Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blind Item #14

This law and order Governor from a large state uses a staffer to buy marijuana which is completely illegal in the state. 

Blind Item #13

A new eyelash line brought to you by an A- list celebrity is nothing more than a money laundering vehicle for the people behind the line. Our celebrity gets a big fee for being the face of the line and probably has no idea that the company will show losses of tens of millions of dollars for the foreseeable future.

Blind Item #12

Somehow this foreign born A list celebrity chef managed to make millions of dollars from his company while all his investors lost tens of millions.

Blind Item #11

This foreign born barely more than a one hit wonder didn't even get any upfront money for her new non singing project. She had to sleep with one of the founders of the company to land the deal and it only pays her money if there are huge sales. She will make more from the yachting she is adding to this trip than any actual sales from the product.

Blind Item #10

Apparently this southern former reality star who no longer has a show blames one of the producers of said show for our reality star being a former reality star. So, there are several recordings in the former reality star's possession which show the producer engaged in multiple illicit activities, including with some current and former members of the cast. Our former reality star wants to cause some trouble. Releasing the recordings would definitely do that.

Blind Item #9

As I have said before, all a family court judge needs to do to keep this former reality couple at bay is to have them submit to random drug tests. They will fail every single time.

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 13, 2019

Two studio executives made a bet. The bet was who could get a movie greenlit with the worst possible casting choices. Box office poison type stuff. The first studio executive managed to get what he thought would be a sure fire winner for the bet. This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a racist, sexist woman beater starring in a Christmas movie. Had to be a winner right? Not so fast. The other executive said hold my beer and she managed to get a movie to yes with that same former A+ lister and a younger version of the former A+ lister without the religious issues but with much more racist and substance abuse issues. This is what the movie system has turned into.

Studio executive #1: Mel Gibson ("Fatman")
Studio executive #2: Mel Gibson/Shia LaBeouf ("Rothchild")

Today's Blind Items - The Peeper

In the past I have written about this former A+ list singer of a band. They were everywhere for several years before crashing and burning do to his oversized ego, drug addiction and propensity for hitting on the girlfriends of his bandmates, all while married. I have written about how he got kicked out of school for similar behavior. Well, I was hanging out with some guys from a group that opened for this band for several months on tour and they said the singer would hit on their girlfriends too and his favorite way was when the group was on stage performing. He would corner a girlfriend and say that if that girlfriend didn't have sex with the singer he would kick the band off the tour. They said they talked to several other groups who gave the same story. Also, our singer would hang out in the women's bathroom backstage waiting for groupies or attractive women to come in and hit on them or offer to share drugs with them if they sexually serviced him. It is no wonder that no one ever wants to work with him again.


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