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Blind Items Revealed - Kindness

April 11, 2014

#3 - This former A list tweener is an a-hole and I still don't like him but he did manage to give away a little over $2M last year to charity and he hasn't started classifying hookers as a charity yet.

Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed

March 18, 2014

This C+ list mostly television actress offspring was really loud while having sex in that famous West Hollywood nightclub over the weekend. She had quite the crowd outside the door when she finished and had about ten people give her applause for her performance.

Rumer Willis

Blind Items Revealed

December 29, 2013

I think it was really awkward for everyone at Christmas dinner when this former A list mostly movie actor went to go spend time with his girlfriend leaving his former A list movie actress wife back at the table with their kids and her kids.

Antonio Banderas

Blind Items Revealed

April 11, 2014

I'm shocked. This A+ list entertainer(singer) who will always be A list at least in the singing part of her career stayed after an exercise class twenty minutes to take photos with everyone in the class who wanted one with her. She has never done that before. Ever. She always comes in a few minutes late and leaves a few minutes early.


Blind Items Revealed- Kindness

April 8, 2014

This late night talk show host doesn't get much press but he is incredibly funny. He is also generous. He paid for the conversion of a van for the father of a staffer on his show who was paralyzed. He also paid for the refitting of the house to make it accessible. Nice touch.

Craig Ferguson

Blind Items Revealed

May 4, 2014

This Academy Award winning actor who has done practically nothing since he won except be a pain was hitting on underage women at a bar even after they told him they used fake id's to get inside and were 16 and 17 respectively. He kept wanting to buy them drinks and take them home.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Blind Items Revealed

May 3, 2014

This A+ list mostly movie actress went bra less for her daily pap shot but decided after seeing the photos they showed way more than she intended so went and bought a bra and then had the pap take more photos.

Reese Witherspoon

Blind Items Revealed

April 11, 2014

This foreign born B- list entertainer(singer) sometime actress says that when she is with another woman it is not cheating on her entertainer(singer) boyfriend. Well, she has been the standard in cheating in recent years so the new woman every night she is with will not be considered cheating by me either.

Rita Ora

Blind Items Revealed

May 2, 2014

#3- Courteney Cox and this former A list musician because of a band he was in. Not Adam Duritz. Not Bruce Springsteen.

Richie Sambora

Blind Items Revealed

May 2, 2014

#5 - Chris Noth and this former A list mostly movie actress who still has A list name recognition and has a great imagined hometown line.

Winona Ryder

Blind Items Revealed

May 2, 2014

#2- Gwyneth Paltrow and the same guy from #1

Jerry Seinfeld

Blind Items Revealed

June 4, 2014

This foreign born B list singer/sometime actress texted a friend that she had sex with this former A list tweener just because she wanted to see what it was like. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thrilled by that.

Rita Ora/Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed

May 2, 2014

#1 - Tawny Kitean and this former A+ list mostly television actor who has not translated his television success to movies or really any other network shows but has a great little side project going on right now.

Jerry Seinfeld

Blind Items Revealed

May 23, 2014

This foreign born B+ list singer must know that his B list celebrity girlfriend is cheating on him, and that the relationship is over. Why else would he have chatted up that other woman on a really long flight to the point where they hid under a blanket for an hour in First Class before she emerged and hightailed it to the bathroom.

Calvin Harris

Blind Items Revealed

November 19, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actress who was once in the top three actresses on the planet and still has A list name recognition is lonely. It is not like she is old. She is aging but has so many fake parts that aging might be on hold forever. She has an A list mostly movie actor husband but he is the cause of what is going on in our actresses' life.

She tends to shop a lot. She is out shopping almost everyday. At this point no one is willing to hire her for the roles she wants. She thinks she is in her 30's and wants to be a sex symbol. She can't accept that she has become older and needs to play mothers and maybe even grandmothers to get roles. So, she shops and spends hours in stores and only buys enough to keep the sales people talking to her each time she goes in. She might spend $200-300 a day which seems like a lot but is probably less than she would spend on therapy and doesn't make a dent in the millions of dollars she has.

Her husband has not slept with her in ages and prefers women in their 20's who give him that extra bit of kink he has learned to crave. Our actress would probably be up for it because she definitely used to be up for anything but he doesn't even give her the chance any longer. He trots the wife out for red carpets and photo ops and when she is sober.

