Friday, September 05, 2008

Four For Friday - And An Update From AP

So after AP saw the post yesterday in the blind items, she called me and wanted me to let all of you know that she has tried to call the girl everyday since it happened. Although she has left lots of messages, and sent numerous texts, she has only had one text back and it just said basically that everything was fine, and she had been having a bad day. Uh huh. AP promises to keep bugging her everyday. She, as you know is persistent about things, so I have no doubts she will stay on this.

#1 - To show that not all men behave badly, I thought I would share this little kindness about a B- list comic film actor with a franchise which you would think would make him A list under the rules, but, then you would all laugh. So, anyway, our actor when he goes to dinner parties at restaurants or even at the houses of friends, has all the doggie bags given to him, and passes them all out to homeless people he sees on the way home. In addition to that, he will also raid the dinner parties for extra food and bring it to homeless shelters to serve.

#2 & 3 - This national political candidate and current politician isn't shy about using his new power to get what he wants, and what he wants are some actresses to be his special contributor. Whenever he speaks at a fundraiser, he takes the opportunity to hit on as many actresses as he can. So far, only one has taken him up on his offer. After a recent cocktail event, he left, and she followed about an hour later. Who is she? Wow. C+ list films, but with some A list name recognition due to her body. Not the sharpest tool in the shed because she really is doing it because she thinks it is a good way to support the candidate.

#4 - This closet lesbian B+ list lead actress on a hit network drama almost let the cat out of the bag so to speak. She had a little too much to drink and was finding the woman she was talking to attractive. She thought the other woman also played for the same team and so started flirting fairly aggressively. The woman however was straight, and also was rather loud about her shock in discovering our actress was a lesbian to the point where people noticed.

Random Photos Part One

Lauren Hutton on a runway again, definitely gets the top spot.
I really thought about giving the top spot to Anna Paquin, just because I like her a lot, she doesn't take crap from anyone, and just stays the same person she has always been without any of that celebrity hype.
I don't think I have ever had a photo of Brian DePalma in the photos, and really I should be ashamed. A great director.
I weight a bunch, but I swear if I worked in a restaurant I would even weigh more. How the hell can you be a chef and just not eat like a pig and get fat. Don't know how Bobby Flay does it.
Denise Richards finally reveals herself to us.

Doris Roberts cracks me the hell up.
Candice Bergen. Been a long time. Looks very nice.
At any time, I just expect Christina Aguilera to change her name to Coco and go shack up with Ice-T.
Becki Newton and Lindsay Lohan on the set of Ugly Betty.
So, you have Gerard Butler and two very determined volunteers who are keeping the crowd at bay. You would think they would be leading the charge, but honestly they don't look like they give a damn that it is Gerard Butler.

Kind of looks like he is wearing a skirt or a cape. Guess it depends on how you look at it.
I know, I know. I'm making Eva Mendes share space with Debi Mazar, but I like the photo, so I'm willing to sacrifice.
Ed Harris who I know many of you love.
Instead of just saying Duffy, I always want to say something cute, like it's The Duffy, or Duffy take off your clothes. Too much? Well look at the dude in the green shirt behind her. Tell me he doesn't have the potential to be knocking on her door late one night.
JoJo & Lloyd - Los Angeles

Jeremy Irons. I haven't looked at your sexiest list, but I bet ten years ago, you would have put him down.
So, if you live in LA or have visited, then you will have a very good idea as to why this is really disgusting. It would not shock me in the slightest to know that some man peed on that star shortly before this, or that he did so again after everyone left.
Between them, I think Hanson now have 23 kids.
I love this photo of Gwen Stefani because it has been two weeks since she gave birth, and remarkably, she is not back down to a size zero yet. Wow. A normal human being.

