Friday, January 22, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This B- list actress from two back to back hit dramas and her celebrity significant other are in an open relationship. Well at least he considers it open. That is what he tells all the women he meets anyway.

#3 - This C list movie and sometime television actress is trying to escape from her church because she doesn't think they have given her the support they give other celebrities despite the money she has given them. And the secrets.

#4 - This married B list mostly television actress from a hit drama who gets confused with a similar actress has been having a long term affair with a producer of her show. His wife kicked him out and now he wants our actress to leave her husband. She refuses.

Random Photos Part Two

Double top spot today. Harrison Ford and Keri Russell with the Crowley kids. They are the children about whom Extraordinary Measures is based.

Andrew McCarthy and his guest.
Amanda Peet all bundled up against the cold in Utah.
Bob Balaban! I love this guy.
Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips try and stay warm yesterday on set.
Then everyone gave up and called it a day. I really like this picture of Courteney.
I have read a lot of sites that say Britney Spears is smoking in this picture in a no smoking area. It looks to me like she is outside so I don't see the issue.
One of my favorites. Charles S. Dutton.
It appears that Chris Pine and Olivia Munn are still dating.
Not dating Olivia Munn is Dennis Quaid. Is he? Noooo.
A new look for Gerard Butler.
Hilary Duff in the same mall at the same time as
Kellan Lutz. Hmmmm. Actually Kellan was there to donate some of his used jeans. Hopefully washed.
James Franco and Jon Hamm.
A first time appearance for Kevin Durand and
Adrianne Palicki.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today and you probably could have guessed that because there is no way I would put Kanye West and Amber Rose at the top of any list except fashion disaster. I can't believe someone has made Lady GaGa look amazing but Amber Rose has done it. I honestly can't figure out why you should even bother with the black part of the outfit. You do realize that "dress" probably cost over $1000.
Kate Walsh never really seems comfortable in dresses but she usually looks great in them.
This is from the same Lady GaGa concert I posted yesterday but look on her arm, right above the peace tattoo. She has the ugliest looking burn or scar. I wonder what she did.
Lucy Lawless twice in a week? Doesn't get much better than that.
Mariah Carey - Hollywood, FL
The funny thing is the woman just wanted directions. Mario Lopez just assumed she was a fan and wanted a tongue in her ear.
Marcus Schenkenberg what are you doing to your face?
At what age do you stop with the spiky hair look and stop using a sidekick?
Paul Bettany can make a suit look good.
Here he is again in front of his poster.
One of my favorite pictures in the past month. Prince William on a dining room chair looking longingly at where he hopes to sit one day. So, do you think he went ahead at some point and just gave it a try.
If I didn't know any better I would say that Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick might have had a quickie on the way over.
Tia Carrere came prepared with an umbrella last night. Not sure how it would hold up under actual weather conditions.
Hey, at least the baby is cute. One out of 3 isn't bad.
Zachary Quinto looks like he was surprised to be photographed.

Happy Birthday Gabriel Macht

Gabriel Macht is 38 today. Yes, that is his wife Jacinda Barrett in the fourth photo.

Your Turn

As I sit here eating some new cracker which has bacon infused in it and smells as good as it tastes I am reminded of the fact that it has been over a year since I last asked this question. I have to ask because the snack world is always changing and someday I know there is the possibility that my favorite snack food Chicken in a Biskit may be supplanted someday. It will only happen though if I can try every one of your favorites. So, please, just in time for the last few games of the football season, your favorite snack food.

Blaaaaaaaaaaake Likes Teenage Transsexuals Who Dress Like Amy

In one of my favorite stories of the day, it turns out that Blaaaaaaaaaaake has a thing for transsexuals. Well at least ones who are willing to dress up like Amy Winehouse. 17 year old Mia McHugh is a pre-op transsexual who had a fling with Blaaake after meeting him on Facebook. Within 24 hours after making contact, Blaaaaake was already spending the big bucks and took Mia to a no tell motel where he discovered that Mia was still a male despite her fake breasts. Blaaaaake said it didn't matter and that he loved her and even told Amy that he was dating a man.

Blaaaaaaake's people said this is all a bunch of garbage and that Blaaaaaaaake only met Mia once and not for a string of dates. They didn't deny the sex thing though or the fact that Mia likes dressing up like Amy Winehouse.

