Saturday, January 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #7

December 2, 2016

The guy who washed the car of this former Disney actor turned A/A- list mostly movie actor said he assumed the owner of the car was a drug dealer and not an actor because there was so much product in his car. It was only when he pointed it out to someone else at work that he learned the owner was our actor.

Shia LaBeouf

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Kindness

December 2, 2016

This soon to be A list mostly movie actress after spending the past few years relegated to A- list status has a new movie coming out which always makes me cynical about kindness items. Turns out though, she does the same thing every year, movie or not. She walks into a community center by her home and drops off a check for $100K. She has been doing it for almost a decade.

Natalie Portman

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 2, 2016

This permanent A list singer who has been in this space frequently as of late pulled off a very tricky maneuver yesterday. She managed to wiggle and writhe her way out of her panties while seated at a table. he said they were bothering her so she took them off and then just left them sitting on the table. When an assistant came over to remove them, our singer told her to leave them there for the world to see.

Mariah Carey

Blind Item #4

This remake/reboot of a classic movie taking a turn on television is awful. Even though it is going through the process of being promoted this week, it is not anywhere close to being the way it needs to be. It will be a laughingstock.

Blind Item #3

This closeted former A list tweener singer turned A-/B+ list adult singer was a kid in a candy store this week at a men's fashion week show. It was the happiest he has looked in a long time.

Blind Item #2

This Academy Award winning actress is spinning quite the yarn about why she dropped out of a play. The thing is, the producers didn't want her, especially when her list of demands read like a dictionary.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list producer/record executive/former reality star with a name like an initialed city is in big trouble with his employer. It seems as if the A+ lister brought in his personal barber on company time and also allowed another handful of employees to also get their hair cut by the barber. The cuts were not cheap but the executive billed them all to the company on his expense account so was getting reimbursed by the company every couple of weeks for the haircuts of others.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 5, 2016

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was stoned out of his mind at a premiere this weekend. His A+ list co-star was not amused.

Matthew McConaughey/Reese Witherspoon ("Sing")

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 5, 2016

Filming is wrapping soon and these two Oscar winners still haven’t spoken to each other outside of their acting roles. A couple of scenes had to be rewritten just to keep them away from each other.

Cate Blanchett/Anne Hathaway

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 5, 2016

She won’t replace her celebrity boyfriend until she has a new drug supply, but that doesn’t mean this A- list singer known to be annoying isn’t willing to continue yachting. It is one of her favorite money making activities and much more lucrative than the gig she performed in the same town. She always says yes to this town, no matter how obscure the performance or how low the pay.

Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 7,2016

This spin off network reality show couple couldn’t stop cheating on each other so it is probably a good thing they called it quits before things moved too far along.

Ben Higgins/Lauren Bushnell

Friday, January 13, 2017

Blind Item #12

I can't figure out if he is taking public digs at his wife or just wants people to know he is employed as an actor, but this B- list actor who is from an acting family and is less successful than a sibling and a parent always takes script pages and runs through the with his celebrity wife while out in public. Every meal in public involves him running through lines and making sure people notice.

Blind Item #11

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner must love her boyfriend a bunch. She just wrote her second mid five figure check in the past six months to her boyfriend's ex.

Blind Item #10

This wealthy actress who is still very young and very wealthy and did I mention she is wealthy who no one really likes earned another disliker last night when she kept dismissing her waiter all night by waving the back of her hand and then making jokes about him needing to audition for acting jobs and was just the rudest, most unkind, ungrateful person ever. I am so glad she was fired from her most high profile gig.

Blind Item #9

What do you do when you have given a million interviews over what seems like decades and no one cares anymore about what you have to say? You do what this A- list thetan level PR master of an actress does and that is toss in a few explosive names and ideas as well as some subjects that everyone wants to hear about from her but never will because she doesn't know anything about them. But hey, at least she got the spotlight turned in her direction.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 8, 2016

Forcing her to have her PR people put out a statement has just made things worse between these two A+ list singers. It has not been this bad between them since back in the day when one of the singers was still hooking up with the husband of the other.


Your Turn

Always one of my favorites. A superstition you have. Did I tell you that for years and years I would not leave the house on Friday The 13th. I would just count down the hours until midnight. Then, one year I had some great news on that day and now leave the house. I still do watch the clock though.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 8, 2016

In what should have been a fun event yesterday for this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee turned into her leaving early. Apparently there were a lot of cold shoulders and even some quiet hisses and boos directed her way for what she has said the past few months.

Susan Sarandon 

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 8, 2016

Let me see if i got this straight. This foreign born former A list singer (for a hot minute) turned B- list singer/A list celebrity went from a marriage to having sex with every woman that walked by him to about to propose to a man all in the space of about a year.

Gavin Rossdale

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 12, 2016

Critics Choice Awards

This A- list mostly television actress who wouldn’t know a movie role does have her hit network show to console her. Very long running. This last week she combined some botox and fillers with a spray tan and chain smoking and it was not a good look for her

Kaley Cuoco

Blind Item #8

Why yes, that was this closeted B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister having sex with another man in a bathroom in a park outside the country who he met on a hookup app. They dropped their swimsuits and 20 minutes later were back out on the beach headed in opposite directions.

Blind Item #7

Add another actress at war with this actress who had a major head start in developing a brand and line of products that have made her rich. Sure, a lot of it is greenwashing, but the money is real. This three named actress is the latest to go to war because the OG actress called out the products of our three named actress and said they were awful. Things were not pretty when they crossed paths earlier this week.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 12, 2016

Critics Choice Awards

Don’t get me wrong, this A-/B+ list mostly television actress is a very good actress. The thing is though, she lets you know and was telling everyone about how her work on her almost television show set for a new season soon was derailed by the acting abilities of her co-stars. She gave the producers notes about how the cast could improve relative to her performance and blah blah blah all night.

