Friday, January 26, 2007

Hints next Friday to help you out with some of the tough blind items from this past week.

Four For Friday

This former A-list actress has been in two of my favorite movies. Because of this I would normally be sympathetic to her but she has gone just a bit too far. Having literally been on her own since her teenage years, this actress has battled through drug problems and high profile relationships to at least have a solid career. It is not the career that was expected of her, and if her current behavior continues, it might be the end of any career at all. She has always been able to play on her name and her work in her older films. That is all about to change. In her latest film, she attempted to seduce at least two of the married actors on the film and as many non-actors as well. She did it because she claimed she was bored and thinks it is fun to f*** with other people's lives. What she is doing is ensuring that her now sporadic work will be no work in the future.

This lower B list actress has been in a long term Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell type relationship and is in another of my all-time favorite movies. Some say the relationship is a throwback to the summer of love. They have always done it all. Whether it be exploring their respective sexualities or experimenting with mood altering substances, they have always shared it together. It is because of this lifestyle that she did not work as much as she could have or was asked to. Also, despite what her boyfriend says, her success and his lack of it has finally started to cause a fracture. She is growing out of the hippie phase and wants something more substantial including marriage and children. On her latest film, she thinks she found it. The problem is she found it with an actor who is married to a gorgeous actress and they have a very young child. Everyone thought it would end when the filming did, but it did not. Our actress is not taking on any new projects so she will be available to her new man whenever he decides to leave his wife.

This long married, character actor that everyone knows and always plays the jerk has been acting like a jerk in real life as well. Maybe it was karma, and maybe he just found the wrong woman to swoon over. Having a mid-life crisis is one thing, but this actor has definitely gone overboard. He recently co-starred in a film with one of the most beautiful women on television. She is single and an absolute knockout. She also loves to flirt, which our actor took totally the wrong way. While filming he spent almost his entire salary for the film on gifts, jewelery and anything else he could to keep that flirtation alive. He was in love, and she played him like the fool. When filming ended he even told her he would leave his wife. She told him that if he did not leave her alone, SHE would tell his wife.

An easy one to end the day--

This singer's wife loves hosting parties and dinner events. Her husband abhors them and will do anything to get out of them. When he cannot think of an excuse and is stuck there, he refuses to make conversation unless he is forced to, and often just sits by himself in a corner. When the dinner is at a restaurant and he cannot find a corner, he just plugs in his i-pod and ignores everyone. What does he listen to? His own music.

Hez and all the readers in Vancouver get the first Police concert. However, it looks like The Idol host death match I had scheduled for Grammy time will have to wait, because The Police will be performing together again for the first time at the Grammy Awards.
I do not really have another article to click to. I just wanted everyone to see this picture of Brad Pitt from two weeks ago. Is he going to a Shawshank Redemption fanfest or something? Thanks People for the photo.

These latest revelations from Billy Joel do not seem that shocking. While most men dream of having a blowjob while watching television, Billy Joel liked them while playing the piano. And which one of us has not tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish? OK, he is a loon.
Trying to decide which comment goes best with the article about George Clooney and Pam Anderson.

#1 When George Clooney and Pam Anderson take dog walks together, I just want to be clear they are referring to actual dogs, and not George walking Pam. A little clarification would help.

#2 George Clooney has come full circle in his attempt to screw every woman in Hollywood. Next week it is back to Charlotte Rae aka Mrs. Garrett and any Facts of Life cast members he missed the first time through.

Emma Bunton is pregnant. No word on whether or not Eddie Murphy is the father.
You really want to take my word for it that Renee Zellweger and Luke Perry would NOT make a good couple.

I have no idea whether Mary-Kate Olsen has suffered a relapse of her anorexia problem. I will say that last week at the Golden Globes she did look thin, but looked good and was nibbling on food here and there as much as anyone else. Also, there were women there that looked scary thin. Mary Kate actually looked good body wise. I did not really like her makeup that night, but she looked ok to me.

