Monday, September 23, 2019

Blind Item #13 - Emmy Awards

I know this previously split acting couple showed up together last night, but the night before, the A- list actor part of that couple was definitely sucking face with someone other than his ex. 

Blind Item #12 - Emmy Awards

With all of the old kids shows being rebooted, this back in the day A list tween/teen actress turned A- list adult actress who still complains about getting bumped off a tabloid cover because of a celebrity death, was pushing hard that her old show be rebooted and also star her with kids being secondary. 

Blind Item #11 - Emmy Awards

Apparently this married Bravo star from a show not named Housewives is cheating on his significant other again. The guy just throws money at people he thinks he can sleep with. It is pretty disgusting. Plus, he gives them crap if they refuse.

Blind Item #10 - Emmy Awards

At a pre Emmy Awards party, this foreign born A- list nominated/winning actor made it plain for the world to see that he wished his actress wife had stayed home so he could bask in the spotlight and hit on women.

Blind Item #9 - Emmy Awards

It looks like this B list actress offspring who works a ton and way more than the parental unit has caught some of the drug bug from her boyfriend.

Blind Item #8 - Emmy Awards

Not on the press line, but inside an after party, this foreign born A- list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and got some attention for a new look was asked by a spy about The Club. Our actress told the spy to f**k off and then five minutes later left the party.

Blind Item #7 - Emmy Awards

This foreign born "entrepreneur" was all over this CEO of a company last night which produces a nominated show from last night which lost last week. She was raving about how much she was crazy about him. The thing is though, she said the same thing about a CEO from her home country that left his wife to be with her but who she dumped for the new guy who is more wealthy. 

Blind Item #6 - Emmy Awards

This B+ list actress who made her fame in a movie franchise back in the day and a drunken famous quote was talking smack about her A- list boyfriend who spends his time on a lot of different shows. Apparently she found out about a relationship he had with a co-star that lasted for two years. It is unclear if this caused our actress to split from him or she was jst giving a run down on his cheating escapades.


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