Michelle Monaghan

Blind Item #6 - Kindness

This A list athlete seems to get injured every year but also seems to somehow regain the form that makes her one of the best athletes in the world every year. I'm not saying she has given up her thirst for publicity, but I will say that she spends a few hours a week during her season in different cities going to schools and talking to female students in their own language mind you about how they can achieve anything and doing other empowerment things too. She also hands out tons of free tickets and gear to teen girls to get them to try her sport. Oh, and although she gets her biggest sponsor to pay for the gear, she doesn't let them give any of their stuff to the kids. She also doesn't ever have any cameras around other than the cell phone cameras of students.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blind Item #5

Tabloids are such butt kissers. You have this foreign born actor who is also in a superhero franchise and they give him a platform to tell how his divorce has changed him and how he is an amazing person now and blah blah blah and totally ignore the fact he would still be married if he wasn't f**king everyone who walked across his path. Oh, and even if you haven't watched the superhero movie, many of you watched another one of his movies last month. From home.

Blind Item #4

Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you a story about our favorite former tweener turned regular rehab visitor? It involved a photographer buddy of hers who is also her drug dealer. It turns out he is also the drug dealer/photographer for the guy she is hooking up with right now.

Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson Has Been Pulled


A TV comedy starring Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson was canceled after the late singer's family complained to the network in charge.

British broadcaster Sky Arts said Friday it was canceling their program "in light of the concerns expressed by Michael Jackson's immediate family." It said Fiennes "fully supports our decision."

Sky had been criticized for casting the white "Shakespeare in Love" star as the King of Pop in "Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon." The half-hour program also features Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and British actor Brian Cox as Marlon Brando.

Jackson's daughter Paris tweeted that she felt angry after watching a trailer for the show, which was due to be broadcast next week.

"I'm so incredibly offended by it, as I'm sure plenty of people are as well, and it honestly makes me want to vomit," she wrote.

"It angers me to see how obviously intentional it was for them to be this insulting, not just towards my father, but my godmother Liz as well."

The show is an episode in the "Urban Myths" series, which Sky says looks at "remarkable stories from well-known historical, artistic and cultural figures, which may or may not have happened in real life."

It centers on a possibly apocryphal cross-country road trip taken by Jackson, Taylor and Brando after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Sky said it was intended as "a light-hearted look at reportedly true events and never intended to cause any offense."

Fiennes defended his casting to The Associated Press last year, saying the project doesn't promote stereotyping.

Blind Item #3

This B- list celebrity offspring of some very high up on the listers has made a name on his own. OK, well made a name on his own because of his parents. He is making a movie/documentary/artistic thing no one will understand and is trying to include reactions from outrageous things he posts on social media.

Blind Item #2

Yes, the rumors are true. Sort of. This foreign born dual threat A list actor is being replaced as his superhero character by his body double but only for a cameo in another superhero movie. However, it may foretell the way of the future because his body double could be his twin appearance wise.

Blind Item #1

His marriage might still be over, but this almost network superhero and his female co-star have considerably cooled since shooting began again after the holidays. Apparently there was some time they were supposed to spend together and didn't and the place she rented at Whistler. Maybe it was the snow. Everyone is blaming everything on the snow up there.

Two Members Of Tower Of Power Hit By Train And Are Alive


Two members of Tower of Power who were hit by a train Thursday night are responsive and being treated in an Oakland hospital.

"In an unfortunate accident tonight, two members of the award-winning group Tower Of Power, drummer David Garibaldi and current bassist Marc van Wageningen, were struck by a train in California," the band's rep said.

The two men were hit by a train Thursday night as they walked across tracks before a performance in their hometown of Oakland, but both survived.

Garibaldi has been with the group since 1970. Van Wageningen is substituting as bass player. Tower of Power has been an R&B institution for nearly 50 years.

Without identifying them, the Oakland Fire Department said earlier that two pedestrians were hit by a passenger train at Jack London Square about 7:30 p.m. and taken to a hospital.

The accident was near Yoshi's, a jazz and R&B club where the group had been scheduled to play two shows Thursday night. Both were canceled.

It wasn't clear why the men were on the tracks, but pedestrians often need to cross them in the area with trains running across and in between streets, including right outside Yoshi's.

The Tower of Power, a band of about a dozen members, most of them horns, has been beloved members of the R&B and pop communities since forming in Oakland in 1968. The group and its rotating cast of musicians have recorded behind many far more famous names including Elton John, Otis Redding, Aerosmith and Santana.

They were also a national TV fixture in the 1980s with frequent appearances on "Late Night With David Letterman."

Tributes and well wishes were quickly emerging on Twitter, including one from pop star and drummer Sheila E., who tweeted "Pleez pray for my frenz."

Child Welfare Services Investigating Robin Thicke

Lost in the Alan Thicke death was the fact that Paula Patton was barred from the funeral. I don't think she wanted to attend, but Robin Thicke made it clear to everyone that Paula was not welcome. Considering all the moves Alan made on Paula, this is probably not that surprising. Anyway, Paula filed some motions which have since been denied to strip Robin of joint custody and to order drug tests. Although her motions were denied, Robin is being investigated by child protective services over accusations made by their 6 year old son to his other and to school officials that Robin spanks and punches him. Robin says he only open hands spanks his son. Paula also says tthat Robin still isn't sober and is frequently on drugs and drunk around their son.

Blind Item #12

This B list mostly television actress with the interesting last name has a brand new superhero show she was promoting at the TCA yesterday. A few hours after the event, our actress had to be carried to her Uber because she was so wasted.

Blind Item #11

This B+ list mostly television actress only gets that high because of her hit cable show. Our actress is in an acting family and is arguably lesser known than her sibling. She is also closeted and having a relationship with another woman on the show.

Blind Item #10

Even a former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A list actor/part-time director is not above calling in a pap and his Pr people to get front and center photos to try and make his marriage look sound.