Mario - Los Angeles

I wasn't going to post this photo of Lydia Hearst, but she looks so awful, I just couldn't let it go.
Kirsten Dunst is looking normal again which means she is back on the wagon.
Jeremy Piven takes on the role of Madonna and demonstrates what Guy's sex life is like.
Kind of a cross between Madeline, a Guardian Angel, and the guy who rings the bell at Christmas outside stores.
Ne-Yo - New York

I miss having Meg Ryan to see and talk about, so hopefully this film will give her a little boost. I mean, I'm not going to see it, and can't imagine many guys will, but still, would be nice for her to make a little comeback. She and Tom Hanks could make movie #4.
Another person I miss seeing is Mary Louise Parker, and she looks great.
Not looking so great, and looking like a grandmother overnight is Mel-B.
Michael Buble - New York
Will you look at the heels on Renee Zellweger.

Seriously. It is like walking on toes.
Peaches is back in the US with no ring and no husband in sight. But, they are still married. I think we should start talking anniversary presents.
First time I have seen Noa Tishby since she got married. Is she pregnant?
New Kids On The Block - New York
No, that's not Jada. It's actually Harry Smith. No, not the guy who used to co-host The Morning Show on CBS with Paula Zahn. This is Will's brother.

Well, well, it is Warren Beatty. Actually came out to support the wife. Lately he has been making her go alone.
I'm sure lots of you have picked Viggo Mortensen in the sexiest poll.
Tara Reid and "guest." More like highest bidder.
T.I. demonstrates how one gets around the whole house arrest thing.

Your Turn

One of the things that seems to be up for debate around the blog almost constantly, and with the comments, is who in fact is your favorite actor and actress when it comes to hotness. It is either post photos of this person, or don't post photos of that person. So, instead of here or there in the random photos, I think we need to settle this debate once and for all. Who is the actor or actress you would most like to spend some time getting to know on, how should I say, a more intimate basis. Once and for all we will find a winner on who is the most likely to be groped by a CDAN reader.

Ted C Blind Item #2

Isn't it interesting Lloyd Boy-Toyed is undertaking his latest media campaign to fight off rumors about everything under the tabloid sun—every topic save the one he wants to get out: that he sometimes likes young dudes in bed. Not Michael Jackson-style, mind you, but he sometimes likes 'em young. And to keep quiet. And you know what that means, doncha girlfriends? Occasionally Mr. Boy-Toyed's gotta give 'em the green. What a cold, hard, cashed-out town this can be, huh?

Let's see, Lloyd's busy mouthing off about his nasty battles with most everybody in the Biz, not to mention his more cherished (and known) companions and relatives. He appears to be a total crank-a-thon, really, but don't believe it for a sec. Oh, some of it's real, that's fer sure, but it's mostly for show, I assure you.

I have firsthand knowledge of Lloyd's more cunning agendas—not to mention the ones he prefers to get underway under the covers. Don't ask me how. I can't tell! I'm a married man now! I would never embark on something as nasty as tattling 'tween the sheets when I've got a superhoney at home. Quite the opposite of how Lloyd goes about things, trust.

Really, though, as sloppy as Lloyd's getting in the attempting-to-score department, he's gonna be out long before our beloved Toothy Tile, I assure you. Oh, and Lloyd-baby, I don't care, really. But, your blind-as-merde fans sure will. I say screw it, already! (Like you have so many guys.)

Mistake, Luck, Or Strategy?

I stay away from politics on this site because honestly I love all of you and I think every politician is full of crap anyway. The only politicians that generally matter in our day to day lives are the local politicians. They are the ones who are responsible for sales tax, state income tax, water rates, electric rates, phone rates, roads, garbage, schools, property taxes, parking rates, cable, and yet they are the ones we are completely apathetic towards when it comes to voting instead of just our normal partially apathetic selves in national elections.

So, with that being said I just wanted to talk for a second about Sarah Palin. I have no opinion on her at all. This is simply about the media being manipulated and looking stupid.

Lets go back a week. Barack Obama had just given a speech in a football stadium that was packed and rumor had it that McCain was going to trot out some random white guy no one had ever heard of to be his running mate. So, then you would have had Obama/Boring White Guy on one ticket and Boring White Guy/Boring White Guy on the other ticket.

