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Yeah This Is Amazing

Blind Items Revealed

June 4, 2007

When you hold an after-party in a hotel you are just asking for trouble. This A+ list film actor who is not married but is in a relationship decided he wanted to sample several different appetizers last night. He started off with something Live'ish because she is the in thing and he wanted to see if he still had it. He had it enough to get a phone number, but no further. He then moved on to his "fallback." He always has luck with these ladies, even though this one is a little older and a first-timer. She was smitten and ready. He put the charm on and said he would be back. Going back to the age group he finds more appealing he found gold in one of the aforementioned brightly dressed people and proceeded to take her up to his room for some fun. Back in about 45 minutes and with the maid being called to clean his room, he went back to his fallback and charmed her some more. Spent the night with her as far as I know. Definitely took her up to his room.

Bruce Willis & Eva Mendes (Live'ish)

Blind Items Revealed

May 24, 2007

Feel like something spicy? Well this married/not married but definitely with a significant other (can't make it too easy) A-List film star with a movie in the yearly top ten 2 out of the last five years decided he wanted a little escort fun but didn't trust anyone in LA to keep quiet. So our brilliant actor takes a bus filled with similar minded men (like you can trust a bunch of drunk guys to keep a secret) down to Tijuana a few weeks ago. With a handful of Viagra and a wallet stuffed with cash our actor went to four different houses of ill repute where he sampled the local adult industry up close and personal. He threw around money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and got himself so hammered that he even ended up very briefly with a very convincing transsexual. One grope saw our actor running out of there in a hurry so I guess we know he's straight. He had such a good time with one of the ladies that he made a special trip back down to TJ just two days later with two of his new bus pals to spend time with her and is now working on a plan to move her up to LA so she can be there for him as needed.

Johnny Depp

Blind Items Revealed

May 30, 2007

This lead singer from a holier-than-thou-art family has had at least three #1 hits. Friends and family were expecting wedding invitations to show up soon. They were right because our singer had been busy making plans with his 5+ year girlfriend. Location booked, preacher reserved, the works. But isn't it weird that, when the invitations arrived, the bride's name was not that of the girlfriend everyone knew, but that of someone they had never met? Many chose not to attend the ceremony out of disapproval. All was made clear less than six months later when baby made three. Our singer had made the quick switch of brides when his very controlling, behind the scenes father hit him below the belt -- in the pocket. Seems our singer had the choice of marrying the girl he had been secretly seeing or being disowned and losing out on the family money. He chose the former and poor girlfriend got left behind.

It seems enough begging and pleading kept most mouths shut while he played devoted husband and father for a few years, the adoring wife completely oblivious to the existence of poor girlfriend. However, when it became obvious to the rest of the family that he just can't stop his wandering eye, vengeful little sister let adoring wife in on how the elaborate shotgun wedding had been planned so quickly -- she was the only detail that was added at the last minute. Now, adoring wife has made arrangements to meet girlfriend. Whether it will be a cat fight or a pity party is yet to be seen, but it doesn't look good for our husband of the year. Do I smell "irreconcilable differences"?

Taylor Hanson

Blind Items Revealed

May 28, 2007

So this A list couple but in reality B listers when it comes to movies, have employees just like almost every other Hollywood couple. When they hire a new employee that employee must sign a confidentiality agreement which basically precludes said employee from spilling everything they see. Well this Hollywood couple has some definite things to hide including guests who visit for fun and games and some kids who are not as well behaved as one would imagine. It turns out that a recently fired maid was reminded when she was fired about the confidentiality agreement she had signed and thus couldn't say anything to anyone about what had gone on in the house.

The maid said she had never signed such a thing and a check of the her file showed she was in fact correct. The person who had hired her had been filling in for someone else and had neglected to get the maid to sign the requisite form. Even though she had just been fired, the employer tried to get the maid to sign a new form right then and there. She refused. Immediately after leaving the house, her next act was to call a few tabloids to sell her story. When they realized she hadn't signed an agreement they jumped hard.

When the celebrity couple were informed of the impending scandal they were going to face, they jumped even harder. They first offered the maid a new job with a better salary, but she didn't want to go back. She finally settled for a cool $100K to keep everything hush-hush. The employee who failed to get the original signature was fired but can't do or say anything because they had been given the confidentiality agreement and signed it.

