Friday, August 05, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Annette Charles - RIP
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and
out of her outfit too.
Alexander Skarsgard has a meeting to decide who he needs to date next.
Blake Lively listens to a message from Leo for the 14th time.
Britney Spears, boyfriend and kids on a boat. They look much better than they
did earlier.
Cheryl Cole and party in Cannes. What no St. Tropez? Slackers.
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig get ready to fly. Turns out Satsuki cleaned out Daniel Craig to the tune of about $1M after she found out about him cheating on her.
Ellen and Portia shopping for baskets?

Random Photos Part Two

Apparently the entire world is in St. Tropez including Hugh Jackman.
Actually not the entire world because Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are in Hawaii. Look at the tats on the guy behind them.
Jane Fonda looking great in her 70's in Harper's while
Demi Lovato was in Elle.
So, if you want a dumb guy for the night, who is going to be? Kellan Lutz or
Channing Tatum?
Leo and Mark Wahlberg kiss Golden Globe butt at a luncheon.
Ditto Taylor Lautner and Lea Michele.
Even Hugh Dancy and Kevin Bacon got into it.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

All that goodwill that Kelly Osbourne has had over the past year is slipping quickly out of her fingers. Slamming the fashion choices of Kate Middleton and calling Christina Aguilera a fat b**ch will do that.
Lindsay Lohan after peeing in a cup. Apparently she left the Coldplay concert after she could not get backstage. Denied! Love it.
Morgan Freeman and Ash Christian on the set of their new movie.
Elton John Neil Patrick Harris, their partners and their babies in St. Tropez.
Rihanna with bed head and a skimpy suit.
Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons acting lovey dovey. Or is this canoodling? Can you only canoodle if you are single?
Not canoodling at all lately is Vanessa Hudgens.
So, this woman became the latest in the family to wear this wedding dress which was first worn 127 years ago. Every woman in the family wears it.
This was the dress being used in 1941.

Your Turn

A simple question. Would you let your 10 year old daughter pose like this for French Vogue? BTW, Tom Ford was the editor for this issue. He seems to think it is ok.

Lucille Ball Tribute

This weekend marks what would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday. Definitely need a tribute to her. The first is pictures, and the second are video clips.

Warren Jeffs Convicted Of Sex Abuse

It took long enough, but Warren Jeffs finally got what he deserved. He was convicted of two counts of sex abuse on a child and faces life in jail. Good. He made audio recordings of him having sex with a 12 year old girl and that is what got him sent away. Can you imagine how many different girls he has sexually abused? This was no religion. This was a guy who bastardized a religion to fulfill his own sexual perversions and I am glad he got convicted and I hope he discovers how Texas prisoners treat child sex offenders.

Sean Avery Arrested For Battery Of A Police Officer

New York Rangers enforcer and all around not a nice guy, Sean Avery was arrested this morning when he decided that hockey game rules applied to real life. He punched a police officer who came to his house to tell him to turn down his music. Several of Sean's neighbors had complained, but Sean did not turn down the music. The police came, Sean did not like what they had to say so he punched one. Not a good idea. Of course talking smack about all your ex-girlfriends is not a great idea either, but he does it.

Nicki Minaj Says Good Morning America With Her Breasts

You know, there is nothing quite like waking up in the morning, turning on the television while you eat several pounds of bacon and try and recover from a long night of drinking and see Nicki Minaj singing and then flashing her bare breasts to the entire world. I am not one to ever say no to bare breasts, but this is something you need to work to gradually as you awaken. I guess though if people can wake up and their first movement is to light a cigarette, you could be a person who wakes up and turns on porn to get your day started. Well, Nicki Minaj wants to help. Oh, and lest you think this was a one time thing, Nicki managed to do this twice in about a minute.

Four For Friday

#1 - This B- list television actress has traveled between scripted and reality television. She actually has both on the air right now. Anyway, she has been seeing this singer who is way younger than her. Not a problem because age is not the thing. The thing is he is Asian and her people want her to hide it because they feel her main African American fan base will not like it.

#2 - Which Glee actress who does not think she has a coke problem is out of control with her coke problem. It will be interesting to see if she can make it through the season without rehab.

#3, #4, and #5 - This Academy Award winning actor. See, I actually said they won. No guessing if they won. Anyway, this Academy award winning actor who is not exactly a big pile of fun got punched in the face recently. Yep. See, it turns out that this actor made a movie with this foreign born B list actress and because our Academy actor is an a-hole, he hit on her even though she is in a serious relationship. Well, she never told her B+/A- list actor significant other about the incident until recently. What used to be a friendship between the two actors is no more, and our Academy Award actor took a beating. Glad someone did.

