Friday, November 07, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - This married A list country singer has a very jealous wife. She has toned it down lately might it come raging back when she discovers why her husband saw a doctor twice while he was on the road recently.

#2 - Which A list action star is paying big bucks to an unknown female actress to be his girlfriend for the next two months while he is doing press for his new film. He wants a girlfriend to talk about and not the increasing questions about his sexuality.

#3 & #4 - Two singers. One male, and one female. Yes, they are a couple but not in the same group. He has been a solid performer for a few years. Her? Not so long, but a much bigger name. Well as much as the two profess their love for each other you may think it must be just a perfect relationship. It was until she started sleeping with her agent whenever she can ditch the boyfriend.

Random Photos Part One

Paul McCartney doing Karaoke to "Kung Fu Dancing" is always going to get the top spot. Always. Actually anyone who does gets the top spot. Come on. Sing it with me. You know the words.

Every so often I go ahead and put a child star in the photos. It does help though if I like a film you have been in and Abagail Breslin has been in some that I really like.

Every so often Angelica Huston shows up somewhere and when she does then I almost feel obligated to put her in. I mean she is Angelica Huston after all.

Nice stache Brad.

Madonna & Britney Spears - Los Angeles

And once again, we have Daniel Craig. How many more times can this film premiere? I don't even think they have done Asia yet.

Elvis Costello - New York

The newly single Evan Rachel Wood.

Is it my imagination or does it seem like Gavin Rossdale has gone out almost every night for the past few weeks.

Halle Berry on the set of her new film.

Hugh Laurie has been absent from the photos for awhile.

It must be Fast Times week. First was Phoebe Cates and now Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The only photo of Jason Lewis I could find from him last night.
Jenny Lewis - New York

I know this may sound odd, but I'm getting almost a Kevin Smith vibe here from Jason Priestly.

No such vibe from Jason Statham though.
Kanye West - Liverpool

I think I have professed my love for Lisa Loeb here before. I don't think there is a celebrity I have known longer so, she is my first. Not in that way. Get your minds out of the gutter. FFF comes later.

So, I found this photo of Lindsay Lohan. Notice the lit cigarette and the guy who was obviously passed the drink because of the way he is holding it.

Now, look at the same photo from People Magazine. Must not offend someone I guess is their policy.
Speaking of offend. You know what? It takes guts to wear that dress even if all you want is attention, so Mischa Barton doesn't get the snark today.

You know the rules. You wear velvet and you are in no matter what.

When you wear velvet shoes, it is just a bonus.

On the other hand if you are wearing these shoes, you don't get your face in.

When Marisa Tomei hasn't hit the bar yet she still can look really good.

I will let all of you handle this. My first reaction was the Splash was having open auditions and Nicole was auditioning for the mermaid.

It must be Christmas, the gorilla got his presents.

You know it is a great day when Sandra Bernhard is actually smiling.

The original Hot Lips, Sally Kellerman.

And Sarah Michelle Gellar who has been hot I guess.
Taio Cruz - London

The Killers - Liverpool
I would be smiling to if I just made $10M this week. Hell, you give me $100 and I will smile from ear to ear for a few hours.

It has been a couple of months I think since we last checked in on Tilda Swinton.

Your Turn

Yesterday when I posted the photos of Andrew McCarthy and Anthony Michael Hall it got me to thinking about all the brat pack films. Not that I went home and watched one. Instead I went home and watched Inconvenient Truth for the first time. I know, but I'm slow. Anyway though, I did think about brat pack films yesterday and realized that although I have seen them all, there are some I enjoy watching again more than others. So, today, your favorite brat pack film is the subject of Your Turn. I think I'm going with Pretty In Pink just because it was a little edgier than the rest. You can also stretch it somewhat if you want. Less Than Zero is not really a "brat pack" film, but it does have Andrew McCarthy in it so that would fit.

Naomi Campbell Is Better Than Us

So, imagine you have just taken a six hour flight from London to New York. Maybe you are alone or maybe you are with your spouse and two kids who just want to go outside. Before you can get free though you have go to through immigration. Now, further imagine there are about 200 people ahead of you in line. Looks like you might be there awhile. But, not if you are Naomi Campbell. The airport queen herself was escorted past every single passenger including her fellow first class passengers and whisked through the immigration line. Apparently the US is unconcerned about her little run in with two police officers in London Heathrow. Of course if that had been us and we tried to enter the US, we would have spent about two hours being questioned before being let in.

Now, the good news in all of this is that the crowd, in the valiant tradition of all New Yorkers booed the hell out of Naomi as she sped past them and flower petals laid at her feet before each new step she took. Naomi's spokesperson said that Naomi didn't ask for special treatment. Uh huh. She may not have asked but I fear for the lives of the people in the line if she had to wait. Can you imagine if she actually had to wait in line like an "everyday person." Think she would have done some damage? Maybe it is a good thing they escorted her through. I wish her spokesperson would have used that as an excuse. That would have been classic.

Have You Seen Your Daughter?

