Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travis Barker And DJ AM In Critical Condition

Shortly before midnight, in a plane carrying six people, four were killed and Travis Barker and DJ AM were critically injured. Both are in a burn unit of of a Georgia hospital.

When the plane was attempting to takeoff, it went off the end of the runway and crashed into a nearby road.

Two of the four people killed were crew members of the Lear Jet. The remaining two were passengers, but as I write this, their identities have not been released. The plane was headed back to Los Angeles.

I have certainly given both of these guys a hard time in the past, but now is not time for snark, it is time for prayers and best wishes, for them, their families, and the families of those killed.

For more on the story, click here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - My worst possible nightmare, and your as well if you like the idea of sleeping at night. This C list actress who really has always done television and was on a very hit drama has B list name recognition. Well she and this a-hole former C list teen actor and now all around douchebag have started dating. If that wasn't bad enough, she's pregnant. I can't believe he is reproducing and that she let him get anywhere near her.

#3 - This divorce is getting nasty. Seems that this A list entertainer is a little upset at some of the things his soon to be ex-wife has been saying about him to the press. So, what has he done? Well, honestly, no one knows for sure it is him, but someone has been leaving various pieces of road kill on the front porch of her home and scattered around the yard as well. Seems his wife is a huge animal lover and so this has obviously been having a huge effect on her.

#4 & # 5- This B list actor/actress couple has been rumored to have called it quits. They have denied it. She has actually been in this space before because of a special international friend she has. Well the couple had come to an understanding about that as long as she was honest about where she was and who she was with. Well, next time she calls home she may want to step away from the guy making boarding announcements at the airport, especially if he is announcing a destination completely different from the place you told your husband you were going to be.

Random Photos Part One

Tired of all the damn smiley faces and other emoticons? Blame this guy who invented the smiley and frown on this day back in 1982. Wonder if he got any money for it?

This shot of Antonio Banderas took forever to take, because Melanie Griffith kept popping her head up over the rail.
Where else are you going to see Bob Balaban photos? Love this guy.

It is so good to see Amy Yasbeck out and about that I am going to give her a pass on the Miley Cyrus outfit.
The always, and I mean always lovely Alyssa Milano.
To me most people, a beach ball is just a beach ball. In the hands of Adrianne Curry, I'm not so sure. For what we know, Christopher Knight could have ended up strapped to it later that night.
Obviously Bryan Blatt has no issues with sharing the same surfaces as Adrianne. Of course he could have brought his own disinfectant, so we really don't know.
Where or where has Emilie de Ravin been? She looks better than she has in a long time.

Judging from the reaction on David Foster's face, someone from the paps must not have believed this was actually his daughter.
Cowboy Mouth - New York
I'm really surprised there have not been lots of stories hooking up Bar Refaeli with someone.
I'm sure Rebecca Gayheart must have been thrilled to know that Eric Dane and Balthazar Getty were hanging out alone together.
Do Julia Roberts' lips look a little more plump than usual?

One of my favorite photos of the day, Javier Bardem and Woody Allen.
Hey, Jason Alexander used to be someone, so he gets in the photos. Wow, two from Seinfeld so far.
George Lopez looks like any other guy who rushes up to Andy Garcia and says to someone, "hurry, take the photo."
Evan Handler has been in the photos before hasn't he?
I know Neal McDonough hasn't.

Or for that matter has Matthew Borlenghi.
Katie on Broadway.
Yeah, that outfit screams classy.
Jessica Simpson - Las Vegas
The Princess doing some really good work. No snark, as she does some press for an autism charity.

I gave serious consideration to placing Placido Domingo on the top, but I think he has been there before.
Some random Aussie celebrities at an event called "Pull A Beer For Prostate." Kind of fitting actually, especially if you have five or six.
Most people leave their blow up dolls at home.
Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart who just got done filming Twilight.
The interesting possible couple of the day goes to Shannon Elizabeth and Simon Rex. Judging by the expression on her face, I would say Shannon reads FFF.

James Taylor and Glenn Close. Certainly random.
Rumer Willis, well just because you never know what she will look like next.
An up close look at some of her artwork.
And her two sisters.
Sarah Jessica Parker channeling a little Audrey Hepburn.

This must have taken a miracle. Or a lot of booze.
And the hug where the hands don't actually even touch the body.
Seal is always so damn happy. Oh yeah, he's married to Heidi Klum.
Zac Efron, because, hell I don't know. Someone must like him.

And if you show Zac, I guess you need to show Vanessa Hudgens also.
Next time Willie you get the top spot.
Annette makes sure Warren won't fall out of the chair.
Tim Robbins because I was thinking about Shawshank today. What, you don't think about it?