Blind Item #9

This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show and a bunch of crossovers is trying to sell such a bunch of fake crap in a recent bunch of interviews. She acts like her marriage was pretty good, when in fact she got cheated on every second of every day but refuses to ever acknowledge it.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 12, 2016

Critics Choice Awards

I almost feel sorry for this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who only gets that high because of the length of time her show has been on the air. She has slowly seen the world look at other actresses her age and she doesn’t get the attention any longer. She is no longer the new face. The good news is she didn’t go for any of her attention grabbing tricks. I think she is maturing.

Sarah Hyland

Today's Blind Items - Selling Your Soul For Teenage Girls

Over the past several years, a troubling pattern has begun to emerge in film productions. Many straight to On Demand movies are being made in this Eastern European country solely based on the fact their age of consent is 14. Production companies line up these movies back to back and bring in actors who are known for partying harder than most actors. The next thing you know, the actors are filmed having sex with some 14 year old and are asked to lower their fee to SAG scale rather than the amount originally agreed to. If they don't agree, then they are threatened with the tapes being exposed.

The owners of the studios in these countries are generally backed by a foreign power who has been their backer for almost 100 years. If any really prominent actors are caught up in their night, they forward the information to certain divisions within that backing country. This has led to multiple former A list actors suddenly becoming front and center spokespeople for the country. They attest to how amazing it is and in return are given special status and recognition by the government with no one the wiser how it came to be.

Actors are not the only prominent people ensnared in this trap. Anyone with a fondness for teen girls who visits one of the countries should know they are going to be recorded with them. It is why a prominent member of the British royal family is such a staunch supporter of a country you wouldn't think he would like at all. If you are a wealthy businessman doing business with one of these countries, you will be offered one of these 14 year old girls. You think it is legal, which it is, but would the rest of the world see it the same way. Plus, deliberately, other countries in this region raise and lower the age with a great deal of frequency and write the laws so no one understands what they mean except a prosecutor.

One actor who was a nobody when he was filming a sequel and got involved with a 14 year old is now an A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show. A 30 second snippet of his all night sex session with a 14 year old was remotely installed to his hard drive last month. He is freaking out and knows his career will be ruined and that newlywed wife of his will be out the door.

Another actor caught up in all of this was in one of the biggest movies of all time. You all know him even though he has not done much since. He was also in a millionth sequel to something when he got involved with several 14 year old boys. His significant other would leave for sure and no one would ever hire him again, so he has agreed to do multiple appearances in the backer country and to even appear on several episodes of a soap opera there.

This way back in the day A list mostly television actor got caught up with multiple teens when he was shooting one of these sequels and ended up having to sell part of his production company to a silent partner who is controlled by this backer country. The list goes on and on.

Your Turn

How many languages can you speak?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 12, 2016

Critics Choice Awards

This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is on a very talked about pay cable show. Apparently that was good enough status for him to meet up later with this former Disney actress who likes to model bikinis in public and goes from one publicity relationship to the next.

James Marsden/Bella Thorne

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 12, 2016

This former A+ list tweener turned adult singer better be careful when he is playing around with all of the guns he bought. He gets drunk or wasted and loads his guns up. There have been some shot walls and doors but so far, there has been no one standing in the line of fire when he screws around with them.

Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Mr. X

December 13, 2016

A new book being written is going to show just how much this deceased A+ list comedienne really disliked this current late night talk show host.It was the reason she stopped working with him. He likes to pretend they were bff, but that is not true.

Joan Rivers/Andy Cohen

Blind Item #8

This married former A- list often naked celebrity turned reality star is one of the latest celebrities making a ton of money being companions to high rollers while they are playing in casinos.

Blind Item #7 - What Am I Missing

ka ka2 ka3 ka4

This could all be nothing, but I can't really figure the whole thing out. It could be because I am still sick, so thought I would turn it over to you as is and see if you can figure it out. Here is the e-mail tip. The tip doesn't mention which photo to look at in the link, so they are all above.

Subject: From the shadows

Message Body:
Amateur heists with sloppy DNA, forfeited earnings, sudden sycophancy. That fish you’re smelling is real.

But it’s not just a matter of bookkeeping. Look very, very closely at the edge of the frame.

Interesting “placement.”

Armenia is a small, poor country that depends on another, bigger country to defend a sensitive region.

That country’s “minders” would be fired if they weren’t all over a visit like this.

When it comes to loans and leverage from abroad, we’ve learned what happens to insolvent narcissists.

P.S. Attire to the Christmas show.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 13, 2016

The vast majority of the people attending the Dubai Film Festival were there solely for the festival. One woman who was not though, is this foreign born reality star/host/model. Apparently the very trashy reality show she is on in the UK is very popular with the guys who pay and the women on the show are in high demand. Oh, and also this foreign born actress who had one role that is a bit of a jinx on your future career plans.

Ashley James/Olga Kurylenko

Blind Item #6

This pop culture clothing designer who is way more interested in being famous than designing clothes is broke as a joke. it might be the reason she is pulling a series of Bethenny Frankels with possible angel investors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blind Item #5

It's war over at this initialed tabloid site and so much more. Apparently the constant kissing of butt and ignoring the truth was too much for some of the top level people and they walked. There will be a big legal fight when they set up their own shop.

Blind Item #4

Our favorite former tweener turned rehab lover sold professionally done nude photographs of herself to an admirer for $250,000.

Blind Item #3

With more and more family members cutting him off, this former NFL player is going to the way of Pete Rose to make a few bucks. He is going to have to work for it. The former player wanted a guarantee upfront, but the promoter must have worked with Lindsay Lohan before and knew the player would be a no show.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born A- list everything is married and in the closet. His former wife, also an actress finally had enough and divorced him. He is a first when it comes to some Academy Award trivia. He also split this year with his long long time actor boyfriend who is a foreign born A- list dual threat actor.

Blind Item #1

This in the closet A-/B+ list reality star transferred a whole bunch of money to friends and family, but now that he needs some, they are pretending he never gave them any which is wise on their part, but could mean really bad news for the reality star.

