Friday, March 23, 2007

Four For Friday

This pin-up B list television actress from the 80's and early 90's has disappeared from public view. Within the last week she has shut down her website and MySpace page. After a long dry spell she was resurrecting her career and her personal life, but now she seems to be pulling the plug on all of it. There is a rumor floating around that she has cancer and another that she just doesn't want to be bothered with the business anymore and is going to hide in a far corner of the world for several years.

How many times have I told celebrities to drive themselves? Well the same thing holds true for parking your car yourself. If you must let a valet take your car, then make sure you clean up or hide everything of note in the car. Speaking of valets, there is a rumor that one tab paid a valet to hide a wireless camera in a celeb car. The valet got it in the car and it worked for about five minutes until the celeb hit a pothole and the transmission ceased.

1. This B list made for tv movie actor who once had aspirations to be a real movie actor left a little tiny plastic bag in the cup holder of his car. This little tiny bag had some brown powder in it. Now of course I am sure his publicist would say it was brown sugar, but the valet had never seen someone jump so fast into their car when the valet returned it. After retrieving the bag, our actor smiled with a huge look of relief plastered on his face.

2. This soon to be married B list television actress on a hit network show left her car with the valet and the valet saw a tube of Zovirax on the front passenger seat floor. Now, our actress was with two other female friends (unknown if celebrities) so it is possible it belonged to one of them. No one has ever talked about this actress and herpes before, but people are talking about it now. Sure are a lot of air kisses from 2 feet away now. (NOT Eva L., and honestly wouldn't wish the herp on anyone)

"I wanna see it. I wanna see it too." Several women convinced this not very shy singer to show everyone his famous appendage. He teased but did not deliver the goods. He did however go home with his ex-fiancee.

Tom and Katie--Demi and Ashton

Is Tom actually trying to cop a feel? Katie seems to think so.

I love the pics where Katie looks like she is ten feet tall. Tom even let her wear fishnets.

Ashton to Demi
"Two things tonight. Don't give Tom our number and we aren't converting."

I Feel Dirty After The Last Post--Here Is The Story Of The Billionaire Giving HIs Multi-Million Dollar Homes To The Homeless

Billionaire opens mansions to homeless

By AUDREY McAVOY, Associated Press WriterFri Mar 23, 7:32 AM ET

Dorie-Ann Kahale and her five daughters moved from a homeless shelter to a mansion Thursday, courtesy of a Japanese real estate mogul who is handing over eight of his multimillion-dollar homes to low-income Native Hawaiian families.

Tears spilled down Kahale's cheeks as she accepted from billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto the key to a white, columned house with a circular driveway, a stone staircase and a deep porcelain bathtub. Her family will live there rent-free, but must pay utility bills. "I'm shocked. I'm overwhelmed," Kahale said. "From the little box we had to what we have today."

Kawamoto, whose own eyes started welling up as Kahale cried, handed over two other homes Thursday to homeless or low-income families.

Kawamoto, one of Japan's richest men, said he plans to open eight of his 22 Kahala homes to needy Hawaiian families. They will be able to stay in the homes for up to 10 years, he said. He also gave each family 10 $100 bills to help them move in.

Native Hawaiians are disproportionately represented among the state's homeless and working poor.

Kawamoto owns dozens of office buildings in Tokyo under the name Marugen and his been buying and selling real estate in Hawaii and California since the 1980s.

He has been criticized for evicting tenants of his rental homes on short notice so he could sell the properties, as in 2002 when he gave hundreds of California tenants 30 days to leave.

Two years later, he served eviction notices to tenants in 27 Oahu rental homes, mostly in pricey Hawaii Kai, saying they had to leave within a month. He said he wanted to sell the houses to take advantage of rising prices.

Kawamoto selected the eight low-income families from 3,000 people who wrote him letters last fall after he announced his plan. He has said he tried to pick working, single mothers.

Giving away mansions shows more dedication to helping Hawaii's homeless than just handing out wads of cash, he said. Asked whether he was concerned about losing money on the effort, he laughed and said: "This is pocket money for me."

Kahale's new house is worth nearly $5 million, an average price for the mansion-like dwellings on Kahala Avenue. It is one of the more modest homes in the neighborhood, many of which feature ornate iron gates, meandering driveways and sculptured gardens.
Kahale became homeless two years ago when her landlord raised her rent from $800 to $1,200, putting the apartment beyond reach of her salary as customer service representative for Pacific LightNet, a telecommunications company. She first stayed with relatives, then moved to a shelter in September.

