Friday, September 09, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

One of my favorite Biggest Loser contestants ever, I really hope Sam Polou pulls through. Fell from a building and is in critical condition.
I can never get enough photos of Chris Bosh and his wife. He must have almost 3 feet on her.
Last night was Fashion Night Out and the creator, Anna Wintour got to pose with what she thought was a 14 year old female model, but turned out to be Justin Bieber.
LeAnn Rimes was celebrated in New York with her Princess Leia dress.
Rose McGowan was also in New York and this is probably one of her best photos ever.
Nicole Richie celebrated Fashion Night Out in Los Angeles by wearing the same fashion she has worn every day for the past three years.
Mary Kate And Ashley celebrated Fashion Night at JC Penney, or as they like to be called now jcp. Yeah, that is like K-Mart calling themselves km. It is still the same store.
How much gel do you think Tilda Swinton uses on a daily basis?
Tiffany in New York had a huge crowd for Fashion Night Out. Leighton Meester played a concert there. Yeah, yeah, I know. So, what do you think really brought them there? Booze?
Kyle Richards did her part by signing autographs in Chicago.
Debra Messing sans wedding ring showed up in New York.
Ditto for the amazing, wonderful Iman.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Dwayne Wade in New York for Fashion week.
Also there was Elisha Cuthbert who looks like she is about to slip and fall.
Desperate for action since Demi Moore wants nothing to do with him, Ashton turns to Ellen for comfort.
Jim Carrey is available for parties and weddings and home redecorating.
Katie and Suri in New York. Tell me again when Suri will start looking like Tom Cruise.
Miley Cyrus meets her first billionaire. This is the owner of Topshop.
Michael J Fox headed into Letterman.
The first pictures of Natalie Portman's baby and a
clear shot of Harper Seven Fourteen Twenty-One.
Paddy Doherty won Celebrity Big Brother. Kerry Katona came in second. I know many of you have never heard of the guy, but he beat Tara Reid so be thankful for that.
Peaches Geldof keeps dropping weight. Heroin again?
"Beastly? Sucker Punch? Yeah, with your credits, I think you are looking at the third row Ms. Hudgens. Could you move along, I have one of the girls who got smushed on Season 2 of Jersey Shore coming and we need to find her a spot. Everyone is so excited."

Your Turn - Never Forget

Every year on September 11th, I post the image above and leave it at the top of the blog all day. I will do so again this year on Sunday as we mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The world changed that day at 8:46 a.m. Eastern Time. Whether you knew someone who died or was affected by what happened, your life changed and the world changed. When it happened, I was in a car driving. I was not in Los Angeles that day and was headed to a meeting and I heard the news and then just turned around and went back to where I was staying and sat in front of the television for two days straight. I am sure people must have gone outside and run errands and did their normal routine, but everyone I speak to always says they stayed in front of their television for days, so I don't know if anyone was outside or not. My boss at the time actually had flown into New York that morning and I spoke to him when he landed at LaGuardia. He eventually got with some other people and drove back across the country. I tried to call all my New York friends to make sure they were ok. I called all my Washington D.C. friends to make sure they were ok. Even though cell networks were not as advanced, I don't remember getting too many all circuits are busy messages. I remember watching that video all the networks had that they kept recycling repeatedly.

I want to hear from you today. Tell me what you were doing, and your thoughts and reflections.

Jimmy Fallon Brings Balls In Your Mouth Back

Last year Jimmy Fallon wrote a song about the BP tar balls and it was funny and he would bring it out and have guests sing it with him sometimes. He retired it for awhile but with the tar balls starting to wash up on shore again, he brought the song out and go Eddie Vedder to sing it with him.

Mel Gibson Making Movie About Jewish Hero

Apparently Mel Gibson will do anything to make you like him again. This includes making a movie about the Jewish hero Judah Maccabee who was a warrior back about 200 B.C. Think Braveheart and Patriot but 2300 years ago. Yeah, it sounds to me like it will be exactly like those two movies. It is a formula that he has done well at in the past and now he can also try and get people to stop remembering all the anti-Semitic slurs he has said over the years and all the other races he has offended. Jewish leaders have already said they will boycott the movie if Mel Gibson is in it.

Elisabetta Canalis Calls Herself A Doormat

I don't think I have ever read a celebrity interview where I felt more sorry for someone. Elisabetta Canalis gave an interview to Chi Magazine and she called herself a doormat and that she has no choice but to be with cold and controlling men because there are no Prince Charmings in the world. Wow. That is a cold hard smack of reality.

