Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

That's it everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. See you back here on January 1st. Have a great holiday if you are here in the States, and be safe wherever you are in the world.

P.S. She's British. Kind of fitting if you think about the holiday and all.

Blind Item Reveals

July 2, 2008

#1 - Classic Hollywood. Same guy from yesterday who bought the coke for his son's birthday. So, anyway our guy who is more fully described last week was in rehab several times. One of his attempts at rehab took place out at Betty Ford. Prior to going to rehab he made arrangements for a helicopter to meet him in the desert with drugs. He would then use his exercise time to walk out into the desert, meet the helicopter and do his drugs. He would repeat this each day.

Peter Lawford

Blind Item Reveals

July 1, 2008

#1 - So, remember the guy from the foursome a few weeks back? He was #4 in case you want to go back and look. Anyway, he had several children and one year he was so incredibly messed up on drugs that he had not had time to get a birthday present for his son. So, what did he get him? No, not a hooker, he had already done that in a previous year. No, one time he wrapped up a couple of grams of coke in wrapping paper for his teenage son's birthday. Nice huh?

Back to the present

#2 - This hot C+ list and B name recognition television actor on a hit network drama is known more for his television roles than his films although he has been in some big ones. Well it turns out that when he was coming up and barely making ends meet he had a girlfriend who supported him through it all. Then he got his big break on this hit network drama and while he was signing the contract he was also dialing the phone and breaking up with his girlfriend.

#1 - Peter Lawford
#2 - Amaury Nolasco

Blind Item Reveals

June 30, 2008

So you have this A list singer and B list actor who for some reason had this very strong attraction to a waitress. They had a thing, but how he could even remember her, I have no clue. Anyway, it turns out the waitress ended up getting married to a cop. Our singer/actor ran into the waitress shortly after her marriage and wanted to be with her for a night. She told him she was married now and also told her husband the cop. The cop and the singer get into a big argument and the singer tells the cop he is going to get it. Two weeks later the cop is dead and our singer/actor goes back to the waitress the next day and says he wants to see her that night.

Frank Sinatra

Blind Item Reveals

June 24, 2008

This must have happened about six months ago now. Chicago. In one corner you have a B list actor. Married. For now. A list name recognition. How about A+ name recognition. Anyway, our actor was in town doing some press, making some friends, drinking a little bit. Hey just because it is a kindness doesn't mean that it is going to be lovely dovey. He shouldn't, but he does. So, our actor befriended a few of the waitresses at this particular establishment. One of them came up to him and was talking about how some guy had ordered Cristal or something for his girlfriend for their six month anniversary or something and he then realized he had left his wallet at home. Our actor told the waitress to say that the manager had picked up the bill and our actor paid it. Our actor had such a good time doing that nice thing that he decided to pick up every tab in the place that night. He didn't announce it or scream it because then everyone would have just ordered and ordered. Instead, he spoke with the manager and as each person settled their bill they were told it was on the house and thanks for being such a good customer when instead each tab was actually paid for by the actor. Final bill? About $10,000. Plus tip. He is always a good tipper.

Ben Affleck

Blind Item Reveals

June 20, 2008

Four people involved in this. #1 and #2 were actors who made their fame in films, but both got their only real serious award nomination for television. Any movie lover will know who #2 is. #1, maybe not. #3 was an actress but gave it up when she married #1. Eventually she married #2 as well although the marriage to #2 was as a cover for #2 being gay. The twist to this story involves #4. #4 was an actor who also married into a really wild family. Everyone will know #4. #4 also tended to go both ways as well which must have made it fun when prior to #4's marriage, #1,#2,#3 and #4 used to periodically share one bed.

#1 - Kennan Wynn
#2 - Van Johnson
#3 - Evie Wynn
#4 - Peter Lawford

Blind Item Reveals

June 5, 2008

#1 - At this point this the only thing keeping this on and off screen couple from that NY teen show together are the cameras and the publicity they get for being together.

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley

Blind Item Reveals

June 4, 2008

#1 - What does this female talk show host/ B list actress enjoy doing on her weekends more than anything? How about sitting in front of her television all weekend and ordering jewelery from home shopping channels. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. And the funny thing is she doesn't really wear any, she just likes the shows and buying.

Whoopi Goldberg

Blind Item Reveals

June 3, 2008

#1 - How about another adventure from our actor from yesterday? Not as interesting, but still fun in a car wreck kind of way. Film Festival. Toronto actually. Yay Canada. Party for the premiere of one of his films. Drinks until he is passed out and his manager carries him to his room. Like I said. Not as interesting but hopefully will provide some insight into yesterday.

Keanu Reeves

Blind Item Reveals

June 2, 2008

You try coming to work like this actor and lets see how long you keep your job, let alone get lots and lots of ass kissing.