"What we need to do is appreciate," Kahale said after getting the keys to her new house. "As fast as we got it, it could disappear."

Some neighbors are unhappy with Kawamoto's plan, speculating that he is trying to drive down real estate values so he can snap up even more homes.

"Everyone's paying homage to him, but in reality, he's the problem," said Mark Blackburn, who lives down the street from Kahale's new home. "Houses are homes. They're made to live in; they aren't investment vehicles."

He suggested that the Waianae Coast, a heavily Hawaiian community on the other side of Oahu that has been hit hard by homelessness, would have been a better place for Kawamoto to carry out his charity work.

Kawamoto countered that those in the Kahala neighborhood who don't want Hawaiians next door might want to leave the islands altogether.

"The people who don't want to live near Hawaiians should move," Kawamoto said.
Lyn Worley, 40, who got the key to another Kawamoto house, said she believes her neighbors will grow to love her family.

The elementary school clerk has been living in a house in Waianae with her five children and brother for the past four years. Their lease ran out — and then Kawamoto's offer came along.
"We prayed so hard and cried so much for God to drop something from the skies, and he did," Worley said. "And he did, he really, really did."

Copyright © 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

Kim Kardashian Video--No Downloading Necessary--Just Click The Links And It Will Play

December 2007 Update -- New Version With Bonus Footage

**Update** Veoh has pulled part 3. As of right now the other three links still work. If you want part 3, click one the previous Kim Kardashian Video label/post and download from the links provided.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The entire video is about 20 minutes long. It appears the filler video was shot in 2006 and 2007. The actual sex act was done at one time and lasts about 5 minutes although it is spread out over the entire 20 minutes. Embedding a trailer for the video is one thing, but I just don't want to embed the whole video on this blog because it is just not that interesting to me.

Links, Photos, And Videos (Kate Moss w/ Little Britain)

Satirical quote from Mr. Mintz

"I think that should be enough Valtrex for the next few weeks. Of course we offer a free sample to everyone Paris sleeps with which is why we get them shipped Fed-Ex."

Kate Moss performing live with Little Britain.

Tommy Lee enjoys sucking men's toes. Honestly, is there much of a difference between that and Pamela Anderson?
Paul McCartney and another woman. Well as far as I know she hasn't done porn. BUT, she has dated so many other rock stars that Paul may want to give Elliot a call. Whoops. Elliot represented John and Yoko so Paul will just have to go to the store by himself.
The singer Mika is getting death threats because he won't tell people if he is gay or not. That should be your answer right there folks. Next.


Like a good agent, Jennifer Hudson's fell on his sword to cover for her diva demands. Lots of riders have extra stuff that an agent thinks the star might want. HOWEVER, 90% is still what the star wants.

Tara Reid opened Ketchup last night. Interesting. An-tic-i-pa-tion.

Penelope Cruz says her best onscreen kiss came from Charlize Theron.

Avril Lavigne talks about her marriage. She states that she is the best thing that has ever happened to her poser husband. Guess it's just like any other marriage with some wimped out punk rocker.

Hey, It's Not Child Molestation When It's My Nephew

Hey. At least Michael isn't clutching at his nephew's hair. Hey Tito. Did you approve of these photos?

Anna, Anna, Anna

So the Star and National Enquirer pooled their vast resources to find out what killed Anna. Well they are the same company so that would make sense. She also had a raging blood infection which would have killed her if she had not overdosed. Well if you can wake up during the night and sleep or eat or cook while on Ambien, I guess you can shoot yourself up with an unsterilized needle while on whatever sleeping drug ANS was taking.

In other ANS news, Howard K is getting the boot from the Bahamas house. Well since mom and dad pay for everything anyway, he might as well live with them. I'm sure his room is still decorated with Holly Hobby posters and his extensive Ken collection is still right in the closet.

You Want Some More Buffalo Wings?

Sanjaya Malakar is an American Idol contestant. I know this even without watching. I also know that he allegedly sucks and no one understands why he is still around. I also heard about the crying girl which was the biggest put up job since everyone thought Ryan was gay and coming out of the closet. (Tickets?) What I didn't know about Sanjaya was that his sister is a former Hooters Girl. That's how he keeps from getting voted off the show. All the Hooters girls are getting their drunk male customers to vote for Sanjaya. Passengers on Hooters Air are being forced to remain on board until they vote for Sanjaya. Well obviously there has to be some explanation. (The vote for the worst website is too obvious) Mmmm. Buffalo wings.

What Is Lindsay Lohan Smoking?