DId Daisy Cheat? Daisy Fuentes & Matt Goss Done

After ten years together, Matt Goss and Daisy Fuentes have split. This is another one of those couples that I thought were in it for the long haul. Of course in LA, ten years is a long haul, but still I thought this was a forever thing. The couple got engaged back in 2003 but never set a wedding date and seemed happy just living together for the past seven years.

Prior to dating Matt, Daisy dated Luis Miguel for several years. Apparently Luis was the reason Daisy and Matt split. This statement by Matt also sounds to me like Daisy might have been cheating. It is tough to tell just from a sentence but see what you think. "We had a long and loving relationship. This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone. I wish her all the best and hope she finds whatever it is that she's searching for." OK, so it seems obvious she broke up with him since it came as a shock. The whole part about thinking you really know someone and the searching for bit makes me think she did Matt wrong which sucks because I really like them both.

It Does Not Happen A Lot

I read through this interview that Brooke Mueller's step-dad gave to Radar. He too is on the Charlie Sheen Kool-Aid train, but he does have a very interesting quote mixed in with all of his Kneepad worthy other quotes. He talks about the incident in Aspen and then says this. "It does not happen a lot, but it was true, she was definitely attacked, that is not made up, there was no reason for any of that to be made up." So, he doesn't attack her a lot, but it happens. WTF? So, this is not the first time? How often is not a lot? Once a month? Once or twice a year?

The thing is with this guy and her mom they just don't seem to care at all that Brooke was attacked with a knife. The guy said he is going to be rooting for Charlie at the SAG Awards this weekend. Really? Is it that important to you to say your son-in-law is Charlie Sheen that you are willing to ignore knife attacks and other assaults against your family?

Mischa Barton Sued - I'm Giving Her A Break

Mischa Barton is being sued by her New York landlord for three months rent she never paid. Last September when she thought she was going to have a job for a year or two, Mischa signed a lease on a $7000 month apartment in New York. When her shows was canceled, Mischa stopped paying her rent. You know what? I am going to give her a break. Does she owe the money? Sure. But, I bet there were a lot of people from the cast and crew of that show that are in the same situation but because their name is not Mischa Barton no one knows about it. $7000 seems like a lot for an apartment but in terms of New York and the lead on a television show it really isn't that much money. It isn't like she rented some outrageously expensive place. How many other people in the world have lost their jobs and couldn't make the payments on their home or apartment?

Maybe now we know why she is willing to play a hooker on a television show. She could have been like Lindsay and held out for some A list thing that is never going to happen. Instead she took the equivalent for an actor of working at McDonald's and made some money on SVU. Now if she could just learn her lines.

Peter Gabriel Is Being An Ass

Am I the biggest fan of Genesis in the world? Umm, no. But I am a fan and I know there are millions of people who are big fans of the group. I also know there are going to be millions of these fans who are going to be really disappointed that Peter Gabriel is acting like a prima donna. How? Well, in two months Genesis is getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. This of course would be the perfect time for the group to reunite. Unfortunately Peter doesn't want to. In fact he is being such a jerk he says he might not even be able to make it to the show. Why? Not a wedding or surgery or trapped in the Arctic. He instead will be rehearsing for his upcoming solo tour. Rehearsing. Not performing. “I’m trying to find a way to do it,” he says. “It’s not easy. If I can work it out, I’ll go.”

It is one night two months from now and he has known about the date even longer than that. I don;t care if the group reunites permanently but don't you think people can act like adults and give their fans what they want? These guys didn't make the Hall Of Fame solely because of their talent. They made it because their fans bought tons of records and went to their concerts and made them famous. I hate hate people who forget their fans. It is one f**king night. Give the people back something they gave you in the first place. Go up on stage and play for three or four songs. Then go your separate ways. Are you going to deprive people who paid you millions and millions of dollars their fun? Are you such a self-centered ego driven can't forgive for ten minutes kind of person that you would disappoint all those people?

Levi Johnston Made Six Figures Last Year

In another sure sign the world is ending Levi Johnston made six figures last year. Between his posing for Playgirl and selling interviews to anyone who has a forum for his words, Levi made at least $105,000 in 2009. Those numbers come courtesy of court papers filed by Bristol Palin who says that Levi has not been living up to his parental responsibilities. In other words he is not providing support to his baby financially.

TMZ obtained court papers where Bristol is asking for $1750 a month in child support. According to Bristol's declaration she says that Levi has only paid $4400 in child support in the 13 months he has been a father. Levi's rep says Levi has paid about $10,000. Either way it definitely isn't $1750 a month. I guess he better think about going full frontal if he is going to pay that bill. I still can't believe he made that much money last year.