Honest Company Recalling Baby Powder


The Honest Company, the brand co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, issued a voluntary recall for all bottles of its organic baby powder sold in the United States over concerns of eye and skin infections. The California-based company said that the decision was reached after recent tests detected possible contaminations from microorganisms that could cause infection.

“With the full knowledge and under the guidance of the FDA, we’ve decided to voluntarily recall this product out of an abundance of caution,” Christopher Gavigan, co-founder, said in a video on The Honest Company’s website.

The product is sold in 4 oz. containers with the UPC #817810014529 and has been available in stores since April 14. No other product from the company is affected by the recall, and customers with questions are instructed to call 1-888-688-8653 Monday – Friday 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, or email

Of course if you do give them your e-mail, you will be forever harassed into making more purchases.

The recall is the latest in a string of difficulties for the company that bills itself as a toxin-free, eco-friendly lifestyle products company. In 2015 consumers took to social media to complain about the company’s SPF 30 sunscreen, and later a Wall Street Journal investigation questioned the ingredients in its detergent. The company was also forced to publicly challenge a lawsuit that claimed that its Premium Infant Formula was falsely mislabeled as organic because it contains 11 synthetic ingredients.

Former Miss USA Contestant Charged With Assaulting A Boyfriend Again


For the third time in the past few years, current nuclear engineer and former Miss USA contestant Brittany Poteet has been charged with domestic violence. The good news for her is that this is the first time she has been charged in a foreign country. Poteet moved to Australia after wanting a fresh start away from the US. Last month she beat her boyfriend causing bodily harm. Previously, back in the States, Poteet has been charged with beatting up another boyfriend who told a judge he couldn't remember what happened and she also was accused of beatting up a gay roommate and calling him a gay slur. Those charges were dropped. Poteet had to give up her title when she got drunk one night and posed a video of herself in her sash calling herself Miss Alcoholic USA.

Poteet has a double degree in biomedical and nuclear science.

Blind Item #10

Long time no see for this celebrity offspring of almost permanent A listers. She is back in rehab. I think this must be the 4th or 5th time.

Blind Item #9

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort has track marks on her body to go with all the bruising suffered during the sex games she is forced to play to be able to live her lifestyle.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 14, 2016

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actor who played the same role in a movie met a woman at an event this week and took her to his limo for some oral sex before heading back to the event and leaving with a different woman.

Jeremy Piven

Today's Blind Items- Quick Hits

#1 When this B- list singer/musician who most of you know and all of you know his last name got divorced, one of the items in the divorce documents said the singer/musician used to get in the shower with his daughter while erect.

#2 - This late night talk show host wants you to know you are poor and takes every chance he can get to tell you how much money he has. It is really kind of embarrassing. I'm shocked he and Goopster are not best friends.

#3 - This won't work out well. Our former tweener trying to stay sober hooking up with this interestingly named singer who is known to be one big coke party. She must be really interested in getting some good songs to risk it all.

Your Turn

How much did your first job pay?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 15, 2016

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor spread around several million dollars from himself and a studio and someone from his acting family which keeps everyone quiet about what he did to a certain group of women. He also spent a ton of money to tabloids to get the story shut down as much as possible.

Casey Affleck (sexual assault charges)

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 15, 2016

This B- list one named singer who was briefly A list back in the day has been trying to get publicity using the name of someone who is permanently A list. It made me think of a time about four years ago, or maybe 5 when the B- lister wanted to make a comeback and she ended up having sex with the father of the permanent A lister because she thought he could/would help her career. Nope. He just was in it for the sex.

Ashanti/Matthew Knowles

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Mr. X

December 16, 2016

This reality family is ticked off that a former member of the family is going to make money without them. It is their own fault though. They didn’t think he had money making opportunities left, so they terminated all their contracts and agreements with him.

Lamar Odom

Blind Item #8

To really out the nail in the coffin to a bad January, this A list celebrity/athlete's boyfriend is not only cheating on her, but also stealing from her.

Blind Item #7

In the scheme of reality show fakery, it does not really raise the bar, but there have been a dozen actresses and actors hired to be real people in the reality show of this permanent A list singer.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 18, 2016

One of the children of this now deceased permanent A+ list mostly television comic actress couldn’t wait for their mother to die to start making money off her. They were so greedy that they took fractions of what it would have been worth if they held on to it for a few years.

Lucille Ball

Blind Item #6

Just like her mother, this B list mostly television actress seems to be trying very hard to get pregnant by this gay actor, at least according to a pap who had a clear shot into one of the bedrooms.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blind Item #5

Don't believe the hype. It was withdrawals that sent this wannabe singer/former porn star to the hospital. Usually the producers of the show will sneak in drugs to keep that from happening.

Blind Item #4

Two suicide attempts in the past few weeks from this A-/B+ list reality star from an A+ list reality family gets him a 24/7 sober coach/guard/

Blind Item #3

As is their annual custom, this pair of married A- list co-stars from a hit network show used one of the complimentary suites offered to them for an hour long assignation.

Blind Item #2

This Disney actor from back in the day who was an adult in this franchise is cheating on his wife who also has ties to the acting world.

Blind Item #1

Want to know how poor this RHNJ family is? They got sponsors to pay for the gifts they gave their niece for a birthday party.

Woman Arrested In Craigslist Rape Fantasy Plot Was Framed

Michelle Hadley (above) was facing life in prison when she was arrested back in July. She was accused of posting Craigslist ads to get people to go over to the home of Angela Diaz and live out her rape fantasies. The ads stated they should not stop even if Diaz said to stop.

Diaz went to great lengths to frame Hadley by allegedly falsely reporting a rape claim and posing as Hadley in emails and on Craigslist.

Diaz has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, falsely reporting crimes, perjury, grand theft and forgery, among other charges. She was arrested by Phoenix, Arizona, police on Friday.

Hadley spent 88 days in jail without bail before prosecutors decided something was not quite right. At that point  they released her on her own recognizance, and on Monday, fully exonerated her.

