Saturday, November 02, 2013

Blind Item #3

This former A list tweener is going to be in an RIP post soon if he doesn't get his act together. For the second time in  a week he overdosed and is throwing together some crazy drug and booze combinations. His girlfriend is enabling because she loves going out with him and being seen and doesn't want the party to stop. The tweener refuses to get help and says he doesn't have a problem.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly movie actress who continues to have A+ list name recognition even though she rarely works any longer was on an overnight flight last week and according to the people seated behind her she used her hand and mouth on her traveling companion before sleeping the next eight hours. Of course I will reveal it. She has a little kink in her.

Blind Item #1

Apparently a huge payday will not get this B+ lister to change her mind about who she performs for. She turned down over $100K for a 15 minute performance because she can't stand the people she was asked to sing for.

Blind Items Revealed

July 18, 2008

#3 &4 - What infamous (too strong of a word probably for why) female reality television co-star despite the name, managed to steal this basketball player away from his date last night? The poor date who had flown in to LA with the basketball player went back to the hotel all alone while the reality star and the basketball player got one of their own for a few hours.

Lamar Odom/Kendra Wilkinson (They both found someone to marry within a year)

Blind Items Revealed

October 24, 2008

#3 - Jackass - B list television actress who used to be on a hit and is now on a new show. Not the most fun person to work with according to the crew. For someone who is lucky enough to have a career she sure loves to play the game of don't talk to me. Apparently unless you are a producer or director on the show, you are not allowed to speak directly to her. Well, the crew loves nothing more to talk to her anyway. They love doing this when they need a break because they know she will throw a tantrum and retreat to her dressing room for at least an hour.

Debra Messing

Blind Items Revealed

October 3, 2008

#2 #3 and #4 - This is really interesting. This foreign born actress is definitely C list. Attractive and young, but C list. Apparently she was also the reason that this now married B+ film actor who got his start in television broke up with his then fiancee who is an A list singer. The C list actress and our B+ actor had a thing for about five minutes while they were making a film together, but she was always keeping in touch after. Although she wanted more, our actor didn't. Unfortunately for him, his A list singer, didn't believe him or his protestations, and eventually it led to the break up.

Ryan Reynolds/Alanis Morisette/Paula Garces

Blind Items Revealed

October 2, 2008

So, our singer and her husband are back for I think the third appearance in this space. You remember them don't you. She had a baby and the marriage all fell apart. Well sometimes you may see them out together. What you don't see is the fact that she makes out with other guys right in front of the husband. Oh yes, they are still married although it is in name only. Now as for other activities she does in front of the husband, still no word. Working on it though.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Blind Items Revealed

September 30, 2008

This tweener star has always been known for television. Now she does films primarily. In the past year while doing a film, she was devastated emotionally over a breakup, and also trying to kick coke at the same time. About two weeks into filming, our actress tried to kill herself. Because the location was out of the country it was managed to be hush hushed. She then took about ten days off and continued filming. Her mom was brought in, and the actress seemed to recover. She also started using coke again, but made it through filming without any more incidents.

Amanda Bynes

Blind Items Revealed

September 17, 2008

#2 - I don't know if this B+/A- heart throb actor is dating this B- list film actress with A+ name recognition, but it didn't stop them from having sex in a limo on the way to a film. Just wondering if the driver got photos.

Gerard Butler/Jennifer Aniston on way to Toronto International Film Festival

Blind Items Revealed

September 10, 2008

#2 - This always causing trouble A list singer was all over fashion week. He was also all over a model at one of the shows. Not wanting to waste more time with her than necessary, he tempted her with a little white powder, went behind a curtain in the backstage area, and allowed her to get her fill. Then he had her do something else for him if you know what I mean. When she was done, he gave her the rest of the little baggie.

John Mayer

Blind Items Revealed

November 8, 2008

#1 This one is from the accountant. Turns out, this A list movie star is bad at something else besides fixing his hair. Last year, he managed to lose almost $7 million playing poker. No wonder he wants to make another installment of his franchise.