Your Turn

This week I got into a very long discussion with someone about how they didn't have to work in school, while I had to work my ass off. At that time I actually did have an ass that I was fairly proud of. I remember my first job was in a gas station convenience store type thing. I think I must have lasted there for about oh, three or four months. I think they got tired of all my friends coming by, and me helping myself to as much as I could eat in an 8 hour shift. The pay was minimum wage, and I figured they owed me since they wanted me to clean the bathrooms. I need to stress the word want. I would gather over my several months of employment that I never even set foot in one of the bathrooms.

Anyway, what was your first job?

A. Reader Takes Exception To A Post

I am always willing to give anyone the forum here to respond. I believe A. Reader makes some very valid arguments, although takes them to the nth degree. But, what I want to know, and what she doesn't address is, how is what the Playboy host did, anything different from what Howard Stern or any of the other similar type radio hosts do? They use the same language, make the same invitations, and also have nude people, yet no employees have sued. I think the issue here, is that line is very gray and fuzzy when it comes to this type of entertainment program and the people who work on it. Anyway, here is A. Reader.

Dear Enty,

Last weekend I went out on the Hollywood "scene" wearing a very short and tight purple dress with gold high heels. I knew that I was dressing in a way that would get me some attention from men. Obviously, because I was dressed this way, I knew I would probably get some sexual advances from these same men. Did I go out expecting to be raped? If in fact I was raped would I have deserved it because of the way I was dressed? I would hope your answer would be a resounding NO. But given your argument against this woman who worked for Playboy radio/TV, if I did not know you personally, I would have to question whether that would be the case.

When a stripper signs up to work at a strip club, she knows that she is entering into a workplace that is sexual in nature. Does that mean she expects to be witnessing her coworkers giving blow jobs? No. Your argument about the porn camera guy is a bit faulty: a guy who signs up to videotape porn KNOWS he will be watching people have sex on camera. But, unless it was specified in her contract, how the heck did this woman realize the degree of vulgarity she would be witnessing in her workplace? TMZ has info about how this producer was repeatedly asked to "wax the ass of co-host Christy Canyon." What jury in their right mind would nod their heads in agreement that this woman should've expected to be asked to do those kinds of things, given the subject matter of the show she was producing for? I don't disagree that maybe she should've expected her boss to, say, do some of the shows topless, but to be asked to touch her boss's breasts and genitals? Or watch her boss masturbate on camera? You don't REALLY think this is acceptable given that she works for Playboy TV, do you?

I don't think this woman is as stupid as you are portraying her to be in your analysis of the case. I have no doubt that she understood she would be in a workplace dealing with sexual material. But, as your reader Elizabeth said in the comments, there is a line, this goes beyond it.


A. Reader

Nicole Kidman Had Morning Sickness - Still No Baby

Nicole Kidman is still talking about her pregnancy like it will make us all believe she really was pregnant. I'm still not buying it 100%. Are you buying it? She just never seemed, heavy. Her breasts never grew an inch, and she never really ballooned past anything more than a really heavy Thanksgiving meal.

In an interview with the Sun she says that she had incredible morning sickness. Life changing morning sickness. Of course all of this happened on the set of the film she just is by coincidence promoting now. Even though she was pregnant and sick, and pregnant, she struggled through 14 and 15 hour days because the film was so important. She had to finish the film, and baby be damned she was going to.

Yeah, ok. Look, here's what you do. Sure, it's invasive, and violates your privacy and shows we don't trust you farther than Tom Cruise can see over you, but I think you need to give us a DNA sample. That would be good. That would be a really nice start. A birth certificate would be good too. You know, something that shows you are the mother and it wasn't some surrogate or something like that. Then when you do that, I will sit at your feet and listen with awe and rapture as you take me through the first trimester and how difficult it was for you.

Until then, I really don't want to hear about pregnancy or any of your make believe stories about how you love Keith Urban, because I don't think you really do.

Hey FOX. Let Them Protest

I think this Roger Friedman guy from Fox News online must be about 100. At least I hope he is, because it is the only way I can allow him to get away with what he says about Anonymous.

Roger semi-reviewed Katie Holmes' and the play last night. I say semi-reviewed because, despite making the big bucks and having access to tickets, Roger decided to have some people go see the show for him. Well, whatever, he said that the show was great and that Katie Holmes didn't hurt or embarrass herself or the play.

Didn't hurt it, isn't the same as adding something to it either. I guess Tom did make his late entrance and help up the curtain time so he could take time to hear the applause from the Scientologists he brought along with him. Oh, yes he did, and apparently he even brought 20 more with him when he came into the theatre. They all sat down at once and were all wearing matching clothing. At the conclusion of the performance they all got down on their knees and bowed to Tom who then rose into the air and floated out of the theatre.

