Saturday, February 03, 2018

Blind Item #7

This thirsty celebrity none of you had ever heard of until a couple weeks ago when she shook things up has seen a drop in her yachting customers since that initial burst which also allowed to raise her rates. Now, the celebrity/actress is trying to sell a story about how she had an affair with this A list talk radio host she shares something specific with.

Blind Item #6

Tough to get all those hundreds of opiates overseas when you don't have access to doctors like this A list celebrity does in the States.

Blind Item #5

Pretty tough to enjoy yourself during award season if you are this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress and your husband is cheating on you but you have too many commitments to go see him.

Blind Item #4

This foreign born A- list model turned B+ list actress did a turn as a Queen and that was probably her biggest role. She also has the movie footnote of being in the final film of this beloved actor. Anyway, she can't really explain what happened to that $250K of charity money which seems to have gone to line the pockets of those closest to her.

Blind Item #3

Proving once again that money is thicker than friendship for this A list everything in her mind singer/actress (television and movie)/diva she is teaming up to make a lot of money with a mortal enemy of her actress supposed best friend. A lot of bad optics with this.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 23, 2018

I was talking to someone the other day about the movie that recently got screwed over simply because the actress who stars in the movie hadn't slept with someone who could make sure it did really well or really poorly. The actress, who is an Oscar nominee/winner has not really said much about it and there is probably a very good reason. If she did say something, people would start asking her questions about her past and how she got her start. There was that guy who was in her life for a lot of years and got her that first break. Our actress had sex with him for a lot of years and also brought him young actresses she would meet and he would have sex with them too. She was not alone in this. There was another Oscar nominated/winning actress who also got her big break after sleeping with him and continued to do so for a number of years. Because of the status of these two actresses, they were able to bring in a ton of young women and the only ones who got a break were the ones who slept with him.

Taraji P Henson/Vincent Cirrincione/Halle Berry

Blind Item #2

Talk about being jealous. This review site has been taking heat for the promised bad reviews about to flood its site of this upcoming superhero movie which is going to make tons and tons of money. It might even make $200M the first weekend. Why would it do this? The site is owned by a rival studio/comic book series. Oh, and making sure all of the bad reviews and trying to link bad reviews to the soon to be blockbuster is this cable news network owned by the same movie studio. 

Blind Item #1 - Alex Winter's Molester

The guy Alex Winter was molested by was an evil man and suffered death as an evil man should. A man, who by all accounts molested and raped hundreds of boys throughout his life and was eventually killed by his adopted teenage son who he had molested and raped for years. Our actor is foreign born and was killed just shy of his 70th birthday. Foreign born and a multiple Tony Award winner who was nominated multiple more times. One of his wins was for arguably one of the more famous musicals ever on Broadway. One of his nominations was for a musical that was great on Broadway and absolute crap when they made it into a movie. He was in both. One final clue is our actor died in a different foreign country from where he was born.

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 15, 2017

Our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort had sex with the leader of this country where she spends a great deal of time in exchange for a passport from that country. No money exchanged hands. Probably been a very long time since that happened.

Lindsay Lohan

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 15, 2017

This foreign born former reality star/singer has seen a career resurgence after spending much of the winter having sex regularly with her mogul ex boss. She is even in line to land a very high paying network reality gig.

Nicole Scherzinger

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 15, 2017

At Fashion Week, this former pop star turned actress on a hit network show had some serious shade thrown at her by a Disney actress who told the now actress to stop hitting on the boyfriend of the Disney actress and to find someone her own age.

Mandy Moore/Peyton List

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 14, 2017

This A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a long running hit pay cable show told a guy at Fashion Week that she was taking a break from her long time significant other. The next day though she was out with him. Interesting.

Rose Leslie/Kit Harrington

Friday, February 02, 2018

Blind Item #16

Something a little out of the norm. The mayor of this southern city is about to resign because of an affair she had with a protective officer. Apparently before holding office she also had several affairs. 

Blind Item #15

This B list actress all of you know who tries to social media way through life to stay famous and continue to get work is being cheated on by her husband which will crush her. It will literally crush her if she finds out.

Blind Item #14

This A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show is going to be really disappointed that she split from her husband but that married conservative commentator she has been hooking up with for much of the past year during flights back and forth to NYC is sticking with his wife. 

Blind Item #13 - The Dancing Boy - There Is A Picture

From a long ago friend of The Dancing Boy who got in touch with him after reading the blind.

I can confirm that I know the identity of the "dancing boy." He was a longtime childhood friend of mine, and I was the only one let in to visit him in the hospital back then. The studio people didn't really trust the parents, only his sister. She was one of those very Christian girls, selling no-sex-before-marriage in mega churches and on talk shows even before it was a thing. In fact, I think she pretty much helped to make it a thing. It was all bs of course, but he was afraid of her, and she kept him in line, which was what the producer and everyone wanted. You should've seen the letter she wrote him when he came out to her a couple years later. And because you know the world always seems to work in horrible and ironic ways, she went on to become known for her progressive activism. She founded a certain cause oriented mostly documentary film festival in the early 2000s annually visited by celebrities who want to up their profile on this issue (not LGBT or feminist, but people associated with it would be shocked by her past).

It's funny too because he actually went to high school with one of the _____________ (acting family siblings), and was thinking of confiding in the brother about some of his experiences in the business. At that time, the show was still on, and few people outside of it knew of his new interest in religion. So, my friend was pretty shocked when talking to him at a school party, and he started going off about Satan and being born again, and everything. It was like his sister all over again.

So, anyhow, I got in to see him in the hospital by pretending to be his sister. I was even able to smuggle in a point and shoot and take a picture so it wouldn't be forgotten. He looked so sad, bound to the bed, and groggy from whatever it was they were making him take. I'm actually a retired career Marine and I've seen some disturbing things, but this memory really left a mark on me. I've been keeping the negatives in a family safe deposit box since then, but a print of the picture is going to be made public in a documentary that I guess is going to be made alongside the movie. It's not all top secret or anything. I asked him.

PS Apparently there's a longstanding rumor that the studio has security camera footage of him running off the set in an on or off site vault. My friend believes one or more of them kept it for sick reasons.

Blind Item #12

This foreign born A list model who is probably permanently A list at this point told her boyfriend before she agreed to get married that she could earn $1.5M a month hooking up with men, but for marriage, she would give him a discount. She is getting paid $1M a month, every single month to be married. I don't know what she gets for each child. 

Blind Item #11

It was about a year ago exactly that I was writing in this space about the breakup of this foreign born permanent A list celebrity/singer everywhere buy North America, although we all know her, and her boyfriend. It was a bearding thing. She is marvelous at those. I also wrote how he had already moved on. Guess what? Almost exactly one year to the date of the beginning of that bearded relationship, he and that woman suddenly called it quits and now he has moved on to someone else. The guy should just come out or at least make some of the contracts 14 or 15 months. Don't make it look so obvious.

Blind Item #10

It has been awhile since I wrote about that fan convention loving A- list mostly television actor who also is filming a reality type show. While in a particular town to film it he was approached by fans all day wanting pictures. No problem. When a fan approached our drunken actor at a hotel bar though, with his tongue down the throat of a woman not his actress girlfriend, there would be no pictures allowed.

