Friday, March 31, 2023

Blind Item #13

This foreign born A- list comic/actor/host is being accused of sexually assaulting a teacher in a class he was taking from her. He paid extra for private classes.

Blind Item #12

This former late night actor says he is owed some money for getting tattoos for some PR campaigns. How hard up is he for cash that he is chasing down these not really big amounts of money?

Blind Item #11

The one named foreign born permanent A list singer is doing booming business. Celebrities who try and copy her formula, even with really good products are not succeeding. That is because the singer's parent company of which she has no control, threatens stores and outlets if they try and carry any other similar celebrity brands.

Blind Item #10

This boy bander is going to take advantage of a life event to finally come out. It is a pretty open secret at this point. No one foreign born.

Blind Item #9

Speaking of the a-hole mentioned in the Four For Friday, he once banned this A list mostly television actor who was one of the most popular actors and best singers of the 60s and 70's from troop tours. Why? He didn't want to be associated with a man who was sleeping with other men. Our actor was known for seducing male flight attendants.

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 24, 2023

The shoe company lost tens of millions of dollars in their partnership with the permanent one named singer. They have been losing money in most of these types of deals. One of the few exceptions was the one they were forced to quit with the former A list rapper. 

Adidas/Beyoncé/Kanye West

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

#1 - This mostly TV actor and this iconic sex symbol/actress/dancer hooked up shortly before the actor was cast as a superhero in the series he’s best known for.

#2 - Sometime in the mid 1970s, this permanent A-list singer solo and in a group hooked up with this alliterate tennis player who’s considered one of the greatest of all time.

#3 - This foreign born socialite/power boat racer was openly lesbian and some would say she was trans, but she had a long list of conquests. The flings with the foreign permanent A-list actresses and the deep voiced actress/socialite are well known. She had a long on again off again relationship with the foreign born female half of the Broadway power couple who have a theater named after them and had brief flings with the alliterate Ziegfeld Follies star, the “wife” of the openly gay songwriter, the US-born French entertainer and the movie actress known for her chic fashion sense and the Barbara Walters speech impediment. 

#4 - She has always denied it, but this three named A- list actress/A+ list sex symbol did hook up with the perverted comic actor who grifted off troops and veterans for much of his later life while hitting on their wives while the soldiers were overseas.

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