Monday, September 16, 2019

Blind Item #12

What do you do when the relationship with the A+ list actor/recovering alcoholic/serial cheater doesn't work out? Well, if you are this writer, you find an A/A- list actor/recovering alcoholic/cheater to be your new boyfriend. I'm sure it will work out just fine.

Blind Item #11

This back in the day A- list actress who had a movie franchise is probably B- list now. For over a year she has been trying to tell her story of being assaulted and harassed by an actor and director, but apparently they have video of her in some very compromising situations which would probably destroy her career so she stays quiet.

Blind Item #10

This former A-/B+ list actress from a now defunct long running network dramedy has had some volatile relationships and feuds. Last night she was doing lines which is just going to ruin the effects of the botox.

Blind Item #9

This back in the day supposed next big star had a peak of about A- and that was a pretty brief peak. Had a role in a franchise. Had a nice run on a television show. Cheated on his actress wife so dumped her for a younger version who dumped him when she realized anyone was better. Apparently our actor decided to go all method for his latest role and convinced some actress extras they should have sex to really feel their roles.

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 5, 2019

This alliterate permanent A list singer who is not even the biggest in her family has always said she hated this permanent A++ list celebrity, so I'm not sure why she would agree to work with her. That seems really odd.

Janet Jackson/Oprah

Today's Blind Items - Project Hedonia - A House On St. Charles Blind Item

It all makes sense if you think about it. What was the House On St. Charles known for? As I have recounted here several times, it was designed as the ultimate honey trap house of all time. Maybe Epstein and Maxwell would say otherwise, but St. Charles has always got the mos return for its buck. If you will also recall, the owners of the house specifically targeted big name celebrities as part of their push. They wanted control over actors and producers and directors. Why though? They can pay of course and are worried about being caught as much as anyone else, but why them? Why the focus.

Remember this is the city where the university covered up their experiments more so than anywhere else. They had the doctor everyone feared the most. They had the doctor who knew more about altering brains, than any other doctor in time. While his experiments and work is now being praised for bringing scientific breakthroughs in cures for certain diseases, one part of his research has not been discussed. It was his research, the hidden research that has caused the government to get into bed so deeply with Hollywood. It is not just about propaganda. It is what he hypothesized during his experiments. What would happen, if you didn't need the actual electrodes hooked to the brain. What if you could do it via some other method. What visual effect closest resembles/mimics what he was doing with electrodes. Was there something? Yes, there was. The thing of it is, everyone who submits to it, does so voluntarily.

Back in the very early 80's when things were tough, they had to keep a low profile because of all the hearings and aftermath of the Congressional investigations. It was disguised as a grant paid to the university and it involved using 3-D in movies. This was crude. They were guessing and was not sure what was going to work. They needed a huge 3-D movie they knew would get tens of thousands of people into theatres to see what would work and what wouldn't. It also had to be a film that got people to react several different times during the movie and cause some stress. So many things to test. The government gave a whole bunch of money to get a movie made that really had no reason to be made and then, made it in 3-D. It was exactly what researchers needed, and they set up five theatres in different parts of the country with cameras and measuring devices to see the results of their tests.

They also wanted to test it with a completely different kind of film. One which made zero sense to put in 3-D. It was ridiculous and also a really bad movie. To make things interesting, they picked a movie about spies and Russians. They wanted to test reactions in a completely different way.

Those were the first two. Since then, they have refined and refined and found which actors work best delivering messages or lines. Funny thing how the actors that perform the best are the ones who were blackmailed. Two A+ list mostly movie actors are at the top of the list. Think the long long long awaited sequels in two separate franchises starring the same A+ list actor and in two very differing formats was a coincidence? It is the same type setup they used over three decades ago. Two total opposites. 

Your Turn

Favorite band while you were in high school.

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 4, 2019

Apparently "listener," is now an occupation, at least if you are the foreign born self-identified producer/writer/director/actress/philanthropist/author/ spouse of the foreign born A list dual threat actor who has a franchise.

Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch


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