A list film actor. Yes, A-list, no ifs ands or buts. Well, if he had stuck with what made him famous he probably wouldn't have made it to A-list but he adapted. Latest film. Not a great film. First day. Table reading. Our actor showed up for it and was so drunk he could barely stand. No one who was setting everything up would come near him because you could smell him a mile away. He kept stumbling and falling everywhere. Affectionate to everyone. Lots of hugs and kisses. Finally managed to get the actor in a seat. He then started mumbling incoherently and the crews were trying to figure out what he was saying. Then he takes a package out of his jacket was a mushed up burrito. He held it up to one of the crew and said "look....what is this?" So she looks and tells him it's a burrito...with chicken...he couldn't comprehend this AT ALL. She went and got him a soda and a sandwich. She was trying to get him into some kind of shape for the reading. It wasn't looking good. Oh, did I mention that he rode his motorcycle to the place? Yeah...good...right? Well, everyone LOVED him...said it was one of his best readings ever...he was brilliant. On and one it went, even though no one had been able to understand one word that came out of his mouth.

Keanu Reeves

Blind Item Reveals

#1 - Judging by the way this formerly married male singer with a reality television past was being mobbed by D list women you would think his current long term relationship was over. Judging by the amount of phone numbers he collected from said women, it very well could be.

Nick Lachey

Blind Item Reveals

May 20, 2008

#1 - Which former husband of this singing diva spent so much time running back and forth to the bathroom at a recent party that management had to give him a towel so he could keep wiping off the sweat that would not stop pouring off his face and head.

Ojani Noa

Blind Item Reveals

May 19, 2008

#1 - Ahhh, you hear that? It's the sound of a gold digger? So imagine if you will that you are a reality star. A network reality star. As in this has nothing to do with MTV. So, our reality star is a female, although gold digging is by no means gender specific. Our reality star was at an event where she was unfamiliar with many of the people. Unfamiliar means she hadn't heard of them and so didn't know how much they made or what they did. So, she found a publicist at the event and made small talk and got her to spill on each person. When the publicist would rattle off an estimated worth, our reality star would wander over and flirt and try to get a number or give a number. Married, single, it really didn't matter. Cute, ugly? Inconsequential. The only thing that did was a big checkbook.

Julianne Hough

Blind Item Reveals

May 12, 2008

Ahh guys. We just can't seem to be happy with what we already have and these two guys definitely prove that rule.

#1 - This B list film star who most of you think is gorgeous, and who has really made a move up in the world as of late is engaged to someone who considers herself an actress. It makes me laugh, but she says she is. Unfortunately for her, her affianced seems to be searching for someone else. While working recently he met a woman and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing wrong with that, but how about the invitation to fly her to LA and stay at his place. Presumably his significant other would be off "acting."

#1 - Channing Tatum

Blind Items Reveals

May 8, 2008

#1 - This A list film actor. I was thinking about it, but he definitely has opened movies on his own. Action though. That is kind of like women opening a horror film and being called A list. Oh, well, everyone knows him, and when I say know him, you know him. You know, (points eyes)down there. Well seems that our actor is a very generous sort to women on the street who he is attracted to. When he meets someone he likes and likes a great deal, he gives them his card. On the back of the card is a 1-800 number to a credit card concierge with a note that says, "buy something as beautiful and exotic as you... my treat xoxo". There is a pre-set spending limit on the gift.

#2 - What cast of a hit television show that is changing coasts is sitting in front of their computers right now reading this blind item? At least one of you has been a blind item, and one of you is permanently safe.

#1 - Gerard Butler
#2 - Ugly Betty

Blind Items Reveals

May 2, 2008

#3 - So why would you leave a hit show and a great part? Well if you ask this actress/model with a unique role on that hit show, she will give you a completely different reason than the producers. She will say to explore new opportunities. The producers will say that someone in a supporting role shouldn't be the diva who thinks the show revolves around her and when she can fit work into her schedule.

Rebecca Romijn

Blind Item Reveals

May 1, 2008

#1 - That marriage didn't last long. You know the B+ list actress on the hit network drama who got married and said it would last forever. Heck, the fake marriage from the same show is going to last longer than this real one. How long do you have to stay married in order not to return wedding gifts?

Ellen Pompeo

Blind Item Reveals

March 28, 2008

#1 - This B- film actress was on a flight with her girlfriend and hid her face under her blanket the entire flight. Why? She could only afford Business Class. Not too bad except when two people from The Real World were laughing at you from First Class.

Lindsay Lohan

Blind Item Reveals

April 23, 2008

I feel like most of the kindness items lately have revolved around women. That is all well and good, but it is nice to hear that guys can be kind as well. This one involves an actor who would be A list by the definition that he is the star of a long running dramatic television series. Films? He's done a couple, but is really known for his television role. Age? Not old, not aging, but not in his twenties anymore either.

Our actor is married, and she should be included as well in this kindness since she is part of it. Every two weeks or so, no matter where he is, our actor stops into a local toy store. Generally a big chain, but no love from me since they make him pay retail. Our actor spends $1000 every two weeks like clockwork. When he was filming and kept going to the same store every two weeks, someone asked him why he was buying so many toys every few weeks.