The people over at were sent this photo of Lindsay which was taken during her recent NY trip. The guy looking at her seems to be thinking:

A. I didn't know Lindsay was smart enough to know how to roll her own cigarettes. It's amazing what they teach you in rehab.
B. She already drank all of the "water" out of my bottle. There is no way she is getting all of this.
C. Damn, this is some good shit. Lindsay Lohan almost looks pretty.
D. Do you think if I bought her mom some also I could score with both of them tonight?
E. I wonder if she is going to toss it. I heard she found religion.

Thanks to yorkshirebint for forwarding the link in my direction.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's Blind Items

LA Fashion Week Leftovers

So what does it mean when you go around bragging about how much you are going to make off a video when you have been saying all along that none of it was your idea and that you had no idea it would ever be released? Does _______ know about you and the tall pierced one? (I know you know the blank, but don't want to make it too obvious which is why I put it there.)

When you are a star female movie actress during your teenage years and you do a bunch of drugs, then it is entirely possible that 20 years later no one will understand anything you are saying or mumbling. This actress made about as much sense as a Peter Gabriel video.

This young singer was so clean cut and cool even just a year ago. Now, he looks like a washed out wreck with a beer gut. One woman he was hitting on asked who he was. He said, I'm __________. She said he looked really different on television, and that he needed to take a shower.

Kate Moss Alone and Trashy In The Caribbean--Pete Is Probably Stealing Stuff From Her House Right Now

More Links

Ryan Seacrest's ex-GIRLfriend says he is straight. Shana Wall who dated Ryan for a few years says Ryan is straight. Not gay, not bi-sexual. Just straight. So, when are those tickets coming Ryan?

In case you haven't seen the Rumer Willis audition to be the next Paris Hilton, here are the photos.

I think the headline 'Tom Cruise to star in Hitler thriller' says it all.

Lindsay Lohan finds God. God runs away. Leaves job to Steve Carell. (Evan Almighty will be released on June 22, 2007. Lauren Graham co-stars as Evan's wife. Between now and June 22, 2007 you can expect about 300-400 plugs for this movie.)

Starbucking to be released at the end of April in select theatres. Did he actually make it to all the Starbucks stores?

If You Are Bored This Afternoon

This site will cure it. You can choose from hundreds of actors and actresses. The site wants you to register but you don't have to. Also, I guess some of the activities or people cost money, but I saw Tom Cruise was free so I was good. I am linking to the Tom Cruise doll, but you can mess with anyone you want.

New Red Cross Ad Campaign

The Sopranos Filming Almost Complete--Photos From Yesterday's Shoot

Links and Larry Bud Melman

Jesse Metcalfe goes to rehab. Blames Eva Longoria. Not really, but I could see how it is possible.

I am too lazy to download all of the Kim Kardashian DVD. I realize some of you are not though, and so here is the link. If you scroll all the way to the bottom there are three different parts you can download. In case you are impatient to see the video, as you scroll down the page there are a sea of screen caps from the video for that instant gratification. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra is not dating a lady. First of all she was already married to one, and I don;t know if Joan Jett really is very ladylike so that sounds like an easy out. Anyway for all you ladies at the Dinah Shore Open next week, Carmen will be alone and single. Don't be afraid if you think you are not the best looking woman or maybe you have too many piercings. Remember this is a woman who married Dennis Rodman. She will be able to see the real you.

Daniel Smith spoke with a PI before he died. You do realize that we are still going to be reading about ANS and her death 50 years from now right? There are just too many people and stories and countries involved.

Larry Bud Melman died. If you are my age and you watched Letterman when he was on NBC, then you know who I'm referring to. I honestly figured he was already dead because he always looked 100. Always good for a laugh, and always made Dave crazy.

Sometimes You Do Feel Sorry For Celebs

And yet, somehow the pap is shocked when someone gets hit with the car. Of course Lindsay could have eaten at In-N-Out instead of The Ivy.

Michale Jackson And The Daughter Who Never Sees People--Plus Scarlett J In Vogue

An Interview With Fergie--She Hates Bloggers

Did you know Fergie hates bloggers and think they don't have anything positive to say? Well, here is something positive. I'm positively NOT going to say anything nice to you or about you. I hope you can show up sober for the Australian MTV Awards. You said in your interview that you would never not wear panties and implied you wouldn't do so because you don;t take chemicals such as drugs or booze. Considering this interview took place right after you got to London after you were denied boarding for a flight because you were too drunk, that takes a lot of balls. Yes, I think it is actually possible you do have some.

