Friday, March 14, 2008

Four For Friday

So FFF will be forthcoming in a few hours. Thanks again to everyone who sent in submissions. I think you will all enjoy the eclectic bunch of celebrities lined up for this week.

#1 - This has to be the oddest gay couple in the entire world. They are both married men in very long term relationships. One made his name outside the film/tv world, but has made his fortune from television. Solid B lister but an easy name to remember. The other has been in the business for over 30 years, and is B list from both film and television although his face is much more well known than his name. Really funny.

#2 - This married with child/children B list film actress now, but always best known for one specific television role was seen holding hands and leaving a party with a guy most definitely not her devoted husband. Yes, he might be a beard, but do you really want to go off with this D list film actor once married to an A lister without using some discretion.

#3 - This once very popular lead singer of a rap/rock group, and now just kind of fading away made an ass of himself as usual at a party when he got incredibly drunk and decided he was going to see how many breasts he could fondle and get away with it. Right after he made his first clumsy attempt, security showed him the door.

#4 - This B list television actress more known for her looks than any real acting ability has been married for quite sometime. She always pretends to be the perfect southern wife, but in reality has a coke problem that she shared with her celebrity husband and almost got him fired from his current job when he had to take an unscheduled drug test. He put it off for a couple weeks claiming a family emergency until he could provide a clean urine sample.

Blind Item Reveals - Kindness

March 5, 2008

#2 This former B list singer and entertainer is aging now, but still has that dynamic, outrageous personality that made him such a star then and now. He lives off his past, but with that smile and famous name he has no problems getting gigs. Over the weekend, our singer, who is confined to a wheelchair now, came into a restaurant with a group of people, and had just ordered when he was recognized. For the next hour he signed autographs, posed for photos and handed out photos of himself while his food just lay there untouched. Someone asked him if they should let him eat and he said that his fans were much more important and that he could always heat up the food in the microwave.

Little Richard

Blind Item Reveals - Kindness - With The Movie

March 6, 2008

#2 This good looking B list film actor who is making an awful mistake if the recent stories of his love life are true is the subject of this mini kindness. A teacher was walking through the lobby of a building when he spotted our actor waiting for the elevator. The teacher is a high school teacher and he recognized the actor immediately. He approached him and said, "Hi, I'm a big fan of yours and I show your movie (fill in the blank) to my high school Government classes." The actor shook his hand and thanked him and then asked why he would show his students that movie. And this is where the teacher could tell our actor was a decent human being. The elevator opened up, actor looked at it, looked back at the teacher and said, "There will be another one. Tell me about your class." The teacher explained what the movie brought to his students and they spent another ten minutes talking with our actor saying he might have enjoyed his Government classes when he was in school, if only he'd had such a teacher.

Aaron Eckhart
Thank You For Smoking

Random Photos Part One

One of the best people in the whole world. Alexis Bledel.
Bryan Adams - Amsterdam

Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal both look great. Don't know about the movie though.

For all of the fans of Lipstick Jungle here is David Basche
Despite having an awful brother, Jason Davis is actually a pretty nice guy and I hope he gets his life back on track.
Isiah Thomas managed not to sexually harass anyone while bowling. He is such an ass.
From American Idol to doing Oscar Mayer promotions is Elliott Yamin.
It has been awhile since I saw Emme and she looks really good.
Daniel Craig on the set of the new James Bond film.
"I'm f**king Ben Affleck."
Is there anyone in the world who doesn't like Neil Patrick Harris? Damn I am being nice today huh?
Leighton Meeser on the set of Gossip Girl. This is a great photo.
What the hell was Rick Hilton doing on the way to this event? Damn he is a mess.
When I saw this photo of Jenny McCarthy, I swear I thought she was remaking The Weakest Link.
Your Vegas - New York City
I'm just taking a wild ass guess here, but I think Terry Cruise likes to work out in his spare time.
Sandi Thom - London
Will she be Mrs. George Clooney?
Hard to believe someone would actually marry Mike Tyson.

Fake Tans And Leggings Are The Secret To Success

So I just read like the millionth article about Lindsay Lohan not having any money and at this point I have no doubts she is running out of money, simply because there is no income coming into the bank. What none of the articles ever say is how much is left. Obviously you are "running" out of money if you are spending more than you take in.

