Friday, January 09, 2009

Four For Friday

#1 - This former female reality star was one of the first to actually make a living at it for a short while. Both a network reality star and cable reality star, she was always known for using her looks to try to get guys on the show. Well, she is about to come out.

#2 & #3 - This B+ list film actor who has been in a very hit movie didn't even wait until he was in his car last night to tap a line of coke out on his wrist. He just went ahead and did it while waiting for his car to be brought around. He was kind enough to ask if anyone else wanted to join him. Everyone declined to join him then, but he did manage to snag this B- list award nominated film actress to take a ride with him.

#4 - This former B- list television actress and sometime film actress who was not shy about taking off her clothes took so many drugs and drank so much champagne on New Year's Eve that she spent a good three hours throwing up before announcing she had to get home to her kid/s, whereby she took about three steps and passed out for the rest of the night.

Random Photos Part One

Patrick Swayze has been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. That doesn't sound very good, but I hope he makes a complete recovery and gets out soon.
A very highly requested guy from all of you is Aaron Eckhart. Here you go. And, as a bonus you get inside his jacket. Kind of. In a two dimensional kind of way. Not in a groping kind of way. Although what you do with your imagination is completely up to you. I don't judge.
Before Angelina Jolie gave Anne Hathaway the stink eye.
I don't think Ali Landry is in the photos enough. In fact, I'm not sure she has been in the photos.
Brad Pitt kind of looks like he just rolled a seven at the craps table. I don't know what that means either, but it is a strange look. Of course from all the martini glasses I saw on his table in a different photo, this look might just be him saying to himself, "damn I'm drunk. Hope we don't end up with another baby."
Never get to see enough of Blair Underwood.
For those of you who love Christian Bale, this was all I could find of him. So, you will have to make do with Christian sharing some space with Ron Howard.
It is like looking at one of those AT&T billboards where they use things and people as bars.
You know you don't like someone when you don't even like the way they stand. Evan Rachel Wood is just such a person for me.
Franz Ferdinand - Brisbane
Freida Pinto looks lovely.
Yes, those really are pajamas. And yes, she really was lazy enough to wear them to a premiere.

It kind of looks like they are going to make a Three Musketeers movie.
It's a Duggar. They want a huge family. That's a shocker.
The random photo of the day goes to Jay Chandrasekhar and Adam Duritz.
Although Kirsten Dunst at Disney is pretty damn random too. She actually looks good.
I don't know if the lens was messed up or what, but I am hoping that it was and that Katy and Amanda have not recently turned into fun house mirrors.
I don't think Kevin Sorbo has been in the photos before. I think I would remember a guy who has an ear shaped like a boot.
Laura Dern. Just because.
Good news. Paula's dog is still alive. Scared and wanting to run away, but alive.
At some point do you think Phillip Seymour Hoffman says, "maybe I should shave."
Did Richard Gere gain like ten years in a week?
It's Lloyd at the Dewars party.
First they get actors like Michael Katish to drink
and then embarrass them by asking them to putt.
Like Jordan Belfi even cares what the color is or that it has hints of the earth or cherries. He just wants to drink it.
Rachel McAdams on the set of Sherlock Holmes.
Rumer Willis trying to get some free diamonds for Sunday.
And the latest craze in the UK. Cajun Squirrel chips. Yumm.
The Grates - Brisbane
Hopefully Zac Efron bought some pants that fit.

Your Turn

If you thought the toilet paper one was trivial, you are really going to enjoy this one. I'm not sure how much more simple a question can be.

Bath or Shower?

Oh, and in case you are curious. Just ask yourself if you can envision a 400 pound man trying to climb out of a wet, slippery bathtub and you will have your answer. Although, if it was filled with $240 worth of pudding, I might. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go whisper some sweet nothings.

Quick Hits

Tom And John - I almost subtitled it A Love Story, but thought it would be wrong. Fun, but wrong. Anyway, I have now watched the entire View thing which was teased constantly yesterday. What I got out of it was that Tom and John don't speak very much. That Tom tried to show how close they were by mentioning he did Jerry Maguire with Kelly ten years ago and that he had not seen Jett with John since Jett was a few months old. Other than that there were a lot of "umm's" and some puppy dog eyes and nothing much else to be said about the death of Jett or Scientology. Here is the link to watch the videos. You have to read between the lines to see all the points I made above, but see if you don't agree with me. I don't think they were close at all.

