Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blind Item #13

This southern reality star keeps getting different prescriptions from doctors to the point where she can take just about anything and still be in compliance with court orders about staying clean even if she is wasted almost every day.

Blind Item #12

This married Los Angeles NBA player puts his celebrity (that you probably have never heard of and could never afford to sit there or have all the stuff she has that he bought her) mistress front row nearly every home game. 

Blind Item #11

The one named north of the border singer needs rehab in the worst possible way. She is spiraling out of control. Also, that new idea she has is awful. 

Blind Item #10

I don't know how your husband can have yet another baby with a woman and you still have not divorced him. Is this why the alliterate talk show host had a relapse? She needs to leave the husband and frame the story her way. 

Blind Item #9

This closeted A list politician would be much better off not discussing his beard quite so much, because one of them will get their stories wrong. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 13, 2019

The trades are saying one thing, but no decision has been made about the arrested actor or the network show where he stars and probably won't be made until May.

Jussie Smollett/Empire

Today's Blind Items - That Other Fire

That southern street recently had a fire, but that was not the first one to cover up secrets. There was one back in the day that still reverberates today. The thing is though, that fire was intentionally set to cover up for a murder that happened offsite before bringing the dead body back to the street where more wounds were inflicted to make it look like a crazed killer before setting the body and bed on fire. What did this victim do for a living? She was one of the top doctors in the world working on viruses and how to use them as a weapon. An accident at work occurred. It would have shed unnecessary light on the work being done in a top secret facility, so she was killed. 

Your Turn

A movie you wish would have a sequel.


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