Monday, November 18, 2019

Blind Item #12

I wonder how long it will be before the porn star past of a new performer in a new city in this popular cable franchise will be exposed. If I know about it, producers must which means someone will bring it up in an episode.

Blind Item #11

The only way this Southern reality show not having to do with Housewives might be able to film again is to have the lecherous coke using sexual assaulter brought back into the fold.

Blind Item #10

The A list everything in her mind didn't work for free. She took scale and a huge back end. If it had made zero dollars, it would have been working for very little money, but that is not what happened.

Blind Item #9

The foreign born singer isn't going anywhere. He hates the A+ lister. The thing is though, the A list doughnut licker has left before and is perfectly willing to leave again, which has the manager trying to calm things down. 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

October 27, 2015

This B list singer used to be A list. Hopefully at some point he will be D list. Unfortunately for all of us, he will probably always be famous. Anyway, he is dating a woman who claims to be a model. She is more of the Instagram variety. Probably sells tea or waist trainers on it. Our "model" is probably C list. She would love to be a reality star.  It is a life goal. So far, she has only achieved any level of fame from the people she has hooked up with. I wonder if they know she has a racist past. All of the model's old tweets using the n-word are still on the internet, tweets from back when she was dating a NFL player. This is not a one time thing. This was a daily thing from our model. The thing is her current boyfriend is going to be put in a really awkward position when all of this breaks. He just attracts bad publicity, but this will be really bad.

Robin Thicke/April Love Geary (instead they just deleted them all and pretend like it never happened)

Today's Blind Items - Lost In Paradise

This foreign born B- list mostly director is known for making martial arts movies on the cheap. The thing is though, he makes them all in one country and how he makes most of his money is by filming underage sex acts using the production company's equipment and crew. It is the largest child porn ring in the world and apparently nothing can be done because the highest levels of the government have given the green light, including the leader of the country who had his ex-partner fully involved too until they had a falling out.

Your Turn

Favorite kind of Thanksgiving stuffing.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 8, 2019

If they hadn't forced out the show runner and other executive producers/writers, the show would have probably gone several seasons. It just shows that the awful actress turned reality star turned out of work once again actress and her partner in crime who think they knew best, made a mess of a franchise. I wonder if the awful actress took advances on another season of the show and is in debt again.

Tori Spelling/Jennie Garth


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