Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blind Item #5

This former B list mostly movie actress who is now the biggest spoiled brat on the planet who won't be able to get guys to pay for her much longer and then will be reduced to f**king 75 year old men and wiping their diapers tried to get a guy fired last night. She was chain smoking inside and a security guard told her to stop. He told her more than once. He told her four or five times and then said he was going to kick her out. Our actress crushed out the cigarette and told the guy he would regret it. She came back a few minutes later with the supervisor and said that the security guard groped her and wanted him fired. When the supervisor said they should review the security tapes the actress said never mind and ran away. She is the biggest f**king b**ch on the planet.

Blind Item #4

This former C list model turned very recent C list reality star says the secret to her multiple marriage success of marrying rich guys is that she can finish a guy off in under 3 minutes guaranteed. Yeah, she is still as classy as ever.

Blind Item #3

This B- list model who has had an A list name recognition year has not been spending much time with her kid(s) over the past six months. After being dumped by her celebrity boyfriend for someone younger she has been partying almost every night and using a lot as she searches for another guy. The meth is not helping her case.

Blind Items Revealed

April 20, 2013

This A list director recently hired an old foe because he wanted to accomplish something he had not done previously. Sleep with her. He really thinks he can this time.

Michael Bay/Megan Fox

Blind Items Revealed

May 30, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actor had his big run a decade or two ago. Still a B lister and still works a lot, just not with that A list billing any longer. He has always dated very very young, but this is kind of sick even for him. He paid his girlfriend a lot of money to put braces on her teeth. She didn't need them, but he liked the way they made her look.

James Woods

Blind Items Revealed

May 20, 2013

You would  think that when people have been married less than a year they would be having sex all the time. Not so if you are this A list mostly movie actress Academy award winner/nominee, who according to her hairstylist has yet to consummate her marriage and only got married because she was tired of being asked out.

Anne Hathaway

Blind Items Revealed

May 17, 2013

This A list mostly movie actor has been in this space before. He has a well documented temper and well documented fetishes that I have highlighted in this space before and in certain cases, revealed. What were some mild, twisted sexual games he used to play, are turning into some dangerous acts where someone could get killed. His ex-girlfriend has started to talk about how the actor had transformed in the few years she had known him. He started off as a nice guy and then as his drinking and drugging got worse, it started to affect his brain. She said that it affected him even on the days when he did not drink or do drugs and that she often feared for her life and would hide at friend's houses because she literally was scared. Now his rages have turned sexual and she said that he sent her videos of what he has been doing with his current actress girlfriend and how there is blood everywhere in one of the videos and that they have gone on trips to other countries and she thinks they have hired women in those countries who are willing to participate in his sex fantasies. She says that he used to share them with her, but she always refused to be a part of anything more than just being with him. It was because of his sex addictions and needs that they broke up.

Shia LaBeouf

Blind Items Revealed

May 16, 2013

Charming as hell when he is sober and lusted after by many, this foreign born B- list mostly television actor has women throwing themselves at his feet all the time. He prefers finding women though who will not be intimidated by him when he has had a few drinks and decides to get a little rough. OK, very rough. Super rough. Have to be prepared to go to the hospital rough. He says it is all part of who he is and does not apologize for it. Most people would say it was a beating, he says it is part of sex, but it is not always part of sex with him, it is part of who he is when he drinks. He says if he tells people in advance what they can expect, then it is not wrong and they come fully aware into the situation. He is adamant about that and has had no problems finding women who go along with it for awhile. His problem is though that as he has been with the woman a certain amount of time he needs to get more and more rough and there comes a time when they can't handle him or it or his drinking. Last night he ended up going home with this former A list mostly television actress who is now kind of a mess in her own right. This could be big trouble.

Sean Bean

Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is about to take a break was on the receiving end of attention from a SI Swimsuit model not named Kate Upton. The model, who was wearing a top that was kept closed by one simple button at the bottom told the actor that she had worn the top just for him and invited him to reach inside and see if he liked what she had to offer. He took her up on the touching, but that was about it and moved on with his friends like what had happened was a normal occurrence.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Blind Items Revealed

May 3, 2013

This B list reality star spends hours everyday in the gym now, but in reality that is just for show. She has to make it look like she lost weight to make money from a new program she is going to be selling, but hates working out so she is taking a variety of Adderall like drugs to make the pounds drop away. Oh, and not eating for days at a time.

Khloe Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed

May 1, 2013

This A list mostly television actor is rich and has a drug problem. He is also inventive. Apparently instead of sending people to buy drugs for him, he now has a group of people who actually make the stuff just for him and has a direct pipeline. This would also explain his not too distant out of the country trip he took to a known drug country.

