Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blind Item #12

Speaking of bad acting, this B+ list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition and a lucrative side gig is still a terrible actress according to the crew on set. Lucky for her that her new movie doesn't really require much actual acting other than reaction shots to action sequences. Good for her though that she got a headlining gig again though. I honestly didn't think that would happen again outside an indie movie.

Blind Item #11

That directorial epic of a movie from this A+ list mostly movie actor just gets worse. At this point, it is a jumbled mess with terrible performances and several entire scenes need to be shot again. Very quietly the studio is bringing in other people to slowly push the actor out.

Blind Item #10

As I predicted, it took just a few days for this aging permanent A list musician to have three women he is rotating between while his "significant other" is across the country doing her thing. He knows when she comes back, she won't care he has been with other women so he is not really even trying to hide it. 

Blind Item #9

You know, it is the pint sized reality star you always hear about with her marriage in trouble, but a female cast member on the same show is the one who is regularly hooking up with the owner of this high end chain of bars and clubs.

Blind Item #8

This former B list reality star who is probably a B-/C+ list celebrity offspring right now has been hiding her boyfriend of six months from her parents. Probably would be a Get Out type situation if he brought him home. 

Blind Item #7

This former A- list tween/teen singer who was the go to threesome partner for this former hated reality star when she wanted to add a second guy is still closeted. The good news is the singer, who is trying to make a comeback has a long term boyfriend and wants to make a coming out announcement when he gets married.

Blind Item #6

If there was ever anyone who needs to fear for her life, it is this woman. She is facing decades in jail. She was someone sent out from the church in the local community not very far from the sex clinic where she used to work after being groomed in the church. She was supposed to recruit potential tween and teen boys. She messed up and was caught. The church doesn't want her telling any secrets. 

Blind Item #5

This A list actor/singer/rapper/writer says he is going to make it his life's mission to destroy this female A list singer.

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 24, 2018

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is in a relationship and apparently has been dragged into the superhero world was shooting just a bit outside LA this week and was asking people in a strip mall where the massage place was located. The massage place being the rub and tug variety.

Jude Law

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Mr. X

March 24, 2018

Which former tweeners turned successful adult singers hate each other so much that at that big political event tomorrow their PR people were ordered not to make them do any photo ops together? They have hated each other ever since their tweener days when they both worked for the same network. Even if they end up doing photo ops together, it will look very forced and staged.

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus/March For Our Lives

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 23, 2018

This permanent A+ list singer has picked up a huge paycheck while throwing some subtle shade at this foreign born A list singer who once slept with the A+ list singer's husband.

Beyonce got a huge check from Snapchat who Rihanna dumped after they made light of her being beaten by Chris Brown

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 23, 2018

You know what? Missing from that self fellating article that this artist wrote about himself where he basically said he is a victim and misunderstood and that critics suck is that he is an awful human being. Well, let me tell you a different set of facts. You had a child star doing what was really her first transition to being an actress as a career. She had always been on the edge and figured this was a good place to start. My feeling about this film in relation to her is that it changed how she saw acting and Hollywood and has affected her for two decades. At the beginning she was this loving person who was full of life and after the film was over, she was 180 from that. He treated her like crap. He verbally abused her. He threatened her everyday to fire her if she ate any food. He would scream at her because she wouldn't sleep with him. Even after the movie ended, he would call her and scream at her. When he was editing the movie he would call and yell at her and tell her to lose more weight. I feel like he scarred her for life.

Vincent Gallo/Christina Ricci/Buffalo 66

Blind Item #4

One member of this celebrity family is in the news for an awful crime. However, the son of that family member, who is married to an international celebrity was known for years as the guy who would sexually assault or rape his household help. He went through dozens of barely legal maids and housekeepers who were subject to daily abuse for as long as they were employed.

Blind Item #3

This one named rapper with a spelling problem almost killed his soon to be ex because she exposed his hookup with another woman which he immediately caught a lot of grief over.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born permanent A list model should know if you hook up with a married man for money, you need to be discreet. She wasn't. The wife of the married man found out and then he had some scrambling to do which made our model look bad in public.

Blind Item #1

Once the parents of this foreign born A- list tween actress find out that a supposed friendship with a family is more about replacing the parents as management more than anything else, I think you will see the "friendship" end in a second.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Blind Item #14 - Lady Loves Part Four - A Reader Blind Item

We talked for a little while, but we were getting close to the time when we would have to leave to head to the concert.  I told her I’m going for broke – that I planned a surprise to try to cheer her up, but she would have to trust me and leave with me right then and there.  In the months ahead, we would go together to the Strip quite often, especially to this other legendary club, part owned by this probably permanently A list Actor right off of it which was still a few months away from opening as that notorious venue.  We would end up seeing a LOT of crazy shit together, but at this particular point in time, we were at a crossroads.  Another song, an obscure rock love ballad by a ragtag group made up of members of other bands, was playing in the background.  The song will forever be seared in my memory, although years later, I would forget the name of the band and the name of the song.  I would remember the lyrics, the rhythm, the beat of it – set to the memory, in slo-mo, of Washington’s beautiful, azure blue eyes both as big and deep as oceans blinking, me wiping a tear away from them, her finally cracking a smile.  That song would become my version of Al Bundy’s “Hmmm Hmmm HIMMMM”, until I finally found out its name again and the band that performed it, a few years ago.

I don’t know what compelled me to look up right at that moment, but – and I know this is going to sound like some sort of cliché bullshit but it absolutely positively happened – a bluish green shooting star streaked across the sky from East to West.  What can I say, I took it as a sign and moved in to kiss her…it was literally like a scene out of a John Hughes film (one of my favorite ones actually – Weird Science, where the guys get the girls after fighting off the Mad Max mutant bikers, and a pair of shooting stars streak across the sky as they kiss them).  And of course because the universe loves to play with us silly humans, just like that, yet another played out cliché - who happened to show up and start breaking up the party juuuuuuust then, at of course the most inopportune time?  The cops, or to be precise in this jurisdiction, the LASD.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  SIGHHHHHH…

I took Washington’s hand in mine, and told her it was now or never – I would be fine with whatever she chose to do – either go out with me that night to parts and places unknown, or I could take her home - but she had to choose.


Blind Item #13 - Lady Loves Part Three - A Reader Blind Item

My buddy had some very good connections throughout the L.A. music scene, including at this Legendary Sunset Strip venue – one of the most storied clubs in America if not the world.  He had heard a few days prior that this Legendary rock band with a pair of brothers was going to be putting on another “secret” show there that Wednesday – though hopefully it wouldn’t end up like the previous one.  As both of us were YUUUUUUUUGE fans of the group, he made sure to arrange that we could get in.  I told him to do whatever it takes to make sure Washington could get in too, as she was also a big fan.  I wanted to surprise her that day to try to kickstart her heart through the grieving process and get her out of her funk.  My buddy said he’d try but no promises, to which I responded not good enough, make it happen…OR ELSE! (No, not that last bit...I was firm but polite...and begged him to please help me make that magic happen).

Now the only thing left to do was to arrange for her to go out with me that night for a surprise “date”.  She didn’t want to go out at first, but I convinced her to just meet me for a couple of hours at a Spring Break house party another of our friends was throwing while his parents were out of town.  I got there in the late afternoon, and her gal pals brought her over shortly thereafter.  When I first saw her at the party, my heart skipped a beat.  Even after days of being down and inconsolable, crying all the time, and not giving a shit about her appearance, even as a shadow of her previous self as she was at that time, she was radiant.  Absolutely stunning.  Gorgeous.  Like magic (there are no coincidences ), one of my favorite 80’s love songs began playing in the background…a song that will always remind me of that moment: The Outfield – Your Love.  We went outside to a quieter, more private spot to talk, and she was still feeling down…I didn’t blame her, but the hopeless romantic in me ached at the sight and thought of her suffering. 

Blind Item #12 - Lady Loves Part Two - A Reader Blind Item

Now there’s something people need to understand about L.A. – not only is it chock full of the world’s finest ladies most trying to make it or break it in showbiz, drawn to the glitz and glamour of the industry like moths to the flame, but it’s also blessed that the home grown variety, those sun kissed California girls, were hardly ever what one would consider to be runners up in the aesthetics department.  Speaking of blessed, I, one of a seemingly rare breed of non-transplant, native born Angeleno sons, have been blessed in my forty-something years on this earth to have loved and been loved by 5 of California’s (if not the world’s) absolute best…every single one of them, while not famous, a goddess in my mind.  Each as lovely on the inside as they are/were on the outside.

While there are many tales that I may one day tell of myself, my experiences, and my Lady Loves, today’s tale focuses on Lady #4, who we will call Washington. Washington and I (along with Ladies #1 & #3) attended the same high school, a pretty high fallutin’ public school that was in those days both famous for its academic excellence and quality as well as notorious for its wild party scene.  In fact, an alum of the school had directed a pretty successful cult classic teen coming-of-age movie that was heavily influenced by his own experiences at the school/town.  It had a kinda-sorta “in spirit” remake/variation not too long ago.  The place even had a rabid pack of rocket scientists in its backyard, not just the rockband we’ll get to very soon that used to play in and around those backyards.

