Saturday, June 22, 2013

Robin Williams Does Improv Standup

When you watch this short video, you can see why he used to be one of the best comedians in the world.

Blind Items Revealed

July 23, 2012

What Real Housewife has secretly been taking birth control pills without telling her husband. He thinks they are trying for a baby. She thinks it may be time to get divorced and wants no part of a baby with him right now. It's not RHNYC or RHATL.

Joe & Teresa Giudice

Blind Items Revealed

May 29, 2012

What rapper who has a real name just as unusual as his stage name might want to tell his celebrity girlfriend before they get married that he has been seeing that other person they had the threesome with on the side. Maybe the celebrity girlfriend knows about it, but with the way they have been trying to sneak around, I'm guessing she is in the dark.

Wiz Khalifa

Blind Items Revealed

July 26, 2012

Everyone wants to date this A list celebrity. I would guess there are people all over the world desperate to date her, but very few get the chance. Those that do are generally disappointed. The sweetest person on the planet, but the most possessive person ever. If you thought The Goopster was a clinger, you have seen nothing like this. Texting and calling several hundred times a day to someone she is into. There is never a moment to breathe. The thing is that somehow she stopped maturing at about age 13 for some things. When she kisses there is never ever tongue involved because she thinks it is disgusting. if you end up having sex with her it is going to take a few months of dating and then when you do have sex she is going to leave everything on but the items necessary to have sex. She doesn't like it and only does it because she thinks it is expected. This of course is combined with the never ending texts and calls. Our celebrity is still very young. One of the top celebrities in the world. Most people can only put up with the texting and calling for a week before they have had enough and break up. Or so they think. It gets even worse after, but that is another item for another day.

Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed

June 19, 2012

In Hollywood, it seems like most of the actors you read about are cheating on their wives. It doesn't matter who their wife is or what she looks like, chances are she is getting cheated on and probably frequently. Well, this former A list actor and probably still a B- is one of the greatest cheaters ever. There is nothing he would not do to have sex with someone. I think I will focus on the time he was married to the wife before his current one. She is an actress too. A good one. A very good one although people seem to discount her skills for some reason. I think it is because she comes across as an airhead which she isn't. She just thinks that is what people expect of her in public so she plays to that role. Anyway, our actor once got his wife drunk so she would pass out and then called over a woman and had sex with her on the bedroom floor with his wife sleeping in the bed. This was a favorite trick of his. He would often get his wife drunk or drugged out so she would pass out and he could cheat. When he was working there was not a day that went by that he did not have sex with someone on set. Most of the time it was someone new everyday, but if someone was particularly intriguing he would have sex with her a few days in a row. Our actor was not careful about using protection during sex and his wife lived in constant fear of what she would catch from him. There was the time our actor dropped his wife off to get her hair done and while she was getting it done at the salon he suggested, the actor was having sex out in the parking lot with the owner of the salon. Our actress put up with it for years. Our actor always said he would change but never did. He would always talk his way back into her life.

Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith

Blind Item #2

After years of affairs and false starts and stops, this B- list mostly movie actress who shot to fame on a huge television show is getting a divorce. She has almost gone through with a divorce several times, but each time she started it, the guy she was having an affair with would back down when he realized how serious she was getting. This time though, the guy she met last year on set has been perfect she says and is ready to break the news to her husband.

Blind Items Revealed

June 15, 2012

So, today I wanted to tell you about this actress. She is still an actress although she has not been in much lately. I would say she is still in the B+/A- list as far as name recognition goes, but as for actual acting and her status on the working list, she is probably a C+. Always more famous for things other than her acting, she is a big name. For years she has been the object of desire for many men. Men, who have seen her and are willing to pay a price to spend time with her. After her most recent series failed and the grind to find more acting work began to take its toll, our actress found a way to earn money and have a good time and make all those men happy. If you live outside the US and have a big enough checkbook you can hire our actress. She has a one week minimum and prefers a month. Last year she made more money by being the companion of men around the world than she ever did acting. She gets to go to parties and events and has seen the world. She tries to not get too drunk and every man who has spent time with her has had her back for another visit. She is not shy about it and will tell you flat out it is what she enjoys doing. No more auditions or wondering if she is going to get another role. No more being grab handled by guys at mall signings and endless photographs where she pretends to be happy. She has found her plan for the next few years and as she says, it's a living. Oh, and for sure this one will be revealed.