Forbes has released their Web Celeb 25. This is their list of the 25 most influential people on the web today. According to Forbes it seems as if Perez has found himself doing number 2. Seriously though, whether you love him or hate him, everyone reads him or it least seems that way. I guess I am a complete moron because I only recognize about 6 of the names on the list. Isn't the idea that they are supposed to be the biggest web celebs and therefore the names should be fairly easy to recall.

One person who did not make it on the list is new blogger Victoria Beckham. I am linking to the article which has her web address, but I thought I would take a few minutes to give you some highlights about what I found when I went digging through her blog and also found some things that did not quite make it in.

November 4, 2006 - Heard the most awful sound in the house today. Turns out it was one of the cooks humming "Wannabe." He was flogged and then dismissed. Help is so hard to find these days.

November 19, 2006 - Was forced to spend five minutes with the children today. I do not know why I ever let David talk me into buying them. There is so much more I could do with the money.

December 18, 2006 - I heard about Melanie and Eddie Murphy and almost smiled for the first time in five years. I think the effort though ruptured a stitch somewhere.

December 25, 2006 - David slapped my tits for hours, but I won the bet we had. They did not even move an inch although I did have to sew back on one of the fake nipples.

January 12, 2007 - So David is going to play in LA. When I raised my one eyebrow that can still move to show my indifference or displeasure, he told me he is going to be the highest paid athlete in history. I told him that I still do not think he has anything to be proud of until he catches that Harry Potter woman. I mean she was homeless for gods sakes.

January 19, 2007 - Saw Katie and Tom. Katie and I went shopping. She i becoming so good at the always looking depressed look. I am so proud of her. I get along well with her as she does not mention Spice Girls and I do not mention Dawson's Creek. Tom tried to get us to involved with his church. I told him we would not get involved in any religion. If anyone is going to take half of David's money, it is going to be me.

One week left to get all those plugs in for you, your band, your company, or anything else you want to plug. I even got an e-mail with someone who is getting married. Just e-mail me the relevant information and I will pass it along on the blog next Friday.

I really have to admit that when I first saw the headline Nicole Kidman involved in auto crash, I thought Keith Urban had gone off the wagon, and then I realized this was gossip and the headlines often are not what they seem. I am not the biggest fan of TMX for that reason, but to give them their props, they do have video of the accident happening.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Finding a Good Woman Is Job One--I think this headline from People magazine says it all. I invite all of you to fill in a very snarky comment.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This A-list actor is fairly recently married and even has a child. Although he has had a serious drug problem in the past, most people thought it was just that, in the past. His previous drug use had caused him to be turned down for several roles which could have made him an even larger star. Because of the drugs, he was forced to take some roles that most actors in his position would turn down without a thought. Until his current marriage, his relationships were always on and off, depending on his drug use. Once everyone thought he was clean, they began hiring him again and again. Now however, back-to-back-to-back-to-back films without a break and a long absence from his wife allowed him to resume his old ways and habits. He still has a few films in the pipeline, but their dates keep getting pushed back to see whether or not he can kick his habit or whether he will be back to his old ways.

Speaking of addictions, this B-list hunk was moving steadily up the fame ladder, but his battle with meth and alcohol effectively stopped him in his tracks for almost a year. When he emerged from rehab, he thought things would pick up right where he left them, but this is not the case. Studios were already starting to forget him, so now he is forced to fight and audition for indie roles which he thought he had done away with for good. He did manage to get one indie role, but it looks like it is headed straight to video and our actor may be headed back to rehab.

This A-list actor recently had his movie delayed. It was allegedly so he could take some time off for exhaustion because he was working so hard. In actuality though, his herpes was flaring up and he kept getting cold sores. Makeup just made the problem worse, and it was going to be too expensive to digitally remove the sores from each frame of the film. Even worse, his co-star definitely did not want to kiss our actor and insisted something to be done. Time was the cure, but the co-star still did not want to kiss our actor. Seems odd for a couple playing husband and wife not to kiss, which is why parts of the film are being reshot.

When you are basically a nobody and get $1.2M as an advance to write a book, then it is going to be GOOD. Christina Haag must really have a lot of the inside scoop on JFK Jr. Her spilling the story about JFK Jr and Madonna is not enough for that kind of money, so there must be a lot more. This should be good.

