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Many of the readers on this blog are devotees of which is where all the blind items in the world are compiled in one nice place. The items date back to the year 2000 I believe. The reason Billie took down the site yesterday was it was getting too many hits. They recorded 38,000 hits on the 31st which is more than the site can handle. Hopefully it will be up and running soon. Although the main page is down, it appears you can type in the months in the address and see 2006 items and 2007 items. For example, here is Jan and Feb.

This plug is not actually a plug for a product or service, but a plug for someone who the reader feels was done a terrible injustice.

And I am guessing this person knew they were going to be the last plug

Visions of Tomorrow

Introducing James Johnson – Gifted Psychic…Amazing Accuracy!

Questions about your career? Love life? Or just where you need to be going in life? James can help you get on the right track to success! Special discount for Entertainment Lawyer blog readers includes one free question…

For appointment call 615-256-3698

I think that is all the plugs. If I missed someone, than please let me know and I will make sure it gets on the message board. hez wanted me to show the picture of Paris Hilton wearing one of the bikinis but I thought that would hurt business. BUT, it is their company, so here you go.

So, now it is time for jeeeze's restaurant.

One thing she does not know is that three of my friends and I stopped in there a few weeks back on our way to an Indian Casino. The food was great. As much as she reads this blog, you would also think that she would or someone in there would recognize LG, but nope. Seriously, the food is great, and when we were there, the place was packed.

Here are jeeeze's own words

Just one thing I'd like you to mention, my pet cause is blood donorship, and we do have an all day, everyday, any day special - show us a donor receipt dated within the last four weeks, and our lunch special is free :) If just a fraction of your readers show up at my place for the Blood Donor freebie, wow, what a difference that would make in a lot of lives - I'd be thrilled! Thanks!Oh, our website is

This is radiohgirl. She has a website coming soon which will be posted on the message board.

Thanks so much for the plug! I'm in Houston and run Kelly Ryan Productions from my home studio. I do all types of commercial production, VO's, narration, character voices. I have a fully equiped studio with Pro Tools as my main editing software. In addition to my voice I have several other major market talent available.

My email address for Production is

The band is called The Venus Transmission. We're from Newark Delaware, just south of Philadelphia by about 45 minutes or so. Kind of an alternative rock band in the vain of bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Doves, and My Bloody Valentine. if you want I can send mp3's if you want to link them or you can just use the link to our myspace page.

thanks for putting us on paper,,here's mine
Dasha (band)
March 6
Arlelne's Grocery
New York

When you find yourself with five minutes to spare,please do an ambitious, relatively young producer a favor and check out my short video on YouTube:

Yes, it's goofy, but it's fun, so we're planning toturn this into a web series and hope to have the nextepisode on the net in 4 or 5 weeks. If you don't hate it, please show some love, spread it around. Not that it needs the promotion, it's already the topic of feverish buzz around Hollywood. And after you've seen the vid, if you're a MySpacemember (let's be friends!), come on by and check out our new page, devoted to this web series and a host of other goofy videos (coming soon), blogs, and more. Thanks in advance for your support. And remember,with a lot of hard work, and a little luck, you too can be a self-made monkey.

Billy GrantChairman and CEO and JanitorSelf-Made Monkeys
a division of:GE/NBC/Universal/Bravo/CNBC/MSNBC/JKLMNBC/Piggly-Wiggly


Our line of hand-crocheted swimwear and cover-ups is designed by Anna Kosturova in her Vancouver, Canada studio and produced in the Philippines by a family of generations of crochet artisans whom Anna has known personally for many years.

About the collection…
Anna’s designs inhabit the fantasies of sun-soaked glamour that outlast trends and celebrate fun.

Each year her collection offers new interpretations of a variety of themes, including nautical styles; daintier, more girly styles and drop-dead goddess looks. The emphasis is always on color, shape and details, whether she is inventing elaborate new crochet stitches or embroidery, beadwork and appliqués. As a mechanical engineering graduate specializing in textiles, Anna loves pushing the boundaries of crochet and the challenge of recreating patterns and textures found in the world around her.

In addition to the crocheted swimwear that she began with, she has also expanded her range of cover-ups, with dance-inspired pieces in high voltage colors like fuchsia, teal, emerald and yellow, including the world’s first crocheted yoga pants.