Blind Item #9

This A+ list singer might admire the talent of this A list rapper but she still had to have sex with him before she could land that current deal. For her, it means getting away from her relationship for awhile. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 12, 2017

Grammy Awards

This suddenly solo foreign born singer who used to be in a group got dumped by her date for the show and for life about an hour before departure for the show. Our singer was crushed. Just in a daze.

Camila Cabello/Machine Gun Kelly

Four For Friday - A Family Member Speaks

We need to go back in time about 18 months or so. You have an up and coming expert who has been getting tip after tip about a group of men who are involved in a child sex ring. Yes, the same ring that produces thousands and thousands of photos for sale on the dark web. Yes, the same people that took all the photos that Mark Salling had in his possession when he was arrested a day or two prior to 2016.

There was a lot happening in 2016. It was a very big year. People on both sides of the aisle were throwing money everywhere to make problems disappear or appear. One of the things that happened when Salling got arrested, were the questions. Where does someone get 50,000 images of kids? Most of these 50,000 images and videos had not been seen in other arrests. These were not the ones you were scooping up off 4chan. Many of the 50,000 were recent. Very recent.

One person, who along with her NGO, was asked by the FBI to see if they could help track down any of the victims or locations. This person started asking around. As they were asking around, they were also leaving detailed notes they were backing up every single day. Not just in one place either. They were leaving the USB drives everywhere. At one point, the investigation led to this B- list actress/entertainer who comes from an acting family. This actress had been with some men, including an actor who enjoys sleeping with men and women who bragged about the trove of kids they had access to for child porn. They named some names. Those names were not names known to the actress but she wanted to pass them along. So, she got in touch with the investigator who she had known for a long time and possibly could help with all of this. Within a month, the actress was dead. The actress was easy to kill. Her body was failing anyway. All she needed was a little push.

Our investigator decided to go to the location where the people named by the actress were located. The investigator kept backing up information and even though was out of the country, sent it to various family members for them to back up on the USB drives the investigator had been using. Shortly after the investigator began seriously digging around and asking questions, she was killed.

Fast forward a few months. This A list singer has been in touch with a woman who says that one of the last things the investigator wrote was related to the singer. This woman has no idea what half the stuff on the USB drive has to do with anything, but would the singer be interested. The woman is in the town where the investigator was living prior to her trip and death. Yes, the singer would be interested and is going to be in that town in a couple of weeks and they can get together. A few days before the singer arrives in town, he is killed.

Your Turn

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 8, 2017

Our favorite former tweener turned drug addict had a seizure the other day. The first she has ever had in her life. She needs a powerful force to make her see she needs more rehab.

Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 7, 2017

It took all of about 12 hours for this foreign born B- list singer to call the paps and arrange for them to catch her at dinner with the actor she calls her boyfriend when needed. She knew the press would be drooling to get pics.

FKA Twigs/Robert Pattinson (who is now hooking up with Katy Perry, when she is not hooking up/having Skype sex with that random Danish guy she met while she was over there and when Robert is not hooking up with Mia W however you spell the rest of her last name.)

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 3, 2017

This band is royal sounding. They also paid a boat load of celebrities to come to their recent concert in Los Angeles. Their buzz has been lacking in recent years and they thought this would give the band a much needed boost. They paid the wrong celebrities to be there. Everyone in the music business is just laughing at them.

Kings Of Leon

Blind Item #8 - Stood Around And Laughed

A few years back there was a movie made starring a group of women who were all probably equal status in the movie. There was also an A- list mostly movie actor involved. He got involved simply because he knew the director and knew the movie would be filled with teen actresses. The group of women were probably all A-/B+ list actresses who all of you know. They stood around and laughed while the teen actresses and walk ons were subjected to constant sexual harassment and groping by the actor and director. If the extra allowed it she would get a walk on role. If she had sex with one of them she would get a speaking part. The actor and the director were like kids in a candy store. The wife of the director was around but didn't say anything either because that is how she got her start and said it was just the way things were and if the extras and walk ons didn't want to do it, they could leave. A few of those extras are speaking out and really calling out the group of A-/B+ list actresses who didn't care because it wasn't happening to them and never said anything. They would encourage the actor and director by laughing and clapping when some random actress would have her top ripped off or groped from behind when she wasn't expecting it.

Blind Item #7

I wrote about this actress earlier this week I think. Maybe it was late last week. Probably permanently A list. She has been in some of the biggest movies of all time and has had a career lasting well over four decades. I wrote about her undying allegiance to the child molester because of what she knows and cant really go back on it. Apparently there was a huge conference late last year in a Midwestern state. Our actress was asked about all the Harvey stuff and said it had never happened to her and she had never seen that kind of thing, probably because she wasn't pretty enough. She also said she didn't believe it happened in Hollywood all that much and seemed offended that she was being asked those types of questions when she had told audience members they could ask anything they wanted. She thought they would all want to ask about the book she was promoting. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 26, 2018

This B list celebrity/reality star/part-time porn star fulfilled his goal of having sex with the arch enemy of his ex. I don't know if he filmed the whole thing like he wanted but there are definitely clips he is offering for sale of some of the action.

Ray J/Blac Chyna/Kim Kardashian

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A list celebrity has always said no to any more of the situations that out her front and center looking ridiculous. That being said, her fashion line is losing money faster than it ever has so a reunion would bring in some cash. 

Blind Item #5

This very very rich sometime reality star with barely there celebrity offspring expects a certain service when he pays the agreed to fee even if you decide against it. This recent episode also shows his significant other, who he met under the same exact circumstances really should be packing her bags like I said the other week. 

Blind Item #4

Did he sexually harass you? Yes
Did he sexually assault you? Yes
Did he treat you like crap most days you worked with him? Yes
Are you in debt and need a job desperately? Yes
So, will you work with him again and pretend he is the greatest? Yes
Welcome to the world of this reboot from back in the day that was a big hit for an at the time A+ lister and his co-star who has been in and out of the tabloid news the past year or two.

Blind Item #3

Apparently they didn't teach this former tweener turned A- list adult singer/fairly bad actress that she will keep dooming herself to her same behaviors if she keeps hanging out with the guy who brings out those dark behaviors. She wasn't contemplating killing herself a year ago like she was a few months ago. What has changed? Hmmmm. Of course there were also all those things she had to do for the serial predator too who she still thinks is a great guy.

Blind Item #2

The whole concert sales strategy for this A+ list singer is to make you think she is the most popular singer on the planet when it is basically just a smoke and mirrors trick to have great sales numbers even if the concerts are half full.

Blind Item #1

Unless you fit a very specific type, this female celebrity chef who seemingly has multiple Food Network shows rotating on a constant basis with a variety of c-hosts is probably not going to be nice to you if you approach her. She thinks she is better than you, and unless you are young and blonde, she is probably not going to be real friendly.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Mr. X Blind Item

What annoying talk show host paid several media outlets to say, untruthfully, that his newest hosting gig had far better ratings than when it was hosted by the person he replaced? Talk about ego stroking. He might not be at his new hosting gig for long, because his cohost and "friend" was fed up with him by the end of the gig, mainly because he was snorting from a vial full of cocaine between commercials.