Nicolas Cage

Blind Items Revealed

September 4, 2008

It has been too long since we have heard from AP. Hell, it has been too long since I have heard from AP. But, she called me last night and told me about something she saw over the weekend. I personally hate this kind of thing, and I do want you to know that AP had a long talk with this woman and told her to call anytime day or night.

AP was working out, and she noticed this really attractive woman who was working out and crying at the same time. Not crying because it hurt or anything, but real tears. So, AP asked if there was anything wrong. Well, it turns out that the woman is dating a married former A list television actor. When I say A list, I mean he was A+ list. Aging. Not too old. Very famous relationships. Not doing much now. Well this actor is an a-hole but this woman is in love with him and he has her convinced that he is going to leave his wife, and yada, yada, yada. Now, this guy used to be really good looking, but now, not so much. Anyway, each morning he has the woman weigh herself and send him a video of her weighing herself. She has to send him photos everyday of how she looks and what she is wearing. If she doesn't weigh what she is supposed to or doesn't look acceptable he yells at her and screams at her and basically treats her like crap.

When AP spoke with her, the woman actually used words and phrases like "he doesn't like it" and "he demands perfection." AP just knows the guy and knows he yells and screams a lot so is assuming he berates her just like he has berated everyone he has ever been with. The ting is, he only sees this woman once or twice a week, but he still demands perfection everyday. Plus, she has to let him know exactly where she is going and with whom and she just does it all without question. The morning in question that AP saw her, the woman was two pounds over her ideal weight and so was trying desperately to work it off because our actor had threatened to not see her that night unless she did, and there were plenty of other women he could be seeing if she could not do it. The thing is, he has this woman so messed up in the head that she barely knows herself anymore. AP was almost crying when she shared this, and AP never cries. Ever.

Nice guy huh?

Don Johnson

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Split- Maybe

Radar has a story up on their site which says that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have split. I don't think anyone would be surprised the pair have split. I think more people are surprised they have lasted three years. The writing was really on the wall after the time she got to spend away from him during Celebrity Big Brother in the UK this past summer.

What I don't like about radar's story is they spend the first half of it convincing you the couple has split and then spend the second half saying that if we see them in photos or hanging out or they deny they are splitting we shouldn't believe them and they really have split.

What good does a story like that do? That would be like someone writing Adam Sandler and his wife have split but if they deny it or you see them together or get photographed together or have another kid together don't even pay attention to it because they really have split.

If people are taking photos together and denying they have split and not getting with other people then they are together. A split is when they are no longer together. Using Radar's logic they have never been together. I don't think they have ever had sex and I think she has been with other guys and who knows what he has been doing but they are still "together." I would rather have a tabloid or myself go out on a limb and take a posirtion and not hedge your bets like a fortune teller.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Bill Rancic is set to run the NYC Marathon this weekend. Vegas is setting odds on whether his hair will move.

Not in the marathon but always in good shape is Cameron Diaz.
Carmen Electra in LAX on her way to a party last night.
Fergie did wear an orange sweatshirt so that is making an effort.
Josh Duhamel wore his fake moobs so he made an effort too.
Gisele Bundchen still walks the runway. This time in Rio.
I don't know how I missed  Jane Fonda's photobomb yesterday.
Jennifer Garner gives some love to her son.
Hello Kate Beckinsale.

Random Photos Part Four - Halloween Photos Part Three

The impressive thing about Lo Bosworth's is that she did this makeup herself. I don't think I don't think I could even do a dot on my own. She is still trying to add 7 + 8 though. Next week I am going to help her with her multiplication tables and she will help me win Hills trivia contests.

