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Blind Items Revealed #24 - Anniversary Month

October 29, 2019

Apparently the disgraced A list director who is being forced to work under the table and anonymously doesn't really care about turning things around. A couple of weeks ago, he arranged for a group of guys who want to be actors to meet at a designated spot. He told them they were all going to a concert. This big Hummer limo picks them all up and there is booze and a mini strip pole type thing and it takes about 30-45 minutes to get to the concert from the meeting point and in that time, the director pairs off with one of the guys and has him orally service him in front of everyone. So, they get to the concert and the director and three of his friends get out to go to the show. The guys that were picked up, also get out of the limo, and the limo drives off. The director then says, there are no tickets for the guys and thanks and have a good night and walks into the concert with his friends. 

Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Anniversary Month

February 4, 2019

People are focusing only on the big name in all of this. The thing is, there were others killed first in this spree. Oh, and they were all killings. There was no suicide. The claim of suicide was made by relatives to try and ensure their own safety. No one actually believes there was a suicide. Was it arranged by the mogul? It isn't like he hasn't protected child molesters before. It isn't like he hasn't protected billionaire sex traffickers before. It isn't like he hasn't helped out his one named A++ list friend when they have needed it before. It isn't his first time being involved in deaths to cover up secrets or to do a favor. I think this was more revenge than anything else. You don't run through the list of victims that were in hiding, all helped by the "suicide" victim and then kill them all. Each killing was accompanied with a message to the "suicide" victim. They were coming for her. She knew they were coming for her. She reached out to people to spread the word they were murdering those closest to her. She knew they would come for her family unless she gave up herself to them first. You know the term suicide by cop? This was pretty similar. Show yourself and get yourself killed or the family goes and then they will come and find you anyway after. They launched their killing spree from a yacht moored in Vilanova Grand Marina. Guess who the yacht is registered to? Yeah, the same name he uses for all the yachts he bought with this internet tycoon several years ago. This one he has not bought out, but he is still co-owner.

Sabrina Bittencourt

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Anniversary Month

October 3, 2019

A documentary filmmaker spent much of the past year doing interviews and flying back and forth to Asia as she tried to find the answers to a crime that was committed two years ago and had the world's attention, but is rarely discussed now. The filmmaker was inspired by a blind item that I wrote about this time last year with some information a reader in that country provided to me. The filmmaker decided to follow that lead to see where it would go. It went a lot of different directions. Each time she would come back to the US from these trips, she noticed she was being taken into secondary inspections every single time and asked more and more questions about what she was doing and what she was filming. After talking to dozens of people, she managed to finally land an interview with the male subject of the blind from last year. She filmed it. She says it was explosive and took her breath away. She also said that when she arrived at the airport to leave that country and return home to the US, she was accused by that country's immigration that she was smuggling drugs. They detained her at the airport and went through all her bags and body searched her. At the last possible minute they said she was free to go. They threw all her belongings back into bags and hurried her on to the plane. It was not until she was in the air that she realized that at some point they had taken all of her memory cards from the interviews she had filmed during that trip. When she got back to the US, she was accused of smuggling drugs and was detained for multiple hours again. Sometime during her detention in the foreign country, the long flight home and the detention here, that male contact in the foreign country was murdered in a "drug robbery gone bad."

Philippines/Male relative of Marilou Danley (girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock)

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Anniversary Month

October 14, 2019

Over the years, I have told you how difficult it is to get really good royal gossip. That is, of course before the alliterate one came along. She has so many friends who are always willing to talk. The royal pedophile has an offspring living in the States, so gossip can be gained through that branch too. Except for that, there really has not been a way to get gossip on anyone else unless they encountered someone who was willing to share. The royals themselves were not sharing. Over the past year, the alliterate side has tried to spill whatever tea they can about the "other half" of the family. The thing is though, because of the wide divide between the two halves there has not been much interesting to share. For this blind, the tip took nearly six months before it finally broke free from the alliterate side and it is a good one. In the spring there was a mini-split between the one closer to the throne and his wife. The reason was well documented. It was such a rough split that the wife chose to cancel all her events that had been scheduled for a trip with her husband and he was to go alone. Oh, he traveled alone alright, but he didn't stay alone. The person that was at the center of the mini-split was there the entire time. The tip that made its way over to the alliterate side and eventually out to me and to you didn't include whether the wife knew about it or not. It was only about 5 weeks after the trip, that the person in question also showed up a very big event which both the husband and wife attended. 

