Friday, October 29, 2010

Five For Friday

#1 - This foreign born, male, B list hip hop singer used to supplement his income by dancing at bachelor parties. Yes, bachelor, not bachelorette parties. Must have been interesting.

#2 - This female C list actress, and best friend of coke mom, finally found some work, but it was not easy. Although she does not use on set or go to work on coke, she had such a bad coke reputation around town that no one was willing to take a chance on hiring her.

#3 - This C list television actress, who has been in this space before for her bad behavior, is on a hit ensemble network show. Not a singing show. Anyway, she was on set last week and lost two of her teeth. That meth use must be getting out of hand.

#4 - Idiot idea of the day. This former reality star who just had the show she was on canceled, thinks it would be a great idea if she had a reality show that began with her making a sex tape, hopefully getting pregnant from that sex and then having the cameras following her during her pregnancy.

#5 - What former female Survivor contestant from way back is now turning tricks to make a living?

Random Photos Part Four

Lisa Blount - RIP

James MacArthur - RIP
Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods.
Brittany Loren and Jamie Foxx.
Bruce Springsteen meeting fans in London.
All of these people are waiting to see...
Cindy Crawford.
Charlie Sheen on the prowl for a hooker. I wonder where he gets his coke. That dude must be rich.
David Blaine chewing glass.
David Blaine sticking a needle completely through his hand.
Dannii Minogue signing her new book.
Umm, go get up out of your chair and pose with anyone. See, if you can pose like Demi. Is it natural? Nope. We get it, you want us to think you are in love. This kind of thing fools no one!!!!

Random Photos Part Three

Ethan Hawke and his new girlfriend, telescope. They don't get out much because she is fixed in place on the Empire State Building. Plus, the other telescopes make fun of her because she has no mouth.
Eva Mendes and Keira Knightley in a hug. Well, I know what I will be doing tonight.
Heidi Klum is the best celebrity mom when it comes to Halloween. Maybe mom anywhere. You can tell it is her favorite holiday.
Joan Rivers as Snooki.
And Ellen as Snooki's poof.
Because blankets never get their own fashion shows.
Umm, yeah. For the Florida Gator fan who has everything??
James Franco calculates the odds he can turn that lampshade into a bong.
Juliette Lewis at the premiere of Due Date.
Rocky Horror 35th Anniversary party last night. Here are Julian McMahon and Tim Curry.
Jack Nicholson was also in it and
Evan Rachel Wood who could probably get Jack to help her being raised some more.
Jorge Garcia was also in it.
Kate Bosworth tanned to match her dress.
Umm, I am no expert Jennifer Connelly, but I think the belt is supposed to be horizontal, not vertical.

Random Photos Part Two

Kristin Davis seems to make the fewest red carpet appearances of any of the Sex And The City crowd.
Katie Price's book is called You Only Live Once. The problem with that is that I am spending my one life having her in it.
Keanu Reeves practices wax on wax off.
Kate Walsh and her magic yellow stick.
Lance Bass and Karina Smirnoff hug it out.
The cast of Mission Impossible 4.
Mindy Kaling learned how to make bracelets. I know what someone is getting for Christmas.
Matthew Morrison, Ricki Lake and Nicole Scherzinger.
Susan and Robert Downey Jr.
While his wife is in Dubai with Tom Cruise, Robin Thicke hangs out with Derek Jeter's girlfriend.
Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine shooting their movie in Vancouver.
Scott Disick gropes Kourtney. She is probably the only human on the planet who likes him. Well, Mason too, but he does not know any better. It's sad that i didn't even have to Google their baby's name. I know way too much useless stuff.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Sheena Easton - Seoul
WTF was Shenae Grimes thinking? Maybe it is a Cher Halloween costume?
The entire Sound Of Music cast reunites for the first time, well ever.
Sandra Oh goes for the preppy look.
Sean Penn goes for the I need a drink in ten seconds look.
Randomness. Samantha Ronson, Slash and Solange Knowles.
I don't agree with much of anything Suzanne Somers has to say, but she does look incredible so she must be doing something right.
Tom Felton and the thing he wanted most after Harry Potter...A tan.
Todd Phillips at the premiere of Due Date.
And then the helicopter started and two Victoria's Secret Angels lost their wings.
So, in this case the disparity between the big head and little head is quite large.
Zach Galfinalanlankis got himself a "guest."
Anthony Michael did too. And judging by the expression on his face a bad piece of fish too.


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