Madonna/Guy Ritchie

Blind Item #2

It turns out this newly minted c-/D+ list celebrity for all the wrong reasons has way more things on film then anyone suspected. If you had drugs, she would do anything for them. Still will. She has been getting paid for sex long before she was ever legal.

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Is Awful

I don't know if you had a chance to watch Lindsay Lohan's lawyer in court yesterday, but it truly was one for the ages. There were a few things that could have made it better. Having a laugh track on with Shawn Holley's laugh. If Lindsay could have been there that would have been the icing on the cake. Just have a camera focused on her while the judge called her lawyer incompetent. Lindsay needs to do something fast because she is going to end up in jail if this goes to trial. I know, I know, I am excited about that possibility too. She won't though. She will take a deal and go to rehab for a month or two. She could also fire her lawyer and then try to get a continuance because the new lawyer would have to get up to speed. Meanwhile she could continue to party or as her lawyer said yesterday learn some valuable life lessons. You know, like liquor before beer is clear. Or is that the other way around? Then is it beer before liquor is sicker? See, these are things she would probably like to learn before going to rehab even though she doesn't have a problem with drinking or drugs.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy Easy

This reality star is B list. His girlfriend is B+ list. He is a jerk. I hate them both. They were in a store the other day and decided to buy something that cost $42. Apparently they made millions of dollars last year and they decided to ask if they could have a discount. Not in a nice way either. With cameras rolling the guy asked, "Can we get a f**king discount?" The owner said no. Bless you. I would have kicked them out.

Rihanna Wants To Have A Baby With Chris Brown

Rihanna has given an interview to Elle UK and in the interview she says that she is ready to have a baby with Chris Brown. Yeah, because there is nothing like making more Chris Browns so they can beat other people. Or of course he could beat her while she is pregnant. Oh, or he could beat their kids. Oh, or he could beat Rihanna in front of their kids. Oh, or he could cheat on Rihanna everyday again and then she confronts him in front of the kids about his cheating and then he beats them all. Oh, or Rihanna could confront him and start hitting him and instead of taking the time to beat her he just kills her.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Bill Bellamy, Marlon Wayans and Questlove. Yeah, it was a good night at the Improv.

Busy Phillips out doing some shopping.
Umm Britney. Your hair.
Speaking of hair, Charlize Theron's continues to look great.
Downton Abbey has started filming the next season already.
Bill & Giuliana Ranic head out of Los Angeles without their kid. How can someone be so skinny and still function?
Halle Berry gets a little more dressed for this premiere of The Call.
You realize there are some people that think Justin Bieber is cool.
Selena Gomez used to. Hopefully she doesn't any longer.

Random Photos Part Two

So, just in case you don't know who Jennifer Garner is married to, she carries around a name card.

Jessica Lowndes goes out last night despite knowing she is not going to have a job much longer after 90210 was canceled.
Katie Holmes and Judy Greer's play might have sucked, but it does look like they have become friends.
Kelly Osbourne with a cast on her foot.
I assume what Kendra Wilkinson is wearing is some type of swimsuit or  underwear worn by her grandmother.
Yeah, Katherine Webb looks pretty good here.
Liam Hemwsorth out all alone yesterday.
Mila Kunis on Graham Norton while
Ashton Kutcher reminds himself that he could have had a V-8.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Natalie Portman seems to be checking to see if her face is numb. Dentist appointment?

Paris Jackson is in that whole Pink Floyd portion of her life. Plays Another Brick In The Wall on continuous loop while screaming at Katherine about school. Swears she will lose her virginity to Comfortably Numb.
This is the brilliance that results from the secret menu at Chipotle. Quesarito. I'm not sure what the yellow stuff is though. Not part of my regular food groups.
Reese Witherspoon picking up the tabloids but making sure no one can see which ones.
This is Seal's new girlfriend. She used to be a Power Ranger. They have spent the past three days and nights together after meeting Tuesday. Does that make them girlfriend/boyfriend or just in lust?
Salma Hayek and Jada Pinkett Smith. Interesting combo.
Shakira and her boyfriend and their baby. Or the laundry. Probably the baby.
Seth MacFarlane shows himself for the first time since Sunday night. Wow he is skinny.
Tina Fey and her family in Florida. I feel like I am watching Mad Men.

Blind Item #7

If you have ever wondered how this C+ list mostly movie, but will take whatever you give her actress found her latest helper it is because his son used to be her PR/bag man. Want a story or interview with the actress? You paid her bag man in cash and he would then pass it along to our actress after taking his cut.