My main issue with Roger is that he says that the play is not about Scientology and that Anonymous shouldn't picket because it has nothing to do with the average theatre goer. That is crap my friend. They are just spreading the word and making sure that none of those audience members get snagged. By whom? Well, what about the audience members Tom brought along. Think they might have passed out a card or two? Is there a stress test booth set up outside the theatre?

I think you should protest where you know you will get the most attention to your cause. It goes without saying the #2 of the Church will probably be attending many performances, and as such, it is a really good idea to do it there.

Plus, you think the Scientologists weren't there doing their own thing? Check out the video below from Anonymous.

It Wasn't The Nightly News

Can you imagine if one day Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show decided she was going to sue the show for being subject to a sexually hostile environment? Well, a producer from Playboy Radio sued Playboy because she felt she was subjected to a sexually hostile environment. Now, in full disclosure I want you to know that I have handled sexual harassment cases from the employer and employee side.

I am the first person to stand up and say something should be done. Playboy is like any other company, and just because it is a company primarily devoted to things of a sexual nature does not automatically give it a free pass. However, in this case, I think Playboy might just have a point.

The producer complained because she had to produce a radio show called Night Calls where people call in an discuss sex problems, and the host, in this case Christy Canyon helps out the callers and also is not averse to participating in some very hot, uncensored chat with the callers. Even more extreme than Howard Stern. So, the host tried to involve the producer in the show much as Howard involves people from where he works. The producer took exception to it and did not like the fact that Christy was talking dirty to callers or exposing herself even though it was being shot for Playboy TV.

The producer claims Canyon created a hostile environment by, among other things, "exposing her genitals and breasts to co-workers, making requests to guests and co-workers to touch her genitals and breasts and masturbating herself with her own hands as well as with various sex toys during live broadcasts of 'Night Calls.'"

Look, what did you think was going to happen when you signed up for this? Did you think someone from Playboy was just going to read about North Korea and its nuclear program? To me, this is just common sense. It is a sex radio show and television show. You are going to see nudity. It would be like some camera man on a porn set suing for being subject to a hostile sexual environment. He volunteered to be there for it, just as this producer volunteered and was getting paid to produce a radio sex show which was also being filmed.

This is not Jay Leno. If you want quiet, go to NPR. To me this one is ridiculous. If she were to win it would allow my absurd example of a porn cameraman to be able to sue, and win filming porn claiming it was a hostile environment.

Throwing Your Kid Under A Bus - Right Or Wrong?

It's kind of strange when a father and a son get arrested for drug possession and the dad gets lawyered up first. When that happens, the lawyer wants to make a big splash and get his name in the press. So, when Ryan O'Neal got sprung from jail first by his publicity hungry lawyer, you knew something was going to happen. What happened though was that Ryan basically shoved his kid under a bus.

Ryan's lawyer said, "The drugs found were not his, he would never use them. We know that when all the facts come out, he should not be charged with any crime here. He's tried to lead a peaceful life - he's acting and he's caring for his family, and this is the last thing he ever wanted or expected."

Well, basically then if you are saying they are not Ryan's then by deduction they either must be Redmond's or Tatum's from when she visited last Christmas. Yeah, like drugs would last longer than a couple of minutes in that house. So, should a dad throw his son under a bus to save his own ass? Now, some of you may say that Redmond deserves some serious time behind bars, and that it is tough love. Good point, but remember allegedly the drugs were just sitting out in the living room in plain view, so Ryan must have known they were there. He was at home when the cops came. So, is the tough love only applicable when both are facing time in jail? Doesn't Ryan have some kind of responsibility to make sure the drugs are not being used in his own home?

Mooshki - Movie Review - Lakeview Terrace

Before getting to the movie, I have to say that this was a very interesting theater experience. There was more security than I’ve ever seen at any preview screening. At least 6 security guards, including one 6'2" 350lb bouncer-type guy, two with metal detectors, and all very serious and doing thorough searches. I couldn’t figure out why they were so unusually concerned with piracy for this movie, then I realized they were probably worried about violence stemming from the interracial theme. The crowd I saw it with was mixed race, and as far as I could tell everyone was just having fun watching the movie - I don’t think there was anything serious enough about it to incite strong emotions. Anyway...

Lakeview Terrace tries to be both a thriller and a commentary on race and class issues, and does an okay but not great job with both. It raised some interesting questions, but never really went anywhere with them. I think the fact that there were some good moments lifted my expectations and then I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to them. If it had been a straight-up thriller it would have been forgettable, but perhaps a more satisfying movie-going experience. Samuel L. Jackson’s character and performance were a lot more subtle and varied than I expected from the preview. Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington were good as the feuding neighbors, but their characters weren’t very well developed, and I had trouble feeling any empathy for the guy. For the most part the supporting cast was wasted, except for Regine Nehy, who plays Jackson’s daughter - she was the most real character in the film for me, and her relationship with her father was the most complex and emotionally affecting. And I swear they called up Justin Chambers and said “as long as you’re already playing Alex Karev, you wanna come do him for a few minutes in our movie? I guess I’d recommend it if you’re a Samuel L. Jackson fan, as he’s always fun to watch, but otherwise it’s nothing special.

