Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Want to hang out with Celine Dion's son in Paris? Well, you can, at least in this space. You have five more days of Reader Photos before it goes away until December. Email your photo to
Ellie Goulding and
AKA Sticks at a party in London last night.
Cuba Gooding Jr. arriving in court today.
Chris Hemsworth in the standard I'm selling a watch photo shoot.
Lauren from Utah wants another Range Rover.
Lucy Hale making a fonut run which are to donuts what turkey bacon is to proper bacon.
Nicky Hilton and
Mary J Blige at The Love Ball.
Another day another night where Priyanka Chopra and her mom shared one room and Nick Jonas had one to himself.
Rachel Brosnahan filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in Miami.
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Reader Photo #2
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Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson hanging out at Universal Studios.

Blind Item #13 - Reader Blind Item - Kindness

 I received a heart wrenching email from a teenage fan whose friend had just passed away suddenly in a car accident. The fan said his friends favorite song was the HUGE melancholy love song this foreign based permanent A list band had, and could they please play it at their concert the following night? We forwarded the email to the band, and not only did they play the song (which, well they would've anyway, let's be honest) but they dedicated it to the teen who passed away and had all of his friends and family backstage to meet the band after the show.

Blind Item #12

The still young, foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress opened her checkbook to her significant other who has raided the hell out of it. The actress just doesn't know it yet.

Blind Item #11

This streaming service is having discussions about streaming live porn to make up for the huge loss of viewers they know is coming in the next two years with the loss of two of their biggest programs.

Blind Item #10

Apparently the not related by blood family member never showed any interest in seeing this former multiple reality star B-/C+ lister in a bikini or topless which she does frequently too. This is what led to the revelation that is making news today. 

Blind Item #9

There are more than a half dozen past and present heads of state, including at least two Presidents and dozens of CEO's who donate millions each year to political campaigns who want to make sure that South Florida case never sees the light of day. They want those donations to mean something. The pressure is intense. Don't be shocked if the judge rules the way they want that the judge ends up on an Appeals Court as a promotion. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 16, 2019

As I told you a few weeks ago when the world would not stop talking about the celebrity offspring from two generations being pregnant, I said, that would be awkward considering the foreign born A/A- list singer was cheating on her. Now, it appears they have split.

Dakota Johnson/Chris Martin

Today's Blind Items - Cause Vs Effect

This singer is permanently A list. Long before she was a singer though, she was an actress. An actress who was young. She started off as a tween. She doesn't like to talk about those years. The only thing she will ever say is she acted and what shows she was on. Ask her what happened behind the scenes though and she won't say a word. I would argue that many of her choices to remain private and distant about her personal life stems from the time on those sets. Two in particular stand out because they shared an executive producer. This is a producer I have written about before who repeatedly sexually assaulted a star of one of the shows. He got her hooked on drugs so she would let him do things to her or have other people join in. She was a zombie. What I haven't written about before is the long term molesting of the permanent A list singer which went on for almost five years. What had been this bubbly lively personality became so shy and withdrawn that it always took multiple takes for her scenes because she was so quiet and so fearful for what would happen after the scenes were shot. Because she had such a controlling monster as a parent, I wonder if she just accepted this controlling monster as her boss.


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