Blind Item #13 - Truth.Will. Out. - A HImmmm Blind

Truth. Will. Out - A Himmmm Blind

This will hardly be a blind to those who've been here for years. But when you've known the truth all this time, and are no longer bound by the promises you made due to their impending exposure and someone's approval? You can start to tell others.  It's not the crime that gets you.  It's the cover up. 

The night this actress (long time A lister) and her hubby (probably permanent A- lister just because of his television and movie history and name) got together with this other actor (permanent A- list mostly movie actor) was the epitome of tragic.  Too much booze, too much drugs, too much bottled-up hostility.  She was drunk and angry.  She mocked him and threatened to cuckold him, including about something she caught him doing years before which caused their split. That alone would've destroyed his career and life.

The fight was epic.  The guest really did leave for bed, though he heard it all happen.  As did the worker on board.  The hubby was so drunk and angry, he really didn't remember it all.  But according to his memories, and those of the long-silent guest, this is what happened:

Just the two of them, yelling and shoving.  She retreated indoors, he went after her.  When she got back outside, she demanded to be taken home - already had her coat on.  She said she would call her lawyer and he can stay behind.  Since the house and money were hers, she'd get the kids too.  She had it with him, his cheating, and his drinking and pouting.  He wasn't going to let her go at all.  He actually reached to grab her when she pulled away, slipped and fell.

He could've saved her right there. 

That would've been easy and could've just been a spat.  But he mocked her.  She screamed, yelled, begged for help.  He taunted her.  The guest came to see what was happening and tried to help.  The hubby told him she was just playing hysterics for attention - she could save herself he said.  He escorted the guest back inside forcibly.  She continued out there, cold, screaming - for several minutes.  The worker had been yelling to her he'd help her. He banged on the hubby's door.  He was told to go to bed and mind his damn business.

The three men argued.  Then they realized - she wasn't screaming anymore.  Hubby panicked, and they all went out to try and find her.  She'd given up and was already gone.  They said it happened so fast.  Maybe in drunk time, but in reality? It was over 20 minutes.  These three drunk men, very drunk and high.  Nothing they did worked.  The guest demanded to call for help or be taken home.  The hubby threatened him, said he was part of it too.  The hubby sat outside for hours, drinking heavily, crying.  The scared, weak and stoned worker finally took him inside when he passed out. 

When they awoke, they knew how deep of shit they were in.  They tried to get their story straight.  If one went down - they all would.  The first call they placed was to wake up a legendary Hollywood attorney/fixer.  He in turn called (permanent A+ list singer) who really was a friend to the actress.  The hubby confessed all to him.  It was the booze, the anger - he never thought she was in that much danger.  He pleaded for mercy.  That legendary singer/actor was angry, but he understood how it could happen. 

The cover-up began instantly.  There were tons of leaks in their story.  But anytime a discrepancy popped up? The powers that be were reminded they were elected officials and stop digging because it won't bring her back.  You have no idea how powerful (the A+ list singer) and his legal and illegal pals were in those days.  They even had the White House, not to mention City Hall.  No local yokels were gonna make waves.  Besides, the hubby was so destroyed.

And he really was.  He tried suicide many times.  He confessed to her daughters, which nearly destroyed one of them.  But they too realized that all this time later would not bring her back.  But people knew the truth.  They spoke.  On the record.  Even with varying degrees of murder or manslaughter, it's the cover up that'll get you.  So no matter the final outcome of the case, even all this time, he doesn't have long to live naturally. 

But that cover up? A lot of them are still around.  That one long-silent guest? Not so silent.  He too is up in age and cleared his conscience.  Thing is - he did it in 1985.  Yep.  It's been on record since then.  Way past time for this to come out.  It's tragic for those young ladies now, but...Truth. Will. Out. Always.

Blind Item #12

Apparently this foreign born C listish celebrity worth a ton of money just discovered she is HIV+. Perhaps she should have read the site and she could have avoided that situation. That B- list celebrity boyfriend of hers is the culprit.

Blind Item #11

This former A list tweener actress from an acting family who is rich and doesn't act any longer really needs rehab. Apparently she has barely been going to work any longer and just sits in her huge apartment and does drugs all day and night.

Blind Item #10 - Musings Of A Former A+ List Tweener

The quotes are from the former A+ list tweener. I provided the descriptions.

"The network brass at this huge family of networks is complicit in allowing predators to continue to work for their company, many times after they are exposed. On my last series, I personally witnessed the producers and show runners fondle, kiss, hug, and even forced male actors to sit on their lap. One of the kids on the show was just 12 years old. What I saw shocked me to my core and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my decision not to play the game had something to do with me being fired.

It was the most uncomfortable, unprofessional, sadistic, agenda-driven set I’ve ever worked on. And on top of that, the honchos in charge seemingly conditioned everyone on the set to become accustomed to this inappropriate behavior."

(One of the producers of the show, who is A+ list has already been exposed and has the full support of at least two female permanent A listers.)

"The other two are currently slated to begin another show at the network. I think it’s important for children, especially child actors to understand the dangers of the industry. And how parents can be easily manipulated and forced to allow their children to be put into adult situations. I was not a minor when I started working on this series. The show I did before that was a massive hit and there was nothing inappropriate ever that took place on set. I worked on that show during my early to mid teen years.

The last show, even though it was a hit was a different experience for me because it was the first time I openly witnessed grooming of young talent and physical contact between older men and young actors.

One of the first episodes of the show was directed by (former A- list mostly television actor from back in the day who had a hit network show and has been spoken about in this space before.) One day after filming I discovered him using drugs with two of my adult cast mates on the set. They made me promise to stay quiet. And it was definitely one of the worst experiences of my life.

I’m not seeking any attention. My goal is too simply do my part to help expose some of the darkness in the industry. The sad thing is there are so many honest, hard-working genuine people that work on sets. From hair and makeup and scenic/ special effects artists, gaffers, craft service, etc. that do just want to go to work and be home at night to spend some time with their kids. Then there are legitimate executives and predators who hide behind charity and live as though they are 18 years old and in High School, sexualizing underage talent at parties and even on set in plain view. The reason people are afraid to speak out is job security.

Getting a job in the entertainment business is a matter of relationships, connections, and getting hired based on who you know. No working professional wants to risk losing their source of income. Tutors who speak out on set are fired. The people who are responsible for looking out for the welfare of minors on set are very complicit in allowing the behavior to continue."

Blind Item #9 - Which Athlete?

 There is an athlete out there who is a PERFECT comparison to Bonds. And this person IS in their respective HOF. (Not baseball) For most, I would say the “name” is as big if not bigger than Bonds in both sports and, I guess, pop culture.

Like Bonds, this athlete set records which will more then likely never be broken. Like Bonds, this athlete was better than their competitors (the best on the planet) by a VERY significant margin. Like Bonds, this athlete was widely speculated to be using PED’s on absurd levels yet never failed a drug test and always maintained their innocence. Unlike Bonds, this athlete is considered a groundbreaking athlete. This athlete is revered and loved. And, as I said, in their respective HOF.