Every Single Stare In The Twilight Movies

Yes, if you guessed there are 26 minutes worth of stares in the Twilight movies, you would be correct. Might as well watch it and try and blow off the rest of your Friday.

Blind Item #6 - Easy easy easy

This almost A list mostly movie actress has been talking smack about her ex-husband. Lots of smack. Her ex-husband is an A list mostly movie actor who just got married again. Our actress has been really experimenting with her sexuality lately with some of her more recent lovers. Anyway, she says that her ex-husband was the most boring lover she has ever had. Ever. Once she got over his good looks, she got tired of the five minutes spent in missionary and her complete lack of any kind of satisfaction for her.

Amy Poehler Surprises Seth Meyers

Despite how long they have worked together, Seth Meyers had no idea Amy Poehler was on the other end of the phone when she called in to Watch What Happens Live.

Blind Item #5

This B list actress who does movies and television and other things including theatre didn't believe any of the stories about her C list celebrity boyfriend being gay. After three months together he still had not progressed beyond kissing her though and she finally called it quits. He is telling friends that she couldn't handle him and his needs.

When Being A Pap Gets You Killed

The man who recently shot a photograph of Brad Pitt with another woman has been found dead in the streets of Rome. He was executed with one shot to the head. Police are speculating that he may have taken a photo of someone in the mafia that did not want their photo taken. Hmm, or if Angelina Jolie was as upset as everyone thinks she was about the Brad photos and she does know lots of people in the military and various governments. I mean what guy is going to take a photo of some guy in the mafia doing something wrong? One of his colleagues had been killed last month. Hmm. Time to find a new line of work if you are a pap in Italy.

Bonnie Franklin Has Died

Bonnie Franklin, the actress who won fame as a divorced mom on the long-running sitcom "One Day at a Time," has died. A family member say she died Friday due to complications from pancreatic cancer. She was 69.

Four For Friday - She Plays Too

Whenever the last day of a month ends during the middle of the week I always think that day is Friday. So, I get really disappointed when I realize I still have to work the next day. Of course, February ended early so that brings us that much closer to Christmas. Too soon? I will be blogging all weekend and will have a reveal or two from the archives tomorrow and maybe on Sunday. I had reveals on both days last weekend. Speaking of reveals, I have a nice juicy one planned when I hit 20,000 followers on Twitter. If you would like to follow me there I would love it. I try to do different things there or in a different way. I am @entylawyer

Over the past year, this A list reality star/celebrity has been hit with tons of stories about the breakup of her marriage. It is way worse than anyone thought. Her management team thinks they know everything, but they have no clue. None. That is because our celebrity keeps everything to herself. She doesn't trust anyone and this is why she has got away with having her own fling on the side. Why hasn't she cared about her husband straying? Because she can't call the kettle black. She just ignores it all and lets her management team fight for her. She has been hooking up with this B- list celebrity who is not really a poster boy for fidelity in his own right. The two met through mutual friends and have been almost inseparable. Between her husband at work and her promotional duties and her lover's ability to go anywhere at anytime, they have spent a ton of time together. Plus, they can even do public things together because they have a very good excuse. They see each other and spend more time together than she does with her husband. At this point she is biding her time to make sure her lover is only loving her and then she plans to spring the news on her management team and leave her husband. Of course she will say it is because of his faults and will make sure none of hers are revealed.

Your Turn

Giuliana Rancic is in the news again and not because she suddenly decided she was going to eat. She says that she always puts her husband first and her baby second. So, what about you? Baby first or significant other first?

Blind Item #4

This actress is almost A list and is mostly movies. This other actress is B+ list, but a far better actress and knows it and is not afraid to let it be known. She does mostly movies. Both of our actresses nearly came to blows last night when the B list actress started talking about crap movies and how Hollywood has gone to crap for making such movies and rattled off two that starred the almost A lister and several others that starred the almost A lister's boyfriend. Words were exchanged and the almost A lister had to be physically restrained from punching the B lister. Apparently the two have been hating each other for a long time, but being in close proximity for press has made it even worse.

Michael Jordan Hit With A Paternity Suit

The mother of a 16 year old is suing Michael Jordan. She claims that the former basketball star got her pregnant back in 1995. Even though she has never filed any kind of lawsuit in the past, she has now and wants Jordan to pay child support and medical expenses for her son. As for the son, his name is Taj and he says that he has met Jordan and that Jordan knows he is Taj's father. Why wait 16 years?