He says he is spending time away from her because she is not sober any longer. A very very close relative told me though that he is the reason she slipped and is back boozing and doing some drugs again. That she was trying to face being rejected by him and his insistence they not publicly split. She wanted to but he told her she would never get anyone ever again. The guy is a an a-hole and she just smiles and pretends to the world that everything is great while she sinks further and further into a pit of depression.

This will be revealed.

Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas

Blind Items Revealed

April 25, 2014

A room service waiter got the surprise of his life the other night when this B- list singer/newbie actress answered the door and told our waiter to set up everything in the living room. There in the living room was a half naked woman lounging on the couch and when the waiter wouldn't stop staring, the singer asked the waiter if he would like to join them. He said no. He did get a big tip though.

Rita Ora

Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition After Six-Vehicle Accident In New Jersey

Tracy Morgan was riding to his home in a limo bus after performing at the Dover Downs Hotel in Delaware when the bus was struck by a semi causing the bus to flip over. Four other vehicles were involved in the crash early this morning. The limo bus was the only vehicle to roll over and one person in the bus was killed and four others were either listed in critical condition like Tracy Morgan or fair condition. Besides the semi that struck the limo bus there were two other semis involved and an SUV.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Ashley Benson and her gold chain wearing boyfriend seem to be back on again.

Courteney Cox is apparently marrying her boyfriend. Hopefully she won't wear all black.
Elsa Pataky wrote a Spanish healthy eating book. Pro tip - When you are promoting your book you should hold it up so it is in the photo.
Ed Sheeran agrees with me.
George Clooney and his really big bike.
Amber Heard looks good here in NYC at
Stella McCartney's summer fashion show which Maggie Gyllenhaal attended.

Random Photos Part Four

Jessica Alba has some explaining to do about the products she claims are natural.

Iggy Azalea is on a boat.
Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal at dinner together.
Jessica Simpson out shopping. Do the implants in the calves match the ones on the top?
Kate Beckinsale went to the premiere of a play and
Matt Bomer also stopped by.
Kit Harrington promoting How To Train Your Dragon 2.
The woman seated is in charge of the most violent death squad in Mexico. She says she wants to be as famous as Kim Kardashian.
Lena Dunham on her way to mime class.

Random Photos Part Three - AFI Tribute To Jane Fonda

Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz

Sandra Bullock looks thrilled to be seated next to Chelsea Handler.
Jane Fonda and her son.
Meryl Streep and Sally Field
Catherine Zeta Jones and Morgan Freeman make out.
William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman
Emily Mortimer
Michael Douglas
Eva Longoria, Melanie Griffith and Rosanna Arquette

Random Photos Part Two

Another drunken night in London for Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Price and Curtis Stone in Australia.
Mark Hamill and Mickey square off.
Adam Rich lost 70 pounds, but should look into his engorged balls.
A very wasted Nigella Lawson.
Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber look frustrated already and it is just the first week of summer vacation.
Rihanna shows off a t-shirt she will never wear because it is not see thru.
Amber Rose went out to dinner with friends. They are invisible. Hey, you smoke as much pot as she does and see if you don't get some invisible friends.
Yolanda Foster and her daughter Gigi in NYC.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Just a couple of more weeks for your Reader Photos to be included in the Random Photos leading up to Reveal Day when you can see it again. If you would like your photo included, e-mail it to

Five parts today.

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce did a little Sydney Opera House photo op yesterday.

Sarah Silverman is all smiles but Michael Sheen did not enjoy their night out in London.
Vanessa Hudgens gets her hike on.
A WKRP reunion. 35th anniversary of the show.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5

Melanie Griffith Files For Divorce

Surprising no one who comes here daily, Melanie Griffith finally filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas. The couple has been married for 18 years but over the past several years they have barely spent any time together while Antonio squired a bunch of different women. Does anyone use the word squired? Melanie is asking for child support which she will probably get, but Stella is almost 18 so that won't last long. Melanie is also asking for spousal support and she should ask for a ton. She deserves it. Hell, it will cost thousands just to rid herself of all her Antonio tattoos. I'm glad she is finished trying to make it work because he made no effort at all and she should have left him two years ago when this all started.