I was a couple of grades above Washington, and had been a few months past breaking up with Lady #3.  Washington and I had a class together that year, and over that fall, winter and spring we grew close, very close.  In the time leading up to Spring Break she found herself torn between her douchelord of an on again off again boyfriend and me.  The boyfriend, conveniently for us, decided to be his douche self and break up with Washington prior to heading out of town for Spring Break.  I would deal with that Grade A Shitheel in time, but at that time I decided to put my personal desires and wants aside and just be the "In the FriendZone" shoulder for her to cry on.  And cry she did – that first weekend of Spring Break it was tough to see her break down like she did, especially with the unrequited feelings of love, passion, and desire I most definitely had for her, and was sure she had for me.  But I was working on a plan to cheer her up, with the help of a friend of mine who had a line on a hush hush event that was coming up the middle of that Spring Break week. 

Blind Item #11 - Lady Loves Part One - A Reader Blind Item

This BI will probably end up running the length of the typical Novelist Himmmm BI, thus I both warn and apologize in advance.  Pretty foolish request up front, but please don’t speculate as to my identity or the identities of my 5 Lady Loves (especially the last one, Lady #5, as we have been married shy of 2 decades now and she’ll kill me if she finds out J), as none of us are famous.  I think there will be enough fun tidbits for people to guess at without us anyway.

That said, let’s hop in the DeLorean and let it take us back 25 years almost to the day, to the waning days of this legendary L.A. FM rock station that had exploded onto the scene in the tail end of the big hair bands era of the ‘80s.  Said station had launched with much fanfare with an inaugural song, an iconic song by a legendary rock band that the station would go on to use in a signature marketing ploy – every time they would play said song, a caller had a chance to win $10,000 if I remember correctly.  Funny enough, my buddy’s kid brother subsequently called up the station to request they play that song, only to be cussed out on air by the legendary DJ.  Before the station would disappear into the mists of time, it was even honored/mocked by having this other legendary alternative rock station bring it back not too long after - if only for a day. 

Springwas in the air L.A., and Spring Break was just around the corner - the first Spring Break in many years that I wouldn’t either have to work for the old man or be able to go out of town to blow off some steam and celebrate.  I grew up in the industry “on the wrong side of the tracks” so to speak – working long hours whenever I could spare the time for the old man - helping out on gear, props, equipment, anything and everything behind the scenes, behind the camera, in the background as the son of a “mad scientist” technical genius who made a pretty decent living as a freelance (and usually uncredited…in fact almost entirely uncredited per the old man’s IMDB page) technical/engineering consultant, special effectsman, propmaster, and occasional stuntman and minor/bit part character actor.  He was a “fixer” less in the Ray Donovan sense and more in the scientific sense – when a studio had some sort of technical problem they couldn’t solve, my dad was one of if not the go-to guy to come up with out of the box, creative solutions.  His far-too-often-unsung efforts won his various employers numerous Oscars, Emmys, VMAs and Clio awards over the decades.  But enough about me and my fam (for now), let’s get on with one of those Crazy L.A. Days and Nights. 

Blind Item #10 - Rock Star Sex And Fetishes - A Reader Blind Item

I have cousin who ended up living a very different and sad life than I.  We hung out as young kids, but then we drifted apart and while my life became more privileged, parents climbing the corporate ladder and all, hers took a turn for the worse.  Many turns actually.  I'd heard through the family grapevine over the years about her tough life, in and out of jail, rehab, getting into a gang fight while pregnant and losing the baby.  Just so sad and forward to a couple of years ago, she hits me up on Facebook after decades have gone by since we last spoke or saw each other.  Turns out we live just a couple miles apart-I in echo park, she in mac Arthur park.  Her birthday was coming up so I took her out to breakfast.  We smoked a joint, and shit got real.  I noticed she wasn't eating anything, she admitted she'd smoked a little meth before we met up.  I couldn't even tell.  Aside from not eating, she's a goddamn pro.  Wouldn't have even known.  It was like no big whoop.  And that is how she spoke of her past-matter of factly, that's just how it was, life.

Ran away from home to LA with her "boyfriend" when she was 12.  Got pimped, was dumped shortly thereafter.  Walking the streets of LA.  At 12.  At the moment, I was shocked and was too high to pry further, and felt like a dick for even asking if she had any dirt.  She did.  I can only imagine.  "You know the dude in the band that wears all the make up?"  Um..."the guy with the tongue.." (LT)

"Yeah, that dude.  He made me piss on him."  LOL real shocker that one.  I'm a decent judge of character and he's always come off as giant narcissistic turd...
She slept with, wait can I try this? Um...That rock guitarist who's silhouette you would all recognize  when she was 16 or 17. (GR) I guess that would have been early 90's.  She considers them good times, so who am I to judge....

Blind Item #9 - The Film Festival - A Reader Blind Item

Hey everybody! A somewhat frequent-ish but new (as last fall; longtime lurker, however) commenter here. When Enty asked for reader blind's, I knew I had to share mine with you. This one's a tad more salacious than the other reader blind's, but nothing that will make you overly hate humanity. And yes, for all you skeptics in the comment section, this is 100% true; there even may be video of it somewhere.

Anyhoo, I am lucky enough to have a hobby (which I want to make a actual career, but having a hell of a time getting paid gigs for it) that lets me hobnob with celebrities. Most of my interactions are pretty mundane "hey, I just met so and so type" stuff that really isn't all that interesting. But I want to share my own craziest, weirdest encounter with a celebrity. And probably show you how much of a dumb*ss I probably am.

For the past few years, every fall, I have been going to a film festival. A big film festival run by that down South independent theater chain that we all know. The one that had a HUGE PR disaster involving sexual assault and harassment and their response to it? The one that rehired the creepy editor of their in-house movie website and run that hip film distributor? That one.

Anyway, this was long before that all became public. This was about five years ago. My second time attending this festival. There was a movie playing there that year, that was a big deal for them. It is NOT a big mainstream hit. It played theatrically in big cities, but only made like five digits at the box office. It was a VOD play. But its also the kind of film that played well to the festival's target audience. The first incarnation of that hip film distributor, which had a different name back then, had picked it up from SXSW that year, and were giving it a big red carpet treatment, with three of the stars in attendance. This blind involves one of the stars.

The film's lead, we'll call CP. CP is a character actor type, talented (and friendly) guy, adept at playing creeps and nice guys. He doesn't really rank on the list in a mainstream sense, but does get a lot of leads in indie streaming/VOD type stuff, so he's on a niche list somewhere. I wish hihm more big success, which it was why it was a nice surprise to see him in a small, but sizable enough, role in that Academy Award nominated film from that permanent A+ list director we are all suspicious of, from last year.

The film's biggest name is probably AM. AM is a B/B+ dual threat comedic actor, best known for scene stealing supporting roles. When he's done leads they've bombed. But he's a great support ringer. Best know for a favorite, highly quoted and memed comedy from about fifteen years ago, give or take, in which he starred with a bunch of other comics who went on to be big A listers. It had a less satisfying sequel years later. Weirdly enough, takes place in a milieu similar to CP's last big film.

Finally, there is ER, the third star, and the subject of our blind. ER is a B-/C+ character actor who's most recently been on a couple of hit almost television shows, different almost tv "networks." He was former back in the day child actor who probably is best for his lead and/or supporting roles in a trio of cult teen comedies from about two decades ago. One he had the lead in; two were musically oriented; and two feature co-stars and bit players who would go on to A and A- list fame. ER probably could have joined them if he didn't bet his fame chips on taking the lead in a terrible (and terribly named) flop tv show in the early aughts that marked the first major effort for a production company after they made that ultra-low budget horror phenom released around the time of ER's peak fame.

So, anyway, now that I got all the hints out of the way, back to the story. So I was at this festival and in the audience for this movie. They were treating it as a party. And that party included a dare contest. There was a guy who got the film's title tattooed on his butt in front of the entire audience, for example. And there was a blind dare -- you didn't know what you werre doing until you agreed to the dare. In my idiocy, my hand shot up. I was chosen to do the blind dare.

Turned out to be innocent enough -- at first. I was dared to drink a "weinie martini" -- an unholy libation made from the juice from a can of vienna sausages (complete with a sausage garnish, like a martini olive.) When I was on stage, being interviewed about the dare as they were making it, I was asked by the host, the owner of the theater, what I thought it would entail. I learned right then and there, never give them an opening. I said I figured it was a drink someone dipped their junk in. I think you know where I am going with this now. Light bulbs went off. An offer was placed to the audience. Hands shot up.

But no one was more enthusiastic then someone sitting in the row directly in front of us.

A row of celebrities.

ER was deeply, cheerfully enthusiastic about being the junk-dipper. I can't blame him; he has the same kind of mischievious, gremlin-like energy when it comes to this stuff that i have. So, of course, he was chosen, and to his credit, he gave me the choice of shaft or balls (I went balls.) Off to the corner he went, a couple of dips and back he came with my drink.