Lillo Brancato Jr - Everyone always mentions this guy's Soprano's connection but did they watch "A Bronx Tale?" That was a great movie. Anyway, the former actor was acquitted last month of murder, but today got sentenced to ten years for attempted burglary. I think he has been in jail for the past three years while this was all going on so he probably will get out much sooner than ten years. He said during the trial that he was hooked on drugs and got hooked on them from almost the first day of filming A Bronx Tale when he was just 15 years old.

I Believe I Can Get Divorced - OK, so it doesn't quite have the same ring as I Believe I Can Fly but, who knew R. Kelly was even still married? Apparently he was because his divorce just became final. His now ex and he were trying to make things work. Umm, I know you have three kids together, but when you saw the video of him for the first time with the girl/woman don't you think you probably would have been out the door? How about when you heard about all the others? How about when he started looking at your kids in a funny way? Why did it take this long for her to get out?

Wilmer & Pink - According to the National Enquirer, Pink and Wilmer Valderrama basically got drunk together and implied they had a one night stand. I'm thinking that if you spend one night with Wilmer you are feeling it long after one night, and I'm not talking about a size thing here. I really thought Pink had just a little more self-control. I mean this is Wilmer Valderrama we are talking about here.

Speaking Of The Golden Globes

In my never ending quest to try and bring you different things to keep you amused throughout your day, I have been working on something for Monday for you. If you recall, on Reveal Day I introduced you to Adrianna Costa who, besides being the only person I know who can sit next to me while I am eating and actually enjoy it, is the red carpet reporter for the TV Guide Channel for the Golden Globes. Well, apparently she liked her time here. So, on Sunday she is going to do a little diary of her day complete with pictures. I'm hoping it will be fun to see and read about for all of you. I really appreciate her taking the time to do this for us on a day that is to say the least, pretty damn busy for her. So you can watch her on tv on Sunday night, and then read about what really happened right here on Monday.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which mega-athlete got duped by his wife? She swore she was on the pill but wasn’t, and that led to an unexpected bundle of joy.

What Do You Think?

The wonderful people over at NY Magazine had quite the little discover this morning when they went over to the website for The Golden Globes. They found this little addition to the list of nominees. Lucky there is the screenshot invention or we may have never have known in advance who was going to win Best Actress. Now, I'm sure the people over the Globes have an innocent explanation like they were just testing out the website to make sure it would work on Sunday night when the winners were announced. I mean there is nothing but integrity when it comes to their nomination process or who the winners are. Right?

Do they even have one of those independent accounting firms doing the tabulation? Somehow I don't think they do. I think the members of the organization just sit around and wonder who they would like to meet and make sure they win. I mean is a winner really going to say no to an exclusive interview with one of the "journalists" if they win? I think not.

I would actually be willing to buy the whole working on the website theory. I just think they are going to be in one world of hurt though if Anne Hathaway does turn out to be the winner because then everyone will think the whole thing is rigged somehow. It probably isn't, but if she wins there will not be enough things they can say or do to ever change that perception.

If she does win, don't look for Angelina Jolie to ever attend again. Angelina looked seriously ticked off last night when Anne beat her out at the Critic's Choice awards. I mean like ticked off enough that Anne should definitely go to the bathroom with several friends.

So, what do you think? Is the fix in? Are the people over at the Globes wondering if they should change the winner if it is Anne? Did they goof or is it just an innocent little mistake? Does Anne even deserve the award if she does win?

Yeah, About That Whole Not Guilty Thing

Remember after Ryan O' Neal and Redmond O'Neal got arrested for that whole drug possession thing? Sure you do. I mean how often is it that a father and son get to bond like that? That is world class bonding. Spending time together in jail can only bring a family closer together.

Anyway, at the time, Ryan's lawyer spun this little yarn about how Ryan was just trying to keep the drugs away from Redmond.