Now, lets go back to when Sarah Palin was announced. Notice she was announced with about 24 hours before weekly magazine deadlines. Then notice how all these stories about her came out so fast and furiously. Everyone was saying McCain and his people were idiots for not checking this stuff out and it was a horrible mistake on their part.

Does anyone honestly believe that? Does anyone believe in this time of background checks and such that none of this was noticed and that he just drew a name out of a hat? Please.

The negative press was so bad on her for the first 24 hours that people thought she would pull out. In those 24 hours all the tabloids went to press and all plastered her all over the covers of almost every magazine. Do you think boring white guy as a VP candidate gets that? Umm, no.

So, in about 48 hours you went from Obama this and Obama that to every single person in the entire world talking about Sarah Palin. She is on covers of tabloids, people talk about her constantly, and the whole world tunes in to watch her speech. Think they would have turned on boring white guy? Nope.

Think about all those comments that were made about the mistake made by McCain last week. Maybe it was a mistake and they got lucky, or maybe it was a strategy. I do know that to me it seems though as if the media got played. They were all jumping all over stories that said how investigations were done wrong and that no one knew any of this stuff. Please. The stories about the pregnancy, the DWI, and everything else came out in 5 minutes. It just had never been done before. Pick someone who has so much baggage and controversy that it just dominates the airwaves every second of everyday, while the nominee from the other party who should be basking in a post convention glow can't even get a mention anywhere in the news.

Anyway, just something that has been on my mind, and would love to know what you think. Maybe I am just reading it all wrong.

An Arrest

Back at the end of July I posted an item about a very popular singer from Lebanon named Suzanne Tamim who had been brutally murdered in her Dubai apartment. Well in the past few days the case has finally started to come together, and it is incredibly shocking.

One of the world's richest men has been arrested and charged with paying a hit man $2M to follow Tamim and then kill her. The man who was arrested for hiring the hit man is the equivalent of say, a US Senator here in America and was considered for a cabinet post in Egypt. Allegedly the man hired a policeman to be his hit man, and the police man followed Tamim from London to Dubai, bought a knife in Dubai and then stabbed her, and decapitated her in her apartment.

The policeman who allegedly served as a hit man was actually arrested about two days after the killing, but the information he provided was so spectacular that it took this long to check out everything he said.

I suppose when you are a billionaire many times over, $2M is nothing to pay for a hit, but maybe the married father of three should have been more concerned with his family and taking care of them, and not getting revenge on some poor woman who didn't want to have an affair with him anymore.

It's A Grope Off - The Two Michaels Ready To Do Battle

Michael Buble gave a quick little interview to the NY Daily News a couple of days ago and was asked by them about dating Heather Fogarty. He basically said they went on one date and that was it for him. Didn't want anything more to do with her. Uh huh. Nice guy.

"I'm single - and ready to mingle."

Apparently he might be single, but even when he was dating Emily Blunt for three years he was ready to mingle. The only reason the relationship ended was because he got caught in public and so she was humiliated. You don't think he had been caught before? Please. This is Michael "Hands" Buble we are talking about here. Although, I have to admit that the Groper King may be losing his title if these photos from Radar showing Michael Phelps are any indication of how Michael gets his groove on. Apparently the guy from Radar said that Michael's grip is amazing and that he gets himself a full grope of the ass when he does this. It is not just a touch, or a caress, he is going for the full on squeeze like a guy who never got any until he became famous. I mean, to go for the turn around, stretching over the couch grope is just not even having a care in the world that you are going to get rejected. It is one thing to be next to a woman, but to have to lean, to make yourself uncomfortable to grab hold of a butt, that is just saying you haven't got much action in your life. Most people shake hands or kiss on the cheeks when they meet, Michael says, "I'm Michael Phelps the Olympian," and then grabs your ass and squeezes.

