Thursday, April 18, 2024

Blind Item #13

This former A list actress tells everyone she is single, but she is dating a guy she is embarrassed to be seen with publicly.

Blind Item #12

This A list singer turned talk show host wasn't very happy with her former reality co-star and what he did earlier this month.

Blind Item #11

 This long time A list Japanese wrestler liked watching his wife sleep with other wrestlers.

Blind Item #10

The one named permanent A list singer was so high at a recent event that she was eating cookies and brownies like they were crack.

Blind Item #9

The celebrity who got pregnant with the underage guy's baby is pregnant with the A- list singer's baby. They really might cancel the whole tour now and would have a better excuse than the lames ones offered up so far.

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 11, 2024

This Spring film festival has already been rigged for a certain director to win.

Cannes Film Festival/Francis Ford Coppola

Today's Blind Items - Shadow Banned

The powers that be can't completely derail the career of this A- list actress. She has a franchise and as long as it continues, she will remain in it. The problem she has is that she blew the whistle on her former manager and thought she could trust her agent to have her back. Her agent betrayed her though and since that point in time, she has struggled to find work outside of the franchise. She also no longer has the evidence supporting her whistleblowing so it is just her word against the very powerful. Prior to the whistleblowing she was headed to A list. If not for the franchise she would be essentially out of the business when it comes to any kind of mainstream success.

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