Thursday, January 17, 2019

Blind Item #14

I doubt the Coroner will ever make public is how all the drugs were administered to this deceased news anchor. It was not orally or intravenously or via nasal passage. 

Blind Item #13

This foreign born A-/B+ list tennis player spent the night prior to an important match, hooking up with two guys she met online. 

Blind Item #12

Apparently even when this A list singer was at her peak love of this B+/B list actor she was still hooking up with one of her exes for sex and coke lunch hours. They usually occurred when the actor was working.

Blind Item #11

This alliterate permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was passing out edibles to TSA agents this week to thank them for working without pay. I also think he was high as a kite.

Blind Item #10

The biggest tell that this "relationship" is not what it seems is that within days of meeting this A- list disgraced mostly movie actor from an acting family, his girlfriend quit her job to focus entirely on the actor and her visibility. There are a number of fake projects she has listed to bolster her credits which has in turn, got her small roles on other projects set up by the actor and his friends. They have also added her to short films which in this case, take it to a whole other meaning because the films are a minute or two long but there is a credit for her on IMDb. Seemingly all she really does is cash the checks he gives her while following him around the world making it seem like he is not the horrible creeper he really is.

Blind Item #9

They are putting a happy face in public, but this consonant loving permanent A/A- list musician is for sure getting a DNA test.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 10, 2019

The real story of why this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor turned A- lister doesn't like the disgraced former A- list mostly movie actor is because the disgraced actor kept hitting on the girlfriend of the foreign born actor even when she told him to stop.

Henry Cavill/James Franco

Today's Blind Items - Easier In The Movies

This actor is probably A- list. He is dual threat for sure. He has a big movie coming out this year and has been on a pay cable show for a bit. All of you know who he is. Apparently there is a female billionaire who was attending a worldwide gathering of equally rich people. She invited the actor to join her. Now, he is good looking guy, but no one had ever invited him to come spend time with him like that. The woman then offered $100K a night before increasing it to to $250K a night. So, there was our actor right by her side for several days as she showed him off. Part of that deal included the entire night. Our actor did his duty with the 60 something woman and said afterwards that each night got easier, but doing it in the movies is so much easier. 


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