Saturday, November 18, 2006

I also know I have dedicated readers in New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Canada and Italy and I promise to pander to all of you in the upcoming weeks as well..

Have a great weekend

Making my Australian Readers Happy---

I really do enjoy pandering to my Aussie readers, but the problem is that although I do have a few stories that deal with Aussie actors and actresses (one REALLY good one) it is tough to make them blind enough to where one actually has to guess who the person is..The actress one is REALLY good..I am trying to figure out a way to share it without revealing too much, but she has been in several movies lately here in the US and one of the reasons she gets hired is because she enjoys the thought of having more than one "partner" at a time and is open to anything, anyone, anytime..unfortunately there was an incident not too long ago, and now she has a cast only policy, and no longer allows the crew to spend time with her..

I am sure everyone in Australia was happy Nicole and Tom split, and in honor of Tom's recent wedding here is a link to an Australian celebrity site which I think is a great site and at the risk of losing my readers also has the best conspiracy theory I have heard to date about how Suri Cruise came into being..

Finally a way to make everyone happy..My favorite rehab stories mixed with Nicole and Keith pics..

First of all, I think it is great that Nicole actually went to visit Keith at the Betty Ford Center..I also think that she would kick his ass if he did not get help..The Betty Ford Center is actually a place where people go to get help for their addictions, unlike say "celebrity" rehab centers where it is more like a hotel and you are free to come and go as you please..You can always tell when a celeb is serious about kicking a habit by their choice of rehab centers..

(1) I cannot even tell you the number of times I have been told that it is easier to get drugs inside some of the "celeb rehab" places than in the outside world..

(2) I personally know 2 celebs who OD'd inside a rehab center and had to be rushed to a real hospital..

(3) At least four staffers at one high profile rehab center each made hundreds of thousand of dollars annually selling drugs to patients..None of the four knew the others were also selling drugs for about the first six months until one patient complained about the change in price each day he was paying..The only reason they were found out....See item (2) above..

(4) I really do wish Keith and Nicole the best..It would be really easy to just walk away like so many others, and so I hope it works out for the best..

P.S. To the pap who took these pics of Nicole and Keith and I understand I am not making the situation any better by reposting them, but the other people in these pics did not sign up to be in the public eye and I am sure there are some people who saw these pics and said, "I didn't know Bob or Jane was in rehab..OMG"

Of course "Bob" and "Jane" could also be asking Keith and Nicole to autograph thse pics so we will never know..

I am still working on today's entry, but wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to all the people at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles..Their annual Wish Night Awards was last night, and I believe it is the 6th or 7th..This is the 3rd time I have attended and they just do great things for kids in their moment of need and it is great to see an organization totally devoted to making kids smile and be happy..(and on a selfish note, got to hang out with Mariah Carey who I have not seen in a long time, but remembered me which is always a nice feeling, and also got to hang out with Tiffani Thiessen who was one of my very first friends in LA and continues to be..I know you are reading this today, so I let you off the I am going to post that pic..)

I hope everyone likes the new format of the blog with some pics thrown in which should alleviate the non-stop words..I will try and find pics that set the mood, and not just throw in tons of pics of celebs because that is what everyone else does and I think it is kind of overdone..(not you Nat, you use different kinds of celeb pics)

Friday, November 17, 2006

So a nice juicy story for today and something I (1) witnessed in person and also (2) dealt with angry parents...

The background---Definite A lister who was on a tv show from late 80's to early 90' in mid to late 30's... teen hearthrob when on the show..

So this guy's favorite game was to go to Las Vegas and hang out by the pool and wait for the girls to come up and get his autograph and take pics, etc..Most stars in Vegas do not sit right out in the middle of the crowd especially when they were as popular as he was, but this was all part of his plan..When girls would want to take a pic with him, he would oblige, but what he would always do was offer to take a Polaroid of them and then autograph it for them..He also always took two pics if the girl was at all attractive and keep one for himself..He would generally do this for an hour and it was most often done in the early afternoon right after lunch..

