Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Blind Item #13 - Xeni Hardin Blind

In the late 2000s I dated a very famous scientist who was part of John Brockman‘s coterie who said things about “the island”, which I now understand was Jeffrey Epstein‘s island. He went. It adds up now. Science and technology professionals, did you hear whispers? Tell me.

Blind Item #12

The sugarbaby/reality star from Utah is telling her always running scared boyfriend that he needs to have different custody arrangements than he does now. 

Blind Item #11

This alliterate former A-/B+ list mostly television actress thinks she can keep pretending she didn't know what was going on, but the only way that will work is if people never get to hear those recorded phone calls and she throws her husband under the bus.

Blind Item #10

This former A-/B+ list infomercial/entertainment show host is even going to be more shocked when she sees who she was dumped for by Mr. Burns this former A+ list talk show host.

Blind Item #9

The wife has borne the brunt of the cheating talk with her lover, who is really rich. It was the big talk earlier in the year. The thing is though, the husband of the wife was hooking up with someone who was engaged and that relationship ended because of it. Somehow that managed to stay quiet until this post. The pair have since gone public.

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 14, 2019

The foreign born former A list boy bander was never offered the role everyone is saying he turned down. It was a way to save face and no one is ever going to say he wasn't offered it because they might need him down the road for something else.

Harry Styles/Prince Eric "Little Mermaid"

Today's Blind Items - Banned

If you ever go see a show starring this A- list singer from an A- list group who has at least one sibling in the group, follow him back to his hotel afterwards. The chances are good that he will be staying in a hotel you have never heard of. It will be independent. Often times, he will be forced to stay in one hotel, while the rest of the group and crew stay somewhere else. The reason is that our singer has been banned from most of the largest hotel chains in the world. He can try and sneak in if someone else has reserved a room, but that only works in out of the way places. The larger cities have security software that will recognize his face in a public area and will kick him out. Too many times he has tried to force himself on hotel housekeepers or offering them money for sex. He has walked around naked when they come into his room to clean it. There are dozens of complaints. Each time he would get banned from one chain, he would move on to the next and repeat the same behavior. For some reason, the hotel chains have wanted to keep this quiet and heave dealt with it internally as far as their own staff go and just providing trespass notices to our singer.

Your Turn

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