Now, I know what I want for Christmas next year. Kimberly Stewart is trying to get Lindsay Lohan to sell her removed appendix on E-Bay. Wouldn't you like to see that in your stocking Christmas morning?

See, this is the problem with gossip. One tabloid says Kate Hudson is dating the guy from the group JET. Another tabloid says she is back with Owen Wilson. Yet, another tabloid called my imagination says that she is dating me.

Speaking of imagination. (whenever I type that I think of a SpongeBob episode) Sinful Comics has taken imagination to a whole new level by turning celebrities into porn stars. This is definitely NSFW, but extremely funny.

I suppose it is my obligation to make it easier for all of you who have not seen the Paris Exposed pictures to make them available. I also think I got herpes from just watching the video. Is that possible? Notice who she is with in the pictures. Also, if you listen to the video, try and catch where she says she just got fucked up the butt for coke. Yes, that is someone every Greek shipping magnate's son should take home to mama.

Here is the video which is the preview. Seriously think about protection before watching.

Here is the link to all the pics and to all 9 parts of the video. You will need a shower after watching.

The Wilmer Valderrama of the '80s, Mr. Scott Baio, is trying to sell a book about his famous conquests. Everyone knows about him hooking up with Pam Anderson and Heather Locklear, but did anyone know he also slept with Liza Minelli? And he wonders why he ended up alone. "Yeah, that Pam Anderson girl, she is pretty hot, but not that great. Let me tell you who I left her for. You know the actress who was in Arthur? Yes, the woman in her 50's. She is hot, man."
Does anyone really care that Anne Heche is getting a divorce? The only reason anyone even knows her name is because she hooked up with Ellen for awhile. At that time I thought that was the greatest sleep your way to the top move in recent memory. It beat Tom Arnold with Roseanne Barr just because of the degree of difficulty involved in having to play on the same team. That kind of gave her the edge. I think in modern times we need to look at Heather Mills as the new leader of that field. Anyway if you want to read about Anne Heche and her divorce, here is the article.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What relationship is on the rocks? This singer who had a notorious breakup has been with a new girl for many months now, but their long-distance relationship is starting to fade. Once thought to be headed for the altar, now this rebound relationship could be over. As they spend more time together, they are realizing they have two very different agendas and are in two very different places in their lives not counting their respective residences. She is trying to move her career to the next level while he is ready to settle down and have children. She will do anything for publicity and he is more comfortable out of the spotlight. Another sticking point is her choice of friends. He does not approve of many of them and this has caused additional friction. She enjoys partying and he prefers to stay home. Look for them both to be spotted soon being friendly with other people. Do not expect any public comments or publicist's statements.

This music producer/singer has a golden touch when making records for himself and others. He also seems to have been doing quite a bit of touching of one of the singer's he is currently producing. Jealous bandmates have been talking it up for sometime. However it does not appear that the talk has reached the mother of his children as of yet, and he will do anything to keep it from her.

This cusp A list actress is beginning to be known as someone who will gladly let any guy who is close to the A list have her for a night or two or even a week. Guys are starting to line up to share some of her affections. She is only too happy to oblige and is enjoying her new reputation. She wants the world to perceive her as the sex symbol hetero female because it allows her the freedom to explore the same team and not have it questioned too closely. What once would have been questioned as being more than friends, now is just a workout partner or someone she is having coffee with or even a shopping partner.

When I saw the headline about Sylvester Stallone giving up sex while filming the latest Rocky film, I was going to offer some smart ass remark like the fact that his wife is probably also happy he gave it up. But instead, I will let Sly make the best remark which is that"giving up sex improves your performance in sports or in a movie." So, did he give up sex for Rhinestone, Oscar, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Over The Top and so many others? If he did, then just think of how the movies would have sucked if he didn't.

So, I really thought that Angelina Jolie could not get any more weird. This coming from a woman who made out with her brother, wore a vial of blood around her neck, and slept with Billy Bob Thornton. But then comes this. A mother and son are dirty and need to freshen up. They live just a few minutes away from where they currently are, but mom decides to spend $700 so she can shower alone with her son at a hotel room. They stay two hours and leave.

