Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Blind Item #13 - Kindness

 This one named former A+ list singer has slid down the list a lot the past several years. She can't get good songs because of an ongoing argument with a big name. She could have just given up, but she has pretty much quit drinking and partying and has started writing songs on her own. She also helped a neighbor's child by performing a duet with her at her school talent show last week.

Blind Item #12

One thing the stand up comic did not discuss in her interview which will air this week, is the celebrity offspring she partied with on a regular basis and could have also ended up dead. She was barred from bringing up his name for "security reasons,"

Blind Item #11

 This movie slated for a fall release is often initialed by stans who will line up no matter how bad it is. It is being reworked four months out, which should give you some idea.

Blind Item #10

 Saying you want to replace a foreign born A list actor in a role is not the same thing as actually being able to act well enough to do it. That is the issue facing this A list singer/bad actor.

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

This artist started in the music business in a not-so-famous punk group. She was also in some iconic 80s music videos and hobnobbed with several legendary early 80s artists. She got a free ticket to the big time when she replaced someone in a well-known UK girl group. She was kicked out after just a few years for being an unprofessional drunk (which is really saying something considering the other members of the group). She has long given up her bad, old ways and thrived in a different career, but still has to dabble in MLM to make ends meet.

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 11, 2022

The wife of this A/A- list actor/murderer must think everything is back to normal because she has brought back her fake accent.

Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

Today's Blind Items - Charge It

 I'm not sure this is juicy enough to get the big blind, but I want to put it out there so people can be on their guard. There is a television actor who is A- list. If you don't watch his show, you would probably still know who he is. The show made him a big star with a group that is more Gen Z than millennial. He trolls through their social media pages and sinks the hook when he gets the right combination. Whether he is filming in Vancouver or home in Los Angeles, he picks women from neither of those cities. He likes women who have a job where they have to be in an office rather than work from home. He then tells them he would love to see them and makes them pay to fly to come see him. He brings them on set if in Vancouver or to a hotel if he is home in Los Angeles. He then has sex with them and sends them on their way. No dinner, no lunch, no nothing. On set, he says he has to head back to work and will see them at their hotel that night, but won't show up. In Los Angeles, he gets a text and says he has to run to a meeting with his agent but will be right back, but doesn't go back. 

He knows they have a job and have to leave, so doesn't have to worry about them hanging around whatever city that long, looking for him.

Your Turn

 With the first look at Mindy Kaling's reimagined Scooby Doo into more adult themes, I'm wondering what are some other cartoons that could pull that off?


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