Our Manufacturing Process…
The swimwear is made of 100% cotton yarn (thread), mercerized for added luster, elasticity and tensile strength, available in a huge variety of vibrant colors as well as basic neutrals. High quality cotton makes the swimwear durable and the color stable. The tops and front panel of the bottoms are always lined, which also helps to preserve each suit’s shape and stability. Anna has personally tested her designs in salt, fresh and chlorinated water, and although not intended for high-performance use, they are safe to swim in, the colors do not run and the pieces don’t lose their appeal, even after a season of regular wear.

To her design portfolio she also added two new lines:
v a collection of resort wear in diaphanous silk and silk chiffon (also hand-beaded and sequined) focused around the idea of an elegant, modern hostess in a fluid Ginger Rogers silhouette
v a collection of crocheted swimwear and cover-ups for little girls; age-appropriate versions of some of our most popular and glamorous ladies’ styles

So far, the market is responding tremendously well, and there is growing interest and feedback from high-end retailers. Anna Kosturova/Lucid Design Inc. is pleased to maintain accounts with Barneys, Fred Segal, and Harvey Nichols, as well as swimwear giants and Victoria’s Secret. The same enthusiastic response has come from chic beach boutiques in resorts all over the world, and we can now add Australia to the list of countries where our unique hand-made swimwear and cover-ups will be available.

The collection is also receiving a great amount of interest from celebrities and the press – details can be found on our website,

There are still more plugs to come including Jeeeze's restaurant and bikinis from the company where hez works.

But now, Four For Friday

This is a two-parter. It was going to be one part, but people go crazy and make it necessary to add another part. This actress is C list, but a definite hottie and is starting to get a red hot reputation and more work. Obviously not top billing, but getting those movie roles where she is the sexy lady helping out the men. In her latest role, she was the highest billed female and definitely wanted to help out the men. Well, one man in particular. She and this funny man were inseparable during filming and she made sure everyday was memorable. Even though he is married, our actress was not bothered in the least. She made it clear she was only in it for fun, and also for a role in his next film. He agreed, and she delivered.

She delivered again recently at a party for C&D listers. Our actress confessed to a male reality party goer how she found another female reality party goer extremely attractive. The male reality party goer sensing a very big opportunity plied the female reality party goer with enough booze to make all her inhibitions disappear. As a reward, the male reality party goer got to watch the two women together. An ambiguous actor at the party heard about the setup, was NOT invited and told so more than once. Our actress was proud but our female reality party goer vows never to do it again. No video, but there are some cellphone pics going around town.

Big bonus points for getting all five names--

Like father like son. Different careers in the entertainment business. One more known as an actor and the other a performer, but their mating habits are identical. The father could not spell fidelity or find someone even half his age. The son dates plenty of women who are his own age. The problem is that his wife does not know he is dating them.

This ambiguous rocker but not a rock star has found a new flame. Everyone says she is the spitting image of his ex. I guess our rocker does not agree though because he makes her wear wigs and act like his ex whenever they rock the bed. She is growing tired of it, but does not want to lose her possible meal ticket and so just smiles and does what he says.

What is Denise Richards doing?
Some people say putting on chapstick and some say something else. For Hi-Res zoom images of the pictures below, click here.

"When we were starting our software company, Stephen was a valuable resource. He provided market research, creative ideas, and strong copywriting and editing for our website."Elaine Pohl, President, Open G LLC., Kalamazoo, MI

The helpy helper gets its unique name from the creative mind of a four year old. Whenever she helps around the house, she asks "Am I a good helpy helper?"An idea was born...and so was the helpy helper. Owner and mom, Tisha, has spent over 12 years working in office administration and marketing for various industries. Holding a degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Tisha has a vast amount of administrative knowledge, promotions prowess, and a whole lot of creativity. Tisha has spent countless hours creating promotional materials, designing party invitations, writing press releases, and plenty of other things for friends, family, and for her community volunteer work. She decided to put her entrepreneurial spirit into motion.

A reader's own words

I am one of the creators and directors of Teb's Troops, Inc., a nonprofit organization created to help in the fight against melanoma. My girlfriends and I (we're all lawyers--we met in law school) created the corporation when one of our other girlfriends (Teb) was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 29. She, sadly, died last July, but we are continuing to raise awareness about and funds for the war against melanoma. Website:

I love this comic strip which is basically a Pink Floyd cartoon and it is called "Syd and Roger."