"I have always seen cold and controlled men as the right ones for me. You have to accept that Prince Charming who is coming to save you is not going to happen - it works against you. I'm a bit of a tomboy, but when it comes to love I am a doormat. I'm looking for men who can give me security."

Have you ever read an interview like that from a quasi celebrity? I wish that she would not give up so easily. She is 32 years old and made a very good living in Italy and will make a few hundred thousand dollars from DWTS, so why should she have to be anything she does not want to be. I understand wanting security in your life, but you don't have to be a doormat to have security. She makes more money than most people in the world. Is it really security she wants or does she want to be rich? So, does this mean George is cold and controlling?

Jon Gosselin Tells Kate To Get Over Herself

I guess it took Jon Gosselin talking before I was willing to comment on the ridiculousness of what Kate Gosselin said in her People cover story this week. Just because her show is canceled she is now worried about how to provide for her kids and is worried she might lose her house? Really? Come on. That is such a load of crap. First of all she has been making lots and lots of money the past few years. If she has not been pulling in a million bucks a year with appearances and the shows and everything else then she was missing out. Plus, TLC already said they will probably do at least one special a year. She does not have to worry about paying for college because the kids have earned enough from the show to pay for that. And so what if she has to sell her house and 24 acres? Get something smaller. Oh, and return that sports car you just bought the other day and paid cash for. Yeah, it really looks stupid to have a woe is me story and then buy a car with cash two days later. Idiot.

Jon gave n interview to RumorFix and basically said he is happy working and being normal and that Kate should embrace it and get a normal job too. I wish more people would do what Jon did and not try and hang on for as long as possible. He could make money working clubs and making appearances, but just decided to work a day job. I still think he would jump at a reality show in a second though.

Four For Friday - With Some From Fashion Week

#1 & #2 - This former A+ comic movie actor and now still one in his mind, but probably just a B never speaks to this other A list movie actor. The reason? Although they both go both ways, they love guys the most and fought over one guy in particular who actually ended up going with neither of them because they both would not stop bugging him.

#3 - Apparently Russian mobsters are out in force this week and were also at Paris Fashion Week. They basically threaten every Eastern European model with bodily harm unless the model gives up almost everything they make during the shows. When one A++ list designer was told about the troubling trend, he said, " Why should I care about them? I have a show to do. The show is about my designs and the models are secondary. If one of my models gets hurt, I can find another one in a second."

#4 - This foreign born actress is probably a B-/C+ here although she did star in one of the highest grossing movies ever. Mostly though her work has been done in her native country so most of us would need subtitles. Anyway, she is married. She also has a boyfriend. This sounds so Tilda Swinton. I wonder if this is more common in Europe. Anyway, she brought both of them to a premiere and was asked about them and she said something to the effect of when I don't feel like sex or am out of town they enjoy each other and when I am hope we all have each other.

Lindsay Wants In On Ali Lohan

Just like Dina and Michael Lohan cannot stay out of a good Lindsay Lohan story, it appears that Lindsay Lohan does not want Ali Lohan to have the spotlight shining solely on her. The world abuzz about Ali, then Lindsay needs to get in and get some of that publicity. Without being asked she called E! and told them that Ali has never had any work done. Of course, Lindsay would probably tell you straight to your face that she has never done drugs or stolen anything so I'm not sure she is what you would call a trusted source.

Ali's modeling agency says that Ali has never had work done but unless they have seen all her medical records I'm not sure how they would know. Oh, and they also gave the most craptastic quote of all time. "We take pastoral care of our models very seriously and encourage the models to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body shape." Yeah, as long as that lifestyle means that you are less than a size zero and can manage to stay on your feet for a few hours each day. And WTF does pastoral care have to do with whether Ali had work done?

Ted C Blind Item

Oh Chiquita, how we missed your crazy ass!

You remember our fave psycho TV starlet, right? She's the batty babe who slept her way to the top on her hit boob tube series, all while failing to get her former flame written into small screen oblivion.

Well, these days it's Chicky's big head rather than her man-trapping nether regions that has everyone whispering:

'Cause Chiquita is copping some serious diva 'tude lately.

Sources thisclose to Chicky's on-set stomping grounds tell us that the entire cast of the primetime staple was asked to do some extracurricular promotion for their upcoming season.

It's part of the gig after all, right?

Well not for Chiquita, who promptly informed the suits in charge that she was too big a star for that kind of nonsense and that her less famous costars could manage without her.

Which is exactly what they did. And we wonder if anyone even noticed Chiquita was absent.

Can you believe the ovaries on this broad?