Charlie Sheen

Blind Items Revealed

October 26, 2007

#4 This rocker married couple could be headed to the lawyers after a screaming match at a store included the words, "why do you always hit me? I'm tired of you beating on me all the time, and one of these times I am going to hit you back." The interesting thing here is that it was the guy who said the words.

Avril Lavigne/Deryck Whibley

Blind Item #2

This still sexy but aging slightly former B+ list actress who has never been afraid to get naked in a movie says she doesn't take drugs but that is not what several people saw the other night. Our actress in a very very very revealing dress was bent over a table exposing everything under her dress while she expertly did a few lines of coke. She said she just needed a little boost to get through the night.

Blind Item #1

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably be an A permanently just because of her name didn't let her marriage vows stand in the way of making it very clear to the lead singer of this B list band with the catchy name that she would be more than willing to f**k him all night long. Yeah, those were pretty much her exact words and she was pretty ticked off when he turned her down. I believe she used the word hack or something that rhymes with brick when earlier she had been gushing about the music.

Wynonna Judd Put A Tracking Device On Ashley Judd's Car - Selling Stories About Possible Teen Lover

Early last month a teenager went to an attorney after finding something suspicious on the car she was driving which is owned by Ashley Judd. Yes, that's right. A teenager went to an attorney to ask about it. Hmm, and the attorney was paid for by? Anyway, the teen takes the car to a garage where it is discovered there is a GPS tracking device. Ashley Judd is convinced that her sister, Wynonna Judd is the one who placed the tracking device on the car to check on Ashley and sell stories about Ashley to the tabloids or others about Ashley and her relationship with the teen.

The tracking device was traced back to a private detective who was hired by Wynonna Judd's ex husband. No one is talking to anyone, but this is quite possibly the greatest story that is going to come out in the next few weeks. There are so many delicious gaps and holes to fill in and there are too many people involved for it to not come out. Who is the teen? Most people are guessing it is a lover of Ashley. Why was Wynonna doing it? What were the reasons? I want to know.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Rihanna gets the top spot today because she has tied the record for most number one Billboard songs at 13. She is tied with Michael Jackson and will probably end up passing him by a bunch provided she stays out of the way of swinging doors.

Dakota Fanning is all smiles with her boyfriend.
Also smiling is Elizabeth Olsen with her boyfriend.
Emmy Rossum finished in second place today with her Gisele Bundchen spoof photo.
Speaking of Gisele she took some time off from breast feeding to fly down to Brazil to show off her new lingerie line.
Halle Berry out and about grocery shopping.
Josh Duhamel and Fergie baptized their baby Axl. Slash is the godfather.
Jenny McCarthy earns a buck.
Kanye West gets out of his car and you know he was talking on that phone while driving.

Random Photos Part Four

Julia Roberts said she isn't pregnant and then walked the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie which also stars

Abigail Breslin and
Juliette Lewis who plays a flamenco dancer.
Long time no see Carla Gugino.
Connie Britton looks amazing while
Zac Posen looks like he borrowed the pants from Jessica Simpson's old stage show.

Kings Of Leon in a rare red carpet photo.
Kristen Bell and Rosario Dawson are besties this week.
Kevin Federline shows off his wife daughter and baby bump.
Kate Hudson shows off her baby and wants people to speculate another is on the way.

Random Photos Part Three - amfAR Event

Kelly Osbourne has really been hitting as many red carpets as possible lately.

Vanessa Hudgens went with the bare stomach look.
Goldie Hawn still looks amazing.
Paula Abdul keeps her balance with a chair.
Chelsea Handler was smiling away and the host and probably drunk.
You can't have an amfAR party without Sharon Stone.
Laura Prepon with a brand new look.
Zoe Saldana shows off her bare back.

Random Photos Part Two

It's Natalie from Love Actually.I bet she hates being known for one big thing to the detriment of everything else she has done.

Lorde and Taylor Swift get hammered.
And you wanted to know what it was like kissing Mary Kate Olsen.
Olivia Wilde at a screening of Her which also brought out
Amy Adams and
Joaquin Phoenix and
Johnny Knoxville.
Flea was there but thought it was ugly Christmas sweater night.
Anna Paquin out rolling her kids again. How about a nice shade of pink sometime Anna? She can be Rooney Mara depressing.

Random Photos Part One- With Reader Photos

Less than three weeks to Reveal Day. If you want to see your Reader Photo posted then now is the time to send it in. E-mail it to

Five parts today.

Prince Harry made it to the South Pole. Discovers it is a bong.