The man that links the two women is Ian Diaz, an agent with the U.S. Marshals Service, who dated Hadley in Anaheim, California from 2013 to 2015 before marrying Diaz, according to court records. Prosecutors said they have no evidence he was involved.

The bizarre events began in June, when Diaz reported to Anaheim police that men had been arriving at her home to engage in a "rape fantasy" encounter, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said men were intercepted by police and told them they thought they were going to engage in a consensual act.

The officials said Diaz also called 911 and falsely reported that a man attempted to rape her in her garage, and she appeared with her shirt ripped and her neck red.

At the same time, Diaz told police Hadley had been threatening to have her raped, and had also sent threats that included graphic photos saying she would kill her and her unborn child. Diaz had faked the pregnancy, prosecutors allege.

The false evidence led to Hadley's arrest.

But the case fell apart as authorities learned all the threats and solicitations had allegedly come from Diaz herself. Diaz used her phone, the condo she shared with her husband, and her father's home in Arizona to make the calls and emails, prosecutors said.

Three People Released Without Charges In Kim Kardashian Robbery


French investigators have released a chauffeur for Kim Kardashian and two others in a probe into the robbery of more than $10 million worth of jewelry from the star's Paris rented apartment in October.

The driver's brother and 13 others remain in custody Wednesday after a round of arrests this week, according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

Authorities are focusing on the possibility that it was an inside job.

Officials have said that brothers Michael Madar, 40, and Gary Madar, 27, worked for the same car service company and were among those arrested. It was unclear which brother drove Kardashian the night of the robbery.

An investigating judge may travel to the United States to speak with Kardashian.

Mr. X Blind Item #5 - More Golden Globes

This main A list red carpet host drove everyone nuts. Not only was his botox keeping his face looking like plastic, he couldn't decide whether or not to wear socks and kept asking everyone repeatedly whether he should wear them. He would take them off and ask. He would put them on and ask. Biggest pain in the butt.

Mr. X Blind Item #4 - More Golden Globes

This closeted A- list mostly movie actor had to leave his boyfriend home. Too many cameras and too many questions. He didn't even bring him to any of the after parties. Our actor did wear a couple of different shades of lipstick which he changed when he left the Golden Globes for the parties.

Mr. X Blind Item #3 - More Golden Globes

This A- list mostly television actress has been on the same network for her past couple of hits. Her long time husband stayed home, but he was not alone. That production assistant came over to keep him entertained.

Mr. X Blind Item #2- More Golden Globes

This actress/model who enjoys nothing more than getting naked in her Instagram while looking for "serious" acting roles that will challenge her and don't require nudity was stoned out of her mind at the show. She kept nodding off during the latter portions of the evening. That 230pm cocktail hour she went crazy in probably didn't help either.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 18, 2016

Maybe next time this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner will allow her nannies to enter the first class/VIP lounge. The other passengers would probably appreciate it instead of watching the children of the actress throw food around the room and knocking over plates and tables. Our actress was on the phone trying to arrange a pap walk when she landed. Oh, and she should be careful because the big fat check she gets from one airline will be in danger if they find out she was using/prefers the lounge of another airline.

Nicole Kidman

Today's Blind Items - This Week's Worst Celebrity Dad

I was going to title this the worst celebrity dad, but lets face it, in a world of Ryan O'Neals there are lots of horrible celebrity fathers. Instead, because I am sure, someone will pop up in a week or two, I kept it as world's worst for the week. However, this is pretty bad. This musician is probably permanently A list. I guess. The band is. They don't play together any longer. They will when one of the stupid f**ks runs out of money because he decided to invest in some get rich quick scheme and only discovers later that he is a ponzi victim and there are no such things as self-fertilizing llamas.

He is married for the umpteenth time. He was actually a blind and a reveal in the past year where he committed some other really horrible behavior to a girlfriend, so that he can be an a-hole shouldn't surprise anyone. That he should be an a-hole to his daughter is way worse. His daughter became pregnant. A teenage pregnancy. He berated her for her entire pregnancy for getting pregnant and showed no sympathy or empathy or provided any kind of support. Meanwhile, his celebrity wife was just as bad because heaven forbid the attention spotlight in her world ever stops glaring at her right in the face.

The daughter gave birth. The baby died shortly after being born. What would you expect from her dad? Love? Kindness? Some flowers? Nope. Instead he and the troll wife decided to post a bunch of photos of a baby shower for a friend of the wife they both attended. Posted that all up on social media for the world to see. Talk about a kick in the nuts. So, yes, he is the world's worst celebrity dad this week.

Your Turn

I think I have done this before, but I find it fascinating. How many times have you moved in your life?


Blind Items Revealed #4 -Mr. X - Old Hollywood

December 19, 2016

Despite giving some of the best performances of her career, the executives at this network hated this permanent A lister who has a permanent A list offspring. The network executives hated her and when a project turned out to not be the ratings bonanza they thought it would be, made her life miserable. They cut her budget and had writers create more and more skits that made her look awful. The reveled in destroying her.

Judy Garland/CBS

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 19, 2016

Our favorite foreign born A list dual threat actor had quite the big hit. Despite the fact he is married, there are several people out there who have made it clear, they would like to be involved with the actor. His wife has been leaking stories to tabloids about happy the couple is and how she is set to do something she didn’t do at the time of marriage, just to show the world how close they are.

Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (change her last name)

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 19, 2016

This B+ list reality star/celebrity who has been in the reality life with a bazillion other siblings says gay people are not normal and should be medically treated.

Jessa Duggar

Blind Item #8

This foreign born permanent A list model not named Kate Moss swept a huge pile of coke off a table because she didn't think it was good enough quality It was good enough for the ten other people waiting for their turn who paid for it.

Blind Item #7

For fans of the couple from that almost network show that is ending, if you want a reunion, you need to hold out hope the actress wife of the actor says yes. So far, she is the one who is holding things up and doesn't want her husband doing any scenes with his former co-star.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 20, 2016

This A- list singer who had another big hit this past year, albeit with someone else this time around just wants to quit music and make babies with her boyfriend. She is tired of being in the limelight and just wants out.

