Saturday, January 26, 2013

Look How Excited This Kid Is - And How Embarrassed His Mom Is

Blind Item #4

This B list celebrity recently got engaged. She hated the ring though. Had her boyfriend return it and she is having one designed that she will pay for and say was designed by her boyfriend. Jeweler has been picked and will be mentioned in return for a substantial discount. Apparently the boyfriend has been really hurt by all of this.

No Texting Next To Frozen Canals

The woman who falls into the canal which is next a UK mall is a radio news anchor who was texting her boyfriend. Somehow she will blame him for this and he will be forced to take her to NKOTB98DB2M

Burt Reynolds In Intensive Care

The headline sounds way more dramatic than it probably is, but Burt Reynolds has been hospitalized in Florida with symptoms of the flu, his reps said yesterday and the 76-year-old star is currently being treated in intensive care. Before there was the internet and the 24/7 gossip news cycle, Burt filled up volumes for The Enquirer. They should be paying his medical bills for as much money as he has made them over the years. Get better soon.

Blind Items Revealed

July 9, 2010

#4 - This male, married, A list, mostly movie actor, but famous for television was at a party recently when he was confronted by a female model. It turns out the actor had sex with the model a few times and blown her off and changed his phone number and there the model was confronting him about he just screwed her and left. Lucky for the actor, his wife was not there, but 50 other people were there and heard every word.

Ashton Kutcher

Blind Item #3

You would think that after being with someone who has been sober for so long that this A list celebrity would have kicked her coke habit. She did for awhile. In the past year though she is right back to snorting coke as much as she can. She limits herself to only nights she goes out, which, considering is almost every night is a lot. No word on whether her current boyfriend is partaking since she tends to go to the bathroom and do it solo.

Blind Items Revealed

June 4, 2010

#4 - This B list female R&B singer with some decent hits was so wasted at party last night that she pulled a Verne Troyer. She couldn't find the rest room so went to a corner, lifted her dress and took care of her business right there.


Blind Item #2

This former A list all movie actress and now trying to hang on to B- is taking a break from her young boyfriend and has returned to her old standby. A female lover. Well, lover in the sense that she has the woman take care of her, but never returns the favor. They have been on and off for a decade. When she is promoting movies, she prefers her female friend.

Lane Garrison Stays Out Of Jail For Beating His Girlfriend

Lane Garrison made a deal with prosecutors which will keep him out of jail after being charged with felony domestic battery. He has to attend 52 AA classes and 52 domestic violence classes and do 8 hours of community service. This is a huge break for the guy because of his vehicular manslaughter conviction. He could have been in jail for a long time. So, he has killed someone and beaten his Playboy Playmate girlfriend and really not spent much time in jail at all. Good to be a celebrity.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

This blind item is so easy, it is barely blind. This newly announced baby mama of an A list all movie actor has a past that no one is talking about. Although she is a model she has also earned money being a topless blackjack dealer for bachelor parties and always making sure the bachelor has a good time.

Liberty Ross Files For Divorce

Well, Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders have officially destroyed a marriage and made sure that a couple of children will have to grow up in separate households. Liberty Ross has filed for divorce and even though she just put down what everyone else puts down as the reason, everyone on the planet knows it is because her husband and Kristen Stewart were having sex and got caught. If they had not got caught do you think they would still be having sex? I bet they would which means they are not really sorry it happened, just sorry they got caught. Liberty wants child and spousal support and for Rupert to be forced to watch Twilight movies on a loop 24/7.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Bradley Cooper meets fans in Tokyo.

Your Coachella lineup for this year minus The Rolling Stones.
Ashley Dupre has a baby now. A daughter. Maybe she will run for Governor of New York one day.
A still from this season's Fashion Star aka a one hour commercial for a bunch of stores.
Hilary Swank looking great in Paris.
Jenna Dewan seems to be enjoying her pregnancy, at least in front of the paps.
Jennifer Garner and her eldest daughter.
I can't believe paps actually wait at the airport for Julianne Hough. No one more worthy anywhere?
A very happy looking January Jones.

Random Photos Part Two

Jennifer Lopez goes without underwear at the Las Vegas premiere of her latest bomb.

Holly Madison was there doing what she does best. Walking a red carpet looking for paychecks.
Her replacement Coco was there and she also took lots of photos with
Jason Statham.
Justin Timberlake in a still from his new music video.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher make their daily coffee run.
A very cold looking Katie Holmes. Almost looks vampire-ish too.
Will they be relevant ten years from now? Kiernan Shipka and Ariel Winter together at a party.
Not sure I like the way this dress sticks out on Leelee Sobieski.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Matthew M in W Magazine right at the peak of his weight loss.

