Friday, August 28, 2009

DJ AM Has Died

DJ AM was found dead this morning in an apartment on Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

Sources said drug paraphernalia was found in the apartment and police are looking into whether it was an overdose.

Nearly a year ago, DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, escaped a plane crash in South Carolina.

The Learjet he and Travis Barker were on overshot the runway and burst into flames. He suffered severe burns in the crash.

Four For Friday

#1 - This game show host thinks of himself as a rock star and loves nothing more than to find groupies of the show he can take back to his dressing room so he can get some rock star treatment if you know what I mean.

#2 & 3 - This former B+/A- female television star and now probably a C lucky to get work was overheard complaining the other day that her A list movie star boyfriend has not had sex with her in two years. She is hoping that if they get married she will get some action that day.

#4 - This permanent B list television and film actor and Golden Globe winner/nominee has had a string of normal sexual relationships with the women in his life. It is only when he is with men that he explores his more umm eccentric pleasures. He loves nothing more than to be spanked and whipped. Umm, yeah, sounds like fun.

Random Photos Part One

When Mackenzie Phillips is your Facebook friend you get gems like this from a couple of days ago. It's hard to believe the show One Day At A Time was so long ago.
Which is whiter? Anne Hathaway's legs or her boyfriend's pants?
Alexisonfire - Reading, UK
Andy Roddick and Rachael Ray
Arnold & Sly eating lunch together. Lots of grunting.
First time appearances for Bobby Campo and
I think also for Nick Zano, and definitely for,
Brandon Barash.
Britney Spears leaving Shrek. Her kids kept saying, "Look it's daddy."
Carrie Underwood might not be smarter than a 5th grader but here she is singing with one.
Pictures from New Moon.
I believe that is Michael Sheen on the far left.
Geri Halliwell abandoning ship.
First day of school.
Haylie Duff and her new breasts.
And then after school, the kid tried to brush the teeth of a real bear.
Congratulations to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on their engagement.
The Kardashian's find another store they haven't hit up for free stuff.
Kelly Osbourne looks great.
Matt Damon as well.
Megan Fox gets a parking ticket.
In case you wanted to see her shoes from a different angle.
Madina Lake - Reading, UK
I guess Mark Wahlberg just always walks around with cash.
Best wax likeness ever.
Thomas Dekker at the Final Destination premiere.
Thomas Jane might want to think about a bigger size for his shirts.

Punishment For Cheating Hits A Whole New Level

I have been watching this story for the past couple of days and I can't decide if the guy is a cheater or if this is a publicity stunt. The premise is that the guy cheated on his wife. She discovered his infidelity when she saw pictures of his peen on his phone which he had sent a woman he was seeing.

Desperate to save his marriage he agreed to do whatever his wife wanted. What she wanted was for him to stand next to one of America's busiest malls (Tyson's Corner) with a sign around his neck that says he cheated. She wrote the sign and he stood there. It took a few hours before a news truck rolled up to him and has set off appearances on radio programs and a rumored appearance on Good Morning America.

He was on one radio program with his wife because she likes the host. People who heard him on the radio or saw him on television now stop their cars and take pictures with him. He was getting so much attention his wife made him move to a different location that wasn't so popular. There is no guarantee his wife will take him back even after he has completed his penance but the guy doesn't care.

Hilary Duff A Diva? I'm Not Feeling It

The NY Post is reporting today that Hilary Duff was acting like a spoiled diva on the set of Gossip Girl and refused to come out of her trailer. The Post has two sources who said that taping was held up for Duff and that no one on the show has ever pulled a stunt like that.

The thing is that is all The Post says. They don't say why she didn't want to come out of the trailer and what exactly the diva behavior was. Hey, if I am going to the bathroom or can't get on my clothes and am having trouble with them, I am not leaving my trailer until the situation is fixed. It doesn't mean I am being a diva.

Hilary just doesn't seem like the diva type. It isn't like she has thousands of offers rolling in each day and unlike some people who are offered guest roles, I think she is probably pretty grateful for the work. So, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and just say say she was having a quickie in her trailer with her boyfriend. No? OK, how about she looked in the mirror and saw that outfit above they wanted her to wear and said, "hell no."

Your Turn

As we head into the last two weekends of summer, I thought we would do something kind of deep this week and then next week something really fun and light. This week I was having a conversation with someone that was Sliding Doors-ish. It wasn't about making a train or anything like that but about events in life which would have caused you to meet or not meet people.

So, my questions for you today are:

The person you met who you wish you had never met and the person you are most grateful to have met.

I don't want these to be family members, but rather people you have met in the course of your life.

Michael Jackson Should Have Gone To FreeCreditReport.Com

Oh, I know it is just a matter of time before the singing pirate at the restaurant will be singing about Michael Jackson. For those of you not in the US, I am referring to a series of commercials from an agency that provides credit reports. The premise is the guy is working at a fast food place because he didn't know his credit score.

