Friday, September 26, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - Calling this person even a celebutard is pretty much a bump up in status. He really would be totally unknown if it were not for this actress/singer he is dating. She is very young, but it has not stopped them from being sexually active. To make sure there is no scandal or some embarrassing photos caught on camera, the couple has to be intimate only at our singer's home.

#2, #3, and #4- A lister? Questionable. Definite B+ film actor (#1) in one of the biggest films of the year. Well in a film that just wrapped, our actor got really, really crazy with this C list actor (#2)who has had his shots at fame and even has B list recognition for all of his film work. Mostly their fun was just an awesome amount of drugs and alcohol being consumed and practical jokes that are only funny to people wasted out of their minds. But one day, things got a little out of hand with an actress on the set who is C list (#3), and has primarily been in television. A definite big hit television show, but she is still C list. Well, apparently our actress had a huge thing for #1 and so would basically do anything he wanted despite the fact he is married. Although they did have almost constant sex, the big ugly scene was a result of #1 and #2 always pressuring her to keep up with their drug use. One day when she refused, #2 hit her, leaving a huge black eye. Not wanting a fuss, the producers, gave her a raise and offered her a lead role in their next film as long as she kept quiet. She agreed. She also didn't stop hanging out with either guy after the incident.

Random Photos Part One

So, it turns out that ever since I spelled their name wrong last year, The Dollyrots have pretty much been regular readers of the blog. Because they do read, they know I'm taking a break from the reader photos until the holidays. But, they also know that if you are a reader who takes a photo with a celebrity that is current, I will post it. So, last night, here in LA at The Viper Room they took a self portrait. They then proceeded to guilt me for not coming to their show to such an extent that I actually hugged my mom for being a softie. So, to make it up to them, in addition to their photo, I am posting their new video which is a cover of Brand New Key.

For some reason Byron Allen just looks really uncomfortable.
Amy Winehouse gets ready for Halloween a little early with her Mick Jagger impression.
Avant - New York
Adam Sandler gets in just because he is actually out and not wearing a t-shirt.
I think it is Aly and AJ. It could be the other way around. I don't know. Does it really matter in the entire scheme of life which is which?

Just friends

Sesame Street characters living a real life. Love it.

Did I miss the memo that says everyone is back in the 70's and we all need to sing Come On Get Happy.
The why were you there photo of the day goes to David Beckham and Belly Dec in Chicago at Jermaine Dupri's birthday party.

Emma Watson in Italian Vogue

Look who it is. Wow. Back in the day, you could not open up a tabloid without reading about Ed Marinaro.
This is what happens when you have to buy a tux from the hotel gift shop.
Would you believe this was the least trashy photo of Daisy Lowe from yesterday? She walked the Agent Provacateur show and there was nothing provocative about it. Also, her bottoms didn't fit right and even though she was walking, there was a huge gap and, well you know, not something I really felt like sharing.
The what the f**k were they thinking award of the day goes to Kelly Bensimon who still is managing to smile despite wearing this. It's kind of like she was in bed, woke up, but on some bag pipe socks and a sweater and went to a party.

Jerry Hall apparently wants us all to know she still has breasts.
So, for the 832nd day in a row Jennifer Garner took her kid to a park. And for the 832nd day in a row, Ben Affleck didn't go.
I like Hilary Duff much better now that she is not in our faces everyday.

I wish Lamar Odom would try as hard with his basketball playing as he obviously did with this outfit.

So, Lucy Liu has got a hold of Manolo Blahnik, and I'm guessing that she isn't letting go until she gets her Christmas list filled.
Wasted out of her mind, but Kate Moss at least looks like she is having fun.
I guess velvet must be making a comeback, because if the publisher of Esquire is wearing it, then it must be real.
All of you seemed to love that I posted Kathy Ireland a few months back. Well here she is last night as the buffer at a charity event. I think she was supposed to be the good to Sharon Stone's evil.
If I didn't know Nia Vardalos was happily married, then all of this time she is spending with John Corbett on and off set would be something worth noting.

OK, so there it is. Six weeks huh? I can't tell baby ages. I will let all of you hash it out.
Nelly - Ft. Lauderdale
I love Meryl Streep, but I love the view more. Coast of Spain. Road trip.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
Plain White T's - Paramus, NJ

Wow, it looks to me like Paul Sorvino has seen the bottom of a few bottles of something. Man he is looking rough.
While usually the queen of roughness, Penny Marshall actually looks really nice.
I've decided that Orlando Bloom doesn't take bad photos.
Ne-Yo - New York
Apparently the last time Steve Guttenberg had any money to spend on clothes was back in the 80's.

Just because no one really talks about Sadie Frost anymore.
I know all of you are going to smack me down for this, but Rumer actually looks decent. I don't know if it is the red hair or the distance of the camera, but she looks ok. Notice, I'm not saying hot, or stunning, but she looks about as good as she can.
Always looking good is Rex Lee. One of these days I am going to have Rex Lee day.
Ray-J and Kim Kardashian were at the same party. Got along also. Hmmm.
Well, if there any doubts as to the parents of Jack Henry Quaid, just take a look at that face.

The Kooks - London
Oh, look, an "everyday person" messed up the Hilton photograph. I'm sure Kathy had a discussion with security about him and had him tosses.
Mr Cheesy and his daughter
Shoshanna Lonstein and pants that look like they are about 30 minute ones.
Alfonso is always the odd man out. Will and Jada have chairs, Alfonso, not so much.

A first timer in Vincent De Paul.
The fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt.
Tara Reid looking nice at two events in a row.
All thanks in part to Mr. Personality.


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