Jennifer Lawrence and
Kristen Stewart are also featured.
Nikki Reed and her feet footwear.
I'm sure Manhattan Jungle Book is giving his dad a life lesson. Or explaining to him what a Sith is.
If Rihanna had her arm down you would see way more of Rihanna then you probably want to. Her dress was completely see thru.
Speaking of going sexy. Have you noticed that since Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift for being asexual that she has gone out of her way to look sexual?
This is not Harry Styles, but he is mobbed everyday by people who think he is. Looks exactly like him.
Victoria Beckham in London.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Real

Blind Item #5

For years this A list all movie actress has been providing an allowance to her C list actor ex. Recently though she cut him off and now he can barely pay his monthly bills. He never saved anything because he always had his ex as a bank. Things have got so bad that he is trying desperately to make a deal with a car company for an endorsement so he can keep his current car.

Woman Sues After Man She Met Tried To Kill Her

Two years ago Mary Beckman met Wade Ridley on After 8 days she ended the relationship. Is it really a relationship after 8 days? Anyway she ended it and Wade stabbed her with a butcher knife 10 times and stomped on her head. Now Mary is suing saying that they should have warned her of the dangers of online dating. It sucks that this woman almost was killed, but I'm trying to figure out a reason should have warned her about online dating. If she went to a bar and met a guy and the same thing happened, would she sue the bar for not warning her about meeting guys at bars?

While Beckman was in the hospital recovering, Ridley met another woman on the site and killed her before robbing her house. He committed suicide in prison.

Four For Friday - Just Get Her Drinking

Another rainy day in Los Angeles. But hey, it is Friday, which means it is almost time for me to get my drink on. I will be here all weekend and will reveal a blind item or two tomorrow. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I talk about different things on there and sometimes have blinds that are not on the site. Big reveal when I get to 20,000 followers so you can follow me @entylawyer

This celebrity is also an actress. Not a very good one yet, but she does get movies. Oh and television. The thing is she has no identity. She has been made as vanilla as possible by her masters so you never see the real her. All you see is some polished image that her handlers want you to see and not the person everyone else sees if you get her drunk. Only a certain group of her friends have seen her drunk. Only the most trusted because our actress gets crazy when she gets drunk. When she is not drunk, she is a completely different person. One of her closest friends told me that this squeaky clean actress has given lap dances that would be in the top ten lap dances in the world. She will do coke if she is drunk. She will make out with random women and has had at least two threesomes that the friend knew about, one of which she was involved in and neither of which included the now ex-boyfriend of the actress. The friend also had plenty to say about the ex of our actress. Apparently he is a big mafia/Sopranos fan and thinks that what he and his girlfriend do should be almost chaste like. He gets freaky with the people that are not his girlfriend and expects the girlfriend to stay at home while he is out. Our actress did that. Often. If he didn't want to go out with her she would be home alone. He didn't like her hanging out with her girlfriends or any other guys unless he was present. The thing is he has only ever seen our actress drunk once and the one time he did see her like that he freaked out and told her she couldn't drink anymore. But she did. When she would defy him and have friends over when he was out of town she would get drunk and apparently some of those parties are legendary. One of those parties is also how she got into her biggest feud wit another actress.

Your Turn

Life support or pull the plug? What would you prefer for yourself?

Blind Item #4

Are you a director? Want to have sex with a really attractive B list movie and television actress? Give her a chance to be in your movie and chances are it will happen. Her last four movies she has ended up sleeping with the director. And now she uses birth control so you don't have to worry about any accidents.

Nicole Sullivan Says Celebrity Moms Lie About Baby Weight

Nicole Sullivan is on Cougar Town and I used to love her on King Of Queens and Mad TV. She is currently doing promo work for Jenny Craig. As part of it she says that celebrity baby mamas are lying about how they take off their pregnancy weight and do it to make everyone else feel like idiots or that the celebrity is perfect and other women are not. "I would flip through celeb magazines… and I just couldn't get how these moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly - and yet I couldn't.  They all lie and say, 'Oh, I lost the weight running after the kids or breastfeeding.' It's not true."

You don't usually see someone going after the game like that so it is refreshing to see. You get the feeling that everyone on Cougar Town is perfectly willing to speak their mind on any subject you ask them.

Ashton Kutcher Is Steve Jobs

Blind Item #3

This former A list all movie actress with A+ name recognition was all set to hook up with this B list all movie actor who used to be A list. Then our former A lister got distracted and ended up running to the bathroom every few minutes because she said she was having a bad reaction to all the pills she had taken mixing with the booze and was trying to throw it all up so the two could have fun later without her passing out or having a possible seizure at his place. Apparently that was enough for the actor to say he would just go home alone because he had a busy day.

Matt Damon On Jimmy Kimmel And A Nicole Kidman Lap Dance

Talk about getting every celebrity you can in one hour. Jimmy Kimmel last night was one for the ages.

Blind Item #2

This big fight over the holidays started a chain reaction which made this A list television actress who is absolutely everywhere realize she did not want to be with a guy who cheats every week on her. Of course, the truth also came out about her own little fling and was one of the reasons the big fight happened.

