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Bill Murray Makes Walking Funny

Blind Items Revealed

May 22, 2009

#4 - Want to make this married former A list television and movie actor stop coming to your hotel? Tell him he is banned from receiving any more massages from the male masseurs employed by the hotel because of his unwanted and unwelcome advances. Our actor hasn't been back since.

John Travolta

June 13, 2007

Which follicly challenged A-lister recently got busted by hotel management while viewing gay porn on the internet and his wife was sleeping in the other room. Turns out, in the suite next door there was a small trash can fire. Hotel management knocked on our star's door. They didn't get an answer, but thought they smelled smoke. When they entered the room, they found the star with frank in hand watching gay porn. Maybe that's why he puts his wife to be early every night.

John Travolta

Those Kennedy Guys And Women Will Have Sex With Anyone

After absorbing this for several minutes I think I finally got this straight in my head, but hope I can also explain it here. So, Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s wife committed suicide last week. One of the reasons that was not disclosed last week is that she discovered RFK Jr. had a long term affair with the wife of the man who was having sex with his sister. RFK Jr.'s sister was having an affair with a man. You know because no Kennedy can ever stay faithful whether they are male or female. It must be in the genes. Anyway, the wife (pictured above on the right) of the man his sister was having sex with decided to get even by having sex with RFK Jr. They continued for a long time and that was the final straw for RFK Jr.'s wife before her suicide.

Bethenny Frankel Exploiting Divorce Rumors For Talk Show Ratings

Bethenny Frankel has decided that she is not going to talk about the divorce rumors that are so loud that people almost can't hear themselves think. Well, she has decided she is not going to talk about them for the next six weeks. When will she talk about them? On her new talk show which airs beginning in about six weeks. At that point she will talk about them. What kind of person exploits their potential divorce for ratings? She does not owe me or you or anyone an explanation about her divorce or potential divorce. It is her business. But, it does seem real skeezy to not talk about it except when she is getting paid for it. But, hey this is Bethenny we are talking about here.

Jeff Goldblum Celebrates 10 Years With Same Stalker

I think it's possible Jeff Goldblum might have the longest running stalker situation in the celebrity world. This week he got his fifth restraining order against Linda Ransom. Linda has been stalking Jeff since 2001 and his last restraining order had expired so Linda was taking advantage of that loophole to drive Jeff crazy with drop ins and hanging out in front of his place and doing everything she could to make sure Jeff noticed her. The woman originally was an acting student of Jeff. Apparently she liked his class and wanted some extra lessons. For much of the past decade she has made a career of stalking Jeff. She has been arrested several times for violating restraining orders but there have been times during the past decade when judges would not extend a restraining order for Jeff because they do not think she posed a threat to him.

John Edwards Flirts With Juror

Ahh, it is a Saturday morning and there is not much to discuss other than Beyonce in concert last night and I really don't want to talk about that or her five costume changes or the two hours she was on stage. Wait, I guess I was talking about it. Sorry. Moving on. ABC News was at the John Edwards trial and they are reporting that he was flirting with an alternate female juror. How? By making eye contact with her. Apparently it is really obvious and even his attorneys have been telling him to stop. Have you watched that Nightline interview with John Edwards where he denies his baby is his. So, how does he explain that to his child later in life? How do you deny your child when you know the child is yours?

Jenny McCarthy Finally Confirms She Is Dating Brian Urlacher

I think it must have been over a month ago that people started talking about Jenny McCarthy dating Brian Urlacher. Wasn't it pretty much common knowledge by now? It isn't like she was hiding it. Well, you would think that we just landed on the moon with the reaction from tabloids like US Weekly who used a bunch of !!!! to describe the news. Really? Oh, and by the way that is my one really for the month. I'm a little tired of the word. Actually a lot tired. It doesn't sound as bad when it is written, but on ESPN the other morning, and Seth, feel free to tell Colin this for me, I couldn't listen to him anymore. It was not what he was saying, but he said the word really 6 times in 42 seconds. It was too much and I realized it has become the new version of "not," and we need to find a new word. Seriously is kind of the new really but it is also almost the same word so, I don't know if we can use that as a replacement.

Anyway, this was supposed to be about how I can't believe how excited one tabloid got just because a celebrity is dating another celebrity for a month. Whoo hoo.

Tila Tequila Dropped to 75 Pounds

Because of her eating disorder and drug use, Tila Tequila dropped from 100 pounds to 75 pounds. That is an amazing amount of body weight to lose on someone so small. I guess now we know why she was not going out into public before her suicide attempts. Apparently while in rehab for her drug addiction and eating disorder she managed to gain back the 25 pounds she had lost and even a little bit more. To me, this is a person who needs someone with her all the time because you just kind of get the feeling that one day you are going to wake up and hear that Tila Tequila has died and you are just not going to be that surprised.

