Saturday, February 02, 2013

Blind Item #3

This A list female talk show host needs rehab. The amount of drugs and drink needed to satisfy her everyday is getting out of control and she is getting harder and harder to handle or manage or keep sober long enough to do her show.

Who Doesn't Love A Puppy Dancing?

Blind Items Revealed

September 10, 2010

#2 - This foreign born model and celebrity daughter had a little too much of the free booze at one show. OK, way more than a little and decided to remove her bra and panties in front of everyone.

Peaches Geldof

Japanese Pop Star Shaves Her Head After Walk Of Shame

In most parts of the world if a celebrity is caught doing a walk of shame, there is not usually any shame unless of course you are spotted coming out of Lindsay Lohan's house. Then you run with a paper bag over your head and hope no one spots you and your mother never finds out. In Japan, especially in certain pop groups, it can mean the end of your career. AKB48 pop star Minami Minegishi was caught doing a walk of shame from her boyfriend's house. One of the number one rules of the group is you are not allowed to have a boyfriend. So, actually coming out of your boyfriend's house after spending the night is frowned upon. So, Minami shaved her head and made a public apology and begged to be allowed to stay in the group. She has been demoted to trainee status for now.

Blind Items Revealed

June 8, 2010

This A list athlete (in his sport anyway) told his C list movie actress wife that he didn't want her anywhere near him during some press he is doing. He feels like she tries to take all the attention away from him and makes every conversation or interview about her projects and her life and totally ignores him.

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti

Blind Items Revealed

January 24, 2008

So a little change of pace. After I saw that The Time was going to play the Grammy Awards it got me thinking about a time when I was just starting out. I used to promote concerts to get through school. This was when little guys still could do it and corporations had not swallowed up every possible venue. I had promoted The Time two or three times and made some money. I had got to know some of the group and once we happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time. They invited me to their show and to a party they were having after. I want to say they were playing at the Riviera, but I can't remember. I think it was because this was when Frank Sinatra was still alive and I remember thinking I had seen him play in the same room a week earlier and how crazy Vegas is that two totally different acts can both pack in a crowd. Of course Sinatra tickets were three times the price of The Time tickets.

Anyway, after the show, we went to a club or two, but this was still the older Vegas. Excalibur was the only big new hotel. Everything else was still to come. The clubs were still very rough around the edges. Very rough. So, after seeing a possible stabbing death at the second club we went to, we decided to head back to the hotel and one of their suites. I don't remember anyone calling anyone but all of a sudden the place was absolutely packed. Packed like it took you five full minutes to make your way across the room from one side to the other.

There was one clear area though and it was this big glass table. It was probably seven feet long and three feet wide. Sitting around the table were people basically two deep. The top of the table was covered in coke. I had seen people do coke before and thought I had seen a lot on a table before, but this was the most ever. None of the guys from The Time were touching it. I do remember that. BUT, I do remember that there were two people from this brand new television show called Beverly Hills 90210 who were sucking coke down like someone was trying to steal it from them. Most people were being very patient and chatting in between lines. Not these two. One female and one male were all over it. They were outdone in their zest for the drug only by this actress from Saved By The Bell. I honestly thought they were going to fight for it. Later, after the crowd had thinned I saw the male from 90210 and the actress from Saved By The Bell getting it on in a corner. She was pretty hot, I have to tell you. The guy I remember was very sweaty. The actress from 90210 never left the coke. Ever. Not until it was all gone. Then she got up, and left. Didn't say goodbye or anything. Just walked out and left. Hell of a night.

I had previously revealed Shannen Doherty as the actress who never left.
The Saved By The Bell actress was Lark Voorheis

Justin Bieber is Smoking Pot Again - More Cough Syrup

Justin Bieber should have a talk with Lil Wayne about the dangers of drinking too much cough syrup aka Purple Drank aka Sizzurp. One day you wake up in jail and you discover you have a bunch of children from a bunch of different mothers. maybe that is why Justin just prefers orally pleasuring his women. That or he is ashamed of what he has underneath which is why he is always showing off his scrawny upper body. Anyway, there are more photos of Justin Bieber being shopped around showing him smoking pot on another day and with bottles of cough syrup scattered around. You would think the Four Seasons would get tired of always being mentioned in the stories about Justin Bieber because they are never positive, but I guess everyone now knows what hotel to go to if you want to smoke pot in your room and not have to worry about anything.

