Thursday, May 23, 2019

Blind Item #13

You are probably not going to get either of these, but I wanted to tell you about a new scam. There is this actor/writer/producer who makes a steady living making a few crap movies each year. He is far into middle age. He likes the casting couch and since the whole #MeToo movement has changed his approach. He has a couple actresses, one of whom is his latest barely old enough to drink protege who goes to screenings and events and hits red carpets and finds out if someone is willing to hit a casting couch to get a part. If they are, the actress introduces them to the actor/writer/producer who then knows he found someone who is willing. His movie are always filled with no name actresses, all of whom have slept with him.

Blind Item #12

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner was in a hotel this past week and ordered a dozen strippers/hookers. Apparently he passed out before any could arrive so there was this parade of them all entering the lobby of the hotel going to his suite and knocking on his door. This went on for a good 90 minutes.

Blind Item #11

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is continuing his cheat on his A list girlfriend tour. While out of the country, our actor enjoyed a liaison with a fan who also yachts.

Blind Item #10

Apparently once every month or two photo ops is all this marriage has come to. The foreign born A list mostly movie actor looks as if he is going to stay closeted, but is spending less and less time with his long time wife.

Blind Item #9 - The CBS Embellishing Reporter

This is from FTVLIve

Sources tell FTVLIve that the CBS brass is looking into claims that the Correspondent has been playing a bit loose with the facts.

We also reported that the Correspondent has also been called into HR for the way he has treated the crews working with him on the story. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 14, 2019

#1 - The name of the man arrested while traveling with the foreign born A- list actor with substance abuse issues. ______________________

#2 - The name of the formerly Instagram/barely there celebrity ex/sometime reality star ex of the man arrested in #1. _______________________

#3 - Who the woman in #2 left the man in #1 for. ______________________

#1 - Alki David/Jonathan Rhys Meyers
#2 - Jennifer Stano
#3 - Danielle, who is a dog groomer. 

Today's Blind Items - The Truce

I mean it isn't like the WWI Christmas Day truce, but I think if you went up to random people and asked if these two people would ever get along, you would laugh until you started crying. These two people are complete opposites on the political spectrum. One is way way over on the left and one is way way over on the right. There is one thing that brings them together. One. It is what makes them very unlikely bedfellows. Not that they would get into bed together. I mean, I don't think that would happen. Yeah, that would be the blind of the century if that ever transpired.

I previously have discussed one of the people in this pairing. He is an A list California politician who has some moments caught on camera that he would really like to not have come out.  Most of these moments involve drug use and some sexual situations that are worthy of a 70's porn film director with a vivid imagination and multiple people at his disposal.

Over the past year, this politician has been forced to discuss the situation with someone which then caused the other person to join in the crusade. He has his own reasons for not wanting the recordings to be made public. Although, they would like to own the recordings, this unlikely pair would be perfectly happy to have them destroyed too.

The problem they have faced from the onset is that money is not going to be a factor. The person in possession of the recordings is wealthier than both of the parties by a lot. I mean it isn't even close. So, while it lasts, this secret alliance is one for the books and something no one would ever conceive occurring. 

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