Thing is, Chicky is hardly the biggest star on her least not anymore. She hasn't been walking as many red carpets, booked as many big screen projects, or even landed on as many tabloid covers as some of her poor costars.

Hear that, Chiquita? You're losing your B-list status. Guess it's time to spread those legs again!

And It Ain't: Ashley Benson, Deborah Ann Woll, Polly Perrette

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Makes An Appearance

Writing about someone who has not been in front of a camera for six years is not really my thing, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas is kind of an exception. This is a guy who left Home Improvement at the top of his teen fame and just walked away. Never really tried to do anything else and just went away, seemingly never to return. Well, after spending the past 13 years studying and finally graduating from Columbia last year, now Jonathan wants to act again and direct. Of course he wants to direct. Everyone comes back and wants to direct. The picture above was posted to Patricia Richardson's Twitter account at a Home Improvement reunion for Entertainment Weekly. The kids from this show had very different lives after the show.

I think I have written the most about Taran Noah Smith. He was the youngest sibling on the show. Lets see, when he was 12, his parents took money from his trust account and bought themselves a house under his name. At 17, he married someone who was almost double his age. Right after that he sued his parents and got access to his $1.5M trust fund. He then had a baby with his wife. They started selling vegan food out of the house and got shut down by the neighbors. He got divorced and he got his house foreclosed. Does anyone know if his food company Playhouse is doing any good?

Zachery Ty Bryan has tried to stay relevant and has tried to keep earning a living as an actor. I think his problem is that he still thinks he is a huge star so is not willing to take enough jobs like commercials to keep making a living and is waiting for that one big break again. Oh, he did get tased at a hotel in San Diego back in 2008. Apparently he was a registered guest, but when he came back in from buying a drink the hotel thought he was a homeless guy. They would not let him call his wife in the room and then tased him when he got upset. So, he sued them. He was arrested for DUI back in 2004 when police spotted him traveling at 100 m.p.h., pulled him over and arrested him for DUI.

Taylor Armstrong Signs Book Deal - Will Include Abuse Photos

Apparently Taylor Armstrong must really need money because she has already signed a book deal to describe how she was abused by her now deceased husband. The book is supposed to be about domestic abuse in general, but the main focus of it will be her abuse at the hands of Russell and will include many photos that were taken of Taylor that show the results of Russell's abuse.

I don't really understand the whole book thing. The story comes from Radar, but to me I don't see where the money is in this. It probably will not be a big seller because I don't think there are a bunch of people out there who are all that interested. I do think there would be interest in the photos and Taylor could probably sell them to a tabloid for as much as she would ever make for "writing" a book and there would be way less effort and still get the point across about how she was abused and she could go around discussing it at several thousand dollars a pop.

Maybe she thinks writing a book is classy so showing off the photos that way is better than selling to tabloids.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This B/C list film and movie actress doesn’t get along with her famous mother-in-law. They have been feuding since the wedding day, but we just found out that the mother-in-law is feeding the press rumors about the actress in the hopes of breaking up the marriage.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

A toasted looking Snoop Dogg, Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy all manage to snag the top spot.
Apparently the primary thing Anne Hathaway does in the new Batman movie is to hail cabs.

Meanwhile, Christian Bale stands and watches.
Alexander Skarsgard does a face reading of James Ransone.
Ben Affleck as a man with grey hair.
Beyonce with a baby bump in Croatia.
Buddy Holly finally got a star on the Walk Of Fame and Gary Busey was there. The guy in the background is one of the Everly Brothers.

Random Photos Part Two

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana at the Contagion premiere in New York. Either that or they just found a random poster for the movie he is in and decided to stand in front of it and let people take their photo.
Hmm, with Marion Cotillard also doing the same thing, I will go with premiere.
Do you get the feeling that Michael Douglas has seen enough of these to last a lifetime. Bored out of his mind until
he gets some Matt Damon bald headed loving.
Apparently Dov Navon is too sexy for his shirt.
Don't you ever wish you could see Dita Von Teese in a t-shirt and shorts with some flip flops and just being normal. It is like she is always on.
"I h8 my eyebrows."

"Its fashionweek what u gonna do?"
"idk. hungry."
"me2. had raisin 4 brekfest."
The Goopster and Thandie Newton at a party honoring The Goopster. The big news is her husband showed up, but probably spent the whole night texting Kate Bosworth.
Jessica Alba ventured out into the heat yesterday. Brave woman. I positioned myself as close to the air conditioning as possible and had ice for breakfast and lunch.
Apparently Jamie Foxx loves Kevin Hart. I think in a platonic kind of way.
Katie Holmes does sweat.
Long time no see Tisha Campbell.


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