Anderson Cooper Loves Anne Hathaway

Well, it is obvious that Anderson Cooper mailed in his self addressed stamped envelope to get his Anne Hathaway fan club pin.

Blind Item #3

This almost A list celebrity chef with her own show was spotted making out and then bringing back to her hotel room a woman who is most definitely not her girlfriend. She did talk to her girlfriend on the phone though while her pickup for the night was sitting in her lap.

Tori Spelling Says Her Husband Is Not Cheating On Her - As Far As She Knows

Last week Star ran a story and put Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on the cover and announced they were divorcing. Tori has now written an open letter on her blog, which presumably her kids don't read which says that Star terrified her oldest child and made him cry and that they had to run from the store when he saw it. I understand the sympathy ploy here from Tori. I also had no idea she took all her kids grocery shopping with her alone. Don't you think that Tori could have seen the Star and kept her son from reading it? She says they were standing in a checkout line. I don't want any kids to cry. No one does. Tori knows that which is why she wrote the letter and to get people on her side. Whether it is true or not that the kid did cry, she has everyone turning to her side. What about my tears? What about all those Lifetime movies she keeps making? That Dean makes? You don't think they caused me to cry with how bad they are? I'm sure kids have cried when their parents pass out drunk on top of the remote control and leave Tori & Dean on for the kids to watch. You don't think Dean made his kid cry when he cheated on the kid's mom with Tori? That is way more personal.

Blind Item #2

It is not so much that this keeps saying he is getting married A++ list mostly movie actor buys pot. I think most of us would be shocked if he didn't smoke pot. After seeing some of the things he has done, lately, I certainly hope he was on pot. The very very interesting thing is that when our A++ lister has gone to buy pot from his dispensary, he has had, for the last two or three times with him a barely out of her teens blonde and they are all over each other.

Tobacco Companies Are Putting Kitty Litter In Small Cigars To Avoid Taxes

One second I was clicking something about how Anne Hathaway cries herself to sleep every night because no one likes her and the next thing you know I am reading some article on Bloomberg about how tobacco companies are putting kitty litter in small cigars to avoid taxes. I had never heard of a big cigar exemption, but apparently back in 2009 there was some new excise tax enacted which increased taxes 2,653% on cigarettes and small cigars, but if you were a big cigar you got out of paying the tax. How to decide if it was big a cigar? Weigh it. So, tobacco companies started putting kitty litter in the small cigars to make them weigh more and to avoid paying the tax. So, if you are smoking one night and feel the urge to lick yourself or run to a sandbox and pee, now you know why. Or, you could just be drunk.

Blind Item #1

This celebrity is still considered a Tweener I guess. No one outside the Tweener age really likes him even if he is getting outside that age. Anyway, his people have been calling all kinds of attention to themselves in the past week as they try and get some Adderall for their boss. Apparently they had enough to last for their current needs, but someone thought they were being raided and flushed hundreds of pills down the toilet. The boss wants his Adderall. It is his current drug of choice, despite what the media discusses.

Matt Lauer Has A May Deadline To Boost Today's Ratings - Ryan Seacrest In The Wings

Today Show executives have privately decided that Matt Lauer has until the end of the May sweeps to boost the ratings of the Today Show or he will be replaced. Each day the numbers get worse and as bad as primetime has been for the network they always used to be able to count on Today to at least provide a bright spot. Now they have nothing. If the numbers don't dramatically rise, then Ryan Seacrest is on the top of the short list to replace Matt. They think Ryan will bring in a fresh audience while also hanging on to what is watching the show now.

Ashlee Simpson's Out Of Control - Pete Wentz Wants Full Custody Maybe

Radar has a very vague story about Ashlee Simpson and her partying ways. I think that is pretty much common knowledge right now. She is out of control and rarely spends a night not partying. The story says though that Pete Wentz is considering filing court documents to give him full custody, at least temporarily. I don't like that word considering. make a statement. I'm considering exercising this year. Probably not going to happen, but I'm considering it. You can't go wrong with that word. You know how you know that it is a squirrely word? Politicians always use it. "I'm considering running for office." "I'm considering the needs of my constituents before I vote." "I'm considering hiring an escort as a staffer." Pete is supposed to go on some tour which means that if he gets full custody it will be his girlfriend who essentially has full custody since she appears to right now anyway.