I saw that Star is going to run an article which alleges that K-Fed has tried to get Britney Spears into rehab. If I get a call back from my "friend" I will ask that question and some others that I know you have asked me about.
I do not really have anything to say about Jessica Simpson today. I just wanted to really post this picture. First, she looks about 50 in this photo, and I want you to notice how far ahead of her, John Mayer is walking. When a guy walks that far in front of a girl in a public place, what he is saying is I am not with her, please do not think I am with her, and I am open to anyone else who happens along. Finally, Pimpa Joe's kid is wearing boots in Miami. Perhaps those 80 degree days are too chilly.
This article is asking whether P Diddy got a handful of Jessica Biel's breasts or quite possibly licking at them at the Golden Globes. I did not see him doing either. I did see Jessica and Jamie Foxx having some very intimate moments together and also kissing several times. If P Diddy joined them later, or was there earlier, I really do not know. I will tell you that my impression while watching Jamie and Jessica together was that they were going to be spending some alone time together later in the evening.

So, the new morning format seemed to work out pretty well yesterday so, I will keep sticking with it. I am working on another long blind item which will be combined with quite a few, not blind celebrity anecdotes that are relevant to the long blind item. Make sense? Also, I have received quite a few e-mails from people with some of their individual kindness stories and others wanting me to promote their band or play or whatever. So, I decided that next Friday which is my second favorite holiday, I will plug anything any reader wants to plug. I know I am going to plug Jeeeze's restaurant and Anna's bathing suit line and share the kindness stories, etc. So between now and next Thursday send me an e-mail with all of the relevant information and I will put it in front of the thousands upon thousands of other readers. The only caveat is it has to be directly related to you. You cannot say I want everyone to see this band that a friend of a friend of a friend knows.

Many of you asked me to comment on a recent suicide in Korea. Contrary to reports that were circulating, no one from Baby VOX committed suicide. The woman who did kill herself was a singer and actress and was under a great deal of pressure from her fans and her record label. Although I know of U Nee, the woman who killed herself, I do not know her and she is not the subject of the long blind item.
Kelly Osbourne was turned down by Playboy. She may have been turned down, but I think the quote by Hugh Hefner is fabricated. He allegedly stated "we don't airbrush to that extent." First of all Hef has got more class than to say something like that in public. Second, I do not think Hef would want to get on the wrong side of Sharon Osbourne or piss off a rock legend like Ozzy. Finally, I am not so sure Hugh would turn it down. Kelly Osbourne may not be the typical Playboy pictorial subject, BUT there would be a tremendous number of issues sold and the interest would be really high. Ask yourself if you would be curious to see her in Playboy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sometimes you hear about something and you just do not even know where to begin. Nevermind, I guess we will start at the beginning. See, there is this singer/actress who has had a bit of a drug problem in the past. Perhaps she has kicked it, and perhaps not. While visiting the UK recently she met an actor who is A-list in the UK, but no one has heard of here although he is in one of the year's biggest hits. He was so enamored of his little doll that he followed her back to LA. She was flattered and loved the attention. He began telling her of his special needs in regards to sex. Think KK video and you will get the idea. Although she did not find it appealing, she was flattered that he wanted to do it with her and so she agreed. UNTIL she found out that while in LA and not seeing her, he was finding some women who accept money for those kinds of things and doing it with them. Serious bonus points for getting his name.

Now, I understand some blogs do not have the sources or capabilities to actually come up with blind items that are true. But it seems to me, this blog (Not Perez) could do much better than trashing celebrities simply because they had a falling out with one of their employees. This blog has a habit of making up blind items about a celebrity which are in reality nasty things they want to say about an ex-employee. They throw out a question mark to make the celebrity balk at suing, and instead make sure all the remaining staff get a forced laugh and a taste of what will happen if they decide to leave.

