Saturday, March 23, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

March 16, 2019

They can play round with words however they want, but the rift between the two foreign born A+ list celebrities is because of the alliterate former actress.

Prince Harry/Prince William/Meghan Markle

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 16, 2019

FYI, I AM NOT in a lockdown rehab facility, I repeat I AM NOT in a lockdown rehab facility!
    This is all apart of my mother’s elaborate plan to have me committed against my will (AGAIN) and to strategically railroad my amazing progress and have my conservatorship extended ANOTHER 3 years! My mother is spending large amounts of MY money and I was officially financially cut off at the beginning of this year.
   My mother forced my previous sobriety coach to quit and that’s what started ALL of this. My mother stopped paying my sobriety coach, my mother stopped providing me with my biweekly payments to survive, my mother stopped paying my rent and my mother also stopped paying for my medications, and at the end of January my mother lied to my doctors and they forced me into multiple facilities. But one thing is for certain, I did not “relapse” on drugs because I do not use drugs and I am definitely not crazy. My mother is the crazy one and I have proof that she has plans to purchase another house in Leander TX with MY money.

Amanda Bynes who adds "I am not broke I just do not legally have access to my own money. I have a new coach and things are absolutely amazing. Things couldn’t be better for me. I am fine, thanks!"

Blind Item #8

This clothing retailer sounding singer was hitting the coke hard last night at a party.

Blind Item #7

Apparently the celebrity husband is throwing the celebrity wife under the criminal bus in this highly publicized case. At least that is what the wife has been telling people.

Blind Item #6

This former MTV star is fast running out of money. She wants to go back on the network but they won't let her. She is having trouble landing any other reality shows and has taken to stealing from clients while they are sleeping.

Blind Item #5

This streaming service is paying cash strapped journalists to pitch stories about content on the streaming service and masquerade it as an article or best of list. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 16, 2019

This A+ list rapper might want to stop with the illegal butt injections or she will continue ending up in the hospital.

Cardi B

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 15, 2019

After this very recent court ruling, there will be a settlement long before that ruling can take effect. There is no way on this earth that this A list talk show host/producer/mogul is going to allow himself to be deposed and have to answer personal questions.

Ryan Seacrest


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