Latest trends in celebrity style bags, jewelry & other accessories. We carry fabulous, affordable merchandise, inspired by brand names, for every girl's budget; from $7.99 to $700.00
This season, I am creating jewelry that encompasses motifs and ideas from different eras in costume history, but with a modern twist so the piece is wearable now and for many years to come. My artistic influences are vast and I am always experimenting, but my aim is always to create jewelry that makes you feel as if you are wearing something very special and one-of-a-kind - just like you.

Kindness Plug

Hi EL,
I love reading your Jackass V. Kindness posts -- mostly for the kindness portions. I'd like to share a kindness with you.

Eddie Garretson is an average Joe who doesn't have a kid with disabilities, but just a guy who decided 10 years ago that kids and young adults with disabilities deserve the opportunity to have social lives. Eddie's Club ( is a recreational club for kids and young adults with disabilities, using "normal" teens as buddies, and adult volunteers to help supervise various activities.

My son Zach loves going to Eddie's Club -- it's the highlight of his week. It's the only place, outside of his own home, that he is treated like the "cool" guy he is. Usually, Eddie's Club is held at a local Jr. high, but other times, this guy manages to get the kids and families tickets to college basketball games, Disney on Ice, bowling, movies, and teen dinners at a local pizza parlor.

In the late Spring and Summer, Eddie's Club adjourns and is replaced by Springfield Challenger Baseball also started by Eddie and some of his friends from Springfield, VA. Each Mother's Day weekend, Eddie provides a 2 day vacation at the beach for each kid and their family, along with participation in a Challenger baseball tournament. It's the only vacation some of us get all year long.

Eddie runs both all-volunteer programs on unbelievably small budgets, funded mostly through donations. I believe that he probably kicks in some of his own money -- which he doesn't have a lot of -- to keep things going. I honest to God don't know how he does it all.

So, if you have any clients who are from the Washington, DC area or the Northern Virginia area, and if any of them want to do a kindness and have a heart for people with disabilities, I ask that you please point them towards Eddie's Club.

Thanks EL,
Leah King
Mom to Zach,13 yo with a chromosome 6p24 to 6pter deletion

I do not know what to think of these links. They seem more like ads, but I will let you decide.

Some other links I am going to add




The above link is down which is really sad. It is the best clearinghouse for all things blind. The three links above along with celebritysmack and spankcheeks send the most people to the blog so I am really thankful and have told all of the owners of those blogs how thankful I am.

Some other links I am going to add




The above link is down which is really sad. It is the best clearinghouse for all things blind. The three links above along with celebritysmack and spankcheeks send the most people to the blog so I am really thankful and have told all of the owners of those blogs how thankful I am.

Link Requests

I get lots of link requests and as you can see, I usually only link to either links I like or those that link to me a bunch. I have some that I am going to add to the list today, but I wanted you to click on the following links and let me know if they should be added to the blogroll.






I am going to add these for sure



All of the plugs that I post today will be up on the message board sometime in the next few days I hope. As there become more of them, perhaps we will even organize them into categories and such, but for right now, I encourage everyone to click on the links when provided and to comment all you want, but since it is not me you are bashing, try to keep it to a minimum. When someone wrote me a few words about their plug, I have tried to use their words instead of mine.

This was the VERY first plug request I received on November 23 and therefore he gets a post all to himself. That was Thanksgiving so this guy must really love to work. There was nothing in the e-mail except the request and that he remixes artists. I clicked his link and here are his words.

About Silent Money Produktionz
We are for a lyric writer/vocal producer to join our team and round out our unit, if you want to hear more of our music, click on the banner directly below to go to our soundclick site with a lot more music. We have placed tracks with various artists from all over from LA to ATL and we have placed two tracks on the soundtrack of the independent film "Proud Mary" out of ATL. We are currently working with a group signed to Sony Records

There is some great music on his site and it is definitely worth a listen.

Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry? That just doesn't seem right to me. I do know that at least one part of the story is true. He is definitely not dating Lizzy Caplan anymore. Not that I would really call it dating anyway.
What exactly is Denise Richards doing on the beach?

This Norwegian website has zeroed in on a little black tube of something which she then applies to her face, and then zeroes in on her nose where something is clearly visible. I am NOT making any assumptions or inferences, I just think they are interesting photos. The website has the photos really blown up and zoomed in close if you are curious.