The girls he found most attractive were usually between 14-16, with the majority of his "conquests" 15 or 16..The first time I ever noticed his interest in younger girls was by accident.. I was in Vegas with some friends and it was like 3pm or so and the casino was pretty empty and even more so in the VIP area, but there he was playing blackjack and he had two girls with him who were just sitting there, because they were to young to gamble..He had one on each side of him and I thought they must be related to him or something because they looked REALLY young..He knew one of the people I was with and introductions were made and he identified them as his friends..I mean this guy was like mid 20's at the time and these girls looked their age..

Anyway, I did not think anymore about it except for the fact I related it to a couple of people whenever his name would pop up in conversation..Two years later, another attorney referred him to me because some girl had gotten pregnant and she told the parents who she got pregnant by and the circumstances and they were at the time pissed and looking for blood and so he came to me..

So...back to the pool..After he had identified 3 or 4 potentials he would spend the next hour or so trying to chat them up and just kind of get an idea if they would be into an older guy like himself..If they sounded like they were into him, he would get more info from them and get their schedule for the next day or so...If her parents were at the pool, he preferred that and would actually chat them up and spend time with them..buying them drinks, etc..I guess he had learned prior to this that making the parents like you means the chances of you going to jail for statutory rape were much less..

The parents were often just as enthralled with this guy as their was this A list guy spending time with them and weren't they just special?...Because they felt comfortable with him, they would let their guard down and did not think anything of him taking their daughter out to ride rollercoasters or to the mall, etc..It left them more time to be with each other and he is on tv so he could not be a bad person..Well there was rarely a rollercoaster or a mall in the girl's future, just a whole bunch of time in his suite..always with his Polaroid, often with a video camera, and sometimes with another young girl as well..

He had this game going on for a few years, and only in Vegas as far as I know..I only know what he told me and from what he shared, the parents only found out the real truth a few times and usually nothing happened because they were embarrassed and also they did not think anything could be done or just wanted to go back to Iowa or wherever they came from and forget all about it....He bought off a few parents and paid off some gambling debts for dad but basically just skated away onto the next victim..

Well the girl who got pregnant told her parents who the father was..she was 15 at the time..they were pissed and wanted to press charges..My client was lucky in that regard because the father wanted to talk to my client man to man before pressing charges and had a phone number to one of the producers of the show (I do not know how he got it or if the producer was also involved; at the time it seemed to me, the producer had maybe given the girl his card and maybe he had been part of this game, but he and my client and the girl said no; but I have always wondered where the phone number had come from)..well the producer got the call and found out the guy had not pressed charges yet and managed to sweet talk him enough to have him hold off until the actor could get contacted, and then after a few more calls I became involved..

There was just no way this could become public because this show was VERY highly rated and if there was a criminal investigation, the police would find out about the other girls and the show would collapse and people would lose their jobs, etc...

This was the kind of case where you just felt dirty every second you were involved...$$$ exchanged hands and a lot of ass kissing went on and promises were made and the parties signed an agreement with VERY strict confidentiality clauses..The girl/parents got money every year for 7 years as long as the story was kept quiet and no one admitted any wrongdoing..I believe at the time 7 years was also the statute of limitations for statutory rape in NV, but I do not know what it is now..I do not know if the girl had the baby or not..My client stayed away from Vegas and girls.....for about a year, and then I heard he started again, and then stopped because something else happened, but I did not want any part of far as I know, after that last incident, he stopped doing what he had been doing...

I know everyone wants a good story after the soapbox of later today you will get the adventures of the mid 30's actor who loves 14-16 year old girls..I am thinking about adding photos this weekend as well..(not of the actor and the teenagers..if you want that, go to Mr. Skin)

And I have not forgot the Aussie contingent..Hopefully will have something later today for you as well..

Right now I a have a meeting with "meth" because we are headed to court next week..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So yesterday afternoon I had a client come in who is gay (B+ - B- lister) and who I helped with a domestic partnership agreement for he and his partner. When I saw the appointment on my calendar, I assumed it had something to do with the agreement but I was wrong..