Haven’t read any articles on the comparisons which are interesting and so similar. This athlete did this in our lifetime and on the biggest stage in the world. Who is it? (Note: not an obscure sport. One of the biggest sports on planet earth. “Real” sport, not pro wrestling. This sport is represented in the Olympic Games and has been for a very, very long time).

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 3, 2017

After what happened last time this permanent A list country singer went on tour, there was no way his singer wife was going to let him go out on the road alone again. The marriage is hanging by a thread no matter what you might be shown by them in public.

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill

Today's Blind Items - I Blame Him

This week it is all coming out about what a horrible sex predator this designer is, but I blame him for the downward spiral he put this iconic type figure on which caused her early death.

Over the years, when I would speak to her about him, her first response was always he helped me so much. That was a rote answer she gave to anyone. Once she got to talking though, things were a little different. I think she always considered what he did as help, but the hoops he made her jump through were extensive. She probably slept with three or four dozen guys to help him land deals or get extensions on financing or a new line of credit or get a deal on advertising. She says there was always another reason for her to sleep with yet another guy. Not all of those experiences were pleasant. They treated her like a piece of meat because she was just there as part of a business transaction.

I'm not trying to make this particular blind all that political, but a long time ago I wrote that this now A++ list celebrity paid for some of the financing of one of straight to video movies once she slept with him.

Back when she first started with the designer, he wanted some kind of tax break and he offered her up to a then A++ list celebrity who was at the time the same status as the A++ lister above is now.

For close to six or seven years after they started working, she would do this for the designer. When she would travel all over the world, there would always be what you saw on the red carpet, but what you wouldn't see is who was waiting in that country for her to have sex with for the designer. She started using drugs an abusing them and dealing with the pain and all of you know where it sent from there.

Your Turn

Hosting a Super Bowl party. Do you tell everyone BYOB or do you supply it all? I think it should be BYOB, not just because of the expense, BUT, people like drinking a lot of different things, so let them bring what makes them happy. My parents, who have been collecting liquor for decades do have just about every possible liqueur. I think back in the days of fondue, they would also drink these liqueurs which have probably been in the house since the fondue days. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 1, 2017

Work has been scarce for this celebrity offspring turned B list actress who has a unique moniker on this site. Heck, if not for her name and past work she might even be a B- lister now. Apparently she made a few enemies in the film and television world and she has to do some penance. She got one tiny gig in the past 18 months.

Minka Kelly

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 1, 2017

This B+ list mostly television actress who has a superhero character that moves between shows is a celebrity offspring. She won't give any money to her celebrity parent because of all the money he stole from her when she was younger.

Katie Cassidy (one of the reasons he left her out of his will)

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 26, 2018

My favorite walking blind item/B list television actress is the only person I know who complains about getting more publicity than she has in years, outside of her courtroom appearances. Maybe she should pay the people she wants to help her and she wouldn't have to deal with these first world issues she considers so important.

Taryn Manning/Stylist had her wear a $200 dress to the Grammy Awards

Blind Item #8

This A+ list mostly movie actress who also directs says that she has spent years of therapy because one of her mother's boyfriends used to have sex with the actress on a regular basis from the time the actress was about 15 or 16. She says that her mom, who she has always lovingly praised welcomed her daughter having sex with him so she wouldn't have to every day. 

Blind Item #7

This former A list "singer" from a celebrity family is really trying to get back in the limelight. A reality show return was nixed when she couldn't ever make it a day being sober though.

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr. X

January 25, 2018

The Grammys are only a few days away and already there's drama. This power couple, a singer and her mogul/rapper husband, personally invited this talk show hostess (who's on their payroll) to be part of their entourage at both the Clive Davis party, the ceremony and the after parties. When organizers of the events heard about this breaking of protocol, usually the Recording Academy sends out the invites, they panicked. They barraged the couple and their PR people to disinvite their guest because of comments she made about the #MeToo movement , which someone from the husband's company is really pushing attendees at the ceremony to be supportive of. No word yet on if the talk show hostess will go or if she will skip, but I wouldn't be shocked if she stayed away.

Beyonce/Jay-Z/Wendy Williams

Blind Item #6

I'm not sure how I feel about this former A+ list reality star who is still pretty much hated and still as thirsty as she was a decade ago being pregnant. I fear the baby will be shown off and end up in like one of the reality star's many abandoned dogs.

Blind Item #5

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is not in the best of health and is slowly reaching a Howard Hughes level of paranoia about everything but the sleazy cult is furious that he managed to escape a trap that would bring them some kind of deal with them and him that would get them some new energy.

Blind Item #4

This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister and a B lister is desperate to land a recently opened network gig due to a firing. She could really use the influx of cash.

Blind Item #3

This A list female K-Pop singer who sounds kind of financial is hooking up with this married A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. 

Blind Item #2

This foreign born superhero is known for a guy who pushes the edge sexually with his partners so it is no shock that even though he has a girlfriend he wants to hook up with this former tweener actress turned A-/B+ list adult singer.

Blind Item #1

Despite everything that is going in Hollywood, there are multiple A list actresses who are all vying for the lead in this sequel. A sequel directed by one of the worst of the worst in Hollywood when it comes to treating women. He had been in Hollywood jail, but apparently a good project on offer makes that all go away. He is a former A+ list mostly movie actor turned actor/director.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blind Item #16

This B+ list celebrity who hit A list celebrity with her unique look a few years back says she was recently raped by one of her customers and is taking a break from how she earns most of her money these days.

Blind Item #15

This current A list rapper was hit early this week by her very jealous boyfriend. So far she is sticking with him.

Blind Item #14

This A+ list couple are using one of their children to launder and hide money with all kinds of companies and accounts created in her name.

Blind Item #13

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who also does commercials is finally planning to debut her long time boyfriend to the public. Her permanent A list ex has apparently only met him once in a very awkward drunken way.

Blind Item #12

This foreign born A list comic/B+ list actor is cheating on his wife. Frequently. With many different women.

Blind Item #11

Don't believe the hype. This foreign born still one hit wonder would be the first one through the door if she gets a nomination next year, no matter what she is trying to say today.

Blind Item #10

I don't think it will happen while her A+ list mostly movie actress mom is in charge of everything, but it has not stopped photographers from trying anything to get this newly legal celebrity offspring to model nude. 

Blind Item #9

Still not able to drink in this country, this foreign born A- list mostly television actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee should probably try not to get drunk and speak in front of people who will leak what she has to say. I feel for her.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 24, 2018

Apparently this former almost A- list mostly movie actress thinks her recent actions will keep investigators from following her photo trail of countries and activities. Umm, it won't.

Lindsay Lohan (I think she realized it made her look bad so she turned Instagram back on)

Today's Blind Items - That Secret Movie - A Himmmm Blind

This is a tough one to write, simply for the challenge of not giving it away and damaging anything before it happens.  It's amazing it has been kept this quiet for so long, but I'm sure it'll leak out after the Oscars.  Anything this big is bound to. Like the old saying goes: "If you want to keep a secret between three people in Hollywood – two of them better be dead".  No, there's no murders or deaths surrounding this film, yet.  But the story it is based on sure had plenty.