Stephen Amell Working Out

He does more in one minute than I have done in my whole life.

Blind Item #9

This B- list mostly movie actress is usually the one doing the cheating. This time around though it is her significant other who is doing the cheating. The crazy thing is he is cheating with one of her friends who also happens to be dating the B lister's co-star.

Off Topic

When my fingers start cramping I don't quit, I keep on typing.

Blind Items Revealed

May 1, 2014

This A+ list mostly movie actor decided to sleep one off at a Pottery Barn this week. Our actor walked over to a couch and passed out there for almost two hours. The staff let him be and when he woke up he didn't say anything but just walked out of the store.

Ben Affleck

Four For Friday - The S&M King

I don't have much to say this week in the way of announcements. I will be here all weekend blogging away and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

This actor is A list. Foreign born. Multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. After many years of searching he finally found the perfect partner. Back in the day our actor discovered his love of S&M. His first wife had no interest in it at all and our actor soon found himself in sex clubs and paying escorts to fulfill his fantasies. At the time he began his journey he had to keep everything quiet for fear of ruining his career. Not so much because of the affairs but because of his kink. When the internet started launching dating sites, our actor was an investor in one of the first S&M sites. In return for his investment (which has paid off to the tune of millions of dollars) he was given special access to the site and the personal information of all the members. Our actor would pick and choose from those he found interesting and would use one of his many profiles on the site to engage the person in conversation and see what would happen. It is the place where he met his current wife. Our actor did find one actress who he had a long affair with while he was married. She was A list at the time and drop dead gorgeous. She is probably a C list now, but she still has A list name recognition. She enjoyed all the role playing with our actor, but he found her to be too Hollywood and to into herself to be with her permanently.

Your Turn

HBO says that Game Of Thrones has passed The Sopranos as the most watched show in their history. Which one do you like better?

Blind Items Revealed

May 1, 2014

This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner recently shot a spread for a magazine. Her people made it very clear that our actress would leave if anyone smoked near her or even if they smelled like smoke. Our actress then spent the entire time in between photos chain smoking. She went through two packs in about three hours.

Nicole Kidman

Blind Items Revealed - Kindness

May 1, 2014

This former A list mostly movie actress has had a turbulent ride through Hollywood and is not even that old, but it feels as if she has been around forever. Her A list name recognition is the only thing that is keeping her in the B range. Her history and personal life have kind of hindered her ability to get parts. Despite all of that, she is practically bankrupting herself because of all the money she gives to two or three different charities and spends almost a thousand hours a year volunteering at them too.

Winona Ryder

Blind Items Revealed

May 2, 2014

This former A list mostly television actor comes from an acting family. Our former actor though is unlike many of his acting brethren. Our actor does everything possible to avoid being noticed or recognized in public to the point he would prefer to stay inside and let his family or assistants run all errands. Our actor also prefers being behind the camera now.

Fred Savage

Blind Item #8

There is an actress who had one line to read in a movie. She now has several pages of scenes all because she is having sex with the B list mostly movie actress who name dropped her boyfriend to the producers. The funny thing is the boyfriend would be ticked off if he knew his girlfriend was cheating again so it was probably not the best decision.

Blind Item #7

The married A list friend of the actor in #6 also felt free to make use of the throngs of women available to him that night.

Dave Coulier Says "You Oughta Know" Isn't About Him After Saying It Was

I don't know why Dave Coulier is changing his story after all these years but he is insisting that the Alanis Morissette song You Oughta Know isn't about him. Where did this come from? He has always admitted it is him and now suddenly he doesn't want it to be him because he says the guy in the song is an a-hole and Dave claims he is not an a-hole. Way back in 2008 he said that he hated hearing his breakup all over the radio in song version. Never date Taylor Swift then. In the same interview he said that when he listened to the songs he realized how much he hurt Alanis. In his latest version of events he says that he told the media he was the subject because he got tired of being asked about it so just admitted to it. So, he wanted to be the a-hole? I'm not buying his story this time. There are just too many people who know the whole story who have said it was him and even Bob Saget said Dave was at his house when Alanis called during dinner for that famous line about hating to bug him during the middle of dinner.

