Friday, May 27, 2022

Blind Item #13

 This foreign born model/bad actress says she partied this week with this A- list actress who used to be in that awful book series turned franchise and they ended up in bed together.

Blind Item #12

 This foreign born B list actress who got her big break in the recent pay cable hit not named Euphoria and not on the same pay cable channel, says she split with this former Disney actor for the same reason his current girlfriend did. The constant cheating was just too much. It was almost a daily thing for years.

Blind Item #11

 Last year, this foreign born permanent A list model fired a housecleaner after beating her. The model thought the cleaner had stolen something, but had not.

Blind Item #10

 This barely legal foreign born A- list actress who made her fame in streaming, already has a coke problem.

Blind Item #9

The reporter who today confirmed everything I have ever said about how the celebrity CEO manipulates the press to turn them into publicists rather than press, is not the reporter who has been in this space multiple times. That reporter is in a league of his own when it comes to sucking up, and the favors he receives are much more than just alone time with the CEO and executives.

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 19, 2022

Don't believe the hype. This former A+ list singer/piano player was not offered $9M for 9 minutes of work, and would never have turned it down if she was.

Alicia Keys

Four For Friday - Celebrities You Don't Want To Meet

 #1 - This foreign born A- list actor once was the lead in the long long running movie franchise. He thinks all fans are idiots and will tell you to your face.

#2 - This permanent A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and also has been nominated for the bad acting award too. Unless she is in the best of moods and alone and cornered, will she allow for any conversation or photo.

#3 - This married A list mostly television actor who has multiple hit shows to his name, including at least one that is iconic. He also had a movie franchise. He smiles a lot for the cameras, but unless you are a female under the age of 25 that he thinks will be open to one of his swinger events, then he has no time for you. 

#4 - This foreign born A list actress has made multiple movies for children. That means children are going to approach her and parents are going to approach her to take a photo for their kids. 95% of the time she will ignore you and just keep walking or make up an excuse or whatever she can. Sometimes she has been been known to say, "F**k off."

Your Turn

 The best ending to a television series.


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