Ted C Blind Item

Oh, this is a tough one this week: Do we do the cable star who's pretending to have a stalker (she's sending herself all kinds of horrendous things at work, just so her contract-renewing bosses think the babe's got heat, as if package-sending retards, imagined or otherwise, are going to make a difference in their decisions, oh, please)?

Or the star who screws around like John McCain once did. Hey, it's political fever time out there, I vote for the latter! But first, gotta say something. You know, I really think a lot of you frisky folk out there are getting the wrong impression: That I think only gay guys pull the really self-hating, sleazy, deliciously kinky love crap. Hardly! You hets sure know how to get your skank on, too, hon-pies, of this, I am positive. Certainly, Gore-Me Garth proves this point excellently. A star of the screen's more, shall we say, gruesome tales, Garth-babe's been pulling some love exercises, off camera, that surely would make his wife's blood boil.

Zoom in on: A somewhat established Sunset Strip bar. It's empty, save the bartender (our source, like, duh), and Gore-Me and some chick he is not married to. She looks kind of exotic. GMG just looks horny. I think his pants are tenting, it's real under-the-bleachers kinda stuff. The couple who thinks they are so secretly flirting with each other orders buttloads of whiskey sours, which, perhaps—or not—explains why they then start acting like Toothy Tile in a West Hollywood parking lot, as they move to a couch and do what probably took John McCain at least a second date to do with Cindy. For hours. In front of the bartender!

Like, what, they thought booze-servers are priests or something? Did they think the uniformed type wouldn't blab? Now, I don't know how far, exactly, Gore-Me and his sultry lass went, but if we got another Reille Hunter type sitch in the works, wouldn't be at all surprised.

And It Ain't: Will Smith, Dylan Walsh, Josh Brolin

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Which A list comic funny man film star needs to keep a closer eye on his wife? Seems that she has taken a very keen interest in the agent who lives next door. Everytime his wife leaves town and our funnyman leaves town, these two never spend a second apart.

Random Photos Part One

Cilla Black gets the top spot today, and I think she looks fabulous. To walk the runway, in what she is wearing takes a ton of guts so she would have probably got the top spot anyway. Being Cilla Black just makes it a given.
Brian Welch and his book which I hope has a chapter on how to take care of crazy ass hair.
Alyson Hannigan, well just because she looks good, and honestly, the pickings were limited today. Anytime there are three photos of Renee Zelwegger in the photos, no matter what kind of good reason you may have, you know things are slim.
Case in point. The new dad, David Spade. Although I will admit I did look everywhere today for a video of David I could embed from one of his first characters on SNL where he played an assistant to Dick Clark. The "And You Are?" post was a tribute to David.

Well that is one way to really get a view of the combover.
I was just so shocked that David Arquette dressed normally.
I will say this for Charlize Theron. If she loves you and believes in your work she will go all out. She has done everything in her power to plug Stuart Townsend's new film. Yes, she's in it, but she has been everywhere for this thing, unlike Andre 3000 who is also in it.
Cheech & Chong - Los Angeles

Lynda Lopez gave birth last month. Next month she is going to ride in a 10,000 mile bicycle race.
It was supposed to be an 80's theme roller skate party put on by Kate Middleton. They all got the leg warmers, but some Pat Benatar hair cuts would have also been nice.
Glasvegas - Manchester, UK
The entire Harris clan.
Denzel has not changed at all even since grade school.
Just because I have not seen Michelle Rodriguez in awhile.

Marg Helgenberger's face seems to be leaning to the left. She may want to have that checked.
Not going to let that meal ticket get away. Nick Cannon is like the male Melanie Griffith.
You can imagine what happened in the next photo of Mischa Barton which I'm not going to show. You are at work. You are suffering enough.
Needless to say, I guess she wasn't expecting it.
Ray Liotta and Val Kilmer must be buffet buddies.

Oliver Hudson protecting himself as only a man can.
Neil Patrick Harris always looks good.
And a hip check later and Naomi Campbell has the runway to herself again.
Interesting. Marisa Tomei and Eric Mabius.
Wow, even Wilmer looks less man-whorish than usual.

Ahhh, yes, I gave you some Viggo Mortensen.
And apparently Viggo is not above going for a little look see.
But he can do much better than Renee.
Who has mastered the fake flattery thing.


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