Blind Item #2

Apparently this A list celebrity and a-hole got physical with his A list celebrity girlfriend. She should have known it was coming. No hitting, but he did throw her against a doorway and kept her pressed against it by choking her around her neck. There was another incident where he had her on the ground and held his foot against her throat. After the second one they didn't see each other for a few days and he went and found someone else to be with for a week.

Lady GaGa Made Her Assistant Sleep With Her

Lady GaGa is being sued by her former assistant for unpaid overtime. Yesterday I wrote about GaGa's deposition where GaGa called her former assistant a hoodrat and said that all her employees are her slaves. GaGa also swore under oath that GaGa is the queen of the universe. So, yes, queen of the universe and employees are slaves. I understand why you think you are reading a post about Scientology. Anyway, in the assistant's deposition she says that she was required to sleep in the same bed as GaGa every night and that because of that was on call 24/7 and never had one minute to make a phone call or talk to family or even to have sex if she wanted to have sex. I bet she watched a lot though. If you are in bed with GaGa and GaGa has a boyfriend and you have to be next to her at all times, I can see why you would want to invest in some really nice headphones. How did the whole sleeping thing work with three of them?

Blind Item #1

What happens when you have two former A list all movie actors and now both B list all movie actors get together who both claim to be sober? They drink. A lot. Then the next day one of them gives a speech about how he is grateful to be sober while reeking of booze.

Amanda Bynes Gets Kicked Out Of Her Apartment

Amanda Bynes was not actually evicted from her NYC apartment, but she was asked to leave. Apparently Amanda has a huge pot issue and will smoke it 24/7 if she has the chance. Her building is non-smoking but that did not stop Amanda from smoking in her apartment constantly. She missed pot so much when she left her apartment that she smoked it in the hallways on the way to the elevators. She also smoked it in the elevators and would only stop as she finally got outside. The way Amanda loves to smoke and as much as she loves bad drivers, you would think she would be here in L:A begging to hook up with one of Justin Bieber's friends.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

The reunion of the cast of Cabaret gets the top spot.

Ashley Benson looks shocked to see a pap catching her baking.
Beyonce and Miss America who is only allowed to be called that because Beyonce and Jay-Z have not got around to buying the name yet.
Brandi Glanville washes her car with her son.
Meanwhile, some of the RHNY cast got together and are wondering if they have a job.
At the same event, Adam Lambert was making one fan very happy.
I wonder if Britney Spears wishes she could make four or five coffee runs every day.
A rare red carpet photo of Christina Applegate.
Calvin Klein is airing their first ever Superbowl commercial. Basically it is this guy moving a lot dressed just like this.

Random Photos Part Two

I have decided that Charlize Theron would probably be the coolest A lister to hang out with.

Eva Longoria looks a bit messy after a night of sex with Eduardo Cruz. yeah, they got back together for some ex sex.
Isabella Cruise shows off her new hair color.
Jennifer Lawrence on her way to Kimmel.
Kayte has been losing so much weight and it all appears to have gone to Kelsey Grammer's stomach.
Katie Holmes tries out a new career as a strawberry dunker at Godiva. What would you call that job?
Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy.
Marion Cotillard is the Hasty Pudding Woman Of The Year.
Catherine Zeta Jones lets Michael Douglas out of the house so he can walk the red carpet with her.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Melanie Griffith wins the tightest pants of the day award.

