Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Sylvia Robinson - RIP
Alex Rodriguez and Jay Z. There are a whole lot of dollars in that hug.
Amanda Seyfried shows off her happy go lucky new boyfriend.
One of the greatest musicians ever, Anne-Sophie Mutter.
What happens when the benches collapse at a Fashion Show? Everyone stands.
Apparently book signings in England have a dress code. Dannii Minogue is dressed like she is headed to an award ceremony.
Demi Moore posted this on her Twitter which is no longer being followed by Ashton Kutcher.
Speaking of Ashton, this is him 3 months ago with the same woman he slept with this weekend or her doppelganger.

Random Photos Part Two

What every woman needs. A place to put her iPad.
It is tough work walking down a runway for 15 seconds, so in France, the models get a 5 minute break when they are halfway down the runway.
Because serial killers want to look good in their killing smocks.
I have no words. For those hard to reach spaces when dusting?
"Jacque. Our last top was ruined in the fire, what shall we do?"

"Pierre, go buy some rope, wrap it around the model and cover her breasts. We will call it a top and it will be a huge hit."
Apparently these two are happy to provide their own photo captions.
How does Jessica Alba get so skinny so fast?
Jessica Biel manages to drive, laugh, and hold an umbrella at the same time. Justin Timberlake seems to appreciate her multi-tasking skills.
Kaley Cuoco makes a peen joke.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Another day and another real Katie Holmes smile. Later in the day it was even bigger. I have never seen her this happy.
Apparently the Olsen twins are still pretty popular in Paris. New York Minute is still huge there today. Of course so is Major Movie Star, so go figure.
Ryan Gosling on the set of his new movie.
Rachel Zoe and her very bored looking husband at Fashion week.
Selma Blair and John Salley hug it out.
Well tomorrow is the first day of October so Heidi Klum and Seal have already started celebrating. No bigger fans of Halloween in the world.
Sarah Jessica Parker is really enjoying that bottle.
Somehow Steve Martin found the time to win Entertainer Of The Year at the Bluegrass Awards.
All the former Sopranos cast members got together to talk about how to make their 15 minutes last longer.

Your Turn

Have you seen this new show Sperm Donor? It is crazy. I watched it the other night and this guy, who is a lawyer, paid his way through school by donating sperm. He got like $150 a time which is a crazy amount of money if you think about it. Anyway, it turns out this guy must have had some good sperm because he is the father of 70 children. He has already met 15 of them. Now, the great thing about this show is the whole surprise the fiancee' thing that is a part of it. She had no idea he had so many children. So, my question to you is this, would you be with someone who had sperm/egg donor children everywhere?

Kittens And A Vacuum Cleaner

What happens when a vacuum cleaner is turned on with five kittens riding it?

Tara Reid Gets Paid Lowest On American Pie Reunion

I think Tara Reid is pretty lucky to be getting $250,000 for her return to her role in American Pie. I think the fact she got that much is because producers really wanted the entire cast so were not going to quibble too much. I guarantee you that if she were offered some movie right now she would get way less than half that. Definitely under $100k. Yes, it seems like a lot outside of Hollywood, but when Jason Biggs gets $5M, then you know things are crazy stupid. The Hollywood Reporter managed to get all the salaries from the stars in the movie and someone in the producer's office is probably being yelled at right now and the agents for the actors are probably wondering if they could have got more or if they got played. Whoever the agent is for Natasha Lyonne should be patting themselves on the back because she got somewhere between 500K and 750K for reprising her role. She probably has not made that much money combined in every year since the last movie was released. The Hollywood Reporter has all the salaries.

Jacqueline Laurita Quits Real Housewives

One of the original New Jersey Real Housewives, Jacqueline Laurita quit the show. I think she could see the writing on the wall since producers were looking to replace cast members on the show much like they did in New York and Jacqueline went out her way. She also became the first person to skip out on a reunion show. That is a big no no in Bravo land. She claims she was sick, but later admitted she is just sick of the show and that it is not real and the show is trashy and not something she stands for. Well, she stood for it for three years and was happy to cash the checks. I was kind of hoping the show would get rid of Teresa Guidice but I don't know if that will happen. I did see her husband is cheating on her again so maybe that will make the story line more interesting.