There are two actual quotes in the recent article though which explains a great deal about Ms. Lohan. The first is that she spent $70,000 in the past six months on fake tans. $70,000 is more than most people in the world make in a year and she spent it on something that makes her look like a circus clown. The only difference is that people generally pay to get into the circus.

Since no one wants to actually give her a job acting, how does Lindsay plan on making money? Leggings. Yep. She wants to conquer the world leggings market. "It will be a while before it comes out, but I'm going to do it. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns. I just love leggings."

I want to see Lindsay film an infomercial selling her leggings. "Ladies, are you tired of wearing pants? Do you want to show the world how big your ass truly is? Then my leggings are for you."

"If you order now, I will throw in a bottle of specially formulated self tanner."

Nancy Drew Wants To Be A Hooker

I love that headline. When I was reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books I don't think I knew about hookers, so I think it will come as a shock to those kids who went and saw the Nancy Drew movie to see Nancy Drew playing Eliot Spitzer's hooker.

You knew it would only take a matter of days until someone was out shopping a script about the scandal, and sure enough there are already being names thrown out. When a name is thrown out at the beginning in a quick turnaround project like this it tends to stick, because that name is associated with all the rumors about the production and so people become kind of disappointed if the name is changed.

Right now the name being thrown out is Emma Roberts. Yes, she is 17, is Nancy Drew and her aunt already did the hooker thing. Apparently though, Emma wants her chance and so she is said to be the number one choice for one of the productions being shopped. This is going to be a race for television and it will be similar to the Amy Fisher story when all three networks were racing to get a film made and on the air.

On a side not, what I think this is going to do, is to restart the cycle of made for tv movies. I think with everyone having HD next year and the economy in the toilet, people will be cutting back on their cable channels and watching more network television and will want to see something besides the movies they watched in the theater and on DVD, and so this first film will get everyone watching.

Emma is a pretty good actress, but I don't think she should do some made for tv schlock where they dress her up and exploit the hell out of her. Stick with what you have been doing. Don't become another Tori Spelling. You are way to good of an actress to be doing simulated sex scenes with some middle aged, barely working actor on NBC.

Evangeline Lilly And The Hobbit Are Back Together

Although they are trying to keep it on the down low. That is really stupid huh? The down low. I guess I could have used under wraps. That is kind of a cool term. Whatever it is, The Hobbit and Evangeline Lilly don't want you to know they are back together again. When Lilly made a stop at The Hobbit's photography show, she stood right next to him, whispered out of the side of her mouth, without making eye contact, and then left.

Their current plan is that they will try to never be photographed together so that way their relationship will have a chance to flower and blossom. I like flower and blossom. It sounds like a 70 year old writer from People who used to write for Life back in the 50's or something. If I had thrown in the word nurture it would have been the trifecta. Of course they can do the photograph thing, but if you are blabbing about it to everyone then what the hell is the point? You might as well just get photographed together as well. Then people will care about you when Lost ends and one of them won't have to go back to doing 1-900 sex line commercials.

I really didn't see them as a couple when they were together, but you know what, if it makes them happy, then so be it. I really don't care, but it has been a long time since I got to write about anyone on Lost. I wish they would keep the people that get arrested for drunk driving because that show is running out of scandal.

Playboy Says No To The Hooker

Apparently if the hooker known as Ashley Dupre wants to get naked for cash it won't be in Playboy. From what I have been told, Ashley who has reps now, were the ones to ask Playboy if they would be interested, and Playboy said no thanks. Apparently the new diva asked for a crap load of money AND wants to be on the cover. She sure did get some representatives quickly. I guess she must have spent the week she was hiding out waiting for all of this to explode, making a bunch of phone calls, because she has people trying to make her deals right and left.

The number I heard she asked for was $1M, plus the cover. That is a bunch of money for a $1000 an hour hooker who is fug.

Apparently Playboy has some standards and took a pass. I think it was also because the guys doing photoshop would have spent so many hours working overtime to make her less whory that it wouldn't be worth it. I also think Hef has some standards and he didn't want to cross that line.

