Friday, March 05, 2021

Blind Item #10

At this very popular Italian restaurant here, the waiters are primarily Italian or at least doing a good job pretending. The hostess and manager are Russian. This A list mostly movie actress likes to think she is fluent in Russian because of a role (one of two movies of hers I actually enjoy) she once played. She loves trying to speak to them in Russian and did it again last night. They humor her.

Blind Item #9

 The wife of the former rock star and her "ex" are being accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Interesting.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 26, 2021

The showrunner fired from a reboot of a former children's channel show was fired because he refused to play the "ship" game. There are two possible "ship" outcomes and he thinks the fans who focus on that shouldn't be. The powers above want the focus to be on that. Maybe, instead they should focus on why they are rebooting the show in the first place and how it screwed so many people over as tweens/teens and they can't function correctly as adults.

Jay Kogen/"Nickelodeon"/"iCarly"

Four For Friday - One Hit Wonders

Not songs this time but instead, movies or shows.

#1 - This foreign born former A- list teen actor blew all his money on drugs and now lives in the guesthouse of his former co-star while hoping to one day get another acting gig.

#2 - This former A list actress is someone all of you know. Despite that, she only had one hit. She destroyed her career through drug use, but not like you would normally see. 

#3 - This one hit wonder was for a movie all of you know, even if you haven't seen it. She was not a lead, but all of her fame came from the movie which was a franchise. She uses her fame to charge higher rates for yachting and has been known to roll married men she sleeps with.

#4 - This one hit wonder teen actor starred in a movie all of you know. Pretty iconic movie. Now he sells drugs and runs strings of women to service men at conventions here in town.

Your Turn

I was going to do this one yesterday on the anniversary of his death, but wanted it to be here all weekend.

Favorite John Candy movie.

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 26, 2021

It is bad enough the mom is trying to make a buck off junk science. Now, one of the offspring is trying to do the same thing to a much younger, more impressionable crowd. 

Yolanda Hadid/Bella Hadid

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 26, 2021

The alliterate one had final edit approval on an interview which recently aired. She doesn't on the very lengthy one. She wanted the very lengthy one to come out first (because she is in it) so kept trying to delay the first interview by not giving approval. They finally just said they were not waiting any longer and aired it.

Meghan Markle/James Corden/Oprah

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 26, 2021

You could read between the lines of the A/A list actor's answer to the complaint. He is going hard after his accuser. He is going to try to justify his abuse by saying she abused him first. His team is leaking stories everywhere which is why no one is going to come down hard on him. They think he is a better long term asset than the accuser.

Shia LaBeouf/FKA Twigs


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