Meghan Trainor

Blind Item #6

If you are taking a break from making money the very public way, but still have bills, you do what this A+ list reality star is about to do. Go back to making your money the way you used to a few years ago. One night at a time. Overseas.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Blind Item #5

Back in the day between soap appearances to keep her solvent, this plumped lip reality star would spend her days in various clothing boutiques in the Valley. If you owned a women's clothing store at that time, you could expect her to pop in and try on 20-25 items before leaving with nothing bought. Oh, sure, every once in a while she would throw the store a bone and buy the cheapest thing in the store, but she just wanted to feel like a big shot and get all the attention.

Blind Item #4

The dirt sometimes comes in dust fragments for this former cable actor turned movie actor turned A- list mostly television actor on a hit cable series. He is also an Emmy winner/nominee. Oh, and openly gay, and apparently also a former escort who now preaches celibacy.

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - More Golden Globes

This seemingly always happy couple consisting of a B+ list mostly television actor and an A- dual threat actress who made a really bad decision this past fall were arguing up to the last second possible before trying and failing to put on smiles for the red carpet.

Blind Item #3 - Kindness

The former reality star turned actress on a bad show turned actress on a good show so she moves up higher on the list did a really nice thing the other day. In line at Trader Joes, she stepped up and purchased the man's groceries when his card was declined.

Blind Item #2

This still young one named singer who actually might be as well known for a recurring role she had on a long running sitcom is about to be dropped by her label because she won't have sex with the guy who replaced the last guy she was having sex with at the label.

Blind Item #1

The manager of this permanent A+ list singer told an employee the other day who questioned one of her ideas about the singer, thinking it might harm her image said that the only thing that matters is getting 20% on everything possible as quickly as possible.

Hours Long Armed Standoff With Police Because Of A Grilled Cheese Sandwich


A Baltimore man was arrested following an hours-long standoff with police that began when his wife took a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich, police said.

The man's wife told police she had been making dinner in the kitchen when her husband fired a shot up through the floor while he was in the basement. The man, identified Monday as Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, was angry at her because she had taken a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich, police said.

The wife went into the basement, where she saw Blackwell surrounded by guns and ammo, according to police. He briefly came upstairs, then went back into the basement and fired three more shots up through the basement floor, near where the wife was standing, police said.

The woman fled the house along with three teenagers, and police tactical teams responded. Blackwell, who was wearing a holster of ammunition around his waist, surrendered around 8:30 p.m., police said. Officers subdued him with pepper balls and was taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Police later found a loaded, lever-action long gun with a chambered round placed just inside the front door. Police said he is in custody at a hospital pending an emergency evaluation.

Blackwell was charged with first and second-degree attempted murder and related charges. No attorney was listed for him in court records.

Police said Blackwell is not legally allowed to own guns because of prior assault convictions. Fifteen guns, four of them loaded, were found inside the home, police said.

No Julianna Margulies On The Good Wife Spinoff


What I have been telling you for months was confirmed yesterday, when, co-creator Robert King, of “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight,” told reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that Margulies won’t be turning up on the spinoff.

“We talked to Julianna about the show and her relationship to it and we kind of agreed that ‘The Good Wife’ ended that story. I don't think you'd expect that this year.”

Yeah, what he didn't say is that everyone was glad she was gone and the whole filming thing has been like rainbows and unicorns without her.

Christine Baranski tried to be more diplomatic than that. You have to read this in her voice for the proper effect.

"I just emailed her this morning. We're great friends. She passed the baton on to me. She was done. She said, 'After seven years, I'm exhausted. I've told the story. I need to get back to my husband and my child and my life.' So that final episode was a real culmination of seven years," she explained.

“The Good Fight” takes place one year after “The Good Wife” where Diane Lockhart (Baranski) finds herself out of a job from her law firm and forced to start over once a financial scheme knocks her down. The full length trailer premiered to reporters at the TCA Monday morning.

Blind Item #35 - Golden Globes

This foreign born Victoria's Secret model who everyone knows this year at least was passed out drunk on the floor of this very private Golden Globes party. Private, because cameras would have caught some things which would have got a few people fired.

Blind Item #34 - Golden Globes

A very good actress friend of mine who is foreign born and currently on a pay cable show said she laughed so hard last night she peed on herself. Granted, she had been drinking, but she was watching this actress/reality star who is married to an actor, try and use a straw and couldn't grip the straw with her lips. Part of the problem were the lips and part of the problem was probably being a little drunk. It took a good five minutes before she managed to get the straw to stay in place in her mouth.

Blind Item #33 - Golden Globes

Two different parties - same result. This former child actress turned hit or miss television actress who really has trouble finding steady work despite all of you knowing who she is threw up all the food she scarfed down. Literally she ate everything.

Across town, this nominated Golden Globe actress from last night threw up a huge meal she had just eaten at Chateau Marmont.

Blind Item #32 - Golden Globes

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress made arrangements to be with a male model that a designer introduced her to so people will stop talking about her affair. The thing is though, her date found an actor he was much more interested in and our actress was left to wander the party solo.

Blind Item #31 - Golden Globes

This B+ list mostly movie actress set to be in a superhero franchise appears to no longer be with the billionaire. Instead, she was on the arm of a large sweaty gold chain wearing guy who was very generous with his coke but also very generous with his groping down the inside front of the dress of our actress.

Blind Item #30 - Golden Globes

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who used to have a thing for married men is back on the married man bandwagon again. The thing is, she doesn't know it. At an after party last night, her date and nonstop makeout partner was a man she met before the holidays. She has no idea he is married, but most of the people at the party know who he is and his wife.