Now that Playboy has turned her down, both Penthouse and Hustler are out there making offers. Although they can't do $1M, Penthouse is considering offering her a cover. Might as well. Have you seen the quality of the person they have been putting on their covers lately?

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which celebrity is dating a gorgeous female celeb AND a handsome bloke at the same time? He's desperate to keep up the pretence of being straight...

Barbara Walters Asked A Question

Barbara Walters must have eaten her Wheaties yesterday morning because she finally asked a question, and it even had some snark. Of course it could be simply because she had woken from a nap during the show and didn't hear what everyone else had already asked.

Whatever the case, yesterday on The View, Barbara Walters asked Kim Kardashian why she was famous. The proper response would have been "because I made a sex tape with the brother of someone who used to be famous, and because I will act like a bigger slut than the rest of my celebutard competition." Of course she couldn't come right and say she was a ho, because her step dad Bruce Jenner was sitting right there with his glued on face.

Take a look at the clip yourself. Maybe Barbara is finally starting to grow a pair. I know, I know. Probably not. She just probably realized they really didn't have anything they could offer her, or doesn't like Kim's mother, and so she decided to ask real questions.

Straight Up Mommy

I really hope this isn't true. I mean I know the interview is real, but I am hoping that Paul Abdul was just in some kind of alcoholic daze and that she doesn't really intend to have any children, adopted or otherwise.

In an interview with Now Magazine, Paula said that she wanted kids. "I do (want children). I'll probably adopt because I think it'll be in the next three to five years. I wouldn't necessarily adopt from abroad like some celebs. I just want a healthy baby."

Now, Paula is 44 years old and fading quickly. I don't mean career wise, because frankly, a this point she is barely hanging onto that anyway. Can you imagine what Paula would be like if she didn't actually have to appear on a national television show several times weekly? If all she had to do was wake up and survive?

Yeah, imagine a kid being born into that. How many times will she "trip" over her kid at night? On the bright side at least the kid will not have a curfew, have easy access to the liquor cabinet and will become more self sufficient than most adults by the time the kid is about 5.

Hell, but 6 the kid will probably be taking care of mommy. Sometimes it is ok if you are a celebrity to just admit the truth and be honest. Paula cannot imagine that she would be a good mom. Just say that and be done with it. Don't try and convince yourself or the world of something we know isn't true.

Ted C Blind Item

Love Life is a smart flick that became a megahit with everyone from teens to adults, with some critical trophy amour thrown in for good measure. Shark Wankberg, a supersuccessful catch (some say), was the main man behind funding the somewhat quirky film. However, the only reason the damn movie got greenlighted in the first place wasn’t because of the offbeat script that floated all over T-town, but because Sharky wanted to sleep with terribly classy Sheila Slurp-Never, who was famously attached to the project.

See, Sheila’s been a rising star since she first stepped onto the silver screen. Shee-babe’s respected and talented—not to mention quite doable—and S.W. set his sights on bedding the hon some time ago, trust. But as Ms. Slurp-Never puts up such a good act of being the pissy, high-minded brainy type, the horny dude never thought he had a chance getting the broad between the sheets. But that certainly didn’t mean Shark didn’t try his utter best.

Mr. Wankberg saw to it to lay out the cash to get Love’s production rolling along, using his producer power as an excuse to get closer to SSN. And sometime during the filming of the movie that would actually turn out to make millions, Sharky finagled an opportunity to wine and dine Sheila on his yacht, and they did, indeed, do the deed. Turned out to be a piece o’ (very expensive) nooky cake for Shark, much to his slutty surprise.

Regardless, the S’s stealthy sexploits were kept hush-hush—could it be because SSN is a few decades Shark’s junior? Or maybe it’s because Sheila found out about Sharkie’s funding favor for the film and felt obligated to him? Doubt it. She be a horncat, that babe.

On a power-salacious side-note, Ms. Slurp-Never’s costar was also sneaking beneath the sheets with one of the flick’s other producer-types, though less scandalously so since their ages (and intentions) were more on the same page. Boring!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Naked Photos Of Miley Cyrus

***Update - Yesterday Adrian was 3,000 points out of 5th place. Now as I write this she is just 800 points behind. The contest ends at 11:30pm PDT tonight so keep voting, and viewing and reviewing and whatever else you can think of. When she goes into the hospital in the morning I want her to be in 5th place. Using different browsers does work, so do that if you are able. If you are at work still, go to the cubicle next to yours and cast a vote. If you work at a library, college, or internet cafe, go to each of the computers there and click.