"The drugs found in Ryan's bedroom were Redmond's. He had confiscated them from Redmond. He was trying to keep them away from his son."

Uh huh. Well, today Ryan plead guilty to felony drug possession. He was sentenced to of course no jail time, but had to promise the judge a signed Farrah Fawcett 70's poster. Yeah, that one. For those of you not born in the 1970's, Farrah was. Oh never mind.

Ryan got an 18 month drug deferment program which means that if he goes to the meetings and doesn't get busted with Redmond's drugs in that time the case will be dismissed against him. Yep, no jail time and it will be like it never existed. Meanwhile, you or I, or any of the "everyday people" of the world would be getting to know our new cellmate.

It's Called A Phone Number

This is a tale of two Jennifer's so I will try not to confuse you. Jennifer Connelly which is the good actress in our tale gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar in the UK about her new film. I'm not going to plug it because, hell, it is going to be all over everywhere soon, so if you want to see it you can find it. Anyway, Jennifer C filmed this movie with another Jennifer, this one with the last name of Aniston. So, Jennifer C goes into this big production in the interview about how she loved, loved, loved Jennifer Aniston.

"I thought she was such a sweetheart. I've always thought she was very talented and lovely, warm, generous and after the film, I thought, 'Ooh, I want to be her friend. I want to hang out with her.'"

Jennifer C admitted to the magazine that she and Jennifer don't hang out and never have. So, why on earth would you just say the line above? It is like they have to convince the world that everyone got along great on the set and that it was the best experience of their life and that everyone held hands and stood in a circle at the end of filming each day and gave each other a little shoulder massage.

It is only after a couple of years removed from the movie and a bottle of booze in your hand that the real story comes out.

If you get along with someone at work really well and love being with them, you know you are probably going to go ahead and get a phone number from that person so you can call them at home. This is of course not true if the person is your office spouse and they have four kids and a jealous spouse at home. Let's just say lesson learned and leave it at that.

But with Jen and Jen there should be no such limitations, so I'm guessing they hated each other and that Jennifer C thought she was better than Jennifer A (which she is) and was probably ticked off that Jennifer A was getting paid ten times as much to be there (which she probably was). But both of them know how to play the game and will throw out fake smiles and air hugs and the whole world will just want to hang out with them too. Oh, and you can do it for $10 at the movie theatre please.

Why Did He Bring The Knife?

I will say one thing about the French. Say what you will but they have been giving some good gossip lately. I don't know who in the hell most of these people are, but they are really good stories though. So, last night this French actor named Samy Naceri. Yeah, I have never heard of him either but apparently he is 47 and has won some awards, most recently for a movie named Indigenes for which he won Best Actor at Cannes. So, that is kind of a big deal. I mean it is not like he had forever to live down a role in Another 9 1/2 Weeks. Oh, yeah. Wait. He was in that too.

Anyway, Samy went to a bar last night and met his ex-girlfriend and one of her girlfriends. Apparently some things were said and instead of hashing out in public in front of everyone the three of them decided to go into a bathroom together. Hey, I don't know if they were going to have some kind of make up sex Russell Brand style or what. Anyway, while the three of them were in the bathroom, the two women called a guy on the phone and he came over and then went into the bathroom too. By this time of course the patrons were just using the alley or the front sidewalk as their urinal.

When the guy showed up, our actor proceeded to take out a knife and stabbed him. Our actor then went home. Umm. Yeah. Usually when you stab someone, the police come find you. They found Samy at home and arrested him. However, he didn't have to go to jail. Nooo. Apparently Samy has a liver problem so they just took him to the hospital instead. The police did charge him with attempted murder though before they asked for his autograph. I'm guessing he knew he was going to use that knife that night. Either on his ex-girlfriend or someone.

The stabbing victim is fine and managed to have a glass of wine and have sex with both women before he went to the hospital.

Pete Still Misses Kate

I remember Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. When I first started doing this blog, they were the Amy Winehouse and Blaaaake of their day. It seemed like everyday there was a new scandal and a new arrest for Pete. No jail time of course. No, I have decided that whoever he managed to sleep with when he was turning tricks in the past must have come through for him all of the times when he was arrested because no one has that many lives. I mean Blaaaaake punched a guy and it seems like he has been in jail for fourteen years. Pete literally could give DMX a run for his money in arrests and still never does any time.

