Friday, August 13, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 #2, #3, #4 - This is kind of Old Hollywood but some of the people are still alive so not a true Old Hollywood item. Anyway, this Academy Award winning (yeah I said it, no nominee/winner) actor who is still alive got one of his most famous roles in a very interesting way. The Academy Award winner/nominee director of the movie had a crush on this woman. Our actor discovered that the woman would take money for sex and paid for her for a year. The actor told the director he could get the woman interested but he wanted the role. He also wanted a role for one of his friends who is been a B+ movie actor and television actor forever. The director agreed and our actor made the introduction. The director had no idea the actor paid for her services. He used his entire paycheck from the movie to pay for her.

#1 - Academy Award winning actor
#2 - Director
#3 - B+ actor
#4 - The movie

Random Photos Part Four

Muhammad Ali got a lifetime achievement award last night. I have met him one time and I still remember every second of it.
Scientists announced today that no matter how bad you have messed up your Rubik's Cube you are never more than 20 moves from solving it. Really? They obviously have not watched me play.
Ali & Roberto still together.
Anti-Flag - Wheatland, California
Adam Lambert kind of looks like Mike Myers as Adam Lambert.
And even if you are the daughter of Alessandra Ambrosio you still love the taste of a balcony railing.
Amy Winehouse on the way to the hospital to visit her dad. Well, he has always said he loves her breasts so this should cheer him up.
Bill Bellamy. He has been around forever. Here he is with Bow Wow.
Everything is always funny until Toodee gets his hand cut off by Blake Lewis.
The other Murphy. Charlie Murphy and Ice Cube.
Look how happy Chris Martin is.
No Goopster anywhere close.

Random Photos Part Three

Donald Faison and Zach Braff show what everyday of Scrubs was like.
And just in case you wanted to see if Donald and CaCee Cobb were still together. They are.
Erykah Badu - Detroit
How skinny is Gisele that the bandage dress is big on her?
Gwen Stefani is on probation for this. Taking a picture with Kris Jenner.
Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez filming their movie.
Josh and James Brolin hanging out. Josh is wearing his wedding ring again, unlike earlier in the week.
Also at the premiere were Wes Bentley,
Milo Ventimiglia,
and a scared looking Emile Hirsch. He must have seen
this guy, Matt Willig, who is a former NFL player.

Random Photos Part Two

You really don't see random bikini pictures of Hilary Swank that often.
The Jonas Brothers sit around arguing about why no one is attending their shows anymore. They all decide to blame Demi Lovato.
Jennifer Lopez asked in a tweet "What should I wear?" and posted this photo. Kind of a snotty thing to ask.
Kate Hudson takes her son to London.
Also in London, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto.
Jamie Lynn Sigler and Mark Sanchez broke up just in case you wanted to take a shot at either.
Riddle me this. How come we never ever ever ever ever saw any pap photos of Kelly Preston until she announced she was pregnant. She never ever ever ever went out and now she is everywhere. I think she is loving the attention.
Michael Jordan and a blast from the past, MC Lyte. I forgot about her.
Later Michael shows some love for Jay-Z.
Matthew M still filming Lincoln Lawyer and I still can't wait to see it.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

My Morning Jacket - Los Angeles
Never would have recognized this guy. It is mark Spitz. For those of you too young to remember he was the Michael Phelps of the 70's but with better hair and a stache. Think Boogie Nights. Oh, and he wore a Speedo.
I always recognize this guy though. Michael Vartan looking good.
It is hard to believe Oscar De La Hoya was married to the same person who married Travis Barker. Maybe he did it for Shanna Moakler's underwear.
Paige Davis and a whole bunch of backpacks.
Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku. Does her dress remind you of that three wolf shirt?
Christian Combs asks his dad if he is going to get a $600K car for his birthday.
Tom Cavanagh and Mr. Rent himself, Anthony Rapp. Tom is going to Ranger Smith in Yogi Bear. I wonder if he says "Yogi" more than 50 times in the movie.
Terry Crews and Gbenga Akinnagbe. Looks like Gbenga bought his shirt right before the picture. You can still see where it was folded.
Tallulah Willis seems to have forgotten her pants. Well she is 16. I mean pants might not have crossed her mind.

Michael C Hall Is An Invisible Monkey

Have you ever had one of those days where all you do is just surf the net at work? Nothing else, just click here and click there and see where things take you? That has been me today. I guess I missed this video featuring a monkey that got PETA all upset. So, Dodge filmed another one with an invisible monkey.

