Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Kevin G Rap From Mean Girls

This was back when Lindsay Lohan still showed a glimmer of promise. 2004. With Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Blind Item #3

They only dated a few weeks, but it was enough. In fact, the scandal that erupted while they were dating is probably the biggest thing to ever happen to this C list actress with the frequently changing hair color. The actor, A list, but just barely has always done meth. He says it helps him calm down. He has never been calm ever. He is always on edge, but it is what he believes. His current girlfriend stays away from it and the house when he is smoking but this actress did not and has been hooked ever since. Huge clumps of her hair are always falling out and her teeth have been replaced with veneers because she destroyed her real ones.

Brazilian Woman Auctioning Her Virginity For Charity

A 20 year old university student in Brazil who is in the photo above is auctioning off her virginity for charity. The money, which is currently $150K will be used to buy new homes in her community. I think the idea is noble. I am just not sure what I think of the fact that a woman has to sell her virginity to make sure people have homes. An Australian film crew has been ta;ping the entire thing for a reality special. She will lose her virginity on a plane from Australia to the US to avoid any prostitution laws. So, her first time will be on an airplane? The woman says she is not a hooker and that it will just be this one time for money and to make a difference in the world.

Blind Items Revealed

June 21, 2007

#2. This fairly hot younger singer, also usually blond has been married for a couple of years now. Her husband hasn't seen her naked since their wedding night. She doesn't feel right about it, so its always lights out before she comes to bed in her men's pajamas. Her nudity issues don't extend to her dogs who shower or bathe with her every day, even on the road. These baths or showers can often last an hour.

Avril Lavigne **I would like to apologize for referring to her as fairly hot. Probably threw you off.

24 Year Old Pop Star Has 12 Year Old Girlfriend

This is almost way worse than some of the worst blind items I have ever heard. Usually when a guy is taking advantage of some teen they are 14 or 15 or older. The guy in the photo is 24 year old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi. The girl on the right is Canadian. She is 12. They are boyfriend and girlfriend and recently he has spoken publicly that he cannot wait until she is 16 so they can have sex. This is so wrong on so many levels. First of all she is 12. You are in your mid 20's. You should not be wanting to have sex with a 12 year old when you are in your mid 20's. Yes, you say you want her to be 16, but you know that you would do it now if you could get away with it. The guy is a sick f**k. He has been wanting her since she was 8 when he was hired to help her with her music. So, he was 20 and she was 8? Wow, this just gets worse.

Blind Items Revealed

June 18, 2007

You looking to find some of the biggest names in Hollywood all in one place? Movie stars, basketball players, producers? Head over to Koreatown in LA. There is an internet cafe that isn't really an internet cafe. It actually holds a high-stakes, cash only poker game that requires a $100,000 minimum buy-in, plus a $50,000 initiation fee into the club. Wonder why a celebrity who always said they would never do a commercial suddenly turns up in one? How about because this A+ lister lost $2M in one night. Of course, his pain was eased by the companionship of several different women during the night. You do get something for that $50,000 initiation fee.

Commercial - Brad Pitt
A Lister - Tobey Maguire

Sam Lufti Says Britney Spears Used Meth And That Her Dad Is A Racist

Sam Lufti might be the reason Britney Spears had such a horrible 2007, but one thing is for sure. The guy can make some accusations. In documents he filed with the court, he says that drug sniffing dogs found a cache of crystal meth in Britney's house and that there was residue of it everywhere, including the carpet where Britney's boys would play. He also says that Britney told him that her dad is an alcoholic and a violent racist. Not just a racist, but a violent racist. Does this mean he is out burning crosses and dragging people through the streets? Has he? To me, a violent racist would be way worse. Those are people who feel so strongly in their hatred that they would hurt others to keep everything pure. Can you imagine if her dad really is a violent racist, what he thought about Britney having sex with that Adnan guy and supposedly getting pregnant too?

Blind Item #2 - Easy Easy

What former B list television and movie actress who is now retired, took a cab to a club, walked in to the club, walked up to the largest guy she saw who also happened to be with a woman. Our actress walked up to him and said he should come back to her hotel with her. It took him two seconds to walk away from the woman he was with and leave the club with the actress.

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Are Married For Real

Because Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split almost a year ago, but no one actually filed any divorce documents, people have been speculating that the couple did not actually get married but just had some kind of Kabbalah ceremony they treated like a marriage. It turns out they were and still are actually married. In Touch dug up a grant deed which shows Demi transferring some property to Ashton and it identifies them both as married. Now we can just focus on why they have not bothered to get divorced.