What I'm talking about is a movie.  A big movie that will be one of those rarities that is both Oscar lure and box office success.  A+ list all the way, big budgets, big talent, and every A+ list actress/actor in the industry wanting to be a part of it.  The secrecy around it is unlike anything in history.  They're not even using a fake name as cover, it's totally off-book.  Right now, they have more attorneys involved in this project than filmmakers, crew, or elements.  Maybe the first time in history a Hollywood studio has employed publicists to PREVENT people from knowing about it.  They even hired social media ninjas to comb the internet to shoot down and remove mentions of it.  I even wonder if it'll stay long on CDAN.  I've not seen this much secrecy on a film since Jurassic Park.  Even Avengers, or Star Wars Force Awakens wasn't this paranoid.  So why all the fuss?

It's a porno.

Yep.  Uh-huh.  A porno.  Okay, to be fair – it's about a porno star, not an actual porno.  So if you're thinking Boogie Nights or those Deep Throat – Linda Lovelace films, you're asking: So what? What's the big deal? They even have The Deuce on HBO.  Why so secretive?

Because comparing this film project to those is like comparing Plan 9 From Outer Space or Lost In Space to the entire Star Wars saga or Avatar.  Point is that this project is so huge and prestigious that it makes the others look like a "Skin-emax" soft core indie film.  Mostly though, it is because in the current social/scandal climate surrounding Hollywood these days they put the lock-down on this project for good reason.  They don't want leaks leading to people accusing the filmmakers of being tone-deaf insensitive; and they also absolutely do not want to get flooded by every perv in Hollywood trying to get a part or be part of it.  A single casting couch rumor on this project would torpedo it.  So they've gone to insane lengths to protect it.  Not long ago, this (disgraced A list director) was set to do a big-budget adult-themed project (about a permanent A list celebrity) that got torpedoed over his abuse accusations.  When a studio already has tens of millions sunk in a project, they cannot let that happen. Especially in high-dollar ironclad play-or-pay deals (not to be confused with pay-for-play, tit-for-tat, barter, couching, or land yachting).

It's like this:

This movie is about one very specific female actress who was known mainly in the 1980s era of porn.  It is a biopic in that sense.  But her fame was such in her time that she crossed over to more mainstream top-shelf publications, and even television interviews. Possibly the most beautiful all-American girl next door to ever have a hardcore career.  If you're thinking it is (former underage porn star) you would be wrong.  But she's a featured character in it too.  Thing is, the star of the story disappeared. Vanished into thin air after her last film.  Not vanished dead, because she went on to have a different life.  She went to law school, became an attorney, changed her name and had a nice family.  Typical soccer mom, Sunday-school teacher, holly homemaker type.  Until a few years ago when she was contacted by people who represented the last big mafia family.

They were looking to sell their holdings in porn to a legit media company for big bucks.  Problem is, she was one of their most popular stars and she had a unique contract in her day (which allegedly she co-wrote herself back then with her law professor).  She quit and vanished from porn due to the mob taking over her porn studio, and killing many of the owners of it.  Years later, turns out she was owed millions in back royalties – and her contract was still legally enforceable.  The legit media buyers wouldn't proceed without her signature on a new contract; or her accepting a settlement; or…her death certificate.  Yep.  The mob had to either pay her or kill her.  Which was tricky to do, because even if they found her – the FBI still wanted to bring her in as a witness against the mob hits of her bosses.  Then it got ugly for her, and turned into quite a ride.  Turns out, she lived and prevailed.  Using her brilliance instead of her body.  But it was one hell of a bumpy ride.

Best of all? It was ALL TRUE.  It resulted in the FBI actually getting plea deals with mobsters; clearing 30 year-old mob hit murders; and solving money laundering cases worth tons of money globally.  The legit media company got the old porn library titles and reaped a billion from it.  And it all really happened.  She also got her money, and peace.

It's one of the best scripts to come through Hollywood in decades, and has an amazing role for the lead actress.  Best of all it includes life rights, and the lady ex-porn star's willingness to promote it.  It is a package that includes documentaries, media stories, and specials.  The studio that bought it agreed to use cross-promotion synergy from many of their media divisions to tell her story.  In any era of the entertainment industry it would be a welcome change for such great material and a big project.  But, as you all know – this isn't any era.  It is a very sensitive era, especially telling women's stories, porn stories, and having lots of sex and nudity on a project.

If the project isn't done right, in the right tone with the right people? It'll be destroyed before it ever opens purely by social media, rumors, and speculations from knee-jerkers who will attack it without any idea of it.  That has happened or nearly happened many times in the past.  So the conglomerate/studio who is producing it has set up a massive legal, security, and IT security team that would rival a government's.  Everything to do with the project is kept on off-line isolated secure computers.  Nothing is allowed to be taken in, or out.  They do not even let the team working on the movie bring in mobile phones or devices.  An entire 25% of the studio's legal staff are devoted to this one project.  Clearing rights, contracts, and mostly NDA's that would make an intelligence agency jealous.  The punishment for violation by actors? So severe and massive that it would basically blacklist and possibly bankrupt not just the actor, but their agents and managers.  It's that extreme.  But few would risk that anyway, since even (permanent A list mostly movie actress) has supposedly offered to do a small role in the project for scale just to be part of it. Somehow, I don't think they want her for the lead.

Of course, nothing is totally foolproof or totally private.  When the studio (they have wide ranging entertainment industries) first pre-emptively gobbled up the rights to it a year ago, they originally did it with this star (disgraced former A list mostly movie actor) in mind for the older male lead.  Whoops. Then when this company (disgraced A list director's company) got slammed in scandal, the studio had to find a quick co-financing partner.  Whoops again.  So they shared the project with a few select investors.  They too were subject to the legal lockdown but the studio needs them more than they need the studio, so not much threat there.  Interestingly, one investor stepped right up and wrote the studio a blank check because the project is so good.  Recently, the investor swallowed up the entire project, buying the rights from the studio, and has threatened to take it to (a studio that owns a theme park) is this studio doesn't shape up.

The producers got the best director (A lister who had a very good 2017) for this project.  As picky as he is, he jumped at this project.  He's not known for his heartfelt movies, but with this script and his recent hit (___________) he's given wide berth.  He's one of the few that could be trusted with this material, and do it proper without risk of any problems derailing it. The studio used this project as bait to try and lure him to other projects (his old project), but he won't commit to those.  Meanwhile, the studio and director have held semi-formal casting sessions very, very, very secretly.

