Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Blind Item #13

Here is a question. If this permanent A list mostly movie actor is so serious or involved with his model girlfriend, why on earth did the model girlfriend spend several hours alone in the hotel room of this former A list mostly comic movie actor?

Blind Item #12

The dance card so to speak of this B+ list mostly movie actress with a long long running franchise has been full the past few days. She has been welcomed back by many of her former customers who says she is the best threesome partner of all time.

Blind Item #11

The foreign born former A+ lust tweener has a list of producers who he bugs every day to see if they will call his ex for him so they can record a track together.

Blind Item #10

As I have told you before, this former A list mostly movie actress from a now defunct franchise who is probably A-/B+ list at this point hooks up with her model ex all the time. I think that model ex also wanted to make sure people firmly knew she wanted no part of what the former boy bander was trying to sell to the public.

Blind Item #9

A distributor might end up buying the finished film of this disgraced former A list director. The thing is though, no matter how much PR you buy, you will never get the stars of the movie to do any press for it whatsoever. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 12, 2019

This permanent A+ list singer had her ex embezzle a ton of money from her. Our singer goes on tour to make up for it and also has sponsored her life so she can be as frugal as possible. She promotes a car service who drives her everywhere for free. A meal service who sends her every meal for free. A chef service who prepares it. A housekeeping service who cleans her place. The list is endless.

Mary J Blige

Today's Blind Items - The Missing Child

Sporadically over the last decade I have written about several celebrity couples and several actresses on their own who adopted children during the Angelina Jolie led everyone has to adopt to look cool phase in Hollywood. There was the couple who returned their baby and another who tried to return their baby. There have been several who turned the raising of the child or children to relatives because they just couldn't be bothered after that initial publicity blitz they craved.

The thing is though, there was an actress back then who adopted a child and after being everywhere with the child, the child suddenly disappeared. Where did the child go? They adopted the child through an organization that only existed long enough to serve the celebrity craze. The child came from New Orleans. That is all that anyone remembers. Child Protective Services has never investigated because the agency never told them about it and paperwork was scarce coming from New Orleans after Katrina, if there was any paperwork at all. There was definitely a market where babies or toddler who had parents with drug issues were straight up bought and paperwork could be manufactured at a later date. The demand was high. An adopted baby was a status symbol and a baby of color was even more desirable. When couples gave the babies back, they never went back to the homes or centers where they were found. They were just forwarded on to another couple or family and lost to their past.

One actress who starred on a very hit network show that aired for a long time and was a police type show adopted a toddler. The toddler had some issues because they had been born addicted to drugs. Our actress couldn't handle the toddler but did make sure she got publicity for adoption. Within a year after adopting the toddler though, he was gone. Vanished. No sightings, no relatives, no nothing. Wen friends asked, the toddler was at a friend's house or family or at a sitter. Eventually, they all stopped asking, but there has never been a resolution. A filmmaker is trying to locate all these children without paperwork. This child though, is someone that no one is discussing. Is the former child who would now be a teen alive? The actress pretends to not even know she adopted a child back in the day and says it was just for the cameras. No one is buying that. Where is the child?

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