Blind Item #1

This actress is C list probably. Almost everyone knows the name, but you would have a tough time thinking about movies she is in or putting a name with a face. What you would know is who she is dating. If you see photos of them, they are all over each other. He especially needed someone normal after his last relationship. She needed someone normal after hers but for different reasons. So, if they are all over each other all the time, then how come the other night she went home with a B+ television actor with A list name recognition. She told her friend that she just wanted a really hard body sometimes. That it is just sex. Nothing more.

Kate Middleton Is Bottomless Too

A Danish magazine has announced it is going to publish bottomless photos of Kate Middleton to go along with the other 20 pages of topless photos it ran earlier this month. Apparently, Kate changed outside a lot. One of the photos before she completely removes her bikini bottoms involves William rubbing lotion all over her butt as she slides them further and further down. Who knew she liked to go full out nude? How come William didn't? If you were on your honeymoon and your new wife got naked outside, wouldn't you kind of feel obligated? Maybe not if she was just topless, but if she goes full monty you have to follow suit don't you?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Carmen Electra decided to steal the attention for herself last night at a party to celebrate the

100th episode of 90210.
Demi Moore continues to try and be the first person to literally wither away to nothing.
Ellen Pompeo plays tag with her daughter.
Hello Game Of Thrones

Ginnifer Goodwin on her way into Jimmy Kimmel.
Jessica Alba and Honor kind of do the matchy matchy thing.

Random Photos Part Two

Yesterday it was Johnny Depp's stunt double and today it is the man himself astride a horse.

Jennifer Garner at the premiere of her new movie which also stars
Olivia Wilde and Alicia Silverstone.
Oh, and Ashley Greene too.
Kirstie Alley off to dance rehearsal.
Kristin Cavallari having another night out with friends.
Katie Couric on her way to work.
Speaking of work, this is Lea Michele leaving work.
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian took out the family for the first time since she got out of rehab.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today. Macaulay Culkin looking a little worse for wear out in New York.

Nina Dobrev being interviewed for Extra about her new movie.
Nicole Richie doing her favorite thing in the world. Exercising.
Penelope Cruz filming her new movie where she gets
beaten up.
Pippa Middleton sure does love to party. Does she do anything else at this point?
Rooney Mara and Ryan Gosling have some down time on their new film.
Amanda Seyfried in a new photoshoot.
Sharon Stone on her way to Italy.

Michael Richards Discusses His Racist Outburst With Jerry Seinfeld

If you have not seen Comedians In Cars you need to track down all the episodes and watch them today instead of working. Just tell your boss that I will write them a note. Just sit back in your desk chair and sip on something stronger than coffee in your Starbucks cup and watch a few of the episodes. The season finale features Michael Richards who sits down and discusses his Laugh Factory racist rant that made him a pariah.

Life And Style Needs A Better Dart Thrower

It is perfectly acceptable in the tabloid world to link two people together as dating even if they have barely been in the same room together. In fact, I think that is the only actual requirement. At one point in time, they have needed to be a in a room together so they could canoodle and have a bunch of fake quotes and move on. However, it also has to be plausible. If Tom Hanks was single, he would not go out with Paris Hilton. No one should ever believe otherwise. He is more of a Hilary Swank kind of person and if he was going younger, then probably Ginnifer Goodwin maybe. You could see those pairings. Well Life And Style Magazine said this week that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are dating. They have been in the same room together so that works. They have filmed movies together, so even better. But, and this is a very big but, it makes no sense. Cameron would never date Tom in a million years. This is a woman who is on record as saying she will travel for c**k. She obviously enjoys a little fun now and then, and I don't think she is going to get what she needs or wants from Tom. She is not going to let someone control her. She is not going to stop smoking pot. If you are going to do a Tom Cruise is dating someone story, make it someone believable. It needs to be a C+ lister. I'm thinking television show. A couple of the cast members from 90210 come to mind. I could see him trying to convince Leighton Meester. It has to be someone who is not too famous because he needs to be in charge of their career. It is not going to be someone like Amanda Seyfried, because she is on a roll and not going to listen to him.

Pete Townshend Talks Child Porn And Mick Jagger's Peen

For the first time since Pete Townshend was arrested and charged with purchasing child porn, he has spoken about his arrest and subsequent caution which put him on the sex offenders list for five years. of course, if you want to read about it all you will have to buy his new book. he is not going to talk about this stuff for free. A man and his child porn wants you to pay for the pleasure of why he needed to buy images of tiny children to get off. Yeah, I am not a big fan of anyone who likes kiddie porn and if he was arrested, and cautioned and put on a sex offenders list, you can bet it was not his first time ever at the site and you know that he is sick inside and he is probably just hiding it better now. People totally forget about that and just worship at the altar of The Who. He paid to watch someone abuse a child. Where did he get that money? From people who bought The Who stuff. In his book he says he is sorry and he should never have done it. He also says that Mick Jagger has the biggest celebrity peen.