Pink believes in tough love with her daughter. No touching!
Roberto Cavalli goes for a threesome with his girlfriend and Miranda Kerr.
Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son to school. Tells him about the time Samantha had sex with the entire faculty of a school. It is a lost episode.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5

Blind Item #10

Divorce papers are imminent for this reality star/mogul who already has a former porn star set to be the new public girlfriend. He has her stashed because his associates are trying to clear the internet of her two porn films. He is going to call her an Eastern European actress.

Blind Item #9

This B+ list mostly movie actress is scared of being cut off so her dad thinks she has a boyfriend. She even spends the night with him in the same bed when visiting the family. Even her sister doesn't know the real truth because the sister would love to cash in double the inheritance.

Super Selfie- Father And Son

Blind Item #8

This former B list tweener who actually got her start on a network show rather than a kids network got into a huge fight a couple of weeks ago with this former reality show contestant trying to hang on to her fame. Apparently the club they were at wanted to feature one of them, but only one and they started screaming at each other about who was the bigger star. Yeah, the club just said forget it and skipped that portion of the night.

Off Topic

I once tried a vegetable drink. Once.

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2007

#4 This jackass is back. Hiding his insecurity through a web of hateful speech, this recently divorced C list film actor spent an entire night drinking with two friends and finding whatever opportunity they could to harass this C list actress formerly of a very popular network show. The show has shot several people to the upper echelons of the "list" but not her. Our actress was there to be seen and to try and get her career jumpstarted again, but had to leave early when reduced to tears at least twice by the jackass and his friend.

Ryan Phillippe and Maggie Grace

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2007

#2 This recent same sex non romantic breakup is definitely not traditional. However, it centers around traditional reasons for a breakup such as hitting on a significant other and wanton drug use that almost led to the arrest of our couple.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

Four For Friday

So, does that whole twelve days of Christmas thing start today? Anyway, I will be around all weekend and drinking heavily while online shopping and blogging. If you would like to follow me on Twitter where I have been known to actually drop an f bomb without the ** I am @entylawyer.

#1 - This former B list mostly television actor who is really good looking and cheated on his wife everyday while he was filming that show that used to be on that almost network apparently hasn't stopped cheating even though he is dating a woman he had been cheating on his wife with. Great guy. His latest mistress if you want to call her that graduates from high school in May.

#2 - This A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ and the biggest star on the planet says from now on he will only date women of other races. I'm pretty sure he is still willing to date guys his own race though. Oh, and let them live on the first floor. Behind the door he likes to call his "study."

#3 - This A list super everything has one tiny secret she doesn't share with the world. The former topless dancer she  keeps on her payroll. She met her when she was dating that A list actor guy and now keeps her around for fun and her husband seems to enjoy her too.

#4 - This A+ list mostly movie actor came closest to getting a divorce from his long suffering wife when he started hooking up with this at the time A list celebrity/singer who is still an A+ list celebrity with A+ list name recognition who has kids. She was tired of hiding in hotel rooms and threatened to tell the tabloids unless he left his wife. he said he wouldn't leave his wife so they split.

Your Turn

Are you superstitious today? Does anyone have time to be?

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2007

#1 I want to say that as far as I know Ice-T is not running a call girl ring. But, as a former pimp, if you told me he was, I wouldn't be shocked. What is shocking is that this totally straight A-/B+ film actor from a famous family has a piece (no pun intended) of an escort agency that caters exclusively to gay men. Seems as if our actor got a little drunk the other night, was talking to a waiter and when he found out the waiter was gay and looking for work, gave the waiter a phone number. Our actor said to tell who answered that our actor sent him, and that he could get some work. The phone number was to an escort agency.

Nicolas Cage

Blind Items Revealed

October 3, 2011

This one is painful to write. It happens all the time though so I guess should not be surprised. This couple seems like they have the perfect marriage. Everything is always so great to the outside world, but inside, the couple is having some serious issues. Our actor is very good looking. B- list. Does television and movies and modeling. Always a smile on the face. Our actress does a little bit of everything. She actually has a chance at some point of pulling off an EGOT. They are married and have child/ren, however, our actor has been sleeping with a production assistant on his show and his wife has no clue. This would absolutely crush her and will make huge headlines if this comes out, no so much because of the level of their fame, but just because of the perfect couple image that is always presented to the world.

Taye Diggs/Idina Menzel

Blind Item #7

He didn't have sex with twins, but this married B list talk show host did have sex with one of a set of twins. Tell me again why his wife sticks with him? Oh yeah, money. Tell me again why other women sleep with him.

Blind Item #6

This B list mostly television actress who never seems to fade completely away, is still hot and has her own show but no one watches it. She is telling friends she is about to file for bankruptcy because her old closeted boyfriend ran through all of her money and then more she borrowed because he spent it all trying to establish a premiere gay men webcam model site. The site never happened and his loan payments to her never happened either.