Elin Nordegren Sleeping Over At Tiger Woods' House

In the past month, Elin Nordegren has spent the night over at Tiger Woods' house a handful of times as they attempt what The Enquirer is calling a trial marriage. Or, Tiger could have just been lazy and didn't want to log on to the computer and search through escort ads or listen to Lindsey Vonn complain about how much her knee hurts and how they should wait a few more days. Yeah, how does the Elin sleeping over work with the whole Lindsey Vonn dynamic. Is this a one night on one night off thing? Does Tiger have an understanding with Elin? Something like he gets to sleep with Lindsey and Elin promises not to hit him with a golf club? The couple were spotted together (above) over the weekend for the first time in years.

Honey Boo Boo & The Girl Scouts Are Fighting

Honey Boo Boo is not a Girl Scout. That does not stop Honey or her family from being the world's largest consumer of the cookies though. Actually I have no idea if they are and if June has lost 100 pounds in the past year, they probably aren't. What they are though is big supporters of their town and have been using their fame to help their long time friends and family and community. So, on her Facebook page, Honey Boo Boo has been selling Girl Scout Cookies for a friend of the family. Honey has 800K people who like her Facebook page and hundreds of orders have been coming in to purchase cookies. The Girl Scouts have told Honey to stop. They don't allow online sales and they think that the troop in Georgia is getting an unfair advantage. Oh, and they think that by not standing outside and going door to door that somehow the girls are missing out on valuable life lessons. I thought the lesson was that you get good stuff if you sell a lot of boxes. I'm not sure what the life lesson is when your parent takes the sign up sheet to their respective offices and you meet your quota that way. I understand the logic behind their decision which Honey Boo Boo's mom says she will ignore, but every box Honey Boo Boo sells means one less box being crushed by a bulldozer because it went unsold and the Girl Scouts refuse to give any to food banks or shelters. How is it right to do that, but not let Honey Boo Boo sell them, or help sell them anyway.

90210 Has Been Canceled

Well, it lasted longer than Melrose Place and for that I will always be grateful to the CW. If they had let Ashlee Simpson continue acting for longer than a season, I think the world might have exploded. Remember how excited Ashlee was when she got cast on Melrose Place and how we had to put up with her talking about her craft? Remember how she has not had one acting job since because she was so awful? Anyway, five years ago the CW tried to reboot 90210 and it was never as good as the original. The only time it did really well was when they stunt casted and brought in a lot of the original cast. Some people have said it was because there was no huge star on this version. There were no huge stars on the original. They were people who have somehow managed to hang on and make a living for the most part in the entertainment industry, but none of them are A listers or would be confused with them. The good news for this cast is although, except for AnnaLynne McCord they probably will have trouble finding acting work, they probably don't have to rush over to In-N-Out and apply for jobs just yet. There are lots of ways you can make money now without having to actually have acting talent. Tori Spelling proves that everyday. The show will get to finish out the season.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Top spot today goes to a little girl who returned two sticks she found in Yosemite. She felt guilty because she had removed them from their natural habitat.

Yeah, this is the epitome of Random Photos. Lisa Vanderpump and Bobby Brown.
The costume of the year. Start now to have it finished by Halloween.
Beyonce covers up what is presumably Blue Ivy or is just f**king with the paps.
Blake Lively gets some time off from Ryan Reynolds' clutches to go to a show in New York.
Bruno Mars makes a rare appearance in the photos.
It is a red carpet to a soccer game. Well, when David Beckham is on your team, you do things a little differently.
Eva Mendes does some shopping with her dog.
Ellen Pompeo takes a nanny with her to pick up the mail. Well, it is a two person job.

Random Photos Part Two

Fergie heads into a show at Paris Fashion Week.

Cher was there too. This is the first time I have seen Cher papped in a long time.
Halle Berry and the dog from Legally Blonde. Maybe. Probably not.
Heidi Klum filming Germany's Next Top model in Hawaii.
The guy who designed these pants must just laugh everyday that Justin Bieber was such a sucker to buy them.
Jodie Foster takes her son out for some food.
Yeah, I could see why Liam Hemsworth would want to spend some alone time with January Jones.
Kristin Cavallari seems to do a lot of traveling for not much return.
Alanis Morisette and her family.


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