Justin Theroux Wanted Angelina Jolie

In an interview with Star Magazine that was supposed to be all about the crazy amount of drugs that Justin Theroux has taken in his life, it somehow always has to end up coming back to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. You just have to have some kind of drama. In the article, Keith Middlebrook, who was an actor in Iron Man 2 with Justin said that he and Justin became friends and that Justin told him about all the drugs he was using and pain killers and booze and was just a mess. He also said they would discuss their fantasy women and Justin's #1 choice was Angelina Jolie. I wonder if that subject ever comes up with Jen. Apparently shortly after the movie ended, Justin went and got sober and is in AA. It must be hard for him to be around pot smoking, tequila loving Jen then. Of course being with the queen of heroin would probably be worse.

Four For Friday

#1 & #2- This B list R&B singer who has suffered silently as the mistress of this A list producer/celebrity for years seemed to indicate that the relationship has ended. She was overheard telling someone that, "He paid me off. Not enough, but he paid me. I should have made him pay for that baby he made me get rid of."

#3 - For years this Academy Award winner/nominee actress has supported her basically unemployed husband. She has found him work, got him meetings, and given him tons of money. How does he repay her? He gets a little success and then starts cheating on his wife with someone half her age.

#4 - This former almost A list R&B singer is now closer to C. She is struggling to stay relevant and has spent a great deal of money promoting herself. Recently she has started paying paps $300 a day to meet her at certain times of the day to get "random" shots. They are so posed and ridiculous that paps are having a tough time even giving them away to the tabloids, but keep showing up for the money she pays.

Lana Wood Says Robert Wagner Killed Natalie Wood

One of the things I do enjoy about The Enquirer is they love bringing out the classic old school Hollywood stuff. In an interview they did with Lana Wood, who is Natalie Wood's sister and investigator Marti Rulli, the pair assert that Robert Wagner was responsible for Natalie Wood's death. I agree that this case has always seemed shady and convenient. For those of you who are too young to remember, Natalie Wood was A list. She was also married to Robert Wagner, who was also probably A list or close to it back when Natalie died. Natalie died on a yacht in the middle of the Pacific. On the yacht were the captain, Natalie, Robert Wagner and an actor you may have heard of named Christopher Walken. Christopher and Natalie had just finished making a movie together and Robert was jealous of Christopher. There was a fight the night Natalie died between Robert and Christopher. Wagner smashed a bottle of wine and Chris went to his room and Natalie to hers. Robert followed Natalie and the two began yelling and fighting. The fight moved out to the deck. The next thing you know, Natalie is overboard. Robert would not let the captain turn on the searchlights for Natalie and no one radioed anything in for two hours. Despite all of this, the police bought the story that Natalie was drunk and slipped and that it was an accident. Robert and Chris were not questioned at the scene and were allowed to helicopter home.

Ted C Blind Item

Uh oh, Parrish Maguire is in hot water.

And we're not talking about a warm Jacuzzi—ya know, the place Parr likes to hook up with older, more experienced men while other partygoers watch (how devilishly naughty is that?). No, we're talking trouble.

Parrish has a beard problem. As in, he needs one, pronto.

See, Parrish can't seem to find a H'wood chica willing to put up with him long enough to establish some straight cred.

Which means people are starting to talk. And not just in T-town (where Parr's pals have been whispering about his dude-on-dude sextivities since forever)—we're talking popcorn munchin', movie-ticket buying audiences, too.

And Parrish is freaked out, no matter how much PR his peeps put out to cover his homolicious tracks.

So why can't Parrish land a babe willing to stick by his side?

Well, he's a monster. He's got a horrible diva ‘tude that rivals the worst of the worst T-town be-yotches. And word is spreading through the B.A.H. (that'd be the Beard Association of Hollywood) not to link up with him—which is why you'll see him out and about with a bevy of ladies but nothing ever sticks.

Funnily enough, Parrish used to be a real sweetie (back when we had a long-term cutie boyfriend attached at the hip). But that's what happens when you let your head get out of control—and we ain't talking about the one on his shoulders.

And It Ain't: Chris Hemsworth, Justin Timberlake, Joe Manganiello

Crystal Harris Running Out Of Money - Auctioning Engagement Ring

After trying to find someone to buy her engagement ring privately, but finding no one who was willing to give her the price she wanted, Crystal Harris is selling the engagement ring Hef gave her through Christie's auction house. The ring is expected to get between $20K-$30K which will probably be all the money Crystal makes this year because she is under the impression that she is huge star and cannot work a regular job. I think what she is discovering is that there are thousands of others just like her in Hollywood and that her publicity stunt did not work.

