Friday, April 30, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 - Which designer who recently died was HIV+ and was distraught over the fact he had infected at least four other people.

#2 - That escort from yesterday's blind. The escort was a man.

#3 & #4 - What B-/C+ list TV/movie comedian/"actor" on a long-running network show got away with showing up late, never learning any of his lines, and generally driving the crew crazy with his arrogance...for as long as he was romancing the show's A list star. Once that was over, so was his free ride.

Random Photos Part Four

Dorothy Provine - RIP
Aaron Eckhart looks great here.
Not so much Angelina Jolie. Knox looks good though.
Amy Adams getting ready to have that baby.
Love Beth Ditto. Not sure about the makeup though.
Brian Grazer and the best part about Vanity Fair - Graydon Carter.
For Bai Ling this is like she is dressed as a nun.
The Madden Richie family.
Hmm, we have Brooke Shields, Julie Halston, Anna Chlumsky, Doris Roberts and Samuel Jackson's wife LaTanya.
Colin Eggleston on the set of his new movie.
Calendar Girls in Sydney.
Long time no see Devon Aoki.
A first time appearance for David Bygrave.

Random Photos Part Three

Ummm. It looks like the guy driving is getting a lot of Diane Lane leg.
Estelle and Eva Mendes.
Prince Charles shows Elizabeth Taylor a bust of Richard Burton.
Elizabeth then breaks down in tears.
I didn't even recognize Ginnifer Goodwin.
The Gooper, Eugenia Silva, Claire Danes & Christina Ricci.
The Gooper earlier in the day blinding all of us.
Halle was all smiles last night.
A very shiny Jessica Alba.
Jon Bon Jovi - New York City
Jencarlos Canela - San Juan
More Johnny Depp Tourist pictures.

Random Photos Part Two

Jamie Lynn Sigler out last night, but not with her new boyfriend New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.
Randomness of Jack McBrayer and Josh Groban.
Jessica Simpson and an actual real haircut this time.
Jason Schwartzman on the set of his new movie.
Hard to tell about Kate Hudson and the alleged breast enlargement here. She is standing next to Georgina Chapman.
Maybe they are bigger.
A very drunk looking Kevin Nealon and Sarah Silverman.
Luke Bryan - Louisville
Loni Hay and the newly shorn Adrian Grenier.
Lindsay and Ali at the airport.
Jennifer is in Europe and Thalia still isn't wearing her wedding ring.
That is Miley and Liam in the back row.
Former NFL coaches, Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Cowher.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Best picture I have seen of Natalie Portman in a long time. She looks great.
Neil Patrick Harris on the set of The Smurfs.
Have you noticed how great Patricia Arquette has been doing since she and Nicolas Cage split?
Peter Facinelli out solo.
Another day another meeting at Eli's gate for he and Peaches.
Lots of Italian love here. Paul Sorvino at Federico Castelluccio's birthday party.
Robert DeNiro at the end of the TriBeca Film Festival.
Samuel L Jackson looks for his wife. She will show up later.
Sarah Jessica Parker at the ballet.
Steve Martin - New Orleans
And later with Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint.
Tim Daly and Wendie Malick.


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