Pamela Anderson

Blind Item #1

This former A list movie director who still thinks he is the hottest thing on the planet has not done anything worth noting for many years. So, why am I writing about him? Because from the time he first became a director until now, he has been the worst casting couch director there has ever been. Directors making soft porn or casting women who have topless scenes are not as bad as this guy. From the former A list mostly movie actress he raped repeatedly while they were together until now, when I hear that he was seeing some woman barely out of her teens who had heard of him so when he picked her up at an acting class she let him take her out to dinner and then he forced himself on her at the end of the night before she got him away and managed to get out. He goes to acting classes to hunt prey. He is an a-hole.

Paula Deen Fired By Food Network - Son's Shows Are Safe

Yesterday afternoon, Food Network capped off a very long week for Paula Deen by firing her. The three shows she has on the air are the reason she sells the cookbooks and gets all the endorsements. Those will all disappear now too. Do you think Philadelphia Cream Cheese wants her as their spokesperson any longer? Nope. Are you going to buy a Paula Deen cookbook? Nope. What about those drug makers who signed her to a huge deal last year. Say buh bye to that deal too.

Yesterday started off bad for Paula when she no showed a Today Show interview and then made two videos which she posted to You Tube in which she apologized for her actions. Neither was done very well and there was no real sincerity or apology in either. Later in the day she posted a third video which apologized to Matt Lauer for her Today Show no show. That is not going to help. They will find some other chef to come and be a regular guest chef.

Food Network did say that the shows featuring her sons Jamie and Bobby would not be affected.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Chris Martin getting mobbed. This is a first.

Christian Slater is shown Moscow by his co-star.
David Beckham at a Children's Hospital in China.
Diane Kruger out running errands.
Danica McKellar filming her new movie.
Emily Blunt goes for a very interesting look.
Erci Dane goes shirtless in Beverly Hills.
Edie Falco spotted the day after the news about James Gandolfini.
Elsa Pataky left her husband Chris Hemsworth home for this one.
Anne Hathaway and her husband in NYC.

Random Photos Part Four

Halle Berry picks up Nahla after school.

Heidi Klum points out something to her daughter, while
her ex, Seal was on the opposite coast.
Angelina Jolie was in Jordan for World Refugee Day while
Brad Pitt was in Moscow hoping someone sees his movie.
Julianne Hough shows off her dog.
Jennifer Lopez wipes away fake tears as she gets
a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
Joel Madden and Nicole Richie hang out upon his return from Australia.

Random Photos Part Three

John Travolta takes his daughter to his latest premiere and then hangs out with

James Lipton who gave him some massage advice.
Anna Kendrick gets frisky while filming her latest movie.
Katie Holmes goes tropical.
Lipton now makes surf boards and Katharine McPhee was there to plug it.
Keanu Reeves shows off his Tai Chi skills.
Karina Smirnoff waves to the paps. She is headed to Broadway with Maksim. That should be interesting.
Kimberly Stewart takes her daughter grocery shopping.
Kristen Wiig continues to promote her new movie.

Random Photos Part Two

Leonardo DiCaprio takes a bike ride with one of his friends. It's been awhile since there has been a Leo bike photo.

Mel B films a movie in Canada. Producers must have seen her incredible acting in Spice World.
Another day and another Maria Menounos bikini in Greece.
Meg Ryan shows off some new lips in Sicily.
A very happy Anna Paquin at Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Shakira hangs out in Rio.
Tish Cyrus makes her first appearance since the divorce announcement.
Tiffani Thiessen gets her mom to do the stroller pushing.
The X Factor judges at the latest audition.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Just two more weeks to get your reader photos for Reveal Day. If you want to see your photo posted between now and Reveal day and then again on Reveal Day, e-mail it to

 Five parts today.

Reese Witherspoon spent the early part of yesterday with her son Tennessee and then

the evening with Natalie Portman.
Sandra Bullock at another Heat premiere, this time in Boston.
Selma Blair spends some time with her son and his dad.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5

The Best Way To Make Your Boomerang Come Back To You

It's worth it.

Blind Item #8

This A list celebrity and former B list singer was shocked to discover that several people have the key to one of her places outside LA. It turns out that someone very close to her has let people stay there in return for them being nice to the person when they are in town. And nice means what you think it means.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee With Jerry Seinfeld And David Letterman

Blind Item #7

This A list singer/celebrity was asked the other day about her dog and she said she has no idea what happened to the dog. She says that she thinks one of her staff took her home to live with them a few years ago, but didn't really know because she has been too busy to really worry about it.