I then finally found a clip of Ellen to share with you from last night on SYTYCD

Your Turn

Which of the three people above would you have wanted to be your high school boyfriend? Now, if you are a guy, we can talk about who would have been the most fun to hang out with. Jake would have been fun to hang out with because he had a great place to party and some nice cars he was willing to loan to friends, but he also seems way too serious. Edward? Well, he might kill you which is always a downside to a friendship. But he does have some hot sisters. Of course they might kill you too. Lloyd? Well, he would probably be my choice. He is loyal, fun, loves to go to parties and he is honest. Plus he likes good music.

Miley Cyrus Gets Another Step Closer To Playboy

According to Star Magazine Miley Cyrus wants a boob job. She just is not happy with her chest so has reportedly received a signed consent form from her parents which will allow her to get the size she has always wanted. How big does she want to go? Holly Madison size. Those are very big. I would say Holly is at about a D cup right now.

I guess I am not surprised Miley wants a bigger chest size. Maybe she thinks it will be a good career move. You know, because singers always are known for their chest size. I think she wants to be an actress and maybe she thinks the bigger size will get her more parts. What would get her more parts is better acting. Classes should be at the top of her list and not the plastic surgeon. Oh sure, she will get some roles where she can prance around in a bikini or maybe some topless scenes, but that will run its course quickly.

If this is at all true, and again it came from Star, then her parents should put their foot down at least for now. If she wants them at 18 then they can't stop her but why on earth they would allow a girl who is probably still not fully developed to do this is beyond me. Of course the soul patch on Billy Ray's face is beyond me too so who knows.

3 Kids Fly By Themselves Without Anyone Asking Questions vs A Very Lucky Russian Woman

You would think that Southwest airlines would ask at least one question when a 15 year old, 13 year old and an 11 year old show up at the airport with a wad of cash and buy three airline tickets. Nope.

Think you are having a lucky day? Does not even compare to this Russian woman who avoided a car accident by sheer luck. (Thanks robert)

Pee Wee Says He Has Proof He Was Not Pleasuring Himself When He Was Arrested

Back in 1991, Paul Reubens was on top of the world. Pee Wee Herman was a huge hit and there had been movies starring his character. That all changed when he got arrested for masturbating in an adult theatre.

This month he talked about that arrest for the first time in a Playboy interview. He says that had he gone to trial he would have been found not guilty.

“Had we gone to trial, we had ready an expert from the Masters and Johnson Institute who was going to testify that in 30 years of research on masturbation the institute had never found one person who masturbated with his or her nondominant hand. I’m right-handed, and the police report said I was jerking off with my left hand. That would have been the end of the case right there, proof it couldn’t have been me.”

I don't know if that would have been all that was needed. I mean he could have been doing something with his other hand. The arrest was a career ender or at least a two decade career staller so to me if he thinks he was innocent I don't see the point in pleading no contest. At that point he really had nothing to lose in trying to fight it.

I just remember that his arrest was everywhere and I still to this day vividly remember his mug shot. Because there was no internet back then, people had really not seen many pictures of Paul Reubens outside of his character and I think that mug shot more than just his arrest was the reason it had such a powerful impact. Plus he was doing a kids show. Getting caught masturbating in an adult theatre when you are hosting a kids show is not really the best career move. Should have just grabbed a porn and done it at home.

Ted C Blind Item

It's the oldest story in Hollywood: sex for hire. But unlike some other Blind Vice candidates we've covered over the sleazy years, Bernadine Couch-Butt's Tinseltown rise didn't involve any sex that was contractually required. Bernie snagged her big, successful horny director man the old-fashioned way: wearing a nightie. Yep, a see-through job just happened to be what Bernadine was wearing when they first met, lucky for Bernie.

Because she's now well on her way to donning equally lusty outfits in...

A meaty role in Attack of the Mopey Mothballs, her lover's latest über-gizmoed-out mega hit!

Funny, though, nobody'll ever really remember Bernie, once Mothballs V, VI and VII come out, a fact Bernadine's blithely dismissing from her pretty little head. But Bernie and big director man are still going at it—on the set, on call, on the funny stuff, whenever and wherever! Who needs to think about things like a future when you're getting laid and you're famous all at the same time, right?

Well, Bernie sure should.

Nobody's getting hurt in this adults-only game; neither lover has a steady partner. But what's totally rich in this typical Hollywood story is how totally fried Bernie's going to get once she's tossed aside, as she will be.

We're only going by experience here when we say this. You see, every one of Bernie's legions of predecessors have not only been ruthlessly discarded by their horny hiring dude, but they've been tarnished and black-listed, as a result.

