Saturday, July 14, 2012

Four Minutes With Aziz Ansari

Blind Items Revealed

This actress is a solid B+ actress. Yes, you confuse with her with every other actress that is her same age and it seems like she is in a group of actresses that are all interchangeable depending on the schedule of the others to fill in parts. She did have one really memorable role that stood her out slightly from the others. Anyway, her taste in guys is extraordinarily bad. She has yet to meet a guy who has not used her for one thing or the other. Her first serious boyfriend, well she thought he was a boyfriend. It turns out she was his girlfriend when he was in town. otherwise he had another serious girlfriend in another city. She always thought she would find out if he was cheating because of the tabloids. He is a well known actor. The thing is, his other girlfriend didn't care that he was cheating and they stayed in most nights when he was with her. No tabloids, so our actress thought everything was good. Nope. When she found out she was crushed and told herself she would never date again. Then she ran into this A list actor who said all the right things. She promised herself she would not do anything rash and would take things slow. Well, our A list movie actor fed her drinks and the next thing you know she was spending the night with him on a first date. After a walk of shame home she realized he did not give her a phone number and he never called again. So, the next time she told herself she would be even more careful. She found herself an almost A list actor. Well he thought of himself as one. In fact he calls himself one. He thinks very highly of himself. He also talks about himself in the third person. She thought it was quirky and fun. He is a solid B+ actor who would probably be an A if he was not such a pain. She made this actor wait. Many dates. He waited and waited patiently she thought. She thought they were friends. Well, they finally had sex and something changed. They had sex again and then he never called her again. Now she says that she has given up on dating and is never going to go out again.

Amanda Seyfried

Has Miley Cyrus Been Cutting Again?

When you look at Miley Cyrus' new tattoo it looks like she has some fairly recent scars on her wrists. Is it cutting? Does she have a really mean cat? Is this a new game she and the lesser Hemsworth are playing?

Jennifer Lopez Makes it Official - Leaving Idol

The pressure is now on Randy Jackson as Jennifer Lopez confirmed yesterday that she is joining Steven Tyler in leaving American Idol. I don't think Randy Jackson wants to leave. I think he is perfectly happy traveling around the country and then sitting behind a table two nights a week for a couple of hours and getting paid millions of dollars to do it. Would you ever leave that job? Honestly, who would want to leave that job? I wouldn't even be greedy about it. I bet Paula Abdul still kicks herself every single day for giving up that job. Do you think Paula is making $15M a year now? I think she probably makes about $1M and it all comes from royalties and the occasional "concert." What Idol is showing though is that the show can continue no matter who is a judge so why spend bazillions of dollars on judges? Did you know all the judges on So You Think You Can Dance before it started? Why do you watch? Because it is a good show. Why should the judges be the stars of the show? The first season of Idol, the only person you had heard of was Paula. Maybe Randy if you were a Journey fan, but you probably had not. People watched in record numbers. At some point though, producers have decided the judges are what gets people to watch, but history suggests they are wrong.

Woman Trades Newborn For Meth

Police have arrested a couple because the new addition to their family is not their child. A couple in Kentucky was charged with human trafficking after they traded a truck for a newborn baby. The baby belongs to a Florida woman named Heather Kaminskey. Police are searching for her. Heather traded her newborn for the truck and then promptly sold the truck for $800 worth of meth.

Heather had left the state because she didn't want Florida Child Protective Services to take her baby. They had taken her other two babies and also had warrants out for her arrest for other drug charges.

Jessica Simpson Gained 70 Pounds During Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy which means that she topped the scales at just about 200 pounds. According to US Weekly, she has to lose 30 pounds of that by the end of August or she does not get paid by Weight Watchers. It can be really hard to lose weight at any time in life as I have discovered, but it is really hard when people are watching you all over the world and judging whether you have gained or lost a pound each time they see a photo. I think if you had nothing else to do but exercise and had a trainer and no other commitments other than taking care of your baby that you would have a decent shot at losing the weight that she needs to lose. The problem I have is that it's so easy to tell yourself that you can start tomorrow or that one snack or one extra drink is not going to really hurt anything. The next thing you know, you have gained 20 pounds and need to dig to the back of your closet and get out your big clothes. That is always depressing.