Kelly Osbourne looks a lot like Ozzy when she poses like this.
This is actually a Paris Hilton choice for her gladiator package.
Julie Bowen's son went as Psy but I'm not sure what Julie is.
Kelly Bensimon grabbed a dog bone and called her outfit Wilma.
Kyle Richards and her daughter.
Liv Tyler's hair just blends right in with the trees. Looks amazing.
Drew Barrymore from almost 30 years ago.
Hugh Grant decided to have sex with Jemima Khan again.

Random Photos Part Three - Halloween Photos Part Two

Hilary Swank actually went to a party.

Britney Spears and her seven dwarfs.
Ben Affleck has that lets hurry this up and get it over with look.
Sandra Bullock is totally unrecognizable.
January Jones really challenged her mind with this one. Went as Betty Draper.
Neil Patrick Harris and family.
Snooki dressed as a skeleton.
Miranda Kerr
Gavin Rossdale is anti-Halloween whole Gwen Stefani is all for anything that lets her dress up as a princess. On second thought Gavin should be pro Halloween since he loves that.

Random Photos Part Two- Halloween Photos Part One

Heidi Klum might have reached her peak as far as Halloween costumes go. She should probably retire now.

That is Katie Couric on the left but not much effort was put into the costumes of her or Billy Crystal or Bette Midler.
Demi Lovato wins scariest of the night.
Patrick Stewart being boiled.
Honey Boo Boo and family as the Kardashians.
Ict-T and Coco.
Christian Siriano
Adam Levine and his girlfriend as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut.
Mickey Rourke dressed like a 70's gay porn star.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Kristin Chenoweth does a Miley because she wants some publicity.

Kate Hudson keeps it classy in the airport.
Keanu Reeves is filming a new movie. maybe someone will watch this one.
Kendra Wilkinson was on Today. She has amazing staying power and clings to her 15 minutes with a death grip.
I was going to put this in the Halloween photos and then realized with Aubrey O'Day it might just be what she picked out for the day.
I can't tell what Aaron Paul and his wife are dressed as so put them in the regular photos too.
Robin Thicke spent Halloween afternoon with his son in the park and hitting on women.
Zoe Saldana takes her husband and dog for a stroll at The Grove.
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa take a night off from baby duty and their kid's first Halloween to make a buck at a party.

Blind Item #10

This aging former B+/A- list mostly movie actress who can barely emote because of all her plastic surgery says she got divorced from one of her actor husbands because he would not stop sleeping with her daughter who was 16 when it started and 18 when they divorced. Yeah, she didn't do anything for two years.

Blind Item #9

This former top 5 American Idol male finalist pulled up a sleeve the other day and showed off his arm which is filled with burn marks where he put out cigarettes. He says it is better than cutting. I'm not sure about that. I think he had messed up childhood. Have you seen his parents?

Martha Stewart Cough Drops Commercial

The crazy thing is this not a prank.

Blind Item #8

This permanent B list mostly movie actor who is cranky in his old age had to pay a huge settlement to a woman he met at a party and is accused of sexually assaulting. She agreed to a payout and not to call the police because of some favors she received from her boss who was the host of the party and who is our actor's best friend.

Off Topic

Oh good. All that Halloween candy I ate yesterday should be half off now but the stores are on to this and throw it in green and red boxes and call it Christmas candy.

Blind Items Revealed

December 5, 2008

#4 - This male teen star from a very hit 1990's television comedy is now doing gay porn to make a living. He was definitely on the cover of some teen magazines back in the 90's.

Blake McIver (Full House)

Four For Friday- Kindness

It is Friday. I hope every one is recovering from your Halloween. Less than four weeks to Thanksgiving. Don't forget to change your clocks tomorrow night before you sleep. Make sure to take advantage of the extra hour of drinking in bars. What else? If you are bored you can always watch the 34th repeat of Secret Societies Of Hollywood on E! tonight. I believe I might be in it five or six times. I will be here all weekend blogging away with reveals and blind items and counting down the two months remaining until Reveal Day.