What happens when you are at a nightclub and think you are the shit, but no one is paying any attention to you? What happens when you think you can get away with anything and not suffer any consequences? Well this Seinfeld reference decided to take matters into her own hands. An A-list model was dancing on a four foot high stage and drawing the attention of the entire nightclub not only with her beauty but in the way she was dancing. This did not sit well with our spoiled princess and so she pushed the model off the stage and down to the floor. It was only because she happened to land on someone that she avoided a possible career ending injury. Those who saw what happened began to boo at the princess, but she was so into herself that she did not even care. She did not really dance, she just kind of did red carpet pose after red carpet pose. She was loving herself even more than normal. The only problem in her little plan was that the model and the owner of the club are really close so the next thing you know, the princess was yanked from the stage and shown the door. The crowd went crazy and all waved buh bye.

I know that everytime I post a Nick Lachey or Jessica Simpson story, there are people who read this blog and go running off to post it on their respective forums and blogs. Although I like to make fun of Pimpa Joe, I do try and stay neutral when it comes to who I support more. It is obvious that I do lean more Team Nick because of some sources I have. Well, what Pimpa Joe is doing in the UK for next week's dueling CD releases between the pair is really nasty and something which typifies Pimpa Joe. You can read the whole article if you have the time. However, the relevant portion states: “The fabulous Jessica Simpson NICKs the spotlight on 29th January...”

First of all, using the word fabulous in that sentence is just way overblown, but then to take a dig at Nick just because his CD sales are so much higher and she cannot sell a CD to make Pimpa Joe a buck because everyone knows the divorce was her/Pimpa's fault. With John Mayer and Jessica Simpson in Miami this week look for some kind of publicity stunt. If Pimpa can take his eyes off the bikinis at the beach, he will no doubt come up with something to make his daughter look even more terrible and John Mayer even more reluctant to admit he is dating Jessica.

Last year, Mel and I just missed each other at Coachella. It could of course have something to do with the fact that we did not know each other then, but that is beside the point. The Coachella lineup was released yesterday and Rage Against the Machine reuniting is the big deal. Of course, for me, Friday night will be the big deal because Bjork will be the headliner. Maybe this year I will have better luck getting The Smiths to reunite. I do not see the punisherz on the list of acts, but there is still time for them to be added.

Ahhhh. When you are a couple, and the subject of a blind item, what is the first thing that runs through your mind? No, not suing Ted C. We are talking about one of my blind items. Obviously, the first thing you want to do is go get married. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams allegedly have married. According to this article in the NY Post, they were spotted wearing wedding rings. Well, a photo would be nice. How come, we have to go to a UK newspaper (until they give me a license to use their photos, I am not going to say their name) to get a photo of the two wearing wedding bands? Perhaps the NY Post would like to spend a few bucks and pay Splash for the photos? What is the difference between photographing underage girls and kiddy porn? Well if you are Joe Francis, you probably will want to make that difference clear. Being convicted of laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of minors and only getting probation and community service seems like a slap on the wrist. Unlike what the tabloids are saying, I think this is the guy that drove Lindsay into rehab not James Franco.

Today I will start something new and see how it goes. I understand that waiting for one very long post until 1pm for those of you on the east coast is a bit much to ask. So, I will try and break down the long post into a few smaller ones. I know that you have already been sitting at work bored out of your mind for hours. You have probably already looked at several gossip sites. I try to make your day go a little faster by finding things that no one else, or very few other sites are talking about. Also, for the ladies and many men who read this site, I think I may have started something yesterday by showing the Josh Duhamel photos. Dan, who is a reverent reader of this blog, sent me an e-mail which provides a link to Mr. Duhamel fully nude, so please do with it what you will. There is not a lot going on in the gossip world, and so every bit helps. It seems like the same stories get repeated daily until the story and the characters are hammered into our brain.

So, thanks to Dan, here is something I know for a fact is not on ANY gossip site today. (NSFW)
And although, Josh was supposed to represent equal time from yesterday, I guess I am going to have to owe you. Here is the trailer for the new Carmen Electra film in which she plays a porn star. Can anyone say method actor?

Monday, January 22, 2007

This cusp of the A list actor is tired of the rumors and innuendo that he may be gay. No matter what he does or which girl he is with, the rumors just do not stop. He has tried to link himself to some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood but without luck. He complains to friends that the rumors are costing him dates with the ladies. However, his real friends know it is all a game. It is not just rumors, and the two or three serious male "friends" that have been part of the background and in and out of his life the past two years were way more than friends. While looking for cover from the one girl he thought he could trust, he shared his secret. Their rekindled romance lasted as long as it took for him to relate that he preferred men to women.