Bonus Blind Item

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is at it again. He was kicked out of a college dorm two weeks ago when he was discovered in bed with a student by the student's roommate. Apparently no men were allowed in the dorm past a certain amount of time, even if you are an A lister.

Four For Friday - Who Is The Daddy?

Friday today. Happy summer everyone. Saw some back to school signs yesterday and I thought to myself, the manager of the store obviously hates kids. They got out last week and already the manager wants them back in. I will be here all weekend and will have some reveals tomorrow. Hopefully Sunday too. Two weeks from today is Reveal Day so if you don't have any 4th of July plans, come on by and stay awhile. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I would appreciate that. I am @entylawyer

She was pregnant. That much was obvious. This A list celebrity/reality star did not make any announcement she was pregnant, but paps could tell that she was. She wanted to hide inside her house, but this was when she was at her peak. She is still a B- lister, but at the time she was way higher. She was in contact with several of her friends, one of whom gave me this little nugget in return for ten bonus points next time we go bowling. The celebrity wanted her friends to come over and help her figure out who the father of her baby was. Yeah, it was like that. There were a total of four choices. Two of them the celebrity had been seen with and she was pretty confident it was one of those two, but there had been a three day window where she had sex with both of those two guys and two other guys she sometimes hooked up with. She had to decide which of the four was the dad and then tell him and she did not want to make a mistake, especially if the guy found out there were others and asked for a DNA test and she had guessed wrong. She did not use condoms with any of the guys and apparently her cycle was very irregular, which was making things even more difficult. The friends came over and they literally got some poster board and made a calendar of the month in question and checked text messages and searched the internet and looked at her schedule and pieced together where she was almost every minute of the whole month. When they put it together, they narrowed it down to two people. One of her regulars that she had been seen with and one other guy who, in a phone call with the celebrity that was listened to by everyone there on speaker said they had both passed out before completing the task at hand so to speak. The celebrity then decided to make the call and told the man she thought he was the father, that she was pregnant. It turns out he was indeed the dad.

Your Turn

yesterday I heard some ad on the radio and it said it featured the biggest pop star on the planet. I was asking myself who the biggest pop star on the planet is and then as the commercial continued, they said Madonna would be there. I'm assuming they think Madonna is the biggest pop star on the planet. I disagree, but, tell me who you think is the biggest pop star on the planet.

Blind Item #6

This A list mostly movie actress was spotted smoking at a restaurant. This is despite the fact that she is pregnant. She has said that she cuts back, but does not quit smoking while pregnant.

Paula Deen Skips Today Show This Morning

This has not been a good week for Paula Deen and I'm pretty sure things are going to get worse as people stop buying her books or anything she endorses. They won't watch her television shows or show up at her appearances. Well, Jesse James might. I'm sure a good Nazi like him probably finds something to like in Paula. Mel Gibson? Put him down as a maybe.

This morning, Paula Deen decided to do a no show on The Today Show. You know they were salivating at the prospect of having her on the show. Apparently Paula didn't let anyone know in advance she would not be there and simply just did not show up. The hated one, Matt Lauer, went on the air and said Paula was supposed to be there for a live interview but was a no show and did not even call. Nothing. Nada. That does not sit well with producers so she won't be invited back anytime soon. Matt also said that he had spoken to Paula on Thursday night, so was a little surprised she was not there this morning. I think we all know why she was not there. She needs to come up with one story and stick to it and probably has not had a chance to come up with something that sounds believable.

Justin Bieber Is Wasted

Justin Bieber took advantage of the new Instagram video feature to show the world what he is like when he is high.

Blind Item #5

This A+ list mostly movie actress recently went under the knife to have a breast augmentation. She thinks it will make people like her more. She went from a large A to large B. I think a smile would work better.

James Gandolfini Was Out Of Control On Coke And Booze During Sopranos Run

Talk about perfect timing. The new issue of GQ hits stands next week and in the article they talk about James Gandolfini's drug and alcohol problem that shut down production of the Sopranos for a period of time and his movie The Mexican. In divorce documents his ex-wife filed, she alleges that Gandolfini was so messed up on coke and booze that he would hit himself in the head and was violent and even was so out of control that production on the Sopranos was shut down for four days once when James went missing and that production on The Mexican also had to be shut down at one point. She also alleges that during their marriage, Gandolfini had a string of affairs and was crazy about strippers. You can read the whole article here. 


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