay got into so much trouble previously. Lindsay currently owes Holley about $300K in legal fees. No one is really sure if Lindsay is actually checked into Betty Ford though.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Random Photos Part Four (Slightly NSFW If You Have Great Eyes And Enlarge A Certain Photo)

Cher and Ellen wearing matching outfits gets the top spot.

Amanda Bynes and her second topless shot of yesterday. This is the slightly NSFW one. Maybe.
Corey Feldman and his lady of the evening.
Drew Barrymore shows off her 90's hair style.
Demi Moore and some guy in a sheepskin jacket?
Emily Blunt has lunch with a friend.
Elle Fanning at school. Very casual dress code at her school.
The Goopster in a new photo shoot.
Advertising on stripper poles is long overdue.
Jennifer Garner tried to get in the wrong car yesterday.


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