And here you thought Naomi Campbell was a bad boss. This B actress is the biggest control freak in LA. She is the boss of her relationship and everyone knows it because she tells them. She also tells her man what to do at all times. She decides what work he should take and what he should turn down. She hires his assistants for him and generally only hires men. She burns through her own assistants and staff at a blistering pace. Her poor husband is always trailing behind her. Not only because she wants him there, but also so he can try and clean up some of the damage she does and offer his apologies. Most of the time she does not see his efforts. However, recently, she overheard him apologizing to a waiter for her behavior, and she let loose on her man right in the middle of the restaurant She just screamed at him right in front of the crowd of people. Her control freak instincts have also led to diminished roles and lesser movies. She has been forced to hope for sequels to movies she has been in previously, just to get enough work.

As of today it looks like I am about ten days behind in my e-mails, so please be patient. Also, if you e-mailed me, make sure you check your bulk folder as they sometimes slip in there. As I have said before I do write everyone back, it just can take a little time. I appreciate all the tips, comments, questions and everything else you send.
As Courtney Love said here last week, she has been experimenting in the world of online dating. Now comes the news that Alec Baldwin is looking to do some dating online. After his version of speed dating at the Golden Globes, this should be fun. But really, more fun would be if he brought a camera on all those dates, and even better would be if he and Ms. Love hooked up on e-harmony. Can you imagine a date between them?

Ummm, didn't Justin Timberlake hook up with Alyssa Milano a few years ago? Didn't Eva Longoria leave JC Chasez for Tony Parker or someone in between? Does the term playing basketball have any other meanings, or did People magazine really devote their time and energy and a reporter's salary to report on a 3some hoop fest? Oh, and if you enjoy looking at a photoshopped Eva, then you can click here for some new, almost naked pictures of her. Tony must be so proud.
About once a week or so, it seems I post some pics that are NSFW. Not that I get a thrill out of it, and I am sure none of you bother to click it either. However, I just could not resist these pics of a topless Mena Suvari on some beach. Is that a necklace around her neck or something else? Kind of looks like the guy behind her is pulling it.

Ladies, I want you to know that I looked for some NSFW pics for you, and all I could find were these pics of Josh Duhamel in a Speedo. If you can forget who he sleeps with, then maybe you can enjoy.

I have no idea if this story is true, but the thought of Drew Barrymore running through Irish wheat fields naked sounds kind of painful actually. Does she wear shoes, or does she get completely naked? Does it itch when the wheat stalks hit your skin? In case you cannot
Running out of people to hit in the Northern Hemisphere, Naomi Campbell traveled to Brazil to find a new group of maids, butlers, and other help who will be willing to be assaulted. Who really cares that she is going to Brazil? Why does something like this even make the news?
What would you do for $80 million dollars? I think that is a question both Paul and Heather are thinking right now. Paul is saying, hmmm, I got me some for a few years, and have a wonderful daughter. But, for $80M, you think I would get a little extra now and again. Did he even get to watch her videos? Maybe she just sat him in front of the television and played them for him with all kinds of promises before they got married. Heather is probably saying something to the extent, of 365 days a year for five years is 1825 days and 43,800 hours and got paid $80M which works out to $1826.48 an hour. More than she used to earn anyway.

Angelina Jolie admits she has no regular human emotions. She just gets scarier and scarier. I hope Brad sleeps with one eye open. As I am typing this, I got a vision of Angelina just staring at Brad through the night, not even sleeping one second. Just staring, and when he wakes up, she turns on some acting switch.

Whenever it is a slow gossip day or I need some cheering up, I go on over to MediaTakeout where I am always amused by their balls and shocked they are never sued. So, there are about fifty shocking stories over there, but I will settle for the Whitney Houston and Ray-J story which claims they are dating. We already know how Whitney feels about help in the bathroom and Ray-J has his own brand of love for bathroom lovin as well. The fact that she is old enough to be his mom adds that extra twist. You can just spend fascinating amounts of time thinking of the possibilities of this couple.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


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