Friday, July 18, 2008

Four For Friday

#1&2 - I really do dislike the whole celebrity pregnancy game, because really that is all it is. It is a way to pass the time and to come up with some stuff to talk about when there isn't anything else going on. However, when it is a juicy pregnancy or the daddy is in question, then I start to get a little more interested. So, you have an actress. B- list, all films, but really B- is more because of what she has been in through more luck than any real talent. Had some substance abuse issues. Recently she had a relapse which was hinted at in some tabloids but it was just for a day or two. The problem is that she got knocked up during that little fiesta and so now has turned for advice and possibly to convince another B- list film actor that perhaps he could volunteer to be the daddy just so she doesn't look like a tramp by not knowing who the real daddy is.

#3 &4 - What infamous (too strong of a word probably for why) female reality television co-star despite the name, managed to steal this basketball player away from his date last night? The poor date who had flown in to LA with the basketball player went back to the hotel all alone while the reality star and the basketball player got one of their own for a few hours.

Random Photos Part One

I can think of no better way to start then this from Holy Taco called "If Tom Cruise Had A Comic Book." If you are having trouble reading it, just click on it and it will blow up nice and big for you.
After the last time we saw Billy Baldwin looking like crap, I thought he deserved another chance. He doesn't look as bad. Am I the only one who kind of sees a DeNiro resemblance?
Dina Lohan at an event called 10 years of gorgeousness. Considering she hasn't ever been gorgeous, I think that is some false advertising. If I were Sephora, I'm not sure this is who I would want to invite to my party.

Okay. So what I gather is that Charlotte Ronson is a clothes designer. So, if you want to look like some kid on Halloween who was forced to thrown on a Flashdance outfit, then this designer is for you.

Really want to see X-Files. Not even a red carpet or anything for Chris Carter, just a discussion of the film, but hey, I got X-Files fever,

Everyone loves Illeana Douglas don't they? I mean did you see Grace Of My Heart?

Heidi Newfield - Twin Lakes, WI
Gloria Trevi - Miami
Fonseca - Miami
Yowza. Felicity Huffman looks great. Did she change something. Everyone is looking so different lately. Maybe it is because it is summer or something.

Oh my. Kelly Osbourne actually looks really good. One thing though is she is like what, 21 or something? Perhaps she may want to consider doing something about the breasts, because I fear that by the time she is 35 they will also be kneepads.

Until yesterday, Kristin Chenoweth hadn't even been in the photos and now she is in twice in a row. I think it is because I watched RV again last night. I know, I know, but I love it. She's hilarious in it.
Keith Anderson - Twin Lakes, WI
Don't get to see Judy Tenuta very often. I miss seeing her all the time.
Errr. Ummm. Joan Rivers ladies and gentleman. At some point do you just want to stop trying to stop the aging process?
Brian Wilson - Brooklyn

Don't you think that Miss America is probably trying to line up that Pro-Activ spot as we speak.

Except for the Samantha Ronson hat, I think Lindsay looks great. Incredible actually.
Even Lydia Hearst looks great. She doesn't seem to be suffering anymore from the I'm sleeping with Cisco Adler so I have to look like a skank look which was perfected by Mischa Barton.
Luis Fonsi - Miami
So in an obvious bid to get attention, Kat von D goes with the blue eye shadow. You know, because no one would ever notice her otherwise.
Dierks Bentley - Twin Lakes, WI

Didn't even know it was Nicollette Sheridan the first time I saw it.

Natasha Bedingfield - New York
Well Stitch is just a classic rebound relationship and probably perfect for Mandy Moore.
Miley Cyrus - New York
I'm telling you now. If Malan is at an event, his picture will be here.
Teri Hatcher from a distance.

Lets face it. Distance is best.
A nice little photo with Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron and a cleaned up looking Stephen Dorff.
It's always a better day with a Swoosie
To make it an even better day add Rosario Dawson, a bikini and a hose.
Aventura & Enrique Iglesias - Miami

Maybe the start of a dance move for Zach Braff?

Vanessa Williams looks delicious.
I love the Ugly Betty sign in the front.
A first time appearance for Tony Plana. Hey, he deserves it.
The one and only Terence McNally.

Lainey Blind Item

They were supposed to have kicked their bad habit together. A partnership in blow became a commitment effort to get clean. And for a while they were successful.

But he was the weaker one. And he’s been using again for a while.

The problem, one of many obviously, is that when he’s cranked, he’s also very aggressive. Some say he’s mixing his powder with some muscle juice and the coke/steroid combination brings out the roughneck which has presented many challenges for his publicist.

Fortunately his publicist is almost as clever as Jessica Biel’s. Was able to turn spin a recent skirmish into an heroic rescue. The truth is, he was so jacked up on the good stuff he had to take it out on someone else’s head.

As for his wife...well she has a boyfriend. His name is Jesus. With her new devoutness has come an almost unbearable sanctimony, not to mention intolerance – for his lifestyle, for his binges – so much so that they are finding it increasingly difficult to be together, though like the Beckhams, they are a brand too.

One big happy family...fraud!

Your Turn

Last week was all about literacy and this week it is all about the lowest common denominator. Fear. The Alfred Hitchcock spread got me to thinking about my favorite horror films. I love the first Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street. Think it is about as good as it gets when it comes to Horror. I like the older horror films, but even though some are really beautifully done, for the most part, they just don't make me want to sleep with my eyes open. In order to avoid a serious ass kicking, I usually tell everyone my favorite horror film is House On Haunted Hill. I love both the 1959 version and of course the 1999 version, because it does what I think a good horror film does and that is scare the hell out of you but also have someone in it for comic relief. Plus it has Ali Larter and Lisa Loeb in it, so really, it doesn't get any better than that.

My favorite horror poster though is the Blair Witch Project . I remember seeing the poster at a movie theatre about three months before it came out and I just knew it would scare the hell out of me. The movie had been reviewed by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone already and I remember the poster had a quote from the review saying something like "It will scare the hell out of you." Didn't really scare me, but I loved how it changed film and marketing a film. Incredible.

So, what is your favorite horror film?

Vanity Fair - Hitchcock Classics

Vanity Fair did a Hitchcock Classics spread. For more detail on the photos, go visit their site. The original movie still is first, the celebrity photo is second.


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