**Update**OK, it is that time again. Go ahead and scroll down and then click over. Yesterday it looks like about 4-5,000 of you clicked over to her photo, but only about 1,500 of you actually voted. Today, need more people clicking over, and all of you voting. I want Adrian to win as much as the rest of you, but it looks like we may have to settle for top 5 since the contest ends today. Now, the person sitting at number 5 is probably feeling all confident and secure, and I would like to change that feeling. They increased their score by about 100 points yesterday and Adrian increased hers by almost 1,000. If you are sitting at your desk and have nothing to do, then do more activities on the site because they increase the totals. Also, when you go home tonight, vote again. Different IP address means no waiting 24 hours. I didn't check to see if you use a different browser if you can get extra votes also.

The contest ends tonight and Adrian is having surgery tomorrow. Give her something to smile about.

Actually there are no naked photos of Miley Cyrus, and if there were, it would be child porn. I just threw up the headline to get all those 15 year olds down in the chatroom to pay attention and figured that was the best way to accomplish that feat.

I debated about doing this because it kind of sets a bad precedent, but I decided that I should try and help out adrian who has been a reader of the blog for a while.

adrian has basically made it the priority of her life to try and win a contest on Brickfish that is a take off of who do you know which is a game radio stations play to try and get famous people to call into their tiny shows. Brickfish had people submit photos of themselves with celebrities and then go out and get other people to vote for the photo. What Brickfish has done is draw millions of extra eyes to their site and millions in extra ad revenue while paying out a dinky prize to the winner of the contest.

That being said, adrian through sheer will and effort is in 8th place out of what seems like about 7,000 or so entries.

adrian didn't ask me to do this and no one else did either. I am just doing it because she stays on message everyday and contributes to the blog, so I thought everyone could help by clicking on the link and voting for her photo.

When you go over to the site, you click on vote for this entry. Then a little drop down menu comes and you click vote as guest. Takes about ten seconds, and I am sure adrian would appreciate it.

Today's Blind Items

Don't forget tomorrow will be a reveal of some kindness items from the past few weeks. Another big FFF is planned for tomorrow as well. If you stumble across any items for FFF, send them my way. Without your help which has been amazing, it takes forever to find photos that I know you will love and cringe at.

#1 - I think, but am not sure that I wrote about this ass before. He is a wife beater. Then and now. Television A lister back in the day, now not so much. He has a name and a pedigree, but doesn't get much work. Well he and his current wife were out last week. Doesn't let her out of the house usually and she doesn't usually want to go. Last week though he made an exception. Probably should have stayed in. Although she did a valiant job with hair and makeup, it could not hide the fact that she had suffered a beating in the not too distant past.

#2 B list actress. Haunting kind of face. Still considered young, but she has been doing this for awhile. Maybe two great roles. Both in film. She has done television in the past, but tries to avoid it now. Anyway, she and this celebutard who is expecting a kid and in a relationship were seen groping each other and making out at an after party a few days ago.

Random Photos Part One

I know, I know. It's shocking. Brittany Murphy at the top of the heap? What the hell is going on? First she is without her sweaty sidekick that she calls a husband, and secondly she did something really nice for a friend of mine this week which she didn't have to do, so she gets the top of the list. ONCE.
Where have you been hiding Amaury Nolasco? This guy is always so damn happy, and always dressed great. Seriously, I don't understand why people can't take a little time when they are going to a premiere. It isn't that damn difficult.
Alanis Morissette - San Jose
So instead of obscure Australians, today we go with people from France. Andy Gillet and Stephanie Crayencou are not a couple as far as I know but damn they would make a good one.
Matchbox 20 - San Jose
This photo is from last week, but I don't know why I didn't spot it before. Leelee Sobieski looks amazing. I vote her for best legs in Hollywood.
It has been a long time since Kevin Spacey was this close to a woman. Doesn't really know what to do with Kate Bosworth so close.
I think that if you go to a Fashion Week event, you should show that you have some sense of fashion. Juliette Lewis apparently disagrees with that line of thinking.
Isla Fisher goes for the movie kiss. Hugh Dancy goes for the tongue. Not that I really blame him.
Raven Symone hasn't improved much over last week's photo and the bar was set really low. Thanks to Lisa for the photo.
I wish Parker Posey would read me a bedtime story.
"That is some really good shit."
If you are getting paid a bunch of money to promote a line of products, you would think that you could at least feign interest.
Mena Suvari gets some love for showing up at the fashion show of Jenny Han who is an amazing person. I think she is a hell of a designer too, but then again I think that the deep fried Twinkie was one hell of an idea.
Vanessa Lemon Jello shows she knows how to handle a pair of balls.
The Enemy - Manchester
Well Shanna Moakler finally found a show she fits right into. Pieces Of Ass.
I love Sophie Marceau.
How about a father/son LaBeouf sandwich? Naahh. Me either. Hell it might not even be his dad.

