Thursday, December 12, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you want to hang out in the early morning on Rodeo Drive with Gerard Butler, you probably have to sleep with him. But hey, if you just want your photo next to him, email it to
While Niall Horan does day 64 of the Jingle Ball tour,
Harry Styles gets and entire event dedicated to him, and the fawning that accompanies it.
Jack Black leaving The View.
Jamie Foxx partying it up in LA with
JoJo Siwa. No, that would be strange. I really hope JoJo isn't trying to pull this bow thing off even a decade from now.
Michael Urie and Ben McKenzie doing some promo together.
Al Pacino being Al Pacino in LA.
Also in LA, was the Uncut Gems premiere last night. Jackie Sandler was joined by the always unkempt Adam Sandler.
The Weeknd was there with
Emily Ratajkowski, who had a tribute to Harvey Weinstein on the inside of her arm.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac in Tokyo.
A blast from the past. Taylor Dayne hitting up the nightlife in town.

Blind Item #13

The wife of the disgraced royal is charging low five figures for any interviews. If she really cared about getting her spin out there, you would think she would do it for free.

Blind Item #12

This foreign born producer has done television, both in front of and behind the camera. She is cheating on her B+ list actor husband all of you know with a movie producer that she is collaborating with on a project.

Blind Item #11 - NY Post Blind Item

You can read it here too. 

An A-list actor — who has been hit with several #MeToo accusations — raised some eyebrows in the LA swinger community (which we imagine is pretty tough to do) by sending an extremely graphic picture to a number of couples online, without making any effort to conceal his identity.

He sent the super-steamy shot to a series of opposite-sex couples in the hopes of interesting them in a threesome, we’re told. The shot — seen by Page Six — shows the star grinning while holding the camera at arm’s length to show his torso and erect penis. The toned actor appears to be lying in bed.

Insiders said the shot shocked recipients partly because of the star’s apparent lack of interest in concealing his identity, but also because he’s been accused of sexual misconduct in the past couple of years. Said a grudgingly impressed insider, “I’m a fan of the d–k and all, but aren’t you trying to be a movie star still?!”

We’ve decided to conceal the actor’s identity out of respect for his privacy, even if Dr. Dick doesn’t seem to care so much about the privacy of his own privates.

Blind Item #10

The relationship between the former A list athlete turned hooker and drug loving reality star/celebrity and his maybe soon to be wife is just strange. It always has been. Everyone always assumed it was a reality show grab. I don't think the athlete knows about the significant other of his soon to be wife who shows up multiple times each week and is just a "friend."

Blind Item #9

That dadager who has been spilling some tea on the past of this A list group, seemingly has forgotten why several members were replaced. Oh, I know he has some yarn he is trying to pass off as the truth, but it is because they wouldn't sleep with him. Does that mean the people in it now have???

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 2, 2019

The only reason this prolific worker/baby maker/seizure victim is not in jail is because of who he is. Any other person not a celebrity would be facing life in jail, if not possible execution for what the rapper did. Instead of being grateful, he is going off on the country.

Lil Wayne/Pot possession/Saudi Arabia

Today's Blind Items - The Voyeur

On Thanksgiving Day, this junior editor was told to run over to this foreign born A+ list mostly movie director who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. Apparently, he was supposed to pick up a few things and be on his way. The director, who was enjoying Thanksgiving with his family told the editor where the box of stuff was, and went back to his dinner. The editor grabbed the box and went back to the office.

The following Monday, the editor arrived to the office and everyone was in a panic because the director was looking for a missing memory card. The editor was questioned for almost 20 minutes whether he knew where it was or if it had been in the box or seen it. Had the editor taken it? If he would return it, nothing would happen, the director just wanted it back. The editor hadn't taken it. He kept asking why it was so important and was told it was thoughts the director had for his next movie. Story ideas, and just pages of notes and visuals. This was a huge panic over the memory card. Literally no work got done that day as people searched the office and the director's home. Once again, the editor was questioned, this time with the director there. Had he gone into any other rooms in the house? Had he been digging around? What did he do after he left the director's house? Would he be willing to let them look through his laptop and other computers? Once again, he was also told he could just give it back and no harm no foul.

Two days later, and it still had not been found. Our editor was fired and two other people who the director had been wanting to fire and this seemed like a good time with some type of cause. One of those two people who was fired went and had drinks with the editor to share the loss together. During the course of the night, the fired person said he had the memory card. It had been his job on Thanksgiving to go through everything and at the bottom of the box was the memory card. Thinking it was another thing he was supposed to be looking at, he inserted it into the computer. It was filled with video after video. None of them were longer than about twenty seconds and most were five or six. Every single one was spying on women. Many upskirt videos or an actress changing her top. All taken with hidden cameras, but from the looks of them, they were taken with cameras on the person of whoever took the shot. Most of the videos you were unable to identify who the subject was, but there were dozens where you could, including at award shows and on sets where you see a quick glimpse of a face. When he saw what it was, he ejected it from the computer and panicked. What if they thought he stole it or something. What if he said something. He took it with him that night when he left. Over the weekend he decided he would sneak in on Monday and put it in the box. By the time he got there though, the place was filled with people looking. So, he kept it. He doesn't know what he is going to do with it.


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