It had to do with a role he is most likely going to get and what effect it will have on his life and career. I do not represent him for anything but the above mentioned agreement. He came to me for advice as an attorney and also as a friend and I was touched..Agents, managers and publicists are trained to look at the dollar signs and how can I get my client those dollar signs and we tend to put blinders on to anything else but those dollars..I have those same blinders at times although I really do try to not do otherwise, but it does slip out and I do not think anyone is completely altruistic except for those who have taken a vow to do so and not always even them..

In the last few months there have been a few celebrities outed by bloggers and I do not really understand why because in at least one of the cases everyone already knew he was gay and so the only thing it seeks to do is to harm his career..

There are many more gay actors and actresses in Hollywood than the general public probably realizes..It runs the gamut from A listers to D listers and everywhere in between..For the most part, producers and casting agents and managers and those "inside" know who is gay and who is not..This has been especially true since California passed a domestic partnership law and so more and more couples are coming to my office and other offices to take advantage of the law and make sure each party is provided for..

Most people I know, knew that Neil Patrick Harris was gay and he never tried to hide it. I do not know NPH well, but we know each other enough to say hi and have a chat if we see each other..NPH did not need to be "outed" since he was already out..He wasn't trying to be anything other than what he is..

The problem is that a particular blogger decided that everyone needed to know NPH was gay and in my opinion was very malicious in the way he went about it and was seeking out people who had slept with NPH, etc..

NPH lets face it kind of disappeared after Doogie for the most part..He was making a living doing theatre and was doing very well for himself but not like he is now..So, then he gets a chance in Harold and Kumar and everyone sees him now as this crazy heterosexual party guy everyone wants to hang out with and this translates into "How I Met Your Mother" where he is basically the same character..It is just Harold and Kumar reinforced..People in Hollywood know he is gay, but the general public does not know and they are loving NPH..

What will happen now to NPH? He is an incredible actor, but will people want to believe what they saw in Harold & Kumar? Was Ellen ever a romantic lead after "Mr. Wrong?"

When I share secrets and confidences with the readers of this blog I do so in a format which makes sure that no one gets hurt or loses a job or forces someone to do something they did not want to do just to satisfy the egomanical lusting of a blogger looking for more readers..

Now..back to my office yesterday afternoon..we are discussing in much greater detail and more people we know who may be forced into this same type of situation..My client has a chance at a role that will make him an A lister in an instant..this will mean more money, opportunity, and fulfilling his dream..At the same time he does not want anything to happen that will jeopardize his 3 year relationship with his partner and their future together..He is afraid that he will be given this opportunity, take it and do well, and then have it taken away by someone who has nothing better to do than be cruel..Or he can walk away from the role, continue his career which is nice and steady and probably will not come on the radar of anyone trying to harm and everything will be fine...This is the dilemma he finds himself in now and it sucks that it has to be a dilemma..Hollywood is fantasy and dreams and that is what the whole industry is based on from cartoons to porn...everyone is willing to play along with the fantasy and dream as long as it does not hurt the bottom line and it sucks when you are not able to make the choice of whether or not to keep the dream going..

I am 99% sure of what his decision will be and I wish I could tell you, but that might be too many clues, and I am not going to take away anyone's dream...

I will have a really long post later today about "outing" people in Hollywood and how it is ruining careers and lives and what is reality vs. perception..(and as a disclaimer, I am not gay so there may be a different point of view from someone who is..) I just need to rework it some to try and make it more blind...But a couple of notes..

**For those of you in NYC or going there sometime before Christmas I received about 5 e-mails and an equal number of calls last night about how cool the Barney's windows are in Manhattan with the Andy Warhol tribute..You definitely need to check it out..

**For those of you in Australia and I know there are a bunch, I am working on a couple of stories involving some people near and dear to your heart..

**This was the first time in a long time I was unable to attend the World Music Awards or Europe VMA's and so I am a little bummed, but just have too much going on here....Award shows outside the US are just a lot more fun to attend and everything is more relaxed and enjoyable for the artists and the fans..Shows here are so boring and so long the only award shows I consistently go to are the Grammys and the Golden Globes..Both of these shows are also long, but I love music so Grammys are a must and there are so many foreign journalists at the Golden Globes who are always happy to be there and having fun that it seems like everyone has
a great time even if it does take 5 hours..

