Friday, November 05, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 - This former almost A list female television actress and now a struggling C+ movie actress has been trying to get some good roles again. Her plan? She has been sleeping with different agents, producers and directors on an almost nightly basis.

#2 & 3- This B+ television actor from a hit cable show almost got fired despite the fact he is the biggest star on the show. The reason? He grabbed the breast of the wife of the creator of the show. Twice. He claimed both times he was drunk and slipped. #2- Actor. #3 - Show

#4 - This breakout star of the hottest reality show on right now, refuses to talk to castmates unless he is getting paid or filming. He has also hired a staff and has started doing blow more frequently.

Random Photos Part Four

Jared Fogle gets the top spot. The guy has made an entire career out of his eating some Subway in college. Incredible. Brilliant!
Alec Baldwin thinks about bidding on some art at an auction.
Is Ashton Kutcher going bald?
Bear Grylls gives a pink underwear wearing Prince Harry a hand.
Hmm, this cake has definitely been eaten prior to serving. Trust me, I'm an expert. Brittny Gastineau just can't see it because she is on the other side.
I thought the shirts went outside the skirt. Not all the way through. Apparently Blake Lively begs to differ.
Awesome randomness. Betty White and Jane Lynch.
Crispin Glover and Stevie Ryan.
Dakota Fanning in her first real evening gown kind of look.
While Carey Mulligan keeps it kind of casual.
Eva Amurri at a cocktail party.

Random Photos Part Three

Like anyone is going to notice the bag if you are wearing this.
WTF happened to Hilary Duff's hair?

Vin Diesel adjusts himself after getting excited to sand statues.
Jeff Bridges shares some love with Kevin Spacey and
then his brother Beau.
Josh Gad cracks up Anne Hathaway but has
no such luck with Jake G.
Someone invited Justin Guarini to walk a red carpet.
Keshawn Johnson and Jason Sehorn making a buck for Captain Morgan.
That is one big tarp.
A first time appearance for Katheryn Winnick.

Random Photos Part Two

Lemmy from Motorhead trying to keep up that rock star image.
Lady GaGa's mom.
Larry King gets a start on life after CNN.
Not sure if that is a tie or part of the dress which Malin Akerman is wearing. Here she is with Max Azria.
Miley Cyrus learns the Macarena.
Matthew Morrison looking good in a suit.
Michelle Trachtenberg's shoes are so bright they almost look cartoonish.
Speaking of cartoons. The Daily Mail has now started to keep a tally of Paris' dogs. They state she is now responsible for 18 dogs including one she added this week.
Richard Dreyfuss gets a bus named after him. The people look thrilled don't they?
Another long term success story. Carey Lowell and Richard Gere.
Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers have a book.
Ryan and Trista Sutter in New York.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Sandra Bullock in a cold and rainy New York.
A 21 year old Sean Connery in the nude. It was discovered recently.
Spike Jonze gets blown by Jeff Tremaine.
Sarah Jessica Parker at a Gloria Vanderbilt celebration.
Ditto for Kathy Griffin.
Shiloh goes zip lining.
Love it!
The Hoff meets some interesting people in his life.
It's not so much that Taylor Momsen has given up wearing clothes, it is the fact that her parents just don't seem to care.
Only Tracy Morgan could pull this off.
Taylor Swift shows off her I am better than you pose.
The Hot In Cleveland cast.

Your Turn

If you could bring one person back to life, who would it be, and what would you say?

Elderly White Man Becomes 20 Year Old Asian On Flight

Well, this is certainly a fine example of great airport security. An Asian man in his 20's boarded a flight in Hong Kong as an elderly white man. During the flight, he went to the bathroom and emerged as a 20 something Asian guy.

When leaving Hong Kong, the man apparently had a very sophisticated latex and silicone disguise that made him look elderly. At some point during the flight to Vancouver he changed. Oh, he also managed to get on the Air Canada flight without a ticket. He somehow managed to obtain the boarding pass of another man on the flight and that man used different identification to get on the plane. At some point, someone caught on and the Asian was escorted off the plane by Canadian border officials who said the Asian then requested refugee status.

Perhaps a Hollywood star whacker? Watch out Randy Quaid.

Jennifer Lopez Tells Idol Contestants To Not Sing Her Songs

When Paula Abdul was a judge on American Idol, lots of contestants sand her songs. Sure, it was probably an attempt to ingratiate themselves with her and to get a yes vote, but Paula never said to anyone to not sing her songs. Jennifer Lopez on the other hand does not want Idol contestants to sing her songs. "It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no." I think it has less to do with people singing her songs, and more to do with the fact that there will probably be lots of singers who sing them way better than she ever has. Who cares if people sing her songs. Steven Tyler has not come out and said for contestants to not sing Aerosmith songs. Of course has done so many drugs he might not actually remember they are his songs.

Ted C Blind Item

It's a good thing Super-Duper Cooper, whose bedroom habits stink to high heaven, is pretty hot. Otherwise, what you're about to read would be virtually impossible to fathom. I mean, kinky sex is one thing, but totally debauched, gross-out nooky with an ever grosser-looking partner would be just beyond hideous, right?

Still, babes, hold off on eating your lunch ‘cause what you're fixing to read, about what Super's been up to, will probably make you want toss your cookies:

Coop, who still manages to bed all the good-looking gals he can find (despite claiming the opposite), recently stayed at his fave deluxe Vegas hotel. The place was used to catering to Cooper's starry ways: Women constantly in and out of his room, the suite always left a mess, etc. Nobody ever said anything, discretion is this celeb hang's policy!

But that was before.

After Super-Duper's most recent stay, he left behind a gift. It was a bag, actually. The housekeeper found it. She opened it up, thinking she'd get a delightful, vicarious big-celebrity thrill, getting a look at the fancy stuff before, of course, returning it to management so Super could retrieve his forgotten goodies.

Well, guess what she found? A bunch of s--t. Literally. Now, technically, they were crap-covered bed linens (which, clearly, Coop was planning on throwing out, but forgot). But listen up, the predominant ingredient in that damn bag was overwhelmingly made of human feces. With a nice chaser of dried seminal fluid, just to top things off nicely.

Now, Super, you bizarro perv, we already knew you were into sex-with-poop, but the thing we don't get—like at all—is where the hell do you find these chicks who participate in the stinky stuff, too? Are they really into it, or do they just play along (and hold their noses)?

Or are we just boring old vanilla-sex types, and is fornication with turds the new black? Are we that behind with the latest trends? Do tell, Super! Tweet us an answer, pronto, por favor!

At any rate, the Vegas joint's concierges are at a loss as to what they're going to say to Super next time he books a room. May we suggest: "So very sorry we can't accommodate you, Mr. Cooper, but unfortunately, we're as full as your bowels."

And It Ain't: Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Colin Farrell

Chilean Miner Does Elvis

Edison Pena is one of the Chilean miners who was trapped underground for 69 days. During that time underground he spent a lot of time running which is one of the reasons he is running The New York City Marathon. While in New York he also stopped by Letterman and did a little Elvis impersonation. If you are having a bad day, this clip will completely turn your day around.

Meh. Miley Cyrus Boozing It Up In Spain

Miley Cyrus was spotted drinking what looks to be like an ice cold beer while in Madrid last night. The drinking age in Spain is 18 and Miley is 17, but who really cares. I would have done the same thing and the police in Madrid said it happens all the time and they don't really care either. Miley will probably get crap for it, but if any of us were teenagers in Spain and were offered a beer at a club I am pretty sure we would accept whether we were underage or not and she is not underage by much.


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