Well, I'm sure the women in the Playboy Club just love being groped and manhandled by guys all night. I'm surprised there aren't any photos of Michael getting kicked in the balls because you know they wanted to

Here Comes The Huvane Machine

I have nothing against Stephen Huvane. I think he is a great publicist, and definitely has some of the highest profile clients, but I just get tired of the games he continuously plays with his single clients. It is bad enough that he seems to take it upon himself to make sure that Jennifer Aniston is linked with any straight guy with a pulse that comes within 50 feet of her, but now he is trying to play the same game with Anne Hathaway. Next week he will move on to doing the same for Liv Tyler. I think the only reason he hasn't is because he doesn't know how to play the game when a woman actually has a child. It is why he doesn't do it with Uma.

I think it is probably Huvane's wet dream to have Anne and Jennifer sharing all of the tabloid covers each with their own "new man" and "new love" story. Apparently we are all now supposed to believe that Anne Hathaway has fallen in love with Josh Lucas. Oh yes. Oh, before I forget, you have to read the Vanity Fair article on Anne and Raffaello Follieri, it is incredible. Long, detailed and incredible. You read that article, and you tell me that Life & Style didn't just print exactly what Huvane told them to about Anne and Josh.

"They definitely looked like a couple. They were really into each other, giggling and smiling and even holding hands at one point.

"You could almost taste their chemistry! She looked beautiful and happy."

Wow, who the f**k knew that Josh Lucas giggles. I bet he would be happy to know that he sits around giggling. Please. This story is so full of crap, and honestly, I think Huvane should stop playing this game because I think it is going to backfire on him. He is going to keep setting Anne up on all of these dates, and then Raffaello is going to get out of jail, and get back together with Anne again and Huvane is going to look foolish.

After reading all of the charges against Follieri, I'm not sure why the feds are even interested in him. Oh sure, he is a slime ball, and a con man, but everyone who could have filed charges against him has actually been paid back. I think he just managed to draw so much attention to himself because of that $200,000.00 bad check that he went down.

So, for now I think Stephen should concentrate on getting Gwyneth to eat some food, getting Uma married as quickly as possible before her boyfriend bolts and making sure his brother Kevin Huvane hangs onto his job at CAA as managing partner or else celebrities may want to find some other publicist with connections, and then instead of Jennifer Aniston he will be working with Jennifer, the 34th runner up on American Idol from 2005. Oh, you probably didn't know that Kevin Huvane is Jennifer Aniston's agent, and he just happened to recommend his brother Stephen to be her publicist.

Ted C Blind Item

Call it One Matronly Messing Around Blind Vice. Shirley Surly's a very famous half to a highly visible couple these days. Both spouses are good looking. Both married types act like they're friggin' single, and they've done this for years.

Not saying they've had orgies after the PTA meetings every other Tuesday, just that these two ain't exactly a Tom-and-Rita-type duo, not at all. And even though Shirley and her man are currently doing their damnedest to patch things up, we're told it's just because they want to look more together in their fancy neighborhood (what a friggin' lame reason, obviously this latest effort at a unified domestic front is so not going to work).

Shirley's bitchy friends—who just adore the Awful Truth, thank get-even heavens—are most def not buying this nascent happy-couple act. And their fave reason for citing why they insist S2's attempt is not going to last? "Her affair with the surfing instructor," bellowed one of these big-haired broads. "They're just never going to get past it, I don't think."

Love! It's all like some movie Aaron Spelling would have written before he croaked, starring Donna Mills or Lori Loughlin, or somebody. Maybe he did? Anyway, things don't look too sweet for sour Shirl's and her hubby—a happy 'n' squeaky ending does not appear forthcoming, promise. 'Cause the hunky dude with the board ain't the only cat in this pussy's bag.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Today's Blind Items - From AP

It has been too long since we have heard from AP. Hell, it has been too long since I have heard from AP. But, she called me last night and told me about something she saw over the weekend. I personally hate this kind of thing, and I do want you to know that AP had a long talk with this woman and told her to call anytime day or night.