Miley Cyrus, Joaquin Phoenix & Liv Tyler In One Video

One of my favorite organizations is To Write Love On Her Arms which is a suicide prevention group. It was actually inspired by Joaquin Phoenix and they have a new PSA which is really cute. I say really cute despite the fact that Miley Cyrus is in the video. Joaquin plays her straight man and does a good job and so does Miley. Liv Tyler also makes an appearance and looks stunning. I am actually encouraging you to watch a Miley Cyrus video. Wait for it. Yes, as I look out my windows I do see pigs flying.

Gwyneth Cooks Again - Kind Of

Hot, sweet, salty, sour. Those are four words you will hear constantly in this video. You will hear them so much that you will almost lose track of the fact that Gwyneth is cooking again. Sort of. Instead of going solo, this time Gwyneth invites us all into her dreary studio or home or wherever it is. I'm guessing a home because if it was a studio I wouldn't feel like I was watching some Galloping Gourmet episode from the 60's.

Right off the bat, Gwyneth says that she had this incredible salad so invited the chef who made it for her to share it with all of us. One question. If she had it before how did she not know it had raw bok choy? Watch her. She almost has an orgasm when she learns it is raw. I still think cooking chicken is the better of the two videos for entertainment purposes but at least this one looks more edible.

Ted C Blind Item

We haven't heard much about Fey Oiled-Tush since he dripped (not enough) jewels all over Hollywood's leading vamp movie star. So thought you all might like to know what the closeted big-time celeb's been up to—besides getting it on with gorgeous young men up in his private plane, that is.

He's getting very nervous.

And no, not just because Fey's worried his myriad boy-lovers will squeal on him—they all have to sign confidentiality agreements, mind you—but because of Oiled-Tush's pilot. Yep, the guy who's seen it all, and how, is super pissed off...Can you guess why?

"It's not the boys," a source very close to the pilot revealed. "It's how he's being treated, which he thinks is really badly, and borderline unlawful."

Turns out that Mr. Tush's flier, who's straight, has no prob watching all the gay mile-high club stuff go down (or up, as it were). But he does very much mind how Fey's utterly controlling of his personal time, especially after they've all landed at various far-off locales. According to the pilot's tight pals, Oiled-Tush locks his employee in hotel rooms and uses surveillance mechanisms on him, so as to oversee his every move.

To say the flyin' dude—who's totally not into the celeb scene to begin with—is majorly creeped out by all this is an understatement. Indeed, the pilot's so damn alarmed by his boss's evil-eye behavior, he called his lawyer and threatened legal action, which he has begun.

Will Mr. Tush wise up and lighten up on the guy, maybe throw in a cool million as an apology, while he's at it?

He will if he's smart, that's for sure. 'Cause it was really stupid-o-la, to begin with, to even mess with a dude who had no intention of messing with your closeted ass, until you started treating him like a prisoner in some kind of James Bond movie.

It Ain't: Harrison Ford, Mike Myers, Tobey Maguire
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Blind Items - Random Photo Blinds

#1 - Someone in the photos had sex last night with a person who was not their significant other.
#2 - Someone in the photos has a streak going of over six months of doing coke. They are very proud of it considering they have spent about 30 days in the six months not in their home city. They like nothing more to share how they scored coke in other cities.

Random Photos Part Two

Definitely top spot worthy are Alex Trebeck, Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner.
Coming in a very close second were Betty White and Amy Poehler.
Candace Bergen in a great photo.
I barely recognize Cheri Oteri anymore.
David Arquette getting into the spirit of opening night for Pee Wee.
Meanwhile his sister and Thomas Jane were a little more subdued.
Speaking of Pee Wee
Definitely not having a tiny wee is Alexis Arquette.
And finally in full circle you have Pee Wee and David. Goodness David Arquette looks happy.
Long time no see Dermott Mulroney.
Dr. Who in velvet. It's magic.
I love E.G. Daily so much that I am willing to pretend that she never was married to Rick Saloman. For those of you who don't know who she is, if you have kids or have ever seen Better Off Dead you will recognize her.
Ellen Page showed up at pee Wee too.
Hayden P is now a red head.
Jedward talk to their idol. The Hustler thing around Vanilla Ice's neck just screams classy.


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