Charlize And Ryan Split Because She Wanted Kids

At this point are any of you even sure that Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron were dating? One second he was "dating" Olivia Wilde and the next he was "dating" Charlize Theron. I guarantee you that if Jennifer Aniston had not been with Justin Theroux that Ryan would have probably "dated" her too. Anyway, if Ryan did date Charlize the reason they broke up was because Charlize is in a hurry to have babies and settle down with one guy. Do you really think Charlize wants kids? She was in a relationship with one guy for a long time and could have had kids and that whole thing, but chose not to. So, when they finally break up, she goes out with the purpose of finding someone for kids? I don't see it. I don't really see them hooking up either, although I don't see Ryan with Alanis or Scarlett either. Alanis is the sweetest person on the planet and Scarlett is, well not.

Mr. Bean Walked Away From This

When you look at this photo you wonder how anyone even survived such an accident. Luckily, for Rowan Atkinson and for all his fans, his $1M car has some very good safety equipment and Rowan walked away from the accident with a bruised shoulder. Apparently Rowan lost control of the car which can reach speeds up to 230 mph. Rowan currently holds the Top Gear record for fastest lap in a reasonably priced car.

Way To Go Sarah Michelle Gellar

When the announcement was made that All My Children was going to be coming to an end, I wrote that day that the stars needed to go back to their roots one more time and I know I mentioned Sarah Michelle Gellar as a star that should go back, but probably would not because she hated every second of her time on the show. I also think they were not exactly fond of her either. Think of this as the when hell freezes over tour for soaps. But, time passes, the bad memories fade, Sarah is a mom, a waaaaay better actress and it is kind of the chic thing to do now thanks to whiner boy James Franco.

Sarah is set to reprise her role as Kendall Hart Lang before the show ends in September. I hope they give her a few shows, but right now it is just supposed to be one. I guarantee you more people will probably watch the episode of AMC than will watch her show on the CW. I honestly do not know how that network stays in business. They come in last behind every network, Univision and like five cable channels.

Ryan & Tatum O'Neal Exploit Redmond

Yesterday when Redmond O'Neal appeared in court to face drug and weapon charges, also there were Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. The father and daughter who seem way too cozy for just father and daughter if you know what I mean were front and center and talking to anyone. Now, if you will recall, Ryan generally skipped most of Redmond's previous court appearances, but that was before Ryan had a reality show. Now, of course he will be anywhere he can that will increase his ratings. Tatum? Never been to a Redmond hearing ever. This time? Fake empathy right in front of the cameras. They really do make me sick. This is actually way worse than parentis Lohanis simply because I have no doubts that Ryan will take down anything that is not nailed down to Redmond. I honestly would not be surprised if he is hoping his own child would die so he can cash in. You think there is no way he could have those thoughts? How about the cashing in he did on a dying Farrah and stealing her stuff.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

We have heard that this B list television actor has gotten very deep into the New Age community. He is sleeping with several of the women that practice it with him and has them convinced that he’s some sort of spiritual leader. They are all into it. You know who is not into it? His wife and kids who have no idea.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Bubba Smith - RIP
Brooke Burke and David Charvet look pretty good. Damn them. I need to get below 400 again.
Brad Pitt filming arctic scenes in the middle of 90 degree heat.
Courtney Love and drinking is a huge no no.
Not as big of a no no as Catherine Zeta Jones still smoking. Maybe if she would stop,
her husband would.
In an interview with Elle, The Goopster says she and Chris Martin go through periods that are not rosy. Yeah, probably every Thursday when GOOP comes out. Oh, and when he cheats on her.
Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan was on her way to see The Goopster's husband because
Coldplay was in town.
Heather Locklear looking good.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Reason # 482,004 to love Helen Mirren. She finds time to play hopscotch. There used to be 482,687 reasons to love Helen, but when she made Arthur she lost a few hundred reasons.
There is a whole lot of funny in this photo. Lily Tomlin and Lisa Kudrow.
Nadya Suleman a little late to the 4th of July party. She also says she hates sex.
Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem with their baby in Italy.
Rachel Bilson cozies up to a real star in Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Louis is about the cutest kid ever.
Sheryl Crow hanging out with Heidi Klum's husband. Hey, had to do it.
Usher and his kids.
Vanessa Hudgens finally got a wig or something to hide her self inflicted haircut.
Meanwhile, her ex, Zac Efron, seems to enjoy assembling playground equipment in his spare time.


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