This is Al Pacino playing Phil Spector and Helen Mirre on the left.
Speaking of Helen Mirren, here is Paul Rudd going for it with her.
Robin Roberts leaving Good Morning America.
Reese Witherspoon lost the bet and has to carry the yoga mats.
Ashlee Simpson heads home after a night of partying.
Meanwhile, it seems like Pete Wentz's girlfriend is pretty much the sole care provider for Manhattan Jungle Book.
Sienna Miller has a rare date night with her boyfriend, Tom Sturridge who really could use some sun. Or light.
Uma Thurman switched to flats to make sure she could fit in the photo with Whoopi Goldberg. Seriously, that is what she did.

History Of Wooing Men

Followup to the smash, History Of Wooing Women.

Blind Item #6

This A+ list all movie actress was asked to appear at an event. For charity. A well established charity. The actress said she would be happy to but wanted $250K for her appearance plus another $50K worth of stuff and only promised to be there for 30 minutes. She said her time is valuable and that no matter the cause, her time was more important. The charity declined and then found five other actors and actresses who were huge hits at the event and did it all for free.

That Is A Really Long Kiss

Dear godaddy. I volunteer for next year.

Blind Item #5

This former A list celebrity is now a sometime actress and sometime television star. She is one of the bigger frauds around and loves for people to feel sorry for her and think she is poor and always sick. Thing is the only thing that makes her sick nowadays is when she has a coke binge. She has enough money to pay for it and to have an assistant cut it into lines for her.

Kailyn Lowry Says She Is Bipolar

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 has given an interview and says that she is bipolar and that her mother is too. Kailyn says she discovered that she was bipolar when she was going to counseling following a knockdown dragout fight with the father of her child and his family. Although she has mended fences with the family, she wants to publicly apologize in advance for what people are going to see on television. “I just want to publicly apologize in advance to my fans and even though Javi and I have moved on from it, I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me.  I know how humiliating that is for them, and I’m humiliated myself.

Kailyn says she is going to start taking medications to help treat her but has not yet. That seems strange considering the season was filmed quite some time ago.

Four For Friday - Cancer And Chemo

It's Friday so that means announcement time and I actually have one today. It is February so that means it is time for the second annual Kardashian Free February. Both on the site and on Twitter there will be no mention of any of the family. None. Zip. Probably not even a blind item. I encourage you if you do Tweet to use the hashtag KFF so that maybe we can get this to spread and an entire month free of the Kardashians. Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me @entylawyer and don;t forget that I will be here all weekend and tomorrow will reveal a blind item or two from the archives.

This A list all movie actress recently went through chemotherapy but didn't want to share it with anyone or anyone to know. She says it is the business of no one but her family and her closest friends. Although she would love to say she is cancer free, she isn't and has not decided what kind of treatment she wants to pursue next. For right now at least she feels fine. She continues to look at movies she wants to work in, but she says the focus in her life right now is her family and she also said that she is trying to do everything she has always wanted to do but been afraid to try. She says that she is going to do standup comedy soon and that she has lots of dreams she wants to fulfill, but is worried about her family and what will happen to them without her around. At this point she doesn't know if she will share what is going on in her life with anyone or make anything public. She is hoping to win the battle and move on with her life, but realizes that may be harder to do as the disease progresses.

Your Turn

Do you watch Groundhog Day every year? I do. I find it fascinating that we have a movie for the holiday that many people watch, but is not actually a day off or that was even paid attention to by many people until the movie came out.

Blind Item #4

It was just like old times when this A list female celebrity got together with this former B list actress who is now a solid C-. They were involved in a love triangle, but the A list female celebrity wanted no part of it this week when they got together again. The C lister thought she could reignite the flame but the A lister said that she is not into women any longer and that the C lister looked awful and the most the A lister would do for her is buy her lunch. She also threw in a pack of cigarettes.

US Senator, Bob Menendez Accused Of Sex With Underage Prostitute

Robert Menendez has already been coming under fire for his trips to the Dominican Republic for what appears to be just to have sex with hookers. He went with one of his best friends in a private plane. That friend is also a big donor. Now, an organization has an e-mail that was released yesterday which alleges that Menendez only liked the youngest, most inexperienced hookers and that he had sex with minors. The FBI has raided the home of his travel partner looking for evidence. The underage prostitute began having sex with Menendez when she was just 16 years old. Menendez denies everything.

