Friday, May 24, 2019

Blind Item #13

The friend of the royal who arranged the original yachting meet with the alliterate actress is someone the actress does not want associating with the royal. However, that friend has accompanied the royal on a trip out of the country and a long time former girlfriend of the royal flew into that same country. Meeting?

Blind Item #12

After the horrific bomb of a movie that was just released, it is interesting that the A list actress with the Oscar win/nomination isn't getting any blame, but just her foreign born co-star who is suddenly not on anyone's casting list.

Blind Item #11

If you believe there was only that one time the Housewife was drinking and she just happened to get caught that one time, then I don't know what to say. I have been telling you for months there has been drinking and in a few months will probably be out of control.

Blind Item #10

This A-/B+ list-ish singer/actress never stops talking about her personal life and her husband has had enough because people remind him of it on a daily basis because she seemingly brings it up on a daily basis. Every time she brings it up, people are reminded he was the bad guy because she reminds people every single time that he was the bad guy.

Blind Item #9 - From Reddit

From an escort who says an actor pays her to watch his show with him after they have sex.

This one is more sad than funny, but I think there's some humor to it. This client is a pretty famous comedic actor. He's on a pretty popular show and there's a good chance you've seen him, or at least heard of him. Think "Tina Fey when she was on 30 Rock" or "Jack Black at any point in the last 20 years" kind of famous. A lot of people would recognize him, and they generally think he's funny. He's also pretty cute; a girl I went to high school with had such a big celebrity crush on him that she changed her last name on Facebook to his last name for, like, three years. (I've signed an NDA and I will not share his name or any other identifying details).

Turns out he likes to watch the show that he's on after we have sex. Okay, fine, great, not a big deal. It's a decent show. He even gives me the email and password for the streaming service that it's on so we can watch it on my TV while we're still in bed cuddling (clients fuckin' love cuddling, man. They fuckin' love it). He laughs at every single joke that any character on the show makes, except for his own. When I ask him about this, he looks me dead in the eyes and says "I don't think I'm funny". (To be clear, he is specifically known for being funny).

But getting to watch TV with clients for an hour or two is pretty fun. And as someone who's working on a Master's degree in Social Work, getting to learn about the weird fucked-up psyches of the rich and famous is weirdly fun as well. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 15, 2019

The A list everything in her mind is tired of trailing her boyfriend everywhere he goes. Each time she doesn't though, he starts talking to other women or making plans to meet other women. It is exhausting for our A lister.

Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez

Four For Friday - The Gossip Got Her

It is kind of ironic that gossip is what ruined her career. Not gossip about her, although there was plenty, but gossip she would sell. All told, she probably made nearly $1M during her long career selling gossip. She did it all at $500-1000 a pop year after year. She was on a lot of hit shows and whenever she was on one of the shows, suddenly there would be story after story about her co-stars. The only people who give her any kind of work now are people who have been friends with her for a long time and are in a position to give her work. The last straw for most showrunners/producers was her brief gig on a very popular pay cable show. There had never been any gossip about the show in its entire run. Then, in its second to last year, our actress came on board and there was just story after story and people on set were reading things about other people on the set. It was a family of sorts that was torn apart. The show which was supposed to go on for several more seasons suddenly just limped through a final season. The actress was not a part of that last season. She was essentially poison after that. Now her once big career is reduced to one off episodes or doing things on her own. You all know her.

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