Blind Item #5

This reality show contest judge sent her assistant outside to the car our judge had been riding in and had the assistant scoop up the coke our judge had dropped on the floor of the car. Scoop it up and save it. By the time the assistant got outside, the driver of the car had already swept it out of the car. The judge then screamed at her assistant for five minutes saying it was the assistant's fault. For what?

Blind Item #4

This former A list rocker who is now just a guy trying to get a job checks into a hotel do go on his drug binges even if his house is just a few minutes away. he says that it keeps him from doing drugs everyday. Yeah, just five days a week instead.

Ronni Chasen Questions

Three years after her death, the LA County Coroner was finally forced to release the results of the autopsy that was performed on PR person Ronni Chasen. Ronni was shot three years ago on her way home from a premiere (far right) and after party. The Beverly Hills Police Department has always said that Ronni was shot by a homeless man in a robbery attempt gone wrong.

The autopsy report says that a car drew up next to Ronni and fired four shots at her through her car window. Huh, and it was exactly four wounds that were found in her body. The gun used by the shooter was apparently stolen from a police officer's house. Huh. Surprising no one, the BHPD could not be reached for comment from any of the news organizations that tried to contact them. They prefer their version of the story where they pretend like they did a good job.

If they did such a good job they would not have done everything they could to keep the autopsy from being made public. They still haven't explained what a homeless guy was doing on a bike ten miles from downtown with a gun and how they managed to kill him before he could answer any questions even though he offered no resistance.

Blind Item #3

This former B+ list mostly movie actor from a very famous acting family was stopping people in the street the other day in front of a club and asking them if they had any coke. People just walking by and he was grabbing their arm or crossing in front of them while shaking the entire time and trying to keep a cigarette steady in his hand.

Blind Item #2

This former A list comic actor who blew through about five headlining movie gigs before falling off the fame map entirely still has close to A list name recognition. He also holds the world record for being the drunkest celebrity to ever drink at The Abbey. This actor got so drunk he literally had to be carried out of the bar by four servers and placed in the back of a car and then carried out of the car by people at his house at the other end.

Blind Item #1

This former talk show host who is now aging and has had some relationships with some very big people is almost three times the age of the famous offspring she is sleeping with on a daily basis. Apparently the offspring is being mindf**ked to epic proportions and he thinks the woman is in love with him. It is all made for tv movie worthy.

Ann Curry Leaving NBC First Week Of January- Might Go To Work For Angelina Jolie

Although Ann Curry's contract with NBC doesn't actually end for a few months, she will be leaving NBC the first week of January when her vacation and sick leave kick in for the year and won't be back. She is counting down the days and apparently has three people in the entire building that are not afraid to be seen talking to her. NBC executives wants her gone and don't ever want to see her again.

But, they might have to. Ann has supposedly lined up a job working for her old buddy Angelina Jolie. Ann would be flown in to film documentaries and interviews with Angelina which would then be sold to networks or distributed to other news outlets around the world. This way Angelina only talks to one person who she trusts and gets her face and her causes and her movies being discussed without having to sit through a million interviews. Plus, I imagine Angelina will let An see Brad Pitt naked every so often. I kid. You know Ann will be trying though.

Nigella Lawson Accused Of Perjury

Nigella Lawson is being accused of lying on the stand during her testimony at the trial of her two former assistants. Although Nigella couldn't remember the exact number of times she used cocaine she estimated it was six or seven. On the stand today, one of those assistants testified that cocaine was everywhere in the house and she was always discovering new places that Nigella would hide it. Apparently it was never out of reach of wherever Nigella would be. The assistant also said though she never actually saw Nigella using coke but did see her smoke pot numerous times and would do it in front of her kids. I think Nigella used coke all the time and smoked pot all the time. I think any time you admit to using it, you probably used it a bunch. I think if you only used it once or twice in your life you would probably say that you never tried it.

Jenelle Evans Smoking Pot And Drinking During Pregnancy

Trying to use the excuse that she is fighting off morning sickness, Jenelle Evans has smoked pot during the first trimester of her pregnancy. She has also boozed during the first trimester of her pregnancy. I'm telling you now that her being pregnant is the worst life decision she has ever made. How is she going to take care of the kid while she is juggling arrests and boyfriends and fathers? She is already married to heroin addict who has kids and now she is with another guy who has supposedly got her pregnant although there are some people whispering that perhaps he is not the one who got her pregnant. Deep down she has to know this is a really bad idea but she did it anyway. Her life is one big bad decision. Her son looks like a great kid and hopefully he grows up to be a better adult and if he does it certainly won't be because of his mother. This whole thing just really rubs me the wrong way. I know she did it for some stupid reason like she was wasted at the time or wanted another season of her show or something like that.


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