See, now if you said you love bloggers and reading blogs I would have said something like for a drag queen you can really look good, and that I can understand why someone needs a drink or two before going to Europe. Everyone does it. I would have also said that I like how you stick with the band despite your success as a solo artist and shows loyalty. BUT, you get none of these things because you hate bloggers, but I bet you kiss Perez's ass the whole time you are in Australia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Should the two NY blind items from earlier today not be enough to satisfy you, here is one more for you.

These same two first name guys must be really tired today. Both male and female models spent the night with these tow. Spies said there were at least three models of each sex available for use and both partook heavily. Unknown is who did whom or if they shared. One thing is certain. If you need security to pass up people to your room, maybe you should slip them a few bucks so they stay quiet. Also, maybe you should keep the noise level down so they don't have to come into the room and see you in a state or position in which you probably do not want to be seen.

OK, one more, and I won't even make it blind.

First on my life. DR is just a nickname. It has no reference to anything or anyone. For some reason when I met her I had just watched Dickie Roberts and so stranger danger was in my head. There has been no scrogging going on with anyone.

Also, Stacy Keibler was the celebrity who was so sweet the other night. I know I know. Remember though it was our spy's impression and not mine. Maybe she learned a lesson. I don't know.

OK, now the bonus. Don't be surprised to see Hayden Panettiere and Lucas Dick out and about. Seems the two really hit it off last night at the Gibson guitars party. Hayden's mom and Andy Dick were both there and both thought they made a really cute couple. Obviously the couple agrees as they spent some time alone during and after the event. Andy Dick was even on his very best behavior and made Hayden and her mom laugh constantly. I like this couple and it has nothing to do with the fact that I like Hayden. OK, maybe a little.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which gay movie actor is going to be "caught" by this week's tabloids dating a TV actress whose show was canceled? Strangely, neither has any upcoming projects listed on their pages. Hope it works out for you, kids!

More Links--If Your Boss Is Already Going To Yell At You After Lunch, Is It OK To Drink At Lunch?

Lindsay Lohan bought two puppies. She made it very clear that she bought them while she was sober. Sober or drunk I think it is a very bad idea. Someone who can't remember to dress themselves fully should not be responsible for two dogs.

That Ryan and Simon stuff from last week about coming out may have been scripted. Wow! That's big news. Go spend $4 on a Star to read all about that.

Dallas Austin apologized. No one really cares about the apology. They just want to see the video again.

K-Fed's birthday party was canceled. No one wanted to pay to sponsor it. Hey I have an idea. Take the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese.

Nicky Hilton's butt.

Lindsay Lohan flashes her firecrotch.

You know I am all about equal time here. So, here is Marcus Schenkenberg. Lots of him.

I Don't Know Why Scarlett Wore This Dress But I Can't Believe The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This

So on a day when Britney gets out of rehab, a sex tape is for sale, Lindsay shows us her firecrotch for the second day in a row, and Nicky Hilton wants to be like her sister, what is the most popular thing on the internet? A very hazy shot of the side of Scarlett Johansson's breast. I did notice in the three seconds of the video that Scarlett does seem to be popular with the men so I am guessing they saw way more than I can. Honestly it seems safe for work. Actually it seems safe for everyone. Like I said I don't see why everyone is going crazy.


Not much I want to do with K-Fed, and searching the internet is close to the top of it. Why? Because I don't want him staring at me while I search for you know...stuff.

So if you want to spend $2M on some photos of Angelina and her son then be my guest. Five minutes after they are published everyone will just right click and save anyway and not give you credit. But, hey at least you made the news for paying $2M for the photos. Good for you. Now the celebs will be sure to give you all the best scoop, or at least exactly what they want you to print. You would think that if you pay $2M for some worthless photos that you could at least get to be snarky every once in awhile.

Tom Cruise called the Beckhams 18 times in one hour to get them to convert to Scientology.

"Hey Becks. You ready to convert?"
"How about now?"
"What you doing? We have a great gym down at the center. Ready to convert?"
"How about now?"
"Katie and I are going to have twenty kids. Are you ready to convert?"
"What time should I make that appointment?"
"Bet you wish you hadn't given me your number. Ready to get hooked up to the machines?"
"Where can I get Katie some of those fake breasts? Ready to convert?"
"Make sure you lock them in real good. Ready to convert?"
"How about now? I love soccer."
"My other kids play soccer. Can I watch you play? Convert now?"
"S-C-I-E-N-T-O-L-O-G-Y. Catchy isn't it?"
"You wanna see my plane? I'll let you fly it if you convert."
"Look how happy Katie is now that she converted."
"Suri and I have the same hair. I comb her hair for hours to get it right. Do you want me to comb yours? Ready to convert?"
"Does Posh ever smile? She will if you convert."
"Busted leg is no problem. I can heal you in ten minutes."
"I'll autograph a copy of Risky Business if you convert. It's got naked girls"

Matzoball and Adam Sandler On David Letterman

Hey Dave. I hope you feel better soon. Adam was funny though. Too bad it wasn't sweeps.