Elton John Says He Had Lots Of Unsafe Sex

I think we probably all knew it, but Elton John told Matt Lauer yesterday that he has had a lot of unprotected sex. He blames it on all the drugs he took. Oh, and the booze. Oh, and because he was always horny. Elton says he is HIV- which is astonishing considering that he said he went unprotected through the first part of the AIDS crisis. One thing Elton has always been is open about everything in his life. I'm sure there is lots that he is not shared, but there has been plenty more that he has and that most celebrities would keep private. The interview is set to air next week.

Kelsey Grammer's Wife Gives Birth To Girl - Twin Son Dies

Yesterday when Kayte Grammer gave birth to a girl, the first thing someone asked me when they heard the news was that they thought Kayte had been expecting twins. I had totally forgotten about that. Sure enough, in the statement announcing the birth of Faith Evangeline, the couple also released a statement that said that the twin boy had died shortly after the pregnancy announcement. They managed to keep that really quiet. It shows you that if you want to keep a secret bad enough that you can do it, even when you are in the public eye. I guess it is a blessing for Kayte that she gave birth so soon after the loss, but she must have been worried everyday until her daughter was born.

Sylvester Stallone's Son Overdoses

Sage Moonblood Stallone was found yesterday in his home, dead of an apparent pill overdose. He was 36. Police do not think it was a suicide because there was no suicide note found at the scene. His lawyer said that Sage was talking about getting married and that Sage's maid was the one to find him. Sage was the son of Sasha Czack.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Get well soon Michael Clarke Duncan.
if celebrities were like "everyday people."

Carmen Electra in a photo shoot. She still looks great.
Note to Chris Hemsworth. Next time register for a stroller.
meanwhile, the lesser Hemsworth skateboards with Miley Cyrus.
Elizabeth Olsen on the set of her new movie with
Demi Moore.

Random Photos Part Two

A very happy Freida Pinto signs autographs.
Anne Hathaway still sporting that Les Mis hairstyle.
Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie in new York.
"Mom, Why is the sky blue?"
Does anyone even watch Kendra's show?
Jeff is lonely. He would like you to call. 100,000 people already have.
Madonna and her boyfriend get taken around in Paris.
Mila Kunis for Dior.
I love this photo of Matthew M and it isn't even staged.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I continue to be fascinated with this Princess Diana movie starring Naomi Watts and the shot by shot final few weeks of her life.

Rachel Bilson goes shoes shopping with Hayden Christensen.
Ryan Gosling always looking good.
Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con and
sharing a moment with Kristen Stewart.
Long time no see Raven Symone. She ducked out of the limelight for about two months.

Katie Holmes takes Suri to gymnastics.
Stephen Moyer tries to cheer up Anna Paquin.

The Joel McHale - Rob Riggle Handshake

Sure to be the next great trend. Like planking. Or a pet rock.

Four For Friday - Easy Ones

Friday today so announcement day. Tomorrow will be a reveal on the site. Last weekend I had three reveals but I think this weekend will just be one. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer or you can click on the birdie thing over -------> I have had some blinds there that I don't on the site. I also gave a hint to a blind item from earlier in the week over there today.

A traditional Four For Friday today because I have a lot of quicker ones that I have been dying to share.

#1 - This former American Idol alum who actually is well known has other plans since her records have not been selling well. She is dying to be in Playboy and wants to make the transition from singer to host and thinks being naked in Playboy is the way to make that happen. Why is everyone's first thought to get naked? If you need a hint, she has fake breasts.

#2 - This top female tennis player is scrapping her marriage plans after she caught her celebrity boyfriend cheating.