Meghan Markle/Prince Andrew/Princess Beatrice/Prince William & Kate/Rose Hanbury

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Anniversary Month

December 24, 2019

This not yet legal to drink former child actress turned adult actress dropped out of a film project where she was required to do nude scenes. The film is a sequel, written, produced and directed by the person who did the original. Our actress originally picked up that role out of desperation because after two years of no work other than a sappy role on that lack of diversity holiday cable channel. Our actress she has been trying to shed her good girl image with more risque roles but would not go as far as taking her clothes off. But she was desperate, and finally broke down and accepted the inevitable.

One tiny hitch. Our actress could not do a nude role while still attached to the cable channel, so she quit the channel. She was fully prepared to go through with her new nude role for a few months getting ready for the shooting to start until fate intervened. She suddenly got a bigger offer. The lead in a faith based Christian musical film.

It's what she had been waiting for her whole life. But now she was in the same pickle as before and realized that she had to drop the nude role (no way she could steer back to family friendly fare until she did). She was fully prepared to go through with it until this better role came along.

Well that nude film has now been shot with another actress taking her place and will come out around the same time the Christian musical comes out next year. Our actress is preparing herself for the inevitable when the public finds out about what she almost did, especially now that an archive of some of her recent audition videos for various other roles have surfaced and shows that she had clearly been pursuing these edgy mature roles all along. Her dropping the nude role never had anything to do with her rediscovering her morals as she claims, it was just business.

So who did replace our actress? Another child actress turned adult actress who has been in this space before. That actress is no stranger to nudity, just not film. 

Bailee Madison/Another Girl/Allison Burnett/Ask Me Anything/Hallmark/A Week Away/Sammi Hanratty

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

December 3, 2018

At the time they started dating she was A list. Mostly television actress on the biggest show on the air. He was a foreign born A list singer. He fell head over heels for her. Prior to meeting her, he had never touched any drugs and barely even drank because he said it affected his very unique voice. She was older than him by several years and he never wanted to disappoint her or risk losing her. To her, he was a play toy. To him, she was the love of his life. So, when she said you should do some coke with me, he did. When she said you should do more, he did. He did it to the point where he couldn't go longer than a few hours without using coke. It cost him multiple high profile, high paying television jobs. It also cost him the actress who got him involved in drugs in the first place. She had what she wanted. A couple of years of fun, some additional fame and a chance at doing some music too. He found a new actress girlfriend but all she did was try to keep him off coke while listening to him ramble on about how the A lister should come back and then the next day how the A lister killed him. He was prophetic and did die and he and his family blame the former A lister to this day for his death.

Victoria Principal/Andy Gibb

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

March 26, 2018

This was kind of strange. This A list mostly movie actress who is getting that rating because of her past work. She never really acts now. She says that when she was starting out in the business and basically having sex for money with wealthy men who saw her in a magazine, she was taken to a party and introduced to this permanent A++ list celebrity. Apparently they enjoyed the same type party drug. Well, she was taking it to party and he was taking it to live or at least numb all his pain. To this day, his cause of death is listed as something other than what the real cause of death was. Anyway, he was fascinated by our now actress and also by the guy she was seeing from time to time who could get his hands on the drug. So, she started spending more time with our celebrity and she says he memorialized her, but when she saw it and didn't immediately say how much she loved it, he destroyed it in front of her and never did another. Apparently he was wasted when he destroyed it and she says she did love it but was shocked he did it. She also says that when the celebrity was dying, her first husband who was not quite her husband refused to meet the celebrity because he was afraid of catching something.

Demi Moore/Andy Warhol/Freddy Moore

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Anniversary Month

January 29, 2020

It is fairly rare that I use the big blind of the day to talk about something from this country on the opposite side of the world, but it is just too interesting to not discuss. Plus, it will make you work a little bit to get the answers. With all the digging I have been doing on the B+ list actress from that country, a lead told me to look into a producer that our actress has been known to sleep with, not so much for parts, but also for favors from others who can then do something for her. They have also done some producing together. This is one of her main benefactors. Right now he is embroiled in a scandal for agreeing to pay stars their asking rate and then, after they have signed, cut their salaries as much as half. If the star tries to back out he calls them greedy. Meanwhile, he is funneling the money he is saving into other schemes, some of which he has done with the actress. The blind though is not really about all of that, but instead, the killing of his wife so he could sleep with as many actresses as he wanted without scandal. He made sure he had an airtight alibi, but he also knew her habits and knew she would eventually take the pill that killed her. The pill which was a replacement for one of the many she took each day.

Priyanka Chopra/Boney Kapoor/Sridevi


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