The How Can I Get The Most Publicity Award Goes To...

Marques Houston. Yes, the R&B singer's third album came out yesterday, and guess what? His new girlfriend is Kim Kardashian. Now that would give you some extra publicity right there. But then in this article he starts rambling about how everyone has a freaky Kimberly side which just makes you wonder if they have made a sex tape. Oh, and if you just want that extra dash of publicity you have your girlfriend's sex tape being released the day after your album. Wow, her name will be everywhere and you will be right there smiling. Every article about her, and there will be plenty, will mention that you, her boyfriend just had your album drop.

Now, you say, EL, you are just cynical. Did you see the outfit Marques Houston wore to get publicity? You don't think he would f**k Kim Kardashian for publicity? Please.

Britney, Britney, Britney

Hey, did you hear the news? Britney Spears has been in rehab for the past 30 days and today she got out. Dlisted talks about what her possible first post-rehab meal could be.

Several blogs are posting that Britney is going bankrupt. It would not surprise me at all to know she has a cash flow problem. The blogs are rehashing a British newspaper report from today that said Britney has blown through 2/3 of her $32M fortune. What I find so interesting about this article is that back in November, British newspapers estimated Britney's fortune at $130M. At the time that article came out, I said it was full of crap and took a guess at what Britney's real net worth was.

Hey Britney. Get better. Be A Mom. Relax. Smile.

p.s. Rogaine may help grow it back more quickly. Just saying.

So Who Do You Think It Is?

Page Six blind items today include this very juicy one. Which celebrity mom joins her daughter in snorting lines of cocaine? This website thinks it is Lindsay Lohan and her mother. I tend to read it like the mom is the celebrity and she gets her non-celebrity daughter to join in.

They ran several blind items this morning. One of them sounds like the answer to one of my blind items.

Which funnyman is having an affair? His wife doesn't mind- she's got her money and status to keep her company. My blind item is the one that everyone thinks is Mel Gibson with the woman at the diner. The NY Post today seems to be staying NY based with their blind items which makes me think it could be Jerry Seinfeld. Anyway, those are my guesses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's Blind Items

I don't even know why I bother to make this one blind. It will take everyone about five seconds to guess it. This actress who seems to travel as much as she changes boyfriends was spotted in LA yesterday. With a new city comes a new boyfriend. The only problem was the guy she set her sights on and flirted shamelessly with finally came out and told her he was gay. Her response. "Are you sure?"

The blog's favorite spy was at it again yesterday.

So when people come out of rehab, aren't they supposed to be sober? This person was so obnoxious and so rude and so obviously wasted out of his mind.... This television host was practically yelling, "notice me, oh please notice me." She needs to decide if she wants to be a host or a performer. If she needs that much attention then she needs to go on a reality show...This person's hands are not all that's large anymore. When she sees the photos she is going to go NUTS....Imaginary conversation--"What do you do for a living?" "Oh, I'm a porn star." "Me too. Well not full time of course. We should do a porno together."....This female reality star was so sweet. Don't believe all the stuff you read about her because I don't think most of it is true.

Hollywood Reality Lesson #424

Everyone always says they know it is a struggle to make it in Hollywood as an actor and they understand almost no one makes any money, blah, blah, blah. But, that very same person in the next breath will tell me how they can make it as a producer or some other executive position and just roll in the dough. There are even fewer producers who really make it. You would probably be better off trying to make it as an actor. Anyone can call themselves a producer and many people do, but very few succeed. It may also surprise you to know that making money in producing is not really all about who you know. It really is building up a resume and experience and working on hopefully profitable projects which will make you some real money.