Rush & Molloy Blind Item

Which clean-cut pop star is a jerk behind closed doors? When a top model accidentally sat on his jacket at a recording studio, the warbler sprinted over and demanded she move immediately.

How To Get Married On The Cheap - Katharine McPhee

Last night I kept my vow, and did not watch American Idol. It was tough though. I kind of wanted to watch Katharine McPhee and knew she was going to be on. However, I did not want to increase their already high ratings and give her hope that the ratings were somehow attributed to her being on the show. Why give her false hope about her career? Any false hope might delay the inevitable of Nick Cokas going over to work at In-N-Out. I already wrote one post on her wedding, but now she must consider herself a wedding expert because she is giving out tips to In Style Weddings which put her on the cover for some reason. I guess so people like me would talk about her. Me talking about it doesn't sell more magazines though so they really need to work on that strategy.

I'm guessing that her wedding must have blown through a great deal of money and maybe she is thinking that wasn't such a good idea. Either that or she is trying to preach to the wedding chapel crowd, because she is actually downright practical about wedding expenses.

As a veteran of many, many marriages and weddings, let me tell you there was no expense spared in my first two when the bride's parents were paying for it all, and as cheap as I could make it on the next several when yours truly was shelling out the dough. Some of my favorite tips include outdoor weddings with no chairs for guests. The two best initials in the English language - CZ, and having a reception at a friend's house with BYOB. Now, Katharine doesn't go that far, but she does offer these tips.

"Remember that it's your wedding … At the end of the day, it's really about the expression of commitment in love and marriage. So don't get too carried away. A wedding is about the commitment of love that you're making to your partner. It's that simple."

Now what she is saying here is that it is all about the wedding so if you have to go down to City Hall and have a judge marry you during your lunch hour, and celebrate your union with some ginger ale out of the vending machine, that's cool because it is all about living on love.

"Sometimes you look at bridal magazines and you're like, 'What is that concoction? Why is her hair piled on top of her head?' You should look like yourself!"

What she is saying here is that it is okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt when you get married, and that shaving for men is optional. Good tips. I hope she follows them on her second wedding.

Carson Daly Can't Find A Date

Kneepads Magazine has really doubled up on the pads for an interview they are running with Carson Daly. Instead of asking the question all of us want to know which is, "Are you going to die soon?", they instead ask Carson how he managed to lose the pounds he has shed. They ask him like he is some kind of health fitness guru. He attributes all his lost weight to not eating pizza at 2am and surfing. Well, I would capsize a surfboard, but I am willing to knock off eating pizza at 2am if it will make me look like a skeleton.

I love this quote from Carson when Kneepads asked him about his love life.

"I'm not dating. I'm single. I haven't had very much luck with the Hollywood starlets so, I've tried to stay away from [them]."

Well first of all your problem is that you are calling them starlets. Did you take a time machine back to a 1950's studio publicity department? What the hell is a starlet? It sounds like a cross between a 15 year old hooker and a veal cutlet. Maybe the reason the starlets aren't interested in you is because you look like death warmed over. Have you ever considered dating someone who is not a starlet? Maybe a real person? You know, someone who works for a living. Someone who also doesn't know what the hell a starlet is. Maybe women aren't your thing. If you are having problems meeting women, maybe you should consider trying someone on the same team. I mean if you slept with Tara Reid and put up with the misery known as Jennifer Love Hewitt and her mom you should be willing to give almost anything a shot.

