Thursday, April 15, 2021

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

Recently I talked about this one name DJ and his penchant for underage women. He is not the only one. This former A list DJ/singer/musician who had his heyday a couple decades ago and had some issues with another celebrity he used to hit on. When he was famous he used to make out with underage girls at high school events. Wonder if that will be in the film about him.

Blind Item #9

This tool of an A/A- list alliterate director has had a couple recent good years and would have been a solid A list if his films made money. At an industry event, he ran into his ex-girlfriend, and while he was friendly at first, once he found out she was getting married abruptly stopped talking to her in front of others and pretended to not know her the rest of the party

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 6, 2021

I love that this foreign born A+/A list singer in her country is speaking out about awful record deals and awful management. Lets not forget though about her being super sketchy about keeping a timeline so the world didn't find out she was sleeping with the underage boy bander.

Rebecca Ferguson/Zayn Malik

Today's Blind Items - The Horror Hanger-On Predator And His Protectors

There is a member of the horror community who is not famous but is still supported by famous members of the horror community, despite the fact that he has been arrested and charged with child porn charges. Because they continue to support him, he has continued to have access to children, even making his own independent feature film with them.

Our  pedophile semi- alliterate hanger-on (#1) if you can identify him, has a business (#2) that is supposed to showcase the history of the genre even though it is a scam. #1 is not famous, but he has been arrested for child porn, so you might be able to find his identity him. However, he has been protected in the horror community because some more famous people in the genre have continued to refuse to distance themselves from him despite his criminal and abusive behavior.

One (#3) is  an A list in the genre actress who has been around forever and is the Meryl Streep of horror and has been in a reader blind before. She is having a better time in horror than now than when she was a nubile young actress, and even has a new lead role coming out very soon. 

#4  is an alliterate A list horror actor with a new entry in his franchise coming out this year and has had blinds about him written before.

#5 shares her name with a superhero and is an A- list adult film star who is the sidekick to a A list horror host (#6) who has a high profile role on a streaming service owned by a basic cable company and has been mentioned here before.

#7 is an alliterate B list horror actress who's most famous role is in a back in the day film with an A list foreign born director. In fact its one of the director's earliest films. She also acted in a film directed by an A list screenwriter who made many films with an A+ director.

The final protectors are #8 a foreign born former A list author/filmmaker oft compared to an A+ writer, and #9/#10 two boutique Blu Ray/DVD companies who are among the most well known, beloved and sought after  sellers among horror fans. #10 even sold the films of a tool of a foreign born abuser of a filmmaker I talked about recently

Your Turn

 In your opinion, which is the more awful natural disaster, a hurricane or tornado?

Blind Items Revealed #4

April 8, 2021

This former A+ list athlete who is a truly awful human being is spending a ton of money to victim shame someone that could bring a family member down. 

Lance Armstrong

Blind Items Revealed #3

 April 8, 2021

I told you many months ago that this former A/A- list actress was gunning for the job of the former VJ. She is really going hard for that job or any other with the cable channels throwing out ridiculous amounts of money. Right now she is getting paid by an overseas based channel.

Rose McGowan/Kennedy/RT

Blind Items Revealed #2

April 8, 2021

This club likes to think that no celebrity gossip ever emerges from their hallowed walls and they catch everyone who does. You keep thinking that. That makes things much easier for me. See, they always think the spies are the employees or junior members. The thing is, the spies are the people they would never dream of kicking out because their names are who bring in the new members.

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