I'm guessing that Michael didn't know what his was or just didn't care. TMZ has found out what it was though and they said it averaged about 563. The highest score is 800. 563 is considered really, really low.

Apparently Michael didn't pay his bills and was always looking for more credit which is why his score was so low. That happens to lots of people. What most people don't have though is $668,215 in the bank which is what he had when he died. Can you imagine having $600K in the bank and not have it be enough for your daily expenses?

Most people could live off that for at least ten years if not a lifetime and Michael couldn't even get through a month with that little. Do you think maybe the $200K he spent at Barneys in one month had something to do with it? I didn't know masks were so damn expensive.

Heather Mills Recycles Junked Clothes Into Ugly Clothes

Heather Mills has taken that comedic Julia Stiles video from earlier in the week and turned it into reality. In the video, Julia cut up a bunch of old clothes and turned them into new items. Ugly, but new. Well, Heather Mills has actually done it for real and not as a joke. Yesterday she debuted her new eco-friendly line. All of the clothes had been clothes before but were recycled and turned into something new, but again ugly. At least in my opinion. Oh, and she has promised at least two lines of this monstrosity a year.

Ted C Blind Item

You all didn't really think the hetero-Vice streak would continue, did you? Ted may be gone, but unfortunately, the closeting of some of Hollywood's most famous isn't going anywhere. Get ready to meet the guy who will have Toothy Tile breathing easy for a while.

Introducing Jackie Bouffant—a name you'd better get used to hearing. He's one of the most sought-after actors in the world right now. The undeniably gorgeous and multitalented young dude has taken the entertainment Biz by storm. His level of fame has been steadily rising over the past couple of years, although Jack hasn't really had to prove himself talent-wise just yet.

But with that face, hair and body, no one cares. This town is way too superficial!

So while Jackie is looking pretty in all the glossy mags with a beard constantly at his side (Crescent Kumquat or No-Beave Steve Jackie Bouffant most definitely is not), hardly anyone out there knows J.B.'s past life and love...

With another male actor, wouldn't you know?

At the time they started dating, they were both probably equally famous, but no one talks about Jackie's ex that much anymore. An equally gorgeous and recognizable face, he just never really amounted to much career-wise. Let's call him Frank Dangerfield.

Jackie and Frank were very much boyfriend-boyfriend, and they didn't do a very good job of hiding it. They went to a few gay functions together, a little hand-holding here and there à la Toothy and Gray Goose, and Industry folks knew the two boys weren't just going through an experimental phase. Unlike Nevis Divine, these two fellas are gay, gay and more gay.

But no one cared much because everyone (their managers and publicists included) thought these kids would just be F-list actors. Uh, not the case for Jackie. He became an overnight superstar.

So you know how it goes: Jackie's whole team of people tell him that if he comes out his heartthrob status will be shot and his red-hot career will go buh-bye. No teenage girl (Bouffant's prime fan base) will fantasize about growing up and marrying a gay guy. So Jackie dumps Frank and starts faux-mancing with some other babes around town.

Such a shame. And you all wonder where true love is in Hollywood? It's behind closed closet doors.

And It Ain't: Channing Tatum, Kellan Lutz, Nick Jonas

Something Lighter - CDAN Reader Makes A Commerical In Amazon Contest

I feel like I have been ranting all morning and so thought I would post something lighter and it involves a CDAN reader who has always been good to the blog. Alex is a director and here is what she has to say about the recent Amazon contest she entered.

The basic story behind it is sad, however: struggling South Bronx indie filmmaker (that's me, that is) blows 2 months' rent money making a spec commercial for Amazon contest (filmed at City College! Starring a Julliard student! and shot by pretty much an all-female NY indie crew working for free), spends 10 days doing visual effects in Photoshop because she can't afford any of the real VFX programs, and then her work gets rejected by Amazon as "too professional". Boo, Amazon!

The funny thing about directing is that the only way to make money is via directing commercials. The only way to get hired to direct a commercial is to have already done a commercial. So basically I had to spend a shedload of my own cash making a commercial for a billion-dollar corporation who is too cheap to pay Saatchis to do it for them. Directing is a stupid, stupid career.

Here is Alex's commercial.

If you want to see the five finalists, you can click here. My favorite since Alex can't win is "Proceed To A Better Life."

Chris Brown Violates His Probation

When Chris Brown went to a nightclub the night he was sentenced for the beating of Rihanna everyone just commented on what an a-hole he was for going out partying. The thing is by going to Guys & Dolls that night he probably did us all a favor. Well, he did us a favor if you are a normal person and not a celebrity. By going to the club he violated the terms of his probation. Plain and simple. Whether the courts do anything about remains to be seen, but he did violate.