"Hi, my name is Denise Richards and I am very good at pretending. I don't know where I learned the skill of pretending to be happily in love with a fat, balding, lobster of a man, but I sure am good at it. I wonder how much a guy in Bon Jovi is worth?"

Thanks to Flynet for the pics.

Tis the Season to be Spoiled and Cranky

Well actually it is Groundhog Day which is my second favorite holiday. It is the time of year when every person should be thinking of what they would do with Bill Murray's powers and whether or not they would ever want it to end. And of course there is the little rat that comes out of his hole for ten seconds to see if there is going to be another six weeks of winter.

Speaking of little rats, the NY Post has basically just let a group of celebrities have it in this article. I need to go back and check and see if they revealed a blind item or not. I did see that a UK newspaper revealed one of my blind items the other day but no one has put it in the guesses, so it still sits there.

Dina Lohan speaks

Since Dina Lohan's daughter is dropping out of movies, and therefore Dina's income will probably be reduced, she may in fact be looking for easy money and therefore litigation happy. I would therefore like to point out that the following is entirely satirical in nature and could NEVER possibly occur in the Lohan house.

"Hi, I am Dina Lohan. I could very well be an enabler, and my husband is probably happier in prison than he was being married to me. I need some more publicity for myself even though I really have nothing to publicize. What I guess I can do is to continue to use my daughter Lindsay as an attraction and sell tickets to whatever entertainment outlet wants to see her. I know the paps are going to be all over Lindsay when she gets out of rehab. They will just be following her and following her and never leaving her alone. Oh, wait I need to go now, I have US Weekly here to give me some money so they can visit Lindsay for a few minutes and then ET is going to give me some money if Lindsay will stand up and do a little dance. Oh, she is such a brave girl. I just wish the paps would leave her alone."

Viva La Grope

I actually thought this case had disappeared. It is good to see that the fat slob Don Vito Margera will not get away with allegedly groping teenage girls. What is really sad is that somehow this fat slob has groupies and people who do want to have sex with him willingly. The guy is such an idiot that he let the other girls take pictures of him allegedly groping the other ones. Of course his defense team is the same one that defended Kobe Bryant so if the money comes out, then the charges may go out the door also.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

In case you are bored this afternoon---

Joe "convict" Francis compares which woman is better in bed. Your choices are Stank, aka Paris Hilton and the sexy Tara Reid. Enjoy

These two have a Texas connection which should help you out.

This A list actress wants to be married only once which is why she is working so hard at saving a marriage that is becoming one problem after another. Always hesitant to marry, and famous for just having boyfriends, this actress finally took the plunge. The plunge though was not what she was expecting. Always publicity shy, her husband's past actions are forcing her into the public eye much more than she would like. It seems as if her husband did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they were dating and his past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress. She wants it to all go away, but new problems surface everyday. As things grow more tense, they are spending less time together, and the feeling is that is not if they will split up, but when.

This former A list television actress of the 80's has found her way into a new television show and also found her way into several of her younger co-star's trailers. This still gorgeous actress has made it clear that she prefers men much younger than herself. In one instance she had been rebuffed by one of her younger male co-stars as she tried to make some heavy handed advances. So, she took matters into her own hands and was waiting for him in his trailer wearing nothing but a smile. Her co-star did not refuse her advances this time and even was bragging about our actress and her lovemaking skills. Well, after the bragging, our actress found another young male co-star to share her affections with also. Now, our actress is the one who is bragging and enjoying having two men who both think she is still A list.

Lunch With Ann and Molly

Last night when the phone rang and I saw that it was my mother calling, I knew what she wanted before I even picked it up. I had seen the news and knew what was on her mind. Immediately after I said hello, she told me to tell her the time I went to lunch with Ann and Molly.

Some people can go through their whole lives and not meet anyone famous or see something significant. For some reason my life sometimes seems like Forrest Gump. Yes, I work in an industry where I see celebrities and such, but those are not the people or the moments to which I am referring. I grew up middle class so important moments and people were not a part of the scenery of my life, but for some strange reason they just occur. The only time I actually tried to pay for the privilege of meeting someone was when I met Muhammad Ali at a Parkinson’s disease dinner. I paid a ridiculous sum of money to get my photo taken with him and then the photo did not develop properly. I met him, but there is no record of it and I think someone was trying to tell me something. I think a great deal of my run ins with people are as a result of all the traveling I do and have done. The long blind item I am working on is a result of some of those trips.