Steven Tyler Auditions For American Idol

After watching this a few times, I think Steven Tyler should stick to singing about dudes looking like a lady but not actually dressing as one and that if someone had not told Nicki Minaj who it was, that even today she would have no clue. The way she says it aloud after almost 40 seconds leads me to believe that someone whispered it to her or wrote it on a cue card. She had no clue until that moment.

Blind Item #3

This former almost A list all movie actress now struggles to find any work and part of it has to do with the fact that she has a little bit of crazy in her. At an event this week she was walking around the event in a fur coat and apparently nothing else. During cocktails she kept walking up to people and telling them she was naked under her fur and did they want to see. She did the same thing during dinner while also refusing to drink anything other than what she brought in a flask.

Lady GaGa Admits She Doesn't Pay Overtime - Calls Herself Queen Of The Universe And Employees Slaves

About a year ago, I wrote about a former personal assistant for Lady GaGa who had sued the singer for almost $400K because of 7,000 hours of unpaid overtime. Well, Lady GaGa finally gave her deposition in the case and it must have been amazing. First, according to the NY Post, she called the woman suing her a f**king hoodrat. Nice. Then, she said that she pays none of her employees overtime and that everyone knows that and they should never expect any. Finally, she had this to say, "She’s just — she thinks she’s just like the queen of the universe. And, you know what, she didn't want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I'm the queen of the universe every day." So, basically, yes, what she did was call herself queen of the universe and her employees slaves to the queen. Nice. I'm guessing GaGa does not get many Happy Bosses Day cards.

Blind Item #2

This A list celebrity is becoming twisted and demented for being such a young tweener. with so many women wanting to have sex with him, he has a new game before he will consider it. They have to be with his friend or friends first and they have to have sex in a place they might get caught. Our celebrity really enjoys it when his friends take one of these women and have sex with them in one of his cars because he has cameras installed in the rearview mirror of the cars. Very very recently one of his friends was making such a sex run when something happened.

Geraldo Rivera Running For US Senate

I had to check my calendar and make sure that it was not April 1 instead of February 1 when I saw the news that Geraldo Rivera is going to run for US Senator from new Jersey. yes, the man who once gave Jerry Springer a run for his money and opened Al Capone's empty vault on national television and now just says whatever is on his mind whether it is true or not is going to run for US Senate. Geraldo? I guess he can say he has been in battle. Not military battles, but there was the one time his guest or audience member punched him and broke his nose. Oh, there was the time back in 1985 when ABC fired him because his assistant bought pot for Geraldo using a company courier. He bragged about how he cheated on all of his wives so that should make him the perfect politician. When his third wife was in the hospital giving birth, Geraldo called two ex-girlfriends and they spent the entire time his wife was in the hospital having sex. He also said it was a requirement for any woman who worked for him to also have sex with him.

Blind Item #1

This former almost A list celebrity who is in a family of celebrities is probably a B- right now. Maybe a C+. His name recognition is the only thing keeping him from being a C+. He always moves way to fast and way too intensely with women. Wants to marry them and have babies the same night he meets them. He usually only dates C or D list celebrities. This time though he might get his wish. He met a woman at a club and she usually charges by the hour. She recognized our celebrity and has been on his arm every second for the past two days. Now he says they are getting married.

Ed Koch Has Died

Edward I. Koch, the master showman of City Hall, who spent three terms as Mayor of New York and never seemed to leave the spotlight after, died Friday morning at age 88.

Ron Jeremy's Spokesperson Is His 94 Year Old Dad

I don't think that I knew Ron Jeremy's dad was alive. I had no idea for sure that he was Ron's spokesperson, but yesterday from his home in Tennessee he was the go to person and answering questions about his son. Ron's dad says that doctors want to keep Ron on a respirator for the next few days and that they will know more about his condition after the weekend. The first surgery Ron underwent lasted 8 hours, but according to his dad, the doctors discovered some additional bleeding so went in for more surgery. Ron is expected to be in the hospital for at least two more weeks. The man has made 1,700 movies.