#3 & #4 - What A list celebrity bff female couple reunited recently but won't be doing it again. It has been forever since they spoke or went out prior to this because one of the women got drunk and made out with the significant other of the other woman.

Your Turn

It's Friday the 13th. You can talk about your favorite horror movie. You can talk about bad things that have happened to you today. Are you superstitious?

Woman Sues Justin Bieber For $9M

Would you admit that you have been to a Justin Bieber concert? I don't think I would ever admit that. Not only is one woman admitting it, she is also suing Justin Bieber for over $9M because she says she suffered permanent hearing loss at a Bieber concert. Not an Ozzy Osbourne concert or a Motorhead concert. Not even a Poison concert. Nope. Justin Bieber. She might as well have said The Wiggles. Apparently Bieber had some gondola he used to go over the audience and it caused sound to be slammed back into this woman's ears. Uh huh. This happened in 2010 and she just managed to get that suit filed in the two year window. I think I would have gone to another concert just so I could blame them instead of Bieber.

Robert Blake Goes Nuts

How did I miss the Robert Blake interview with Piers Morgan? Well, I know how I missed it originally because no one watches Piers Morgan. I know he is on CNN but that is about it. he is still on CNN right? He is not just sitting at his house doing something on ustream or something right? A little chat roulette? Naked couples one second and the next you have Piers Morgan interviewing someone. Anyway he had Robert Blake on and asked Robert about the death of Robert's ex-wife. You and I both know Robert killed her. Even OJ knows Robert killed her. So, Piers asked about it and Blake went off. I need to watch more.

Fleetwood Mac Reuniting For Tour

To make sure they have enough money to make it comfortably through their elderly years, Fleetwood Mac has decided to go on tour again. It is the first time they have gone on tour since 2009. It actually feels much longer. Stevie Nicks let the news out which will probably make the rest of the band mad so they will probably postpone it a year just to tick off Stevie and make her look bad. For me, I don't need Fleetwood Mac. What I need is enough money where Stevie Nicks just lives in my basement and for three or four hours a day sings for me. She is the best. She can be a diva, but she could also fill books of kindness things she has done and she is a great singer and she is sexy and not afraid to spill all about everything.

Florida Politicians Sure Know How To Party

I don't think there has been a political sex scandal this much fun since Anthony Weiner. Of course with him, it was always going to be fun because of his name. This one involves Jennifer Carroll (photo above is with the Governor). She is the Lt. Governor of Florida. That would be a similar role to a Vice-President. Anyway, Jennifer is married. She is also a very staunch Republican. She is against gay marriage. She is also being accused by a former employee of having a same sex affair with her "special" assistant. Apparently the former employee walked in on the couple in Carroll's office when they were in a position which cannot be explained away. Always lock your office doors. The former employee was also told that when the women traveled she was to put them in adjoining rooms. Always. Oh, except for when Jennifer's husband was traveling with her. That happened one time and there was a warning to never let that happen again. The Lt. Governor has denied it all, but some of the details are just too real.

Blind Item #2

What started out as just trying to lend a helping hand has turned into some ex sex. This former A list couple split not that long ago. Mostly because of his cheating. This pushed her over the edge. He has been seeing other people and by seeing I mean trying to race Russell Brand in a celebrity sex version of The Big Year. Anyway, he has kind of been seeing one B+ movie actress and at the same time trying to play counselor to his ex which involves adding the s to the ex. he told the B+ actress he was being faithful to her. I know, I know. I laughed and laughed too.

Scarlett Johansson Says She Is Too Sexy For Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson is taking her ego pills again. In a recent interview, Scarlett says she misses out on a lot of roles in Hollywood because she thinks she is too sexy. "That has happened to me before, yeah. That’s always an unfortunate thing to figure out. Why can’t you see?! For me, I would imagine casting someone, you would want to challenge yourself in some way."