OK, back in awhile with the longer post..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Celebrity Adoptions Gone Bad ( REALLY, REALLY BAD)

Lately it seems everyone wants to adopt a baby, buy a baby or whatever else celebs are doing to get a baby in 30 minutes or less..But if you recall this is kind of the 2nd wave of adoptions..The first happened a few years ago when Rosie and Jodie Foster and Camryn Mannheim and Calista Flockhart all adopted children or gave birth without identifying the father (Thanks anonymous). It was during that period of time that I had a celebrity couple (unmarried/ (she) actress (he) producer (both) A list to B list) come to me because they wanted some attention/help a disadvantaged child...Anyway, they actually did not want to adopt a child (18 months or so)..They had a brighter idea than that. Actress' sister was in jail at the time and would be for quite some time..Actress' sister did not know who the father was and Actress's mom was tired of taking care of the baby so our couple who we will call A&P decided they could become guardians of the child, get on the adoption bandwagon so to speak and help out mom and sister at the same time. I actually like to believe their initial intentions were good although misguided but had not realized what a child does to someone's life even if several nannies are on the payroll...

So the paperwork was filled out and they were given temporary guardianship until a court investigator could look at the living environment and home and report back to the court before a permanent guardianship could be granted..Well this is where the problems started..The investigator wanted to meet with A&P together at the house and just see how they interacted with the child but short of that would be willing to interview A&P separately if need be..The following quotes were said to me over the next few months while appointments were scheduled and canceled in vain..

"But we're celebrities, there must be an exception for us."
"We have to let him in our home?"
"Why do we have to be here?"
"Do we tip him?"
"I am having a little procedure that week so I can't."
"Fashion week comes first."
"Maybe we should just try and get her out of jail."
"Do we have to change diapers or is there going to be a test?"

Finally after 4 months of scheduling and rescheduling they connect with the investigator and actually to their credit everything goes fine and shortly thereafter they become guardians of the child..Now, there is really nothing left for them or for me to do for a year when they have an annual review to make sure everything is going well, etc..Now my name is on the court papers as the attorney of record so if something happens in regards to the matter, the court lets me know..well after about six months I get copies of all this paperwork done by 4 different families who all want to be guardians of this So, I call up A&P and ask what is going on..

"Well every party/opening/interview, etc..we kept telling everyone about how we now had this baby and everyone was so envious/proud/wish they had thought of it that they all wanted to try and do the same thing.."

"After a few months we stopped getting attention and the baby was causing headaches in our filming schedules/vacations/parties/yoga lessons and so when we saw someone who asked about "B" we said well actually we are thinking of sending her back to B's grandma."

Well it turns out that if the other couple showed interest, they would pawn off the child to the couple for a weekend or a week along with a complimentary nanny so they could decide if they wanted B. Well they were so successful at pawning B off on everyone and promising all these couples they could be guardians and one couple went and got an attorney and drew up papers and became the temporary guardian of B and when the other couples found out, they all went ballistic and filed all their papers through their attorneys saying they were promised B and they wanted B for themselves/and to get attention..

A&P loved the drama and since the other couples wanted A&P on their side for any testimony, they were wining and dining them/giving gifts/talking about greenlighting moives/new production deals/office space and A&P were LOVING it..this was much better than actually having to take care of B..after B's case was done they were "seriously thinking of helping another child."

Well one of the effects of all this paperwork is that B's mom got coipes of all the documents and saw what was going on and got her own attorney and talked to A's mom and once the judge in the case saw what was going on, managed to take care of it by making A's mom guardian until B's mom got out of jail which was about 9 months later...

Meanwhile, the other couples turned on A&P and although they are probably considered B listers because of their past work, their work will remain primarily in the past because these couples were not the ones you ever want to piss off..P has not done anything and A is "taking a break for the most part."