I Can't Wait Until Live X Factor Shows

I think X Factor could be the greatest reality show of all time. I don't care about the singing and the contestants, I will watch every episode just to watch Britney Spears. All of us know something is going to happen and I want to watch it live as it happens. On Friday Britney walked off the X Factor set again for some Britney time. Apparently Simon doesn't have a problem with this and then presumably he won't have a problem when Britney decides to have some Britney time during a live show and maybe even during a performance. Oh, and it doesn't even need to be one of the live performances. Some of the early episodes that are taped are hours long. Britney is not sitting through that. Plus, people are forgetting Demi Lovato. She has been great so far and I think she will be on the show as long as they will keep her unlike Britney who will be one and done. But, Demi could also want some Demi time later this season. That is not out of the question.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Amber Heard and her lunch date.
Busy Phillips looks like she just jumped out of an episode of Mad Men.
Chloe Moretz looking way older than her age.
Eduardo Cruz gets bag duty in Spain with Eva Longoria.
Jessica Alba spends some time with Honor while
Jennifer Garner spends some time with her oldest.
Jessica Biel went grocery shopping and got really dressed up to do it.
James Caan, on the other hand, did not.

Random Photos Part Two - Cannes

I don't care what anyone says, I think Aishwarya Rai looks amazing.
Janet Jackson has a team of people with her at all times to attend to her needs.
Heidi Klum.
Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron
Later Nicole does her patented move and pose with Keith Urban.
Kate Upton goes for the big hair look.
Kate Bosworth
Jessie J
Tara Reid
Rose McGowan
Kirsten Dunst
Nina Dobrev

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the set of his new movie probably called "I Love Jersey Shore"
Kim Kardashian keeping it classy.
Matthew M and Camila at the premiere of The Paperboy.
"Mom, her name is Katniss in the movie, not in real life. Yes, I agree there will never be a President named Katniss. Yes, we use protection. I'm trying not to squint. Goodbye mom."
After spending the first part of the week supporting Kristen Stewart, now it's time for Robert Pattinson to be in the spotlight.
Reese Witherspoon touches down in Nice with her husband.
Sienna Miller shows off her baby bump.
Will Smith signs autographs - doesn't get kissed.

Jon Benjamin Speaks To His Son Only In A British Accent

Jon Benjamin is a very funny guy. In his web series he says that for the past nine years he has only spoken to his son in a British accent. Is he joking? Probably, but it does make for a very funny episode.

Ted C Blind Item

Have we mentioned that Chiquita is, well, bananas?

If her using her man-trapping nether regions to sleep her way to the top (or at least to primetime) or that outrageous diva 'tude (seriously, who does this broad think she is?) wasn't enough to convince you, well, maybe you're just as kooky as Chicky is!

Which means you'll love her latest party trick:

Not only does Chiquita make it a habit to hook up with at least one costar per party, natch, but she's taken to a stripping routine of sorts.

At a recent A-list fête attended by our brassy babe and her coworkers, partygoers were left shocked when Chiquita cut a line for the bathroom and disappeared inside.

Well, the cutting wasn't actually what had jaws dropping—Chiquita is way too famous to wait in lines, of course—it was what she revealed when she left the powder room.

Which was her lingerie.

Yep, Chiquita hit the bathroom, stripped off some clothing and returned to the party in her hot pants like it was totally normal. And that's how she entertained for the rest of the evening: in her pseudo-birthday suit.

On second thought, guess I'm not too surprised. She's always been more likely to bare her body than her soul.

AND IT AIN'T: Blake Lively, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emily VanCamp

Teacher Fired For Being Porn Star Says "At Least I Didn't Do The Students"

Stacie Halas had a point when she gave an interview after being officially fired as a middle school teacher. The teacher, who was fired for being a porn star, said, "At least I didn't do the students." Exactly and that seems like something that teachers are doing way more frequently than in the past. I'm not sure if you should be fired for doing something outside your job. Yes, she is a teacher and is responsible for middle school kids during the day but the porn was done outside her normal school hours then I don't see why she can't do both. Middle school kids should not be watching porn anyway so they would not know unless their parents were letting them watch porn or just not caring which is the more likely scenario. If it is because she is a bad role model, then what about a teacher who works as a bartender to make more money? Is serving drinks being a good role model? What makes a good role model? By all accounts she was a very good science teacher and did this on the side for a few years because she needed more money than her salary could provide.