AP was working out, and she noticed this really attractive woman who was working out and crying at the same time. Not crying because it hurt or anything, but real tears. So, AP asked if there was anything wrong. Well, it turns out that the woman is dating a married former A list television actor. When I say A list, I mean he was A+ list. Aging. Not too old. Very famous relationships. Not doing much now. Well this actor is an a-hole but this woman is in love with him and he has her convinced that he is going to leave his wife, and yada, yada, yada. Now, this guy used to be really good looking, but now, not so much. Anyway, each morning he has the woman weigh herself and send him a video of her weighing herself. She has to send him photos everyday of how she looks and what she is wearing. If she doesn't weigh what she is supposed to or doesn't look acceptable he yells at her and screams at her and basically treats her like crap.

When AP spoke with her, the woman actually used words and phrases like "he doesn't like it" and "he demands perfection." AP just knows the guy and knows he yells and screams a lot so is assuming he berates her just like he has berated everyone he has ever been with. The ting is, he only sees this woman once or twice a week, but he still demands perfection everyday. Plus, she has to let him know exactly where she is going and with whom and she just does it all without question. The morning in question that AP saw her, the woman was two pounds over her ideal weight and so was trying desperately to work it off because our actor had threatened to not see her that night unless she did, and there were plenty of other women he could be seeing if she could not do it. The thing is, he has this woman so messed up in the head that she barely knows herself anymore. AP was almost crying when she shared this, and AP never cries. Ever.

Nice guy huh?

Random Photos Part One

Bill Melendez - RIP

"Ooooh. You do it even better than Daddy."
I don't care what event Carla Gugino shows up at I am going to put her in here.
Just because you are Danish royalty, doesn't mean you won't pick your kid up off the ground by their clothes.

Or take a cheesy tourist shot in Sydney.
So apparently "Stella" dude with the head nod is just mowing his way through the Hills women. This is Heidi's sister. He also of course dated Lauren, and even went out with Spencer's sister.
Love Cloris Leachman. Glad to see people are inviting her to bigger events. She deserves it.
It is a sad, sad day in the world when genies stop taking their dress code seriously.
"We just had some great sexy time."

As much as I trash Fergie, she did some good work yesterday and the MAC AIDS FUND is a really good group. I actually think she is a great spokesperson for them.
And speaking of good works, Joel and Nicole lent some support to The Sephora Project which is another great cause.
Rex Lee is the best looking. Who you got?
I don't know Jeremy Renner. Never met him, but does anyone else think this tux looks like a rental?

I haven't seen Julia Ormond at an event in a long time. She looks good.
Who knew Jennifer Hudson was so damn tall?
Figure the two a-holes would find each other.
I think this is what some would call "acting."
Liv Tyler looking glamorous. She can dress up so well.

Haven't seen Leona Lewis in awhile. She is in the US to do the huge cancer charity event tomorrow.
Now, I'm guessing Kelly Osbourne isn't looking for a car date, but do we really know for sure?
So, then these are Tom's shoes too right?
Wow. Even Kathy Griffin looks good. Everyone looks good on Wednesday nights.
My favorite name of the week. Nic Srews. Seriously. Say that ten times fast and tell me she wasn't abused by her parents when they gave her that name.

Apparently Natasha Lyonne is still alive.
My first Serbian. Sounds more perv than it is. I just don't think I have had a Serbian actress in the photos before. So, here is Maria Karan.
It's what everyone is wearing to garden these days. Hell, you should see mine. Although mine is in red, and has grass stains.
Apparently boxers are the cool thing to wear in public this year as well. I've been telling my neighbors that for years.
Terrence Howard - New York

Wow, Tyra is really bleached out. Whoops. Oh, that might be Rachel Zoe.
Robert Downey Jr is Robert Goulet
Robert Downey Jr is Gallagher.
Perrey Reeves is spectacular.
So, sometimes I'm thinking the height thing might work out to Verne Troyer's advantage.

How trashy do you have to be, to look sluttier than Tila Tequila?
I've been looking at David Letterman photos for a long time and this is a first.
And a second. Way to go Tilda.
Tricky looks well, uh, tricky?


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