Now, if you think this one was bad I have one that is in some ways even worse, but do not know if I will share it tomorrow or wait for some other time..I like to give you loyal readers variety..

Thanks for the comments and e-mails and links and I really appreciate them all..I try to answer all the comments here on my blog and also on yours if you have one..I hope you will keep spreading the stories that make up my crazy days and crazy nights..

Lots to talk about later today but I would be remiss if I did not mention this blog and this person..

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she has a wicked sense of humor, parties all over the globe and everyone needs to check out the punisherz..

Talk to you later when we hear about celebrity adoptions gone bad (REALLY, REALLY bad) but I am off to court right now..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A couple of things..First I promise some stories about some of my male clients..I do not want you to think they do not have issues because they do..they just happen to be different issues than I usually face with my female clients..First going to try a new feature called..


I want to show you the extremes of celebrity behavior..I will try and stick with incidents in which I was a witness, but you never know..

JACKASS - Male rock star..I want to say 5 number ones, but Google says 6..solo act...hotel elevator after a concert..groupies (Band-Aids to my buddy Cameron and to my friend Kate who always makes me smile) pressing items to be signed into the elevator...(1) a woman in her 70's is on the elevator and a hotel guest..(2)me.... (3) singer's manager..the woman in her 70's has no idea what is going on and would rather be anyplace else..(btw I have no idea what she was doing up so late) girls are screaming and trying to claw their way to the elevator..singer grabs his crotch and says, "yeah girls want some of that don't ya?" and then turns to the woman in her 70's and says "I bet you could use some too huh?"..By this time he has accumulated a handful of Sharpies and begins to throw them out the elevator and the girls go scrambling for them, falling down as they do so..The manager hits the close button on the elevator and the singer reaches over and pushed the door open button and says.."not so fast..I love to watch them crawl..right where they belong.."then he lets the elevator door close..

KINDNESS - Female actress --- top 20 ish tv show---on her way to her FIRST late night talk show appearance---I was driving, and she was in the passenger seat--a friend of hers was in the backseat----on the side of the freeway is a woman standing behind her car which has a flat tire--the woman is holding a 6 month old in her arms---late afternoon--rush hour--it feels like a sauna outside and no one is stopping to help the woman--we are on the far side of the freeway so there are three lanes between us and the woman and we are about 100 feet back or so and traffic is stopped---actress is appalled that no one has stopped to even see if help is on the way..--we have been watching the scene for 15 I said, we are not going moving at all..---she wants me to pull over to the shoulder which is going to take a miracle all in itself--she gets out of the car, and walks across the 3 lanes of traffic to the woman and her baby..turns out there is another 3 year old in the car we could not see from our angle or the lighting as well as a dog--the mom did not have a cell phone and was willing to change the tire on her own, but it was so hot she did not want to leave the baby in the car even with the windows rolled down and even if she did, everytime the woman stepped out of the car alone, the baby would scream which caused the dog to bark which caused the 3 year old to cry..---she was waiting for someone to stop or a policeman to come by or something and was hoping that maybe her baby would fall asleep if she held it long enough and then she could change the tire..(I am still trying to get over to the shoulder)--actress, not in the clothes she was going to wear for her tv appearance, but does have hair and makeup done for the most part, opens trunk and starts taking everything out to change the tire---now you have to realize that probably 200 people have seen this play out as actress crossed the freeway and everyone has been staring at the woman with the baby while waiting in traffic for a very long time..---all of a sudden, like a gate has opened 4 cars pull over to the shoulder to help..--unknown if they were shamed by actress walking across the highway or maybe thought she was attractive or finally realized no one was going to help--but you have never seen people move so fast--and within 15 minutes at the most, the tire had been changed and everyone was back on the road---I had manged to pull over, but during this 15 minutes of changing the tire, traffic moved maybe equal to where the woman's car had been originally...---actress although not actually having to change the tire looks a mess and she is sweating, and just does not look like she is going on tv later....when she gets in the car, her friend says well at least you will have a great story to tell tonight---actress says, no because no one would believe her and would think she did it to have a story to tell..(that is how hollywood works)---so everyone kept it quiet until now...