Marisa Tomei Is Finally Getting Married

I was wondering if it was ever going to happen, but apparently Marisa Tomei is actually going to get married. At 48 years old you would have expected her to have already gone through at least two or three marriages but she has yet to walk down the aisle. Over the holidays her boyfriend of four years, Logan Marshall Green proposed and Marisa said yes. Previously Marisa has said she is opposed to marriage. Of course she said that when had been dumped by a ton of guys and was assuming she would never get proposed to. She obviously changed her mind or would not have said yes.

Blind Item #1

This recent split between a B list celebrity with A list name recognition and his celebrity girlfriend is not for the reasons that are in the press. Turns out that he hooked up with his A list celebrity ex more than once when they met for work. Girlfriend found out about it.

JJ Abrams Will Direct Next Star Wars Movie

Currently involved in Star Trek movies, JJ Abrams will soon start directing the next episode in the Star Wars franchise. Previously JJ had turned everyone down. It was a combination of money, a lack of time and a dedication to Star Trek that had seen him say no. It does seem like every television or movie has some JJ Abrams in it. I think it is a great hire. If you want people to not criticize your choice then JJ is the way to go. I thought that Kathryn Bigelow would have been a good choice too. She can do action, but JJ has that extra crazy out of this world stuff he does combined with Star Trek and he is the perfect choice.

Lindsay Lohan Hooked Up With Pauly D

Pauly D used to be my favorite from Jersey Shore. Now I guess I don't have one. Does the phone count? I could be friends with the phone. How can you like someone who knowingly hooked up with Lindsay Lohan. Do you go in for a kiss with her wondering if you are going to wake up with cold sores all over your mouth? Do you wonder while you are having sex with her if people will find out and you will be humiliated for all time. Did you think you would be sold out by Snooki because that is who shared the story that when the cast was in LA promoting the first season, the two hooked up. Lindsay is always on the lookout for someone who is up and coming and gets invited to things she can't and who gets swag she can steal. I wonder if Google can make a game like the Kevin Bacon game, but six degrees of everyone Lindsay Lohan has hooked up with.

Cissy Houston Writes A "Tell All" Book About Whitney Houston - Skips The Lesbian Rumors

As we near the anniversary of Whitney Houston's death, her mom is releasing a book about Whitney to take advantage of the publicity that will surely be coming. It was promised as a tell all, but apparently Cissy's definition and mine are completely different. You want to hear about Whitney's drug use. Cissy basically says Whitney started them and couldn't get off them. Lesbian rumors? Cissy just says she didn't like Robyn Crawford and that she doesn't know anything about any romantic relationship. if course she also said Whitney used to go out partying and Cissy had no idea what was going on with the drugs until later. So, out of a big biography that is all the dirt.

Kris Humphries Turned Down $10M From Kim Kardashian

How bad does Kris Humphries want his day in court? Bad enough that according to Radar he turned down $10M from Kim Kardashian to settle their divorce dispute. If you turn down that kind of dough you are either really rich or you really want to spill some stuff about the other person. Kris is not poor, but $10M is a lot to almost everyone. He has always said he will settle if Kim admits the marriage was fake and only for publicity. So far at least, Kim does not want to admit that. As the baby comes closer to reality and considered legally Kris' though she might change her mind. Either that or offer $20M.

American Idol Accused Of Racism For Ratings

According to TMZ, nine former American Idol contestants are asking permission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to sue American Idol and Fox. Their attorney says that all nine were forced off the show because they are black and that no person who is not of color has ever been forced off the show. The lawyer goes on to say that all were thrown off because of their arrest records which they failed to disclose when they auditioned but were subsequently discovered by investigators and that the producers should not be allowed to ask about that kind of stuff. Also, that the accused were thrown off to get maximum ratings for the show. Is Idol racist? There have been a lot of lily white singers, but there have also been a large number of people of color including those who have won. Idol does not kick you off if you have been arrested. They kick you off if you don't tell them because they don't want to look like idiots and then feel they can't trust you.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Mad Men returns on April 7th.

Isabella and Connor Cruise celebrate his 18th birthday in London.
Carmen Electra at the premiere of Movie 43.
Chloe Moretz was there.
Didn't Samaire Armstrong just have a baby? She looks great.
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.
At the after party, Gerard Butler partied with Ryan Kavanaugh and Neal McDonough.
Drew Barrymore having some time apart from the baby.
Eva Longoria is always alone lately.

Random Photos Part Two

Ewan McGregor showing off a new beard at LAX where hopefully he ran into

Natalie Portman so they could have a Star Wars reunion.
Ginnifer Goodwin shows off her home.
Anne Hathaway has made some interesting fashion choices recently. Lots of pants.
Harry Styles hits up the ATM.
Jessica Alba at Sundance. Another movie. Another waste of money.
Jane Lynch gets mobbed at Sundance.
Jason Statham and Rosie make up long enough for Rosie to go to the premiere of Jason's new movie.
I don;t know if it is the angle or pants, but Kirsten Dunst looks like a giant here.
A great Louis C.K prank.


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