Now I could have walked away then and there, but i'm standing in front of a packed audience full of people, and i can't just NOT do the dare, so down the hatch it went. Wasn't actually bad; a bit salty, which could have either been testicles or sausage juice, I don't know.

But, anyway, how many of the CDAN commentariat can claim to say they had a drink made from a celebrities junk?

Indie Film --

(bonus points if you can guess which commenter I am; hint, I have three words in my handle and one is an article.)

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 23, 2018

This former B list mostly television actress with an alliteration for her name told her ex she was unable to get pregnant, so this should all be very interesting the next year.

Meghan Markle

Five For Friday - A Broken Soul - A Himmmm Blind Item

This (foreign born A+ list singer) has always seemed like she's been on the edge of disaster ever since her career began. From the stunts she's created; to her public drug use; to her conflicts with other celebrities – she's always tried to stir up controversy.  But her personal life is even far more dangerous than her public persona.  The affairs; the hard drug use; and even doing extreme tricks to satisfy some void in her soul has led many to wonder if something is really wrong inside her mind.  Sadly, it is.  It took less than 24 hours to uncover this the last time we visited her in her home country. The singer's poor rags-to-riches tale is no secret.  But what's been kept (mostly) quiet is what she was forced into from an early age.  We'd always heard the rumors, but hearing it from her was shocking.

While her mother worked taking care of upscale resorts, the young girl was put to work taking care of upscale guests at those same resorts.  It's a service that's been available there for generations.  Any men, usually white and wealthy, who wanted "company" of a woman or girl only had to ask the valet.  The payment was always cash, with a tip to the valet who would pair up the girls with guests based on their requests. Male or female guests, or couples.  The head valet during the singer's era there was also the local police Chief's brother.  Most of the children of the staff were put to work doing this and the average age of the prostitutes are around 14 years old. 

It's no cult or international trafficking ring – just sadly typical third world prostitution.  The local government there cares less, and considers it (unofficially) as part of the tourist trade/service industry.  They say it brings income in to poor shanty-living families with few options.  When told of other options, they say the families and girls involved would rather work an hour to make what they'd earn a week or more in legit work.  And if you ask too many questions or piss off the government or cops? You'll find yourself quickly in trouble, or even locked up for a petty charge to remind you you're not in the USA anymore.

Our singer began when she was just 12 years-old.  She was the most popular girl available in her time there.  A beautiful girl who knew how to charm and perform for the guests, she would sing in the hotel bars for tourists by day – and have "dates" with the men at night.  One date earned her more than a month of singing for tips.  She soon made more than anyone in her family.  Two very famous and wealthy men in particular were among her customers.  This (record label owner) was her best customer, and this (foreign born very rich married A list celebrity/mogul) was one she felt a special love for who always treated her "like a princess"; buying her gifts and new clothes.  She says she was no virgin when she began her work.  One retired U.N. official (who she refused to name) was violent and very abusive to her.  During her "dates" with these men – which were actually rapes of a tween girl no matter how it's justified – she would sing for them and perform.  They both had a big behind the scenes role in bringing her overseas to start her career.  One of them even got her booked on a popular back in the day reality show to legitimize a story of how she was "discovered". 

The PR story in all her biographies and articles are total lies.  Thing is? The singer doesn't deny nor hide from the truth.  She shrugs it off saying that "it's better than cleaning rich people's toilets for little pay, and look at what I got for it. I don't hate my mother for this".  And never blames her family for selling her into child prostitution.  But not all her customers were so benevolent as to buy her gifts and get her career started.  Some used her, physically abused her, and scarred her emotionally for life.  Which is why she says she always feels incomplete.  "Like I got an itch I can't scratch".  No matter how much drugs, drinking, or dangerous sex she pursues…she's never "satisfied".  When told that's a recipe for a very bad ending to her life, and that there's healthy ways to fill that void, she laughed.  "I always know since I'm little that I will never grow old. Least I can do it myself and not be a victim to anyone else. I'm going to die and I do it my way." (Her exact words).  By the time she finished that sentence, she was staring across the water and had tears running down her cheeks. 

She says she feels doomed no matter what she does, which is why she refuses help – including the help we offered her.  How do we know all this? She's making a very private documentary telling the truth of her entire life, that she wants released only when she dies.  She showed us the tapes and explained it to us herself.  She says she figures everyone knows the truth anyway, and that she'll never be anything but "a whore".  "I was (permanent A+ list rapper) whore, the record company whore, I've been everybody's whore. So I will be my own whore and you can tell the world why after I'm gone". 

She says she still cares for those two old, rich men who were good to her and doesn't want them harmed – which is why she won't let it go public until she's gone.  It's so tragic, heartbreaking, and hopefully she'll accept the many offers of no-strings-help we and others have extended to her.  If not? Even she doesn't think she'll be around in another couple of years. Tragic, but that's what she sees as her destiny.  A child who was forced into something and used her entire life by others.  A broken soul.

The Singer/Actress
Music Mogul 1-Best Customer
Music Mogul 2-Prince Charming
Reality Show
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Your Turn

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Blind Items Revealed #4

March 23, 2018

Missing from a recent red carpet she was supposed to attend was this pint sized reality star. Her marriage is on the rocks and any time apart will bring it to a quick end.


Blind Items Revealed #3

March 23, 2018

This A list director is trying to throw his A list ex under the bus because he blames her drinking for their most recent movie together being a bomb. He thinks it was all her fault.

Darren Aronofsky/Jennifer Lawrence/Mother

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 23, 2018

So, this for right now A list rapper is sticking with her guy because she loves him and she is pregnant with his baby. Yes, she is sticking with him even though his ex is going to have his baby any day now and another ex is set to have a baby with him in the next month and he has I believe three other children with three other women. But yeah, this time is love.

Cardi B/Offset

Blind Item #8 - Dancing Boy Update

After I clicked "send" on that last update, I immediately had regrets - not because of what I said but because of what I didn't say. I'm talking about that cryptic final paragraph. That's where the bombshell is. As far a certain type of story is concerned, this one could register high on the Richter scale (sorry for the mixed metaphors) - probably in the top three. For people of a certain age, it might be #1.

Maybe, in writing it that way, I was being a little paranoid. After all, should the invitation to the bed-in at the Chateau Marmont be accepted by this person (not the actor, I mean, whose story we all now know), a certain permanent A list entertainer will probably have a bad day, maybe more than one. He's not likely to be happy with us.

Part of the cause for my concerns lies in one of the entertainer's works (with his longtime collaborators) from the 1990s. It teases violence against a person in a particular occupation - the one practiced (in another medium) by that son of the acting family whose real father we all know; the eyes are the giveaway. What's creepy to me is the title of this work, which includes not just a word but a name. Here's hoping it doesn't prove to be prophetic.

But back to the invitee.

As it happens, he is my age, and at roughly the same time I was doing small time kid modeling gigs, and community theater, he - along with other boys our age - was doing videos in a state neighboring his own. These videos were about an alt-sport not involving water, but sometimes practiced in places drained of it.

Then came that fateful year when we were both offered the proverbial part. But while I would end that year nearly famous, he would become actually famous for this one thing. It aired on tv. In fact if you were alive and of a particular age you probably saw it on a specific show.

And while he is credited as an alt-sporter on IMDB, what do you suppose his other role in this production was? Of course, he disrobes less than I did, but by the end of his roughly four minutes of screen time he's at least halfway there.

A note too about the format: obviously it's 16mm (which was at the time the standard for film school gear). I'm guessing that the director, because of his day job,  didn't need to buy or even rent cameras and lenses for the shoot.

Is it all clear now or do I need to s-p-e-l-l it out further (with not dashes but another kind of punctuation)?

PS I dated this person's close friend from teen times - a year or so before that occupational work came out. When they had lived together, in barely legal times, the entertainer when in town would come to the boy's bedroom window. He was jealous of the friend. Maybe I was getting too close to the truth back then.

Blind Item #7 - One Night - A Reader Blind Item

If you remember that recent reader blind featuring that pot-loving A-List rocker, GS, you will remember that he and I went to this posh, South African school, along with that B-List Academy Award winning Hollywood director, T, who was then playing the lead in all the school theatre productions.

South Africa was a very disturbing place to live, especially if you were like me or GS, and had a lot of Black friends and associates. We lived closeted lives, highly fearful of being outed because of the abuse we would have suffered if our racist classmates had found out where our true sympathies lay. South Africa was a brutal, totalitarian state and an atmosphere of dread hung over the land that was difficult to shake.

All of which leads in to one of the most mind-blowing day and night I think I have ever experienced, in the company of this recently-deceased foreign-born music legend, ST. Not all of you will have heard of him, probably, although in his native land and in certain parts of the music world he was permanent A list. If you don’t know him you might well know his son, a B-/C+ list Hollywood host/announcer. ST won multiple Grammys and even hit number one on the charts in the States back when he lived here. ST had created some of his country’s greatest signature songs, and he had played around the world for decades along with his A List first wife, several HOF bands, and many other music greats. He was huge, gregarious, fun, and collaborative—quite simply a human tour de force, a true inspiration, whose fame, was, if anything, far less than he deserved.