You don't hear from this actor very much any longer. Not that old but he has kind of gravitated away from acting because of his charity work. He was on a very hot show for a very long time and then stepped into some more good luck on a very very popular cable show which made sure he won't ever have to work again. He has a great partner who was one of the biggest movie stars in the world at one point which was achieved despite any real acting talent.

Our actor has used his money and grants from others to fly people around the world building homes in some of the most impoverished places on earth. His group which is similar to Habitats For Humanity has built about 1000 homes for families. They have also built schools and hospitals and really focus on areas of the world which have nothing. He tries to give them something. he also makes sure not to leave empty buildings and tries to stock each house or school or hospital with every thing it needs to have to succeed.

It is pretty cool that he is willing to give up a fairly successful career to focus on others.

Your Turn

How much money would it take for you to make a porn? How much money would it take for you to be an escort?

Blind Items Revealed

December 9, 2008

There is a very interesting love triangle going on right now that some have suggested was recently a square. Love square doesn't sound as good so I'm glad one dropped out. What you have is a celebrity who is not really known for any roles but is definitely a performer. A list name recognition. Chasing her are an A list television actor who has gravitated always in the past to films where he is definitely B+. Also chasing her is a wealthy businessman from Europe. The actor who dropped out of the running is a B list film and television actor who just didn't have the coin to keep up with the other two. Flights, gifts, whatever it takes, both of these men are after this one woman.

Dita Von Teese/Alec Baldwin/some Russian businessman/Jeremy Piven

Blind Items Revealed

December 1, 2008

Anyway, this married NBA All Star took a little time away from the family this weekend to play his own version of Santa Claus. No, this isn't a kindness. Apparently he and one of his long time friends got a suite this weekend and invited a gaggle of strippers. Our basketball player dressed as Santa, minus the pants and invited each of the strippers to sit on his lap. Yep. Each one got a turn with Santa and then his friend who didn't dress up. Seems kind of a waste of a good theme. Anyway, the strippers stayed for several hours until Santa and his friend were completely satisfied and finished spreading their holiday joy. Then Santa went back home to the wife and kid/kids to spend some quality time with the family.

Kobe Bryant

Blind Item #7

This B-/C+ list celebrity from a network reality show that has seen its numbers drop this season partly because of the animosity towards our celebrity got wasted out of her mind at a concert. There is nothing wrong with that except she had her kid(s) with her and was trying to start a fight with anyone who came near her. She is a very angry person and gives every one who comes near her the creeps.

Blind Item #6

This still A list mostly movie actor says he is thinking of quitting acting because he wants to teach sex therapy. He thinks he has found a way to make sex better and wants to share it with the world. Right now though the aging actor just is sharing it with random college women he picks up at university bookstores.

Blind Item #5

This former B list mostly movie actress who does no acting now except in bed has always said she wouldn't be with an African American. Her biggest payday ever changed her mind and she is texting and calling the world famous celebrity 24/7 who finds it all funny and shares every message and naked photo with his friends.

Blind Item #4

This B list celebrity/athlete with A list name recognition likes every guy to think she is sexy and makes her living off that to some extent although she is truly a great athlete. The problem is that she is up to guy number five or six in the past few years who says after dating her that it is obvious she prefers women but just won't admit it for fear of losing all of her endorsements which make her millions of dollars a year.

In Touch Says Miley Cyrus Needs Rehab

In Touch sets the ground work this week for the inevitable Miley Cyrus rehab stay. It will happen and they say it will be sooner rather than later. I have to disagree with them. I think Miley has another year or maybe even two years before she will need rehab. I think her exposure to the harder drugs has been limited to the occasional coke dabbling. I don't wish rehab on anyone but they make some good points. The article says that Miley hates to be alone and will keep the party going all night long just so she does not have to be alone. She has already said she likes drugs where people do them together. I think at some point her fear of being alone will manifest into other things which will lead her down the drug path and rehab.