Every actress is told to bring an attorney or manager; a studio attorney is present; a female casting director; and every meeting is video recorded.  All because of the "casting couch" temptations – not by the director, but by eager actresses.  Also due to the adult nature of the story, and the fact that it will have reams of nudity and sex.  This will not be one of those PG-13 movies about sex, it'll be very true to the script.  This actress (A list mostly movie actress who worked with the director before) already said she'd do anything for the lead; as did (foreign born A- list mostly movie actress), and (foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who was barely old enough to drive when that gross French actor had sex with her before casting her), and (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee), and (A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee).  It's crazy, but only one of those even has a shot at the lead.  Even (former A+ list mostly movie actress/America's sweetheart) and (foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who had a franchise back in the day and could use a career boost) have told their agents to get them auditions.  Actresses who "never read" or audition are jumping at it.

These actresses are offering to work for scale, do anything required onscreen, and sign unprecedented promotion agreements.  This actress (foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is a recent Oscar nominee) has already auditioned for a supporting role.  Funny enough, this actress (former A list singer/number one box office star in a different country) auditioned for the same role.  I don't think it'll be a fair fight to see who wins that one although I can see the box-office appeal of the latter's scenes being a big draw.  I've heard (A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who was married to a celebrity offspring) has given one of the best reads thus far.  For male leads, this actor (foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor) has said he too would waive his fee, and possibly return to a franchise for the studio.  Guess he's getting pumped up for it.  Meanwhile, it's said (permanent A list mostly movie actor who started in television and had a nice run there), and (permanent A list mostly movie actor despite his relatively young age),  and this actor (permanent A list mostly movie actor who has made a ton of money in a superhero franchise.) have all agreed to audition and read.  I cannot tell you how unusual that is.  It is one of the rare times lately when the material really seems to be king (and not how many toys you can sell – although toys related to this movie sure wouldn't be sold in Wal-Mart). 

During the hoopla around the Golden Globes, many A+ listers were fighting the urge to discuss the project though they knew the others knew.  Sort of like a secret club.  Many actresses used it as a cover story to happen to be in town at the same time auditions were ongoing.  Likewise, during the coming Oscars week, the director and studio will be wrapping up major casting under the same cover of people all being in town.  Yes, it is that big of a deal.  I personally cannot wait, and hope it comes off without a hitch.  We probably won't have to wait too long.  Any project with that much heat will get a quick greenlight.  That's the sexiest thing of all.  Especially if you're producing it.

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Blind Items Revealed #4

January 24, 2018

Good news for this pregnant A list reality star. A half sibling should be born at almost the same time and another about two months later. Everyone involved must be so proud.

Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 24, 2018

This A+ list mostly movie actor and the foreign born model/wannabe actress set a world record for taking "random" staged photos. They spent about 20 minutes taking pictures in a variety of poses on a totally empty beach. Apparently the model was supposed to be photographed in a bikini but said she was too cold.

Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 24, 2018

There is no love lost between these two recent film co-stars. Normally they are each A/A- list television actresses on respective hit shows. One is foreign born and one of the reasons the other actress dislikes her so much is the constant partying the actress does and the missed photocalls and press appearances. Oh, and showing up wasted to the premiere probably didn't help either.

Claire Danes/Priyanka Chopra

Blind Item #8

No note. Defensive wounds on his hands, where he tried to fight off his attacker. Supposed to not be found for weeks where clues would have been tough to piece together. Arranged plea deal. Dead four days before he had turn over a list of names. They had been coming after him ever since he took the plea deal because they knew he would have to name names. I wrote about that pressure before. He bought most of his photos. One person who was feeling the heat was this former A+ list mostly television actor. As far as I know, he didn't sell him the photos, but apparently many of them came from his collection. The person that was feeling the most pressure and had the most to lose was an A list producer. Their high and mighty world would have come crashing down. There is no way he was going to let that happen. He has big big friends in that A+ list ringmaster and others who can get things done.

Blind Item #7

This A list mostly movie actress is going to be working on a franchise for the foreseeable future. She was enjoying a night out the other night by helping herself to some coke. I have never seen her do coke, but you could tell she knew what she was doing.

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 24, 2018

As much as she would like you to believe it is love sweet love, this former A- list syndicated actress who at one time was an A+ list celebrity is with the guy she is living with for money. Not his money, although he has some. She is being paid by her actual boyfriend and where she is now is much closer. Apparently where she is also allows her to meet regularly with a certain group for the boyfriend. Finally, the guy she is living with has family members who are of great interest to her actual boyfriend.

Pamela Anderson/Adil Rami/Julian Assange

Blind Item #6

This pint size reality star is married and is known by all of you. She is cheating on her husband but is playing the dutiful wife while the cameras are rolling.

Blind Item #5

This A list NBA player spent an entire date with this two sport A list female athlete telling her how he couldn't wait to get through dinner so she could start pleasing him. He said this in different ways throughout the 90 minute dinner. She didn't even get in the car with him after and went home on her own.

Blind Item #4

This C list celebrity was married to a permanent A lister. She is hooking up with the guy she hooked up with all throughout the marriage but is still keeping it under wraps to not look bad in the public eye.

Blind Item #3

This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee went from one franchise to the next and when a new movie comes out, should vault her to A or A+ list. Anyway, she says she is tired of pretending and is going to come out.

Blind Item #2

This A- list mostly television actress from a long running network show had a movie franchise back in the day and has an alliteration for a name. At a recent event she was making out with a guy who is not her husband.

Blind Item #1

This permanent A list mostly television actor who is equal parts a-hole and in love with himself told his wife at dinner the other night to stop eating because he felt she had enough and didn't want her to start getting fat. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blind Item #15

This barely a celebrity offspring of a former A+ list mostly television actor all of you know says that the A+ lister would get drunk and molest the offspring when she was in her early to mid teens.

Blind Item #14

This reality star who is the offspring of a reality star and not named Kardashian or Jenner has a celebrity boyfriend who has always been an a-hole. He already moved two women to where he is going to be for the next month. If I know about two of them, there are probably dozens of women he is seeing on the side.

Blind Item #13

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is older. She was also there to witness in person some of the sexual abuses a permanent A list director committed. She sold her soul a long time ago and maybe there will be some death bed confession, but right now she continues to be a supporter.

Blind Item #12

The owners of that house down in New Orleans have taken another life. He was actually supposed to be with the other person who was killed in November. This time, this mogul was not so lucky. It will be interesting to see if after the initial report, nothing is ever mentioned in the news again like the killing in November. 

Mark Salling Has Died

Mark Salling, the former Glee star who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, died Tuesday. He was 35.

In October, Salling pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, avoiding what could have been a 20-year sentence and a lifetime of supervised parole. His sentencing was scheduled for March 7th. Salling was expected to serve between four and seven years in jail, register as a sex offender and pay $50,000 to each victim who submitted a restitution request.

Blind Item #11

This A list mostly television actor went from one long running hit network show straight into another network show. No matter how hard he tries though to say he is not gay, everyone knows he is. He just refuses to come out. 

Blind Item #10

This not located on the west coast Housewife was on the west coast recently and was hooking up with a married man. Oh, and this is not that NJ Housewife who is seeing someone. That guy actually moved out to NYC to be closer to her.

Blind Item #9

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been known to take PCP and run around her compound naked and screaming.