His probation terms say he must "abstain from the use of all alcoholic beverages and stay out of places where they are the chief item of sale". First of all he is only 20 so if he was drinking that would be a violation of his probation and a separate offense. But, the most important part is that Guys & Dolls is a club and alcohol is their number one seller for sure. You know that if Chris Brown is breaking his probation a few hours after it starts that he is going to continue breaking it everyday. The courts need to do something now and I think throwing him in jail for a month or two will teach him a lesson about not violating probation.

Oh, and if any of you who are reading this are 20 years old I would love for you to go to Guys & Dolls and attempt to get in tonight. I'm guessing they will say that you have to be 21 and there are no exceptions. Oh, except for guys who beat women. Guys & Dolls love guys who beat women. Between Chris Brown and Joe Francis they have a woman beaters club like no other. The one 20 year old they let in and he was convicted of beating a woman. Yay for Guys & Dolls. You must be so proud.

Phillip Garrido Says We Should Be Impressed By His Kidnapping And Rape

When I first read about this Phillip Garrido and how he and his wife kidnapped Jaycee Duggard 18 years ago, the first thing I thought of was that guy in Austria who did the same thing and was caught last year. The next thing I thought about was how many other kids are kidnapped each year and are in this exact situation that we don't know about because we think they are dead even if no body has been found. For 18 years Jaycee's step dad had been a suspect in her disappearance but was never arrested. How many times would police have made that arrest though and been wrong?

I find it so hard to believe that a man can keep someone under lock and key for 18 years and no one notice. That he can have two kids with the girl he kidnapped and that no one notices the two kids. Do we just not care what goes on around us with out neighbors? These people were not far from other neighbors. They were right next door and saw the girls but didn't think anything of it. How can you as a woman stand by and watch your husband do this for 18 years and do nothing? Oh, and she did do nothing because Mr. Kidnapper went to jail at some point for pot and was released in 1999 which means the wife was the one in charge for awhile.

Somehow Sacramento television station KCRA got this a hole on the phone from jail and asked him some questions about what happened. Get a load of this quote. "I tell you here's the story of what took place at this house and you're going to be absolutely impressed. It's a disgusting thing that took place from the end to the beginning. But I turned my life completely around." We are going to be impressed? By what? I think he wants us to be impressed that he is a better person now than he was when he kidnapped Jaycee. Sure her life was a disaster, but he turned his life around so we should be impressed.

Joe Francis Shows His Love Of Women - Beats Up Jayde Nicole

I will say this for Jayde Nicole. She has guts. Despite knowing that Joe Francis has assaulted women in the past and is a convicted sex offender she went up to him and threw a drink in his face because she didn't like the way he was treating one of her friends who happens to be an ex of Joe Francis.

Joe then grabbed Jayde Nicole and threw her to the floor. While her boyfriend Brody Jenner looked on, Joe Francis punched and kicked Jayde. Jayde claims to have a black and blue cheek, swollen face, bruised left rib and sore lower abdomen. She also says some of her hair was pulled out in the fight.

After Jayde had the crap kicked out of her, the police came and broke up the fight. Still no Brody though. Finally after Joe gets kicked out of the club, THEN Brody decided to go after him and punched him one time. For his trouble, Brody got tased, but it is unknown who did it.

WTF kind of boyfriend is Brody Jenner? How do you let your girlfriend get thrown to the ground like that and then punched and kicked? Where were you? Throwing one weak ass punch after the event is not sticking up for your girlfriend. Plus, I heard it was barely a punch anyway.

Oh, and in case you don't think Brody was there next to her or something, he said on his Twitter he saw the whole thing happen. So why didn't he stop it?

"Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him. How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of sh*t. Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!"

How can you call yourself a man when you watch your girlfriend get beat up and not do anything about it? Hopefully this will be the end of Joe Francis.

TMZ has some video of Jayde's face after it happened and also a picture of Joe escaping to his SUV looking remarkably spry for having just been punched by Brody. I wonder if Brody even punched him.

Lindsay Lohan "Loses" $2M In Jewels

When I related this story to someone yesterday they said, "Why in the f**k do people give her stuff?" That's a good question. Why do jewelers give Lindsay Lohan anything to wear or use? It isn't like she is ever asked where an item came from. The only thing Lindsay is ever asked is whether it will be cash or credit for her drugs.

No one cares about her jewels or who she is wearing or any of that. For as much shopping as she does on a daily basis she looks homeless. I think she sells most of what she buys to pay her "expenses", but likes to feel important and so shops on a regular basis. To supplement her income she looks for other ways to raise cash.

Radar Online is reporting that XIV Karats have the most stupid employees on the planet. Despite the fact that the entire world knows not to leave a dime within the sight of Lindsay Lohan or it will vanish, they decided to go ahead and loan her $2M worth of jewels about two months ago. Of course they haven't seen them since.