Stranger Danger is a friend of mine and yes, that is way too long, so we will call her DR. If you get the reference to the nickname, you will get the initials. DR is no one famous and I guarantee none of you have heard of her. She is a producer and ekes out a living much like an actress would each month. She is in her early 30's and smoking hot. Later I will get back to the smoking hot and the who you know reference I made in the first paragraph. Anyway, DR is a producer and if you Google her she will come up and she even has an IMDB listing which makes her smile REALLY big. She got it for this great movie she worked on in 2005. A really great movie which she thought would lead to bigger and better movies. She doesn't have any since. Right now she produces commercials and makes a good living for anywhere but here in LA. She works really hard and is great at what she does but there are way too many people for too few jobs. She has been producing for several years and it will probably take another four or five to really get some traction and to be a player. Ten years of her life will be spent working and working and always looking for that next paycheck just in the hopes of maybe making it at that point. MAYBE. It could be that after ten years she is still doing the same thing and still kissing the same ass and still making those same phone calls everyday just to help pay for living expenses. You are afraid to take a vacation because you may miss out on some work. Sick in bed and you will miss out on work. Most people think things happen overnight. They don't.

Anyway, back to the who you know. DR is one of the few who was born and raised in LA. Why is this important? Well she knows everyone, or at least their kids. While you and I were looking for a fake i.d and hoping to tap a keg, DR and her friends were diving into their parent's stash and partying like rock stars. If you want gossip these are the people to ask. To them it is not gossip it is just growing up. We might share a story about so and so getting it on in the backseat of a car. To us that is growing up. To DR, the story might be something like you remember when so and so who is an A list actor now got it on in the backseat of the car with so and so who is a Playboy model now. Different perspective. DR has mountains of gossip about Playboy and the girlfriends, but, I am still hoping for that Midsummer's Night Dream Party invitation. So, for now that gossip is off the table. Another interesting tidbit about native gossip is they don't usually gossip to others about their own. They will gossip like crazy about people who are not natives and also gossip amongst themselves about natives, but generally close ranks about all other stuff. In addition, when they do gossip, it is generally along the lines of so and so is so old and gross. They have twenty examples of why this is the case, but they rarely expand on that initial thought because everyone in their circle also knows the 20 reasons why so and so is old and gross. It is the rest of the world who is dying to know the why.

So with all these people that DR knows you would think that she could get lots of work. Who you know works well to the point of I will listen to what you have to say or your pitch or get you an audition, but it does not actually get you work. Hollywood is a business. Just like any other neighborhood friends, the people you grew up with will take care of you, but you still need to show them that you can do the job that you are wanting to do.

So, DR just got a national commercial and so will be making some money this month. The bad news is she is going to NYC for the production so won't get to see her for a few weeks. So for those of you who think that AP and I are an item, you are so wrong. Did I mention that DR is smoking hot? As for the SUV, my parents also complain about me having one when I am close enough to walk to work. i don't want to give it up though so contribute to a fund that determines how much in fossil fuels my SUV is using and converts it into a dollar amount for me to give.

Blogs Worth Reading

Just two this week. Both of these blogs are written by women.

The first blog is written by a woman named Lola. Basically she started writing this blog to deal with some love issues with the guy she calls The Boy. Well three years later, Lola still writes and rants on everything from hating birthdays to the faults of every guy she meets to the lack of a good sex life. It is three years of intensity. Start reading anywhere, but take it in small doses because when I say intense, I mean intense.

The other blog for this week is much more light hearted and free. I think of it as High Fidelity for women. A woman lives in Toronto and talks about her life, her loves and lots and lots of music. Her life revolves around music and everything relates somehow to the music playing in her life at that time. She has blind items, conversations with herself and some snarky comments about customers and musicians.

Links-Maybe It Will Throw You Know Who Off The Trail

According to TMZ, Britney got her life back. You can ignore the part about custody of the kids because it makes no sense. I can't imagine a scenario (even $$$) where Kevin and Britney agree to joint legal and physical custody and then later on down the road, Kevin says, "I don't want it anymore."

I bet Vanessa Williams never thought she would get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame when she was on the cover of Penthouse 20 years ago. Vanessa, you have done it all and deserve that star. Just for putting up with Rick Fox I would give you a star. The link has lots of good pics.

Why is it that when someone doesn't button their shirt, the world goes crazy?

You remember the former police officer turned flight attendant who had sex on a plane with Ralph Fiennes? BTW, Sex on A Plane just sounds better than Snakes On A Plane. Anyway, turns out the flight attendant had a part-time job as a hooker also. Made $1600 a night. She has had quite the life. After his unprotected sex with the hooker, Mr. Fiennes was scheduled to lecture on why it is important to never have unprotected sex and the danger of AIDS.

Some celebrity chef in the UK walked out on his wife and six kids for another woman who also fathered one of his children.

Niki Taylor wants more publicity and US Weekly had nothing better to do.

Speaking of US Weekly, have you seen this contest they are running? You can win a date with Brody Jenner. Honestly I think it is about the sleaziest, tackiest contest in the history of contests.

