Friday, June 18, 2021

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you would like to hang out with Sharon Stone at the Tribeca Film Festival and ask her if she acts any longer, well, you probably should buy a ticket. If you want to be next to her in the photos, email your photo to

Bryan Cranston was there too. It looks like he got some work done.
Adrien Brody looks exactly like he did a decade ago and is back working after a couple year break.
Elizabeth Olsen is going all in to let you know she got married.
Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian in Malibu.
Kate Middleton, with her Pride umbrella, at her new charity.
Rory Culkin just screams future cult leader.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Simon Cowell looks like a crooked British banker, but is actually at Ascot.


Blind Item #13

This A list country singer/frequent commercial actor and his actress wife turned down an invite to the alliterate one's house. They didn't want to end up pawns in her game is what they told friends.

Blind Item #12

This former Twilight actress blew all her money on drugs and bad shopping decisions. Now, she is sleeping with foreign movie producers in return for straight to streaming roles no one will see.

Blind Item #11

 This former NYC Housewife's husband hooked up with a west coast Housewife.

Blind Item #10

An odd, but interesting tidbit. This foreign born B+ list celebrity who used to be a reality star and is an entertainment family all of you know, only allows anal sex for the first couple months of a relationship. She likes to make sure you are a keeper first.

Blind Item #9

This Housewife got her lawyers back on board after she paid them. Now everyone wants to know where the money came from to pay them.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 9, 2021

This network news anchor wanted heads to roll after someone moved his chair out of position. He hates having his face straight on to the camera.

ABC/David Muir

Four For Friday - 90210 Or Melrose Place

Were the perpetrators of this horrible behavior on 90210 or Melrose Place. Bonus points for getting the actor/actress. No reboots here.

#1 - This actress who has also done reality, orally serviced her co-star while he was on speaker with his newlywed wife. They later divorced.

#2 - This actress is way more known for daytime television. She has an Emmy win/nomination for that. She caused a huge scandal on the show when she was caught in a weekend drug/sex fest with a producer. It cost her a main role and also ended her marriage.

#3 - Even though they ended up together for a couple of years, this actress says she was plied with alcohol and was date raped by her co-star on their first date.

#4 - If you wanted to hook up with this actress, you had to be willing to do it with your microphone live. She did that so guys would stop hitting on her. One actor said the condition was fine, so they ended up hooking up and the whole cast and crew got to listen.


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