This however is a story that is not blind and would never want it to be blind. It happened a couple of years after law school. I was flying from LA to Austin and as I approached my gate there was a woman in a lovely pink Chanel suit with hair in a beehive 2 feet high. It was Ann Richards, the former Governor of Texas and one of my heroes. At the time we met, she was actually still the Governor, but was traveling alone.

It turns out we were not only on the same flight, but also sitting next to each other for the entire flight. As soon as I sat down, she said "tell me about yourself darling." She put me at ease and talked to me about this and that for the four hour flight. She was charming and funny and laughed really loud. At some point during the flight, she told me that if I wanted I could take her to lunch when we landed and she would even bring a friend. Not even thinking of saying no, I agreed. When we landed in Austin, the people in the airport treated her like the Queen and yet she just would keep talking to me and at the same time carry on conversations with everyone who came up to have a few words with her. It was amazing how many people she knew by name and how pleased they all were that she remembered them.

We went to this great Mexican restaurant and her friend was already waiting. Her friend was Molly Ivins. At that time Molly was really starting to make a name for herself nationally. It was about two years after her book Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She? which was a national bestseller. I loved that book and had been reading her columns in Texas newspapers and magazines throughout my time in Texas. I was enthralled. It would have been wonderful to meet either of these women separately, but to meet both of them the same day and to be with them during a lunch was something I will always treasure. Over the next two hours I heard cussing, laughing, screaming, and some of the best stories about people and situations I have ever heard. Each was a natural storyteller and they knew everyone and where every skeleton was hid. I did not know half the people they were referring to, but it did not matter. As other customers would make their way to the table, the story they were in the process of sharing would inevitably end up including either the customer or someone the customer had mentioned. It was amazing. To make things even better, they were incredibly warm and caring people to me, a person they had just met. They asked me about my Texas experiences and life and I shared with them some stories and how I grew up and how my mom had a similar life. Molly actually knew of my mother, but did not know her. She had very flattering things to say about my mother, and I confessed that Molly Ivins was at the very top of my mother’s list of great people as well.

At the end of lunch, Molly asked for my mother’s address and phone number as well as mine. I did not think much of it at the time. For the remainder of her life, when Molly published a new book or at Christmas time or if she had run into me somewhere, she would handwrite my mother a letter just to keep in touch and to ask a question or two for which she was looking for an answer to some problem that my mother could solve.

I was always amazed that she could find the time no matter her schedule, or her illness to keep in touch with those that were close to her and those like my mother she knew primarily through correspondence. I saw Molly on the average of once a year at some function or other. She would always find time for me, and she expected me to have time for her as well. Believe me, that was not a chore. When I would see her on television or read something funny she wrote, I would always try and write it down so I could bring out my list when I saw her and let her know I was thinking of her. The last time I saw Molly was in late 2005 after her breast cancer came back. She was not worried and she said she had plenty left to say and was not going anywhere until she had said it all. In early 2006 it looked as if she had beat the cancer and I sent her an e-mail saying she had been right again.

This past Christmas she sent my mother a letter and did not mention that her cancer was back again. It was not until a few weeks later that we heard that news. When we learned she was fighting cancer again, we both sent her e-mails, but there was no reply. I know she had a chance to read them and I hope they made her smile.

My mother met Molly a few times, but the only time they were going to meet for lunch, something came up as is often the case. They thought they would have the chance again soon, but never did. My mom never got that lunch with Molly so last night I was happy to tell her about the time I did.

Allegedly it was a man that attempted to break into Steve Coogan's home in the UK yesterday. I just want to know where Courtney Love was.

Meet the Little Focker is ready to start production. This of course will be followed by I Divorced the Focker and this will be followed by I Am Not a Focker Anymore, but He is Still a Focker.

Beyonce to miss the Academy Awards? No, there has not been an announcement, but Jennifer Hudson is going to perform there, so maybe a minor procedure for Beyonce or rehearsing for her new tour will be the favored excuse.

Carry on Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn is leaving Parsons The New School for Design to join Liz Claiborne. Project Runway is slipping away people.

So why do you think Mike Tyson picked the same place to go to rehab as Lindsay Lohan? I myself am breathless with anticipation for the new love reports that will start to surface. "She did not expect to feel what she does for him." "They are in love, as you can see it in her eyes." "The first time he hit her, she knew she found her man." "They are always sneaking off together." Of course, if no other tabloid picks up on the story, we can do it for them. The picture below can be Mike and Lindsay instead of Mike and the unknown blond. Of course, after Lindsay and Mike get together, we can run this photo and say "Mike was seen on the beach with another woman." "They appeared close." "This could be the end for Mike and Lindsay."