I would only ever be with him for about six hours, six hours that constituted perhaps the most intense and draining day or night of my life, a day that still lives large in my family’s memory.

When my Mom drove down to pick me up from school for a long, holiday weekend, she told me we needed to go pick up ST at a location about fifteen minutes away. ST had been living in exile for two decades due to his political affiliations, although he had returned to live just across the border of South Africa in the city where I grew up. He was THE man in our city, music-wise, and I had seen him perform once before at an outdoor venue, and his massive, raspy voice combined with the big sound and harmonies of his band just blew the crowd away.

My mother drove to a spot close to an infamous, massive slum. This was the ghetto where ST had lived when he became famous back in the day, and he eventually jumped into our car wearing some paint-splattered workers’ overalls and an incredibly shabby hat he was using to stay incognito. He had gone to pay his last respects to a close relative who was on their deathbed.

When he got into the car, it emerged that my mother had undertaken to smuggle ST into South Africa. He had borrowed an American passport from an equally tall African American we knew (who also looked a little like Apollo Creed and whose son was a friend of mine and who took lessons from ST). I guess what happened was that ST had heard that my Mom, who was his pharmacist, was driving down to Johannesburg to get me and begged for a ride. Even though my parents had turned down these sorts of requests on numerous occasions from other exiles, how could they possibly turn down ST? In any case, ST looked at least a little like the photo in the passport, and he could turn on a perfect American accent if he chose to, so the plan was not as hapless as it initially sounded to me.

After picking up ST, we next had to drive across Johannesburg to pick up a black friend of my brother who’d been invited up for the weekend. But due to the holiday traffic, it was slow going. By the time we left the city and headed for the border, we had practically no time to spare. The border was due to close at 8pm, and it usually took over four hours to get there. We all knew that failing to get through the border on time would be a disaster. Not only were we a multiracial party travelling together, but among was a big-name celeb travelling on a fake passport. Failure would necessitate having to camp out all night in our car in a venue with a massive police and army presence. ST himself faced years in jail if caught, while the rest of us would have found ourselves in short-term detention and interrogation at the very least. So we had to drive fast without getting caught speeding.

At the beginning, we were still relaxed. ST did some brilliant impressions of the “Jive language” from Airplane that cracked everyone up. While still near the city, an amazing moment occurred when this huge hit song came on the radio—you all know this song, performed by this blonde, gravelly-voiced one-time A-List singer/songwriter, BD, that singer who got her start playing in this ultra-hokey folk band along with that permanent A List country singer in the sixties. My unhip parents even had their Xmas album! Actually, that BD song was probably one of the biggest hits of its era, and ST sang along to the chorus, his massive bass filling our Nissan.

When the song was over, ST told a story, most of which I’ve forgotten, relating to his meeting with BD back in some bohemian location in NYC when she was an unknown. He had known her well, extremely well, and they had tried to collaborate on a song, apparently, after they hooked up. Even us two teenagers in the car were impressed. You would probably have picked ST to have been doing Eartha Kitt or Nina Simone instead, but to each his own.

As the hours passed, the tension increased. We had to slow down in towns, and then once back in the countryside again, my Mom floored the accelerator in a way I have never seen her do, ever. There were some shaky corners and near misses with oncoming traffic. As the tension went up, we stared at our watches and ST endured my Duran Duran and Pat Benatar cassettes.

We got to the border with about ten minutes to spare. ST ripped off the overalls to reveal some upscale slacks and a “USA” sweatshirt. We walked inside, talking loud and American. It was the quickest and easiest crossing anyone in my family ever had, just no-look, stamp, and see you later, and within five minutes we were heading for home with the burden of apartheid lifted off our psyches as we basked anew in the atmosphere of a free, democratic country run by wonderful people. 

Relief, elation, happiness—how life can shift in a matter of minutes!

But our night was not over.

After about a minute into our drive, we came upon stopped traffic. The driver of an El Camino, coming the other way and heading toward the border, had hit a donkey, and a couple of cars were stopped on the edge of the two-lane highway. The donkey, badly injured and in utter despair, was standing up in the opposite lane, unable to move. Those of us who had stopped, along with the dazed driver of the El Camino, had no idea whatsoever to do.

At this point, we saw headlights coming towards us, in the distance, coming very fast. This vehicle was clearly in a hurry, and with only a minute or two remaining before the border closed, he was clearly intent on making it. The ten or so people stopped along the road, milling around and looking at the crippled donkey, all soon came to the vivid realization that something terrible was about to transpire. The car was clearly driving out in front of its headlights and there was no way it was going to stop.

The next five seconds were long and tortuous, and we all took cover as the approaching Mazda headed toward the donkey at well over 100mph.

Following impact, we were all sprayed by warm blood, and then, amidst the smoke and carnage, we noticed that the donkey, or what remained of it, had been deposited in the back of the El Camino!

Then out of nowhere, emerging out of the chaos and destruction, came the distinctive bass of ST. Up to this point I had no reason to believe that he was a basketball fan, but in an imitation of Johnny Most he yelled out, “Count it and he’s going to the line!”

Nobody laughed, but it was brilliant spur of the moment repartee.

Meanwhile, the two passengers in the Mazda were badly injured, barely hanging in there, and by the time we went out and brought the police back the driver could not be saved since there were no jaws of life on hand. The other passenger was pulled out, and I hope he made it……

Badly shaken having seen death up close and personal, we returned home in a silent funk.

After that I only ran into ST a couple of times. A few years later he came up to me one day and told me that a northern European soccer team had purchased the rights to his recent single and that he was going to shoot a video. He said that he thought of our crazy experience often, and that the chorus of his new song was inspired by its events. He needed me and a bunch of other young blondes to impersonate the fans of this team. It was not an easy task to obtain a group like this in an African city during the school year, but with the help of some peroxide, some missionary home schoolers, and some friends whose parents were willing to let them play hooky, we had enough bodies to create a sizable “fan” section.

We headed out for a hot and dusty day of shooting at a soccer field not far from the club where he did most of his gigs. ST had his famous instrument, the one given him by that permanent A++ list music legend, which he played and posed with when he was not out kicking a soccer ball around. My group wore a bunch of orange shirts and banners, and did some choreographed cheers from a large rock nearby.

I didn’t actually see the video until it appeared on YouTube thirty years later. ST was magnetic and his band was tight. But the blonde cheering section was nowhere to be found. We must have been lame on film. Just another group of chumps whose 15 minutes ended up on the cutting room floor.

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 23, 2018

This B/B- list rapper/producer has been going through some rough times as of late. He has been suffering from depression and can't stop taking PCP. This is not a good combination. He needs some professional help, but no one can find him. He is going to end up killing himself or others unless he gets help.

Kevin McCall

Blind Item #6 - Himmmm

This (A- list mostly television actress on a long running network sitcom) confessed over lunch recently that being single again is not what she'd hoped it would be. "This is the longest I've gone without getting laid since I lost my virginity", she said. She then proceeded to list all the guys, married and single, who have asked her out recently.  She said they're all looking for a mother or a maid, and that's not her. She then stunned her lunch partner by bragging about the satisfying online video chat sex she's been enjoying recently with strangers. "Some even say I look like that actress on that show and I tell them I get that all the time", and she laughed.  With total horror, her friend asked her why she'd risk exposure with something like that? "It's totally safe, and it's not like those things are recorded...right?". A face-palm slap later, her friend explained to her that yes - those sessions are often recorded. And posted on porn sites. The naive actress suddenly lost her appetite, and said she needed to run home to take care of something. The friend paid the lunch tab out of pity for her.

Blind Item #5 - Himmmm

This (foreign born A list selfie taking model/wannabe actress who recently got a role) recently ran into this (A+ list mostly movie actor) on a night out.  She tried to cuddle up to him and purr in his ear, asking him if he wants to "spend some time" with her.  He acted like she had a disease. (And she very well may, but no more than him). He physically recoiled, snarled his lip, held up his hands and told her: "No thanks – I don't like to take the same road twice. Aren't you like, married or something?".  He then left her dumbfounded and shocked as he shook his head walking away, leaving her to wallow in her apple-tini and desperation.

Blind Item #4 - Himmmm

One thing that we forgot to share back during the Oscars came back across our radar recently.  At a pre-Oscars party hosted by a big talent agency in Coldwater Canyon, this (A+ list action director) was sneaking around outside to meet up with this (former reality star turned A-/B+ list mostly television actress), who was ditching her companion.  She and the Director were making out and doing some heavy fooling around, and assumed they were unseen by others.  But their plan was transformed when this (A- list mostly movie comic actor who started out on television) stumbled upon them while looking for a place to make out with his own pickup for the night.  Being drunk, high, or obnoxious – the funny guy thought he was funny in acting like he was going to announce his discovery of the couple to the whole party.  The Director shut that down with a sharp punch to the gut, and a severe threat.  After recovering, the not-so-funny guy went around spilling the news to everyone there, who were happy to mock her since she's earning a reputation as a coucher and climber.  The Director had already left, and the actress/singer was forced to endure the whispers and laughs the rest of the night.