Blind Item #6

This A list mostly movie actor is a tool so it should not surprise anyone he left his girlfriend home to attend a premiere and after party where he proceeded to collect phone numbers but threw most of them away except for the one who agreed to sleep with him that same night.

Blind Item #5

This B list television and movie actress is still technically married. She has had a bad couple of weeks but thought she might have snagged a B list very good looking former co-star to give her some fresh publicity. She has played this game though before with one of his closest friends. It didn't stop our B lister from having sex with the co-star, but he did tell her it was a one time thing. After.

Blind Item #4

This C list lesser known sister of this huge entertainment family hates her more well known A list sister. The C lister thinks her career was ruined by the more famous sister. She also thinks the more famous sister threw her under the bus when it came to their even more famous brother. That is the reason the C lister had to hustle and scheme to make money and never got the monthly stipend everyone else received.

Michael Jace Called His Father-In-Law After Shooting

Can you imagine what it must have been like for April Jace's father to get a call from Michael Jace stating that he had just killed the man's daughter. The call lasted three minutes and the father-in-law was called before Michael Jace called 911 to report the shooting. So, in the immediate aftermath of killing your wife in front of your kids, the first thing he did was to call his father-in-law? The 911 call of Jace calling his father-in-law was released yesterday and I can't even bring myself to listen to it. I don't want to listen to someone telling someone they just killed their daughter. I still can't believe he did it in front of the kids, but am thankful for whatever miracle kept Jace from killing the kids. I think in a lot of circumstances that is what would have happened.

Blind Item #3

This very recent celebrity with the interesting name knows she will soon fade away so she spent two days this week making two separate sex videos with two different men that she is going to sell and hopefully extend her infamous 15 minutes.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly television actress who has trouble finding work since her hit almost network show went off the air almost a decade ago but still has A list name recognition, was a little drunk the other night. That might explain why she was pressing this former A+ list entertainer(singer) to come out of the closet. The guy looked embarrassed and walked away.

Blind Item #1

This former A list entertainer(singer) has been a busy guy this week. Also popular with both sexes. One night this week our singer left a bar on a the ground floor and made his way to a bathroom on the top floor of a hotel to have sex. Twice. One woman and one guy.

Gary Glitter Charged With Eight Sex Offenses

Since being deported from Vietnam in 2012, Gary Glitter has kept a very low profile. He was deported from Vietnam after being convicted of child sex abuse charges in that country. Now, police in the UK have charged Glitter with eight crimes that date back as far as 1977 and involve two girls who were 12 and 14 at the time who Glitter abused over a three year period. For the past couple of years, police have been investigating a series of sex offenses committed by high profile celebrities which took place in the 70's and 80's involving the late Jimmy Savile and all of his friends who abused hundreds of girls and teens often with the help of their bosses who covered for them and paid off families not to report anything. Glitter is 70 years old now and is due in court in two weeks. In case you are wondering how Glitter has been making a living since being deported, you can thank people like director David O. Russell who used Rock And Roll Part 2 in the film Silver Linings Playbook. Glitter pocketed $500K because of that.

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Officially Split

Jennifer Lopez would like you to know she has split from Casper Smart. She would also like you to know that the reason the couple split has nothing to do with him cheating on her with the two transgendered women. She says the couple split two months ago. Umm, sure. You mean as in two months ago when you said he was amazing and you were thinking about marriage again. That is the two months ago when you split? You see, Jennifer doesn't want the world to think she has ever been cheated on. She says that since Casper was single he was free to chat with any woman he wanted. Umm, so you mean he has been traveling all over the world with Jennifer and going out to dinner with her and making out with her on the beach in the past two months, but was doing so as a single man? Yeah, I get that. So, when Casper freaked out that he was caught, he did so because??? Jennifer is probably going to release some further statement about focusing on her music and she has no time for love and her main focus is on her kids and that she is best friends with Casper and that is why he has been with her for the last two months while he was single, but remarkably we will probably never see her with him again after the statement is released.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Random Photos Part Six

Bradley Cooper shows off his Mini-Cooper.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have date night.
Demi Lovato at the Cosmopolitan Latinas Awards
Thalia was there.
Becky G
Emma Roberts in Hawaii and

at the Maui Film Festival with Evan Rachel Wood and James Manganiello.
Lupita Nyong'o also made an appearance.


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