Posh Spice has banned ultra-thin, size zero models from promoting her new fashion line. This straight from the mouth of the woman who has the waistline of a seven year old boy. However, she does expect them all to have huge fake breasts with extra large nipples and to never wear a bra.

I am sure that everyone by now has read about what Lane Garrison had in his system during the fatal crash he was involved in last December. If for some reason, you have not read about, you may do so here.

The reason I am writing about it is to show you how the gossip world works in conjunction with lawyers. I think we can all admit gets videos that no one else does and definitely have sources. That being said, look at the article they ran last night.

TMZ spoke exclusively with several witnesses who claim they watched Lane
Garrison snort lines of cocaine just before the fatal crash.According to our
sources, Garrison looked "very high" and his "eyes were glazed" at the the
party, which was attended mostly by teenagers.According to our sources, Garrison obtained the coke from another attendee in an upstairs bedroom of the Beverly Hills home where seven or eight people were partying

They report that Garrison also had six or seven shots of Grey Goose vodka at the same time. A short time later, Garrison was the driver in a fatal crash that killed Vahagn Setian and injured two other teens. Garrison could face charges of gross
vehicular manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years in

I put the italics in the above section, NOT TMZ. I did so to illustrate a point. Did TMZ know about this cocaine use and the purchase of the cocaine prior to yesterday's announcement that cocaine was found in Lane Garrison's system? All media outlets reported the Grey Goose shots, so how come not the cocaine. I am not saying TMZ did this, but sometimes stories can be created after the fact to fit what is discovered. It is a great story and a huge scoop, and if they had multiple witnesses, I am surprised it did not run. Lane Garrison is not going to sue them because he would look foolish arguing that he purchased and used the cocaine somewhere else. However, it is not irrelevant in his criminal trial. If he bought and used the cocaine many hours before the accident or even the day before, that might have an effect. In addition, the homeowner may not like to be shown as allowing drug sales in their house. However, they did allow underage drinking so they are not likely to be running to the courts anytime soon either. Just something to think about when you read after the fact dramatic accounts.

So, who here wants to take a trip down to Shreveport, Louisiana? Not for the horse racing which is really nice. I have spent some time and lots of money at the track there. Not for the gambling or fishing or food. No, there is just one reason to go right now. Harold & Kumar 2 is filming there right now. I actually have been waiting patiently for this day to arrive and now it has. I need to take deep breaths. OK, I need to make some calls so I can go watch production.

I do not think we are getting the whole truth about the Courtney Love/American Idol fiasco. Too many things do not add up. However, doesn't Courtney Love actually look good in this photo?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If you are bored this afternoon and want to watch Nicole Richie allegedly snorting and licking some coke in a video, then please do enjoy. Remember to share the coke, or Paris will get pissed. After all she did have to get it up the butt to get the coke.

I have been trying to finish a long blind item and hopefully will get a chance in the next day or so. It won't be as long as some of the others I have written, but will give you an insight to some celebrity lives that will definitely jade you if you are not yet jaded about Hollywood.

So this is barely a blind item, but we will count it as such. Last night at a movie premiere, it was discovered that a recent romance with a very unlikely couple should actually be categorized as a "romance." Seems our actress was looking for some publicity for her new film while her new "boyfriend" agreed to help because he had started to fade from the limelight as well. Our actress made one other recent attempt to garner some headlines, but no one was buying what she was offering. Whatever kisses you saw on camera were the only kisses these two shared. Although good friends, they are only good friends and more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.

This award winning A-list actor has been in and out of numerous relationships this past year. His current girlfriend thinks she is the one because of what he has been saying to her in private and in public. What she doesn't know is that when he has been doing interviews for his latest film and has been alone, he has been passing out a phone number to ladies that catch his eye. When they call the number they get one of his assistants. The assistant then schedules a time for the actor and woman to get together for an extended "interview." These extended interviews are one of the reasons the actor's recent marriage did not work out.

