Thursday, May 26, 2022

Blind Item #13

 The A list actor in #12 got the idea from an actress co-star he also dated. She is known for giving magic mushrooms to friends as presents.

Blind Item #12

 This A list mostly movie actor/former superhero is growing a massive amount of pot at his home which he says he is going to give away to his friends at Christmas. He says it is super potent.

Blind Item #11

 This three named singer should be very careful around her new significant other. His drug use is legendary and our singer does not need to be tempted right now. Even this former A list singer/possible murder suspect couldn't keep up with him.

Blind Item #10

It is ironic how the management of the A+ list foreign boyband is sending them to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes while staying silent about the dead victim of their rapist composer and threatening underage bullying victims of their new singer. They only speak about social issues to get good publicity.

Blind Item #9

What this North Carolina music festival said is that someone being a rock legend superseded the fact they are a registered sex offender and at one point faced life in jail for their sex crime, and also has been arrested previously for failing to register as a sex offender. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 18, 2022

The former late night actress who is beloved on social media ticked off her fellow comedians again this week. She has been in this spot before for pushing aside other comics for her own needs. This week she was supposed to stop after five minutes, because everyone only gets five minutes. She took almost 30. She is running out of friends in the industry.

Leslie Jones

Today's Blind Items - Don't Share Your Screen

I told you about a certain Gen Z political internet personality a few months ago, who is notorious for broadcasting rants of hatred against women, Jews, gays, and nearly every minority group. Let's call him Fan for short.

I described how the root of Fan's hatred stems from the fact that he is deeply closeted, and involuntarily celibate.  Fan has not engaged in a relationship with a man, due to the risk of being outed, which he knows would cause his audience to abandon and shame him.

In the past few weeks, Fan made a number of public statements, which no heterosexual man would ever make.  Many news articles were published repeating those statements, openly questioning his sexual preference.

Very recently, Fan posted a short video clip to an account, which he was using to evade a prior ban, on the bird social media site.  In the clip, Fan shifted between open tabs, comparing the higher number of recent internet searches of his name, to the lower numbers for a couple of his detractors.   

At the time, Fan didn't realize that another tab was open on his device, which he did not want anyone to know about.   The tab was momentarily visible to his audience, which indicated that he was watching a type of fetishized pornography targeted towards gay and trans men.  

Some of Fan's followers noticed this, questioned him, and the post was archived in the few minutes before Fan deleted it.  

A key part of Fan's message espouses purity, anti-pornography, and traditional religious values.  That façade has also just been revealed as completely fake.

Your Turn

 Favorite Ray Liotta movie other than Goodfellas. 


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