This Is Barely Gossip, But It Was In The Showbiz Section

So, the Church of Scientology used $1000 tickets to a MI3 premiere and free use of a jazz band to basically worm their way into receiving privileged security reports from the Metropolitan Police of London. Didn't cost very much did it? The Church will also be given a prime role in the event of any major emergency in London. This would enable them to help coordinate the response to an emergency in London. Scientologists were some of the first people on the scene after 9/11 and 7/7. I am speculating here that it is because they spend most of their time in those reading rooms waiting for a disaster to happen. OK, if you want more you have to read the article. I think Big Brother is watching.

Nicole Richie Collapses Again

I think this is her 25th or 26th collapse in the last 2 months. Jon Murray, the series creator said that Nicole felt woozy a couple of times and so had to sit down. However, filming continued after a five or ten minute wait. Female First states that Nicole collapsed and couldn't film for the rest of the day. I guess since they are fat camp counselors, Nicole is just dieting right along with the children. She must be all of 5-10 pounds underweight so by all means she should be dieting. Also she is showing those kids that even if they lose hundreds of pounds, Nicole thinks it is still a good idea to lose even more. Of course all of this could just have been heat related, or the stress of a wedding or having Paris Hilton as your friend.

Heather Mills On Dancing With The Stars

I guess a jazillion people watched Dancing With The Stars last night. I wasn't one of them. However, I was anxious to see Heather Mills and see if she had really been practicing or just spending all her time on pig farms and filming the paps filming her. I will let you judge for yourself how much practicing she did.

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Dinner, A Show, And I Got My Car Back (for awhile)

So as you know AP took my car Tuesday night when I was too drunk to drive. I was under the impression she was going to return it on Wednesday. Well it turns out I was under the wrong impression. My car and I were not reunited until Friday night. Throughout the latter part of the week AP said she was enjoying driving it and since she didn't have an SUV was seeing if it was something she wanted to buy. She did mention that I could walk to work because it is not that far. I mentioned to her that this was LA and no one walks anywhere. The only people walking are the tourists because they are too scared to drive. I also mentioned that she could just rent an SUV if she truly wanted to know what one was like. She said only tourists rented cars in LA. Touche'.

Anyway she showed up on Friday night and somehow invited herself to go along to Largo to see Glen Phillips. I guess I had mentioned it in passing to her and either I invited her and didn't remember or she just decided she was going to go and get me drunk again and get to keep my car. All week I had visions of her getting into a wreck or hitting a pap and me being sued out of my mind. If you have never been to Largo it is something you really should do when you come to LA. It is a sit down club for the most part. They do have a bar you can stand at, but it doesn't hold that many people and you really have to get in line early for popular bands and comedians. I had not planned on sitting, but rather just hanging out at the bar or partaking of the Jagermeister that I knew Mr. Phillips would have on his rider. Getting a seat is not easy, especially when you had not planned on sitting.

The best way to get a seat is to make a dinner reservation. Actually that is about the only way to get a seat unless you know someone like the singer. I love Largo for shows, but the food is just so so. Not bad at all, but not I would go there just for the food. It feels like all the food is just appetizers which is fine if you are going to a tapas place or just some munchies at a bar, but this is supposed to be dinner. Anyway, Friday night I turned the tables a bit and got AP drunk. Really drunk. Like falling down drunk. Like she was making Toad The Wet Sprocket jokes and puns all night. But, it was a funny kind of drunk and not homicidal rage kind of drunk. When we went out Tuesday she did not drink that much because she had been drinking during the afternoon. Yea, I know tough life. So, I got her drunk and got her to spill some tales.

So this actor she worked with before is very C list, but, EVERYONE knows him for one very important relationship. She says he is neither gay nor straight. She says that he is kind of asexual rather than bi-sexual. He is just so shy and afraid of hurting someones feelings that he will go out with whatever sex asks. She also said he is definitely not a take charge kind of guy and doesn't care about anything except making the other person happy. She said his non-sexual relationships are just the same and it gets really annoying after about a day and she just has no desire to work with him again. He just refuses to answer a question or make a decision and you just want to scream when you talk to him.

There is this other guy she knows who EVERYONE would also know even though he is not a celebrity. He has been with lots and lots of women including lots of celebrities and celebutantes. LOTS. The thing is that he has a very tough time performing and just prefers watching. Watching other couples or the girl he is with or two girls. He pretends he is all manly and virile, but the only way he can be that is with Viagra and lots of watching. She says the only way he can usually finish is to do it himself. Figures.