OK..Lots to talk about today and of course have some stories for you as well which I think you will enjoy in my new feature JACKASS v KINDNESS and you should look for that later today, BUT I wanted to comment a bit on the K-Fed Britney sex tape stunt, etc..

I need to start off by saying that I think Britney is a great person and one of the funniest people I have ever met. The other thing is that she is very makes people blind and she got suckered by K-Fed plain and simple..but as a businesswoman she knows what she is doing and when I have dealt with her, she has been incredible. I have not spoken to her since she got married because she kind of withdrew from the business part of her life..Right after she got married I had some talks with one of her "people" about a new product but nothing ever came of it and I honestly think she just was not that interested in anything but marriage...I hope now that she is back doing her own thing that I will have the chance to sit down with her again and get to know all the inside info..we shall see..

Anyway, the way I started in the entertainment part of the business was actually even before law school..I put myself through college and law school working in the music industry and it is where I made my mark at the beginning and allowed me to branch out to other areas now...So I want you to take everything in the News of the World Story with a grain of salt..Do I believe there may be a sex tape? Yes, because of Chaotic and because it was allegedly taken at the time of the honeymoon....Is it worth $50 million? NO..and no one will pay that..The math does not work and it would never recoup that much....As soon as one person buys it, the tape will be all over the internet..Yes, people will still go out and buy it and everyone will see it, but it will NEVER be like the Pam and Tommy Lee tape which was available even on spank-o-vision in hotels..If this was the pre-internet, then yes it would command a high dollar amount, but more like the $10-15M range..

The other thing about the article which makes me question the whole thing is the estimated net worth of Britney..They say she is worth 65 million pounds which is almost $130M dollars and that is just way to high..

To make money in the music business you need to (a) write your own songs and (b) tour frequently..Now, because Britney is so high profile she has opportunities other singers do not have such as endorsements and products like her perfume, etc..That being said, for the most part she does not write her own songs and she has not been on tour since she got married..

See what happens when a singer writes their own songs and when they do not..

Lets look at a Kelly Clarkson song "A Moment Like This" which was her very first single and is now used for Sandals resorts..Kelly did not write this song..It was written by a man named John Reid I believe and therefore no matter who sings this song in the future, John Reid gets paid and Kelly Clarkson does not..When Sandals wanted to use the song, John Reid got money and Kelly clarkson did not except for any added benefit that people may have gone out an bough her CD after hearing the song again..(on the commercial it is not sung by her)

Lets look at another Kelly Clarkson song from that same first album which was also very popular.."Miss Independent"..Kelly actually had a 33% share in this songwriting credit and so from now on, 40 years from now if someone sings this song, she will get a little money as well as a VERY smart business woman named Christina Aguilera...yep..

According to court documents, Britney's income the year prior to marriage was about $20M which was also her highest grossing year ever..That is probably about right..But it is also before taxes and payments to people like me and her management team and publicists, etc..She got paid so much that year because of endorsements and album sales and touring..Lets look at how much money a nobody artist can make touring..

Rick Springfield---3 or 4 hits almost 30 years ago now makes anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 a night in concert and with all the Indian Casinos and other 80's nights, etc, I am sure he could play 100 nights a year easily, if not more..This is someone who WAS really good and really popular but in the very early 1980's and can easily make almost $1M a year..Britney makes about 50 times that amount each night she performs but she has NOT performed for the last two years..

There is just no way that Britney could have multiplied her net worth by 400% over the last two years without any of these major income sources and with her still spending money at presumably the same rate she was prior to the marriage, if not waay more considering the two kids, extra staff, and K-Fed's excessive spending..

All of these tactics being played out are just a way for K-Fed to get more money out of Britney than he is entitled to by the pre-nup..Ms. Wasser who is Britney's attorney and who is a hottie as I have said before is VERY, VERY good at what she does, but I would imagine this is going to settle before very long..

OK, I just had to say all that and most of you may not care, but I promise you nasty celebrity stories later today so you can have your fix..