I think maybe she is not getting the roles because she only plays one type of role. Yes, when she is in Avengers it is different, but anyone could have played that role. She got lucky they cast her for that. If you look at something that actually requires acting, all her roles kind of just meld into one person. You can be sexy and if you are a good actress can pull off anything. I think Scarlett is just finding any excuse she can why she loses out on parts to actresses who can actually act.

Suri/Scout? Cruise/Holmes?

You want to know what makes me think that Suri Cruise is not Tom Cruise's biological child? This whole rumor going around the internet that Katie is going to change Suri's name. First of all, you don't change the first name of a six year old kid from Suri to Scout. I think you should stick with Suri because she can always sue Apple later in life claiming that when they used Siri they were taking her name. Also, who wants to be named after a Bruce Willis/Demi Moore kid? That is just asking for trouble. Yes, I know it is a great character in To Kill A Mockingbird, but go ask 100 fifteen year old kids what they think of first when they hear the name Scout and you will get Scout Willis way more times. The next thing. Changing the name from Cruise to Cruise Holmes. Interesting. This is where I wish Tommy didn't have that huge checkbook because if he was hurting for cash Katie would not have agreed to keep quiet forever. But, as I have said, Suri has not signed anything and I'm hoping she starts talking as soon as she starts going to school. So, if there are any teachers out there who get Suri as a student, make sure she has to write a lot of papers on her family. Oh, and draw a family tree.

Blind Item #1

This B-/C+ actress/model has not been in many films but her name is very recognizable. She had a premiere this week but skipped the after party. She said she was sick, but only bailed when she saw who one of the guests would be at the party. He is a millionaire dating a very famous model and when our actress/model was starting out in the business he took her out for drinks and dinner and forced her to do some things she does not want to think about anymore, let alone be in the same room with him.

Lindsay Lohan & Lady GaGa

So what on earth do you think made Lady GaGa want to have a sleepover with Lindsay Lohan. Apparently when Lady gaGa got back from Australia, the first thing she did was head over to Chateau Marmont where she spent the night with Lindsay and also Lana Del Rey. Earlier that night, Lady GaGa had been making out with a woman so maybe she also wanted to spend some time with Lindsay?? It is just so random. The pair then spent the past few days Tweeting to each other about cucumbers and lemons because that is all that Lindsay eats. Well, no wonder she is always hammered out of her mind. You can't drink if you are only eating cucumbers and lemons. The women spent the night playing board games and Lindsay kept trying to tell the other two what a great singer she is and how GaGa should produce her next record. There are few things stranger that I have heard of as this slumber party.

Steven Tyler Leaving American Idol

Yesterday Steven Tyler announced that he was leaving American Idol because he wanted to focus on his music and because he was scared of Ryan Seacrest's hair. Aerosmith has a new album coming out in November which means press and a tour. He will probably get a guest spot on Idol at some point to help push sales, but you never got the feeling this is what Steven Tyler was going to be doing for the next ten years. With hints that Randy Jackson is leaving too, then they might as well show Jennifer Lopez the door and just replace all the judges with Jonas Brothers. Why not? When one of them is sick or can't make it a week you can just put another in their place and call them a Jonas cousin or something. There are probably a million of them and they probably all look the same. One big Jonas Brothers contract and no messy individual contracts. They can have guest judges sit in who they have dated which would cover pretty much any person in the under 25 tween crowd.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

And the cat knocks out the dog with one punch.
Angelina Jolie and some of the kids. I think she looks high in this photo.
Why yes, Christina Hendricks, I will have a drink with you.
More Chris Hemsworth carrying his baby photos. He always seems to wear the same shirt.
Chris Noth after working out in New York.
Catherine Zeta Jones doing some solo shopping in LA. That is a rare sight.
Denise Richards getting paid to pose in some clothes.
Jessica Alba continues the Italian vacation.
Katie Holmes went out with a friend last night. When she has her first date, the tabloids will explode. She is their Jennifer Aniston for the next decade.


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