So after the concert and a quick hello to Glen we left. Did I mention what my car had turned into? Clothes, makeup, perfume everywhere. It was like she had been living in it. It was incredibly messy with food wrappers everywhere and some mega pack of Altoids looked as if it had exploded in the car. They were everywhere. Everything had that kind of white powder dust. OK, that would explain those Lindsay Lohan photos from this weekend. She was sucking down the Altoids. That's why she had the white powder all over her face. I understand now. She had an Altoid explosion also. Well, AP lives to hell and gone from LA and so I dropped her off at someones house (not a stranger, but I can't say exactly or it would give it away). I went home and went to sleep.

When I woke up on Saturday morning to get my car and go get it cleaned, it was gone. AP snatched it. I walked to work this morning.

Weekend Photos

This photo is staged much better than last week. They all look happy. I wonder how late they were up practicing? Katie (excuse me, Kate) is kind of hot with that whole school girl kind of thing going for her. Notice how Suri's hair is brushed just like Tom's hair?

Neither one of these two looks enthused to be with the other. Perhaps it will not even last until next weekend. Didn't Kirsten Dunst say she doesn't smoke?

Josh Henderson from Desperate Housewives is more desperate than anyone knew. Well at least he didn't need to ask if she had any STD's.

I just get the feeling that Julia Roberts and Jennifer Garner are really great mothers. Denise Richards is probably a pretty good mother also. She does look like she has the juggling thing down. Cell phone, sweater falling off, real estate listing, child, some kind of drink, and cookie in child's mouth all while kissing your daughter with the braided hair.
Thanks to flynet

Didn't take DJ AM long to get over Mandy Moore huh?

JoJo in the Bahamas. She is slowly morphing into Lindsay Lohan.

Never really saw this coming when I watched That 70's Show. For more of Laura Prepon. Not more like all her clothes off more, but more photos in bikinis and such, click here.

More Links Including An FBI Report That Says Marilyn Monroe Was Tricked Into Committing Suicide

There have always been rumors and conspiracy theories about Marilyn Monroe and her death, but this one seems like a really good fit.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen are in no hurry to get married.

Terrence Howard likes his back zits popped in a way that will make you wish for more naked photos of Paris Hilton.

Kirsten Dunst found a guy to sleep with this week.

Congrats to Kevin James and his wife who are expecting their second child. How about you just use my baby shower gift from your first daughter and just count it for this daughter as well?

Links--And I Just Saw The Paris Hilton On Her Knees Photo--Real Or Not, I Threw Up A Little

OK, so you also want to puke a little bit. Here is the Paris Hilton photo for work, and the Paris Hilton photo which is NSFW. Only in the NSFW do you get a good shot of the man hands. It looks photoshopped, but who knows. No more Paris naked on this blog. Not to say there won't be more nudity on this blog, because there are some women I would like to see and of course know there are men and women you, the reader would like to see also. BUT, no more naked Paris.

When I think of diaries and journals, ANS is not the first name that pops into my head. However there are allegedly some diaries written between 1992-1995 which some guy is going to sell.

So do you remember the guy Britney was playing tennis with last week? Someone said Britney was in the bushes groping him. Honestly, I thought the guy seemed gay to me. I could be wrong. I probably am wrong, but go back to Friday, and click on the photos and video and tell me what you think.

When I first came out to LA, Dallas Austin was one of the people that introduced me to people who really helped me out and continue to help me out. He has really changed over the past several years and I think that coming out and saying Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera f**k for tracks is just wrong. Does it happen? Of course it happens. Just like a casting couch happens. Even if you write your own lyrics, this type of thing can happen, but it is more prevalent when you don't.

March 15, 2007--Uma Getting Married, Has Ethan's Blessing; March 18, 2007--Uma Breaks Up With Boyfriend

This is what just makes gossip crazy. I think someone heard something about Uma and whats his name and they assumed it was going to be a wedding. They just throw in the Ethan thing to make it more romantic and to make Ethan look like a great guy even though he was the one doing the stepping out. Anyway, A Socialite's Life does a funny job of reconciling the two events.

No Need To Get Up To Go To The Bathroom, I Have One Right Here For You

So everyone is guessing this NY Post blind item is Jack Nicholson.

WHICH multi-Oscar-winning leading man is not aging gracefully? While the ladies say he's great between the sheets, they get turned off by his bizarre nocturnal habit of using a chamber pot by his bed instead of the toilet.
I think we are actually missing someone, but I am too lazy to check to see who has won more than one Oscar. I also don't think they won all their Oscars as a leading man or it would have said Best Actor or something to that effect.


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