I don't know what you would call starlets if they are men though. Maybe a manlet?

Eddie Murphy Is A Jackass

According to the National Enquirer, Eddie Murphy has refused to see the daughter he had with Mel B because she trapped him into having the baby. Now what the hell kind of reason is that not to see your kid. So, yes you are pissed at the mom. Hell half the parents in this world are pissed at each other but that doesn't have anything to do with your child.

So what if Mel B said she was on birth control and it turns out she wasn't. You think birth control is 100% effective? It isn't Eddie, and you should have known that. So, if she had been on birth control and it had been an accident, then and only then would he have seen his daughter? That is just a bunch of crap.

The article goes on to say that Eddie will be willing to see his daughter when she gets old enough to be with him without Mel B interfering. Since that won't be until she is probably a teenager, I doubt that their relationship would be deemed to be rock solid. Just imagine how that first meeting is going to go. "You know, your mom trapped me into having you, and so I thought I would just go ahead and ignore you for the first 14 years of your life. But, hey now I am here, and they are having a Dr. Doolittle marathon on the Ignorant Channel. Want to watch. Afterwards we can watch home movies of me and Uncle Johnny."

I Hope They Did It For The Charity

I think it was last week when I posted about Scarlett Johansson auctioning off a "date" with herself for the charity Oxfam. Now Oxfam is a great charity, but the "date" was only guaranteed to be a handwritten note from the actress. If you were lucky you might get a handshake for your date. Well some person named "bossnour" ponied up $40,000 for that note and handshake.

I'm glad the money is going to charity, but if he just wants her signature he probably could have got it off Ebay for about $100. In contrast, Colin Firth auctioned off himself for the night and the winning bidder only had to pay $8600, and Colin has promised to hang out with that person. Spending the evening with Colin Firth sounds a hell of a lot more fun than sitting around waiting for some PR hack to come find you and bring you the note Scarlett managed to scribble out in the limo on the way to the premiere. Hell, it might even be something the PR person just wrote themselves and had Scarlett sign.

I hope bossnour doesn't have any delusions of grandeur about what his "date" is going to entail and that he is going to get the chance to wine and dine Scarlett or even hang out in the VIP area at the after party.

On the other hand, I'm sure if he really has some fantasy about getting it on with Scarlett, I'm sure that Ashley Dupre would be willing to throw a wig on and pretend to be whoever the hell you want her to be for $40,000.

Ashley Dupre Can't Pay Her Rent

Don't know who Ashley Dupre is? That's okay. She goes by 20 other names, but she is best known as Kristen, the 22 year old prostitute who brought down one of the nation's most powerful governors. I like that last part. Actually sounds like a reporter. I guess reading about her in the NY Times rubbed off by osmosis for five words.

In the article, Ashley says she doesn't know how she is going to pay her rent since her boyfriend walked out on her. I gather her boyfriend lied to her about his familial situation and somehow he is the one who ended up walking out. Hmmm.

Let me take a big ole guess here about how Ashley is going to pay her rent. Anyone want to guess with me? Hmmmm. How about an adult magazine such as Playboy? If the NY Times found her, then I am sure Hugh Hefner can find her. I don't think she will end up in a different magazine that is more hard core because I am sure she is just not that kind of girl.

Then in about a month or two we will see her out and about in LA. Oh, it says in the NY Times article that she is going to move back home to NJ, but I think that when she pops up on the radar in LA, she will say something about how her acting and music career are taking off and how she needs to be close to all the contacts out here.

After we see her leaving hotel rooms with Scott Storch and JR Rotem she will do a reality show, that no one watches and will soon hopefully fade from our memory. Oh, she will be in the news for the rest of her life because of this scandal. There will never be another political scandal article written that doesn't include her name, and every article that is about Eliot Spitzer will mention her in the first sentence.

But for now, what Eliot Spitzer paid $80,000 to see, we will see for $5 or whatever it costs for a Playboy. If you want to listen to one of the worst songs ever recorded, you can click here and go to her MySpace page and listen to her song. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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