Four For Friday - She Gave Up Everything For Him

Happy Friday everyone. I wanted to let you know that despite it being a three day weekend here in the US, that I will be here all three days just typing my fat fingers to the bone. Oh, and also drinking. If you have not already done so, please follow me on Twitter. Over there I have more blind items and things that are above and beyond on the site. I just passed 10,000 followers so thank you so much. As promised there will be a special reveal which will be on either Sunday or Monday depending on my inebriation level. Oh, and that will be in addition to the Saturday reveal that will be on here tomorrow.

So, this actress was A list. She was on top of the world and then got sucked into the lies of an A list movie actor and lost it all. Why? Because he was bored and placed a bet with crew members that he could get her to have sex with him. The bet was that he could get her to have sex in 10 different locations before the end of the movie. He won easily. She was always a bed and lights off person, but she did everything for him and anything he wanted.

She was married at the time and had some on set flirtations but nothing beyond that even though her husband cheated on her frequently. She was going to be the good one in the relationship. She liked her martyr role. She liked being able to throw it into her husband's face whenever they argued which was often. There was no joy, but she was faithful at least until she met the A list actor that would change her life forever. He was bored. He was in the middle of nowhere and the drinking options were limited. He did like the crew though. He always got on with the crew. he also like getting it on with local women and extras and any other woman who was willing. The problem was there just weren't that many. So, one night when he was drinking he made a bet with the crew that he could get his co-star to have sex with him. The crew didn't think it was much of a challenge so the ten locations was added.

The actor started the next day and it took entire days of talking to her and wearing her down. He gave up drinking for three days just so he could talk to her into the night. He turned on that A list actor charm and finally wore her down. They hooked up. All the time and everywhere. She was not just in this for the sex though, she had fallen in love with the actor. When she told him she was going to leave her husband, he was not even paying attention or it didn't register, but she did that and when she did, that was the end. Her A listness was over permanently. His A listness took a huge hit and took years and years to even come close to coming back. When he told her that he just was not interested in her that way and didn't want to be with her forever, it crushed her. It took her a few years to just get over that. She had given up everything and all he wanted was sex.

Your Turn

The earliest memory you have as a child. How old were you and what is the memory?

Married Man With 6 Kids Discovers He Is A Woman

So, you are a man who is married and you have six children and you end up getting a kidney stone. You go to the hospital and at the hospital the doctors tell you that all of your internal organs are female. What do you do? Well if you are Steve (now Stevie) you go home and tell your wife and kids and then start living your life as a woman.

“The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female,’ Stevie said. “It was very liberating. I had spent so much energy after the age of 13 constantly evaluating how people looked at me and acted towards me. We told them [the children] individually. Some were in person and some weren’t. Every one of them said, ‘We don’t care one way or the other. We love you for who you are and you’re still my dad.’”

Adam Levine Says He Hates Reality Television

Would you consider The Voice reality television? Survivor is a game show but it is a reality show. Are we calling The Voice strictly a talent competition? Adam Levine says in an interview that he can't stand reality television and that he would never watch any shows that follow people because has no desire to see anyone go to the grocery store and that his life is beautiful because he doesn't. Now, he says this now, but in five years when The Voice is over; no one listens to his music; and he is trying to stay relevant, the whole reality thing might appeal to him. That and if he finds some young girlfriend who begs him every week until he relents. The Voice is not scripted television, soooo isn't it reality?

Heidi Klum Goes Bad

Heidi Klum's new music video is the Bizarro version of the Heidi Klum we are used to seeing. I know, I know, you kind of had your jaw drop when you read the music video part didn't you? This is her second or third attempt to try and break out as a singer. Apparently being a host of multiple shows, a producer, and a mom is not enough for her. Anyway, the video shows Heidi smoking, pole dancing and getting a tattoo which is exactly how I would want to spend my first night with Heidi. That and the answer to whether she has ever just wanted to really give Michael Kors a beat down and if he really believes half the stuff he spouts on Project Runway or just is making it up as he goes along.

Etan Patz Killer Arrested

Police knew about Pedro Hernandez, but he was never one of the suspects in the killing of 6 year old Etan Patz 33 years ago. Now, Pedro has confessed to the killing of the boy as he was on his way to school. When you think about times today, you wonder if a 6 year old boy would ever be allowed to walk to school by themselves. I used to walk to school all the time, but can't remember anything before age 12 basically because of all the drinking I have done, I pretty much used up all those brain cells. I don't know if the world was a much safer place back in 1979, or parents were just not as paranoid. How many 6 year old kids in New York City walk to school on their own today? How about if you live in some random suburb or small town? Are they really any safer?