I don't think there are very many people that are Blake Fielder Civil fans in the world, but I will say that he at least served his time and is in rehab. He is making at least the pretense of attempting to get clean. Don't know if it will work, but you could say that about anyone who is an addict. Amy Winehouse on the other hand is just someone who has money and can afford drugs and medical care or else, lets face it, she would probably be dead.

So, when her dad said this yesterday I just had to wonder if he was living in the same world the rest of us are. "Blake is a no-hoper. I want Amy to forget about him."

Umm, he makes it sound as if his daughter is at the top of the ladder and is a clean living superstar. At this point in time I would say that Blake has a better chance of recovery than Amy. This has been going on for so long. I don't understand first of all how she manages to keep buying drugs and not getting caught. I understand she is not outside buying them herself but if you were the police don't you think you might follow some of the visitors who are coming to her house and keeping her supplied? It is not like she is hiding in the bathroom doing some coke at a party she got from a friend. This is someone who by all accounts spends her entire waking day doing drugs. At some point the body just can't take that. I think her dad should be less focused on Blake and more focused on doing something for his daughter. Just take her, throw her into rehab someplace and don't let her leave. If Jamie Spears can get a conservatorship over Britney then I'm sure Amy's dad can do something similar. I know you are supposed to want to get help on your own, but at this point can she doing anything on her own other than use and die in front of us a little everyday.

Where's Jerry?

When I answer the door to some loud knocking that isn't actually emanating from my head, it invariably turns out to be some group of people with a Watchtower or any kid from a ten mile radius who knows I'm good for $50 of whatever edible thing they are selling. Of course, with that there is no immediate gratification, but in a way it is kind of like Christmas everyday because someone is always dropping off something I ordered. "Oh, the green tea chocolate came today. Nice."

I know for a fact that Julia Louis Dreyfus ever came to my door. I know that because she would still be here with me. But, apparently Julia did a lot of door to door campaigning and people recognized her. See, now that would be fun, but I would keep asking her where Jerry was and I would just be asking a million questions about Seinfeld. She could tell me she was supporting Tony The Tiger for President and I would just go along with it to keep her there.

If you want to hear her talk about her experiences meeting people like me while she was campaigning, the video of her Leno appearance is below.

He Needs A Publicist?

I understand that if you feel that you are somewhat important that you may need a publicist. Maybe you just want one because then you can feel like you are sitting at the cool lunch table. Whatever it is, I do recognize there are some people that need publicists. However, when Linda Hogan's 19 year old needs a publicist then you know that all of us should have one to. I think that if you require the services of a publicist, hopefully you should at least be able to pay for that person yourself. Guess that is not how things work for Linda though.

This is what Linda's new publicist had to say about Linda's boy toy having a new publicist. "Charlie is now in the public eye and he needs a rep just like every other public person, nothing wrong with that."

In the public eye? I will remember she said that when people start talking smack about him and he sues someone saying he isn't in the public eye. How long will he be in the public eye? If she dumps him tomorrow will anyone remember his name? Hell, I don't remember his name or even what he looks like. All I know is that since Hulk took one of Brooke's friends that Linda decided she would give a little payback and find some young thing of her own. Nothing wrong with that. Do what you have to do. I'm not sure Linda even needs a publicist, so what on earth made her think he does to? Could she not afford to buy him another car or something so she said here's a publicist instead. Is that what every celebrity is getting their significant others for the holidays?

Spitzer Won't Do Federal Time

After spending probably several million dollars and countless hands on interviews with hookers around the world, federal investigators have decided not to charge Eiliot Spitzer with any federal crimes. Despite conducting thousands of "interviews" with prostitutes the agents thought were cute, they could find no evidence that Spitzer used any money for hookers he shouldn't be using in the first place.

Well I guess it is good to know that Eliot only used the family money to sleep with hookers and didn't make the people of NY or the people who contributed to his campaign also contribute to Ashley Dupre's retirement fund.

The article that I read didn't say how much the federal government spent on this probe, but who wants to bet is was in the millions? And Spitzer spent how much on them? Yeah, and then there would have been a few million more spent at trial because they would have had to check out the hookers again and this would have gone on and on and at the end of it all Spitzer would have plead to some crime and probably done six months in jail.

I'm all for convicting some guy if he did something wrong and I'm sure his wife would have loved to see him go to jail, but I don't think it should take millions of dollars spent to hopefully get a guy locked up for six months at further tax payer expense. Believe me, he doesn't need jail time, I'm sure the wife is making his life rightfully miserable. He would probably welcome the sweet embrace of the federal prison system right now.

But Does Billy Bob Call?

Brad Pitt taped Oprah yesterday and apparently it was a good one. Oh, and as a bonus Cate Blanchett was on the show as well. There is a great recap of the taping which will air in a couple weeks but here are some highlights. Apparently Oprah thinks she is a woman of the people. She said that she would have invited Brad to be with her on election night on Chicago, but didn't invite him because she was going to be with "everyday people." The fact that she got there by limo didn't seem to phase her. How did Brad get there? Took the El and "was shoulder to shoulder the whole way." Umm, Oprah. When was the last time you took the train?