Blind Item #3 - Himmmm

It's been a while since this (former A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee) has done any acting of note.  Her entire career really went over a cliff when she and this director tried to make their passion project which was so bad it helped sink an entire studio.  He says he's never claimed to be a genius auteur, but could barely get any work after allowing her to make all the decisions for them both back then.  Last week, she called him at the office.  He put it on speaker phone, and I heard every word.  She tried to convince her ex, this same director, that they should re-team and do a new project together.  She swore it would re-ignite both their careers.  She even hinted that they could "re-ignite our own passions too".  The Director looked like he'd seen a ghost; he adamantly refused, and told her he'd spent nearly 15 years having to rebuild his own career from scratch all because he let her dictate that disaster of a movie to him.  He politely wished her well, and after ending the call, he put her number in the "Blocked" list of his mobile phone. I told him I doubt the world would weep for that reunion.

Blind Item #2

This former state politician turned national news maker is on pins and needles right now because the way the press are digging into one particular story, they might discover that on a certain trip he and his female staffer shared one hotel room. The staffer is single, but our former politician is married.

Blind Item #1

This daytime talk show host is still boozing it up during her show and combining it with whatever medication she has swallowed that day. It makes for a very unpredictable reaction and interaction with guests and crew.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Blind Item #16 - French Quarter Part Three - A Reader Blind Item

That afternoon I walked around, checked roll to make sure everyone was there who was supposed to be, reported any non crew/staff affiliated lookee-lous as we called them, and brought drinks or snacks to those who couldn't leave posts. I would also watch a post if they had to step away for a bathroom break. It was during one of these sit-ins in late afternoon that I would overhear something that changed the whole outcome of my quest. Guards and other non-essential staff were not allowed inside the mansion when filming. They were to be on the outside porches or in the lawn area. But as Lance came back he was breathless. Even though he was twice my age he always called me Miss D. "Miss D, hey, you aint gonna believe this, but I just seen TM come out the side doors of the house and Loreen says she heard they was takin him to the makeup trailer. (He wore a lot to make him resemble the real person he was based upon) She's sayin if you go by the RVs maybe you can catch a glance of him coming out." Yes dear readers my cover was obviously blown and every employee of my company knew why I was "on the job".  And they all now seemed to be determined to make my wish come true. (Too bad Mr N's previous TV character's wife wasn't around!) I asked if I could get near the RVs or did the studio have their private security covering it. "Hell no Ms D, Captain Bill over there. Them Hollywood folks got bit by one skeeter standin around and they booked ASS! And it aint even dusk yet! Buncha woosies!"
 Thats all I needed to hear - Bill, a retired military man, was gruff but had a fatherly soft spot for me. He would let me go anywhere I pleased. So off toward the trailers I went. I found Bill and asked which was the makeup one and he pointed it out. "Was TM still in there?" "Maybe, not positive, been a while. " Ok, so not too specific but best lead all day.  He pointed out a nice rig a few feet away. "Go stand over there so won't look like you're stalking him if you see him coming out." Ok, good idea. So I stood by the luxury trailer and fired up another smoke. ( it was the 90s, ok?). Minutes later, door to that one opens and this red headed big muscle-bound guy steps out with a cigar in hand. "Mind if I join you?" He looked safe enough, and Bill was a cough away just in case.  "Not at all." "Hi I'm Mark, who are you?" Told him my name and I that I was an onsite security rep. Showed him my badge to prove it. He laughed and said I was the most petite security woman he'd ever met. Told him I used the bigger guards for my light work. He laughed. Then I asked him what he did. "Oh, I'm TMs personal trainer, bodyguard, assistant, you know, whatever." My eyes widened, "So is this one HIS?" "Yup he'd prefer his plane but nowhere to land by the house." He chuckled.  I said "Wow, very cool.  Wouldn't happen to have any souvenir headshots around in there?" He paused and said "hmmm not sure".  Then I just started talking and couldn't hit the verbal brakes. I said, "You know I've been a fan of his since his first episode of (hit education-based comedy). Over 20 years and it seems like almost every movie he does he gets better in. (So I exaggerated a bit..) For example just a couple of weeks ago I saw ----- at the movieshow. He and  (then A+ actor from major acting dynasty family) were so incredible in it switching roles I sincerely believe they should give BOTH of them Oscars as co-Lead Actor.  They both deserve it!" (Yes over the years I realize its somewhat of a hokey flick and plot but still love it).  Suddenly I hear a low quiet voice from inside the trailer say, " Aw, that is so nice of you to say that. " I turn as the door opens wide. "I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you, thank you so much.".  And then I'm looking into the most incredibly crystal blue eyes I've ever seen to this day. They were so light blue I'm convinced he wears darker lenses for movies. TM is inches away and smiling at ME! His hair looked damp but still had gray color in it and he had a towel around his neck. He was wearing a plain white tee and jeans. I, a woman who could out talk an auctioneer, was stunned speechless. I had to be visibly trembling. He was even more gorgeous in person than on film. He put out his hand. "Hi, I'm T..what's yours?" I shook it and WAS shaking now. But I think he was used to reactions like mine. I stammered , "Uh, I'm D--, D-- P---." " "Well, pleasure to meet you D.P.  So by your accent I assume you're a true Cajun lady, huh?" I could only smile and nod. "Love hearing the way you all talk down here. Y'all almost sound like you're from where I was raised in New York." I kind of giggled at that, and replied how NOLA natives hear that all the time. I glanced around and noticed Bill, Lance, and a few other of our guards a few yards away,  looking at the two of us, all grinning. Out the corner of my sight I also noticed Lance's wife Coral and two kids. They always picked him up from jobs. She had a camera. Right about then TM says, "Hey Mark, got a few of those promo pics on the table inside. Go get one for our friend here please?" Mark goes inside as my mouth starts functioning with my brain again. We made some small talk about local favorite dining spots. Told him about one well known as a Mafia hangout that looked like a dive outside but had the best pasta in the South. He said he'd actually heard about it and was definitely going to go before they wrapped down here. I felt a couple of rain drops as Mark came out with the photo of him in character and a pen with gold ink. TM leans it against the wall and signs it. "To D--, with thanks and love, T....M..." He handed it to me. "Here you go." At that point as it starts drizzling, Coral comes running up. "Hey Miss D. , Mr. M? Is it okay if I take a picture of y'all together?" I looked at him. He said, " Sure! Scoot closer D." and he put his arm around me. DAMN, I was trembling again!  As I'm only 5' and he's like 6'2" my head didnt even come to the top of his shoulder so he hugged me and I prayed I was smiling pretty as she pressed the button. "Hang on D, one more just in case!" He had the nicest smile cause he had so much practice obviously. I told him thanks Soooo much, and he said "my pleasure! Enjoyed talking with you" as he leaned over and kissed my cheek. I seriously think I blushed for the first time since grade school. Then Coral says, "Hey Lance, come 'ere! Mr. M, can me and the kids get a picture with you?" My good natured movie star was grinning and said, "Yep! Come over!" as suddenly several people appeared out of nowhere, guards, extras, and even youngsters. Though it was now seriously raining he never seemed to mind as they ended up taking the whole roll of film of admirers with him. Finally Mark came up and said the limo was ready to go back to town and they needed to split. There was an audible "awww" of disappointment as he waved to everyone and started heading back to the trailer to get his things. He passed right in front of me, and tapped my cheek and winked. "Bye D." using my shorter nickname and then he disappeared inside as a policeman said we all had to leave the area since they'd be pulling off in a minute. I walked away in a daze, surrounded by friends saying, "You really met him!" "We got our picture with TM!" "He's so cool!" "He kissed you D!"  I barely heard them as I walked on air back to my car. To this day it still seems like a wonderful dream if I didn't have the autograph and pictures to prove that once upon a time it came true.
P.S. I am well familiar with all the rumors about this gentle man over the years. I will not confirm/deny or even state my own gut instincts on the subject. Because I. Don't. Care.-What consenting adults do if no one gets hurt is none of my business. We all have secrets. I just know he was amazingly nice to me and a bunch of other minimum wage earning fans one hot, wet Louisiana day and that's what's important, right?