Four For Friday - The Princess

It is Friday. The last Friday in September. It has felt like a furnace in Los Angeles for so long that I can't believe it is going to be October soon and that Christmas is under three months away. Anyway, not many announcements today. I do hope you will stop by tomorrow and Sunday as I will be blogging and will have one or two reveals tomorrow. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer. I think I had two blinds on there this week which were not on the site, so if you love blinds, you should at least come over there and check it out.

This person is a celebrity. Reality show? It is kind of a requirement now if you are a celebrity and she has had one. Not a very successful one though. Her life is not exactly filled with edge of your seat stuff and she is the offspring of A+ name recognition celebrity. Our celebrity who we will call Princess because that is what she prefers to be called by her friends and family was at an event the other night and no guys were coming up to her. They know what she is like and avoid her. This is a person who has modeling photos taken of her at least once a week and posts them to social media even though she looks nothing like any of the photos. In person, she looks way different, but always tells people she is a model. She rarely wears a bra when she goes out to a party because she thinks it makes her look sexier. Not really. She is starting to sag and it is not a good look. When she meets a guy for the first time she is willing to do pretty much anything right away so guys are usually into her at first. Then, they start getting the whiny voice and that when they come over to her place they have to say hello to each of her stuffed animals and she gets really upset if you forget their names. Considering she has named them some crazy Japanese names they are pretty easy to forget. Also very high on her list are proper manners. Not just opening a door, she wants the stuff from a 1930's movie. If you don't do something right, she scolds the person and tells them they need to watch a certain movie and then provides them with a copy later as a gift. Oh, when she scolds she does so while addressing her stuffed animals, and including them in the conversation. She gets exactly what she wants from her parents all the time and expects the same from her boyfriends. Oh, I forgot. Getting ready. You cannot call her and just say you want to go out and go see a movie. You need to provide her at least 12 hours notice and she will tell you that is barely enough time, but she can manage to pull it off. She then does spend the next 12 hours actually getting ready, but still looks like she did it in five minutes.

Your Turn

How big of an age gap in a couple is appropriate? And maybe not even appropriate, but is 20 years the limit? Should it be less? What is just way too much? How big is the age difference between your partner?

Anderson Cooper Apologizes To Teresa Giudice

Anderson Cooper went all in on the Real Housewives this week. He had Teresa Giudice on two days in a row after he had called her a bully on Wednesday and really laid into her, he had her back on yesterday and apologized. Apparently someone had said he was rude to Teresa on Wednesday so he was fixated on that and did not want to be considered rude or anyone to ever think he is rude, except for guys who try and take Anderson's photo on a plane. Then, he can be rude.

Teresa said that she has not spoken to her brother in a year and that he is jealous of Teresa's fame and that fame has torn the family apart. Mostly because they are jealous that Teresa is so popular and the rest of them are way far behind. Teresa then let people kiss her ring.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Is Just Like Elizabeth Taylor

I really want Liz & Dick to just air and get this whole comparing Lindsay Lohan to Elizabeth Taylor thing over and finished with. Let it air and let everyone have her laugh and then Lindsay can go back to her true talent which is stealing things. I will give it to Lifetime though, they are trying their hardest to make sure that everyone knows about this movie and I was hoping they would realize at some point they should turn this into some kind of camp version of Liz & Dick rather than attempt to make it look Emmy worthy or something. They have now released a behind the scenes video and Lindsay compared herself to Liz and how they are almost exactly alike.

Russell Brand Buys Breakfast For The Homeless

Despite the fact he looks homeless most of the time himself, Russell Brand is not homeless, just enjoys wearing the same clothes and shoes everyday. Yesterday morning, Russell stopped to talk to the group of homeless people that hang out by his place hoping for one of his generous handouts when he decided to take them all to breakfast. That was pretty decent of him. It is one thing to give money to someone and walk away and then feel good about your good deed while forgetting the person almost the instant you pass them by, but to actually interact with homeless people and take them to breakfast and converse with them. That is the next level and as much as Russell can rub me the wrong way for lots of things, I admit he is very very generous to homeless people on a regular basis and if I was homeless I would go camp out in front of his place too.

Freddie Combs Is Everywhere On reality TV

If yesterday's X factor audition was the first time you had ever seen the 540 pound Freddie Combs then you missed one of the best reality shows last year called Ton of Love, and he and his wife shot a pilot for their own show, but I am not sure if it was ever picked up. As great as his voice is, you really need to go watch the show on TLC and see Freddie at home with his wife. When he filmed Ton of Love he weighed about the same as he does now and that was shot about two years ago. At that time the couple combined weighed about 900 pounds.