Anyway, Pete is longing for Kate Moss and wants her back. I bet he does. Pete has probably learned over the past year that those little paper tags hanging off of clothes are a price and that someone needs to pay what is on that tag. With Kate, he just sat back and let her pay for everything while he drugged her cats and scared her kid.

I knew Kate had some money but she must have a fortune from modeling that must have compounded daily or something. According to some of the UK reports, Kate spent as much as $500K for the two week vacation to Thailand. That is like $100M anywhere else. She paid for the entire vacation for six people, including a $45K dinner tab. Oh, and there were only four people at dinner. Do you know how hard it must be to spend $45K at dinner at a Thai beach resort. Did they have the 24K gold coconut ice cram for dessert or something? When you got a bill for $45,000 after dinner would you say to yourself, "you know, in a week or so I won't even remember this dinner and it is more than most people around the world make in a year?" Yeah, I don't think she thought that either.

I honestly don't care what people spend. They earned it and if they want to spend it on meals, it is their choice. That is like $10,000 a person for dinner. That blows my mind. Obviously fashion modeling pays well. Forget being a teacher to kids, go do some heroin, look like a waif and make a few million.

It's Not Just This Movie Nicole

Wow. Nicole Kidman just threw a grenade and burned some serious bridges. It isn't like she was getting a lot of work anyway. With her outrageous fee for a film and her history of turning any project into a glorious bust, the last thing she needs to do is tick the people off who might give her a job in the future.

Nicole was on a radio program in Sydney talking about the movie Australia. She told the station, "I can't look at this movie and be proud of what I've done." She then went on to say that she never has seen herself in any movie except Australia and Moulin Rouge which is a lie because I guarantee you Tom made her watch Far And Away with her. Guarantee it.

"I don't usually see my films, but because of Baz I had to see it," she said. "I saw Moulin Rouge. I've really only seen that and this in my whole career. It gets worse as I get older."

It gets worse for all of us Nicole. She did praise Hugh Jackman and Brandon Walters but said she could not connect to the film at all. When an actress says something like that, they are blaming the director. Baz is the guy who has actually given her work when no one else seems to want to. He probably fought for her and paid her outrageous fee when everyone else probably laughed and now she is throwing him under a bus.

Good luck ever working with him again or anyone else. It isn't like she isn't used to movies tanking, but I guess someone finally explained to her that maybe she was the reason they were tanking and so she needed to blame someone else so the money train would keep rolling. So, she decided to blame Baz. Nice. If the movie had made Titanic money she would have been thrilled with her performance and wondered where in the hell her Oscar nomination was. The best thing that could happen is Baz goes and makes another movie that does Titanic money with a different leading lady and Nicole is forced to do Days Of Thunder 2.

Ted C Blind Item

Crescent Kumquat sure has many swooning ladies—and drooling gents—wondering which way this young hunk swings. His precious looks seem far too well-groomed to be that of a sports-watchin', belch-providin', crotch-grabbin' hetero fella (well, his crotch, at least).

We've heard many stories of Cres' femme conquests, raunchy, watery and fairly athletic hookups to be exact. But even Toothy Tile's been known to dabble in dames from time to time, if that says anything about Cres-Cres' not-so-straight ways. And if Mr. Kumquat's more frequent nightly habits are at all telling, we've got bad news for the horny-for-Crescent gals out there:

See, Cres loves to go out and party. Yeah, so what, who doesn't at his age? A few drinks turn into a lot more, and before ya know it, dude's libido leads him every which way—par-tick to the bedroom, or whatever comfy surface he can park his luscious, long...limbs on.

Often with a bunch of like-minded (and beautifully skinned) boys 'n' girls. But guess what? Despite C.K.'s female kiss capades with other gals of his status, Kumquat's often found after these debauched nights out waking up in the arms of his "very close" guy friends. Spooning. Friggin' entwined, folks. In front of the gals he was supposedly getting all debauched with the night before.