Turns out our actor, stockpiles about 75% of the toys he buys all year long and at Christmas time donates them all to organizations like Toys For Tots, etc. The other 25% he sends to various children's hospitals throughout the year.

You know the best part? The guy doesn't need publicity to keep doing it.

Tom Welling

Blind Item Reveals

April 21, 2008

So, what do you do when you are hosting a show and you have a member of a rock and roll super group come in? Well you try and get him to sign something for charity. I mean this group has been famous for 30 years and has licensed everything from condoms to coffins to eyeliner in order to make a buck. This singer and guitarist for the band was asked to autograph a guitar for a charity and he declined. Turns out he only signs things when he knows he will get a piece of the action. Since the show declined to give him a piece of the action, he declined to help the charity.

Paul Stanley

Blind Item Reveals

April 11, 2008

#2 - This former A list female singer, and now probably B based on work, but A in name recognition and diva behavior has a dog. The dog goes everywhere with her, including hotels. Unfortunately for guests and management, our singer doesn't always like having her tiny dog in the room with her and so lets her out to roam free anywhere in the hotel. Apparently the dog is trained to not leave the actual building, but will go anywhere else. And by go, I mean go as in do its business. Our singer's philosophy is that someone will pick up the mess, the dog doesn't bite and if they want her business they will perform this service. What she doesn't know is that her regular hotel chain has caught on and now lock the dog in one room or part of the hotel and release her when the singer comes calling.

Whitney Houston

Blind Item Reveals

April 4, 2008

#4 - This television host refused to say anything to anyone when she went to a recent event. She posed for photos and made it look like she was enjoying herself and mingling, but in reality, she ignored everyone who spoke to her. At one point even turning her face to avoid talking to someone. Total time at even was about 15 minutes. Total amount of people she ticked off was about the same.

Tyra Banks

Blind Item Reveals

March 28, 2008

#1 - This is quite the pair. A former adult film actress and a member of a girl's singing group were all over each other at a recent event. They also seemed to go the bathroom together every five minutes. Weak bladders I guess.

Jenna Jameson & Aubrey O'Day

Blind Item Reveals

March 27, 2008

#1 - This B/C list television actress who was one of the stars of a very long running hit show is on a new show now. She has made it very clear to producers that she is willing to do anything to stay on the show longer and is already dropping hints about how she is going to make sure she is the main focus of the show.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Blind Item Reveals

March 21, 2008

So, this B list television actress from a very hit show that ended not so long ago, was walking through a park close to her home when she saw two girls who were about ten playing on the swings. One of the girls had a doll in her hand which she was swinging in a circle. She didn't pay that close of attention but thought that there was a nanny or mom watching the pair. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash and a mixed breed dog launched through the air and grabbed the doll from the girl's hand. The girl immediately tried to get the doll back from the dog and was bitten really hard on her arm. She started screaming, let go of the doll, and the dog ran away with the doll. No one came to help the little girl at all. The alleged nanny was not actually the nanny and did nothing to help and instead walked away from the scene. The dog's owner? There was no one there at all with the girls. Our actress rushed over to the injured girl and saw that the dog had left teeth prints but had not broken the skin. The actress calmed the girl down long enough so she could get an address for the girl. It was a house about a half a block from the park. Our actress took both the girl and her friend back to the injured girl's house, and explained everything to the mother of the girl. The girl's mom had apparently run back to the house because she had thought she had left the gas on on their stove and was just opening the door to go back to the park as our actress came up with the two girls. She gave the woman her name and contact information, but no one recognized our actresses name. Later that day, our actress bought a new doll and had it sent to the girl to make up for the one that was taken by the dog.

Laura Prepon

Blind Item Reveals

March 17, 2008

#2 - This C list actor with the A list crazy reputation and a certain eye for realism is certainly living up to the crazy part of his reputation. He recently moved out of his home and lived in his car, because his home was too hot. Not hot as in he couldn't get the heat to work properly, but hot as he could not touch any surface of the home without thinking he was burning himself. Walking around with oven mitts on grew tiresome, so he moved into his car until the house could be sold.

Vincent Gallo

Blind Item Reveals

February 29, 2008

#1 So there is this sports bar at Times Square and it is Super Bowl Sunday. At this bar you had to buy tables in order to get in (for the game), but this regular person talked herself in anyway and hung out at the bar. There ended up being an empty table, so she approached the guy who "owned" it. (B- list film and television actor who used to be A list back in the late 70's early 1980's) She said from out of town and it's my birthday and I was wondering if I could buy the table from you if you're not using it. The guy looks over and says no problem, I don't need it but you'll have to arrange it at the bar. The woman says thank you so much, you're so great etc - can I tell the waitress your name? Guy stops and says You don't know who I am? She says no. He says just for that you can't have it, Fuck off...turns his back and that was that. No table. She ended up getting drunk at the bar and calling him an asshole every time he walked by to get to the bathroom.

John Schneider

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