Monday, November 13, 2006

I really like this journal and should be checked out on a daily basis..

That Vegas trip really did me in for the weekend..It is tough to do something like that and then try and do work which has any chance of making sense later..All I wanted to do for the rest of the weekend was to just lay around and do nothing..One of the cool things about living in downtown LA as opposed to other parts is that it is really kind of quiet here on the weekends and many of the people living here know each other or are at least used to seeing each other..It is more like the small neighborhood kind of feel you get on the East Coast and I just really like it when I take the time to appreciate it like this weekend..

The only "celebrity" thing of note that happened since I last wrote was attending the Deck The Halls premiere which was cool because many of my friends, clients, and business partners were there and it was very low key which is what I needed..

So, this next story is not going to be very specific but I think you will definitely get the idea..Another middle of the night call..this one was like at 2am ish...Former A lister from late 80's early 90's who was all over tv and movies..Since I have known her she has been using crack a call from her that morning because she had my # memorized..she would have called her publicist but could not remember his number..(thank goodness for small favors) It seems she had been with a "friend" she met at a bar and did not know his name or other details except he called himself "Andy" and they went to go score some crack because they both wanted to party and he was paying so she was all for that..So they end up in a neighborhood where (a) this car is out of place and the (b) people do not belong and therefore, after they have made their purchase the cops pull them over about 15 seconds a little back story may be in order here..Our 80's A lister is on probation for possession and other various infractions stemming from her prolific drug abuse over the past 5-10 years and so she is looking at jail that night and quite likely for an additional three to six months or so as well for violating probation..Cops pull over the couple and "Andy" has the crack on him and it is his car..My client has nothing on her and for some reason which is unclear, neither cop asks her for identification or her name..I am guessing that each thought the other had because "Andy" was causing a bit of a disturbance and therefore she was not really on their mind..I can maybe see that happening...MAYBE..but then she stated that they looked through her purse to see if she was carrying and she was not (according to her)..This is where her story gets fishy cuz a cop is going to ask for i.d or see it in your purse while checking for drugs and so I am guessing she did a "favor" for one of the cops who either (a) recognized her or (b) just thought she was hot in that crack whore kind of might say I have no reason to think she would offer a "favor" to the cops except she has not always paid her bills on time and more than once has offered me a "favor" to offset or pay her bill..I declined..but know she is not above that..

So.."Andy's" car is towed, "Andy" is off to jail, and my client is on the side of the street where she has no reason to be and so what does she think to do first? call a friend? a taxi? no..she decides she should call her publicist, but cannot find his number so calls me instead so I can give her the #..I ask her why she needs it at 2am ish and she explains..

This situation just shows how messed up this town is and how desperate people are for publicity and to get their name back where it was and to be an A lister again..She is thinking to herself that she will get her name in the news and no doubt it would be and maybe her publicist can get her a nice little story in People about her trying to get her life straight after a stint in rehab..That is all possible..BUT in REALITY, what would have happened is there would have been a police investigation why she was let off and not arrested for violating probation..and the cops would have been in trouble and pissed..she would have ended up in jail for the violation of probation and everyone would know she uses crack and is not the innocent angel she once portrayed..the I am going to rehab for prescription drugs routine would not have worked..

Also..if she had got hold of the Killer P(ublicist) her defense would have been a lot harder for me because god only knows what he would say to make her sound pathetic, inspirational, or whatever his mood came up with at the time..Now some of you may be saying to yourself..hey, but wouldn't a publicist (a) keep her out of the news in this situation (b) want to keep the client out of jail?....a good publicist would do that..99% of them however would do whatever it took to get pub for their client and for themselves....the pub is saying to themselves, I want to land another A lister for myself, and how will they know about me if I hush this one up..I cannot go tell everyone I hushed it therefore I need to come up with a story that gets me and my client in the news..Everyone needs to know my name also...just one vicious circle baby..

Oh..I got out of bed...went and picked her up..dropped her off at her place..declined the offer of a "favor" and told her she needed to go to rehab again without tipping off the of Thursday she was still thinking of a way to work rehab to her advantage before going.....


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