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 22, 2017

These former tweeners who can sometimes seem to be indistinguishable in blind items written about them both hate their fans. They might pretend otherwise, but they both hate them. All they want from fans is money and to be left alone. I will say that one of the tweeners, who is arguably more successful if you include her acting is fairly open about hating her fans. She won't come out and say it, but everyone knows. The other tweener has taken things to a whole other level by charging fans for fakes while telling them they are real.

Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato

Today's Blind Items - We Are Better Than They Are

You know those celebrities who think they are better than everyone else? Yes, it is most of them, but some are more open about it. You will listen to them in interviews talk about regular people and how they are not like regular people. There is that level that believes they are so special you should not be allowed to speak to them or look them in the eyes. The thing is, they have so many enablers and suck ups in their lives, that it just exacerbates the situation.

There is a final level that believes the world would be a much better place if it only consisted of A list celebrities and rich people. They do everything they can to flaunt the rules and laws and just live the way they want. There is the former A+ list mostly movie actor who still has A+ list name recognition who firmly believes that people from third world countries should be killed off before they take all the food. He espouses certain beliefs, that if actually followed would accomplish it. He has been joined in those same calls by several other celebrities who keep trying to get people to adopt their position. They know that higher educated people would never fall for it. Well, probably not anyway. They know the people who will be seduced by these fake facts are the ones they want to see eliminated from the earth.

There is the A list singer who does some acting who sexually assaulted an actress on a movie he was filming. This was during the beginning of the Harvey takedown. The singer didn't care. He flat out told the actress no one would believe her and that she should be grateful that an A lister even took an interest in her.

There is a permanent A list mogul married to a permanent A lister. They don't really even talk a good game or even do lip service. They stay quiet on purpose along with other A+ listers who never seem to speak out. They don't care. They want to be the ones running the world and don't really care about anyone else. 

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Blind Items Revealed #4

November 21, 2017

Perhaps I have been a bit too harsh about the acting skills of this A- list singer/wannabe actress. The performance she gave recently when winning an award she knew she had won was really good. She did a surprised look really well. The only reason she showed up was because she knew she got the award.

Lady GaGa

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 21, 2017

This foreign born former B list mostly movie actress turned drug addicted cable reality star/porn star is cashing some nice checks from her permanent A list mostly movie actor ex to defend him. These are the biggest paydays she has had in a decade.

 Brigitte Nielsen/Sylvester Stallone

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 15, 2017

At that big wedding this week, this permanent A list singer who is permanently A+ list in the minds of many has requested to be seated as far as possible from that reality momager she can't stand.

Beyonce/Kris Jenner/Serena Williams wedding

Blind Item #8 - Do You Know My Daughter

I have written here before about some fathers who have taken advantage of women that have worked for their daughters and hooked up with backup dancers and singers. This is the first time I can remember the father of an actress using the name of the actress as a pickup line. Sure, Pimpa Joe uses the fame of his daughters to find "models" to photograph, but this is different.The actress in question is currently A- list mostly movies. She has been A+ list in the past. She used to be in the tabloids every week. The pickup line of the father to women is that he is the dad of the actress. He promises all kinds of Hollywood parties and introduction to people who can get the women into the business or parts or management or an agent. He just strings them along for years while he uses them for sex. He has a string of women and will often call them out of the blue to tell them he has an audition for them but they need to come over to his place or he needs to go to theirs and they have to have sex as a condition to the part. The next day he will say the part went away because they decided not to make the movie but he is fighting for them.

Blind Item #7

The prenup this foreign born A list singer was forced to sign by his wife includes all kinds of clauses about his sobriety. He isn't really keeping those right now. His wife doesn't really want another divorce right now though when things are going great for her professionally.

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr. X

January 23, 2018

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is an Oscar nominee/winner. It is not just the studio that is keeping her away from a certain group of reporters, she also keeps her distance and always has.

Lupita Nyong'o (speaking to African-American reporters ahead of Black Panther)

Blind Item #6 - Teen Mom Stuff In One Blind

I thought I would just throw everything I have into one blind. That guy who will probably not make an appearance on the show again has a lot going on. As has been his history for years, he has a bunch of women he is using for their money and paying his bills while he tries to live the life of a former reality star who will probably end up getting sued or going to jail. His current significant other could use some help, but he won't get it for her.

Another Teen Mom has a big life event coming up. Her significant other should probably look into that a LOT more closely because the Teen Mom is hiding a very big secret.

I wonder if this Teen Mom knows that her significant other trolls gay webcam sites looking for phone and cam sex with men.

Blind Item #5

It looks like that former A list teen mostly movie actor is using a lot of his newfound wealth to buy drugs again. He was out of his mind on drugs a few nights ago at a party. 

Blind Item #4

This recent A list rapper I wrote about before ignored a bunch of the Make A Wish children at the Grammy Awards. Just blew right past them. As soon as reporters started buzzing about it, her publicist ran to get her and made her come back outside even though the rapper didn't want to. 

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A+ list athlete who is probably B list here in the US while being A+ list in the rest of the world is tiring of his current beard. She thought they were going to get married. Nope. That foreign born A list model wannabe actress thought the same thing but it took her years to discover he wants no part of that. A new beard is on the horizon who will soon be carrying another of his children.

Blind Item #2

There is a big fight going on right now between the members of this one named band who play a lot of easy to listen, never offensive music with a string of hits and big selling records. They are in the midst of the tour and the lead singer has threatened to walk. He says he is the band and the rest are just musicians so they need to give him 75% of the earnings of the group.

Blind Item #1

Apparently this brand new A list rapper was slapped around and hit by her soon to be husband when she got home from the Grammy Awards. She won't leave him though.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mr. X Blind Item #4 - Grammy Awards

What video vixen who performed, in a sense, last night is going to have a busy summer? She's already a yachting season veteran, but after appearance in that music video she is in high demand.

Mr. X Blind Item #3 - Grammy Awards

Singer #1 from the previous BI was seen with some suspicious white powder up her nose when she got out of her limo but it was gone by the time she got on the red carpet. 

Mr. X Blind Item #2 - Grammy Awards

Which two female singers, both nominated for Grammys, flipped each other off when they were on the red carpet? Even after the recently released news about singer #1 knowing about singer #2's sexual assault, they still hate each other's guts.

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - Grammy Awards

What actor and rapper pulled a Willie Nelson and smoked a synthetic marijuana joint in the bathroom of Madison Square Garden, leaving it reeking of pot? He wasn't the only one smoking, not just pot, in the bathroom either.

Blind Item #23 - Grammy Awards

It turns out this foreign born still one hit wonder was kicked out of that A+ list pre Grammy party and sent packing back to LA because she wouldn't stop propositioning men at the party and it was a daytime thing and she was doing it while the men's wives were in the same room. 

Blind Item #22 - Grammy Awards - Kindness

Picking up the pieces in the aftermath of #21 was this foreign born A list model who is very outspoken and very body positive. She took the left by the wayside woman and stuck with her the rest of the night making sure she was doing OK. 

Blind Item #21 - Grammy Awards

I was kind of shocked to see one of the members of this A list duo wearing a white rose. The way he treats women like crap makes the wearing of the rose disingenuous. Even last night, he found some woman he picked up and was making out and groping her and then saw someone more attractive and left her alone to be with the other woman who showed interest. Guess he isn't getting back together with his ex any time soon.