The interesting thing is that I think she is much more likely to suffer the 27 curse than someone like Lindsay Lohan who has an addiction problem but will just turn into someone who dies in her 50's or 60's because of drug use rather than some crash and burn overdose.

Blind Item #3

This former B list mostly television actress who is now mostly a forced stay at home wife was overheard crying on her trip and apologizing repeatedly to a person on the other end of the line for not answering her phone the first few times it rang because she had it on silent. Guess she won't get to go out for quite some time.

Blind Item #2

This B list reality star who got his fame on an A list network reality show has been having trouble paying his monthly fee to a group of men who require a payment from the star every month. It is a common practice where he is from but it is usually athletes who are forced to pay. His income has declined though and now the men are threatening to hurt his A list celebrity girlfriend.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is actually an Academy Award winner/nominee despite some really poor movie choices offered a woman $10K who walked past his dinner table to crawl under and service him orally. She looked scared and she should have considering the way he was looking at her and he was not even quiet about it.

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just can't leave each other alone. The pair were spotted together at Robert's place where the holed up for a few hours before the couple really wanted to make sure they were spotted and started going over to Kristen's place when they realized they had accomplished their mission. My question is who called the paps. Who wanted the attention? Who wanted the world to know they were together? There are no paps that stake out either house and there are no paps that even do drive bys of Robert's house. My guess is that Kristen called but the pap didn't show up until after she was at Robert's house. She wanted the shot so she convinces him to go to her place or out somewhere and the pap gets the shot. That is all anyone wanted. The shot to keep them in the news. Now people will be talking about it for a few weeks and the fans will be all in a tizzy.

Orlando Bloom Says Nothing In Katie Couric Interview

The interview airing today between Katie Couric and Orlando Bloom has been hyped as the first time he talks about his split with Miranda Kerr. It is more boring than a Kneepads interview. He recites a bunch of notes a publicist wrote for him about how they will always be a family and they are both adults and things don't always work out but they will be together forever because of their son and blah blah blah. Katie sits there like a deer in the headlights and doesn't ask anything else. I don't really care that she doesn't ask a followup because it is a divorce we are talking about and maybe she does not want to pry too much but she has promoted the heck out of the show by using his divorce and what he says about it as her selling point.

Therefore she has no qualms about using him or his divorce for ratings so why not ask questions that actually lead to some type of answer or something that was not in the official statement.

Kanye West Screws Over Vancouver - Again

It is pretty obvious to me at this point that the only places Kanye West would like to take his concert tour are those within a twenty minute drive to his place in Los Angeles. Any thing beyond that and you are going to be screwed. You are also going to be screwed if KanyeWest  has any other plans for that week which requires any commitment of time from him.

Vancouver has now found out the hard way that Kanye thinks only of Kanye. He postponed his first concert there so he could plan his proposal to Kim Kardashian. The days didn't conflict but Kanye thought his time was better spent organizing an event which looked like crap and was over the top and in his own words wasn't romantic other than giving a few hours of time to the people who spent well over 2 million bucks on tickets and travel plans and hotel plans.

He told the people of Vancouver that he would make it up to them on Halloween night. He had an off day in between his three Los Angeles shows and figured he could fly up there shine his light of God and be back in Los Angeles before the smog fumes entirely left his body.

A few hours before the concert though he postponed the show with many people unaware that he had done so until they showed up at the venue. He says there was a car accident involving some of the equipment from the show that has been damaged and he won't put on a show unless it can be perfect. At this point I doubt Vancouver even wants him to come because it is obvious he doesn't care about them. He could have gone up there and played a version of the show that was not as effects heavy and if he has the talent should be able to pull it off.

This is the thing that makes my point about him not caring. He has postponed other shows including one in Anaheim until he gets the items rebuilt. But, he has a whole set here in Los Angeles so why cancel the Anaheim show down the road? Because it is further than a 20 minute drive.


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