Katie Couric Royal Family Special

I know it is probably just me, but I'm really pretty excited to see the Katie Couric interviews with Prince Harry and William and Queen Elizabeth when they air next week. It has been years since an American network got to interview either Prince. I'm actually surprised no one had the opportunity last year when William and Kate got married. There has been no word about whether Kate Middleton is going to be on the show yet. You would think if she was going to be on they would be promoting it like crazy for ratings, so she probably won't.

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Blind Item #1

So, at the Billboard Awards, the perimeter around the theater was blocked off so all the stars- even the big ones- were apparently taking the 5 minute walk from their hotel(s) to the theater. But, not this male B+ singer who is now on a television show. Instead of the walk, he wanted to pull up in a car which took 45 minutes to make it the two blocks. He also waited until the last 15 mins of the red carpet before the show to walk the red carpet because he thinks he's up there in status with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. To make things even worse, he was also really rude to his press line escort.

During the show, he was in the sixth row in the theater, just behind Amber Rose. One of the producers came over during the show and said he'd be on camera after the break. He said he wanted to be moved up to first or second row when on-camera because being behind Amber Rose was not a good look. They couldn't do anything about it, so he got up and left the show and didn't come back.

Gregg Allman Getting Married For 7th Time

You really have to love the whole marriage thing to keep trying it for the 7th time at the age of 64. To make things even more interesting, Gregg's future wife is 24. Yep, that is a 40 year age gap. Hey, but when he is 84 she will be 44 and no one will even talk about the age gap anymore. Do you realize it has been 33 years since Gregg and Cher got divorced. His current girlfriend's parents were probably in middle school then. It was pretty much also the last time Gregg Allman had any kind of success in music. Cher was not even wife number one. She was wife number three. Oh, and that does not even count the two women he never married but had children with. This guys has been a a busy man.

Jenna Jameson Arrested For DUI

Jenna Jameson was arrested for DUI this morning after her car struck a pole. Yeah, the one car accident thing is generally a sign of drunk driving, especially if it happens at 1:30 a.m. Jenna has previously battled an addiction to OxyContin so whenever you see her getting drunk you have to wonder if she has also slipped and is back taking OxyContin. TMZ reported that Jenna was taken to jail and charged with misdemeanor suspicion of DUI.

Amber Portwood Tells Judge She Can't Get Clean

I feel like Amber Portwood should get some kind of break for being completely honest with a judge yesterday. While her lawyer stared in disbelief, Amber told the judge that she has not been clean since she has been sentenced to drug rehab and that she would never be clean and that she can't do it anymore and just wants to be sent to jail. Think that is rock bottom? Think she knows she needs help? Absolutely. Amber is looking at a five year sentence. That is a real sentences and not some fake Lindsay Lohan type sentence where she would get out in a week or two. You know Amber must have some demons if she is willing to be locked up that long. The judge had previously ordered the five year sentence, but I think that he is going to cut Amber a break and sentence her to a year which should give her 9 months to get totally clean before her release.

Britney Spears Has Enough X Factor On Day 1

Ahhh, Britney Spears. This is going to be the greatest few months ever. Simon Cowell has got to be worried when he sees things like yesterday. Despite being in the middle of auditions, Britney got up and walked out. Later Britney Jason Tweeted that she was just taking a break. You can always tell when it is Jason Tweeting for Britney. First of all he uses way too many ya'll's. Second, Britney can't go more than a few words without dropping an f bomb so if it's clean you know she didn't write it.

Do I think she needed a break? Yep. The thing is no one else was taking a break and suddenly you have someone auditioning and one of the judges is gone. This is day 1. Think about Day 12. Why should Britney even care? If her day was up to her she would spend it sleeping, laying on the couch, hanging out with her kids and having half naked bodyguards make coffee runs with her. She chose the X Factor option so she could avoid having to go on tour right away and making everybody more money.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Photos Part Four

Bill Clinton gets to know some porn stars.
Bethenny Frankel and Jason were in LA yesterday. She thought she might need him for her Extra interview.
Baz Luhrman might want to spell Ziegfeld Follies correct next time. To make matters worse, he has the characters in Great Gatsby also using smart phones and talking about Twitter.
Cindy Crawford goes for the all leather look.
This is Carrie Underwood's "I'm so happy to be married in front of the cameras" pose.
Eva Longoria in Spain.
Geri Halliwell tries to Dukes Of Hazzard it into this car.


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