This B list actress has always had a career with lots of starts and stops. At one point everyone she was the next big thing. At some point though, her moods and her sexuality caused her to lose a few parts that she would have otherwise been given. Now, with her career back on track and concerns about which team she plays for mostly irrelevant, there is a new problem she is being forced to face. Face literally. She was given some bad botox injections and has had some intermittent problems moving her facial muscles. Right now doctors are taking a wait and see attitude to her most recent outbreak, but our actress is really afraid she will start to sputter again and never get back.

Kim Kardashian In Playboy

Kim Kardashian. Playboy. Merry Christmas.

Celebrity Fit Club is one of the few shows on television that I make a point to watch. I do this because I get a sick thrill of seeing all the F and G listers that I once represented and how their careers are in the toilet, thanks to my great representation. I also enjoy watching people that are fatter than me and how some think they are divas. Not counting Ant of course, because Ant is a diva.

Well it turns out this season of CFC is full of fights, dildos, Screech and Marcia Brady, not to mention Tiffany who once let me...(well twice, but it was not good for her either time. I really think I could have gone for three, but she was getting really annoyed that I kept humming her songs and asking her if she thought we were alone now.) and also Ant getting into a fight with Dr. Ian. It makes me wish for the calmer episodes with a Baldwin or the Snapple Lady. I guess Screech is running around with a video camera begging Marcia to sleep with him or da Brat or Tiffany or if all else fails, even Ant or Ross the Intern. Basically Screech is up for anything with anyone as long as his career continues for another six months. Kimberly Locke is going to be on there. I guess she must have started packing on the pounds after Clay Aiken moved out. Those breakups are tough. As usual there are some people on there that I really could care less about at first, but I will no doubt get sucked into their lives and whatever. Naaaah. It sounds good, but I am sure they will be boring.

I do also like to kiss VH1's ass because if you do it well enough they link you to The Best Week Ever and then some H lister will talk about you on television. Not that kind of H lister, although at least they would be famous for something.

Britney Spears has not offered $25 Million to K-Fed
Jeannette Walls is the gossip columnist over at MSNBC. She is wrong way more often than she is right, but you do have to give her credit for at least coming out with something fresh and not just regurgitating what everyone else has. Her latest effort at being fresh is a column in which she claims that K-Fed turned down $25M from Britney Spears. First of all I do not think that much has been offered yet. Of course if you are saying that it is $25M which includes a house and some shoes and all his sweatsuits it could be close. From what I understand, if $25M or its equivalent in shoes and sweats was on the table, K-Fed would take it in a second.

So a word of advice. NEVER believe an IT guy when they say the network is only going to be down ten or fifteen minutes. One hour later and to get on a network, I am hacking into Perez over at his office.

Pete Doherty video of him injecting drugs while talking to Kate Moss and lying through his teeth. You really need to see this video.

Did you know that all five of the women nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards have all appeared naked in film? Well, they have, and the people at the UK newspaper which I do not name, have managed to scour up photos of them all. Yes, even Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. Not the present day Helen Mirren or Judi Dench. So do not be afraid to click, although all are NSFW.

So, American Idol is thinking of replacing Paula Abdul with Courtney Love. Well they both have a way of being foolish on camera. I think they have slept with some of the same people. So you are replacing drugs with alcohol or vice versa? Replacing Crazy loopy crazy versus Crazy, I could get a gun crazy? Replacing kissing Simon's cheek versus spanking them? Replacing standing ovations with flashing the crowd?

More to come in about 30 minutes

So one more day to get all your plugs in to me. I really want to try and make them into at least something reasonably coherent. So far people want me to mention everything from garage sales to dog shows to plays to charities to bands to CD's to comics to a wedding. Well, whatever makes people happy. So, please try and get them in by tomorrow afternoon.

Ummmm. Harry Potter is not wearing his robes. Actually he is not wearing much of anything. I knew he was going to get naked for a play, but I thought he would look like I did when I was 17. A permanent hangover and beer gut. After looking at his pics, I don;t know if I should go to the gym or just talk trash about him.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. No, not because Paris Hilton is on my mind. This time I threw up a little because Jean-Claude Van Damme is going around telling everyone how he bonked Kylie Minogue. Yes, I am sure she is ashamed and never whispers his name, but it happened. Of course it happened 12 years ago, but I am sure the memories are awful. Women did think he was sexy right?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This B list television actress is a new relationship with a guy only she could love. The problem is that the the guy really thinks he is God's gift to women. She wants this relationship to work out so much that she is looking past his blatant flirting with other women, while she is standing there. She thinks it is love and he is just using her as a free ticket for award show season. He has no interest in her outside of being that extra ticket, and has acted accordingly. Whether her back is turned or not, he is always looking for the next one. Her friends are appalled, but know it has been awhile since anyone cared and are just hoping things turn out for the best.