Blind Item #3

What A+ list movie actor called up one of his very old girlfriends after his relationship broke up and the woman he thought he was seeing also split because she found out he was cheating on her too. Anyway, the actor called his ex who is also a celebrity and who is married and tried to get her to go out with him. He said they should get back together and that she was the love of his life and that she should leave her husband and come back to our actor. The celebrity agreed to go out with the actor and when she called him the next day to set up a time he said never mind and that he had found someone else.

Brooke Shields And The Pot Photo

Brooke Shields has always said she never did drugs because her mom would have let her so it made her not want to do them. That is probably not going to work with very many people. If your parents are saying yeah, go out and do a few bumps of coke on the weekend to clear your mind, you will probably do it. Anyway, the photo above was sent out on Twitter and supposedly shows and late teens Brooke Shields enjoying a pipe filled with pot and the musician H.R. of Bad Brains. Brooke has come out and said it is not her, but I don't know. Right time period. Sure looks like her. It would make me like her way more to know she was into smoking a little pot because she was so uptight back in the day, or at least presented that image to the public. Would be fun to know she was actually sitting back and enjoying something which would have caused the world to react in horror that their perfect little role model was a drug user.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly movie actress had a nasty breakup with her significant other who is also an actor not that long ago. When they first split she would call and text him non-stop saying she was about to kill herself. Twice she told him she had swallowed pills and was ready to die. The first few times this happened her ex would come running over or tell a family member to go over and check on the actress. Most of the time she was fine. On two different occasions she had taken pills and needed a doctor, but it was kept quiet. It was thought the actress needed rehab. The actress still calls her ex but now gets ignored. Her ex has given up on talking to the actress ever again and now her friends think she is one bad day or night away from really taking her life.

Innocence Of Muslims Filmmaker Arrested

Somehow you knew that the guy who was behind Innocence Of Muslims would end up in jail. His past criminal record just made it easier. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has been arrested for violating his probation. He had been convicted back in 2010 of attempting to defraud Wells Fargo bank and sentenced to 21 months in jail. When he was released he was barred from using computers or internet without permission from his probation officer. He then posted the video to YouTube and violated his probation. Back when he was arrested in 2010 he had 641 debit and credit cards on him. None of which were in his name.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH out-of-control reality star pops into a fancy salon every two weeks to have her mustache waxed? The bad-tempered brunette – she loves picking fights with her co-stars – is terrified that her bushy upper lip will be visible on high-definition TV!

Chef Who Cooked His Wife - Guilty Of Murder

The chef who told police that he had cooked his wife for four days was convicted yesterday of murder. David Viens wife disappeared three years ago. No one is really sure what happened to the body of his wife because it was never found. Police used a trick to get Viens to confess. They planted a story in the newspaper saying they had found his wife's blood in their home. He then told his girlfriend he had killed his wife and then ran out the door and tried to kill himself by jumping off an 80 foot cliff. Didn't work, although he does have a bunch of injuries. At one point he told the police he slow cooked his dead wife in a barrel in his restaurant for four days.

Blind Item #1

This former reality star and now pretty much just a D list wannabe is telling friends she will never get pregnant again. Having a bay is way too inconvenient even with a nanny and it did not bring her as much money as she thought it would and she is worried she will not get enough child support to support herself when she splits with the baby daddy.

Johnny Lewis & His Family Are Big Scientologists

Earlier this week if you looked at Scientology websites you would see photos of Johnny Lewis. He was their poster boy for their own personal rehab. His parents are both long time members of Scientology and his father has reached a level almost as high as Tom Cruise. Probably cost him millions to get there. Anyway, Johnny would go around back in the day telling everyone that it was because of Narconon that he had got clean. Well, it turns out he was not clean, went to a different rehab and was on drugs when he went crazy the other day killing anyone in his path. Scientology then removed him from all of their websites. See, they must have known through auditing his parents that Johnny was on drugs and yet they kept him up on their websites. He was probably on drugs because he was hanging out with suppressive people. You know, like Katie Holmes, because she is evil.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH two daytime talk-show co-hosts smile and chew the fat when the cameras are rolling, but as soon as the show is over they don’t even speak? The chatty ladies can’t stand each other and that’s left their other co-hosts stuck in the middle. Who are they?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Justin Bieber and Avalanna get the top spot. Avalanna has lost her battle with cancer.

Armie Hammer on the set of The Lone Ranger while
Johnny Depp didn't work, but his stunt double did.
The strangest bong ever.
Chicakdee and Chubbs react to the news that Honey Boo Boo will be on for the next 50 years. Close captioning people rejoice.
A 158 carat diamond was found in Russia.
"Pants or dress? Pants or dress?" Emma Watson can't decide so goes with both.
Hello Gwen Stefani.
Heather Locklear celebrates her 51st birthday with a new guy.


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