This certainly is as telling and de-lish a plot development as Crescent's day job churns out, I'll tell ya that much.

And It Ain't: Adrian Grenier, Penn Badgley, Kellan Lutz

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Today's Blind Items

I hate writing this blind item. I hate it. But, there is a lesson to be learned. Listen to the entire voice mail. Do not assume you have heard it all and then hang up, because there could be a BUT, and then more of a message. So, if you read the entire blog yesterday this will be very easy. Seems that a certain married B list actor decided to go to a bar with a friend of his and while at the bar spent a considerable amount of time hitting on a foreign exchange student and tried very hard to get her phone number. He did not succeed, but it was not for a lack of effort. Oh, and the foreign exchange student was a woman.

Random Photos Part One

Yeah. I don't know how Chazz Palminteri and Christine Lahti ended up on top, but I like them both so it is not a bad thing. I believe it might be the first time in the photos for Christine.

Bryan Adams - Fort Lauderdale, FL
I hate to spoil the suspense if you don't know, but Carrie Underwood won a People's Choice Award. Which people were voting exactly?
Over the past two weeks I have seen enough AnnaLynne McCord to last me a lifetime. It will be a long time before she is back in the photos. I only put her in today because it seems that every dress I have seen her in the past few weeks has been exactly the same. What do you think she is 75 or 85 pounds tops?
I know how much all of you love David Boreanaz, so here you go.
I just have never been a fan of the ascot, but it is David Charvet's life. Brooke Burke has had what, 10 kids and she looks like that? She looks great.
It has been awhile since Dakota Fanning has been in the photos. Next.
This was actually going to be the top photo because I don't know if I have ever seen a random photo of David Letterman where he was at an event and got his photo taken.
Ed Begley and his wife made it to the awards on time but left late last week from their home because his car runs on wind power. When it is calm, he relies on the generosity of people on the street to get behind his car and blow.
Ellen looks great, but has she lost some weight?
Eric McCormack does not age. Don't know if it is genes or botox but he doesn't get any older.
For reading lines off a teleprompter, Gavin Rossdale still sounded pretty good last night presenting an award.
Typical Friday night in my basement.
Another actor most of you love is Hugh Laurie who is joined here by Robert Sean Leonard.
Heidi Montag is already one of the lowest forms of life on earth, but to have your nails painted with the Chanel logo is just so tacky, wrong, and just shows what a great waste of space Heidi is. I just don't know if someone could do something more obnoxious.
Iman on the other hand is nothing but class. Seriously. Look at Iman and then look at Heidi Montag and you can see how shallow and classless Heidi is compared to someone like Iman.
Jennie Garth looks great.
I hope you saw where Jay Mohr legally changed his name to Jay Cox Mohr. No, not Jay Mohr Cox. Get your minds out of the gutter.
The good news was that Kathy Hilton managed to keep the "everyday people" six feet away from her at all times. The bad news was there was no coke for her to crawl on the floor looking to snort.
Kate Hudson looks like a drunk mess. I listened to her acceptance speech last night though, and she was acting goofy but can't tell if she was hammered or not.
Aaaah. Velvet on Liam Neeson.
Velvet not worn as well by Robin Williams, but still velvet so he still makes the photos.
I can't tell if Ed Westwick is wearing velvet, but he looks good and it is close so he gets in.
Even Marisa Tomei looked beautiful last night.
"Yeah, yeah. I shaved the beard."
First time in the photos for Paula Marshall I think.
The Queen looking lovely as usual.
I want to see the birth certificate. I guess the baby had to stay in the hospital and so this is mommy bringing the baby home.
Rob Estes is another guy who doesn't age. Damn he looks good. Just give me like one day looking that good. I would actually be able to go to a bar that had lights.
Apparently Ross McCall stole the awards tickets from Jennifer Love Hewitt as he was walking out the door.
Probably one of the best candid photos I have ever seen of Reese Witherspoon.
Travis Barker and DJ AM back playing together again.
I'm actually surprised by this photo of Teri Hatcher because I didn't think it was possible for her to make facial expressions anymore.
Tegan & Sara - Sydney


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