When they asked for them back, Lindsay said they were stolen from her safe. Umm, when? They asked her for them back prior to this most recent break in. And, if you will recall, the break in before this one last week, nothing was stolen.

So, Michael Lohan who must have loaned his daughter some money because she is talking to him jumped in to the fray and said, "Lindsay didn't take anything from them. They lent her jewelry and she has to give it back to them. That's all I know. She has no intention of keeping any of it. So I guess they're sorting it out."

Umm, Lindsay said she didn't have it and Michael says she does. Interesting. The store just wants its jewels back. I can't believe they really expected to get them back. No other person in LA would ever give Lindsay jewels like that and they gave her $2M. They deserve to lose them for being such idiots.

Oh, and Elle Magazine? Are you still convinced Lindsay had nothing to do with the jewels that went missing on Lindsay's photo shoot?

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH well-liked pro golfer once switched sponsors because he needed several million dollars in hush money? Seems he knocked up a stripper while playing at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, and had to pay her off to keep their love child a secret.

WHICH cable news anchor should be more careful with his cellphone? After he recently misplaced it, a co-worker opened it up and found a nude photo of the anchor's girlfriend.

WHICH political leader in the Caribbean is under investigation by the US government for using foreign aid to renovate his palatial home? The $443,000 spent was falsely listed as "security and road improvements."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's Blind Items - Kindness

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who does a mix of television and movies has a best friend who recently got married. Her friend is a special education teacher for a school which does not pay their employees very much. The friend married a man who is also a teacher at the school. The original plan was for the couple to just get married at their home and have a very tiny reception and not even a honeymoon as they are trying to save whatever dollars they earn for a home. Well, our actress gave them and paid for the wedding of a lifetime as well as a reception, the honeymoon and even gave them $50K towards their house.

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa

Oh Mischa Barton you tell good stories. I just wish you were as good of an actress. Mischa sat down or stood up or did something with Time Out New York and they decided to print it. I am pretty sure the reporter is probably still laughing. Not about what Mischa went through, but her explanation for it.

"I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was like a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once." And by everything she must mean getting a job as an actress on a network at about $40K an episode. Oh, and of course the flying back and forth between London and the US for some modeling gigs that paid her as well. I'm not seeing the storm yet, but I am sure there is more.

Yes, here it is. She had "a terrible wisdom tooth surgery which went wrong and is still just healing." Well, sure, I think that is why the psychiatric hospitals across the world are filled with patients who just had a wisdom tooth pulled out. Makes perfect sense to me. But wait. There's more.

"I had to get through it without proper painkillers because I couldn't take those during work. So it's been a nightmare."

Oh, she was on set while they did the surgery? I'm confused. She said earlier it happened before the job started or was this while she was modeling? No pain killers huh?

"I was down in the dumps about everything there for a while. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom about things and have to get the most stressed out just to feel better again. I got completely stressed out and couldn’t handle everything, and now I feel really in control."

This actually ticks me off because instead of admitting her problem and maybe helping others who are having issues in their own life, she is basically saying she can't handle the stress of making a million dollars a year and working a little bit. WTF?

"The funny thing is, if all this happened in New York, no one would care. New York lets you be who you are, and people aren't as judgmental. I'm so glad to be back here."

Oh sure. It is because it was in LA. No one would have even noticed if this had happened in New York. She cracks me up.

Random Photos Part One

Larry Hagman is still alive. That is worth the top spot. I think the tabloids have killed him off once a year for the past ten years, but he looks pretty damn good.
"I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you." Yeah, I know the f**king words. So what? Like all of you aren't clicking over to YouTube right now so you can hum along.
Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock at the premiere of their new movie. I have no idea what Sandra was thinking when she put this on.
It does however come with a towel which is nice.
She then throws Bradley Cooper under a bus.
Before rejoining her husband.
Anna Kournikova looks really good here.
Not as good as Ali Larter though.
And neither of them look as good as this. No, not Blake Lively or Chace Crawford. I'm talking about the cupcakes. Gobs of them.
Oh, that looks like red velvet. So hungry.
Chris Masterson.
DJ Qualls looks like crap.
Paired off already for Dancing With The Stars.
Gavin and Kingston at The Grove.
Gwen & Kingston at The Grove. Who doesn't love their matching hair?
Hilary Duff and Penn Badgley getting busy on the set of Gossip Girl.
Joel & Jennifer Grey. Love them.
This is what happens when Kirsten Dunst starts drinking again. Actually she is shooting a music video in Japan. Does she know there is a hand growing out of her wig?
Wow. Umm. Yeah. Ashley doesn't look that good.
Melissa Rycroft showing off her ring.
I love Nikka Costa.
But I love 30 Rock filming a new season even more.
For your manly photo today you can have Thomas Haden Church or
Some half naked models on the set of Ugly Betty.


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