Speaking of cads, this young B list television actor has been having his way with his much younger co-star. She is so enamored of him, his fame, and the attention that she thinks nothing of his requests to bring in other women to their relationship. She will do anything to make him happy and hang onto to what she thinks is love. Our actor enjoys watching and filming her with whomever he can find. When he has trouble finding someone, he sends her out to bars and clubs to find someone to bring home. Our actor has enough films of his young co-star in bed with other women and men to put Paris Hilton to shame.

Last story about Sienna Miller. I promise. Seems that the only thing she kept from all the swag bags she has received lately are some panties because she forgot hers somewhere. Yes, I could see how that would be a big problem for her.

I bet you thought I was not going to talk about Pete Doherty and Kate Moss today. Well, why should I? I am really tired of both of them. Honestly, I do not even remember if I have a blind item about him out there or not. I need to go back and look. Is rehab together a good idea? Well, I do not think anything with these two together is a good idea. But, read the article, look at the photos and be glad you are not them.
Pete has been to rehab so many times he even has everything all packed including his guitar. "Clothes? check..Smokes? check...Drug dealer's phone number? check...Guitar for picking up the ladies? check....Guitar hiding places filled? check..."

Clicking this link will let you in on 30 photos of them going to rehab. I guess it was not a secret they were going.

Sometimes I make a smart-ass comment to myself and I think I should put that on the blog. Sometimes I actually think I have put it on the blog and realize when I sober up, that I really did not. Such is the case with Mr. Sean Combs. (for those of you over at Fox News who think The Police at the Grammy Awards is a surprise, you probably refer to Mr. Combs as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy) Anyway, after striking out with Jessica Biel at the Golden Globes. Yes, I say striking out because Jamie Foxx was there and was not letting go. Anyway, Mr. Combs decided that the second string should be called in. Not, the third string Danity Kane chick, or the fourth string, the mother of his children, but the second string.
So Sienna Miller was called in and I guess took care of whatever it is needed taking care of as she is wont (is that a word?) to do. No sign of any of her conquests. No sign of a video camera in her possession, but as much as she likes talking about filming sex, she and Joe"I am a convict" Francis and Paris or is it Amber Hilton need to get together. There is a video of Sean Combs at her place though and he has a deer in headlights look for sure.

"Hi, I am Billy Bob Thornton. I am just like EVERY other guy in the world. I want to sit at home and watch sports and cartoons. It does not matter if you are married to Angelina Jolie, or a troll, we all just want to sit around and do nothing. Sure Angelina was hot, but sometimes, aww hell, most of the time sports and cartoons were going to win out for me. Have you ever tried to watch a baseball game in the middle of Africa? I have and it cannot be done."
I also totally believe Billy Bob when he said he had not cheated on Angelina. I would be so scared to. I can just see her staring at me while I am sleeping and just know she is going to do something Misery like.

Everyone always thinks I like Team Aniston more. Honestly, I think Angelina is about ten times hotter. There is a pic of Angelina at Davos, Switzerland from two years ago, and I was like wow. Incredible photo. Intelligent, gorgeous, but she just scares the shit out of me and Brad is scared too. Billy Bob was not whipped by Angelina, just scared to cross her.

In regards to the blind items and the message board, the blind items will stay on the blog exclusively for the first three days. After three days, most people have stopped guessing unless there are hints or some other clues. I also paid for some kind of gold membership which will eliminate the ads. There is nothing I can do about the one ad you are forced to click around when you sign up though.

Because Ms. Taylor seems to be litigation happy, let me be clear that this is satirical(yes, Ms. Taylor it is 4 syllables. Have someone work it out with you)

"Hi, I am Niki Taylor and I used to be famous. More of a Nicole Richie kind of famous rather than an actress kind of famous. Anyway, E came to my house and did a little one hour show on me. I thought it was going to show how I am so successful and have the greatest new husband and talk about all my current projects which no one really cares about anyway. Well, they made me look like I have had a tragic life. I am okay with that, but since they rejected my proposal about a reality show featuring me, me, me, I decided to sue them for slander. They still will not give me a reality show, but I got to be in the news for another day."


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