Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Blind Item #13

This foreign born A list singer who all of you know from an A+ list group all of you know has a secret child. Now, whether the child is known to his A list actress ex is unknown. They were married when the child was born.

Blind Item #12

This former A+ list mostly movie actor from back in the day that all of you know for at least one iconic role hasn't been in this space for quite some time. Once again though, he is in it, for traveling out of the country to cheat on his higher on the list wife.

Blind Item #11

What previously blinded writer/director who is mentioned in a very glowing way in Variety today not only asked for sex in return for professional "favors" like jobs or parts but actually taunted women who declined his offer. He is known for texting and emailing women about having blown their chance at success by not having sex with him.

Blind Item #10

Proudly calling themselves MSG Inc., which stands for Misogynists, Inc. this alliterate former A list singer who is probably B+ now and a documented abuser of women decided to have women degrade themselves this week at a party for a chance to sleep with him. Our former A lister and his friends who also have been accused of degrading women in the past made the women go through a series of humiliating games for the chance to have sex with the rocker and his celebrity friends.

Blind Item #9

Long time no see for this alliterate B list mostly television actor. He used to be A- list and was on magazines every week. Then, when his almost network show ended, he has not had much luck since. Anyway, he is closeted and was out with his boyfriend and holding hands this week. Good for him.

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 15, 2019

Would you want to be stuck having even more of a connection with a guy who regularly abuses you. What if it happened again by accident. Finally the MTV reality star did something smart.

Jenelle Evans

Today's Blind Items - The Will

A phone call was made to an attorney. The attorney was rumored to have prepared a will in the year prior to the death of this A list rocker. The will was substantially different from one prepared about a decade earlier. Offspring were provided for and no one else. When the call was made to the attorney by an ex of the rocker, the attorney remembered preparing the will, but for some reason had not retained a copy as was his custom. He had billing records showing he prepared an original and delivered it with, three copies to family, but for some reason never filed his won copy.

This was discovered after months of looking by the attorney through all files of all clients. Why would the attorney have to search? Because the family member who was given the copies said no such will existed. The family member claimed the rocker hated it and destroyed the original and copies and wanted his previous will to remain in place. Without any proof that the new will was desired, the much older will remained in effect.

The older will was not the intent of the rocker.  It left off offspring which he wanted to rectify. The thing is though, that was never going to happen as long as someone else had control of all documents and is super greedy. The ex is doing everything they can to fight for not only herself, but also her offspring. She is being fought every step of the way. The greed is strong.

Your Turn

Your celebrity free pass that you wouldn't feel guilty hooking up with even if you have a significant other.


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