Blind Item #15 - French Quarter Part Two - A Reader Blind Item

The next morning, though I didn't get home till 1 a.m., I was up bright and early. Actually Oak Alley Plantation was closer to my house than the Quarter.  I put on my favorite dress and just enough makeup so it wouldn't run in the humidity. Just in case I might happen to see TM and he might see me too! Yeah and if wishes were fishes, right? Minutes before I left I got called by a guard on my pager. Louise had left their badge at home so she asked me to pick it up and I did. I was driving past the row of famous oaks before noon. Sun was out and muggy but weatherman had predicted late afternoon showers. This location seemed way busier than the previous night. Seemed like over a couple hundred people with the crew were there and I noticed several very nice RVs and camper trailers parked near the mansion. I got out and started looking for the guard whose badge I retrieved.  Saw a different one and I asked him where Louise was. He told me she was posted right near the back doors but I should hurry because they'd announced filming was going to start in about 10 minutes. I started walking as fast as I could towards the back. As I came around the corner I almost collided into an older gentleman sitting in a chair.  I was so embarrassed and profusely offered my apologies. Then I realized who I'd literally bumped into. A+ (now passed) mostly TV actor who had one of the most iconic villainous roles on TV ever. He chuckled and said "Don't worry about it darlin'! No harm done. For a short little thing you sure move fast!" A lady sitting next to him who I later found out was his wife of over 40 years was laughing too. I smiled, said "You are too kind Mr. N! Thank you." I hurried off and found Louise about 3 minutes before someone called "Quiet on the Set!"
As I walked back near the front where they weren't filming at the time, I saw a group of people I knew and headed towards them, pulling a pack of smokes and a lighter out my purse. Right after I lit my cigarette, a pretty blonde lady wearing no makeup, shorts and a long man's style button down shirt came up to me. "Excuse me" she said in a British accent. "May I bum one from you please?" "Sure." I said as I handed her one and the Bic. " Thank you so much" she replied as she took a long drag. "Left mine over in the trailer and its so muddy there. How DO you handle this humidity? Like breathing underwater." I nodded and said "Air Conditioning." She grinned, said "Thanks again sweet", as someone was coming up to her with a script. I walked over to my friends. One of them said " Oh my God D" I went "what?" He goes,  "do you realize who that is?" I replied she looked really familiar but not positive.  " Damn girl, that was ST, she won an Oscar a couple years ago for _____, she's playing TM's wife in this! " (She would also go on to several more noms/wins and end up starring in my personal ATF Christmas romantic comedy) I was shocked. Me, no one special, talking to 3 world famous stars in less than 24 hours. They were all very
 nice to me too, but the teen girl in me still yearned to see TM in person. But if I didn't get to, oh well, c'est la vie.  Realized I had a storied star filled weekend to remember for the rest of my life.  No regrets...yet.

Blind Item #14

Apparently one of the reasons The Church is breeding their own so to speak and abducting new victims at such a young age is to make sure no one has any sexually transmitted diseases. They restrict the movement of those old enough to leave the grounds and are monitored when they are allowed to leave. They want no possible diseases brought into their world that could threaten their way of life. Apparently, there was a pro golfer not named Tiger Woods who visited their sex clinic not even two years ago and he spread an infection to multiple women there. They vowed to never let that happen again.

Blind Item #13

This three named actress who remarkably is not named Evan Rachel Wood separated from her long time husband for a few weeks. Apparently he is back in the house, but things are shaky.

Blind Item #12

This A- list mostly movie actress is filming a new movie while waiting for her box office bonanza to be released. She is also taking every opportunity during filming to snort white powder. No one has been able to identify if it is coke or heroin.

Blind Item #11

This A list singer/reality judge was being the biggest diva/control freak to her employees who she now takes everywhere. She was just plain rude to staff at a store who were doing their best to meet her demands. It is like she watched Devil Wears Prada again and just really wants to be Miranda. 

Blind Item #10

This foreign born former A- list rapper who has some serious nomination/wins to her credit is trying to make a comeback after a very quiet few years. Knowing her, she will make a big splash and I think she is going to spill a lot about an affair she had with this permanent A+ list rapper because she hates him and his wife. 

Blind Item #9

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who actually was the lead a couple times is A- list now. You all know him. Some very big hit movies in his resume. His thing as of late is to send his much much younger wife to yoga classes to try and pick up threesome partners.

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 22, 2018

This former A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know despite the fact he has not worked in years tried to get the tabloids to do what they do and write a story about him. They were up for it until he said that he wanted to look good and his acting brother to look bad. The tabloids think the brother is a bigger star so won't cross him.

Randy and Dennis Quaid

Today's Blind Items - The French Quarter - A Reader Blind

It was a typical Louisiana spring 20 years ago. Hot, humid, and rainy most afternoons. I was separated from my husband at the time, so to earn extra income, I took a low paying job as payroll manager for a security guard company. Yet I got the greatest perks of any job I would ever have before or after. You see, occasionally we would provide guard services for movies filming in the area. And the jovial owner (now R.I.P.)  allowed me to act as an unpaid 'supervisor' on some sets. When we got a call one day for services on a major studio production which would star my favorite adolescent heartthrob I'll call TM I just knew this was one I HAD to "work" on. I had even kissed the famous denim jacketed poster on my wall and now I had the chance to see him in person? Hell, yeah, I was going! 
The movie was a fictionalized account based on a Permanent A++ celebrity's rise to international fame in spite of his weakness for a certain something.  The first filming location in NOLA was a Friday night near the French Quarter on the Moonwalk. I and some guards got there about 5 for a 6 pm shift change. The pivotal scene they were shooting that date was going to be a night one, but setup can take hours. I walked around talking to our other guards who were out there already to ask what and who they'd seen. Of course I had to ask if they had seen my permanent A list former teen idol anywhere or if they knew when he'd show up. I don't exactly have a quiet voice so in spite of the hubbub a cameraman overheard me and said, "He's off tonight. He's not in this scene." My heart sank.  When the guy saw my face he said, "But most of the main cast will be filming at Oak Alley (Plantation) tomorrow." Well now I knew what my Saturday's plans would involve! I decided to see the sights and enjoy the evening for a while. I did see the now deceased A++ award nominated/winning director talking to an assistant on the levee. Didn't recognize anyone else. Right as it was getting dark, it started to drizzle. I noticed a lot of the crew was heading toward the closed off parking lot of a Catholic church/school with a lot of food trucks inside. I was told that anyone with the crew was welcome, so I and a cop friend headed there. The rain was really starting to come down by then. My mind was blown when I saw what was being served from those trucks. There was LOBSTER, Chateaubriand, gumbo, hot dogs, etouffee, salads, baked Alaska, almost everything you could imagine or desire. You just walked around with your plates and it was served up, to be eaten inside the school cafeteria. While I was in the steak line, a limo pulled into the lot and stopped. I saw the driver jump out, pop open an umbrella and say something to the passenger. I then hear a very familiar drawl say, "Tony, I learned to hold an umbrella and get my own food 40 odd years ago, son. You do NOT need to do it for me. Go park this thing and come get some supper honey!"  The rain was slacking off, so the umbrella was left in the car, and the incredibly talented A++ mega-award nominated/winning actress in most formats gets out and walks over near the food line I was in. Let's call her AW. On her way she's saying " Hows it going Jake? " or "Hey Sue!" - just friendly small talk with assistants, bit players, electricians, etc. I was just amazed at how "normal" she was.  I went inside the cafeteria a few minutes later to sit at a table where I saw some of the guards. I told them who I'd seen outside. And as if on cue, she came through the door being held open by a guy in coveralls. Had her hands full, and came and sat down at the long table right next to ours. She was the only star I recognized in the room, just sitting surrounded by "regular folk". I avoided staring, but couldn't help overhear. She was telling someone how she didnt want to eat in her damn trailer, just felt like getting out and about before she had to do her scenes. Obviously she seemed more at home amongst blue collar workers than Hollywood elites. Though I loved her movies before that evening (especially that particular tasty named one almost all Southern females adore) I suddenly became a huge admirer of this down to earth famous woman sitting a few feet away. Though I didn't want to bother her for an autograph like a few people did,  I timed my own eating so I finished just as she was getting up. I threw away my stuff and as she headed for the doors, I held it open. Then I got my nerve and said, "Miss ----, I'm DP with XYZ Security. I have to say, you are one of my favorite actresses and its been an honor just to eat dinner in the same place. Hope you're enjoying it here" She looked at me, grinned and said, "Oh D, been in New Orleans so many times, just love it here! And thank YOU by the way." I replied puzzled, " For what?" "For not saying you're my number one fan..." We both laughed so loud people turned to look. She patted me on the shoulder and went back out in the night to Tony who was waiting near the doorway with the car.  I was thrilled later on when this role merited her more major awards/nominations since I was "there" when she did it.  It turned out to be a great time even if I hadn't seen TM. But I still might have my chance at Oak Alley...

Your Turn

So, this has been all over social media the past week. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 22, 2018

This foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor has a title in his home country. He shared a story last night about an incident that happened to him many years ago. He was doing a play and the stage manager walked in on the actor having sex with a co-star. The co-star was bent over with coke all over his back. Our actor looked at the stage manager and said either join in or get out. The stage manager got out.

Sir Ian McKellen

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 22, 2018

And so it begins. Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for the tabloids to try and put this former tabloid cover couple back together. Don't believe the hype though, the two A listers are not hooking up or meeting up, but it wouldn't shock me if the one who is a master of publicity isn't having her people leak that they are.

Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 21, 2018

This foreign born A list singer was always going to perform despite what he said or the 30 minute rant about the wrong flowers in his dressing room. He just made himself look like an idiot with his diva act.