Blind Item #29 - Golden Globes

Three months ago, this former celebrity turned B+ list actress on a new very hit show would have invited this B- list actress/celebrity offspring to be her +1 at the awards last night. Now, not so much. All the revelations about the married men the offspring has hooked up with has turned the friend off. Also, there is the talk about how she gave the gift that keeps on giving to one married man who then split with his wife of almost 20 years when she contracted it too. Last night, the offspring was a bit of a pariah at an after party.

Blind Item #28 - Golden Globes

This C list celebrity offspring of this now C list actor from an acting family acted like she belonged at this after party because she was a star. Nope. She got her invite because she f**ked an executive at the company in the backseat of his car during lunch two weeks ago.

Blind Item #27 - Golden Globes

AP says coke is destroying the nose and looks of this A- list mostly television actress from the long running CBS show. She ran into her at an after party and she remembers thinking, "Whoa" when she saw her.

Blind Item #26 - Golden Globes

The debut of brand new breasts for this A- list mostly television actress on a very long running hit network show. Her sham of a husband didn't seem all that impressed. He was more concerned about swiping right on dating apps all night looking for someone to meet up with after.

Blind Item #25 - Golden Globes

With the exception of a handful of people, this talk show host was ignored by the celebrities there who only like him enough to go on his show, but not hang out with him away from it. Plus, he was being monitored for his drinking by not only his wife, but also her long long time bff.

Mr. X Blind Item #2 - Golden Globes

Remember my earlier BI about that celeb spawn who was thinking about bringing a controversial friend of her mother's hoping to spite a fake celeb couple to not show up? Well, the HFPA kow-towed to that shady organization that the fake couple belongs to and told the celeb spawn she couldn't bring her friend to the Globes. Incensed, she called up her mom and the family friend for any ideas. The family friend suggested a trick she has used in the past: pay the head chef $100 to spit in the couple's food. Revenge can be a dish best served with a side order of saliva.

Blind Item #24 - Golden Globes

This B+ list actress who is a celebrity offspring and has been acting forever went on a 10 minute tirade in the bathroom about her A- list actor ex who still gets her more angry than any other person ever. She was ticked off at how close he was seated to her and just got more angry throughout the night.

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - Golden Globes

What A+ list actor who was supposed to be a presenter showed up but bailed early because he and his longtime friend got wasted the night before and kept on drinking only hours before the ceremony? His PR people didn't even expect him to show up at all and last minutte panicked calls got a fellow A+ lister to fill in

Blind Item #23- Golden Globes

Don't believe the hype. This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is now A-/B+ list and a celebrity offspring is leaking the stories about her involvement with an A+ list mostly movie actor. Oh, she was dumped by a former superhero who found someone younger. Maybe her former friend will take her back now. At an after party, she tried to latch on to some offspring of an oil billionaire but was rebuffed.

Blind Item #22 - Golden Globes

This foreign born former superhero who was written about earlier had a "date" for the evening. His "date" is a married actress who was his minder last night. A sober coach who fit right in.

Blind Item #21 - Golden Globes

Both JV and AP took an informal poll of who everyone thought was the worst dressed. They sent me their results without knowing what the other's result was. With both of them, it wasn't even close. 95% of those surveyed swore they would never in a million years, even as a bridesmaid, wear the dress of this A list singer. JV wanted to make clear that if the category were expanded beyond guests to red carpet hosts that there would have been a different worst outfit winner.

Blind Item #20 - Golden Globes

That big speech everyone is talking about is not the only speech delivered by the permanent A+ list mostly movie actress. She saw her former co-star, the very young and impressionable co-star. The one who is still scared of the A+ lister. Our A+ lister took five minutes of her time and told the B+ list actress she could be one of the best actresses in the world, and to give up that other side thing she does which she is pretty good at. Our actress told the younger actress (who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) that she could be mediocre at both or the best ever actress and for her to make the right decision which is to just focus on acting.

Blind Item #19 - Golden Globes

Two big movies this year for this foreign born former Golden Globe nominee/winner. (She also got an Oscar nom/win for the same movie). One boom, one bust in her movies. There she sat, quietly at her table, drinking. The quietest drunk you ever did see. Not a peep by the end of the night, but not able to stand on her own two feet either.

Blind Item #18 - Golden Globes

She is amazingly kind, but even this B+ list mostly television actress moved from network to cable had a tough time finding nice things to say to AP about our B+ lister's co-star. There are a lot of people who wanted her gone from the reboot. Instead, they are going to get a year of misery before the troubled show gets canceled.

Blind Item #17 - Golden Globes

This foreign born A/A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show got a lot of flak for her dress. Maybe next time she won't bad mouth the design team that has kept her dressed forever. She also picked up a nice paycheck from the company that dressed her last night. Meanwhile, the shunned design team created a gorgeous dress that an appreciative Oscar winner wore.

Blind Item #16 - Golden Globes

Several hours prior to the show, a death threat was called in about this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee for the same movie several years ago but nothing else. The threat was taken seriously enough that she had a minder about 15 feet away for most of the night. She has the craziest stalkers.

Blind Item #15 - Golden Globes

She has a handful of Golden Globes wins/nominations, most of which are for the same show, despite being in a show so much better than her iconic show. OK, so different, maybe not better. Anyway, our actress, who is aging, has given up botox and lots of people told me last night she looks a decade older since she stopped. That kind of buzz leads to a drying up of roles. You don't want Hollywood to think you are old even if you aren't.

Blind Item #14-Golden Globes

While other people I had at the show did go near and even interact with this nominated actress last night, both AP and JV both told me they each had run ins with her in the past and that she was trouble and wanted no part of her. JV actually called her a walking curse and then recited a list of names of people who worked with her or hooked up with her who no longer have a career.

Blind Items Revealed

December 20, 2016

The celebrity offspring of this permanent A+ lister recently had sex with a pseudo relative while watching a movie in which the relative starred.