Lindsay Lohan Admits She has No Morals

Remember a few years ago when Lindsay Lohan looked like she does in the photo above? That was 2008. She has aged 20 years in the last five. Remember how she said to the world that she had created a line of leggings and designed them and blah blah and she was going to be the next Olsen when it came to fashion. The line was called 6126 because Lindsay is a huge Marilyn Monroe fan and that is Marilyn's birth date. It turns out that Lindsay was just actually the celebrity face of the place and didn't do anything by collect a paycheck. Lindsay is suing for $1M saying the company has not paid their complete fee to her. In announcing the lawsuit, Lindsay's civil attorney said, "The agreement did not have a morals clause, and Lindsay Lohan had no responsibility to promote the line, so there's no defense for their actions. They're trying to insert those as a defense, but they weren't part of this deal."

So, basically he is saying that Lindsay has no morals and if there was a clause like that she would have violated it, but there wasn't. Oh, and she didn't have to do anything for the company to collect the $. Sounds like something Lindsay would be interested in. Do whatever she wants, not do any work and expect to get paid.

Adrienne Maloof Blames Brandi Glanville For Adrienne's Divorce

Adrienne Maloof sold another interview, this time to Life & Style and says that the reason that Adrienne and Paul got a divorce is because Brandi mentioned the whole surrogate thing to everyone. “Brandi did destroy our family. Right now I’m really hurt and upset, especially because I’ve stuck up for Brandi as a mother in the past.” Meanwhile, Brandi told the magazine that everyone knew about it and that Adrienne always lied about it and had an entire story about giving birth, which she really didn't do. Here is the interesting thing about all of this. A year ago I heard about the confrontation so I did the blind item about it, but if Bravo had chosen to not even have that two minutes of conversation air, then who would really ever know. The way Bravo decided to bleep out just a few seconds of the conversation leaving this big mystery is what drove all the publicity. They have never done that before or since. Also, if you want to be in a national reality show, and want the publicity for yourself and your projects, don't you think there are going to be some things that come out? It doesn't get to be all what you want.

Beyonce Sings

I don't think anyone actually thought Beyonce could not sing the National Anthem. When she sang it yesterday at a press conference, a lot of the articles I read seemed shocked that she could do it. That was never the point. Beyonce can sing. The point was that she made it seem like she was singing it live, would never have said anything if not caught, and wanted people to think it was live with the dramatic pulling out of the ear piece. That was the controversy. I think what sucks for her is that now at the Superbowl she has to sing live even while dancing and doing everything else she will be doing and it might sound like crap. I would have expected her to use a backing track for the halftime show but because of the controversy, that won't be an option.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Bethenny Frankel wandering the streets of NYC.

Also wandering almost everyday now is Britney Spears. She had a busy day yesterday.
Chris Martin races the Goopster to see who can be the first to reach zero pounds.
Have you noticed the Coco photos with Ice-T lately have looked like meet and greet photos. Nothing intimate at all.
Damian Lewis in London.
Francesca Eastwood at the beach after posing for a pap agency in her bikini.
Ashley Greene and
Nikki Reed. What will they do without Twilight?
Amber Heard in Paris after filming.

Random Photos Part Two

Jason Momoa in Men's Health. He says he stays in shape by having lots of sex. Volunteers?

Jude Law hangs out with Vinessa Shaw and the always cheery Rooney Mara.
Someone who is cheery is Jason Segel.
Justin Timberlake shows off his jazz hands.
Anna Kendrick in one of the more boring magazine photoshoots I have seen.
Not boring, but not really recognizable is Kate Bosworth.
Also in a magazine for the first time I can think of is Aubrey Plaza.
Kim Kardashian finally showing some baby bump.
Lily Collins headed out of LAX.


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