Martha Stewart - Not A Fan Of The Holidays

When I was reading excerpts from Alexis Stewart's book, I knew there would be some things about her mom, and I also could sense that perhaps Martha was not the most loving parent of all times, but it turns out Martha is a little bit strange too. I think the craziest part is that Martha is not a big fan of the holidays. I know right? She has magazines and books devoted to the holidays and special episodes of her show are devoted to holidays. But, Alexis says that when Alexis was a child that Martha would give Alexis her presents unwrapped and tell her to wrap them herself. Alexis also says that every Halloween, she was not allowed to dress up or wear any costume and the night consisted of staying at home with all the lights off so no one would think anyone was home and comes ask for candy. Good times.

Apparently there was never anything to eat at the house, just ingredients. Martha would always use the bathroom with the door open even when guests were at the house. She makes people take off their shoes despite the fact there is dog feces and pee on the carpet and floors. Oh, this is a good one. She told Alexis that if she ever had to marry some ugly guy for money to make sure to get pregnant with some good looking guy and to not ever have babies with the ugly guy. So, Martha is basically telling her it is ok to marry solely for money and ok to cheat. It's a good thing.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This very famous, and iconic actor from the 60′s is beloved by all his fans, but not so much by anyone that know him personally. Pretty much anyone that is around him or involved in his life currently, is there because of money. They are getting paid to do so. He is demanding, selfish and very eccentric. Several weeks ago, he had a fall and no one was around to help him because everyone had gone home for the evening. He was found by his house staff the next morning and had spent the night on his kitchen floor, crying.

15,000 Posts

Last Friday I wrote post number 15,000 which seem kind of ridiculous if you think about it. Can you imagine how many were wasted on the Kardashians or Paris or Lindsay? Along with those 15,000 posts are a whole slew of comments. Comments are what makes this site go. I have the best, most intelligent, and funny readers on the planet. I just do. From the early days of the wild west like commenting when it was anonymous and led to thousand comment posts on what the angle of the sun would be at any certain point to today where everyone has to sign in and the trolls have generally been eliminated.

One thing I have always advocated is that you can take whatever shots you want at me. I throw them out all day so I should be able to take what anyone throws back. In November it will be five years of doing this site everyday and I think I have probably deleted 200 comments and about 150 of those were from Les Suckno or one of his friends. Say anything you want about me. I draw the line though when a commenter goes against another commenter to the point it becomes a death threat. That is not fun and not nice and is not in the spirit of what this site is about. Although Blogger cannot ban anyone, I do have the capability to throw commenters into a spam folder before their comments can be approved and posted. I really don't want to have to take that step. I know things can get heated and violent, especially when deciding what liquor goes best with bacon. In case you were wondering it is tequila. Something about the smokiness of the tequila matching the bacon. I am making myself hungry now. Where was I? Oh yeah, so please, remember this is just gossip and entertainment and some crazy human interest stories and not worth pulling out the insults and threats. Save that for when Paris decides to release another record.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

With no other career prospects, Audrina Patridge is really working to keep that Bongo contract.
It looks like Anna Wintour forgot to take off her blood pressure cuff before she went out.
Carey Mulligan waits for people to get off planes just like the rest of us.
For when you want to look like your naked, but don't want to be naked.
Fun with hotel sheet kits can be found at most front desks.
No matter how hard they tried, they just could not get the wrinkles out of the collar.
I bet The Goopster is first in line to buy this.
"No, honey, you don't have to wear that. You like fine. No one is going to notice the zit on your face."
How many of Bobby Trendy's feather boas had to die to make this dress?
Everyone had their own say about where the zipper should go.
"And for my next trick, I will walk on water."

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Jennifer Aniston looks really good until you get to about her ankles. Is this supposed to be her city work boot look?
Jesus filming scenes for Person Of Interest.
I actually meant to put John Hurt up at the top of the photos. Consider yourself put there John.
Jane Lynch and her wife work out together. I always say you should have a partner for challenging activities whether it be working out or trying to eat every item on a buffet. You need support.
According to what I heard, Kirsten Dunst was tipping back a few before this premiere.
Oh, my lifelong dream. To get a bottle of diet pills autographed by Kendra Wilkinson. The demand must have been huge.
Lindsay Lohan looks about 100 here.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr show their son Paris.
Prince William shows off the dance moves that made him a legend among the WNRC (WASP No Rhythm Club)
I didn't even know Ryan Reynolds had a dog. You know, Ryan is not a bad looking guy.
And Salma Hayek is not a bad looking woman.
Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Please make it go away.


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