That was the first part of the interview and from there just took a nice leisurely stroll down a spiral that still hasn't stopped. Brad seemed sensitive to tattoo questions but made it clear he has at least one for Angelina. No one asked about the Billy Bob tattoo Angelina had removed or the one she still has in a very private area that stares Brad in the face sometimes if you know what I mean.

Brad said he can only handle being with four of the kids at once but that isn't going to stop them from having more. I wonder how that rotation things work. All the kids shuttle in and out like you were playing volleyball and rotating after every point. "OK Pax, you're up. Shiloh. You hit the showers."

Even though Brad did not appear to have a very good time, Oprah still held onto him like Bella onto Edward running through the forest as they left the stage. You like that? Yeah, I keep up.

Apparently Cate isn't a big enough star to get solo time with Oprah so she had to share her five minutes.

Ted C Blind Item

As we have made abundantly clear, there are a ton of closeted gay actors and performers in this business. Some are more flagrant (Toothy Tile) than others (Crotch Uh-Lastic).

And whether or not these sexually deceiving dudes choose to be public about their shenanigans, usually their reps—managers, publicists, agents, gardeners, etc.—find out via some email or some shocked coworker that their client goes homo. Not so with Oded Good-Head...

His manager discovered the boy likes to do it with other boys by walking in on Oded in his dressing room! Was most awkward, too, as the man who was being serviced by Mr. Good-Head—who has quite the reputation with the girlies, not to mention multitalents in front of concert audiences and movie cameras alike—saw the manager first.

Very whuh-whoh kinda sitch, ya know?

Poor Od-y didn't notice his 10 percent guy was standing right there until his latest surreptitious conquest pulled him up and away from what the awfully good-looking performer was so earnestly doing.

End result? Fellatio interruptus—and new pics of Oded and assorted chickies coming out soon in Us Weekly and other razor-sharp standards of Hollywood journalism.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Yes, I know some of you dislike the soap opera ones, but there are lots that do love them. Today lets go over to NBC. Which married male cast member who has been on the show for a very long time is sleeping with the daughter of the one of the producers? Not a really scandalous thing until you realize she is still in her teens and our cast member is certainly past middle age. At least she is in college now. It was much tougher to get together when she was in high school. I will say that it has always been legal though apparently. Did not start until she was 18.

Random Photos Part One

Fats Domino gets the top spot. How can you not give it to him.

The Who & Michael J Fox - New York

I just like to check in on Amy Adams every so often. Plus, tonight is Office night so there is a kind of reason to the posting. No, she isn't going to be on it. Is she?

Al Green - London

OK. Andrew McCarthy is the Heidi Klum of actors. He is on set, goofing off and still does not take a bad photo. Damn, he is a good looking guy.

And sticking with the brat pack theme, Anthony Michael Hall shows that if you work and work at it hard enough you can make it back from probably the worst SNL hiring ever.

Apparently Amy Winehouse thought Halloween was yesterday.

Please don't let the glove thing come back. Please, oh please, oh please.

Brad Paisley is the most casual looking person I have seen going into Letterman in a long time.

Craig David looks great.
I'm starting to feel like a Daniel Craig fansite. Are you tired of him yet?

Not that I enjoy two days in a row of Gwyneth Paltrow, but I think everyone should have a chance at fashion redemption. Why I myself have been given that chance. I was under the false impression that rust colored shoes go fine with every color. I know, I know, but I have been saved.

Always nice to see Julianne Moore.

Just because it has been some time since Oliver Hudson was in the photos.

Yes that is Kevin Kline the actor on the left, but to all men throughout the world he will be known as the man who stole Phoebe Cates from the rest of us.

Katy Perry has officially jumped the shark. Or in this case a huge stick of chapstick. I'm not sure what this theme is. Some kind of pseudo sexual football player humping a big tube of something you put on your lips. Freud would love it though.

This bike looks way too small for Keanu Reeves.

I think that Luke Goss should be forced to stare at me for an hour just so he knows how most of us look.

I'm always putting Miss somebody or other up, so why not Miss Australia.

"Nick baby. I'm signing autographs. I'm sure the bellmen could use some help with the bags."
A nice random photo. Marcia Gay Harden and Ed Harris.

The impossibly great looking couple of the day goes to UK football player Michael Owen and his wife.

And no slouch herself is Miss Martha.

Petra - Melbourne

Pink in a dress is always worth a post. She looks nice.

Prince William looks nice when he gets all dressed up. By the way, see that flower on his lapel. They were doing that in Canada as well for Remembrance Day on November 11th. I don't know why we don't do that in the US for Veterans Day.

"Yes, it's true, I get to sleep with Scarlett Johannson every night."

Lot of passion in that kiss. Probably the first time since the wedding they have kissed.

Speaking of Scarlett J.

And the ex of Mariah Carey and his wife Thalia.


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