Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Blind Item #14

This foreign born actress is mostly television and she has a new show which will probably be a hit. It is one of the few things she has done not in her native language. One thing she is also doing is this married permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who all of you know and who all of the world knows.

Blind Item #13

This B+ list mostly movie actress who is in a franchise says that her last three girlfriends all cheated on her and what is even crazier is each one of them cheated on her with the same woman.

Blind Item #12

This network was looking for any excuse to push this anchor for several of their shows out the door. They are convinced she was one of the main leakers of stories about the disgraced morning guy she used to share a bed with together while both were married to other people.

Blind Item #11

This B list celebrity offspring is soon to be married. She had a book a few years ago and was going to do a whole book signing tour but cut it short because the only people who showed up were people from her parents generation who were hoping to spot her parents. 

Blind Item #10

This really quick rapper might not want to kiss fans, but he has never had issues with hitting them.

Blind Item #9

A divorce settlement doesn't last forever so this alliterate former A- list celebrity who has had a resurgence the past couple of years to get back to B+ after  a decade of nothing is someone all of you know. She is also yachting which she did last year too. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 7, 2019

Golden Globes

At a pre Globes party, this former A list singer/possible murder suspect was wasted out of her mind and could barely talk with her newly inflated lips that just looked ridiculous.

Courtney Love

Today's Blind Items - The Volunteer

This actor is A- list. He is on an initialed show and been on awhile. He never seemingly makes tabloid news at all, so when this popped up at first, I blew it off. Then, a couple of months later another person said something about him that was super similar. So, I started asking around. Apparently our actor hangs out at missions or shelters which help single moms. Our actor then scouts around until he finds one he thinks is attractive. He will usually take her to dinner and then if they click will do something with her and her children. He then moves them into an apartment to help them get their life back on track. Sounds like this should be a kindness right? Well, of course the woman is grateful for what he has done and he makes it clear that they will continue to only get help if the sleep with him. So, they do. They fulfill his twisted fantasies too. Usually after a month or two he gets bored and has an employee kick them out of the apartment and give them $1000. After a couple of weeks he starts the whole process again.


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