Paris Jackson/Macaulay Culkin

Today's Blind Items - Old Meets New -Golden Globes

A few weeks ago I ran into the daughter of this permanent A+ lister. We talked about what was going on in her world and then I asked her for any old Golden Globe or Academy Award stories her father had told her that I could use. She had a few, but she said the one he talked about the most was one particular year. She says it was special to him because he was nominated. It had been a few years since the last time and even longer since the time before that. She said he didn't even remember the first two times because he was so wasted.

Anyway, he said that one year was the perfect blend of old Hollywood and young Hollywood with a "bunch of pricks in the middle." There were two Academy Award winners yelling at each other. Both are permanent A listers. One is till alive. The deceased one will be permanent A+ list into eternity. They hated each other and would literally shout two tables away about how the other was an awful human being. You had this first time nominee who was probably more famous for a very long running network tv show that came after, doing lines of coke with the nominated offspring of a Hollywood legend. The offspring has often been the subject of where did she go rumors. In the middle were the pricks. All A lsiters. All thinking they are the biggest of big shots. The prime of their career permanent A listers. One was the celebrity offspring of an A lister. He was fondling women while his wife was there and making plans to f**k another woman the next day. He just acted like his d**k was bigger than everyone. He tried to hit on this winner from that night who had just won an award but her monster breakout classic film of all time was still a few months away from being released. When she turned him down, he called her a b**ch. They spoke one time after. Ever. And that was about a year later. She hates him to this day. Also with his d**k hanging out was another permanent A+ lister also at his prime. The thing is, they both were upstaged by this older than them, but so much more cool permanent A+ lister who didn't need to take his d**k out for everyone to know he was still the best. Apparently there were some cranky actors who were nominated and thought this was the Oscars instead of a place to get drunk and find women to have sex with while seeing old friends. It was not what it is today.

Your Turn

If you watch an award show, do you prefer the show or the red carpet more?

Blind Item #13 - Golden Globes

This foreign born Academy Award winner who was not nominated last night had a makeup person work on his face for three hours prior to the show. Three hours. She said she had to redo it completely twice and that he asked a million questions about the process and the tricks she was using. She said it was exhausting.

Blind Item #12 -Golden Globes

This part-time actress/full-time model with the unusually hard to spell last name was the butt of a lot of jokes last night and probably didn't know it. People would ask to pose with her and she would give this pursed lip Jennifer Lopez smoky eyed thing every time and no other pose. It became a running joke to see if anyone could just get her to be natural.

Blind Item #11 - Golden Globes

From AP - This Golden Globe winner/nominee from last night was trolling for threesome partners for he and his arguably more famous wife. His main focus seemed to be actresses from Game Of Thrones. Maybe they would all re-enact a scene together.

Blind Item #10 -Golden Globes

The former A+ lister who is part of the movie mentioned in #9 called his significant other a fat f**k last night so, he is still a winner with words.

Golden Globes Photos Part Ten

Giuliana Rancic
Nancy O'Dell
Karrueche Tran
Tracee Ellis Ross
Katthryn Hahn
Gwendoline Christie
Ruth Negga

Blind Item #9 -Golden Globes

This foreign born former superhero was not the number one choice for this publicity stunt perpetrated by another foreign born mostly movie actor. He tried to get a recent very tall co-star of the former superhero to participate, but he didn't want to and was adamant to the point where he was not asked twice.

Golden Globes Photos Part Nine

Chrissy Metz
Olivia Culpo
Felicity Huffman
Naomie Harris
Anna Chlumsky
Busy Phillips
Liz Hernandez

Blind Item # 8 - Golden Globes

From JV - In our second winner of the night for worst person at the show, this former A list mostly television actor from an iconic show turned director turned B list actor almost got into a fight with a waiter because the waiter didn't get out of the way fast enough when our actor approached. The actor told the waiter where he should stand to avoid coming near any actors and if he didn't get out of the way the next time, our actor would get him fired. Well, that upset the waiter and he said something to the actor and then the actor gave the waiter a shove and told him to get back to work. It was then that the actor was pulled away.

Golden Globes Photos Part Eight

Jeremy Renner
Kristin Cavallari
Angela Bassett
Ashton Sanders
Kristen Bell
Amanda Peet
Riley Keough

Blind Item #7 - Golden Globes

Our first winner tonight for rudest person goes to this foreign born B+ list actress who was a nominee last night. Her driver said she let out a series of F bombs and used another F word to describe him when he let himself get cut off to avoid an accident while trying to pull into the unloading area. The result was they had to circle around one more time and that is when she unleashed the tirade and told him he was sh**ty at his job too. Just an awful entitled human being.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Blind Item #6 -Golden Globes

The lead female actress in this still fairly new hit network show told several people that she is pregnant. She said it as if she was giving them an inside tip. When I asked JV about it though, she said she doubted it because our actress was downing LOTS of wine. At least a bottle all by herself.

Golden Globes Photos Part Seven

Sophie Turner
Janelle Monae
Felicity Jones
Michelle Williams
Natalie Portman
Amy Adams
Rachel Bloom

Blind Item #5 - Golden Globes

From JV - This A-/B+ list multiple franchise mostly movie actress said she took a three day break from her kids prior to the awards. She knew the family member watching the kids would object to doing so for that long so told the family member she would be back in a couple hours after having a meeting. Our actress just stayed gone. She said this like it was a cool life hack or something.

Golden Globes Photos Part Six

Naomi Campbell
Jessica Biel
Carrie Underwood
Sarah Paulson
Claire Foy
Maisie Williams
Annettte Bening

Blind Item #4 - Golden Globes

From AP - "The coldest hands I have ever felt. We leaned in to hug and she put her hands on my shoulders and I almost screamed they were so cold. They were like ice. I saw other people who had bare shoulders jump when she gave them a hug. I kept watching her during the night to see if she was dipping her hands in ice water because there is no way someone's hands could stay that cold for that long." (A list Academy Award winning/nominated mostly movie actress)

Golden Globes Photos Part Five

Gal Gadot
Winona Ryder
Millie Bobby Brown
Kerry Washington
Sienna Miller
Laura Dern
Milo Ventimiglia