Only one of these women has survived the taint and gone on to make a name for herself.

Not great odds for our poor, gorgeous Ms. Couch-Butt.

And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens

Kate Gosselin Gets Paid The Same As Patrick Dempsey

How long has Patrick Dempsey been an actor? I am too lazy to go look at his IMDB, but I remember him in Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy and so many movies from over 20 years ago. He worked hard and became a star. He is on a huge network hit show and he makes $250,000 an episode. A lot of money to be sure, but he has worked hard for it.

Kate Gosselin who has no talent other than the fact she gave birth and managed to stay married to Jon Gosselin for longer than a week also earns $250,000 an episode. Does not really seem fair does it?

TV Guide has lots of salaries of the stars on television and it is shocking how much Kate makes compared to say Jane Lynch who makes $50K an episode. In fact Kate makes more per episode than the entire cast of Big Bang Theory and Jane Lynch combined. Why? She gave birth. Millions upon millions of women give birth each year and none of them are pulling down $250K a week. It is not like Kate is friendly or funny or talented. She got lucky in the birth lottery and had sextuplets and now makes more than Jon Hamm, Anna Paquin and Blair Underwood combined. Really?

Here is the drama list. For all the others you can click here.

Drama (per episode)

Hugh Laurie (House) $400,000+
Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU) $395,000 (each)
David Caruso (CSI: Miami) $375,000
Marg Helgenberger (CSI) $375,000
Mark Harmon (NCIS) $375,000
Laurence Fishburne (CSI) $350,000
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) $350,000
Denis Leary (Rescue Me) $350,000
Gary Sinise (CSI: NY ) $275,000
Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy) $250,000
David Boreanaz (Bones) $200,000
Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) $200,000
Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife ) $175,000
Dana Delany (Body of Proof ) $150,000
Lauren Graham (Parenthood) $150,000
Jada Pinkett Smith (HawthoRNe) $150,000
Jimmy Smits (Outlaw) $150,000
LL Cool J (NCIS: Los Angeles) $125,000
Chris O'Donnell (NCIS: Los Angeles) $125,000
Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains) $125,000
Jason Lee (Memphis Beat) $125,000
Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) $125,000
Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods) $125,000
Michael Weatherly (NCIS) $125,000
Matt Bomer (White Collar) $100,000
Nathan Fillion (Castle) $100,000
Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds) $100,000
Jon Hamm (Mad Men) $100,000
Cole Hauser (Chase) $100,000
Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) $100,000
Timothy Olyphant (Justified ) $100,000
Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0) $80,000
Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles) $75,000
Anna Paquin (True Blood) $75,000
Blair Underwood (The Event) $75,000
Zachary Levi (Chuck) $60,000
Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) $40,000
Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) $40,000
Ashley Tisdale (Hellcats) $30,000

Kara DioGuardi Still Has Not Been Told She Is Fired

I'm thinking that Ellen got out of American Idol at just the right time. She spent a year with Simon, picked up a few bucks and some new fans and then just slid quietly outside the side door. She does not need the job or the publicity so was free to leave.

They just seem so messed up over there right now and completely out of whack. Kara DioGuardi's father was on Capital Tonight in New York and said that his daughter found out she was fired from reading it in the news. Her father, who is a Senate candidate added, "Would you believe she did not hear -- and still has not heard -- anything?"

Did I think Kara was the best judge ever? No. But, at the same time I don't think it was entirely her fault either. There were four judges instead of 3 and chemistry issues and Simon wanting to leave and replacing Paula. If she had been an original I think she would have done fine. No matter what I think though, you just cannot treat a human being that way. No one has called her or told her she is fired? What is up with that? If you are one of these new judges would you want to work for a company like that? It would be hilarious if they had to come back to Kara and say they really need her and then she could tell them to f**k off or ask for Simon money.

MI-5 Headed To America

One of the first shows that really hooked me on BBC was MI-5. I think the first season was like 6 episodes and I whipped through them in one night on NetFlix. I loved every episode until the one where Tom left. I won't tell you how in case you ever decide to watch the show. After that, I had a hard time getting into it and I think they lost their way for a season and when Danny was gone I was too.

That being said, there is no way you can do this show in the US. Oh, I mean sure you can do it but it will just turn out to be like every other interchangeable drama on television. It has been announced that ABC has bought the rights to the show so it will probably be kind of like Alias with some CSI and some sex thrown in too.

The strength of the BBC version is not so much the action but the writing. Even if the show takes place entirely in one or two rooms, the writing is so good that you don't need to have big action scenes to keep you going. The show would work on HBO or one of the cable networks but will never work on ABC.


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