Sam Smith

Blind Item #8 - A Reader Blind Item

The year was 1989.
It was my birthday and a girlfriend
decided to take me to that famous LA underground club
that changed locations weekly.
We got there, I in my sky blue skin tight mini dress
and hair up to here, innocent and unknowing as to what
the evening would hold.
I was immediately adopted by this 24 year old grandson
of a very famous studio head who was already gone but
still remains extremely well known to this day.
He reminded me of the singer of REM. Ha. He made sure to
tell everyone I was "legal" so naturally every single
person had to buy me a drink.
I was not a drinker.
He then asked me if I was interested in going to the VIP
room. Why not, so he grabbed my hand and off we went
He asked which VIP room I wanted to go in. I asked what
the difference was. He said there were two film wrap
parties so I said whichever one seems more fun and let
him decide (here's me from OC with zero idea.)
Room #1 had the weirdest conglomeration of famous people.
The film was horror, complete with a monster. It starred
a famous ballet dancer.
I was offered drugs by almost everybody, I was rather
shocked but I declined because I didn't do them. A
older man who was famous for quite a few TV/films in
the 60s was there, he was not doing drugs and offered
to share his pizza with me so I did. We chatted and ate
and had a great time.
Until I went to the bathroom. Nobody warned me that was
where the harder stuff was, and the weirdos. The guy
who played the monster swore I was in the film, that
he had killed me in the last scene. I said no, not an
actress. A director overheard us and came over to ask
me if I was interested in acting. I said no. He gave me
his card anyway. My friend took it and tossed it LOL.
Then an actor famous for certain comedies back in the
70s bugged me to do coke with him. I again declined. I
think this again impressed my new friend who stayed by
my side and kept watch. Many people asked for an intro
but I still didn't even know who he was.
Soon the people in the room were asking me about myself,
my life, where I lived, etc. They were shocked I wasn't
in entertainment and had no desire to be and found my
boring life to be enthralling!
Soon my friend grabbed my hand and took me to the other
VIP room. This film that wrapped was much higher on the
success scale and had several of its costars present.
It was a comedy drama and had several memorable lines,
one of which I repeat to this day regarding licensing
for adult activities.
The room was more of the same, only there were several
people in there who were with same sex dates and I had
NO IDEA they were gay!!!! I am not going to out them
but it was very shocking, let me say.
Everybody was very nice to me because of my friend whom
someone had informed me who he was at the bar when he
stepped away. It didn't change anything for me, he was
near my age and was very nice to me and we were having
fun. He asked me if I was interested in being his date
for the premiere for this movie and I said why not. He
chuckled at me because I was not impressed in the people
postulating and more interested in talking about music
which he loved.
Soon we went back downstairs because the band started.
My friend said nothing about who was performing but when
we got there the guy onstage was wearing this weird
combination straitjacket/corset, lots of femme makeup, and
the performance was very dramatic. Not really my thing.
I had a guy I was interested in meet me at the club so
I said goodbye to my friend and set off for a romantic
Hollywood is really freaking weird, and that was just
one memorable evening. The premiere is another story.

Blind Item #7

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee continues to try and mount a comeback. He recently sent over a hooker/stripper to a soon to be co-star to congratulate him on landing the part.

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr. Hedge

February 9, 2018

This foreign born A+ list celebrity is being investigated by the SEC and it is much more serious than he is letting on to his investors. This is crash and burn type stuff for the shareholders in his company. Perhaps this is why in his most recent relationship he was not willing to make the financial commitment his partner demanded. I have a feeling they will be back together soon anyway even if she can't get something in writing.

Elon Musk/Amber Heard

Blind Item #6

This former child rapper/actor isn't really married. He will literally do anything to get an ounce of publicity. It wouldn't shock me if he ended up under some type of 5150 hold in the next few months.

Blind Item #5

This former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned escort has not been giving a cut of her escorting business to a relative who has been basically stalking her to get the money owed.

Blind Item #4

A very rare spotting of this closeted A list football player and his boyfriend at a public event. They usually do not emerge together anywhere there might be cameras.

Blind Item #3

Usually our A+ list mostly movie actor collects a fee from modeling agencies trying to boost the fees of some of their models. This one is new though. Our actor was being paid directly by a model to increase her yachting fees for this summer. She wasn't getting much traction and would have just been one of many. Now, she is in really high demand.

Blind Item #2

It looks like the ex of this former A list singer was right to stay far away from him. The singer, who is mixing drugs and booze would have probably killed a woman this week if her friends had not been there to intervene.

Blind Item #1

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was probably A list when his long running franchise was still rolling. Since then, there has not been a lot of success. It also looks like he is back on the bottle in a big way and showed up to support a friend at a premiere while on a crazy multi day bender.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blind Item #15

Apparently this A list singer got lectured on her coke use by this permanent A list singer who is working with her. The permanent A lister would know a thing or two about the subject from his experiences back in the day.

Blind Item #14

This still A list singer who deserves to be out of work because of what he did in the past and continues to do offered his ex $100K if she would just come to his house for a few hours. Now, his ex has been known to yacht a time or six, but she said no. She said she feared he wouldn't let her leave and if she tried, he might kill her.

Blind Item #13

This mini me Ryan Seacrest wannabe is married and this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress called him out on it when he tried to hit on the actress who has actually kept herself sober the past few weeks while promoting her new movie.

Blind Item #12

There was an "athlete" who was recently arrested for trying to have sex with a child. Well, he started naming some names to try and cut a deal. One of the names he named is A+ list in that same sport. 

Blind Item #11

This permanent A list country singer is cheating on his wife with a woman who works at his record label. 

Blind Item #10

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently he hired an escort two nights ago. She says she walked out though because he hadn't showered in what looked like a week. He was drunk and said she needed to drop a couple pounds. Umm, he could stand to drop about 100 pounds. Anyway, when she made a move to leave, he grabbed her by the arm and started calling her a c**t and a wh**e. He is vile.

Blind Item #9

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor has a franchise. He has the power to do something about the increased visibility of this sexual assaulter/woman beater who is a B+ list actor. Instead, the foreign born actor is fully on board with a new promotional push featuring the sexual assaulter. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 21, 2018

This permanent A list singer who no longer actually sings or really does much dancing at all on stage despite how she used to move, is in a new ad campaign. The problem is, even they didn't really know what to do with those new lips of hers that are all sorts of wonky.

Britney Spears/Kenzo

Today's Blind Items - A Reader's Blind Item

Although I have lived a rather sedate and quiet life, my acquaintances are always asking me to tell stories about the numerous celeb encounters that I have experienced. Here are some of those, written in CDAN, HIMMM style:

Back in the day, I lived in Africa and my parents sent me to a posh boarding school. Because I had an American passport, I was excused from taking Afrikaans classes—which were mandatory for citizens. The only other person in my grade with this exemption was someone I will refer to as GS, who was born in America too. While everybody else suffered taking a language none of them wanted to learn, we wiled away our time in the school library, reading newspapers and chatting. GS, who had a Quaker background, was for some reason exempt from all the mandatory sports and activities the rest of us were subjected to, and went home earlier than practically everyone else since he lived nearby. After a while he and some fellow students cleaned out an unused storage area, got a key, and put their instruments in it, where they practiced during lunch.

Later on, GS moved to the States to avoid the draft and became a permanent A-List, pot-loving rocker. When he made it big in the mid-1990s I didn’t even recognize him.

A couple of years prior to GS making it big, I will still in Africa doing work deep in the Kalahari desert. One very hot summer day, as noon approached, I was dying for a cold drink—truly a luxury out there in the middle of nowhere where there was no electricity. Pulling my 4 Wheel Drive into a village, I turned the engine off to hear if there was a generator somewhere nearby—the tell-tale sign of a bar. Sure enough, I heard it buzzing in the distance and made my way over. My assistant and I then parked outside the bar, and then went in. The only other patron I instantly recognized—an A List mostly movie actor, who I will call “IC” who had fairly recent brought back an iconic superhero to the big screen. Taken aback by his presence at this spot, I exclaimed, “what the hell are you doing out here?” IC, who was nursing a luke-cold brewski while looking chic in some expensive designer sportswear and athletic sandals, told me that he had recently sponsored some biologists who had made a major discovery—one of the biggest caves ever found containing this animal related to his superhero character. Taking a break from the rigors of Hollywood, he had come out to Africa and spent a week camping out in this secret cave in the middle of nowhere.

Fast forward another decade or so, and my life took me back to America, where I took up residence in the southern Hollywood, Atlanta. My employers, a well-known chain store, deployed me into the ritziest Black neighbourhood of town, just north of the airport, where the typical residence ran at 1 million and up. Over the course of time I would encounter practically the entire athletic, political, and entertainment leadership of Atlanta, up very close indeed.