Blind Item #20 - Grammy Awards

Speaking of being wasted, this permanent A list comedian was encouraging his after party partner to get high or drunk or something, which she did because his after party partner would not stop talking the entire night about how her foreign born A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend wasn't there to support her big night. 

Blind Item #19 - Grammy Awards

This flash in the pan A list singer from back in the day had a not so good publicity week. She DJ'd an after party and was having none if it when people would call her out about what she said. She was also higher than high. She was feeling no pain and will probably be feeling that way for a week with as high as she was.

Blind Item #18 - Grammy Awards

Last night at a party, this foreign born A- list singer who had a very good 2017 and was an opening act for someone who had a huge 2017, was sharing some stories of her early career back in her home country.She was living on her own in her mid-teens and trying to break into the record industry. She says producers in their 40's and 50's were always hitting on her and it was not until she was about 20 that she slept with someone who was within two decades of her age. She told a lot of horrible stories but the only big name most of you would recognize is this foreign born A list reality star/host/producer who she hooked up with when she says she was 17 or 18 and he was in his 50's. She said he was lazy and made her do everything and actually was smoking cigarettes and talking on the phone while naked and having him orally service him. She says he is disgusting and he kept promising her appearances on his shows but never came through until she was famous and then pretended they were the best of friends and he had always wanted her on. She says he once teased her about being on and even had her film something but it wasn't actually being on one of his shows.

Blind Item #17 - Grammy Awards

This A- list singer has had a string of big selling singles solo and with others. That is not enough for her though. She wants much more fame. She even says she wants Kim Kardashian level fame. Last night she tried to get some big attention with a made for red carpet wardrobe malfunction. The thing is, she gave up on it too quickly and didn't get the publicity she was hoping for. It wouldn't shock me at all if she has a sex tape leak.

Blind Item #16 - Grammy Awards

At one party attended by only one fourth of the remaining four fifth's of a manufactured group was doing coke like a champ as fast as she could while pretending to like this one named DJ who picked a really strange DJ name if we are being honest. He is a tool anyway, so the fact she was using all his coke bothers me not in the least. Apparently it bothered him though when she walked away when the coke was gone and called her the c word. So, yeah. I also wonder why the other three fourths were not with her. They usually do everything together.

Today's Blind Items - A List Mafia

Everything is about to come crashing down for this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Not only is she going to get busted for sleeping with this married CEO for much of the past two years, she is also going to be busted for her part of a money laundering scam that is about to be blown wide open from coast to coast. She has known this married CEO for a long time. They have hooked up on and off again over the years many times. She has never let any boyfriend or long term partnership stand in the way of hooking up with him. In return he would throw millions of dollars over the year at her and a very close family member. The money was supposedly for possible financing of a movie. The actress would even provide a bunch of fake receipts and scripts worth $10 that she said she paid $200K for. The CEO has already gone down and will be busted soon.

She even introduced him to her A list ex (F) who had his own relationship with the CEO and to that infamous A+ lister that brought down the A+ lister. F has been trying to make up for that by introducing the wife of the A+ lister to those close to him in celebrity and political circles. The problem is that once again, F is looking out for himself and wants to save his own skin and spin the story to the feds that he had no idea where all the money he was given for charity came from. F will say that all of the receipts he wrote were actually done by someone else and he had no idea that the money was never given to the charity.

Your Turn

Saw this on Twitter and thought it appropriate for the day after the Grammy Awards. What would you name your rock band?

Blind Item #15 - Grammy Awards

This foreign born former A list boy bander would never have gone to the awards if they were still in LA. Yes, he was messed up and yes, he looked dope sick during that second party, but he did get out of the house and engage which was probably good for him. Maybe it will convince him to get some help.

Blind Item #14 - Grammy Awards

Considering what she was doing earlier in the night and who she was representing, it was really strange to see this one hit wonder B+ list singer who has a name that sounds a lot like this singer/former reality star opening her dress to guys at a party trying to get one of them to spend some time with her for cash.

Blind Item #13 - Grammy Awards

This former A+ list singer who is probably still A- list because of her past work was wasted out of her mind last night. The married, closeted singer also kept telling everyone about the woman she had just had sex with.

Blind Item #12 - Grammy Awards

This A- list singer wannabe actress skipped last night because she didn't want to be asked about her new movie which she won't apologize for. The singer also apparently went to rehab for one night earlier this month in her home state but left.

Blind Item #11 - Grammy Awards

This A+  list singer is convinced she will be asked political questions on any red carpet so refused to attend last night. 

Blind Item #10 - Grammy Awards

This A-/B+ list country singer who probably should be higher on the list and had a big night last night just keeps expecting different results from her celebrity significant other. He cheats and she forgives and it is a cycle that just won't stop.

Blind Item #9 - Grammy Awards

This B- list singer who is only that high because of all the attention she has brought herself the last year is a plant from that crazy religion. She, along with multiple people she is friends with from that religion have each done the complete opposite of what was being advocated last night.

Blind Item #8 - Grammy Awards

This permanent A list singer said, "Don't talk to me for the rest of the night. You are awful. Now hold my hand and smile." Apparently the argument that preceded it with her A list husband is the reason they were late to the show.

Blind Item #7 - Grammy Awards

Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress might pretend she has a boyfriend, but last night at a party she told this producer if he wanted to spend some time with her later on during the evening to just text her and she would come right over. 

Blind Item #6 - Grammy Awards

The WTF did you do to your face and who are you and why have you done this to yourself moment went to this former A- list celebrity who used to get naked for a living before a checkered career as a host and an actress.

Blind Item #5 - Grammy Awards

At his first stop at an after party last night, this B+ list actor who happens to also be a celebrity offspring came to the party in full women's dress including a long hair wig and fake breasts.

Grammy Awards Photos Part Five

Coco and Ice-T
Sarah Silverman
Reba McEntire
Sting and Shaggy
Ryan Seacrest

Blind Item #4 - Grammy Awards

This winner last night took his celebrating to an extreme. He is back on coke in a big way and was one of the very few to openly use at the actual show. It brought the A lister down before.

Grammy Awards Photos Part Four

Little Big Town
Imagine Dragons
Kristin Cavallari
Big Sean
Janelle Monae
Lana Del Rey
Thomas Rhett

Blind Item #3 - Grammy Awards

This former A- list rapper who also is a former A- list actress now has another gig. She was telling people last night her marriage sucks and that she didn't think her husband would cheat on her as much as he does.

Grammy Awards Photos Part Three

Giuliana Rancic
Bebe Rexha
Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino
Sam Smith
Cyndi Lauper

Blind Item #2 - Grammy Awards

If you want to know one of my guesses for next singer to overdose it would be this A- list ingenue who is hooked on opiates. Last night, she was so out of it, that there were probably dozens of people at an after party who thought it might be the last time they ever saw her alive.

Grammy Awards Photos Part Two

Heidi Klum
Rita Ora
Hailee Steinfeld
Alessia Cara
Anna Kendrick
Maren Morris