Friday, November 16, 2018

Blind Item #7

This B+ list mostly movie actor who has a new installment of a franchise out likes to pretend he would have walked away if only he had known this permanent A list mostly movie actor was going to be cast. He did find out in advance and chose to stay. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 9, 2018

I'm not sure this A- list disgraced mostly movie actor from an acting family could have found anyone younger and still be legal than who he was with last night. As in she turned 18 this week. Where was his regular girlfriend?

James Franco

Blind Item #6

Now that this life event is in the rear view mirror, I fully expect this former A list tweener singer/actress turned A-/B+ list adult to split with her significant other.

Blind Item #5

It looks like this J-Lo ex is finally set to come out after he was spotted getting very affectionate in public with his long time gay porn actor boyfriend.

Blind Item #4

I'm not even sure why this one named A- list DJ went to a certain event last night. The guy is racist and he kept saying racist things to his date about the people at the event.

Blind Item #3

This celebrity offspring is doing everything she can to find out if her foreign born former A+ list tweener is trying to secretly meet up with his A= list singer ex. She even tried to put a GPS tracker on his phone and said it was in case he got kidnapped.

Blind Item #2

This married permanent A list mostly movie actor had to leave his side piece back home last night while our actor attended an award ceremony. 

Blind Item #1

This disgraced reality star from a huge family is still married. He also sees a stripper he met once a week at her place. Hey, at least she is legal.


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