Probably the craziest of all the encounters I had was with this crucifix-wearing A List rapper AM, who has since evolved into a multi-threat celebrity.  AM had recently had a baby with his C-list Baby Mama, necessitating an endless set of runs to our store to pick up prescriptions for the two. Being a celeb, AM preferred the drive thru, but on one windy day his $20 bill was blown out of his hand before he could get it into the drive thru tray, and it vanished in the breeze out into a nearby field, apparently never to be seen again. AM was outraged, insisting that the loss of money was our fault since he had tried to pay. After I spoke to him in the drive thru through a microphone, he remained incensed when I told him he had to pay for his prescriptions. He then sped into the parking lot, and then entered the store with two members of his posse, whereupon they tracked me down, forced me into a corner, and tried to intimidate me into giving up the prescriptions without further payment.

A similarly frightening encounter that I had was with another paranoid A-list rapper, GB. GB would also come to our pharmacy drive thru regularly, and hand in a shopping list which he would demand to have filled and scanned while he waited outside in his car awaiting a call on his cell to come and pay. Inevitably I would be called in, and would refuse to perform this, although once or twice I obliged when he only wanted some milk. One time, when GB was in a particularly bad mood, he picked up a big Magnum-style revolver and waved it around while he yelled at me through the intercom. Most of the time, he would give up and walk in the store, whereupon nobody even gave him a second glance even though he feared being hassled by customers.

Of all the multitudes of star power that I witnessed, only one celeb ever brought the customers and business to a complete stand still. This petite mega hot foreign-born B-List model/mostly movie actress had the figure of the animated Jessica Rabbit from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit franchise, with huge boobs and ass along with a tiny waist. On the day she arrived with several of her booty-shaking colleagues to pick up some supplies, all were wearing rather tight-fitting clothing. Nothing happened until they all checked out.

Musician GS---
Actor IC--
Rapper AM—
Rapper GB—

Your Turn

Have you ever been picked to serve on a jury?

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 21, 2018

This barely legal rapper was talked into dropping almost $25K on his former stripper turned reality star turned escort turned celebrity girlfriend. At the same time, she was sexting a guy she was going to see the next day.

Blac Chyna/YBN Almighty Jay

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 21, 2018

This foreign born really rich guy who had an obsession with a permanent A list singer is doing the equivalent of the mobster who walked the streets of NYC in a bathrobe every day. The rich guy is trying to escape some very serious charges that were leveled against him, but would prefer to just wear his bathrobe around young models and release a press statement than walk the street each day to make his point.

James Packer/Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 21, 2018

No matter how often I write about them here or the rest of the world shares on social media, it seems this former tweener turned A- list singer/former reality judge just can't start treating her fans with anything but contempt. I just wrote about her two weeks ago treating a fan like crap and now she is treating dozens and dozens at a time like crap all while raking in huge amounts of money for it and then going on social media and telling her fans that if it is not good enough for them that she treats you like crap for your hard earned money that she will just stop meeting them all together. She won't though because she wants that money.

Demi Lovato

Blind Item #8

Want to have sex with a female teen who is barely a teen? Want her to be experienced? Want to make sure you are not arrested? Is it no wonder this former A list singer stays in demand and is not blacklisted for his past? It is because he provides a service to other singers/rappers/celebrities and politicians. They come to wherever he is living and get to spend an hour or a night with one of the string of teens he has groomed. He still sings and still gets really good songs because of this side gig. He also knows he won't get arrested because of the people taking advantage of his services and also he knows that if he sticks to teens of color, the police and parents tend to turn the other way. Currently he only has six teens, but he is looking to expand, but needs a bigger place and also needs to remain in the same city because it is where his customers have the most influence. Yes, that was the CEO of a top 50 company out with one of the singer's groomed teens. Why yes, that was this old, permanent A list mostly movie actor out with one of them too.

Blind Item #7

This current MTV star is being paid by his ex to keep his mouth shut about the paternity of a child. The ex has not told her current significant other she is doing this. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 20, 2018

Apparently this former A- list reality star tried to force a threesome with his girlfriend and this foreign born B+ list model/part-time actress from a celebrity family. The foreign born celebrity was having none of it.

Scott Disick/Sofia Richie/Lottie Moss

Blind Item #6

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who was a recent Academy Award winner/nominee is stepping into a very recent controversy by telling this A list couple they need to clear his "second wife" or he will make life difficult for the A list couple. He is one of the very few who could do that.

Blind Item #5

This "fashion" rapper couldn't stand to attention with a woman if he tried so his wife got pregnant through artificial means.

Blind Item #4

This A- list director/producer spent a great deal of money that was not his on drugs and women. He is scrambling to come up with what he took.

Blind Item #3

This married former naked celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned reality star is getting really serious with a whale from Vegas she met while being his casino companion. Apparently she has moved into a place out there he owns even though he is rarely there.

Blind Item #2

This one named singer and her rapper boyfriend got into an argument with another couple because they thought the other couple stole their coke. The other couple insisted they didn't even use coke and the singer and rapper became more aggressive to the point it was getting scary before the one named singer finally found the coke in the bottom of her beach bag. No apology though.

Blind Item #1

Desperate for more funds, this former child/teen actor who was mostly in movies is resorting to cheap publicity stunts to try and raise more money from what he hopes is a gullible public. Those vacations aren't going to pay for themselves. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Blind Item #15

Apparently a DNA test might be in order for this A- list mostly television actress who back in the day had a franchise. There was a "break" that happened just about the same time she got pregnant.

Blind Item #14

Apparently while this B list mostly television actress from a very hit almost television show was passed out from partying, her foreign born boyfriend cheated on her and this is why they split. So, not that he makes her party nearly killing her, it was the cheating that finally got her to leave. Well, now hopefully she can start to get healthy.

Blind Item #13 - Her Words

Last night, after the news broke about a certain producer, an actress ALL of you know who knows the producer as well as anyone sent me this.

thank you for all of your ongoing support. i Don’t know how Any of these meN sleep at night, but if there’s one thing that i Do know Is that what’s Done In the dark, always comes to lighT! xoxo

Sorry, I thought it was clever :D unfortch I will obviously not be making any comment whatsoever (for obvious reasons) and unfortch I feel as though the only way that legitimate stories can make the headlines regarding ____ is if others publicly speak on his behavior. _____ was truly like a 2nd father to me. But things changed. After the 2nd incident, i don’t know if I will ever be able to have children or have the family of my dreams.

People have been picking this scab for years. I just won’t be the one who finally rips it off. 

Blind Item #12

If it hadn't been for a reporter calling out a venue, this former A- list mostly television actor/accused rapist would have been earning some bucks there. The venue tried to sneak it past everyone. 

Blind Item #11

To make things try and look better, this permanent A+ list couple have removed thousands of seats from the inventory of their upcoming shows. Look for groupons coming soon.

Blind Item #10

Speaking of being outed, this former tween singer turned adult mess is hiding the fact that he is selling himself to older men again.

Blind Item #9

The recent suicide of this K Pop star was because he was about to be outed in a secret recording. He didn't have any money to pay the blackmailer.

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 20, 2018

One of the lead actors of this new movie which is a sequel to a movie that didn't do that well and the sequel is going to do worse didn't even bother to show up for a Q&A about the movie. Why? He wants as far away from the bomb as he can. He let the other lead, a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor handle the duties solo.

Scott Eastwood/John Boyega/Pacific Rim Uprising

Today's Blind Items - Dancing Boy Update

Here's another update about the forthcoming Dancing Boy short - this one concerns an actor you all know.

As I think I said, the story is told in flashback. It begins though in the present day. After a brief monologue about the public, private, and secret life of Hollywood (this is a story of the latter), we cut to the Chateau Marmont, where the adult dancing boy (likely now played by me) arrives with his boyfriend. They're there to stage a bed-in, thronged by media, to get the former released from his NDA with the studio (so he can tell his story).

This update involves the actor we're talking with about playing the boyfriend. As it happens, his breakout role back in the day was (as with the first update) in a family friendly comedy movie from the same decade, although later. The person with top billing in this movie actually became famous for another movie/franchise a few years earlier, and went on a few years later to be the nominee/winner of an award.

The clue for the actor in question (to be the boyfriend, I mean) concerns an audition - probably the most important of his then young career. In it he performs a song by a now permanent A list band which at the time was controversial for some people in a certain part of the country (who felt it offended their beliefs). That was ironic because the title was really just an expression/saying from that part of the country. There's a video of the actor singing this song, and talking about the audition. When you figure it out it will all make sense about why him for this part/scene.

I don't know if he (as in another person referenced in a blind item a few months ago, and in some way connected with the content of this update) will go through with it, but if we are joined midway through the scene in question by him, it could suggest that a longstanding rumor is true.

Your Turn

Do you think AI will ruin the world?

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 20, 2018

I hadn't heard of him going before, but it looks like this permanent A list mogul/wannabe rapper who really wants to make his own music and not have to glom onto others because they feel obligated attended that sex retreat in Arizona to "get his mind right."

Sean Combs

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 20, 2018

Considering they never even had sex, I thought it was pretty nice of this former A- list actress to even say anything nice about her sex life with this former A+ list rapper. He has issues performing because of certain idiosyncrasies he has.

Vivica A Fox/50 Cent


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